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SCIENCE : A weekly journal devoted to the advancement of science, 
publishing the official proceedings of the American Association for 
the Advancement of Science, and sent without charge to members of 
the association. $5.00 a year. The Macmillan Company, 66 Fifth 
Avenue, New York City. 

THE POPULAR SCIENCE MONTHLY: A monthly magazine devoted 
to the diffusion of science. $3.00 a year. The Science Press, Sub- 
Station 84, New York City. 

METHODS : Publishing research work in these subjects. Edited in 
cooperation with Professor Frederick J. E. Woodbridge. $5.00 
a volume. The Science Press. 

METHODS : A series of bound volumes on these subjects. The 
Science Press. 

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Copyright, 1906 


The New Era Printing Company 
Lancaster, Pa. 


f I ^HIS biographical directory of American Men of Science was begun as a manuscript 
-*- reference list for the Carnegie Institution of Washington, which made an appro- 
priation of $1,000 toward the clerical and office expenses. It is hoped that the publica- 
tion will be a contribution to the organization of science in America. There is here given 
for the first time a fairly complete survey of the scientific activity of a country at a given 
period. As a reference book for the field it covers, it may be even more useful in academic 
circles than Minerva or IFAo's Who in America. But the chief service it should render is 
to make men of science acquainted with one another and with one another's work. There 
scarcely exists among scientific men the recognition of common interest and the spirit of 
cooperation which would help to give science the place it should have in the community. 
It is fully as important for the nation as for men of science that scientific work should be 
adequately recognized and supported. We are consequently in the fortunate position of 
knowing that whatever we do to promote our own interests is at the same time a service 
to the community and to the world. 

There are included in the directory the records of more than four thousand men of 
science, and it is believed that the entries are tolerably complete for those in North 
America who have carried on research work in the natural and exact sciences. Some are 
admitted who are supposed to have advanced science by teaching, by administrative 
work, or by the preparation of text-books and compilations. There are also some whose 
work has been chiefly in engineering, medicine or other applied sciences, and a few whose 
work is in education, economics or other subjects not commonly included under the 
exact and natural sciences. But the book does not profess to cover these fields. The 
names are included because they are supposed to represent work that has contributed to 
the advancement of pure science the term being used in the narrower sense or because 
they are found in the membership lists of certain national societies. All the members of 
the following societies who filled in the blank sent them are included : The National 
Academy of Sciences, fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, 
the American Societ}^ of Naturalists, the Association of American Anatomists, the As- 
sociation of American Geographers, the Association of American Physicians, the Ameri- 
can Association of Pathologists and Bacteriologists, the Astronomical and Astrophysical 
Society of America, the Botanical Society of America, the Geological Society of America, 
the American Mathematical Society, fellows of the American Ornithologists' Union, the 
American Philosophical Association, the American Physical Society, the American Physi- 
ological Society, the American Psychological Association, the American Society of Bac- 
teriologists, the Society for the Promotion of Agricultural Science, the Society for Experi- 
mental Biology and Medicine, the Society of Horticultural Science, the Society for Plant 
Morphology and Physiology, and the American Society of Zoologists. 


While these societies do not coincide exactly in scope with this work or have uniform 
standards of admission, it seemed unwise to attempt to discriminate among the members. 
If a few are admitted owing to their membership in societies who would not have been 
admitted on such opinion of the value of their work as the editor might be able to secure, 
no great harm is done. These societies must be regarded as the basis for the organiza- 
tion of science in this country, and their membership may properly be included in a work 
that is intended to promote this organization. In addition to these societies the mem- 
bership of medical, engineering and other societies was reviewed, the catalogues of insti- 
tutions of learning were consulted, other reference books (especially Who's Who in 
America ) were used, the contributions to scientific journals were analyzed, requests for 
names omitted were printed in Science, in The Popular Science Monthly and in Tlie Nation, 
and much assistance was received from individuals. 

The blanks were sent in all to about ten thousand who might have contributed to the 
advancement of science, and from the replies the names included have been selected. As 
many as four requests were sent to those who it was believed should be included when 
they did not reply to previous applications. Proofs of all the biographies were sub- 
mitted for correction a second and a third copy having been sent when necessary 
and revised proofs were sent after the corrections had been entered. 

It was intended that each entry should contain information as follows : 

(1) The full name with title and mail address, the part of the name ordinarily omitted in correspond- 

ence being in parentheses. 

(2) The department of investigation given in italics. 

(3) The place and date of birth. 

(4) Education and degrees. 

(5) Positions with dates, the present position being given in italics. 

(6) Temporary and minor positions. 

(7) Honorary degrees and other scientific honors. 

(8) Membership in scientific and learned societies. 

(9) Chief subjects of research, those accomplished being separated by a dash from those in progress. 

The abbreviations are intended to be self explanatory, not being carried far except in 
the case of the scientific societies. Here F. A. A. signifies fellow of the American Associa- 
tion for the Advancement of Science, and M. A.A., member of the association. ' American' 
is omitted in the case of the national societies. In citing institutions of learning the 
words 'college' and 'university' are omitted. Degrees are cited as A. B., A.M., etc., 
although the reverse order of the letters is used in Great Britain and sometimes here. 
When the same position has been occupied successively in different institutions, the name 
of the position is not repeated, and when different positions have been occupied succes- 
sively in the same institution, the name of the institution is not repeated. 

A star is prefixed to the subject of research in the case of about a thousand of the 
biographical notes. These are the thousand students of the natural and exact sciences in 
the United States whose work is supposed to be the most important. In each of the twelve 
principal sciences the names were arranged in the order of merit by ten leading students of 
the science. The average positions and the probable errors were then calculated, so that 
in each science the order of merit was determined together with its validity. The names 
were then combined in one list by interpolation, the numbers in each science being taken 
approximately proportional to the total number of workers in that science. The thousand 


are distributed among the sciences as follows : Chemistry, 175 ; physics, 150 ; zoology, 
150 ; botany, 100 ; geology, 100 ; mathematics, 80 ; pathology, 60 ; astronomy, 50 ; 
psychology, 50 ; physiology, 40 ; anatomy, 25 ; anthropology, 20. The star means that 
the subject of the biographical sketch is probably among the leading thousand students 
of science of the United States ; but its absence does not necessarily mean that the sub- 
ject of the sketch does not belong in this group, as the name may not have been con- 
sidered in making the arrangements. 

My object in determining the thousand leading American men of science was to se- 
cure a group for scientific study. I have also selected for this purpose the thousand lead- 
ing men in the history of the world arranged in the order of eminence, and I am select- 
ing a thousand students of Columbia University. My original interest in this work of 
reference was to secure data for a statistical study of the conditions, performance, traits, 
etc. , of a large group of men of science, and I had intended to include the results of this 
study in the book. It seems, however, unwise to postpone the publication of the bio- 
graphical sketches until the scientific study has been completed.* 

I am under unusual obligations to a large number of men of science for assistance in 
this work. I should be glad to give a list of about two hundred to whom I am partic- 
ularly indebted, but perhaps some of them would prefer not to have their names men- 
tioned. I have been assisted in the compilation by Mr. Wm. Harper Davis, then assist- 
ant in psychology at Columbia University and now assistant professor in Lehigh Uni- 
versity, by Dr. H. D. Marsh, then scholar in psychology at Columbia University and 
now instructor in Ohio Wesleyan University, by Miss M. C Ennis, and most of all by 
Dr. Vivian A. C. Henmon, now lecturer in psychology at Columbia University. So 
much completeness and accuracy as the w T ork may have is largely due to them. 

J. McKeen Cattell 
Columbia Univeesity, 
January, 1906 

* Two papers on the subject have been printed ' Homo Scientificus Americanus : Address of the presi- 
dent of the American Society of Naturalists,' Science, N. S., 17 : 561-570, 1903, and 'Statistics of Ameri- 
can Psychologists,' Am. Jour, of Psychol., 14 : 310-328, 1903. A further series of articles, which is now 
nearly ready, will probably be printed in Science. Cf. in regard to the other groups ' A Statistical Study of 
Eminent Men,' Pop. Sci. Mon., 53 : 359-378, 1903, and ' Physical and Mental Measurements of the Students 
of Columbia University,' Psychol. Rev., : 618-648, 1896. 

&a ^.^ <2ja 



Aaron, S(amuel) Frank, 23 S. 34th St, J, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. Entomology. Mt. Holly, N. J, 
March 5, 62. Common schools. Jesup scholar, 
Acad. Nat. Sciences, Phila, 83-84, custodian in- 
sects, 84-85; econ. entomologist, Phila. Com- 
mercial Mus, 96- Psocidse; Pseudoneuroptera ; 
Hymenoptera; Lepidoptera; general and eco- 
nomic entomology; trees. Popular entomology; 
the black ant; parasites of wood-boring beetles; 

Abbe, Prof. Cleveland, 2017 I St, N. W, Washing- 
ton, D. C. *Meteorology. New York, N. Y, Dec. 
3, 38. A.B, Col. City of N. Y, 57, A.M, 60; B.S, 
Harvard, as of 64. Tutor math, Trinity Sch, 
N. Y, 57-58; asst. prof, eng, Mich. Agr. 
Col, 59 ; tutor eng, Michigan, 51M50 ; aid astron, 
U. S. Coast Surv, and with B. A. Gould at Cam- 
bridge, 60-64; resident, Poulkova Observatory, 
65-66; aid, U. S. Naval Observatory, 67-68; 
director, Cincinnati Observatory, 68-73 ; prof, 
meteorol. and civilian asst, office of chief signal 
officer, U. S. A, 71-91; prof, meteorol, George 
Washington, 86-; prof, V. S. Weather Bur, 91-; 
lecturer, Hopkins, 96- Ed, ' Monthly Weather 
Rev'; chairman, Committee on Meteorol, Car- 
negie Inst, 02. Officier d'Acad, 89; hon. Ph.D, 
Col. City of N. Y, 91; LL.D, Michigan, 88; 
Glasgow, 96. Delegate, Am. Forestry Cong, 
Cincinnati, 82; Elec. Cong, Phila, 84; Int. 
Meridian and Time Standard Cong, 84; Int. 
Meteorol. Cong, Munich, 91; Int. Cong. Physi- 
cists, Paris, 00. Nat. Acad; F.A.A. (v. pres, 
90) ; Math. Soe; Astron. and Astrophys. Soc; 
Physical Soc; Metrol. Soc; Geog. Ass; assoc. 
mem. Elec. Eng; cor. mem. Am. Geog. Soc; 
Nat. Geog. Soc; Forestry Ass; Am. Hist. Ass; 
Philos. Soc; assoc. fel. Am. Acad; New Eng. 
Meteor. Soc; Wash. Acad; cor. mem. N. Y. 
Acad; Boston Soc. Nat. Hist; Phila. Geog. 
Soc; Wash. Philos. Soc; cor. mem. Conn. Hist. 
Ass; Ohio Hist. Soc; N. Y. Hist. Soc; Co- 
lumbian Hist. Soc; cor. mem. British Ass; fel. 
Royal Astron. Soc ; fel. Royal Meteor. Soc ; assoc. 
British Victoria Inst; Math. Verein; cor. mem. 
Astron. Gesell ; cor. and hon. mem. Meteor. 
Gesell; Oester. Gesell. Meteor; Ass. frangaise; 
Soc. meteor, de France; Soc. Meteor. Ital. As- 
tronomy; meteorology. Long range predictions 
in meteorology. 

Abbe, Cleveland, Jr, U. S. Geological Survey, 

Washington, D. C. Geography, Geology. 

Washington, March 25, 72. A.B, Harvard, 94, 

A.M, 96; Ph.D, Hopkins, 98; Vienna and Paris, 


01-03. Prof. nat. sciences, Winthrop Nor. and 
Indust. Col, 98-01; aid, U. S. Geol. Surv, 03- 
Instr. physiog, Corcoran Sci. Sch, Washington, 
95-98; asst, Md. Geol. Surv, 97-01; instr. geol. 
and biol, Western Md. Col, 98-99; State Sum- 
mer Nor. Sch, Rock Hill, S. C, 99. F.A.A; Geol. 
Soc; Min. Eng; Geog. Ass; Nat. Geog. Soc; 
Wash. Geol. Soc; Berlin Gesell. fur Erdkunde. 
Topographic development. Fall line of east 
North America; lakes of southern Scandinavia; 
Canadian and Baltic 'shields'; the climate of 
the Great Lakes region and Agana, Guam; dic- 
tionary of geographic terms. 

Abbe, Dr. Robert, 13 W. 50th St, New York, N. Y. 
Surgery. New York, April 13, 51. A.B, Col. 
City of N. Y, 70; M.D, Columbia, 74. Prof, surg, 
Woman's Med. Col, N. Y, 86-88; Post-Grad. 
Med. Sch, N. Y, 88-96; clin. instr. surg, Colum- 
bia, 9k- Attending surgeon, St. Luke's Hosp, 
84- F.A.A; Surg. Ass. Surgery. 

Abbot, C(harles) G(reeley), 36 Q St, N. E, 
Washington, D. C. * Astrophysics. Wilton, N. 
H, May 31, 72. B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 94, M.S, 
95. Asst, Smithsonian Astrophys. Observatory, 
95-96, aid, acting in charge, 96- F.A.A ; Astron. 
and Astrophys. Soc; Wash. Philos. Soc. Infra- 
red solar spectrum; sensitive galvanometer; os- 
motic pressure. Solar physics; absolute re- 
cording pyr-heliometer. 

Abbot, Gen. Henry L(arcom), U. S. A. (retired), 
23 Berkeley St, Cambridge, Mass. Engineering, 
Physics. Beverly, Mass, Aug. 13, 31. Grad, U. 
S. Mil. Acad, 54. All grades from second lieut. 
to col, Corps Engineers, U. S. A, 54-95 (retired 
by law). Col, brevet brig, and maj. gen, U. S. 
Vols; chairman, Group XVI, Centennial Expos, 
76; Higher Jury of Awards, Atlanta Expos, 95; 
pres, Board of Consulting Engineers, Pittsburg 
and Lake Erie Canal, 95-96; mem. Int. Com- 
mission Engineers, New Panama Canal Co, 97- 
00, consulting engineer, 00-04 ; mem. many 
govt, boards. LL.D, Harvard, 86. Nat. Acad 
Philos. Soc; Am. Acad; New Orleans Acad 
cor. mem. Austrian Imperial Royal Geol. Soc 
River and harbor improvements ; coast defence 
submarine mining; explosives; electricity; ver 
tical fire; astronomy; canals; river hydraulics 
climatology of the Isthmus of Panama. The 
Chagres River; the Panama Canal. 

Abbott, Dr. Albert H (olden), University College, 
Toronto. Can. Psychology. Brockville, Ont, 
Dec. 7, 71. A.B, Toronto, 95; Ph.D. Wiirzburg, 
04. Asst, Psychol. Lab, Toronto, 95-99, instr. 
philos, 99-00, lecturer philos. and asst, Psychol. 

3 9 2 



Lab, 00- Psychol. Ass. Sensations of color; 
psychology and epistemology of Hobbes. Color 
saturation in its quantitative relations; British 
philosophy and psychology from Bacon to the 
present day. 
Abbott, Dr. A(lexander) C(rever), 4229 Baltimore 
Ave, Philadelphia, Pa. *Hygiene, Bacteriology. 
Baltimore, Md, Feb. 26, GO*. Baltimore City 
Col, 77; M.D, Maryland, 84; Hopkins, 84- 
87; Munich, 87-S8; "Berlin, 88-89. Asst. hy- 
giene and bacter, Hopkins, 89-91 ; asst. in 
charge, Lab. of Hygiene, Pennsylvania, 91-96, 
prof, hygiene and bacter. and director, Lab. of 
Hygiene, 91-; director, Div. Path, Bacter. and 
Disinfection, Bur. of Health, Phila, 97; chief, 
Bur. of Health, and pres, Board of Health, 02- 
F.A.A; Ass. Path, and Bact; Soc. Bact; Am. 
Physicians; Physiol. Soc; Soc. Exp. Biol, and 
Med; Am. Med. Ass; Pub. Health Ass; Philos. 
Soc; Wash. Acad; Phila. Co. Med. Soc; Phila. 
Path. Soc; fel. Phila. Col. Physicians. Bac- 
teriology and preventive medicine. Certain 
phases of infection, intoxication and immunity. 

Abbott, Dr. C(harles) C(onrad), Trenton, N. J. 
Zoology, Archeology. Trenton, June 4, 43. M.D, 
Pennsylvania, 65. Asst, Peabody Mus, Harvard, 
76-89. Philos. Soc; Boston Soc. Nat. Hist; fel. 
Copenhagen Soc. of Antiquaries of the North. 
Primitive industry; natural science. Animal 
intelligence; evidences of the antiquity of man 
in the valley of the Delaware Piver. 

Abbott, Prof. J(ames) F(rancis), Washington 
University, St. Louis, Mo. Zoology. Greeley, 
Colo, Sept. 27, 76. A.B, Stanford, 99; fellow, 
Chicago, 03-04; A.M, Stanford, 04. Instr. Eng- 
lish, Shigaken Shogyo Gakko, Japan, 00-01; 
prof. English lang, Imp. Naval Col, Etajiina, 
Japan, 01-03; asst. prof, zool, Washington (St. 
Louis), and assoc. prof, embryol, Med. Sch, 0.J 
Faunal ichthyology: ctenophore morphology. 
Formative and trophic influences in avian em- 
bryology; tropisms in pathogenic bacteria. 

Abel, Prof. John J(acob), Station L, Baltimore, 
Md. * Pharmacology, Physiological chemistry. 
Cleveland, O, May 19, 57. Ph.B, Michigan, 83; 
Hopkins. 83-84; European universities, 84-90; 
M.D, Strasburg. 88. Principal, High Sch, La 
Porte, Ind, 79-80, supt. pub. schools, 80-82; 
lecturer mat. med. and therapeut, Michigan, 90- 
91, prof, 91-93; pharmacol, Hopkins, 93- Hon. 
A.M, Michigan, 03. F.A.A; Physiol. Soc; 
Am. Physicians; Therapeut. Soc; Chem. Soc; 
Soc. Exp. Biol, and Med. Composition of ani- 
mal tissues and fluids; function and isolation 
of special chemical principles of the animal 
organism; ethyl sulphid; carbamic acid; pig- 
ment of negro's* skin. The chemical nature of 
the blood-pressure-raising constituent of the 
suprarenal capsules. 

Abrams, Dr. Albert, Southwest Corner Van Ness 
Ave, San Francisco, Cal. Medicine. San Fran- 
cisco, Dec. 8, 63. M.D, Heidelberg, 82; Lon- 
don, Berlin, Vienna and Paris, 83, 84, 97; A.M, 
Portland, 94. Prof, path, Cooper Med. Col, 93- 
98; pres, Emanuel Polyclinic, San Francisco. 

Consulting physician diseases of chest, Mt. Zion 
and French Hospitals, San Francisco. Am. 
Med. Ass; fel. Royal Micros. Soc. Heart reflex 
and lung reflexes of contraction and dilatation; 
zones of atelectasis; the stethophonometer; light 
as a therapeutic agent; congelation in diagnosis 
and treatment. Diseases of the heart and 

Abrams, L(e)R(oy), U. S. National Museum, 
Washington, D. C. Botany. Sheffield, la, Oct. 
1, 74. A.B, Stanford, 99, A.M, 02; fellow, 
Columbia, 04-05. Acting prof, bot, Idaho, 99- 
00; asst. syst. bot, Stanford, 00-03, instr, 03- 
04; asst. curator, Div. Plants, U. S. Wat. Mus, 
05- M.A.A; Nat. Geog. Soc; Wash. Bot. Soc; 
Wash. Biol. Soc; Torrey Bot. Club. Flora of 
southern California. 

Acheson, Edward G(oodrich), Niagara Falls, N. Y. 
* Electrometallurgy, Chemistry. Washington, 
Pa, March 9, 56. Bellefonte Acad, Bellefonte, 
Pa. Civil engineer, 76-80; Edison's Lab, 80-82; 
supt, Consol. Lamp Co, Brooklyn, N. Y, 84; 
electrician. Standard Underground Co, Pitts- 
burg, 86-89; pres, Carborundum Co, 91-01; Int. 
Acheson Graphite Co, 00- John Scott medals, 
Franklin Inst, 94, 01; Grand Prix, Paris, 00; 
La. Purchase Expos, 04. F.A.A; Elec. Eng; 
Electrochem. Soc. (manager, 02-03) ; Franklin 
Inst; London Soc. Arts. Electric furnaces 
and products. Development of electric furnace 
methods; improvements in the methods of clay- 

Adami, Prof. J(ohn) G(eorge), 331 Peel St, Mont- 
real, Can. Pathology, Bacteriology. Manches- 
ter, England, Jan. 12, 62. Owens Col, Man- 
chester, 77-80; A.B, Cambridge, 84; Breslau, 
84-85; Owens Col, 85-87; M.B, Cambridge, 86, 
A.M, 87; mem. Royal Col. Surg, 87; M.D, 
Cambridge, 90. House physician, Manchester 
Royal Infirmary, 86; demonstrator path, Cam- 
bridge, 87-90, John Lucas Walker student in 
path, 89, lecturer, 90, fellow and director nat. 
science, Jesus Col, 90-92; prof, path, McGill, 
92- Pathologist, Can. Dept. Agr, 97-02. A.M, 
M.D, McGill, 99; LL.D, New Brunswick. Soc. 
Nat; Ass. Path, and Bact; Soc. Bact; Physiol. 
Soc; Am. Physicians; Soc. Exp. Biol, and Med; 
Can. Royal Soc; Montreal Medico-Chirurg. Soc. 
(pres, 98-00) ; British Med. Ass; London Path. 
Soc; London Physiol. Soc; fel. Royal Soc; 
Edinburgh Royal Soc; Cambridge Philos. Soc. 
Cardiac, renal and hepatic pathology; heredity 
of disease; causation of cancer, etc; variability 
of bacteria; colon bacillus; tuberculosis. 
Heredity of disease; B. coli infection; experi- 
mental production of anemia; causation of 
goitre; degenerative processes.. 

Adams, Alton Dermont, P. O. Box 478, Worcester, 
Mass. Electrical engineering. Biddeford, Me, 
June 28, 64. B.S, Harvard, 97, A.M, 03. Con- 
structing elec. engineer, 86-95; consulting en- 
gineer, 95- Elec. Eng. Electrical supply; cost 
of gas and electrical supply. 

Adams, Cha(rle)s C(hristopher), University of 
Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. Zoology. Clinton, 


Ills, July 23, 73. B.S, Ills. Wesleyan, 95; 
M.S, Harvard, 99 ; fellow, Chicago, 00-03. Asst. 
biol, Ills. Wesleyan, 95-96; asst. entomologist, 
State Lab. Nat. Hist, Univ. of Ills, 96-98; 
asst. zool, Chicago, summer, 02 ; curator, Univ. 
Mus, Michigan, 03- F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Geog. 
Ass; Chicago Acad. Habitats and faunas dy- 
namically and genetically considered. Geo- 
graphical distribution of the variations in Io; 
centers of dispersal in the North American 

Adams, Prof. C(harles) F(rederick), University of 
Arkansas, Fayetteville, Ark. Entomology, Zo- 
ology. Atherton, Mo, April 4, 77. B.Agr, Mis- 
souri, 97; M.D, Kansas, 02, A.M, 03; Chicago, 
04-05. Asst. entom, Missouri, 97; prof, histol. 
and bacter, Kansas City Dental Col, 00-04; 
asst. zool, Chicago, 04-05 ; prof, entom, Arkan- 
sas, 05- M.A.A. Insect taxonomy. Insect his- 
tology and cytology; insect bionomics. 

Adams, Prof. C(omfort) A(very), 13 Farrar St, 
Cambridge, Mass. Electrical engineering. Cleve- 
land, O, Nov. 1, 68. B.S, Case, 90, E.E, 05. 
Elec. engineer, Brush Elec. Co, Cleveland, 90-91 ; 
instr. elec. eng, Harvard, 91-96, asst. prof, 96- 
M.A.A; Elec. Eng; Eng. Educ. Induction mo- 
tors; alternator regulation. Commutation. 

Adams, Cyrus C(ornelius), 416 W. 118th St, New 
York, N. Y. Geography. Naperville, Ills, Jan. 
7, 49. A.B, Chicago, 76. On eel. staff, 'N. Y. 
Sun,' 82- Pres, Dept. Geog, Brooklyn Inst, 89- 
93; chairman, Committee on Collection of Geog. 
Material for Schools, 89-93. Delegate from 
Nat. Geog. Soc. to Sixth Int. Geog. Cong, 
95. Geog. Ass; Nat. Geog. Soc; Am. Geog. 
Soc. (councilor, 92-95, assoc. ed, 'Jour,' 02- 
04) ; cor. mem. Phila. Geog. Soc. Explora- 
tion; development of newly explored lands; the 
interaction of man with his geographic environ- 
ment. Cartographic presentation of the facts 
of commercial and economic geography. 

Adams, Dr. Frank D(awson), 243 Mountain St, 
Montreal, Can. Geology. Montreal, Sept. 17, 
59. B.S, McGill, 78; Sheffield Sci. Sch, Yale, 
79; M.S, McGill, 84; Ph.D, Heidelberg, 92. 
Asst. chemist and petrographer, Can. Geol. Surv, 
80-89; lecturer geol, McGill, 89-94, Logan 
prof, 94- Ed, ' Can. Record of Science,' 93-98. 
Sc.D, McGill, 02. Geol. Soc; Wash. Acad; cor. 
mem. N. Y. Acad; fel. Can. Royal Soc; fel. Lon- 
don Geol. Soc. Igneous rocks and crystalline 
schists; experimental geology. Movements set 
up in rocks by pressure; geology of the Lauren- 
tian of Canada; geology of the Monteregian 

Adams, Dr. Geo(rge) I(rving), U. S. Geological 
Survey, Washington, D. C. Geology. Lena, Ills, 
Aug. 17, 70. A.B, Kansas, 93, A.M, 95; Sc.D, 
Princeton, 96; Munich, 97. Instr. nat. science, 
Kas. State Nor. Sch, 93-94 ; asst, Univ. of Kas. 
Geol. Surv, summers, 94-97; field asst, U. S. 
Geol. Surv, 98-99, asst. geologist, 00- Chief 
hydrologist, Cuerpo de Ingenieros de Minas del 
Peru, 04- Geol. Soc; Min. Eng; Wash. Geol. 
Soc. Economic and structural geology. 

Adams, Prof. Maxwell, Chico, Cal. Chemistry. 
St. George, W. Va, Feb. 28, 69. West Virginia, 
90-91; A.B, Stanford, 95, A.M, 96; Ph.D, Chi- 
cago, 04. Lecture asst. chem, Stanford, 95-97; 
prof, Cal. State Nor. Sch, 97- Instr, Extension 
Dept, Chicago, 00-01. Chem. Soc. Salts of tin 
with organic bases; hydroxylamin ; molecular 
weight of lactimid; halides of tin. Action of 
hydroxylamin on salts of copper. 

Adams, Dr. Samuel S(hugert), 1 Dupont Circle, 
Washington, D. C. Medicine. Washington, July 

12, 53. A.B, West Virginia, 75, A.M, 78; M.D, 
Georgetown, 79. Lecturer diseases of children, 
Georgetown, 79-83; prof, theory and practise of 
med, National Univ, 83-91; clinical pediat, 
Columbian, 91-95; theory and practise of med. 
and diseases of children, Georgetoicn, 95- Am. 
Physicians; Pediat. Soc; Am. Med. Ass; D. C. 
Med. Soc; D. C. Med. Ass; Wash. Obstet. and 
Gynec. Soc; Wash. Acad. 

Adams, Walter S(ydney), Solar Observatory, Mt. 
Wilson, Cal. Astronomy. Antioch, N. Syria, 
Dec. 20, 76. A.B, Dartmouth, 98; A.M, Chi- 
cago, 99; Munich, 00-01. Asst, Yerkes Ob- 
servatory, 01-03, instr. astrophys, 03-04; asst. 
observer, Solar Observatory, Carnegie Inst, 04- 
Astron. and Astrophys. Soc; Royal Astron. Soc. 
Stellar motions in the line of sight; stellar 
spectroscopy; determination of radial velocities 
of stars of the Orion type of spectrum. Solar 
and stellar spectroscopy. 

Adler, Dr. Cyrus, The Mendota, Washington, D. C. 
Archeology, Ethnology. Van Buren, Ark, Sept. 

13, 63. A.B, Pennsylvania, 83, A.M, 86; Ph.D, 
Hopkins, 87. Instr. Semitic languages, Hopkins, 
87-90, assoc, 90-93 ; librarian, Smithsonian Inst, 
92-05, asst. sec'y, 05-; curator hist, religions 
and hist, archeol, U. S. Nat. Mus. Represen- 
tative of Columbian Expos, to Turkey, Egypt, 
Morocco, etc. Delegate for U. S. Govt, to Conf. 
on Int. Catalogue of Sci. Lit, London, 98. 
Archeol. Inst; Am. Jewish Hist. Soc. (pres.); 
Philol. Ass; Modern Lang. Ass; Oriental Soc; 
Philos. Soc; Nat. Geog. Soc; Wash. Acad; 
Wash. Philos. Soc; Wash. Anthrop. Soc. As- 
syriology; Jewish antiquities and history. 
History of the Jews on the American continent. 

Adler, Prof. Felix, 123 E. 60th St, New York, N. Y. 
Ethics. Alzey, Germany, Aug. 13, 51. A.B, Co- 
lumbia, 70; Ph.D, Heidelberg, 73. Non-res. prof. 
Hebrew and Oriental lit, Cornell, 74-76; leader, 
Society for Ethical Culture, 76-; prof, political 
and social ethics, Columbia, 02- Mem. ed. board, 
' Int. Jour, of Ethics.' Philos. Ass. Philosoph- 
ical and practical ethics. 

Adler, Dr. I(saac), 12 E. 60th St, New York, N. Y. 
Medicine. Alzey, Germany, April 6, 49. A.B, 
Columbia, 68; M.D, Heidelberg, 71. Prof. clin. 
med, N. Y. Polyclinic Med. Sch, 92- F.A.A; 
Soc. Nat; Am. Physicians; Ass. Path, and 
Bact; Soc. Exp. Biol, and Med. Experimental 
pathology and histology; clinical medicine. 

Adriance, Prof. John S(abin), 105 E. 39th St, New 
York, N. Y. Chemistry. New York, Feb. 18, 61. 
A.B. Williams, 82, A.M, 85, Ph.D, 90. Prof. 


chem. and toxicol, N. Y. Homeop. Med. Col, 97- 
F.A.A; Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; fel. 
London Chem. Soc. Breast milk. Ash of 
breast milk composition. 

Agassiz, Alexander, Cambridge, Mass, or Newport, 
R. I. * Thalassography, Geology, Zoology. Neuf- 
chatel, Switzerland, Dee. 17, 35. A.B, Harvard, 
55, B.S, 57 and 62, fellow, 78-84, 86-90. Asst, 
U. S. Coast Surv, 59-60; agent, Mus. Comp. 
Zool, Cambridge, 61-69, curator and director, 
74-98; director, Univ. Mus, Harvard, 02- Lec- 
turer, Harvard, 63, overseer, 73-78, 85. LL.D, 
Harvard, 85; St. Andrews, 01; hon. Ph.D, 
Bologna, 88; hon. Sc.D, Cambridge, 87; Officier 
Legion d'honneur; Ordre pour le Merite; Prix 
Serres, Paris Acad. Nat. Acad, (pres.) ; Soc. 
Nat; Am. Acad, (pres.); Philos. Soc; hon. mem. 
N. Y, Cal. and Chicago Academies ; London Zool. 
Soc; London Linnean Soc; Royal Societies of 
London, Edinburgh, Gottingen, Munich, Berlin, 
Vienna, Stockholm, Upsala, Prague, Copen- 
hagen, Bologna and Rome ; for. assoc. Paris 
and Geneva Academies. Marine zoology; em- 
bryology of fishes ; annelids ; acalephs ;. echino- 
derms; coral reefs; deep-sea explorations ; deep- 
sea echini. 

Aikins, Prof. H(erbert) Austin, 40 Cornell St, 
Cleveland, 0. Philosophy, Psychology. Toronto, 
Can, March 1, 67. A.B, Toronto, 87 ; Ph.D, Yale, 
91; hon. fellow, Clark, 92-93. Instr. philos, 
Southern California, 88; lecturer, Yale, 90-91; 
prof, philos. and logic, Trinity (N. C), 91-92; 
philos, Col. for Women, Western Reserve, 93- 
Philos. Ass; Psychol. Ass. Philosophy; logic. 

Aitken, Prof. R(obert) G(rant), Lick Observatory, 
Mt. Hamilton, Cal. * Astronomy. Jackson. Cal, 
Dec. 31, 64. A.B, Williams, 87, A.M, 92. Instr. 
math, Livermore, 88-91; prof. math, and 
astron, Pacific, 91-95; asst. astronomer, Lick 
Observatory, 95- Principal, Acad, Pacific, 93- 
95. Hon. Sc.D, Pacific, 03. M.A.A; Astron. 
and Astrophys. Soc; Pacific Astron. Soc. (ed, 
97-, pres, 98). Double stars; faint satellites; 
comets; photometry. Observation of rapid 
binary stars and Satellite V of Jupiter; sys- 
tematic search for new double stars; photo- 
metric measures of faint stars. 

Albee, Prof. Ernest, 142 Cascadilla Place, Ithaca, 
N. Y. Philosophy. Langdon, N. H, Aug. 8, 65. 
A.B, Vermont, 87 ; fellow, Clark, 90-91 ; fellow, 
Cornell, 91-92, Ph.D, 94. Instr. philos, Cornell, 
92-02, asst. prof, 02- Co-editor, ' Philos. Rev.' 
Philos. Ass; Psychol. Ass. History of ethics. 

Albert, Prof. Henry, Iowa City, la. Pathology, 
Bacteriology. Walcott, la, Oct. 11, 78. B.S, 
Iowa, 00, fellow, 01-02, M.D, 02, M.S, 02; Vi- 
enna, 03. Instr. path, and bacter, Iowa, 02-03, 
prof, OS-; director, State Bacter. Lab, QJf- Asst. 
physician, State Insane Asylum, Independence, 
la; pathologist, Univ. Hosp, Iowa, 03- Am. 
Med. Ass; Iowa Med. Ass; Iowa Union Med. 
Soc. Etiology of carcinoma; leucocytes; sar- 
coma of the spleen. Pseudo-parasites; cirrho- 
sis of the liver; hypernephroma; isolation of 

bacillus typhosus; bacteriology and biology of 
natural waters of Iowa. 
Alden, Brig. Gen. C(harles) H(enry), U. S. A. 
(retired), Care War Department, Washington, 
D. C. Medico-military science. Philadelphia, 
Pa, April 28, 36. A.M, Brown, 56; M.D, Pa. 
Med. Col, 58. Acting asst. surgeon, U. S. A, 
59-60, asst. surgeon, 60-66, surgeon, 66-88, 
deputy surgeon gen, 88-92, asst. surgeon gen, 92- 
00, brig, gen, retired, 04. Med. director, Dept. 
Dakota, St. Paul, 88-93; pres. of Faculty and 
lecturer on duties of med. officers, Army Med. 
Sch, 93-00. Brevets of major and lieut. col, 
U. S. A, 65; hon. M.D, Pennsylvania, 01. Dele- 
gate, Tenth Int. Med. Cong, Berlin, 90; Sec- 
ond Pan.-Am. Med. Cong, Mex, 96. Ass. Mil. 
Surg, (pres, 99) ; Am. Med. Ass; fel. Am. 
Acad. Med; Pub. Health Ass; Climat. Ass; 
Mil. Order Loyal Legion; Mil. Order Spanish- 
Am. War; cor. fel. N. Y. Acad. Med. Medico- 
military researches. 

Alden, Prof. Geo(rge) I(ra), 48 Queen St, Wor- 
cester, Mass. Mechanical engineering. Temple- 
ton, Mass, April 22, 43. B.S, Harvard, 68; 
M.M.E, Cornell, 90. Head, Dept. Mech. Eng, 
Worcester, 68-96 ; treas. and consulting engineer, 
"Norton Emery Wheel Co. and Plunger Elevator 
Co, Worcester, Mass, 96- Mem. Worcester Sch. 
Committee, 94 (chairman, 2 years). Mech. 
Eng. (v. pres, 91-93). Cylinder condensation 
in steam-engine; power transmission and meas- 

Alden, John, Pacific Mills, Lawrence, Mass. *Chem- 
istry. Randolph, Mass, May 9, 56. B.S, Mass. 
Inst. Tech, 77. Asst, Mass. Inst. Tech, 77-78; 
chemist, Pacific Mills, 78- F.A.A; Chem. Soc; 
Soc. Chem. Indust; Electrochem. Soc; British 
Soc. Dyers and Colorists. Chemistry of print- 
ing and dyeing. 

Alden, Dr. W(illia)m C(linton), 4 R St, N. W, 
Washington, D. C. Geology. Mitchell, la, 
Sept. 27, 71. A.B, Cornell (la.), 93; fellow, 
Chicago, 97-98, A.M, 98, Ph.D, 03. Asst. prin- 
cipal, High Sch, Parker, S. Dak, 93-94; prin- 
cipal schools, Centerville, S. Dak, 94-95; spe- 
cial field asst, V. S. Geol. Surv, 96-01, asst. 
geologist, 01- Non-res. reader and non-res. 
docent geol, Chicago, 03- Fel. Iowa Acad. 
Glacial geology. Glacial geology of Wisconsin. 

Alderson, Pres. Victor C(lifton), Colorado School 
of Mines, Golden, Colo. Mathematics, Tech- 
nical education. Plymouth, Mass, June 4, 63. 
A.B, A.M, Harvard, 85. Supt. schools, Dublin, 
Ind, 85-87; instr. math, High Sch, Englewood, 
Ills, 87-93; prof, Armour Inst, 93-99, dean, 
Tech. Col, 99-03; pres, Colo. Sch. of Mines, 
03- Mem. Advisory Committee, Carnegie Tech. 
Sch, Pittsburg, 01. Hon. Sc.D, Beloit and 
Armour Inst, 03. F.A.A; Eng. Educ; Social 
Sci. Ass; West. Soc. Eng; Colo. Sci. Soc. Tech- 
nical education. 

Aldrich, Charles, Des Moines, la. Ornithology, 
History. Ellington, N. Y, Oct. 2, 28. Pub. 
schools. Chief clerk, House of Rep, la, 60-62, 
66-70, mem, 82; curator, State Hist. Dept, la, 


92- Adjutant, 32d Iowa Inf, 62-64. Hon. 
A.M, Iowa (Grinnell), 69. Fel. Ornith. Union; 
state hist, societies. Historical collections; 
museum building. Iowa history. 

Aldrich, Prof. J(ohn) M(erton), Moscow, Idaho. 
Entomology. Little Valley, Minn, Jan. 28, 66. 
B.S, S. Dak. Agr. Col, 88, M.S, 91; Mich. Agr. 
Col, 89-90; M.S, Kansas, 93. Asst. zool, S. Dak. 
Agr. Col, 89-92; prof, zool, Idaho, and entomol- 
ogist, Exp. Sta, 93- Ass. Econ. Entom; North- 
west Econ. Entom. Classification and literature 
of Diptera. Catalogue of North American Dip- 

Aldrich, Dr. T(homas) B(ell), Care Parke Davis 
and Co, Detroit, Mich. Physiological chemistry. 
Port Jefferson, N. Y, June 10, 59. Albany Nor. 
Col, 79-82; Ph.D, Jena, 92. Principal pub. 
schools, 82-88; asst. chem, Jena, 91; prof, phys- 
ics and chem, Lake View High Sch, Chicago, 
92-93; assoc. physiol. chem, Hopkins, 93-98; 
research chemist, Parke Davis and Co, 98 
Physiol. Soc; Chem. Soc. New derivatives of 
phenylmethylpyrazolons ; secretions of the anal 
glands of mephitis mephitica; chloretone; bro- 
metone; adrenalin. Synthetic adrenalin; hy- 
pophysis; enzymes; antitoxin; synthetic cam- 

Aldrich, T(ruman) H(eminway), 1739 P St, N. W, 
Washington, D. C. Paleontology. Palmyra, 
N. Y, Oct. 17, 48. M.E, Rensselaer, 69. Asst, 
Ala. Geol. Surv; coal operator and mining engi- 
neer, Birmingliam, Ala. Mem. 54th Congress. 
Geol. Soc; Min. Eng; Civil Eng. Tertiary 
paleontology. Stratigraphy of the Tertiary. 

Aldrich, Director W(illia)m S(leeper), Potsdam, 
N. Y. Electrical and mechanical engineering. 
Philadelphia, Pa, March 3, 63. Grad, U. S. 
Naval Acad, 83; M.E, Stevens, 84. Asst, 
Boys' High Sch, Reading, Pa, 85-87; Phila. 
Manual Training Sch, 87-89; instr. draw- 
ing, Hopkins, 89-91, assoc. mech. eng, 91-92; 
head dept. and prof. mech. eng, West Virginia, 
93-99; head dept. and prof. elec. eng, Illinois, 
99-01 ; director, Thomas S. Clarkson Mem. Sch. 
of Tech, 01- Past asst. engineer, U. S. N. 
F.A.A; Mech. Eng; Elec. Eng; Eng. Educ; 
Nat. Geog. Soc. Electrical and mechanical 

Alexander, Dr. Archibald, 10 W. 54th St, New 
York, N. Y. Philosophy. New York, Oct. 30, 
55. A.B, Princeton, 75, A.M, 76, Ph.D, 77; Ber- 
lin, Vienna and Heidelberg, 75-77. Adj. prof, 
philos, Columbia, 77-82, prof, 82-89. Psychol. 
Ass. History of philosophy; psychology. 

Alexander, Gen. Edward Porter, Augusta, Ga. 
Civil engineering. Washington, Ga, May 26, 35. 
Grad, U. S. Mil. Acad, 57. Lieut, engineers, 
U. S. A, 57-61, capt, 61; lieut. col. of ordnance, 

- C. S. A, 61, brig. gen. of artil, 64; prof. math, 
and eng, South Carolina, 65; supt. and 
pres, many railroads in South, 71-92; on 
govt, boards of engineers for improv. of navig. 
of Columbia River, 92-93, for selection of 
canal route from Chesapeake to Delaware Bay, 
94; engineer arbitrator, Nicaragua and Costa 

Rica Boundary Surv, 97-00. Gold medal, Nica- 
ragua, 00. Railroad management and traffic. 
Military records and criticisms of Civil War. 

Alexander, Dr. H(artley) B(urr), 384 St. James 
Ave, Springfield, Mass. Psychology. Lincoln, 
Nebr, Aprii 9, 73. A.B, Nebraska, 97 ; Harrison 
fellow, Pennsylvania, 98-00; fellow, Columbia, 
00-01, Ph.D, 01. Asst. ed, ' New Int. Encyclo- 
pedia,' 03 ; tcith G. and C. Merriam Co, 03- 
Metaphysics. Imaginative processes. 

Alexander, Prof. W(illiam) D(e Witt), P. 0. Box 
732, Honolulu, H. T. Ethnology, Folk-lore. 
Honolulu, April 2, 33. A.B, Yale, 55, A.M, 
58. Prof. Greek, Oahu Col, H. I, 58-64, 
pres, 64-71; surveyor-gen, H. I, 71-00; asst, 
U. S. Coast and Ceod. Surv, 01- Mem. Hawaiian 
Privy Council, 84-93; Board of Educ, 87- 
05. Order of Kalakaua, 84; LL.D, Yale, 03. 
Pacific Astron. Soc; Polynesian Soc; Hawaiian 
Hist. Soc. (pres.) ; fel. Royal Geog. Soc. Poly- 
nesian languages, folk-lore and ancient polity; 
Hawaiian history and ethnology. 

Aley, Prof. Robert J(udson), 203 Forest Place, 
Bloomington, Ind. Mathematics. Arney, Ind, 
May 11, 63. A.B, Indiana, 88, A.M, 90; Har- 
rison fellow, Pennsylvania, 96-97, Ph.D, 97. 

. Instr. math, Indiana, 87-88; prof, Vincennes, 
88-91; Indiana, 91- Acting asst. prof, math, 
Stanford, 94-95 ; ed, ' Educator- Jour,' 03- 
M.A.A; Math. Soc; fel. Ind. Acad; London 
Math. Soc; Edinburgh Math. Soc; Math. 
Verein. Modern pure geometry. 

Alford, Prof. T(homas) G(reene), 527 Wood St, 
West Lafayette, Ind. Mathematics. Alfords- 
ville, Ind, March 26, 52. A.B, Indiana, 71, A.M, 
88. Teacher, common schools, 71-75; high 
schools, Ind, 75-81; supt. schools, Vevay, Ind, 
81-84; principal, High Sch. No. 2, Indian- 
apolis, 84-89, supervising principal, 89-92 ; 
prof, math, Purdue, 92- Ind. State Teachers' 
Ass. Education; theory of high school educa- 
tion; sociology. 

Algue, Rev. J(oseph), S.J, Manila Observatory, 
Manila, P. I. Meteorology. Manresa, Spain, 
Dec. 28, 56. Toulouse, France, 72-77; George- 
town, 91-93, Ph.D, 93. Prof, physics, Zara- 
goza, Spain, 78-84; Tortosa, 84-88; asst. di- 
rector, Manila Observatory, 94-97, director, 97- 
Commissioner from Spanish Govt, to Columbian 
Expos, 93 ; asst. director, Observatory, George- 
town, 91-93. Int. Cong, Paris, 00; St. Louis, 
04. Meteorology; cyclones; climate of the 
Philippine Islands. 

Allardice, Prof. R(obert) E(dgar), Stanford Uni- 
versity, Cal. Mathematics. Edinburgh, Scot- 
land, March 2, 62. A.M, Edinburgh, 82. Asst. 
prof, math, Edinburgh, 82-92; prof, Stanford, 
92- Math. Soc; fel. Edinburgh Royal Soc; 
Edinburgh Math. Soc. (ed, ' Proc,' 89-91). 
Geometry. Properties of certain systems of 

Alleman, Prof. Gellert, Swarthmore College, 
Swarthmore, Pa. Chemistry. Littlestown, Pa, 
July 23, 71. B.S, Pennsylvania Col, 93; Ph.D, 
Hopkins, 97. Instr. chem, Maine, 97-98; Wash- 


ington (St. Louis), 98-02; prof, Stoarthmore, 
02- M.A.A; Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; 
Chem. Gesell. Diazo-compounds ; chemistry of 
Portland cements; action of chemicals on wood 
fiber. Action of chemicals on wood fiber; 
phenol ethers; relative efficiency of antiseptics 
towards various organisms. 

Allen, Dr. B(ennet) M(ills), Science Hall, Madison, 
Wis. Embryology. Greencastle, Ind, July 4, 
77. Ph.B, De Pauw, 98; Cornell, 99; Ph.D, 
Chicago, 03. Instr. anat, Wisconsin, 03- 
M.A.A; Soc. Nat; Ass. Anat. Embryonic de- 
velopment of ovary and testis of the mammals; 
anatomy of Hirudo; eye of Bdellostoma. Em- 
bryonic development of ovary and testis of the 

Allen, Prof. C(alvin) Frank (Francis), Montview 
St, West Roxbury, Mass. Engineering. Rox- 
bury, Mass, July 10, 51. B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 
72. Civil engineer, Water Works and Sewerage, 
72-78; railroad engineer, 79-85; attorney-at- 
law, 85-86; asst. prof, later assoc. prof, and 
prof, railroad eng, Mass. Inst. Tech, 87- Civil 
Eng; Eng. Educ. (sec'y and pres.) ; Am. R. R. 
Eng. and Maintenance of Way Ass; Statist. 
Ass; Mass. Highway Ass, (pres.) ; Boston Soc. 
Civil Eng. (pres, 99-00). Railroad engineer- 

Allen, Prof. Charles E(lmer), 810 W. Johnson St, 
Madison, Wis. Botany. Horicon, Wis, Oct. 4, 
72. B.S, Wisconsin, 99, Ph.D, 04. Instr. lot, 
Wisconsin, 01-04, asst. prof, 0k~ Research asst, 
Carnegie Inst, 04-05. Nat. Cent, States; Bot. 
Cent. States. Middle lamella in thickened cell 
walls; spindle formation in pollen-mother-cells 
of larch; nuclear division and chromosome re- 
duction in pollen-mother-cells of lily. Germina- 
tion of egg and chromosome reduction in Coleo- 
chsete; chromosome reduction in Rhodophyceae. 

Allen, Prof. Charles M(etcalf), 8 Dean St, Wor- 
cester, Mass. Mechanical engineering. Walpole, 
Mass, Dec. 12, 71. B.S, Worcester, 94, M.S, 99. 
Asst. mech. eng, Worcester, 95-97, instr. hydraul. 
and lab. work, 97-02, asst. prof. exp. eng, 02- 
M.A.A; Mech. Eng; Eng. Educ; assoc. Civil Eng. 
Absorption dynamometers; application of the 
steam-engine indicator to rowing. Absorption 
dynamometers of large powers; water-wheel 
flow recorders for wheels under variable heads 
and with variable gate openings. 

Allen, Charles R(icketson), New Bedford, Mass. 
Chemistry, Education, Physics. New Bedford, 
Aug. 6, 62. B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 85; A.M, 
Harvard, 02. Senior teacher science, High Sch, 
New Bedford, 86- Asst. gen. chem, Mass. Inst. 
Tech, 86; private asst. to Prof. Wolcott Gibbs, 
Harvard, 86. Chem. Soc; Eastern Ass. Phys- 
ics Teachers; New Eng. Ass. Chem. Teachers. 
Nitrogen in sewage; dissociation of acetylene. 

Allen, Dr. E(dwin) W(est), 1725 Riggs Place, 
Washington, D. C. Agriculture, Agricultural 
chemistry. Amherst, Mass, Oct. 28, 64. B.S, 
Mass. Agr. Col, 85; Ph.D, Gottingen, 90. Asst. 
chemist, Mass. Agr. Exp. Sta, 85-88 ; asst, Office 

of Exp. Stations, U. S. Dept. Agr, 90-93, asst. 
director, 93- Ed, 'Exp. Sta. Record,' 95- 
M.A.A; Chem. Soc; Chem. Gesell. Chemistry 
of carbohydrates; organization and work of 
agricultural experiment stations of the world. 

Allen, Dr. E(ugene) T(homas), 1348 Roanoke St, 
Washington, D. C. *Chemistry. Athol, Mass, 
April 2, 64. A.B, Amherst, 87 ; Ph.D, Hopkins, 
92 ; Harvard, 93-95. Assoc, chem, Woman's Col. 
of Baltimore, 90-91 ; acting prof, Colorado, 92- 
93; prof, Sch. of Mines, Missouri, 95-00; chem. 
geologist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 00- Instr, Summer 
Sch, Harvard, 93-94. Chem. Soc. Inorganic 
chemistry. Application of weak bases, espe- 
cially phenyl hydrazin, to chemical analysis; 
rock magmas. 

Allen, Dr. Frank, University of Manitoba, Winni- 
peg, Can. Experimental physics. Canterbury, 
N. B, Feb. 6, 74. A.B, New Brunswick, 95: 
A.M, Cornell, 00, Ph.D, 02. Principal, High 
Sch, Moncton, N. B, 95-99; instr. physics, Cor- 
nell, 01-04; prof, Manitoba, 0k- F.A.A; Phys- 
ical Soc. Color vision; efficiency of liquid air 
production; electrostriction. Color vision; alu- 
minum cell. 
- Allen, Dr. J(oel) A(saph), American Museum of 
Natural History, New York, N. Y. * Vertebrate 
zoology. Springfield, Mass, July 19, 38. Law- 
rence Sci. Sch, Harvard, 62-67, Humboldt 
scholar, 71. Asst. ornith, Mus. Comp. Zool, 
Harvard, 71-85; curator mammalogy and 
ornith, Am. Mtis. Nat. Hist, 85- Chief, Sci- 
entific Staff of Govt. Exped, North. Pacific R. 
R. Surv, 73 ; special collaborator, U. S. Geol. 
and Geog. Surv. (Hayden), 78-83; ed, 'Bui. 
Nuttall Ornith. Club,' 76-83; 'The Auk,' 84-; 
' Bulletin ' and ' Memoirs,' Am. Mus. Nat. Hist, 
87- Hon. Ph.D, Indiana, 86. Nat. Acad; Soc. 
Nat; fel. Ornith. Union (pres, 83-91); Geog. 
Ass; Philos. Soc; Am. Acad; fel. N. Y. Acad, 
(v. pres, 92-93) ; Wash. Acad; for. mem. Brit- 
ish Ornith. Union; for. mem. London Zool. Soc; 
etc. American mammals and birds; geograph- 
ical zoology. North American Rodentia and 
Pinnipedia; mammals of Patagonia; mammals 
and birds of northeastern Siberia and of Colom- 
bia; the genus Didelphys. 
Allen, Prof. John R(obins), 226 S. Ingalls St, Ann 
Arbor, Mich. Mechanical engineering. Mil- 
waukee, Wis, July 23, 69. B.S, Michigan, 92, 
M.E, 96. Sec'y, L. K. Comstock Construction 
Co, 93-95; instr. mech. eng, Michigan, 96-99, 
asst. prof, 99-02, junior prof, 02- Consulting 
engineer, Detroit. M.A.A; Mech. Eng; Detroit 
Eng. Soc. Heating and ventilation. Manufac- 
ture of peat into a fuel. 
Allen, Joseph, 162 E. 79th St, New York, N. Y. 
Mathematics. New Bedford, Mass, March 21, 
70. A.B, A.M, Harvard, 92, grad. student, 92- 
94. Instr. math, Cornell, 94-97; Col. City of 
N. Y, 97- Math. Soc. Analytical geometry. 
Allen, Kenneth, Water Department, Atlantic City, 
N. J. Hydraulic and sanitary engineering. 
New Bedford, Mass, April 6, 57. C.E, Rensse- 
laer, 79. Consulting engineer, 85-89; city 


supt. construction, Kansas City, Mo, 89-90; 
principal asst. engineer, Baltimore Sewerage 
Commission, 95-99; consulting engineer, Balti- 
more, 00-02; engineer and supt, Water Dept, 
Atlantic City, N. J, 02- Mem. Atlantic City 
Board of Trade. Civil Eng; New Eng. Water 
Works Ass; Rensselaer Soc. Eng. 

Allen, W(illiam) F(rederick), 24 Park Place, New 
York, N. Y. Metrology, Railway economics. 
Bordentown, N. J, Oct. 9, 46. Episcopal Acad, 
Phila. With engineer corps, Camden and Am- 
boy R. R, 62-68; res. engineer, West Jersey R. 
R, 68-72; asst. ed, 'Official Raihoay Guide,' 72, 
ed. and manager, 73-; sec'y, Am. Ry. Ass, 75- 
U. S. official delegate, Int. Meridian Conf, 84; 
Int. Ry. Cong, Paris, 00; delegate of Am. Ry. 
Ass, Int. Ry. Cong, London, 95; Paris, 00; 
Washington, 05. Metrol. Soc; Econ. Ass; 
Civil Eng; Acad. Polit. and Social Sci; Statist. 
Ass; Nat. Geog. Soc; Am. Geog. Soc; N. J. 
Hist. Soc; Am. Sect. Int. Ry. Cong; hon. mem. 
Vienna K. K. Geog. Gesell. Unification in time 
reckoning; uniform practise in rules of railway 
operation and statistics. 

Allis, Dr. Edward Phelps, Jr, Milwaukee, Wis. or 
Palais Carnoles, Menton, France. * Verte- 
brate morphology. Milwaukee, Sept. 14, 51. 
C.E, Antioch, 66, grad. student, 67-68; Mass. 
Inst. Tech, 68-69, 71. Mem. and officer of Edw. 
P. Allis Co, Milwaukee, 71- Co-editor, * Jour, 
of Morph.' Laureat, Paris Inst, 98; LL.D, 
Wisconsin, 03. F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool; 
Ass. Anat; fel. N. Y. Acad; Boston Soc. Nat. 
Hist; London Linnean Soc. The anatomy and 
development of the head of fishes. 

Almy, Prof. Frank F(ayette), 436 East St, Grin- 
nell, la. Physics. Little Compton, R. I, Jan. 
12, 66. B.S, Nebraska, 90; Hopkins, 90-93; 
Chicago, 99, 01-02. Prof, physics, Iowa (Grin- 
nell) , 93- Physical Soc. Some properties of 
coherers. Pressure shift of lines in the spec- 
trum of iron. 

Almy, Dr. John E(dwin), Station A, Lincoln, Nebr. 
Physics. Centralia, Ills, Oct. 13, 75. B.S, 
Nebraska, 96, A.M, 97 ; Ph.D, Berlin, 00. Instr. 
physics, Nebraska, 00-02, adj. prof, 02-05, asst. 
prof, 05- F.A.A; Physical Soc; Nebr. Acad. 
Accidental double refraction; spark potentials 
with liquid and solid dielectrics; discharge 
through gases; dielectric strength of various 
glasses and double refracting media; evidence 
of cathode potential in spark discharge. Spark 

Alpers, Dr. William C(harles), 66 W. 56th St, 
New York, N. Y. Pharmaceutical chemistry. 
Harburg, Germany, July 7, 51. Polytech, Han- 
over, Germany, 69-72; Gottingen, 72; N. Y. Col. 
Pharmacy, 78-79; Sc.D, N. Y. Univ, 99. Instr. 
math, and nat. sciences, St. Matthews Acad, N. 
Y, 73-79; practising chemist, 79-97; conductor, 
Merck's Chem. and Bacter. Laboratories, 97-99; 
pres, Alpers Chem. Co, 01- M.A.A; Chem. Soc; 
Pharmaceut. Ass. (pres, Sci. Sect, 96) ; Torrey 
Bot. Club; N. Y. Pharmaceut. Ass; N. J. Phar- 
maceut. Ass. (pres, 99) ; Wissentsch. Verein. 

The oils and terpenes of Aralia nudicaulis; 
alkaloids. A volatile alkaloid in Sambucus 
Alway, Prof. Frederick J(ames), University Place, 
Nebr. Chemistry. Waterford, Ont, May 28, 74. 
A.B, Toronto, 94; Ph.D, Heidelberg, 97. Prof, 
chem, Nebr. Wesleyan, 98- Chem. Soc; Chem. 
Gesell. Reduction of nitro-compounds ; prep- 
aration of hydroxylamino- and nitroso-com- 
pounds; nitroso-esters; electrolytic reduction 
of nitro-compounds; aromatic nitroso-com- 
pounds. Alkaline soils. 

Alwood, Prof. W(illia)m B(radford), Charlottes- 
ville, Va. Mycology, Agriculture. Delta, O, 
Aug. 11, 59. Ohio State, 82-84; Columbian, 
87-88. Teacher, pub. schools, 79-81; supt, 
Ohio Agr. Exp. Sta, 82-86; asst. entomolo- 
gist, U. S. Dept. Agr, 86-88 ; v. director, ento- 
mologist and botanist, Va. Agr. Exp. Sta, 88- 
91, horticulturist, entomologist and mycologist, 
92-04 ; prof, hort, entom. and mycol, Va. Poly- 
tech, 91-04; special agent in charge investiga- 
tions in cenol. tech, Bur. Chem, U. S. Dept. 
Agr, 01f- Special agent to study cenology in 
Europe, Div. Chem, U. S. Dept. Agr, 00- 
F.A.A; Wash. Biol. Soc; Wash. Entom. Soc; 
fel. Royal Hort. Soc. Economic entomology 
and horticulture; alcoholic ferments and mal- 
fermentations. Biology of alcoholic ferments; 
economic disposal of unmerchantable fruits. 

Amberg, Dr. Samuel, 1220 Linden Ave, Baltimore, 
Md. Medicine. Cannstatt, Germany, Aug. 15, 
74. Gymnasium, Cannstatt; Berlin, 95-96; 
M.D, Heidelberg, 98. Asst. and instr. pediat, 
Hopkins, 99-03, assoc, 03- Physiol. Soc; Am. 
Acad. Med; Md. Med. and Chirurg. Faculty. 
Pediatrics; pharmacology; physiological chem- 
istry. Methods of determining quantitatively 
hydrogen peroxid in milk. 

Ames, Prof. J(oseph) S(weetman), 225 Preston St, 
W, Baltimore, Md. *Physics. Manchester, Vt, 
July 3, 64. A.B, Hopkins, 86; Berlin, 86-87; 
fellow, Hopkins, 87-88, Ph.D, 90. Asst. physics, 
Hopkins, 88-91, assoc, 91-93, assoc. prof, 93-99, 
prof, 99-, director, Physical Lab, 01- Asst. ed, 
' Astrophys. Jour ' ; assoc. ed, ' Am. Jour, of 
Science.' Physical Soc; Astron. and Astrophys. 
Soc; Philos. Soc; hon. mem. Royal Inst; Soc. 
de Physique. Spectroscopy. Spectrum of hy- 

Ames, Dr. L(ewis) D(arwin), 1501 Windsor St, 
Columbia, Mo. Mathematics. Keeseville, N. Y, 
July 11, 69. B.Litt, Missouri, 99; A.B, Har- 
vard, 01, A.M, 02, Ph.D, 04. Instr. math, 
Chillicothe Nor. Sch, Mo, 90-98, 99-00; Har- 
vard, 01-02; Missouri, 02- Math. Soc. Slowly 
convergent series; analysis situs. 

Ames, Oakes, North Easton, Mass. Botany. North 
Easton, Sept. 26, 74. A.B, Harvard, 98, A.M, 
99. Asst. bot, Harvard, 99-00, instr, 00-, asst. 
director, Bot. Garden, 99- F.A.A; Soc. Nat; 
Soc. Plant Morph. and Physiol; Forestry Ass; 
Breeders' Ass; New Eng. Bot. Club; Mass. Hort. 
Soc. (past v. pres.); Boston Soc. Nat. Hist; 
Wash. Biol. Soc. Hybridization in plants; 



improvement of useful plants; orchids. Em- 
bryology of orchids; hybridization in Lobelia 
and Cypripedium; Philippine orchids. 

Ami, Dr. Henry M, Geological Survey of Canada, 
Ottawa, Can. Geology, Paleontology. A.B, 
McGill, 82, A.M, 85; Sc.D, Queen's (Can.), 91. 
Paleontologist, Can. Gcol. Surv, 82- Mem. vari- 
ous commissions for Govt, of Can. Bigsley gold 
medalist, London Geol. Soc, 03. Geol. Soc; 
Wash. Geol. Soc; Montreal Nat. Hist. Soc; Ot- 
tawa Field Nat. Soc; N. B. Nat. Hist. Soc; N. S. 
Inst; Hamilton Ass; fel. London Geol. Soc; 
Schweiz. Geol. Gesell. Chronological geology; 
Paleozoic faunas; paleontology; bibliography. 
Paleozoic faunas of eastern Canada. 

Anderegg, Prof. F(rederick), 207 E. College St, 
Oberlin, O. Mathematics. Meiringen, Switzer- 
land, June 11, 52. A.B, Oberlin, 85, A.M, 88; 
A.M, Harvard, 89. Tutor math, Oberlin, 85-88 ; 
instr, Harvard, 89-90; prof, Oberlin, 90- 

Anderson, Dr. Alexander P(ierce), Railway Ex- 
change Building, Chicago, Ills. *Botany. Red 
Wing, Minn, Nov. 22, 62. B.S, Minnesota, 
94, M.S, 95; Ph.D, Munich, 97. Botanist and 
bacteriologist, Clemson, 97-99; asst. prof, bot, 
Minnesota, 99-00; biologist and entomologist, 
Clemson, 00-01; curator, Herbarium, Columbia, 
01. F.A.A; Bot. Gesell. Formation of abnor- 
mal resin-canals in Coniferae; growth of fruits 
determined by weighing; plant diseases; starch 
and starchy products. 

Anderson, Prof. Douglas S(mith), 1556 Webster 
St, New Orleans, La. Electrical engineering. 
Lexington, Va, Sept. 6, 71. A.B, Washington 
and Lee, 90 ; A.M, Tulane, 92. Asst. prof, phys- 
ics, Tulane, 93-97, assoc. prof, 97-00; prof. elec. 
eng, Mississippi, 00-01; assoc. prof, Tulane, 

01- M.A.A; Elec. Eng; Eng. Educ. 

Anderson, Frank M, 2604 Etna St, Berkeley, Cal. 
Geology, Mineralogy. Ashland, Ore, June 4, 63. 
A.B, Willamette, 89; A.B, Stanford, 95; M.S, 
California, 97. Prof. nat. science, Siskiyou Co. 
High Sch, Cal, 95-96; teacher miner, Cali- 
fornia, 97-98; geologist, S. P. Co, 01- Curator 
paleont, Cal. Acad. Sciences, 03, 05. Geol. Soc. 
Geology; paleontology. Economic geology of 
northern California. 

Anderson, Major Geo(rge) L(ucius), U. S. Artillery 
Corps, Washington, D. C. Electrical engineering. 
Delafield, Wis, April 9, 49. A.M, Lawrence, 70; 
grad, U. S. Mil. Acad, 74; Naval War Col, 97. 
Second lieut, U. S. A, 74-81, first lieut, 81-98; 
instr. math, U. S. Mil. Acad, 85-89; elec. and 
mines, Officers' Sch, Ft. Monroe, 89-95; capt, 
Seventh Artil, 98-02, major, U. S. Artil. Corps, 

02- Mem. Ordnance Board, U. S. Proving 
Ground, Sandy Hook, 03- Philos. Soc; hon. 
mem. Franklin Inst. (mem. Board on Tests of 
Dynamos and Lamps, 84-85). Range-finders 
and sights; electric control of heavy guns; oper- 
ation of submarine mines; telescopes for sights. 

Anderson, Dr. Leroy, San Luis Obispo, Cal. Ani- 
mal and dairy industry. Magee, N. Y, Dec. 4, 
66. B.S, Cornell, 96, fellow, 96-97, M.S.A, 97, 

Ph.D, 02. Asst. dairy husbandry, Cornell, 97- 
00; instr. animal and dairy indust, California, 
00-02 ; director, Cal. Polytech. Sch, 02- Breed- 
ers' Ass; N. Y. State Dairy Ass; Cal. Dairy 
Ass. Effect of food upon milk of dairy cows. 

Andrews, C(lement) W(alker), The John Crerar 
Library, Chicago, Ills. Chemistry, Library 
economy. Salem, Mass, Jan. 13, 58. A.B, 
Harvard, 79, A.M, 80. Instr. chem, Mass. Inst. 
Tech, 83-95, librarian, 89-95; John Crerar 
Library, 95- Ed, 'Tech. Quarterly,' 91-95. 
Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; Library Ass; 
Chem. Gesell. Optical analysis of sugar. The 
best arrangement of a scientific and technical 
reference library. 

Andrews, Dr. Edmund, 3912 Lake Ave, Chicago, 
Ills. Surgery, Geology, Archeology. Putney, 
Vt, April 22, 24. A.B, Michigan, 49, A.M, M.D, 
52. Prof. comp. anat. and demonstrator anat, 
Michigan, 52-56; prof, surg, Chicago Med. Col, 
58-04. Surgeon, U. S. A ; Mercy Hosp, Chicago, 
59. LL.D, Michigan, 80. Am. Med. Ass; Ills. 
Med. Soc; Chicago Surg, and Med. Societies; 
Chicago Acad, (past pres.) ; Davenport Acad. 
Rectal and anal surgery; boulder drift; Pleisto- 
cene deposits and their remains. Surgery; 

, Andrews, Prof. E(than) A(llen), 821 St. Paul St, 
Baltimore, Md. *Biology. New York, N. Y, 
Sept. 10, 59. Ph.B, Yale, 81; Polytech, Han- 
over, 83; fellow, Hopkins, 84-86, Ph.D, 87. 
Asst, U. S. Fish Commission, 79-81; asst. biol, 
Hopkins, 87-92, assoc. prof, 92- Assoc, ed, 
'Am. Naturalist,' 92- Soc. Zool. (v. pres, 
91-92, pres, 04) ; Wash. Acad. Eyes of an- 
nelids; anatomy and embryology of inverte- 
brates. Pteropodial activities in leucocytes; 
reproduction in crayfish. 

^Andrews, Mrs. E. A. (Gwendolen Foulke), 821 
St. Paul St, Baltimore, Md. Biology. Bala 
Farm, Pa, June 26, 63. Private sch; hearer in 
biol, Bryn Mawr, 88. Rotatoria; Infusoria; 
structure and habits of protoplasm; psychology 
and education of children. Structure and hab- 
its of protoplasm ; certain basic mental phe- 
nomena; animal and child psychology. 
Andrews, Dr. Frank M(arion), 901 E. Tenth St, 
Bloomington, Ind. Botany. Vienna, Ind, 72. 
A.B, Indiana, 94, A.M, 95; Ph.D, Leipzig, 02. 
Asst. bot, Indiana, 94-97, instr, 97-04, asst. 
prof, 04- F.A.A; Ind. Acad. Physiological 
botany. Effects of gases on plant cells. 
Andrews, Dr. Grace, 47 Brevoort Place, Brooklyn, 
N. Y. Mathematics. Brooklyn, May 30, 69. 
B.S, Wellesley, 90; A.M, Columbia, 99, Ph.D, 
01. Asst. math, Barnard, Columbia, 00-02. 
Math. Soc. The primitive double minimal sur- 
face of the seventh class and its conjugate. 
Andrews, Horace, 125 Lancaster St, Albany, N. Y. 
Municipal engineering, Geodetic surveying. New 
Haven, Conn, March 19, 52. Ph.B, Yale, 
71, C.E. 72. With U. S. Coast and Geod. 
Surv, 72-78; N. Y. State Trigonometric Surv, 
78-84; city engineer, Albany, 86-00; consulting 
engineer, Off- Instr. surveying, Sheffield Sci. 



Sch, Yale, 72-73; eng. inspector, N. Y. State 
Board of Health, 84-86; mem. Albany Board of 
Health, 86-00; examiner for eng. positions, 
N. Y. State Civil Service, 88-94. Civil Eng; 
Soc. Mimic. Improv; Geom. Verein. Geodetic 
and higher surveying; municipal engineering. 

Andrews, Prof. Launcelot W(inchester), 331 Boyle 
Ave, St. Louis, Mo. *Chemistry. London, 
Ont, June 13, 56. Ph.B, Yale, 75; Ph.D, Got- 
tingen, 82. Prof, chem, Iowa, 85-04; research 
chemist, Mallinckrodt Chem. Works, St. Louis, 
Oh- Teacher physics, High Sch, Springfield, 
Mass, 76. Chem. Soc; Iowa Acad, (past 
pres.) ; Iowa Eng. Soc; hon. mem. Davenport 
Acad; London Chem. Soc; Chem. Gesell. The 
nascent state; volumetric methods of chemical 
analysis. Measures of precision of certain 
volumetric methods; vapor tensions of volatile 
substances in dilute solutions. 

Angell, Dr. F(rank), Stanford University, Cal. 
*Psychology. Rhode Island, 57. B.S, Ver- 
mont, 78; Ph.D, Leipzig, 91. Teacher, High 
Sch, Washington, D. C, 80-87 ; asst. prof, psychol, 
Cornell, 91-92; prof, Stanford, 92- L.H.D, Ver- 
mont, 92. Psychophysics. Sensory discrimina- 
tion for different intervals of time. 

Angell, Prof. James R(owland), University of Chi- 
cago, Chicago, Ills. *Psychology. Burlington, 
Vt, May 8, 69. A.B, Michigan, 90, A.M, 91; 
A.M, Harvard, 92 ; Berlin and Halle, 93. Instr. 
philos, Minnesota, 94; asst. prof. exp. psychol, 
Chicago, 95-01, assoc. prof, 01-04, prof, and 
head, Dept. Psychol, Off- Lecturer psyehol, 
California, 03 ; Wellesley, 04. Psychol. Ass. 
(mem. Council, 03, chairman, Western Branch, 
02-03) ; West. Philos. Ass. (v. pres, 03)_. 
Psychology of attention; organic accompani- 
ments of conscious processes ; auditory localiza- 
tion ; reaction-time ; effect of partial tones on 
localization of sound; dermal space-perception. 
Memory and development in motor coordina- 
tion; animal intelligence; rhythm; vision; 

Anthony, Alfred Webster, Portland, Ore. Ornith- 
ology. Cayuga Co, N. Y, Dee. 25, 65. Pub. 
schools. Fel. Ornith. Union. Pelagic ornith- 
ology. Pelagic and insular ornithology. 

Anthony, Prof. Gardner C(hace), Tufts College, 
Mass. Graphics, Design. Providence, R.I, April 
24, 56. Brown, 75-77; Tufts, 77-78, A.M, 90. 
Mechanical engineer, 78-85; instr, R. I. Sch. of 
Design, 85-87; director, R. I. Sch. Tech. Draw- 
ing, 87-93 ; prof. tech. drawing and dean, Brom- 
field-Pearson Sch, Tufts, 93-, dean, Eng. Dept, 
98- Hon. Sc.D, Tufts, 05. Mech. Eng; Eng. 
Educ. Mechanical and machine drawing; gear- 

Anthony, Prof. W(illia)m A(rnold), 1427 Madison 
Ave, New York, N. Y. *Physics, Electrical en- 
gineering. Coventry, R. I, Nov. 17, 35. Brown, 
53-55; Ph.B, Yale, 60. Prof, physics and 
chem, Antioch, 65-69 ; physics, Iowa State, 
69-72 ; Cornell, 72-87 ; physics and elee. eng, 
Sch. of Science, Cooper Union, 94- F.A.A. (v. 
pres, 87) ; Physical Soc; Elec. Eng. (pres, 87) ; 

Brooklyn Inst; Franklin Inst. Dynamo ma- 
chinery; polarization in Cu Zn H 2 S0 4 cell. 
Appleby, Dean W(illiam) R(emsen), 911 Fifth St, 
S. E, Minneapolis, Minn. Metallurgy, Assaying. 
Hoboken, N. J, Feb. 11, 65. A.B, Williams, 
86, A.M, 93; Sch. of Mines, Columbia, 87. 
Asst. anal, and pharmaceut. chem, N. Y. Col. 
Pharmacy, 88-89; prof, mining and metal, 
Minnesota, 90-91, metal, and dean, Sch. of 
Mines, 00- Chem. Soc; Min. Eng; Soc. Chem. 
Indust; Lake Superior Min. Inst; London Inst. 
Min. and Metal; N. of England Inst. Min. and 
Mech. Eng. 

Appleton, Prof. J(ohn) H(oward), Brown Univer- 
sity, Providence, R. I. ^Chemistry. Portland, 
Me, Feb. 3, 44. Ph.B, Brown, 63, A.M, 69, 
Sc.D, 00. Instr. chem, Brown, 63-68, New- 
port-Rogers prof, 68- Mem. U. S. Mint Com- 
mission, 91; consulting chemist. F.A.A; Chem. 
Soc. (v. pres.) ; Soc. Chem. Indust; N. Y. Acad. 
Industrial chemistry. 

Arbuckle, Dr. H(oward) B(ell), Decatur, Ga. 
Chemistry. Lewisburg, W. Va, Oct. 5, 70. 
A.B, Hampden-Sidney, 89, A.M, 90; Virginia; 
Ph.D, Hopkins, 98. Fellow and instr, Hamp- 
den-Sidney, 89-90; instr, Dept. Chem. and 
Physics, Florida State, 91-95; asst. chem, Hop- 
kins, 96-98; Dept. Chem. and Biol, Agnes Scott 
Inst, Decatur, Ga, 98- Chem. Soc; Ga. Chem. 
Soc. (sec'y). Atomic weight of zinc and cad- 
mium. Retention of gases in certain metal 
oxids; decomposition products of Spirogyra. 

Archibald, Dr. E(benezer) H(enry), Syracuse Uni- 
versitv, Syracuse, N. Y. Chemistry. Brook- 
vale, N. S, Sept. 27, 73. B.S, Dalhousie, 97, 
M.S, 98; A.M, Harvard, 00, Ph.D, 02. Demon- 
strator chem, McGill, 02-04; instr, Syracuse, 
OJf- Chem. Soc. Conductivity of salt solu- 
tions; freezing-point of dilute solutions; atomic 
weight of caesium; atomic weight of rubidium; 
the electric conductivity of organic bodies dis- 
solved in the liquified halogen hydrids. 

Archibald, Dr. R(aymoad) C(lare), Sackville, N. B, 

Can. Mathematics. South Branch, N. S, 
Oct. 7, 75. A.B, Mount Allison, 94, teacher's 
diploma in violin, Conservatory of Music, 94, 
artist's diploma, 95; A.B, Harvard, 96, A.M, 
97, grad. student, 97-98; Berlin, 98-99; Ph.D, 
Strasburg, 00. Teacher math, Mount Allison 
Ladies' Col, 94-95, prof, 00- Librarian and 
head, Violin Dept, Mount Allison Ladies' Col, 
00- M.A.A; Math. Soc; N. S. Hist. Soc. The 
cardioid and some of its related curves. 

Argall, Philip, 730 Majestic Building, Denver, Colo. 
Chemistry, Metallurgy, Geology. Belfast, Ire- 
land, Aug. 27, 54. Wicklow and Dublin schools. 
Manager, various mines in foreign countries 
and in the U. S; consulting mining and metal- 
lurgical engineer, 01- Geol. Soc; Min. Eng; 
Colo. Sci. Soe; London Inst. Min. and Metal; 
Royal Irish Acad. Nickel ore deposits; sam- 
pling and dry crushing in Colorado; cyaniding 
tellurid ores; the mineral industry. The treat- 
ment of high grade silver ores by modifications 
of the cyanid process. 



Armsby, Dr. H(enry) P(rentiss), State College, Pa. 
*Animal nutrition. Northbridge, Mass, Sept. 
21, 53. B.S, Worcester, 71; Ph.B, Yale, 74; 
Leipzig, 76; Ph.D, Yale, 79. Asst. chera, Wor- 
cester, 71-72; teacher nat. science, High Sch, 
Fitchburg, Mass, 74-75; asst. chem, Rutgers, 
76-77; chemist, Conn. Agr. Exp. Sta, 77-81; 
v. principal, Conn. Agr. Col, 81-83; prof. agr. 
chem, Wisconsin, and assoc. director, Exp. Sta, 
83-87; director, Pa. State Col. Agr. Exp. Sta, 
87-, dean, Sch. of Agr, 90-02. Chairman, Com- 
mittee on Coop. Exp. Sta. Exhibits, Columbian 
Expos, 93 ; Paris, 00 ; mem. Committee on Dairy 
Tests, Columbian Expos, 93; expert animal 
nutrition, U. S, Dept. Agr, 98- LL.D, Wis- 
consin. 04. F.A.A; Chem. Soc; Soc. Prom. 
Agr. Sci; Physiol. Soc; Ass. Agr. Col. (pres, 
99). Animal nutrition ; stock feeding. Utiliza- 
tion of the potential energy of the food of do- 
mestic animals. 
Armstrong, Prof. A(ndrew) C(ampbell), Middle- 
town, Conn. * Philosophy. New York, N. Y, 
Aug. 22, 60. A.B, Princeton, 81, fellow, 81- 
82, A.M, 84, Theol. Sem, 82-85; Berlin, 85- 
86. Assoc, prof, ecclesiastical hist, Princeton 
Theol. Sem, 86-87, instr. hist, Princeton, 87-88 ; 
prof, philos, Wesleyan, 88- Cooperating ed, 
'Psychol. Rev/ 04- Hon. Ph.D, Princeton, 96. 
Psychol. Ass; Philos. Ass. (mem. Exec. Com- 
mittee, 01-03). Historical philosophy; history 
of intellectual progress; eras of ' Aufklarung ' 
in western thinking. Historical development of 
the faith-philosophy; history of genetic theory. 
Arnold, Dr. Ralph, U. S. Geological Survey, Wash- 
ington, D. C. Paleontology, Geology. Mar- 
shalltown, la, April 14, 75. Throop, 94-96; 
A.B, Stanford, 99, A.M, 00, Ph.D, 02. Asst. 
miner, Stanford, 99; instr. chem. and physics, 
Hoitt's Sch, Menlo Park, Cal, 99-00; field 
asst, Wash. Sch. of Mines Mining Surv, 00; 
asst. geol, Stanford, 00-02 ; aid, U. S. Geol. Surv, 
03- Temporary field asst, U. S. Geol. Surv, 00- 
03. M.A.A; Geol.- Soc; Nat. Geog. Soc; Cal. 
Acad; Le Conte Geol. Soc. (sec'y, 01-03) ; Geol. 
Soc. of Am. Univ. ( pres, 02-03 ) . Pleistocene and 
Tertiary paleontology and stratigraphy of the 
western coast of North America. Paleontology 
of Santa Cruz Mountains; genus Pecten, living 
and fossil, on the Pacific coast of North 
Arthur, Prof. J(oseph) C(harles), Lafayette, Ind. 
*Botany. Lowville, N. Y, Jan. 11, 50. B.S, 
Iowa State, 72, M.S, 77; Hopkins, 78-79; Har- 
vard, 79; Sc.D, Cornell, 86; Bonn, 96. Instr. 
bot, Minnesota and Wisconsin, 79-82; botanist, 
Exp. Sta, Geneva, N. Y, 84-87; prof. veg. 
physiol. and path, Purdue, 87-; botanist, Ind. 
Exp. Sta, 88- Int. Cong. Arts and Science, 
St. Louis, 04 (speaker). F.A.A. (sec'y, F, 86, 
asst. gen. sec'y, 87, v. pres, 95) ; Bot. Soc. (pres, 
02 ) ; Mycol. Soc ; Soc. Prom. Agr. Sci ; Ind. 
Acad, (pres, 93) ; Iowa Acad; Phila. Acad; 
Int. Ass. Bot. Fungous diseases of cultivated 
crops; development of plant rusts. The connec- 
tion of aecidial and teleutosporic stages of het- 
eroecismal Uredineae. 

Ashe, W(illiam) Willard, Raleigh, N. C. Forestry. 
Raleigh, June 4, 72. A.B, North Carolina, 
91; M.S, Cornell, 92. Special agent, U. S. 
Dept. Agr, 98-03 ; in charge of forest investiga- 
tions, N. G. Geol. Surv, 02- M.A.A; Forestry 
Ass; N. C. Acad. Panicum; Crataegus; 
Hicoria; Asarum. Growth of east American 
pines; east American species of Crataegus. 

Ashley, Prof. Geo(rge) H(all), U. S. Geological 
Survey, Washington, D. C. Geology. Roches- 
ter, N. Y, Aug. 9, 66. M.E, Cornell, 89; A.M, 
Stanford, 92, Ph.D. 94. Paleontologist, Ward's 
Nat. Science Estab, Rochester, N. Y, 89-91; 
asst. geologist, Ark. Geol. Surv, 91-93; teacher, 
high schools, Stockton and San Bernardino, Cal, 
94-96; asst. state geologist, Ind, 96-00; prof, 
biol. and geol, Col. of Charleston, 00-03; asst. 
geologist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 01-05, geologist, 05- 
Prof. pharmacog, Med. Col. of S. C, 01-03; mem. 
Juries of Awards, S. C, I and W. I. Expos, 02. 
F.A.A; Geol. Soc; Min. Eng; Social Sci. Ass; 
Wash. Geol. Soc; cor. mem. Ind. Acad; hon. 
mem. S. C. Pharmaceut. Ass; Elliott Soc. 
Stratigraphy of coal; physiographic results of 
earth movements. 
Ashley, Harrison Everett, 154 Pennsylvania Ave, 
Station A, East Liverpool, O. Chemistry, 
Ceramics. New Bedford, Mass, Aug. 2, 76. 
B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 00; Ohio State, 05. 
Chemist, Tremont Nail Co, West Wareham, 
Mass, 00-02; Salem Iron Co, Leetonia, O, 02- 
03; chem. engineer, Homer Laughlin China Co, 
05- Chem. engineer, New Bedford Product Co, 
00; with Taylor and Baron, New Bedford, 03. 
Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; Ceramic Soc. 
Alloys of antimony and tellurium; constitution 
of slag; logarithmic three-variable diagram for 
solution of gas-engine problems; iridescent 
stains on glass; holding of glazes. Methods of 
testing materials and products of potteries; 
composition of sagger mixes; holding of glazes. 

Ashmead, Dr. W(illia)m H(arris), 1807 Belmont 
Ave, Washington, D. C. * Entomology. Phila- 
delphia, Pa, Sept. 19, 55. Private and pub. 
schools; special study in Germany, 90. Prof, 
entom, Fla. Agr. Col, 87; asst. curator, U. S. 
Nat. Mus, 97- Scientific ed, 'Fla. Dispatch,' 
82-86. Hon. A.M, Fla. Agr. Col, 01; Sc.D, 
Western Univ. of Pa, 03. F.A.A; Soc. Nat; 
Ass. Econ. Entom. (v. pres, 92) ; hon. cor. 
mem. Entom. Soc; Wash. Entom. Soc. (pres, 
94-95) ; Cambridge Entom. Soc. (pres, 94) ; 
Wash. Acad. (v. pres, 98, 03); hon. cor. 
mem. Ont. Entom. Soc. Insects, principally 
the Hymenoptera and Rhynchota. Classifica- 
tion of the order Hymenoptera. 

Ashton, Prof. C(harles) H(amilton), 1202 Ohio St, 
Lawrence, Kas. Mathematics. Cambridge, N. Y, 
Aug. 12, 66. A.B, Union, 87, A.M, 90; A.M, 
Harvard, 93. Teacher, private sch, 87-89 ; prof. 
math, State Nor. Sch, Mansfield, Pa, 89-92; 
instr, Harvard, 94-03; asst. prof, Kansas, 03- 
M.A.A; Math. Soc. 

Atkinson, Dr. Elizabeth A(llen), 4106 Locust St, 
Philadelphia, Pa. Chemistry, Geology. Wil- 



mington, Del, Oct. 7, 68. Certificate in chem, 
Pennsylvania, 95, Ph.D, 98. Asst. demonstrator 
chem, Woman's Med. Col. of Pa, 99-02; treas, 
Phila. Clin. Lab, 01- Chem. Soc. Metal sepa- 
ration by means of hydrobromic acid gas; in- 
dium in timgsten minerals. 

Atkinson, Prof. Geo(rge) F(rancis), Cornell Uni- 
versity, Ithaca, N. Y. * Botany. Monroe, Mich, 
Jan. 26, 54. Olivet, 80-84; Ph.B, Cornell, 85. 
Asst. prof, entom. and gen. zool, North Carolina, 
85-86, assoc. prof, 86-88; prof. bot. and zool, 
South Carolina, and botanist, Exp. Sta, 88-89; 
prof, biol, Ala. Polytech, and biologist, Exp. 
Sta, 89-92; asst. prof, crypt, bot, Cornell, 92- 
93, assoc. prof, 93-96, prof, bot, head, Bot. 
Dept, and botanist, Exp. Sta, 96- Ed, ' Bot. 
Gazette,' 96-98. F.A.A. (sec'y, G, 96, v. 
pres, 97) ; Soc. Nat; Bot. Soc. (sec'y, 89- 
01); Soc. Plant Morph. and Physiol; Mycol. 
Soc; Soc. Prom. Agr. Sci; cor. mem. Torrey 
Bot. Club; Wash. Acad. Lemnaceae of the 
United States; Cercosporae and Erysipheae of 
Alabama; Heterodera; trap-door spiders; Hypo- 
creaceae; fungi of cotton; edema of tomato; 
prunicolous Exoasceae ; diseases of plants ; 
mushrooms; etc. Morphology and taxonomy of 
fungi; cultures and development of fungi. 

Atwater, Prof. W(ilbur) O(lin), 226 Washington 
St, Middletown, Conn. * Physiological chemistry. 
Johnsburg, N. Y, May 3, 44. A.B, Wesleyan, 
65; Ph.D, Yale, 69; Leipzig and Berlin, 69-71. 
Prof, chem, Tennessee, 71-73; Maine State, 73; 
Wesleyan, 73- First director, Conn. Agr. Exp. 
Sta, 75-77, mem. Board of Control, 75-05; direc- 
tor, Storrs Agr. Exp. Sta, 88-02; founder and 
director, Office of Exp. Stations, U. S. Dept. Agr, 
88-91, special agent, 92-, in charge nutrition 
investigations, 94-, chief, 03- Elliott Cresson 
gold medal, Franklin Inst; gold medal, Paris 
Expos, 00, and others; LL.D, Vermont, 04. 
F.A.A. (sec'y, C, 95) ; Chem. Soc; Physiol. Soc; 
Wash. Acad; Chem. Gesell; Soc. chim. de Paris; 
cor. mem. Soc. royale des Sci. med. et nat; 
assoc. mem. Soc. d'Hygifene; for. mem. Swedish 
Royal Acad, of Agr ; cor. mem. Russian Imperial 
Mil. Acad, of Med. Agricultural and physiolog- 
ical chemistry; dietary studies; metabolism. 
Investigations with the respiration calorimeter. 

Atwell, Prof. C(harles) B(each), 1938 Sherman 
Ave, Evanston, Ills. Botany. Theresa, N. Y, 
April 11, 55. Ph.B, Syracuse, 79, Ph.M, 82; 
Harvard, 87; Freiburg, 91. Asst. principal, 
Acad, Lowville, N. Y, 79-80; instr, Acad. Dept, 
Northwestern, 80-82; principal pub. schools, 
South Evanston, Ills, 82-84; instr, Acad. Dept, 
Northwestern, 84-87, Northwestern, 87-91, prof, 
biol, 91-94, bot, 9-J- Registrar, Col. Dept, 
Northwestern, 90-92. F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Bot. 
Cent. States ; . Chicago Acad ; Evanston Hist. 
Soc. Algae; chlorophyll. Algae of Cook 
County, Illinois; development of Lathyrus 

Atwood, Dr. Wallace W (alter), 5453 Monroe Ave, 
Chicago, Ills. Geology. Chicago, Oct. 1,72. B.S, 
Chicago, 97, Ph.D, 03. Instr. physiog, Lewis 

Inst, Chicago, 97-99; geol, Chicago Inst, 99-00, 
director, 00; asst. physiog, Chicago, 01-02, assoc, 
02-03, instr. physiog. and gen. geol, OS- Asst. 
geologist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 01-; Ills. Geol. 
Surv, 05- Geog. Ass; Chicago Geog. Soc. 
Glaciation; ancient glaciers among the Rocky 

Aubert, Prof. A (If red) B(ellamy), Orono, Me. 
Chemistry. New York, N. Y, April 29, 53. B.S, 
Cornell, 73; M.S, Maine. Prof, chem, Maine, 
7-J- Chem. Soc. Double salts of pyridin pico- 
lin; diatoms of Maine. Picolin compounds. 

Auchincloss, William S(tuart), Atlantic High- 
lands, N. J. Mechanical and, civil engineering. 
New York, N. Y, March 19, 42. C.E, Rensselaer, 
62. Civil engineer, A. and G. W. R. R, 64 ; U. S. 
commissioner, Paris Expos, 67 ; ship builder and 
car manufacturer, 69-79; commission merchant, 
79-95. F.A.A; Civil Eng; Mech. Eng; Phila. 
Eng. Club; Inst. Braziliera; British Ass. In- 
ventor of improvements in war-vessel case- 
mates ; indicators for passenger elevators ; axle- 
boxes and trucks for railroad cars; thread 
spoolers; averaging instruments for calculating 

Auchy, George, 6948 Hegerman St, Tacony, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. Chemistry. Pottstown, Pa, 
April 23, 62. Lafayette, 78-82. Chemist, 
Durham Iron Works, 82-86; Nashua Iron and 
Steel Co, 94-97; Keystone Saw Works, 97- 
Chem. Soc; Franklin Inst. Methods of chem- 
ical analysis of iron and steel. 

Auer, Dr. John, 107 W. 122d St, New York, N. Y. 
Physiology, Pharmacology. Rochester, N. Y, 
March 30, 75. B.S, Michigan, 98; M.D, Hop- 
kins, 02. Fellow, Rockefeller Inst, for Med. 
Research, 03- House officer, Hopkins Hosp, 
02-03. Soc. Exp. Biol, and Med. Intramuscu- 
lar absorption; effect of suprarenal extract on 
absorption and transudation. Physiology and 
pharmacology of magnesium salts. 

Austen, Dr. Peter T(ownsend), 89 Pine St, New 
York, N. Y. *Chemistry. Clifton, Staten Isl, 
N. Y, Sept. 10, 52. Ph.B, Columbia, 72; Berlin, 
73-76; Ph.D, Zurich, 76. Instr. chem, Dart- 
mouth, 76-77; prof, Rutgers and N. J. State 
Science Sch, 78-91; Brooklyn Polytech, 92-96; 
chemical expert, 96- F.A.A; Chem. Soc; for- 
eign chem. societies. Experimental investiga- 
tion and manufacturing processes. 

Austin, Prof. Louis W(inslow), Bureau of Stan- 
dards, Washington, D. C. *Physics. Orwell, 
Vt, Oct. 30, 67. A.B, Middlebury, 89; Stras- 
burg, 89-90; fellow, Clark, 90-91; Ph.D, Stras- 
burg, 93. Instr. and later asst. prof, physics, 
Wisconsin, 93-01; on staff, Physik.-Tech. Reich- 
anstalt, Charlottenburg, 02-04; Bur. Standards, 
04- Physical Soc; Astron. and Astrophys. 
Soc; Wash. Philos. Soc; Physik. Gesell. Phys- 
ical measurements; elasticity in metals; mag- 
netostriction discharge of electricity through 
gases; specific heat of gases at high tempera- 

Austin, O(scar) P(helps), 1620 Massachusetts Ave, 
Washington, D. C. Economics. Newark, Ills, 



July 27, 47. Pub. and acad. schools. Ed, 
'Wash. Correspondent,' 74-98; chief, Bur. Sta- 
tist, U. S. Treas. Dept, 98-02; U. S. Dept. Com- 
merce and Labor, 02- Assoc, ed, ' Nat. 
Geog. Magazine.' F.A.A; Econ. Ass; Acad. 
Polit. and Social Sci; Geog. Ass; Nat. Geog. 
Soc; Int. Verein. vergleichende Rechtswissen- 
schaft. Production; commerce; transportation; 
colonial development and government. 

Avery, Dr. Elroy M(cKendree), 657 Woodland Hills 
Ave, Cleveland, 0. Physics, Chemistry. Erie, 
Mich, July 14, 44. Ph.B, Michigan, 71, Ph.M, 
74; Ph.D, Hillsdale, 82. Principal, East High 
Sch. and City Nor. Sch, Cleveland, O, 71-79; 
mem. Ohio Senate, 92-96. LL.D, Hillsdale, 94. 
F.A.A. (sec'y, B, 90); Econ. Ass; Am. Hist. 
Ass; Ohio Archeol. and Hist. Soc. 

Avery, Prof. S(amuel), 2745 Q St, Lincoln, Nebr. 
Chemistry. Bureau Co, Ills, April 19, 65. A.B, 
Doane, 87; B.S, Nebraska, 92, A.M, 94; Ph.D, 
Heidelberg, 96. Instr. chem, Nebraska, 95-97, 
adj. prof, 97-99; prof, Idaho, 99-01; agr. chem, 
Nebraska, 02-05, chem. and director, Chem. 
Lab, 05- Chem. Soc; Chem. Gesell. Aromatic 
glutaric acids; determination of arsenic and 
iron; prussic acid in sorghum; destroying 
prairie dogs. 

Ayers, Dr. Howard, 299 Southern Ave, Cincinnati, 
O. *Biology. Olympia, Wash, May 21, 61. B.S, 
Harvard, 83; Heidelberg; Strasburg; Ph.D, 
Freiburg, 86. Instr. zool, Michigan, 86-87; 
Harvard and Radcliffe, 87-88; Woods Hole, 89- 
98; director, Lake Lab, Milwaukee, 89-94; prof, 
biol, Missouri, 94-99; pres, Cincinnati, 99-04. 
LL.D, Missouri, 99. F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. 
Zool; Nat. Educ. Ass; cor. mem. Phila. Acad. 
Vertebrate morphology; anthropology; mor- 
phology and physiology of the vertebrate ear; 
vertebrate cephalogenesis. 

Ayres, Pres. Brown, University of Tennessee, 
Knoxville, Tenn. *Physics, Astronomy. Mem- 
phis, Tenn, May 25, 56. Washington and Lee, 
71-74; B.S, Stevens, 78; fellow, Hopkins, 79-80; 
Ph.D, Stevens, 88. Prof, physics, Louisiana, 
80-84; Tulane, 84-04, dean, Col. Tech, 94-00, 
v. chairman, Faculty, and dean, Academic Col- 
leges, 00-04; pres, Tennessee, 04- Mem. Jury 
of Awards, Columbian Expos, 93; Cotton 
Expos, Atlanta, 95; Tenn. Centennial Expos, 
Nashville, 97. LL.D, Washington and Lee, 04; 
South Carolina and Tulane, 05. F.A.A. (sec'y, 
B, 92); Physical Soc; Elec. Eng; Eng. Educ; 
New Orleans Acad. 

Ayres, Dr. C(harles) H(amilton), Jr, 135 Grand St, 
Rahway, N. J. Physics. Spotswood, N. J, Oct. 
10, 74. A.B, Harvard, 98, A.M, 99, Ph.D, 01, 
LL.B, 05. Asst. physics, Harvard, 98-01, instr, 
01-05. Physical Soc. Internal resistance of 
galvanic cells; heat conduction in metals. 
Polarization of cells; measurement of liquid 

Ayres, H (or ace) B(eemer), Allamuchy, N. J. For- 
estry. Allamuchy, Sept. 20, 56. B.S, Lafayette, 
78. Timber inspector and geologist, Eng. Dept, 
N. P. R. R. Co; Minn, and Pacific R. R; 

Northern Transcont. Surv; Adirondack Forest 
Surv; Land Departments, St. P. and D. R. R. 
Co. and N. P. R. R. Co; field asst, U. S. Geol. 
Surv; forest expert, Bur. of Forestry, U. S. Dept. 
Agr; supt, Kimberley Explor. Co. M.A.A; 
Forestry Ass. Southern Appalachian forestry. 
Conditions favoring growth of valuable 

Babb, Cyrus C(ates), U. S. Geological Survey, 
Washington, D. C. Hydraulic engineering. 
Portland, Me, June 18, 67. B.S, Mass. Inst. 
Tech, 90. Engineer, U. 8. Geol. Surv, 90- Civil 
Eng; Forestry Ass; Nat. Geog. Soc. (sec'y, 94- 
95). Hydraulic engineering. 

Babcock, Prof. E(arle) J (ay), University of North 
Dakota, Grand Forks, N. Dak. Chemistry, 
Metallurgy. St. Charles, Minn, June 11, 65. 
Carleton; B.S, Minnesota, 89. Instr. chem, 
North Dakota, 89-91, prof. chem. and geol, 91- 
02, chem. and metal, and dean, Col. Mining Eng, 
98-; state geologist, N. Dak, 97-02. Metallur- 
gical chemistry; fire clays; lignite coal; ce- 
ment; building stone. 

Babcock, Dr. S(tephen) M(oulton), 432 Lake St, 
Madison, Wis. * Agricultural chemistry. Bab- 
cock Hill, N. Y, Oct. 22, 43. A.B, Tufts, 66; 
Ph.D, Gottingen, 79. Instr. chem, Cornell, 75- 
77, 81-82; chemist, Agr. Exp. Sta, Geneva, N. Y, 
82-88; prof. agr. chem, Wisconsin, and chem- 
ist, Agr. Exp. Sta, 88- Mem. Jury of Awards, 
Pan-Am. Expos, 01. Bronze medal, Wis. Legis- 
lature, 99; grand prize, Paris Expos, 00; LL.D, 
Tufts, 01. F.A.A. (sec'y, C, 94). Agricultural 
chemistry, chiefly along dairy lines. Influence 
of low temperatures upon the curing of cheese; 
the conservation of gravity during molecular 

Baber, Miss Zonia, 5623 Madison Ave, Chicago, 
Ills. Geography. Kansas, Ills, Aug. 24, 62. 
B.S, Chicago. Principal, Ward Sch, Youngs- 
town, O, 86-88; critic teacher, Cook Co. Nor. 
Sch, 88-90, head, Dept. Geog, 90-99; Sch. of 
Educ, Chicago, 01- Principal, Element. Sch, 
Sch. of Educ, Chicago, 02-03. Nat. Geog. Soc; 
Soc. Sci. Educ; Chicago Geog. Soc. (pres.). 
Geography in education. 

Bacon, Prof. Arthur A(very), 496 Main St, Geneva, 
N. Y. Physics. Laconia, N. H, Oct. 26, 75. 
A.B, Dartmouth, 97, A.M, 01. Tutor physics, 
Oberlin, 97-98; asst, Dartmouth, 98-00, instr. 
math, and astron, 00-01 ; prof, physics, Hobart, 
03- M.A.A; Physical Soc. Equilibrium of 
vapors at curved surfaces of liquids. 

Baekeland, Dr. Leo Hendrik, Yonkers-on-Hud- 
son, N. Y. Chemistry. Ghent, Belgium, Nov. 
14, 63. Sc.D, Ghent, 84. Asst. prof, chem, 
Ghent, 85-88, assoc. prof, 88-89; prof. chem. 
and physics, Higher Nor. Sch, Bruges, 86-88 ; 
mfg. and consulting chemist, 89- Laureate of 
chem. science of the four Belgian universities, 
87. Chem. Soc; Soc Chem. Indust. (v. pres, 
05) ; Electrochem. Soc; N. Y. Chemists' Club 



(pres, 04) ; Chem. Gesell; Chem. Verein. Oxi- 
dation of hydrochloric acid under the influence 
of light; separation of copper and cadmium; 
dissociation of nitrate of lead; photographic 
chemistry; invented the water developing dry 
plate, velox gas-light papers, etc. 

Bagby, Dr. J(ohn) H(ampden) C(hamberlayn), 
Hampden-Sidney, Va. Physics. Middleburg, 
Va, July 20, 67. A.M, Virginia, 88, M.E, 91, 
Ph.D, 95. Prof, physics, Hampden-Sidney, 92- 
M.A.A. X-rays; Hertzian waves; vortex rings. 

Bagg, Dr. Rufus M(ather), Jr, West Springfield, 
Mass. Geology. West Springfield, April 19, 
69. A.B, Amherst, 91; Ph.D, Hopkins, 95. 
Principal, High Sch, Lubec, Me, 91-92; asst. 
geol, Hopkins, 95-97; asst, N. Y. State Mus, 
97; prof. geol. and miner, Colo. Col, 98-99; 
instr. science, High Sch, Colo. Springs, 99-00; 
sub-master, High Sch, Brockton, 01-03; prof, 
miner, and petrog, N. Mex. Sch. of Mines, 03- 
04; mining engineer and geologist, OJf- Instr. 
science, Worcester Summer Sch. for Boys, 91, 
92; mem. Md. Geol. Surv, 96-98. Diploma 
and bronze medal, Paris Expos, 00. F.A.A; 
Geol. Soc; Nat. Geog. Soc; Wash. Geol. Soc. 
Foraminifera. Tertiary Foraminifera. 

Bagley, Prof. W(illiam) C (handler), Dillon, Mont. 
Psychology. Detroit, Mich, March 15, 74. 
B.S, Mich. Agr. Col, 95; M.S, Wisconsin, 98; 
Ph.D, Cornell, 00. Teacher, Mich. pub. schools, 
95-97; asst. psychol, Cornell, 00-01; principal 
pub. schools, St. Louis, 01-02; v. pres. and 
director of training, Mont. State Nor. Col, 02- 
Asst. to state entomologist, Ills, 02. Nat. 
Edue. Ass; West. Philos. Ass. Apperception 
of the spoken sentence; correlation of mental 
and motor ability in school children. Apper- 
ception of words and sentences; factors of the 
educative process. 

Bagley, Mrs. W. C. (Florence Winger), Dillon, 
Mont. Psychology. Clay Lick, Pa, Jan. 7, 
74. A.B, Nebraska, 95, A.M, 98; Cornell, 
98-01. Asst. psychol, Nebraska, 96-98. Asst. 
psychol, Summer Sch, Cornell, 00. West 
Philos. Ass. Esthetics of color; Fechner's 
color rings. 

Bailey, Prof. E(dgar) H(enry) S(ummerfield), 
1329 Ohio St, Lawrence, Kas. *Chemistry. 
Middlefield, Conn, Sept. 17, 48. Ph.B, Yale, 
73; Strasburg, 81; Ph.D, Ills. Wesleyan, 83; 
Leipzig, 95. Instr. chem, Yale, 73-74 ; Le- 
high, 74-83 ; prof, Kansas, 83-, director, Chem. 
Lab, 00- Chemist, Kas. State Board of Health 
and State Board of Agr; lecturer, Kansas City 
Univ. Med. Col. F.A.A; Chem. Soc. (chairman, 
Kansas City Sect.) ; hon. mem. Am. Inst. 
Homeop; Kas. Acad, (past pres. and sec'y). 
Delicacy of special senses; mineral and potable 
waters; mineral resources of Kansas; toxicol- 
ogy; applications of the ion theory. The action 
of preservatives. 

Bailey, Pxof. Frederick H(arold), Massachusetts 
Institute of Technology, Boston, Mass. Mathe- 
matics. Leominster, Mass, April 24, 65. A.B, 
Harvard, 87, A.M, 89. Asst. math, Harvard, 

89-91; Mass. Inst. Tech, 91-93, asst. prof, 93- 
04, assoc. prof, OJf- Instr. math, Radcliffe, 
90-91; Simmons, 02-03. Math. Soc. Analytic 

Bailey, Dr. Frederick R(andolph), 1165 E. Jersey 
St, Elizabeth, N. J. Histology, Pathology. 
Elizabeth, Oct. 26, 71. A.B, Princeton, 92, 
A.M, 95; M.D, Columbia, 95. Adj. prof. nor. 
histol, Columbia, 95- Pathologist and attend- 
ing physician, Gen. Hosp, Elizabeth, N. J, 96- 
Ass. Path, and Bact; N. Y. Path. Soc; N. Y. 
Acad. Med. Normal histology. 

Bailey, Dr. J(ames) R(obinson), Cor. Colorado and 
19th Sts, Austin, Tex. Chemistry. Houston, 
Tex, Dec. 11, 68. A.B, Texas, 91; Ph.D, 
Munich, 97; Leipzig, 00-01. Student asst. 
chem, Texas, 91, tutor, 91-94, instr, 96-00, adj. 
prof, 01- Tex. Acad; Chem. Gesell. Semicar- 
bazid acids ; hydrazin acids ; hydrazo-acids ; 
hydantoins. Action of mustard oils on hydrazo- 

Bailey, Prof. L(iberty) H(yde), Ithaca, N. Y. 
* Agriculture. South Haven, Mich, March 15, 
58. B.S, Mich. Agr. Col, 82, M.S, 85. Prof, 
hort. and landscape gardening, Mich. Agr. Col, 
84-88; hort, Cornell, 88-03, director, Col. of 
Agr, 03- Veitehian medal, 98. Soc. Plant 
Morph. and Physiol; Soc. Hort. Sci; Philos. 
Soc; Am. Acad. Plant breeding; evolution in 
relation to plants ; scientific aspects of horti- 
cultural practise; education; nature-study. 

Bailey, Prof. L(oring) W(oart), Fredericton, N. B, 
Can. Biology, Geology. West Point, N. Y, 
Sept. 28, 39. A.B, Harvard, 59, A.M, 61; Ph.D, 
New Brunswick, 73. Prof. chem. and nat. sci- 
ence, ~New Brunswick, 61-01, biol. and geol, 01- 
LL.D, Dalhousie, 96. Patron Boston Soc. Nat. 
Hist; New Eng. Bot. Club; fel. Can. Royal 
Soc; N. S. Inst; Nat. Hist. Societies of St. 
John, Fredericton, Quebec and Montreal. Bot- 
any; geology. Geology of New Brunswick. 

Bailey, Prof. S(olon) I(rving), Harvard Observa- 
tory, Cambridge, Mass. * Astronomy. Lisbon, 
N. H, Dec. 29, 54. A.B, Boston, 81; A.M, 
Harvard, 87. Asst. prof, astron, Harvard, 
93-98, assoc. prof, 98-, in charge of Arequipa 
branch of Harvard Col. Observatory, 92- 
F.A.A; Astron. and Astrophys. Soc; Am. Acad; 
Lima (Peru) Geog. Soc. Astronomy and me- 
teorology. Variable stars in clusters. 

Bailey, Prof. Thomas P(earce), Mississippi Uni- 
versity, Miss. Pedagogy, Psychology. George- 
town, S. C, Aui?. 18, 67. A.B, South Carolina, 
87, A.M, 89, Ph.D, 91; fellow, Clark, 92-93. 
Adj. prof, biol, South Carolina, 91-92; asst. 
prof, educ, California, 94-98, assoc. prof. educ. 
as related to character, 98-00; asst. prof, educ, 
Chicago, 00-03; prof, psychol. and applied 
psychol, Mississippi, 03- Lecturer, various col- 
leges and summer schools. Nat. Educ. Ass. 
(pres, Child-study Dept, 01). Psychology of 
character and its application to education. Id; 
development of character; negro character and 
the negro problem. 



Bailey, Vernon, 1834 Kalorama Ave, Washington, 
D. C. Biology. Manchester, Mich, June 21, 64. 
Michigan, 93; Columbian, 94, 95. Chief field 
naturalist, Biol. Surv, U. S. Dept. Agr, 87- 
F.A.A; mem. Ornith. Union; Forestry Ass; 
Nat. Geog. Soc; Wash. Acad; Wash. Biol. Soc; 
Cooper Ornith. Club. Distribution of mam- 
mals, birds, plants, etc. 

Bailey, Dr. W(illa)m Whitman, 6 Cushing St, 
Providence, R. I. Botany. West Point, N. Y, 
Feb. 22, 43. Ph.B, Brown, 72. Botanist, U.^ S. 
Surv. of 40th Parallel, 67; instr. hot, Brown, 
77-81, prof, 81- Chemist, Manchester Print 
Works, N. H; asst. chem, Mass. Inst. Tech, 66; 
librarian, Providence Atheneum, 61-71; sec'y, 
Board of Visitors, U. S. Mil. Acad, 96. Hon. 
A.M, Brown, 93; LL.D, New Brunswick, 00. 
New Eng. Bot. Club; R. I. Hort. Soc; Boston 
Soc. Nat. Hist; Newport Nat. Hist. Soc. Pol- 
lination; teratology. 

Bain, Dr. H(arry) Foster, State Geological Sur- 
vey, Champaign, Ills. * Geology, Mining. Sey- 
mour, Ind, Nov. 2, 71. B.S, Moores Hill, 90; 
Hopkins, 91-93; Ph.D, Chicago, 97. Asst. 
state geologist, la, 93-00; special asst, U. S. 
Geol. Surv, 00-01; manager. Cons. Franklin 
Mines Co, 01-02; geologist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 
02-; state geologist, Ills, 05- Lecturer econ. 
geol, Iowa, 98; Chicago, 99, 02, 03. Geol. Soc; 
Min. Eng; Iowa Acad; N. of England Inst. 
Min. and Mech. Eng. Structural geology; ore 
deposits; mining methods. Lead and zinc 

Bain, Prof. Samuel M(cCutchen), University of 
Tennessee, Knoxville, Tenn. Botany. Eagle- 
ville, Tenn, Jan. 14, 69. A.B, Eagleville Sch, 
89. Instr. nat. science, Eagleville Sch, 88-90; 
asst. prof, Southwestern Baptist Univ, Jackson, 
Tenn, 90-93; instr. boi, Tennessee, 93-99, asst. 
prof, 99-01, prof, 01- Asst, Div. Veg. Physiol, 
and Path, U. S. Dept. Agr, 94, special agent, 
cotton boll weevil investigations, 04- F.A.A; 
Bot. Cent. States; Am. Geog. Soc; Int. Ass. 
Bot; Acad. Int. G&og. Bot. Flora of Tennessee; 
physiological action of copper on leaves; per- 
meability of plant cuticle ; translocation of 
starch. Physiological function of root-hairs; 
plant breeding; diseases of clover. 

Bair, Dr. J(oseph) H(ershey), University of Colo- 
rado, Boulder, Colo. Psychology, Anthropology. 
Hall, Pa, June 21, 75. B.E, Central State Nor. 
Sch, Pa, 95, M.E, 97; Ph.B, Grove City, 99; 
Ph.B, Michigan, 00, A.M, 01; Ph.D, Columbia, 
03. Asst. anthrop, Columbia, 02-03; Carnegie 
research asst, 03-04 ; prof, psychol. and educ, 
Colorado, 01^- F.A.A; Psychol. Ass; Colo. Sei. 
Soc. Voluntary control and the formation of 
habits. Correlation of repeated physical tests 
of children ; factors in man's progress. 

Baird, Dr. J(ohn) W(allace), Johns Hopkins Uni- 
versity, Baltimore, Md. Psychology. St. 
Mary's, Ont, May 21, 73. A.B, Toronto, 97; 
Leipzig, 98; fellow, Wisconsin, 99-01; Cornell, 
01-02, Ph.D, 02. Asst. psychol, Cornell, 02- 
03 ; Carnegie research asst, 03-04 ; asst. psychol, 

Hopkins, 0'f- F.A.A; Psychol. Ass; S. Soc. 
Philos. and Psychol. Color-blindness ; color 
contrast; perception of depth; the color sensi- 
tivity of the peripheral vision. 

Baker, Prof. Alfred, 81 Madison Ave, Toronto, 
Can. Mathematics. Toronto, Can. A.B, To- 
ronto, 69, A.M, 78. Principal, high schools, 
Vienna, Perth and Oshawa, 69-72; master 
math, Upper Canada, 72-75 ; lecturer, Toronto, 
75-87, prof, 81- Math. Soc; fel. Can. Royal 
Soc; Soc. math, de France. Mechanics; trigo- 
nometry ; quaternions ; geometry of position ; 
analytic and synthetic geometry. 

Baker, Dr. A(rthur) L(atham), Manual Training 
High School, Brooklyn, N. Y. Mathematics. 
Cincinnati, O, May 7, 53. C.E, Rensselaer, 73; 
Ph.D, Lafayette, 89. Adj. prof, civil eng, 
Lafayette, 73-80; principal, High Sch, Scran- 
ton, Pa, 82; prof, math, Stevens High Sch, 
Hoboken, N. J, 89-91; Rochester, 91-01; 
head, JMath. Dept, Manual Training High Sch, 
Brooklyn, N. Y, 01- Math. Soc; Rochester 
Acad, (sec'y, 92-00). Mathematics; mathe- 
matical pedagogy. 

Baker, Prof. C(harles) F(uller), Estacion Agro- 
nomica, Santiago de las Vegas, Cuba. Botany, 
Zoology. Lansing, Mich, March 22, 72. B.S, 
Mich. Agr. Col, 92; A.M, Stanford, 03. Asst. 
zoologist, Mich. Agr. Col, 91-92; asst. to zoolo- 
gist and entomologist, Colo. Agr. Col, 92-97; 
zoologist, Ala. Polytech, and entomologist, Exp. 
Sta, 97-99; teacher biol, High Sch, St. Louis, 
99-01; asst. prof, biol, Pomona, 03-04; chief, 
Dept. Bot, Estacion Central Agron. de Cuba, Ofy- 
Zoologist and assoc. botanist, Ala. Biol. Surv; 
in charge, Colo. Forestry and Zool. Exhibit, 
Columbian Expos, 93; botanist, H. H. Smith 
Exploring Exped. in Santa Marta Mts, Co- 
lombia, 98-99. M.A.A; S. Cal. Acad; Wash. 
Entom. Soc; St. Louis Acad. Geographic dis- 
tribution of plants and animals of Pacific slope 
of the Americas ; taxonomy of special groups 
of plants and invertebrates; American Sipho- 
noptera; flora of Nicaragua and Cuba; Homop- 

Baker, Charles Whiting, Fern Hill, Montclair, 
N. J. Engineering, Economics. Johnson, 
Vt, Jan. 17, 65. C.E, Vermont, 86. Assoc, 
ed, 'Eng. News,' 87-95, managing ed. and sec'y, 
Eng. News Pub. Co, 95- Aid, U. S. Coast and 
Geod. Surv, 84 ; draftsman, Baldwin Locomotive 
Works, 86-87. Mech. Eng; Econ. Ass. Eco- 

Baker, Dr. Frank, 172S Columbia Road, Washing- 
ton, D. C. Zoology, Anatomy. Pulaski, N. Y, 
Aug. 22, 41, M.D, Columbian, 80; A.M, 
Georgetown, 88, Ph.D, 90. Prof, anat, George- 
town, 83-; supt, Nat. Zool. Park, 90- Ser- 
geant, 37th N. Y. Vols, 61-63; asst. supt, U. S. 
Life Saving Service, 89-90; ed, 'Am. Anthro- 
pologist,' 91-98. F.A.A. (sec'y, H, 88, v. pres, 
90); Soc. Nat; Ass. Anat. (pres, 97); Nat. 
Geog. Soc; Phila. Zool. Soc; Wash. Acad, (sec'y, 
90-) ; Wash. Biol. Soc; Wash. Anthrop. Soc. 
Human anatomy; zoology. 



Baker, F(rank) C(ollins), 1738 York Place, 
Chicago, Ills. Zoology, Museum administra- 
tion. Warren, R. I, Dec. 14, 67. Brown, 88- 
89. Jesup scholar, Acad. Nat. Sciences, Phila, 
89-90; in charge, Invert. Dept, Ward's Nat. 
Sci. Establishment, Rochester, 91-92; curator 
zool, Field Columbian Mus, 94; curator, 
Chicago Acad. Sciences, 94- Mus. Ass; Nat. 
Cent. States; Ills. Audubon Soc. (v. pres, 
96-) ; Chicago Acad, (sec'y, 94-96) ; f el. Roches- 
ter Acad, (sec'y, 91-92). General Mollusca; 
fresh-water Mollusca; museum administration; 
molluscan protoconch; biometrics. Lymnaei- 
dae; museum administration; molluscan bio- 

Baker, Prof. Ira O(sborn), 702 W. University 
Ave, Champaign, Ills. Civil engineering. Lin- 
ton, Ind, Sept. 23, 53. B.S, Illinois, 74, C.E, 
77. Prof, civil eng, Illinois, SO- Hon. D.Eng, 
Illinois, 03. Civil Eng; Eng. Educ; West. 
Soc. Eng. Masonry; roads and pavements. 

Baker, Dr. James Hutchins, Boulder, Colo. Psy- 
chology. Harmony, Me, Oct. 13, 48. A.B, 
Bates, 73, A.M, 76. Principal, High Sch, 
Denver, 75-92; pres, Colorado, 92- LL.D, 
Bates, 92. F.A.A; Colo. Sci. Soc. Psychology; 
sociology ; education. 

Baker, Dr. Smith, 296 Rutger St, Utica, N. Y. 
Neurology, Psychology. Marcy, N. Y, Sept. 25, 
50. M.D, Michigan, 71. Practising physician, 
11- Lecturer preservation of health. Colgate, 
84, 92-93. Hon. A.M, Colgate, 84. Fel. Neur. 
Ass; N. Y. State Med. Soc; Oneida Med. Soc. 
(pres, 86). Normal and abnormal psychology. 
Mental state of hysterics; the morbid im- 

Bakewell, Prof. Charles M(ontague), Yale Uni- 
versity, New Haven, Conn. Philosophy. Alle- 
gheny, Pa, April 24, 67. A.B, California, 89, 
A.M, 91 ; Ph.D, Harvard, 94, Walker and John 
Harvard fellow (Berlin, Strasburg and Paris), 
94-96. Instr. philos, Harvard, 96-97; Califor- 
nia, 97-98; assoc. prof, Bryn Mawr, 98-00; 
California, 00-04, prof. hist, of philos, 04-05; 
philos, Yale, 05- Hon, A.M, Yale, 05. M.A.A; 
Psychol. Ass; Social Sci. Ass. History of 
French philosophy in the eighteenth and nine- 
teenth centuries ; the history of the categories. 

Balch, Dr. Alfred W(illiam), Navy Department, 
Washington, D. C. Chemistry, Medicine. East 
Saginaw, Mich, Aug. 27, 73. Ph.G, Mass. Col. 
Pharmacy, 94; M.D, Harvard, 98. Instr. org. 
and anal, chem, Mass. Col. Pharmacy, 94, asst. 
prof, 98 ; asst. pharmacol, Harvard Med. Sch, 
98; asst. surgeon, U. S. N, 01-04, past asst. 
surgeon, OJf- M.A.A; Ass. Path, and Bact; 
Am. Med. Ass; Ass. Mil. Surg; Chem. Soc; 
Boston Soc. Med. Sci. Azoturia; pharmacolog- 
ical action of corn smut; action of drugs on 
the flow of bile. 

Balch, Edwin Swift, 1412 Spruce St, Philadelphia, 
Pa. Geography, Geology, Ethnology. Phila- 
delphia, 56. A.B, Harvard, 78; mem. Phila. 
Bar, 82- F.A.A; Philos. Soc; Franklin Inst, 
(mem. of Board); Nat. Geog. Soc; Am. Geog. 

Soc; Phila. Geog. Club (pres, 95-96); Ap- 
palachian Mt. Club; cor. mem. Wyoming (Pa.) 
Hist, and Geol. Ass; cor. mem. Soc. Cient. Ant. 
Alz; fel. Royal Geog. Soc. Mountains; caves; 
geographical discoveries; prehistoric man. 

Balch, Francis N(oyes), Prince St, Jamaica Plain, 
Mass. Biology. Boston, Mass, Nov. 23, 73. 
A.B, Harvard, 96, A.M, 97, LL.B, 00; Woods 
Hole, 96; U. S. Fish Commission, 97; Cold 
Spring Harbor, 98, 99. M.A.A; Folk-lore Soc; 
Boston Soc. Nat. Hist; Nuttall Ornith. Club. 
Mollusca (distribution, morphology, variation, 
taxonomy) ; heredity. Variation in Area trans- 
versa Say (statistical method) ; chromato- 
phores of cephalopods. 

Baldwin, Dr. Edward R, Saranac Lake, N. Y. 
Medicine. Bethel, Conn, Sept. 8, 64. M.D, 
Yale, 90. Lab. asst, Med. Dept, Yale, 89-90; 
interne, Hartford Hosp, 90-92 ; asst, Saranac 
Lab, 9h- Ass. Path, and Bact; Am. Med. Ass; 
Nat. Ass. for Study and Prevent, of Tubercu- 
losis; Climat. Ass. Tuberculosis. Id, espe- 
cially immunity and infection; tuberculin. 

Baldwin, Dr. Fred (eric) k A(mos), St. Louis, Mo. 
Pathology. Kalamazoo, Mich, May 14, 77. 
M.D, Michigan, 98, A.B, 02. Asst. histol, Mich- 
igan, 96-97, path, 98-04; asst. city bacteriol- 
ogist and pathologist, St. Louis, 04- Ass. 
Path, and Bact; Am. Med. Ass; Mich. Med. 
Soc; Washtenaw Co. (Mich.) Med. Soc. Yellow 
elastic and reticulum tissues in tumors of the 
skin; some unusual localizations of tuberculo- 
sis; carcinoma of the pancreas; inflammations 
of mucous membranes; pituitary gland; multi- 
ple anemic infarcts of the liver. Changes in 
bone marrow produced by splenectomy and 
hemolytic agents; hemolymphotoxic intoxica- 

Baldwin, Prof. J(ames) Mark, Johns Hopkins 
University, Baltimore, Md. *Psychology, Phi- 
losophy, Biology. Columbia, S. C, Jan. 12, 61. 
A.B, Princeton, 84; Leipzig and Berlin, 84-85; 
A.M, Princeton, 87, Ph.D, 89. Instr. modern 
languages, Princeton, 86; prof, philos, Lake 
Forest, 87-90; Toronto, 90-93; psychol, Prince- 
ton, 93-03; philos. and psychol, Hopkins, 03- 
Mem. Jury of Awards, Columbian Expos, 93; 
co-editor, ' Johnson's Cyclopedia,' 93 ; ' Psychol. 
Rev,' 94- Gold medal, Denmark Royal Acad, 
97; hon, Sc.D, Oxford, 99; LL.D, Glasgow, 00; 
South Carolina, 05. Int. Cong. Psychol, Lon- 
don, 92 (v. pres.) ; Int. Cong. Criminal Anthrop, 
Geneva, 96 (hon. pres.) ; Int. Inst. Sociol, 98. 
F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Psychol. Ass. (pres, 97) ; 
Philos. Ass; Philos. Soc; S. Soc. Philos. and 
Psychol, (pres, 04-) ; London Aristot. Soc. 
Memory; reaction-time; child psychology; so- 
cial psychology; theory of evolution. Types of 
memory; types of reaction; optical illusions; 
psychology of the logical processes; philosophy. 

Baldwin, S(amuel) Prentiss, 2930 Prospect Ave, 
Cleveland, O. Geology, Geography, Natural 
history. Cleveland, Oct. 26, 68. A.B, Dart- 
mouth, 92, A.M, 95; LL.B, Western Reserve, 
95. Practising lawyer, 94-99. F.A.A; Geol. 



Soc; Nat. Geog. Soc. Geology of Lake Cham- 
plain; Muir Glaeier, Alaska; Snake River, 
Idaho; Union County, New Mexico. Geology of 
Union County, New Mexico ; Front Range, Colo. 

Baldwin, Judge Simeon E(ben), 44 Wall St, New 
Haven, Conn. Law, History, Social science. 
New Haven, Feb. 5, 40. A.B, Yale, 61, Law 
Sch, 61-62; Law Sch, Harvard, 62-63; A.M, 
Yale, 64. Prof, constitutional and private int. 
law, Yale, 72-; assoc. judge, Supreme Court of 
Errors, 93- Mem. of state commissions to re- 
vise educ. laws, 72, gen. statutes, 73-74, sim- 
plifying legal procedure, 78-79, taxation, 85-86. 
LL.D, Harvard, 91. Int. Cong. Penitentiaire, 
Brussels, 00; Budapest, 05. F.A.A. (v. pres, 
04); Ass. Am. Law Schools (pres, 02); Am. 
Bar Ass. (pres, 90) ; Antiq. Soc; Soeial Sci. 
Ass. (pres, 97-99) ; Nat. Inst, of Arts and Let- 
ters; Conn. Archeol. Soc. (pres, 99-01, 02-); 
New Haven Colony Hist. Soc. (pres, 84-96) ; 
cor. mem. Mass. Hist. Soc; cor. mem. Mass. 
Colonial Soc; London Int. Law. Ass. (pres, 
99-01). Constitutional and international law; 
history; comparative law; social science; rail- 
road law; penology; legal education. 

Ball, Carleton R(oy), U. S. Department of Agri- 
culture, Washington, D. C. Botany. Little 
Rock, la, June 12, 73. B.S, Iowa State, 96, 
M.S, 99. Asst. hot, Iowa State, 96-9S, asst. 
botanist, Iowa Agr. Exp. Sta, 97-98; asst. 
agrostologist, U. S. Dept. Agr, 99- F.A.A; 
Ass. Plant and Animal Breeders; Bot. Cent. 
States; Iowa Acad; Wash. Bot. Soc; Wash. 
Biol. Soc. Economic botany (grasses and 
forage plants, lawns, etc. ) ; taxonomy of grasses 
and willows. 

Ball, Prof. E(lmer) D(arwin), State Agricultural 
College, Logan, Utah. Entomology. Athens, Vt, 
Sept. 21, 70. B.S, Iowa State, 95, M.S, 98; 
fellow, Ohio State, 00-01, candidate Ph.D. Asst. 
principal, Albion Sem, 93; principal schools, 
Carbonado, 94; asst. zool. and entom, Iowa 
State, 95-97; Colo. Agr. Col, 97-01, assoc. prof, 
01-02; prof, Utah State Agr. Col, 02- F.A.A; 
Ass. Econ. Entom; Iowa Acad; Davenport 
Acad; Wash. Entom. Soc; Wash. Biol. Soc. 
Taxonomy and life-histories of Hemiptera- 
Homoptera; North American Cercopidae, Teti- 
gonidae and Jassidae. The Gyponinae of North 
America; Jassidae of Mexico and Central 

Ball, Sydney H(obart), U. S. Geological Survey, 
Washington, D. C. Geology. Chicago, Ills, 
Dec. 11, 79. A.B, Wisconsin, 01. Asst. geolo- 
gist, Mo. Bur. Mines and Geol, 01-02; asst. geol, 
Wisconsin, 03-04; geol. aid, U. S. Geol. Surv, 
04-05, asst. geologist, 05- Wash. Geol. Soc. 
Geology of Miller County, Mo. Reconnaissance 
in southwestern Nevada; areal geology of the 
Georgetown (Colo.) quadrangle. 

Ballard, H(arlan) H(oge), 247 South St, Pitts- 
field, Mass. Natural history. Athens, O, May 
26, 53. Olivet, 69-70; A.B, A.M, Williams, 
74. Principal, High Sch, Lenox, Mass, 74-80; 
Lenox Acad, 80-86; librarian, Berkshire Athe- 

neum, Pittsfield, Mass, 88- Dept. ed, ' St. 
Nicholas,' 80-86; ed, 'Swiss Cross,' 86-88; 
' Popular Science News,' 88-92. Medal, Colum- 
bian Expos, 93. F.A.A; Agassiz Ass. (founder, 
75, pres, 75-). Methods of interesting youth 
in natural science. 

..Bancroft, Dr. Frank W(atts), University of Cali- 
fornia, Berkeley, Cal. Physiology, Zoology. 
San Francisco, Cal, Oct. 18, 71. B.S, Cali- 
fornia, 94, M.S, 96; A.M, Harvard, 96, Ph.D, 
98 ; Berlin, 98-99 ; Naples Zool. Sta, 99. Instr. 
physiol, California, 00- M.A.A; Soc. Zool. 
Anatomy, embryology and physiology of the 
tunicates; general physiology; morphogenesis. 
The effect of soma on the germplasm by 
means of ovary grafting; statistical study 
of selective destruction in nature; Pfliiger'a 
law and galvanotropisms. 

Bancroft, Prof. Wilder D (wight), 7 East Ave, 
Ithaca, N. Y. ^Physical chemistry. Middle- 
town, R. I, Oct. 1, 67. A.B, Harvard, 88; 
Ph.D, Leipzig, 92. Asst. chem, Harvard, 88-89, 
93-94, instr, 94-95; asst. prof, physical chem, 
Cornell, 95-03, prof, 03- Ed, 'Jour, of Physical 
Chem,' 96- F.A.A. (v. pres, 04) ; Chem. Soc; 
Physical Soc; Electrochem. Soc. (pres, 05) ; 
Wash. Acad; Bunsen Gesell. Phase rule; mass 
law; electrochemistry. Study of alloys; con- 
ditions for electrolytic precipitation; irrevers- 
ible reactions; chemistry of light; the van't 
Hoff-Raoult law. 

Bandelier, Ad(olph) F(rancis) (Alphonse), The 
Evelyn, 101 W. 78th St, New York, N. Y. 
*American archeology. Berne, Switzerland, 
Aug. 6, 40. Pub. schools. With Archeol. Inst, 
80-85; Hemenway Exped, 86-89; sent to South 
America by Henry Villard, 92, and by Am. 
Mus. Nat. Hist, to Bolivia, 94-02; Am. Mus. 
Nat. Hist, 02-; lecturer Am. archeol, Colum- 
bia, OJf- Fel. Ethnol. Soc; Archeol. Inst; 
Antiq. Soc; Schweiz. Naturforsch. Gesell. 
Documentary history; archeology; ethnology. 
History, archeology and ethnology of Mexico, 
New Mexico, Arizona, Peru and Bolivia. 

Bangs, Outram, 240 Beacon St, Boston, Mass. 
*Zoology. Watertown, Mass, Jan. 12, 63. 
Lawrence Sci. Sch, Harvard, 84. Asst. in 
charge of mammals, Mus. Comp. Zool, Harvard, 
00- F.A.A; fel. Ornith. Union; Boston Soc. 
Nat. Hist; Nuttall Ornith. Club. Mammals; 

Banker, Prof. Howard J(ames), De Pauw Univer- 
sity, Greencastle, Ind. Mycology. Schaghticoke, 
N. Y, April 19, 66. A.B, Syracuse, 92; A.M, 
Columbia, 00. Instr. biol, South Western Nor. 
Sch, California, Pa, 01-04; prof, De Pauw, 
04- F.A.A; Mycol. Soc; Torrey Bot. Club. 
The family of the Hydnaceae. Revision of the 

Banks, Nathan, East End, Va. Entomology. 
Roslyn, N. Y, April 13, 68. B.S, Cornell, 89, 
M.S, 90. Agent, Div. Entom, U. S. Dept. 
Agr, 90-92, asst. entomologist, 96- Custodian 
Arachnida, U. S. Nat. Mus. N. Y. Entom. Soc ; 
Wash. Entom. Soc; Phila. Entom. Soc; assoc. 



Phila. Acad. Systematic American arachnol- 
ogy and neuropterology ; geographical distribu- 
tion and habits of insects. Catalogues of 
Neuroptera of the world and of American 
Araehnida; mimicry and protective resemblance 
in insects. 

Barber, C(harles) M(elvin), Box 475, El Paso, Tex. 
Zoology. La Porte, Ind, Dec. 27, 76. N. Mex. 
Agr. and Mech. Col, 97-00. Collecting zool- 
ogist; mem. Townsend-Barber Taxidermy and 
Zoological Co, El Paso, 99- Assoc. Ornith. 
Union; Wash. Biol. Soc. Systematic mammal- 
ogy, habits, etc. Habits and distribution of 
mammals of New Mexico. 

Barber, Dr. Edwin A(tLee), 236 E. Biddle St, 
West Chester, Pa. Ceramics, Archeology, 
Botany. Baltimore, Md, Aug. 13, 51. A.M, 
Lafayette, 80, Ph.D, 93. Asst. naturalist, 
U. S. Geol. and Geog. Surv. of the Territories, 
74-75; in business, 78-01; curator and sec'y, 
Pa. Mus. and Sch. Indust. Art, 01- Assoc, ed, 
'Am. Antiquarian,' 79-84. Philos. Soc; Phila. 
Numis. and Antiq. Soc; Phila. Acad; Wis. 
Hist. Soc; Va. Hist. Soc; cor. mem. Soc. Mex. 
Hist. Nat; Soc. d'Anthrop. de Paris. Arche- 
ology; botany; ceramics. Ceramics. 

Barber, Herbert S(pencer), 703 E. Capitol St, 
Washington, D. C. Entomology. Yankton, S. 
Dak, April 12, 82. Pub. schools; entom. train- 
ing under E. A. Schwarz and others. Asst. 
preparator and collector, U. S. Nat. Mus, 97- 
02; U. S. Dept. Agr, 02-04; U. S. Nat. Mus, 
04- Wash. Entom. Soc; Wash. Biol. Soc. 

Barber, Prof. M(arshall) A(lbert), 1140 Louisiana 
St, Lawrence, Kas. Botany, Bacteriology. 
Crown Point, Ind, Nov. 22, 68. A.B, Kansas, 
91; A.M, Harvard, 94. Asst. bot, Harvard, 
92-93; asst. and assoc. prof. bot. and bacter, 
Kansas, 94- Bot. Cent. States. Bacteriology; 
cryptogamic botany. 

Barbour, Prof. Erwin H(inckley), 1234 R St, 
Lincoln, Nebr. Geology. Springfield, Ind. 
A.B, Yale, 82. Ph.D, 87. Asst. paleontologist, 
U. S. Geol. Surv. under Prof. O. C. Marsh at 
Yale, 82-89; prof, geol, Iowa (Grinnell), 89- 
91; prof, geol, Nebraska, state geologist and 
curator, State Mus, 91- With U. S. Geol. and 
Hydrog. Surv. F.A.A; Geol. Soc; mem. Ornith. 
Union; Nat. Geog. Soc; Nebr. Acad; Nebr. 
Ornith. Union. Paleontology. 

Bardeen, Dr. C(harles) R(ussell), University of 
Wisconsin, Madison, Wis. * Anatomy. Kala- 
mazoo, Mich, 71. A.B, Harvard. 93; M.D, 
Hopkins, 97. Asst. anat, Hopkins, 97-99, assoc, 
99-01, assoc. prof, 01-04; prof, Wisconsin, 04~ 
F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Ass. Anat; Soc. Zool. Anat- 
omy; experimental morphology. Growth of 
skeleton, muscles and nerves in vertebrates; 
variation in distribution of nerves in man; 
regeneration in planarians. 

Bardwell, Prof. Fred L(eslie), 11 Chamblet St, 
Roxbury, Mass. Chemistry. Excelsior, Minn, 
Sept. 2, 58. B.S, Minnesota, 81; B.S, Mass. 
Inst. Tech, 84. Asst. chem, Mass. Inst. Tech, 

84-86, instr, 86-94, asst. prof, 94- Work for 
various india-rubber mfg. and culture com- 
panies. Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; Mass. 
Inst. Tech. Soc. Arts. India-rubber. 

Barker, Prof. Franklin D(avis), Station A, Lin- 
coln, Nebr. Zoology. Ottawa, Kas, Sept. 16, 
77. A.B, Ottawa (Kas.), 98, A.M, 00. Prof, 
biol, Ottawa (Kas.), 98-03; instr. zool, Ne- 
braska, 04- Asst. zool, Chicago, summers, 99, 
00. Micros. Soc. Variations in Opisthorchis 
pseudo-felineus Ward; some new avian para- 

Barker, Prof. George F(rederic), 3909 Locust St 
Philadelphia, Pa. * Chemistry, Physics. Charles 
town, Mass, July 14, 35. Ph.B, Yale, 58; M.D 
Albany Med. Col, 63. Asst, Harvard Med. Sch 
59-61; prof, chem, Wheaton, 61; Albanv Med 
Col, 63; Western Univ. of Pa, 63; physiol 
chem. and toxicol, Yale, 67-73; physics, Penn 
sylvania, 73-00, emer. prof, 00- Asst. ed, ' Am 
Jour. Science,' 68-00 ; ed, ' Jour. Franklin 
Inst,' 74-75; delegate, Elec. Cong, mem. Jury 
of Awards and U. S. Commissioner, Paris Elec. 
Expos, 81; mem. Jury of Awards, Columbian 
Expos, 93. Commandeur Legion d'honneur, 81; 
hon. Sc.D, Pennsylvania, 98; LL.D, Allegheny, 
98; McGill, 00. Nat. Acad; F.A.A. (v. pres, 
71, 76, pres, 79); Physical Soc; Chem. Soc. 
(pres, 91) ; Philos. Soc. (v. pres, 90) ; Soc. Int. 
des Elec; cor. mem. British Ass; hon. mem. 
Royal Inst; London Elee. Eng; Chem. Gesell. 
Speetrum of the aurora; efficiency of Edison's 
electric light; normal and derived acids; 
pitch of the tuning-fork. Spectra of the mon- 
atomic gases; nature of radio-activity. 

Barker, Dr. Lewellys F(ranklin), Johns Hopkins 
Hospital, Baltimore, Md. * Anatomy, Medi- 
cine. Norwich, Ont, Sept. 16, 67. M.B, 
Toronto, 90; fellow, Hopkins, 92-94; Leipzig, 95; 
Munich and Berlin, 04. Assoc, anat, Hopkins, 
94-97, assoc. prof, 97-99, path, 99-00; prof. 
anat, Chicago, and head, Dept. Anat, Rush 
Med. Col, 00-05; med, Hopkins, 05- Asst. res. 
pathologist, Hopkins Hosp, 94-99, Hopkins med. 
commissioner to Philippine Islands, 99; special 
federal commissioner from U. S. Treas. Dept. 
for investigation of plague in San Francisco, 
01; assoc. ed, 'Am. Jour. Anat,' 02-; trustee, 
Memorial Inst, for Infectious Diseases, Chicago. 
Hon. M.D, Toronto, 05. Soc. Nat; Ass. Anat; 
Ass. Path, and Bact; Am. Physicians; Neur. 
Ass. Structure, physiology and pathology of 
the nervous system; infectious diseases; morbid 
anatomy of hereditary ataxia; amino-acids in 
urine. Chemistry of reticulum; chemistry of 
proteid diet. 

Barlow, Dr. A (If red) E(rnest), 459 Gilmour St, 
OttaAva, Can. Geology, Petrography. Mont- 
real, Can, June 17, 61. A.B, McGill, 83, A.M, 
89, Sc.D, 00. Field geologist, Can. Geol. Surv, 
83- Fel. Can. Royal Soc. Crystalline rocks; 
the nickel bearing rocks of Sudbury, Ontario. 
The iron formations of Nepessing, Ontario. 

Barnard, Prof. E(dward) E(merson), Yerkes Ob- 
servatory, Williams Bay, Wis. * Astronomy. 



Nashville, Tenn, Dee. 16, 57. Vanderbilt, 
87 ; A.M, Pacific, 89. In charge, Vanderbilt 
Univ. Observatory, 83-87 ; astronomer, Lick 
Observatory, 87-95; prof, practical astron, 
Chicago, and astronomer, Yerkes Observatory, 
95- Mem. U. S. Naval Observatory Total 
Eclipse Exped. to Sumatra, 01. Hon. Sc.D, Van- 
derbilt, 93; Lalande gold medal, Paris Acad, 92, 
Arago gold medal, 93, Janssen gold medal, 00; 
gold medal, Royal Astron. Soc, 97. F.A.A. 
(v. pres, 98) ; Astron. and Astrophys. Soc; 
assoc. fel. Am. Acad; Philos. Soc; for. assoc. 
and fel. Royal Astron. Soc; Soc. astron. de 
France. Visual and photographic astronomy. 
Star clusters; parallax; variable stars in 
clusters; etc. 

Barnard, Prof. W(illia)m N(ichols), Cornell Uni- 
versity, Ithaca, N. Y. Mechanical engineering. 
Canton, Ills, April 24, 75. M.E, Cornell, 97. 
Instr. machine design, Cornell, 97-00; chief 
draftsman, The Russell Engine Co, Massillon, 
O, 01-03; asst. prof, machine design, Cornell, 
03-05, power eng, 05- Mech. Eng. Machine 
design; steam machinery. 

Barnes, Prof. C(harles) R(eid), University of 
Chicago, Chicago, Ills. *Plant physiology. 
Madison, Ind, Sept. 7, 58. A.B, Hanover, 77, 
A.M, 80, Ph.D, 86; Harvard, 78-79, 85-86. 
Instr. nat. science, High Sch. Lafayette, Ind, 
80; Purdue, 80-82, prof, 82-85, bot. and geol, 
85-87; bot, Wisconsin, 87-98; plant physiol, 
Chicago, 98- Assoc, ed. and ed, ' Bot. Gazette,' 
83-; mem. State Board Examiners, Wis, 93-96. 
F.A.A. (sec'y, G-, 94, sec'y of Council, 95, gen. 
sec'y, 96, v. pres, 99) ; Soc. Nat; Bot. Soc. 
(sec'y, 94-98, pres, 03) ; Bot. Cent. States; 
Wis. Acad ; Ind. Acad. Mosses of North Amer- 
ica. Physiology of plants. 

Barnes, Prof. H(oward) T(urner), 327 Pine Ave, 
Montreal, Can. Physics. Woburn, Mass, July 
21, 73. B.A.S, McGill, 93, M.A.S, 96, Sc.D, 00. 
Demonstrator physics, McGill, 95-98, lecturer, 
00-01, asst. prof, 01- Mem. Board of Re- 
viewers, ' Jour. Physical Chem.' Joule student- 
ship, London Royal Soc. Physical Soc; Elec- 
trochem. Soc; fel. Can. Royal Soc; Soc. de 
Physique. Standards of electromotive force; 
continuous electric calorimetry; specific heats 
of water and mercury; density of ice. Varia- 
tion of the specific heat of liquids with tempera- 
ture ; critical velocity of liquids ; thermal and 
electrical measurements; heating effect of 

Barnes, Dr. James, Johns Hopkins University, 
Baltimore, Md. Physics. Halifax, N. S, Dec. 
11, 78. A.B, Dalhousie, 99, A.M, 00; fellow, 
Hopkins, 03-04, Ph.D, 04. Instr. physics, Hop- 
kins, 01f- Physical Soc. Electrical conductiv- 
ity and freezing-points of mixtures of electro- 
lytes; spectrum analysis. Determination of a 
new standard table of wave-lengths of light. 

Barnett, Prof. S(amuel) J(ackson), Tulane Uni- 
versity, New Orleans, La. *Physics. Kas, Dec. 
14, 73. Chicago, 92-93 ; A.B, Denver, 94 ; Vir- 
ginia, 96 ; fellow, Cornell, 96-98, Ph.D, 98. Instr. 

physics and biol, Denver, 94-95; asst, Astron. 
Observatory, Virginia, 95-96, instr. astron, 96; 
instr. and later prof, physics, Colorado, 98-00; 
asst. prof, Stanford, 00-05; prof, Tulane, 05- 
Magnetic observer, U. S. Coast and Geod. Surv, 
02-04. Physical Soc. Experimental and 
theoretical electricity; elasticity. Electrical dis- 
placement developed in an insulator by its mo- 
tion through a magnetic field ; unipolar induction. 

Barneveld, Prof. Cha(rle)s E(dwin) van, 905 Fifth 
St, S.E, Minneapolis, Minn. Mining amd metal- 
lurgical engineering. Doetinchem, Netherlands, 
Nov. 26, 71. College Commercial, Boulogne; 
Kings Col, Can; B.S, McGill, 91. Mining engi- 
neer, 91-96; asst. prof, miner, and practical 
metal, Ariz. Sch. Mines, 96-97 ; prof, mining 
eng, Minnesota, and consulting mining engineer, 
98- Min. Eng. Metal mining. 

Barnhart, Dr. John Hendley, 34 Windle Park, 

Tarrytown, N. Y. Botany. Brooklyn, N. Y, 
Oct. 4, 71. A.B, Wesleyan, 92, A.M, 93; M.D, 
Columbia, 96. F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Torrey Bot. 
Club (editor-in-chief, 03-) ; N. Y. Bot. Gar- 
den (ed. asst, 03-) ; Wash. Biol. Soc. Botan- 
ical bibliography and nomenclature; taxonomy 
of flowering plants. American Lentibularia- 
ceae; local floras of North America. 

Barnum, Dr. Charlotte C(ynthia), Coast and Geo- 
detic Survey, Washington, D. C. Mathematics. 
Phillipston," Mass, May 17, 60. A.B, Vassar, 
81; Hopkins, 90-92; Ph.D, Yale, 95. Teacher, 
Betts Acad, Stamford, Conn, 81-82; Hillhouse 
High Sch, New Haven, 83, 85-86 ; computer, 
Yale Observatory and ' Dana's Mineralogy,' 83- 
87 ; teacher astron, Smith, 89-90 ; math, Carle- 
ton, 95-96; computer, Mass. Mutual Life Ins. 
Co, 98; Fidelity Mutual Life Ins. Co, Phila, 
00-01 ; U. S. Naval Observatory, 01 ; Tidal Div, 
U. S. Coast and Geod. Surv, 01- Asst. ed, 
'Webster's Int. Diet,' 86-90, 97./ F.A.A; Math. 
Soc. Functions having lines or surfaces of dis- 
continuity. Tides and currents. 

Barr, Prof. Charles E(lisha), 111 Oswego St, 
Albion, Mich. Zoology. Watertown, N. Y, 
April 8, 60. A.B, Williams, 81, A.M, 87. Prof. 
nat. science, Baldwin, 87-88; astron, Albion, 
88-96, biol, 94- Pres, Bay View Summer Univ, 
00- M.A.A; Mich. Acad, (pres, 01). Origin 
and nature of sex. 

Barr, Prof. John H(enry), 113 Comstock Ave, 
Syracuse, N. Y. Machine design. Terre Haute, 
Ind, June 19, 61. B.M.E, Minnesota, 83, 
M.S, 88; M.M.E, Cornell, 89. Draftsman, 
Calumet and Hecla Mining Co, 83-84; mech. 
engineer, Lake Superior Iron Works, 84-85; 
instr, later asst. prof, and prof. mech. eng, 
Minnesota, 85-91; asst. prof, Cornell, 91-95, 
assoc. prof, and prof, machine design, 95-03; 
factory manager, Smith Premier Typewriter Co, 
03- Mem. N. Y. State Commission on Voting 
Machines, 03. F.A.A; Mech. Eng; Ass. Adv. 
Tech. Edue. Proportions of steam-engines; 
engine valve friction; compression in steam- 
engines; kinematics of machinery. 



Barrell, Dr. Joseph, Yale University, New Haven, 
Conn. Geology. New Providence, N. J, Dec 
15, 69. B.S, Lehigh, 92, E.M, 93, M.S, 97; Ph.D, 
Yale, 00. Teacher, pub. schools, 86-87; instr. 
mining and metal, Lehigh, 93-97; mining engi- 
neer, 97-98; asst. prof, geol, Lehigh, 00-03; 
structural geol, Yale, 03- With U. S. Geol. 
Surv, Mont, 99-00, 01. F.A.A; Geol. Soc. 
Petrology; physical geology. Geology of west- 
ern Montana. 

Barringer, Daniel Moreau, 460 Bullitt Building, 
Philadelphia, Pa. Geology. Raleigh, N. C, 
May 25, 60. A.B, A.M, Princeton, 79; LL.B, 
Pennsylvania, 82; Harvard, 89-90; Virginia, 
91. Practised law, Phila, 82-89; consulting 
geologist and mining engineer, 91- Trustee, 
Jefferson Med. Col, Phila. M.A.A; Min. Eng; 
Am. Geog. Soc; Phila. Acad; Franklin Inst. 
Mines and mining in the United States; min- 
erals of commercial value. 

Barrows, Dr. Franklin W(illiam), 1364 Michigan 
St, Buffalo, N. Y. Medicine, Zoology. Spring- 
field, Ills, Jan. 24, 63. Tabor, 81-84; A.B, 
Amherst, 85, A.M, 87 ; M.D, Buffalo, 93. Instr. 
science, Worcester Acad, Mass, 85-88; Central 
High Sch, Buffalo, 88-03; prof, histol. and biol, 
Buffalo, 95-02. Assoc, ed, ' Sch. Science,' 02- 
M.A.A; Nat. Educ. Ass; N. Y. State Sci. 
Teachers Ass. (pres, 01). Nutrition of the 
nerve cell. 

Barrows, Prof. Walter B(radford), Agricultural 
College, Mich. Zoology, Ornithology, Entomol- 
ogy. Wellesley Hills, Mass, Jan. 10, 55. B.S, 
Mass. Inst. Tech, 76. Instr. chem. and 
physics, Col. Nacional, Arg. Rep, 79-81 ; science, 
State Nor. Sch, Westfield, Mass, 81-82; biol, 
Wesleyan, 82-86; first asst. ornithologist, U. S. 
Dept. Agr, 86-94; prof. zool. and physiol, Mich. 
Agr. Col, 9/f- Entomologist, Mich. Agr. Exp. 
Sta, 97-98. F.A.A; fel. Ornith. Union; Ass. 
Econ. Entom; Mich. Acad, (sec'y, 96-01) ; 
Boston Soc. Nat. Hist. Migration and economic 
relations of birds ; interrelations of birds and 
insects; economic entomology. Id; local 
(Mich.) bird population and the causes of 

Bartlett, Prof. C(harles) J(oseph), 96 Sherman 
Ave, New Haven, Conn. Pathology. Sutton, 
Vt, Dec. 18, 64. A.B, Yale, 92, A.M, 94, M.D, 
95. Asst. and instr. path, Yale, 95-97, asst. 
prof, 97-00, prof, 00- Pathologist, New Haven 
Hosp, 00- Soc. Nat; Ass. Path, and Bact; 
Soc. Bact ; Am. Med. Ass ; Micros. Soc ; N. Y. 
Path. Soe ; Conn. Acad ; Conn. Med. Soc ; New 
Haven Co. and City Med. Societies. Bacterial 

Bartlett, Prof. Dana P(rescott), Massachusetts 
Institute of Technology, Boston, Mass. Mathe- 
matics. Boston, Oct. 4, 63. B.S, Mass. Inst. 
Tech, 86; Munich, 03-04. Instr. math, Mass. 
Inst. Tech, 86-92, asst. prof, 92-98, assoc. prof, 
98-05, prof, 05- Asst, Harvard Col. Observa- 
tory, 87. Math. Soc; Math. Verein. Method 
of least squares. 

Bartlett, Prof. Edwin Julius, Hanover, N. H. 
Chemistry. Hudson, O, Feb. 16, 51. A.M, 
Dartmouth, 72; M.D, Rush Med. Col, 79. Instr. 
sciences, Monson Acad, Mass, 72-73; High Sch, 
Glencoe, Ills, 74-75; Lake Forest Acad, 76-78; 
assoc. prof, chem, Dartmouth, 79-83, prof, 83- 
F.A.A; Chem. Soc; Medico-Legal Soc. Toxi- 

Bartley, Dr. E(lias) H(udson), 65 S. Portland 
St, Brooklyn, N. Y. Pediatrics, Chemistry. 
Bartley, N. J, Dec. 6, 49. B.S, Cornell, 73; 
M.D, Long Isl. Col. Hosp, 79. Instr. chem, 
Cornell, 74-75; prof, Swarthmore, 75-78; chief 
chemist, Health Dept, Brooklyn, 82-88; prof, 
chem. and toxicol, Long Isl. Col. Hosp, 86-, 
pediatrics, 01-; dean and prof. org. chem, 
Brooklyn Col. Pharmacy, 92- Mem. Kings 
Co. Board of Pharmacy, 91-98. Hon. Ph.G, 
Brooklyn Col. Pharmacy, 96. F.A.A; Chem. 
Soc; Pub. Health Ass; Pharmaceut. Ass; N. Y. 
State Pharmaceut. Ass; Kings Co. Med. Soc; 
Brooklyn Pediat. Soc; Brooklyn Path. Soc. 
Food chemistry; clinical chemistry; infant 

Barton, Dr. B (oiling) W(alker), Pikesville, Md. 
Botany. Winchester, Va, Nov. 24, 47. M.D, 
Md. Sch. of Med. Instr. lot, Hopkins, 80- 
Teacher in private schools. Soc. Nat. Vege- 
table morphology. 

Barton, G(eorge) E(stes), 419 N. High St, Mill- 
ville, N. J. Chemistry. Worthington, Mass, 
May 9, 71. B.S, Worcester, 91; M.S, Colum- 
bian, 95. Asst. chemist, Naval Torpedo Sta, 
Newport, R. I, 91-92; chemist, Aetna Powder 
Co, Chicago, 92-94; chief chemist, Whitall 
Tatum Co, 96- F.A.A; Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. 
Indust. Explosives; glycerine; glass; gradu- 
ated chemical glassware. Chemistry of glass 

Barton, Prof. Geo(rge) H(unt), 16 Lexington Ave, 
Cambridge, Mass. Geology. Sudbury, Mass, 
July 8, 52. B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 80. Asst. 
drawing, Mass. Inst. Tech, 80-81 ; asst, 
Hawaiian Govt. Geol. Surv, 81-83; asst. geol, 
Mass. Inst. Tech, 83; asst. geologist, U. S. Geol. 
Surv, 89-94; asst. prof, geol, Mass. Inst. Tech, 
96-04; curator, Teachers Sch. of Science, 02- 
F.A.A; Geol. Soc; Nat. Geog. Soc; Boston Soc. 
Nat. Hist. Glacial geology. Distribution and 
origin of drumlins in Massachusetts. 

Barton, Dr. Sam(ue)l M(arx), Sewanee, Tenn. 
Mathematics. Near Winchester, Va, May 9, 
59. A.B, Virginia, 83, Ph.D, 85; fellow by 
courtesy, Hopkins, 93-94. Prof, math, Emory 
and Henry, 85-93 ; math, and civil eng, Va. 
Agr. and Mech. Col, 94-95; prof. math, and 
acting prof, civil eng, Univ. of the South, 95- 
F.A.A; Math. Soc; Eng. Educ. Theory of 
equations; plane surveying. 

Bartow, Prof. Edward, University of Illinois, 
Urbana, Ills. Chemistry. Glenham, N. Y, 
Jan. 12, 70. A.B, Williams, 92; Ph.D, Got- 
tingen, 95. Asst. chem, Williams, 92-94, instr, 
95-97; Kansas, 97-99, assoc. prof, 99-05; prof, 
Kansas City Med. Col, 02-05; assoc. prof, Illi- 



nois, and director, State Water Surv, 05- Act- 
ing assoc. prof, chem, Kansas, 97. M.A.A; 
Chem. Soc; Kas. Acad. (v. pres, 02, pres, 04) ; 
Chem. Gesell. Crystals of white arsenic; for- 
mation of amids in anhydrous ammonia; de- 
rivatives of m-isocymene; synthetical prep- 
aration of quinolin derivatives; water; de- 
rivatives of m-ethyltoluene. Anhydrids of the 
chloracetic acids; water. 

Bartsch, Prof. Paul, Smithsonian Institution, 
Washington, D. C. Conchology, Biology. 
Tuntschendorf, Germany, Aug. 14, 71. B.S, 
Iowa, 96, M.S, 99, Ph.D, 05. Aid, Div. Mol- 
lusks, U. S. Nat. Mus, 96-05, asst. curator, 
05-; prof, zool, George Washington, 99-; 
histol, Med. Dept, Howard, 01- Assoc, ed, 
' The Osprey,' 00- M.A.A; mem. Ornith. Union; 
Wash. Biol. Soc; Wash. Micros. Soc. (pres, 
00-02). Mollusks; birds. The west Ameri- 
can Pyramidellidae. 

Barus, Prof. Carl, 30 Elmgrove Ave, Providence, 
R. I. *Physics. Cincinnati, O, Feb. 19, 56. 
Sch. of Mines, Columbia, 74-76; Wiirzburg, 
76-80, Ph.D, 79. Physicist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 
80-92; prof, U. S. Weather Bur, 92-93; 
physicist, Smithsonian Inst, 93-95; Hazard 
prof, physics, Brown, 95-, dean, Grad. Dept, 
03- Asst. to Prof. Kohlrausch, Wiirzburg, 79- 
80; mem. Council, Carnegie Inst, 02. Rumford 
medal, 00. Nat. Acad; F.A.A. (v. pres, 97); 
Physical Soc. (pres, 04) ; Philos. Soc; Am. 
Acad; Wash. Acad; cor. mem. British Ass; 
hon. mem. Royal Inst. Magnetism; iron car- 
burets; high temperatures; high pressures; 
thermodynamics; physical geology; atmospheric 
condensation; ionization. Ionization and nu- 
cleation of gases and the atmosphere. 

Bascom, Dr. F(lorence), Bryn Mawr, Pa. *Geol- 
ogy. Williamstown, Mass. A.B, B.L, Wiscon- 
sin, 82, B.S, 84, A.M, 87; Ph.D, Hopkins, 93. 
Instr. geol. and petrog, Ohio State, 93-95; 
lecturer and assoc. prof, geol, Bryn Mawr, 95- 
Assoc. ed, 'Am. Geologist,' 96-; geol. asst, U. 
S. Geol. Surv, 96-01, asst. geologist, 01- Int. 
Geol. Cong, 97. F.A.A; Geol. Soc; Phila. 
Acad. Ancient lavas and the crystalline 
schists; geology of eastern Pennsylvania. 
Geology of the Piedmont plateau of eastern 
Pennsylvania; petrography of the Neponset 
area, Boston basin. 

Baskerville, Prof. Charles, College of the City of 
New York, New York, N. Y. * Chemistry. 
Deer Brook, Miss, June 18, 70. Mississippi, 
86-87; Virginia, 88-90; Vanderbilt, 91; B.S, 
North Carolina, 92; Berlin, 93; Ph.D, North 
Carolina, 94. Asst. chem, North Carolina, 92, 
instr, 94, asst. prof, 95-98, assoc. prof, 98-00, 
prof, and director, Chem. Lab, 00-04; Col. City 
of N. Y, 0^- Asst. to state geologist, N. C, 
92-94; asst. chemist, N. C. Geol. Surv, 94-00, 
chemist, 00-04. F.A.A. ( sec'y, C, 98, mem. Coun- 
cil, 99, gen. sec'y, 00, v. pres, 03) ; Chem. Soc. 
(chairman, N. C. Sect, and mem. Council) ; Soc. 
Chem. Indust; Wash. Acad; N. C. Acad, 
(pres.) ; N. Y. Chemists Club (sec'y) ; fel. 

London Chem. Soc; Chem. Gesell. Rare earths, 
especially zirconium, thorium and praeseody- 
mium ; reaction of metal with concentrated sul- 
phuric acid; universal distribution of certain 
elements, as titanium; analysis of titaniferous 
iron ores, etc. Existence of carolinium; new 
salts of rare earth; atomic weight of thorium 
and praeseodymium ; lanthanates, neodymates, 
praeseodymates and lanthanalums; thorates; 
variability of preparations. 

Baskett, James Newton, Mexico, Mo. Zoology, 
Ornithology. Nicholas Co, Ky, Nov. 1, 49. 
Ph.B, Missouri, 72, A.M, 93. M.A.A; assoc. 
Ornith. Union; Wash. Biol. Soc. Habits of 
birds; the bearing of oology on the kinship of 
birds; ethnology bearing on the rovite of Coro- 
nado's expedition. 

Basquin, Dr. Olin H(anson), Evanston, Ills. 
Physics, Applied mechanics. Dows, la, Jan. 
30, 69. A.B, Ohio Wesleyan, 92, and Harvard, 
94; A.M, Northwestern, 95, Ph.D, 01. Chief 
engineer, Luxfer Prism Companies, 97-00; 
assoc. prof, physics, Northioestern, 01- M.A.A; 
Physical Soc; Soc. Testing Materials. Distri- 
bution of daylight; arc spectrum of hydrogen. 
Steam meter, rotating commutator; direction 
of stress in beams. 

Bass, Col. Edgar W(ales), U. S. A. (retired), Bar 
Harbor, Me. Military science, Mathematics, 
Astronomy. Prairie du Chien, Wis, Oct. 30, 
43. Grad, U. S. Mil. Acad, 68. Officer, 
Corps of Engineers, U. S. A, 68-78; prof, 
math, U. S. Mil. Acad, 78-98; col, U. S. A, 
retired, 98. U. S. Vol. Army, 62-64; instr. 
philos, U. S. Mil. Acad, 69-74, 76-78; asst. 
astronomer, U. S. Transit Venus Exped, New 
Zealand, 74-75; Solar Eclipse Exped, Colo, 78. 
Math. Soc; Archeol. Inst; Mil. Order Loyal 
Legion. Mathematics. 

Bates, F(rederick) J(ohn), Bureau of Standards, 
Washington, D. C. Physics. Marysville, Kas, 
Jan. 2, 77. B.S, Kansas, 00; A.M, Nebraska, 

02. Lab. asst, Bur. Standards, 03- Supervisor, 
Government Sugar Laboratories, Customs Serv, 
Treas. Dept; mem. Int. Sugar Commission. 
Physical Soc; Wash. Philos. Soc. Natural and 
magnetic rotary polarization, especially anom- 
alous rotary dispersion. Anomalous rotary 
dispersion ; effect of clarifying reagents on rotary 
dispersion curves of sugar solutions; sensibility 
of sensitive strip spectral polarizing system. 

Bates, Rev. J(ohn) M(allery), Red Cloud, Nebr. 
Botany, Ornithology. Wallingford, Conn, Jan. 

3, 46. A.B, Trinity, 72, A.M, 75; grad, Berke- 
ley Divinity Sch, Middletown, Conn, 75. V. 
principal, High Sch, Middletown, 73-74; clergy- 
man, 76- Chaplain and head master, Bethany 
Col, Topeka, Kas, 83-86. F.A.A; assoc. Ornith. 
Union; Nebr. Ornith. Union (pres, 02). Plant 
rusts, their life history; the economic value of 
the fodder plants of Nebraska. Id; the ranges 
of known rusts. 

Bauer, Prof. Geo(rge) N(eander), University of 
Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. Mathematics. 
Jordan, Minn, Jan. S, 72. B.S, Minnesota, 



94; M.S, Iowa, 98; Ph.D, Columbia, 00. 
Teacher, High Sch, Montevideo, Minn, 94-95; 
instr. math, Iowa, 95-98 ; Minnesota, 00-02, 
asst. prof, 02- Math. Soc. The parallax of 
(a Cass, and the positions of 56 neighboring 
stars; simpler elements of analytic geometry. 

Bauer, Dr. L(ouis) A(gricola), The Ontario, Wash- 
ington, D. C. * Terrestrial magnetism, Physics, 
Mathematics. Cincinnati. Ohio, Jan. 26, 65. 
C.E, Cincinnati, 88, M.S, 94; Ph.D, Berlin, 95. 
Computer, U. S. Coast and Geod. Surv, 87- 
92 ; docent math, physics, Chicago, 95, instr. 
geophysics, 96; asst. prof. math, and math, 
physics, Cincinnati, 97-99; chief, Div. Ter- 
restrial Magnetism, and inspector magnetic 
ivork, U. S. Coast and Geod. Surv, 99-; director, 
Dept. Terrestrial Magnetism, Carnegie Inst, 04 
Chief, Div. Terrestrial Magnetism, Md. Geol. 
Surv, 96-99; astronomer and magnetician, West. 
Boundary Surv, 97 ; lecturer terrestrial mag- 
netism, Hopkins, 99-; mem. Commission on 
Terrestrial Magnetism, Int. Ass. Academies, 
04- ; ed, ' Terrestrial Magnetism and Atmos- 
pheric Elec' Int. Meteor. Conf, 98 (mem. 
Permanent Committee ) . F.A.A ; Physical Soc ; 
Astron. and Astrophys. Soc; Geog. Ass; Nat. 
Geog. Soc; Wash. Acad; Wash. Philos. Soc; 
Soc. Cient. Ant. Alz. Terrestrial magnetism. 

Baum, Prof. F(rank) G(eorge), Stanford Univer- 
sity, Cal. Electrical engineering. Ste. Gene- 
vieve, Mo, July 18, 70. A.B, Stanford, 98, E.E, 
99. Asst. elec. eng, Stanford, 98-99; practical 
work, 99-00; instr. elec. eng, Stanford, 00-02, 
asst. prof, 02- Chief engineer, Cal. Gas and 
Elec. Corpor, 04- Elec. Eng. Alternating 
current work. Compounding alternating cur- 
rent generators; the limiting distance to which 
power can be transmitted. 

Baumgarten, Dr. G(ustav), 4900 Berlin Ave, St. 
Louis, Mo. Medicine. Clausthal, Germanv, 
June 1, 37. M.D, St. Louis Med. Col, 56; 
Gottingen, Berlin, Prague and Vienna, 56-59. 
Asst. and past asst. surgeon, U. S. N, 61-65 ; 
prof, physiol, St. Louis Med. Col, 73-87, special 
path, and therapeut, 87-93 ; practise of med, 
Med. Dept, Washington (St. Louis), 93- Ed, 
' St. Louis Med. and Surg. Jour,' 68-71. Am. 
Physicians (pres, 99) ; St. Louis Acad; St. 
Louis Med. Soc; St. Louis Verein Deutscher 
Aerzte. Diseases of the heart and kidneys; 
physiology and pathology of the circulation. 

Bausch, Edward, Care Bausch and Lomb Optical 
Co, Rochester, N. Y. *Optics. Rochester, Sept. 
26, 54. Cornell, 75. Mem. Bausch and Lomb 
Optical Co. F.A.A; Micros. Soc. Optics; ma- 
nipulation of the microscope. 

Bawden, Prof. H(enry) Heath, (Jr), Vassar Col- 
lege, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Philosophy, Psy- 
chology. Elyria, O, Sept. 28, 71. Illinois, 88- 
90; A.B, Denison, 93, fellow, 93-94, A.M, 94; 
Rochester Theol. Sem, 94-96, 97-98; fellow, 
Chicago, 98-00, Ph.D, 00. Instr, Gymnasium, 
Denison, 91-94, biol, 97-98; philos, Iowa, 00- 
01; prof, Vassar, 01- F.A.A; Philos. Ass; 

Psychol. Ass; West. Philos. Ass. The nasal 
organs in Amphibia, with special reference to 
Jacobson's organ; psychology of smell; psychol- 
ogy of lapses; psychology of logic; pragma- 
tism; methodology of genetic science; esthetics. 

Baxter, Prof. Gregory P(aul), 27 Warren Ave, 
Somerville, Mass. Chemistry. Somerville, 
March 3, 76. A.B, Harvard, 96, A.M, 97, Ph.D, 
99. Asst. chem, Harvard, 95-97, instr, 97-99; 
Haverford, 99-00 ; asst. prof, Swarthmore, 00-02 ; 
instr. anal, chem, Harvard, 02-05, asst. prof, 
chem, 05- Instr, Summer Sch, Harvard, 97, 
02-05. Chem. Soc; Chem. Gesell. Atomic 
weights of cobalt, iron and iodin. Atomic 
weights of iron, cadmium, manganese, chromium 
iodin and bromin. 

Bayley, Dr. W(illiam) S(hirley), Waterville, Me. 
*Mineralogy, Geology. Baltimore, Md, Nov. 
10, 61. A.B, Hopkins, 83, Ph.D, 86. Prof, 
geol, Colby, 88-04. Asst. geologist, TJ. S. Geol. 
Surv, 89-; assoc. ed, 'Am. Naturalist,' 86-; 
reviewer, ' Neues Jahrbuch,' 90- F.A.A ; Geol. 
Soc; Nat. Geog. Soc; Wash. Geol. Soc; Chem. 
Gesell. Geology of iron districts of the Lake 
Superior region ; metamorphism ; igneous 
rocks. Geology of New Jersey Highlands. 

Beach, Prof. Frederick Elijah, 44 Lyon St, New 
Haven, Conn. Physics. New Haven, June 12, 
63. Ph.B, Yale, 83, Ph.D, 93. Machinist and 
draftsman, 83-90; asst. physics, Yale, 91-94, 
instr, 94-95, asst. prof, 95- Physical Soc. 
General physics. 

Beach, S(pencer) A(mbrose), State Experiment 
Station. Geneva, N. Y. Horticulture. Sum- 
mer Hill, N. Y, Sept. 15, 60. B.S.A, Iowa 
State. 87, M.S, 92. Assoc, prof. hort. and 
bot, Tex. Agr. and Mech. Col, 90-91; horticul- 
turist, State Exp. Sta, Geneva, N. Y, 91- 
F.A.A; Pomol. Soc; Soc. Hort. Sci. (sec'y) ; 
Royal Hort. Soc. Treatment of diseases of 
horticultural plants; fertilizers for lettuce un- 
der glass; self -sterility of grapes; pomological 
varieties. Fertilizers for forcing house crops 
and orchards; pomological varieties; plant 
breeding; stocks for grapes and apples. 

Beadle, C(hauncey) D(elos), Biltmore, N. C. 
*Botany. St. Catharines, Ont, Aug. 5, 66. 
Ont. Agr. Col, 84; Cornell, 89. Director, Bilt- 
more Herbarium, 90- Botany of the southern 
states. Crataegus. 

Beal, Prof. F(oster) E(llenborough) L(ascelles), 

Berwyn, Md. Ornithology. South Groton 
(now Ayer), Mass, Jan. 9, 40. B.S, Mass. Inst. 
Tech, 71. Instr. math, Mass. Inst. Tech, 70-74; 
prof, civil eng, Iowa State, 76-83, acting prof, 
zool. and comp. anat, 80-83 ; econ. ornithologist, 
Biol. Surv, U. S. Dept. Agr, 91- Fel. Ornith. 
Union; Wash. Biol. Soc. Economic ornithol- 
Beal, Dr. W(illiam) J(ames), Agricultural College, 
Mich. *Botany. Adrian, Mich, March 11, 33. 
A.B, Michigan, 59, A.M, 63; B.S, Harvard, 65; 
M.S, Chicago, 75; Ph.D, Michigan, 80. Teacher 
nat. science, Friends Acad, and Howland Inst, 
Union Springs, N. Y, 59-68; prof, bot, Chicago, 



68-70; Mich. Agr. Col, 70- Director, State 
Forestry Commission, Mich, 88-92. Wilder 
silver medal, Pomol. Soc; lion. Sc.D, Mich. Agr. 
Col, 05. F.A.A. (v. pres, 83); Bot. Soc; Soc. 
Prom. Agr. Sci; Pomol. Soc; Bot. Cent. States; 
Mich. Acad, (pres, 92-) ; Mich. State Teachers 
Ass. ( pres. ) . Grasses ; how plants protect 

Bean, Dr. Tarleton H(offman), 1001 G St, N. W, 
Washington, D. C. Zoology. Bainbridge, Pa, 
Oct. 8, 46. M.D, Columbian, 76; M.S, Indiana, 
83. Principal, High Sch, Wilkes-Barre, 71-74; 
curator fishes, U. S. Nat. Mus, 80-87 ; asst. in 
charge, Div. Fish Culture, U. S. Fish Com- 
mission, 92-95; director, N. Y. Aquarium, 
95-98; chief, Dept. Fish and Game, and Dept. 
Forestry, La. Purchase Expos, 02-05. Rep. of 
U. S. Fish Commission, Columbian Expos, 92- 
94; Atlanta Expos, 94-95; director, U. S. For- 
estry and Fisheries, Paris Expos, 99-01. Silver 
medal, London Fisheries Exhib, 83; gold medal, 
Paris Expos, 00; Chevalier Legion d'honneur; 
Chevalier Royal Order of the Red Eagle. 
Forestry Ass; Fisheries Soc; St. Louis Acad; 
Danish Fisheries Soc. Distribution and habits 
of fish. Diseases of fishes; distribution and 
habits of the fishes of New York. 

Beard, Dr. R(ichard) O(lding), 812 Pillsbury St, 
Minneapolis, Minn. Physiology, Dietetics. Mid- 
dlesex, England, Dec. 20, 56. M.D, Northwest- 
ern, 82. Prof, physiol. and dietetics, Minnesota, 
87- Assoc. Am. Med. Ass; Pub. Health Ass; 
Minn. Acad. Med. (v. pres.) ; Minn. Med. Soc. 
Nervous system; dietetics; physiological chem- 
istry. Food adulterations. 

Beardsley, Prof. Arthur, Swarthmore, Pa. Engi- 
neering. Esopus, N. Y, Nov. 1, 43. C.E, 
Rensselaer, 67; Ph.D, Swarthmore, 89. Instr. 
civil eng, physics and indust. mech, Minnesota, 
69-70, prof, 70-72; eng, Swarthmore, 72-98, 
emer. prof, 98- Asst. engineer, Hoosac Tunnel, 
67-68. F.A.A. (sec'y, D, 88, v. pres, 90) ; 
Civil Eng; Mech. Eng; Franklin Inst, (chair- 
man, Committee on Science and Arts, 92-94). 

Beardsley, Prof. Arthur E(ugene), 1412 Tenth St, 
Greeley, Colo. Biology. Olean, N. Y, Oct. 4, 
53. B.S, Cornell, 78; M.S, Colorado, 98. 
Teacher science, High Sch, Decatur, Ills, 78-79; 
principal pub. schools, Pleasanton, Kas, 79-80; 
practising irrigation engineer, 80-92; prof, 
biol, Colo. State Nor. Sch, 92- Delegate, 
Am. Forestry Cong, 83. F.A.A; Micros. Soc; 
Nat. Geog. Soc; Wash. Biol. Soc; Colo. Acad; 
Colo. Micros. Soc. Protozoa and Entomostraca 
of Colorado. Fauna of Colorado, its historical 
and ecological relations and geographical dis- 

Beauchamp, Rev. W(illiam) M(artin), 204 Maple 
St, Syracuse, N. Y. History, Archeology. 
Coldenham, N. Y, March 25, 30. Delancey 
Divinity Sch. Rector, Grace Church, Bald- 
winsville, N. Y, 65-00; examining chaplain of 
diocese of Central N. Y, 8%- Archeologist, N. 
Y. State Mus. S.T.D, Hobart, 86; adoption by 
Onondagas, 04. Onondaga Acad, (pres, 01-02) ; 

Onondago Hist. Ass. (director, 89-). Ameri- 
can history; archeology; natural sciences; folk- 
lore, language and history of the Iroquois. 
Archeology; New York Indian life. 

Becelaere, Rev. E(dward) G(regory) L(awrence) 
van, Benson, Ills. Philosophy, Semitics. 
He file, Belgium, Nov. 24, 72. Corbara, Corsica, 
89-96, Ph.D, D.D, 96; Jerusalem and Paris, 99. 
Prof, philos, Dominican Convent, St. Hyacinthe, 
Can, 96-98; moral theology, Dominican Col, 
Ottawa, 00-03. Prof. Holy Scripture, St. 
Hyacinthe, 00; Ottawa, 01. Philos. Ass. 
Scholastic and modern American philosophy. 
American philosophy. 

Becker, Dr. George F(erdinand), 2020 R St, Wash- 
ington, D. C. *Geology. New York, N. Y, 
Jan. 5, 47. A.B, Harvard, 68; Ph.D, Heidel- 
berg, 69; Berlin, 71. Constructing engineer, 
Joliet Iron and Steel Co, 72-73; instr. mining 
and metal, California, 75-79; geologist in charge, 
U. S. Geol. Surv, 79- Special agent, Tenth 
Census. Military medal from State of Mon- 
tana, 99. Nat. Acad; F.A.A; Geol. Soc; Min. 
Eng; Wash. Acad. Geology; physics; chem- 
istry. Geophysics. 

Bedell, Dr. Frederick, Cornell University, Ithaca, 
N. Y. *Physics, Electrical engineering. Brook- 
lyn, N. Y, April 12, 68. A.B, Yale, 90; 
M.S, Cornell, 91, fellow, 91-92, Ph.D, 92. Instr. 
physics, Cornell, 92-93, asst. prof, 93-04, prof, 
Q.' t - Assoc, ed, ' Physical Rev.' F.A.A. (gen. 
sec'y, 99) ; Physical Soc; Elec. Eng; Franklin 
Inst; London Physical Soc. Alternating cur- 
rents of electricity. 

Beebe, C. William, New York Zoological Park, 
New York, N. Y. Ornithology. Brooklyn, 
N. Y, July 29, 77. Columbia, 96-99. Curator 
omith, N. Y. Zool. Park, 99- F.A.A; mem. 
Ornith. Union; N. Y. Linnean Soc; N. Y. Zool. 
Soc; N. Y. Acad. Ecology of the birds of the 
nearctic and neotropical regions. Psychology of 
certain wild birds reared in captivity. 

Beebe, Dr. S(ilas) P(almer), 216 Central Ave, 
Flushing, N. Y. Physiological chemistry. St. 
Johns, Mich, April 22, 76. B.S, Valparaiso, 96 ; 
B.S, Harvard, 00; M.S, Yale, 02, Ph.D, 04. 
Instr. chem, High Sch, New Haven, 00-03; 
physiol. chemist, Huntington Fund for Cancer 
Research, Loomis Lab, 03- Lecturer, Summer 
Sch, Harvard, 02-04. Physiol. Soc. Effect of 
alcohol and alcoholic fluids on excretion of uric 
acid in man; inorganic constituents of tumors; 
autolysis of tumor tissue; pentose in tumor 
tissue; fat from proteid. Immunity. 

Beebe, Prof. William, 262 Bradley St, New Haven, 
Conn. Mathematics, Astronomy. Litchfield, 
Conn, Sept. 4, 51. A.B, Yale, 73. Tutor 
math, Yale, 76-82, asst. prof. math, and astron, 
82-97, prof. math, and instr. astron, 97- Hon. 
A.M, Yale, 97. Math. Soc. Astronomy. 

Beede, Dr. J(oshua) W(illiam), Bloomington, Ind. 
Geology, Paleontology. Raymond, N. H, Sept. 
14, 71. B.S, Washburn, 96, A.M, 97; Ph.D, 
Kansas, 99. Student instr. paleont, Kansas, 
97-99; teacher science, Atchison Co. High Sch, 



99-01 ; instr. geol, Indiana, 01- Asst, Kas. 
Geol. Surv, 96, 98, 03-05; U. S. Geol. Surv, 01, 
02. M.A.A; Geol. Soc; Ind. Acad; Kas, Acad. 
Stratigraphic geology and paleontology of Kan- 
sas coal measures.- Permian of Kansas, Okla- 
homa and northern Texas. 
Behr, Dr. Arno, Pasadena, Cal. Chemistry. 
Palompen, Germany, Aug. 14, 46. Tubingen, 
66; Berlin, 67; Ph.D, Heidelberg, 69. Chemist, 
Matthiessen and Wiechers Sug. Ref. Co, Jersey 
City, N. J, 74-81 ; supt, Chicago Sug. Ref. Co, 
81-92. Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; Cheni. 
Gesell. Organic chemistry, pure and applied 
to the refining of sugar; the manufacture of 
starch and glucose from corn. 

Behrend, Bernard Arthur, South Norwood, O. 
Engineering, Physics. Germany, May 9, 75. 
Polytech, Berlin, 94. Asst. elec. eng. and asst. 
chief electrician, Oerlikon Co, Switzerland, 98; 
chief engineer and chief designer, Bullock Elec. 
Mfg. Co, 00- Several non-resident lecture- 
ships; chief elec. engineer, Allis-Chalmers Co; 
consulting engineer. F.A.A; Elec. Eng; Ger- 
man and Swiss Elec. Eng. Societies. Alter- 
nating current phenomena; induction motor. 
High potential researches on alternators and 
long lines. 

Belding, Lyman, Stockton, Cal. Ornithology. 
Hatfield, Mass, June 12, 29. Pub. schools. 
Fel. Ornith. Union; hon. mem. Cal. Acad; hon. 
mem. Cooper Ornith. Club. Migration and dis- 
tribution of Pacific coast birds. 

Bell, Dr. A(grippa) N(elson), 337 Clinton St, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. Medicine. Northampton Co, 
Va, Aug. 3, 20. Tremont Med. Sch, 40-41; 
Harvard Med. Sch, 40-41; M.D, Jefferson 
Med. Col, 42. Asst. surgeon, U. S. N, 47-55, 
past asst, 55; founder and ed, 'The Sanitarian,' 
73-04. Commissioner of Quarantines, New 
York, 70-73; inspector, Nat. Board of Health, 
79. Hon. A.M, Trinity (Conn.), 60. Am. 
Cong, on Tuberculosis (pres, 00, 01, hon. pres, 
02) ; Int. Cong, on Tuberculosis, St. Louis, 04 
(hon. pres.). Am. Med. Ass; Pub. Health 
Ass; Climat. Ass; N. Y. State Med. Soc; hon. 
mem. Conn. Med. Soc; Kings Co. Med. Soc; 
cor. mem. London Epidemiol. Soc; Soc. 
i d'Hygiene. Prevention of disease and practical 

Bell, Dr. A(lexander) Graham, 1331 Connecticut 
Ave, N. W, Washington, D. C. * Physics. 
Edinburgh, Scotland, March 3, 47. London, 
68; Ph.D, Wiirzburg, 82; M.D, Heidelberg, 86. 
Engaged in research. Regent, Smithsonian 
Inst, 98. Volta Prix, 80; Chevalier Legion 
d'honneur, 82; LL.D, Harvard, 96; Amherst, 
01. Nat. Acad; F.A.A; Nat. Geog. Soc. (pres, 
98, 03); Nat. Educ. Ass; Am. Ass. Prom. 
Teaching Speech to Deaf (pres.) ; Philos. Soc; 
Am. Acad; Wash. Acad; Wash. Philos. Soc; 
Wash. Anthrop. Soc. Electricity; phonetics; 
speech; aerial navigation, etc; the instruction 
of the deaf in America. Aerial navigation; 
instruction of the deaf; live stock breeding; 
application of electricity. 

Bell, Dr. E(lexious) T(hompson), Columbia, Mo. 
Anatomy. Hatch, Mo, Aug. 31, 80. B.S, Mis- 
souri, 01, fellow, 01-02, M.D, 03; Bonn, 05-06. 
Asst. anat, Missouri, 02-03, instr, 03- In 
charge, Dept. Anat, Missouri, 03-04. Ass. Anat. 
Histogenesis of the thymus. Experimental mor- 

Bell, Dr. Louis, 130 Thorndike St, Brookline, Mass. 
*Physics. Chester, N. H, Dec. 5, 64. A.B, 
Dartmouth, 84; fellow, Hopkins, 85-87, Ph.D, 
88. Prof, physics, Purdue, 88-89; ed, 'The 
Electrical World,' 90-92; consulting elec. engi- 
neer, 93-; lecturer elec. power transmission, 
Mass. Inst. Tech, 95- Int. Elec. Cong, St. 
Louis, 04 (sec'y, Sect, D). Elec. Eng. (past 
manager) ; fel. Am. Acad. Spectroscopy; al- 
ternating current phenomena. Erecting prism 
systems; high tension insulators. 

Bell, Dr. Robert, Geological Survey, Ottawa, 
Can. Geology, Forestry, Ethnology. Toronto, 
Can, June 3, 41. M.D, CM, McGill, 78, 
Sc.D, 00. On staff, Can. Geol. Surv, 57-, di- 
rector, 01- Prof. nat. science, Queen's ( Can. ) , 
63-68 ; royal commissioner on mineral resources 
of Ont, 88-89; mem. Govt. Geog. Board, Ot- 
tawa. LL.D, Queen's (Can.), 89; hon. Sc.D, 
Cambridge, 02 ; hon. chief, Algonquin Indians, 
96. F.A.A; Geol. Soc; Geog. Ass; fel. Can. 
Royal Soc. (pres, Sect. IV, 93) ; Ottawa Field 
Nat. Club (pres. 00-02); fel. Royal Soc; Lon- 
don Geol. Soc; cor. mem. Royal Scottish Geog. 
Soc; companion Imp. Service Order. Geol- 
ogy, zoology, forests and geography of Canada; 
folk-lore of the aborigines of Canada. Forests, 
geography and geographic geology of Canada; 
Indian and Eskimo legends; extinction of use- 
ful animals in modern times. 

Bell, Prof. Sanford, 544 Marine St, Boulder, 
Colo. Psychology, Pedagogy. Borden, Ind, 
April 16, 70. A.B, Indiana, 99, A.M, 00; fel- 
low, Clark, 00-03. Supt. city schools, Aurora, 
Ind, 95-96; prof, psychol. and pedag, North. 
Ind. Nor. Sch, 96-98 ; asst. prof, pedag, Indiana, 
98-00; prof, Mt. Holyoke, 01-03; educ, Colo- 
rado, 03- The teacher's influence; the signifi- 
cance of activity in child-life; psychology of 
love between the sexes; genetic psychology. 
Psychology of sex ; language of children ; sociol- 
ogy of ants; psychology of superstition. 

Beman, Prof. W(ooster) W(oodruff), 813 E. 

Kingsley St, Ann Arbor, Mich. *Mathematics. 
Southington, Conn, May 28, 50. A.B, Mich- 
igan, 70, A.M, 73. Instr. Greek and math, 
Kalamazoo, 70-71; math, Michigan, 71-74, 
asst. prof, 74-82, assoc. prof, 82-87, prof, 87- 
F.A.A. (sec'y, A, 90, v. pres, 97) ; Math. Soc; 
London Math. Soc; Math. Verein. History of 

Bement, A(lburto), 215 Dearborn St, Chicago, Ills. 
Engineering, Physics, Chemistry. Appleton, 
Wis, March 18, 62. Pub. schools. Apprentice, 
foreman and supt, mfg. machine shop, 80-90; 
technical newspaper work, 90-93 ; consulting 
engineer, 93- Chanute medal. West. Soc. Eng, 
01, 04. M.A.A; Mech. Eng; Min. Eng; Chem. 



Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; West. Soc. Eng; Ver- 
ein Ing. Efficiency of steam boilers; tempera- 
ture measurement by electrical resistance; the 
recording of furnace conditions. Chemical and 
physical structure of coals. 

Benedict, Dr. A. L, 156 W. Chipgewa St, Buffalo, 
N. Y. Physiology, Archeology. Buffalo, Aug. 
25, 65. Rochester, 83-85; A.B, Michigan, 87; 
M.D, Buffalo, 88; M.D, Pennsylvania, 89. 
Instr. therapeut, Med. Dept, Buffalo, 90-96, 
prof, physiol. and digestive diseases, Dental 
Dept, 95-01. Supt. ethnol. and archeol, Pan.- 
Am. Expos, 01. Prize, N. Y. State Med. Soc, 95, 
96; gold medal, Am. Med. Ass, 00; hon. A.M, 
Ohio Wesleyan, 91. Am. Acad. Med. (v. pres, 
00) ; Gastro-Enterol. Ass. (mem. Council) ; N. 
Y. State Med. Soc; Buffalo Nat. Sci. and Hist. 
Societies. Physical diagnosis; physiologic 
chemistry and physics, as related to digestive 
organs; transition period of Seneca Indians; 
archeology of Niagara frontier; mound-builders. 

Benedict, Prof. Francis Gano, Middletown, Conn. 
*Chemistry. Milwaukee, Wis, Oct. 3, 70. A.B, 
Harvard, 93, A.M, 94; Ph.D, Heidelberg, 95. 
Instr. chem, Mass. Col. Pharmacy, 93-94; Wes- 
leyan, 96-01, assoc. prof, 01- Chemist, Storrs 
Agr. Exp. Sta, 96-01. Chem. Soc; Physiol. 
Soc; Soc. Exp. Biol, and Med; Chem. Gesell. 
Analytical methods; metabolism in man; tem- 
perature of the human body. Temperature of 
the body; researches with a respiration calori- 

Benedict, Prof. H (arris) M(iller), University of 
Cincinnati, Cincinnati, O. Biology. Buda, 
Ills, Dec. 8, 73. A.B, Doane, 94; B.S, Ne- 
braska, 96, A.M, 97. Instr. zool, Nebraska, 96- 
97 ; head, Biol. Dept, High Sch, Lincoln, Nebr, 
97-98 ; Omaha, 99-00 ; asst. biol, Cincinnati, 
01-02, ass*, prof, 03- M.A.A; Ohio Acad. 
Proteocephalus ; regeneration. Regeneration. 

Benedict, Dr. H(arry) Y(andell), 2525 University 
Ave, Austin, Tex. Mathematics. Louisville, 
Ky, Nov. 14, 69. Fellow, B.S, Texas, 92, A.M, 
93; Ph.D, Harvard, 98. Tutor math, Texas, 
93, instr, 99, adj. prof. math, and astron, 99-02, 
assoc. prof, 02- Instr. math, and astron, Van- 
derbilt, 99. Math. Soc; Tex. Acad, (treas.). 

Benjamin, Prof. C(harles) H(enry), 89 Adelbert 
St, Cleveland, O. Mechanical engineering. 
Patten, Me, Aug. 29, 56. M.E, Maine, 81. 
Instr. mech. eng, Maine, 80-83, prof, 83-86; 
Case, 89- Supervising city engineer, Cleve- 
land, 00-02. Mech. Eng; Eng. Educ; Cleveland 
Eng. Club (pres, 01). Bursting of cast iron 
fly-wheels and cylinders; stresses in pulley 
arms. Strength of gear teeth; friction of steam 
packings; bursting of full sized fly-wheels. 

Benjamin, Dr. Marcus, 1703 Q St, N. W, Wash- 
ington, D. C. Chemistry, Technology. San 
Francisco, Cal, Jan. 17, 57. Ph.B, Columbia, 
78. Chemist, U. S. Lab, Appraiser's Store, N. 
Y. City, 83-85; lecturer chem, N. Y. Woman's 
Med. Col, 84-86; ed, U. S. Nat. Mus, 96- Mem. 
Jury of Awards, Columbian, Nashville, Omaha, 

Pan-Am, Charleston and La. Purchase Exposi- 
tions, ed. contributor, Appleton's Cyclopedias, 
' Int. Cyclopedia,' ' Int. Yearbook,' etc ; mem. 
U. S. Assay Commission, 96, 00, 04. Hon. 
A.M, Lafayette, 88; Ph.D, Nashville, 89; Sc.D, 
Western Univ. of Pa, 05. Int. Cong. Arts and 
Science, St. Louis, 04 (sec'y, Sect. Indust. 
Chem.). F.A.A. (sec'y, I, 98, v. pres, 99, 00) ; 
Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; fel. London 
Chem. Soc. 

Benjamin, Rev. Raphael, Hotel St. George, Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. Mental and moral science. London, 
England, June 19, 46. A.B, London, 71; A.M, 
Melbourne, 79. Rabbi, Melbourne, Australia, 74- 
81; Cincinnati, 82-88; New York, 89-02; 
Brooklyn, 02- F.A.A; Nat. Geog. Soc; Cin- 
cinnati Soc. Nat. Hist, (director and assoc. ed, 
84-88 ) . The connection between faculties of 
tbe mind and particular parts of the nervous 

Benneson, Miss Cora A(gnes), 4 Mason St, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. History, Science of government. 
Quincy, Ills, June 10, 51. A.B, Michigan, 78, 
LL.B, 80, A.M, 83; fellow, Bryn Mawr, 87-88. 
Mem. bar, Mich, and Ills, 80 ; Mass, 94. F.A.A, 
(sec'y, I, 00) ; Am. Hist. Ass; Folk-lore Soc. 
Republican constitutions; executive discretion 
in the United States; federal guaranties for 
maintaining republican government in the 
states. Power of United States courts over 
acts of Congress. 

Bennett, Prof. A (If red) A (lien), Ames, la. 
Chemistry. Milford, N. H, Nov. 30, 50. B.S, 
Michigan, 77 ; M.S, Iowa State, 87. Teacher sci- 
ence, Mich. Mil. Acad, 78-80; prof, physics and 
chem, Iowa Wesleyan, 81-93; Chicago, 83-85; 
chem, Iowa State, 85- Chem. Soc. Chemis- 
try. Petroleum. 

Bennett, Edward, Amber Club, Pittsburg, Pa. 
Electrical engineering. Pittsburg, Oct. 26, 76. 
E.E, Western Univ. of Pa, 97. Engineer, 
Nernst Lamp Co, 99-02, electrician, 03-04; 
consulting engineer, OJf With Westinghouse 
Elec, and Mfg. Co. M.A.A; Elec. Eng; Electro- 
chem. Soc. Nernst lamp development; light- 
ning arresters. 

Bennett, Prof. W(illiam) Z(ebina), 163 Beall Ave, 
Wooster, O. Chemistry. Montpelier, Vt, Feb. 
25, 56. A.B, Harvard, 78, A.M, 81, Ph.D, 83; 
Berlin, 88. Asst. chem, Harvard, 78-80; mas- 
ter science, DeVeaux, 80; adj. prof, Wooster, 
80-83, prof, 83-86, chem. and physics, 86-02, 
chem, 02- F.A.A; Chem. Soc; Cleveland Chem. 
Soc. Mucochloric acid; di-chlor-acrylic acid; 
tetra-brom-propiolic acid; methods for deter- 
mining nitrites in water. 

Bensley, Dr. B(enjamin) A(rthur), University of 
Toronto, Toronto, Can. Zoology, Anatomy. 
Hamilton, Can, Nov. 5, 75. A.B, Toronto, 96; 
Senff fellow, Columbia, 99-00, Ph.D, 02. Lec- 
turer zool, Toronto, 02 Asst. director, Biol. 
Lab, Georgian Bay, Lake Huron. Paleont. Soc; 
Micros. Soc. General mammalian and marsu- 
pial evolution. 



Bensley, Prof. R(obert) R(ussell), 5477 Ellis 
Ave, Chicago, Ills. *Anatomy. Hamilton, 
Can, Nov. 13, 67. A.B, Toronto, 89, M.B, 92. 
Asst. demonstrator biol, Toronto, 92-99, demon- 
strator, 99-01; asst. prof, anat, Chicago, 01- 
Soc. Nat; Ass. Anat; British Ass. The gastric 
glands of mammals ; esophagal glands of Uro- 
dela; microchemistry. The glands of Brunner; 
structure of the human stomach. 

Bentley, Prof. I(saac) Madison, Cascadilla Place, 
Ithaca, N. Y. Psychology. Clinton, la, June 
18, 70. B.S, Nebraska, 95; Ph.D, Cornell, 98. 
Asst. psychol, Cornell, 97-98, instr, 98-02, asst. 
prof, 02- M.A.A; Psychol. Ass; Philos. Ass. 
The memory image; mental synthesis. Experi- 
mental esthetics. 

Bentley, Dr. William B(urdelle), Morris Ave, 
Athens, O. Chemistry. Maple Valley, N. Y, 
Aug. 8, 66. A.B, Harvard, 89, A.M, 90, Ph.D, 
98. Asst. chem, Harvard, 90-91; adj. prof, 
chem. and physics, Arkansas, 91-94, assoc. prof, 
94-00; prof, chem, Ohio (Athens), 00- Asst. 
chem, U. S. Torpedo Sta, Newport, R. I, 90. 
F.A.A; hon. fel. London Soc. Biol. Chem. Or- 
ganic chemistry. 

Benton, Frank, 925 N St, N. W, Washington, D. C. 
Entomology, Apiculture. Coldwater, Mich, 
July 5, 52. Mich. Agr. Col, 70-71; Tennessee, 
75-76; B.S, Mich. Agr. Col, 79; Athens, 83; 
Munich, 84-85; M.S, Mich. Agr. Col, 86. 
Teacher, pub. schools, Mich, 70-73 ; instr. apicul- 
ture, Tennessee, 75-76; principal pub. schools, 
Mich, 77-78; instr. French and math, Ger.-Am. 
Sem, Detroit, Mich, 78-79; French, Mich. Agr. 
Col, 79; investigated honey-bees of Europe, 
Africa and Asia, 80-91; special agent and 
investigator, U. 8. Dept. Agr, 91-99, asst. 
entomologist, 99-01, in charge apiarian in- 
vestigations, 01- Prussian state medal, 
Frankfort-on-Main, 83; silver medal with 
diploma, Paris Expos, 00; two diplomas, Pan.- 
Am. Expos, 01; numerous first premiums. 
M.A.A; Ass. Econ. Entom; Nat. Geog. Soc; 
Wash. Entom. Soc. (cor. sec'y, 94-05) ; Nat. Bee 
Keepers' Ass; N. Am. Bee Keepers' Ass. (sec'y, 
93-94); Mich. State Bee Keepers' Ass. (sec'y, 
73-74) ; hon. mem. numerous American and 
foreign apiarian societies. History and habits 
of bees; apiarian science. The production of 
superior types of honey-bees by crossing 
varieties; native honey-bees of the far East; 
the mating of queen bees in confinement; de- 
vices for wintering and manipulation of bees. 

Benton, Dr. J(ohn) R(obert), 1103 13th St, Wash- 
ington, D. C. Physics. Concord, N. H, June 
6, 76. B.S, Trinity (Conn.), 97, A.B, 98; 
Ph.D, Gottingen, 00. Asst. physics and astron, 
Trinity (Conn.), 97-98; instr. math, Princeton, 
00-01; asst. physics, Cornell, 01-02; experi- 
menter, Edison Lab, 02- M.A.A; Physical 
Soc; Astron. and Astrophys. Soc; Math. Soc. 
Mechanical properties of matter, especially elas- 
ticity and hydrodynamics. Elasticity. 

Bentz, Dr. Charles A, 84 Orange St, Buffalo, 
N. Y. Bacteriology. Buffalo, Feb. 20, 79. 

M.D, Buffalo, 02. Lecturer histol. and bacter, 
Buffalo, 02-04, bacter, OJf- Asst. pathologist, 
Erie Co. Hosp; Buffalo Gen. Hosp. Ass. Path, 
and Bact; Buffalo Acad. Med. Trichinosis; 
rhinophyma; tetanus; arthritis deformans. 
Avian tuberculosis. 

Benzenberg, George Henry, 255 Greenbush St, 
Milwaukee, Wis. Engineering. New York, N. 
Y, May 31, 47. C.E, Michigan, 67. Asst, 
U. S. Lake Surv, 66-69 ; C. M. and St. P. R. R. 
and M. and U.R.R, 69-73; asst. city engineer, 
Milwaukee, 73-82, city engineer, 82-99; con- 
sulting engineer, 95- Consulting engineer for 
cities throughout the U. S. Civil Eng. (v. pres, 
01-03) ; Munic. Eng. (pres, 96) ; Am. Water 
Works Ass. (pres, 93) ; New Eng. Water Works 

Berg, Walter G(ilman), 261 W. 52d St, New York, 
N. Y. Civil engineering. New York, Jan. 12, 
58. Ten years in schools of Paris and Stutt- 
gart; C.E, Stuttgart, 78. Draftsman and shop 
inspector, Delaware Bridge Co, N. Y, 78-79; 
bridge engineer and engineer in charge, Rich- 
mond and Alleghany R. R, 79-82; principal 
asst. engineer, E. Tenn, Va. and Ga. R. R, 
82-83; asst. engineer, principal asst. engineer 
and engineer maintenance of way, Lehigh Valley 
R. R, 83-00, chief engineer, 00- Supt. Lehigh 
Valley Creosoting Works. Civil Eng; Eng. 
Educ; Am. R. R. Eng. and Maintenance of Way 
Ass; Am. Roadmasters and M. of W. Ass; Ass. 
R. R. Supts. Bridges and Buildings (pres.). 
Technical, railroad, educational and general en- 
gineering. Design of railroad shops; econom- 
ical location of railroads; tonnage rating of 
railroad trains; classification of railroad ac- 
counts; general railroading as a science and 

Berger, Prof. E(dward) W(illiam), Berea, O. 
Zoology. Middleburg, O, Nov. 29, 69. A.B, 
German Wallace, 91; Ph.B, Baldwin, 94; Ph.D, 
Hopkins, 99. Prof, science, Baldwin, 99-01 ; 
Lincoln High Sch, Cleveland, 01-02. Ohio 
Acad. Physiology and histology of Cubome- 
dusae. Pseudoscorpionidae; habits of Hyphan- 
tria cunea. 

Bergey, Dr. D(avid) H(endricks), 34th and Locust 
Sts, Philadelphia, Pa. Bacteriology, Hygiene. 
Montgomery Co, Pa, Dec. 27, 60. M.D, B.S, 
Pennsylvania, 84; A.M, Ills. Wesleyan, 94; 
Scott fellow, Pennsylvania, 94-95. Instr. hy- 
giene, Pennsylvania, 95-96, first asst, Lab. 
Hygiene, 96-03, asst. prof, bacter, 03- F.A.A; 
Soc. Nat; Ass. Path, and Bact; Soc. Bact; Am. 
Med. Ass; Climat. Ass; Nat. Educ. Ass. Com- 
position of expired air; pseudo-diphtheria 
bacilli; hemolysis and bacteriology; influence of 
alcoholism upon hemolysis. Etiology of vari- 
ola, vaccinia, varicella and rubeola; influence of 
pasteurization on the bacterial content and the 
keeping qualities of milk. 

Bergstrom, Prof. John A(ndrew), 137 Forest Place, 
Bloomington, Ind. Psychology, Pedagogy. 
Blidsberg, Sweden, Oct. 28, 67. A.B, Wesleyan, 
90; Ph.D, Clark, 94. Teacher, private sch, 



Middletown, Conn, 90-91; asst. prof, psychol. 
and pedag, Indiana, 94-96, assoc. prof, 96-02, 
prof, pedag. and director, Psychol. Lab, 02- 
F.A.A; Psychol. Ass. Interference of associa- 
tions; conditions of mental activity; ergo- 
graphic experimentation ; psychological appa- 
ratus. Ergographic studies; sleep; memory; 
errors in observation; problems in school 
hygiene, child-study and comparative pedagogy. 

Berkeley, Dr. W(illia)m N, San Juan, P. R. 
Chemistry. Aldie, Va, Sept. 24, 67. Vir- 
ginia, 87-88, 91-92; Ph.D, Hopkins, 99. 
Chemist, Dora Furnace Co, Va, 92-93; prof, 
chem, St. John's (Md.), 93-96; instr. science, 
Model and Training Sch, San Juan, P. R, 99; 
chemist, Superior Board of Health, P. R, 00- 
Instr, Diechman Sch, Baltimore, 98. M.A.A; 
Chem. Soc; Chem. Gesell. Rate of reduction 
of isomeric nitrobenzoic acids; food value of 

Berkey, Dr. Charles P(eter), Columbia University, 
New York, N. Y. Mineralogy, Petrology, Geol- 
ogy. Goshen, Ind, March 25, 67. B.S, Min- 
nesota, 92, M.S, 93, Ph.D, 97. Instr. miner, 
Minnesota, 93-03; tutor geol, Columbia, 03- 
Asst, Minn, and Wis. Geol. Surveys. F.A.A; 
Geol. Soc; Minn. Acad. (cor. sec'y, 97-03). 
The geology and mineralogy of certain Keween- 
awan and Cambrian areas in Minnesota and 
Wisconsin; clays and other mineral resources of 
Minnesota and North Dakota; stream erosion 
on massive igneous rocks; interpretation and 
chronology of certain laminated glacial depos- 
its. Geology of the Tarrytown (N. Y. ) quad- 

Berliner, Emile, 1458 Columbia Road, Washington, 
D. C. Electricity, Acoustics. Hanover, Ger- 
many, May 20, 51. German pub. schools. 
Chief instrument inspector, Bell Telephone Co, 
78-81. John Scott medal, Franklin Inst. The 
telephone transmitter; the gramophone. 

Berry, Edward W, Maryland Geological Survey, 
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md. 
Botany. Newark, N. J, Feb. 10, 75. High 
Sch. Walker prize, Boston Soc. Nat. Hist, 01. 
F.A.A; N. Y. Acad; Torrey Bot. Club (sec'y). 
Ancient floras. Flora of the Cretaceous period; 
phylogeny of sassafras and the Magnoliaceae, 
Comptonia, Aralia, etc. 

Bessey, Prof. Charles E(dwin), 1507 R St, Lincoln, 
Nebr. *Botany. Milton, O, May 21, 45. B.S, 
Mich. Agr. Col, 69, M.S, 72; Harvard, 72-73, 
75-76; Ph.D, Iowa, 79. Prof, bot, Iowa State, 
70-84; Nebraska, 8Jf-; state botanist, Nebr, 93- 
Bot. ed, 'Am. Naturalist,' 80-97; 'Johnson's 
Cyclopedia,' 93-; assoc. ed, 'Science,' 97- 
Medal, Acad. Int. Geog. Bot, 99; LL.D, Iowa 
(Grinnell), 98. F.A.A. (sec'y, F, 84, v. pres, 
93, 94, 02); Bot. Soc. (pres," 96-97) ; Micros. 
Soc. (pres, 01-02); Soc. Prom. Agr. Sci. (pres, 
89-91); Forestry Ass; Nat. Geog. Soc; Wild 
Flower Preservation Soc. (pres, 03-04) ; Bot. 
Cent. States; Torrey Bot. Club; Nebr. Acad, 
ipres, 91-94); Iowa Acad, (pres, 75-84); 
Wash. Acad; Davenport Acad; Int. Ass. Bot; 

Acad. Int. G6og. Bot. The forests, grasses 
and fungi of the great plains and conditions 
which govern their distribution. The relation- 
ship of the natural plant families; the bull 
pine; plant migration. 

Bessey, Dr. Ernst A(thearn), Subtropical Labo- 
ratory, Miami, Fla. Vegetable pathology and 
physiology. Ames, la, Feb. 20, 77. A.B, Ne- 
braska, 96, B.S, 97, A.M, 98; Ph.D, Halle, 04. 
Asst. veg. pathologist, U. S. Dept. Agr, 99-01, 
asst. in charge seed and plant introduction, 
01-02, veg. pathologist, 04-06, pathologist in 
charge, Subtropical Lab, Miami, Fla, 06- Lab. 
asst. bot, Colorado Summer Sch, 94, 95, 96; field 
collector, N. Y. Bot. Garden, 97 ; Div. Agrost, U. 
S. Dept. Agr, 98, agr. explorer, 02, 03, 04. 
F.A.A; (sec'y, G, 01); Soc. Plant Morph. and 
Physiol; Wash. Bot. Soc; Bot. Gesell. 

Best, Dr. G(eorge) N(ewton), Rosemont, N. J. 
Bryology. Round Valley, N. J, Oct. 16, 46. 
Lafayette, 73; M.D, Pennsylvania, 75. M.A.A; 
Torrey Bot. Club; Sullivant Moss Chapter 
(pres. 01-02). Musci; Leskeaceae. 

Bethel, Prof. Ellsworth, 270 S. Marion St, Denver, 
Colo. Botany. Smyrna, O, June 20, 63. B.S, 
U. S. Grant Univ, 86. Instr. biol, High Sch, 
Denver, 90- Hon. A.M, Denver, 05. Colo. Sci. 
Soc; Colo. Acad, (director, Dept. Bot, pres.) ; 
Colo. Hist, and Nat. Hist. Soc. Fungi; Algae. 

Bethune, Rev. C(harles) J(ames) S(tewart), 500 

Dufferin Ave, London, Can. Entomology. West 
Flamboro, Ont, Aug. 11, 38. Upper Canada, 
55-56; A.B, Trinity (Can.), 59, A.M, 62. 
Ed, ' Canadian Entomologist,' 68-73 ; head mas- 
ter, Trinity Col. Sch, Port Hope, Ont, 70-99; 
ed, ' Canadian Entomologist,' 85- D.C.L, Trin- 
ity (Can.), 83. F.A.A; Entom. Soc; Ass. 
Econ. Entom; Wash. Entom. Soc; Buffalo Soc. 
Nat. Sci; fel. Can. Royal Soc. (pres, Sect. IV, 
00) ; Can. Inst; Ont. Entom. Soc. (pres, cura- 
tor and librarian, 04-05) ; Ottawa Field Nat. 
Club; N. S. Inst. Economic entomology; Can- 
adian Lepidoptera. Life histories of injurious 

x Beutenmuller, William, 55 Kelly St, Bronx, New 
York, N. Y. *Entomology. Hoboken, N. J, 
March 31, 64. Pub. and private schools, N. Y. 
City. Curator, Dept. Entom, Am. Mus. Nat. 
Hist, 89- N. Y. Entom. Soc. (pres, 00-01, ed, 
'Jour.' (Vols. I.-XL); Torrey Bot. Club. 
Lepidoptera; Coleoptera; gall-insects; bibliog- 
raphy of American entomology; Sesiidae. The 
genus Catocala; insects of the Black Moun- 
tains, North Carolina; Lepidoptera found with- 
in 50 miles of New York City. 
Bevan, Dr. Arthur Dean, 2917 Michigan Ave, 
Chicago, Ills. Surgery, Anatomy. Chicago, 
Aug. 6, 61. Sheffield Sci. Sch, Yale, 78-79; 
M.D, Rush Med. Col, 83; Leipzig, 92-93. 
Surgeon, U. S. Marine Hosp. Service, 83-S8; 
prof, anat, Rush Med. Col, 88-98, assoc. prof. 
surg, 98-02, prof, Rush Med. Col. and Chicago, 
02- Surgeon, Presbyterian Hosp, 94- Prize, 
Chicago Med. Soc, 98. Ass. Anat; Surg. 
Ass; Am. Med. Ass; Chicago Med. Soc. (pres, 



9S). Surgical anatomy of liver and bile tracts; 
surgical treatment of gall-stones, of stomach 
and of undescended testis; iodid of potash in 
blastomycosis; traumatic neuroses. The effect 
of X-rays on malignant tumors. 

Bevier, Prof. Isabel, University of Illinois, Urbana, 
Ills. Household science. Plymouth, O. Ph.B, 
Wooster, 85, Ph.M, 88; Summer Sch, Harvard, 
88; special student, Prof. AtwaWs Lab, 94; 
Mass. Inst. Tech, 98. Principal, High Sch, 
Shelby, O, 85-87; Mt. Vernon, O, 87-88; prof. 
nat. science, Pa. Col. for Women, 88-97 ; chem, 
Lake Erie Col, Painesville, O, 98-99; household 
science and head of dept, Illinois, 00- Asst. 
nutrition investigations, U. S. Dept. Agr, 94- 
99; mem. Jury of Awards, Columbian Expos, 93. 
M.A.A; Chem. Soc; Pub. Health Ass. Chem- 
istry of food; science of nurtition. Tempera- 
tures in the cooking of meats. 

Beyer, Prof. Geo(rge) E(ugene), 1457 Calhoun St, 
New Orleans, La. Biology. Meissen, Saxonv, 
Sept. 9, 61. Dresden, 73-79; Berlin, 79-80; 
special studies under Brehm, Staudinger and 
Engelhardt. Instr. nat. hist, Tulane, 95-97, 
asst. prof, biol, 97-02, prof, 02- Asst. surgeon, 
U. S. Marine Hosp. Service, Vera Cruz, Mex; 
special inspector, U. S. Dept. Agr. M.A.A; 
fel. Ornith. Union; Micros. Soc; Pub. Health 
Ass; Audubon Soc. (mem. Advisory Council) ; 
Bird-lore Soc. (mem. Advisory Council) ; La. 
Nat. Soc. (pres.) ; hon. mem. La. Med. Soc; 
hon. mem. Orleans Parish Med. Soc. Birds; 
reptiles; archeology of Louisiana; mosquitoes 
and their relation to disease. The yellow fever 

Beyer, Dr. Henry G(ustav), U. S. N, Washington, 
D. C. ^Physiology, Hygiene. Hohenstein- 
Ernstthal, Germany, Oct. 28, 50. M.D, Belle- 
vue Hosp. Med. Col, 76; M.R.C.S, London, 81; 
hon. fellow, Hopkins, 86-87, Ph.D, 87. Phar- 
macist, 67-73; asst. surgeon, U. S. N, 76-80, 
past asst. surgeon, 80-93, surgeon, 93- Cura- 
tor, U. S. Nat. Mus, 84-87; instr. and lecturer 
physiol. and hygiene, U. S. Naval Acad, 91-96; 
lecturer hygiene, U. S. Naval War Col, Newport, 
99-04; prof, Naval Med. Sch. Delegate for U. 
S. Navy to British Med. Ass, Montreal, 87. 
Physiol. Soc; Ass. Path, and Bact. The struc- 
ture of Lingula pyramidata; the nervous sys- 
tem of Porpita; pharmacology; growth of U. S. 
naval cadets. Ventilation and water-supply on 
ships of the U. S. Navy. 

Beyer, Prof. S(amuel) W(alker), Iowa State Col- 
lege, Ames, la. Geology. Clearfield, Pa, May 
15, 65. B.S, Iowa State, 89; Ph.D, Hopkins, 
95. Instr. geol, Iowa State, 91-95, asst. prof, 
95-98, prof, 98- Asst, Iowa Geol. Surv, 92-; 
asst. geologist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 01- F.A.A; 
Geol. Soc; Min. Eng; Eng. Educ; Wash. Geol. 
Soc; fel. Iowa Acad. Economic geology; Iowa 
clays. Iowa coals and quarry products. 

Bibbins, A(rthur Barneveld), 2313 N. Charles St, 
Baltimore, Md. Geology. Hanover, Mich, 60. 
Ph.B, Albion, 87; Hopkins, 87-89. Curator and 
head, Dept. Geol. and Miner, Woman's Col. of 

Baltimore, 92- Mem. Md. Geol. Surv; U. S. 
Geol. Surv. M.A.A; Geol. Soc; Wash. Geol. 
Soc. The Potomac group. 

Bickmore, Prof. Albert S(mith), 130 W. 80th St, 
New York, N. Y. Geography, Geology. St. 
George, Me, March 1, 39. Dartmouth, 60; 
studied with Prof. Louis Agassiz, 60-64; B.S, 
Harvard, 64. Prof. nat. hist, Madison Univ, 
Hamilton, N. Y, 68-70; supt, Am. Mus. Nat. 
Hist, 69-84, prof, in charge, Dept. Bub. Instruc- 
tion, 82- Hon. Ph.D, Hamilton, 69 ; LL.D, Col- 
gate, 05. F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Geol. Soc; Am. 
Geog. Soc; fel. N. Y. Acad; Royal Geog. Soc. 
Methods of illustrating and teaching geography 
and natural history. 
Bicknell, E(ugene) P(intard), P. O. Box 1698, 
New York, N. Y. Botany, Ornithology. Wood- 
mere, L. I, N. Y. Fel. Ornith. Union; Torrey 
Bot. Club; Phila. Bot. Club. 
Biddle, Dr. H(enry) C(halmers), University of 
California, Berkeley, Cal. Chemistry. Kirk- 
wood, Ills, Oct. 4, 69. A.B, Monmouth, 91; 
grad, McCormick Theol. Sem, 96; fellow, Chi- 
cago, 97-99, Ph.D, 00. Instr. chem. and phys- 
ics, Monmouth, 91-92; prof, 92-93; chem, 
Maryville, 99-00; asst, Chicago, 00-01; instr, 
California, 01- Chem. Soc; Chem. Gesell. 
Derivate des Isuretins der Formhydroxamsiiure 
und ihre Beziehungen zur Knallsaure; the re- 
duction of copper by solutions of ferrous salts; 
the determination of molecular weights. 
Biehn, Prof. J(oseph) F(avil), 4023 Wabash Ave, 
Chicago, Ills. Bacteriology, Hematology, Pa- 
thology. Chicago, April 1, 78. A.M, North- 
western, 98, M.D, 01; Post-Grad. Med. Sch, 
01-02. Instr. bacter. and clin. path, Med. Sch, 
Northwestern, 99-02; asst. prof, path, Post- 
Grad. Med. Sch, 01-02; prof, bacter, Dearborn 
Med. Sch, 03-; supt. and bacteriologist, Munic. 
Lab, Chicago, OJf- Bacteriologist, Mercy, 
Samaritan, Wesley and Post-Grad. Hosp. Train- 
ing Schools, 01-; prof. clin. path, Am. Med. 
Col; path, and bacter, Dearborn Post-Grad. 
Med. Sch. M.A.A; Am. Med. Ass; Ills. Med. 
Soc; Chicago Path. Comparative value of an- 
tiseptics; bacteriology of scarlet fever; ^meth- 
ods of preserving vaccine; hemolytic action of 
streptococci serums; diphtheria; water analy- 
sis. Bacteriology of Chicago milk supply. 
Bierring, Dr. Walter L(awrence), Iowa City, la. 
Pathology, Bacteriology. Davenport, la, July 
15, 68. M.D, Iowa, 92; Vienna and Heidel- 
berg, 92; Vienna, 93; Iowa, 94; Pasteur Inst, 
Paris, 94; Vienna, 96, 01. Prof. path, and 
bacter, Iowa, 93-03, theory and practise of med. 
and clin. med, 03- Pathologist, Univ. Hosp, 
Iowa City; Mercy Hosp, Davenport, la. Am. 
Med. Ass; Iowa Med. Ass; Des Moines Path. 
Soc; Iowa Acad. Serum therapy; carcinoma; 
colon bacillus infections; arteriosclerosis; sar- 
coma; etc. 
Bigelow, Dr. Edward F(uller), Stamford, Conn. 
Biology. Colchester, Conn, Jan. 14, 60. Yale, 
96-97 ; Cold Spring Harbor, 99 ; R. I. Col. Agr, 
99; Woods Hole, 00-01; A.M, Ph.D, Taylor, 



99. Ed, various scientific magazines, 90-00; 
nature and science ed, ' St. Nicholas Magazine,' 
00- Director, Summer Schools of Nature Study, 
Conn. Assoc. Ornith. Union; Conn. Audubon 
Soc; Brooklyn Inst; N. Y. Micros. Soc. Ger- 
mination of seeds and artificial growth of plants 
with Sach's solution; aquatic microscopy; life 
histories of insects. Rabbits; honey-bees. 

Bigelow, Prof. Frank H(agar), 1625 Massachusetts 
Ave, Washington, D. C Meteorology, Solar 
physics. Concord, Mass, Aug. 28, 51. A.B, 
Harvard, 73, A.M, 80; B.D, Episcopal Theol. 
Sch, Cambridge, 80. Asst. astronomer, Cordoba 
Observatory, 73-76; U. S. Naval Observatory, 
77; Cordoba Observatory, 81-83; rector, St. 
Paul's Church, Natick, Mass, 80-81; prof, 
math, Racine, 84-89; asst, 'Nautical Almanac' 
Office, 89-91; prof, meteorol, U. S. Weather 
Bur, 91-; solar physics, George Washington, 94~ 
Mem. U. S. Eclipse Expeditions to W. Afr, 
89; S.C, 00; Spain, 05; asst. minister, St. 
John's Church, Washington, 91- L.H.D, Co- 
lumbian, 98. F.A.A. (sec'y, A, 91) ; Astron. 
and Astrophys. Soc; Ass. Prom. Quaternions; 
Wash. Acad; Wash. Philos. Soc. (pres, 98) ; 
Soc. Cient. Ant. Alz; Meteor. Gesell. Solar 
physics; terrestrial magnetism; meteorology. 
Barometry of the United States; dynamics of 
the atmosphere ; temperature and vapor tension ; 
variations in relation to solar radiation. 

Bigelow, Dr. Maurice A(lpheus), Teachers College, 
Columbia University, New York, N. Y. *Zool- 
ogy. Union Co, O, Dec. 8, 72. B.S, Ohio 
Wesleyan, 94; M.S, Northwestern, 96; Ph.D, 
Harvard, 01. Instr. biol, Ohio Wesleyan, 94- 
95; zool, Northwestern, 96-98; biol, Teachers 
Col, Columbia, 99-03, adj. prof, 03- F.A.A; 
Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool; fel. N. Y. Acad. Embry- 
ology of lower Crustacea, especially Cirripedia. 
Comparative studies of the early development 
of lower Crustacea. 

Bigelow, Dr. R(obert) P(ayne), Massachusetts 
Institute of Technology, Boston, Mass. *Zool- 
ogy. Baldwinsville, N. Y, July 10, 63. B.S, 
Harvard, 87; Ph.D, Hopkins, 92, Adam T. 
Bruce fellow, 91-93. Instr. biol, Mass. Inst. 
Tech, 93-, librarian, 95- Ed, ' Am. Naturalist,' 
97-98. F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool; Boston 
Soc. Nat. Hist. Embryology of Medusae; Crus- 
tacea. Variation in Purpura lapidus; effects 
of gymnastic training upon physical characters 
in women; Brachyura of Woods Hole region; 
Stomatopoda from the Pacific Ocean. 

Bigelow, Dr. S(amuel) Lawrence, 1520 Hill St, 
Ann Arbor, Mich. Chemistry. Boston, Mass, 
Feb. 23, 70. A.B, Harvard, 91; B.S, Mass. 
Inst. Tech, 95; Ph.D, Leipzig, 98. Instr. gen. 
chem, Michigan, 98-01, asst. prof, and acting 
director, Lab. Gen. Chem, 01-04, junior prof, 
04-05, gen. and physical chem, 05- F.A.A; 
Chem. Soc; Electrochem. Soc; Mich. Acad; 
Chem. Gesell. Catalysis; decomposition point 
of electrolytes; polarization with low voltages 
and the residual current; colloidal solutions. 

Bigelow, W(illard) D(ell), 2002 Fourth St, N. E, 
Washington, D. C. *Chemistry. Gardner, Kas, 
May 31, 66. A.B, Amherst, 89. Assoc, prof, 
chem, Oregon, 89-90; instr, high schools, Wash- 
ington, 91-92; prof, Med. Dept, National Univ, 
91-98; asst. chemist, U. S. Dept. Agr, 92-01, 
chief, Div. of Foods, Bur. Chem, 01- M.A.A; 
Chem. Soc. Food chemistry. The development, 
ripening and storage of fruit; influence of pre- 
servatives on health and digestion; composition 
and purity of foods. 

Biggs, Dr. George P(atten), 133 W. 73d St, New 
York, N. Y. Pathology, Bacteriology. Tru- 
mansburg, N. Y, Oct. 26, 67. M.D, Univ. and 
Bellevue Hosp. Med. Col, 89. Asst. pathologist, 
N. Y. Hosp, 91-96; pathologist, Health Dept, 
N. Y. City, 94-; N. Y. Hosp, 96-; lecturer 
special path, Univ. and Bellevue Hosp. Med. 
Col, 98-03. Prof, physiol, N. Y. Vet. Col, 
92-97; lecturer hygiene, Med. Col, Cornell. 
Ass. Path, and Bact; N. Y. Acad. Med; N. Y. 
Path. Soc. Pathology and bacteriology. 

Biggs, Prof. Hermann M, 5 W. 58th St, New 
York, N. Y. *Medicine. Trumansburg, N. Y, 
Sept. 29, 59. A.B, Cornell, 82 ; M.D, Univ. and 
Bellevue Hosp. Med. Col, 83. Prof, therapeut. 
and din. med. and adj. prof, med, Univ. and 
Bellevue Hosp. Med. Col, 87-; pathologist and 
director, Bacter. Lab, Health Dept, N. Y. City, 
92-, chief med. officer, 02- Director, Rocke- 
feller Inst, for Med. Research. Ass. Path, and 
Bact; Am. Physicians; Am. Med. Ass; Nat. 
Ass. for Study and Prevent, of Tuberculosis 
(pres.); N. Y. Acad. Med; N. Y. Path. Soc; 
British Med. Ass; hon. fel. Gt. Britain Sanit. 
Inst; cor. mem. Int. Bur. for Tuberculosis. 
Bacteriology; clinical medicine; preventive 

Bigham, Dr. John, 360 Carolina St, Oakland, Pitts- 
burg, Pa. Philosophy, Psychology. Pittsburg, 
Jan. 3, 64. A.B, Amherst, 87, A.M. 90; B.D, 
Yale, 92; A.M, Harvard, 93, Ph.D, 94. Teacher 
Greek and Latin, High Sch, Ottawa, Ills, 87-88 ; 
prof. Greek, Ripon, 88-89; instr. philos. and 
director, Psychol. Lab, Michigan, 94-95; prof, 
philos, De Pauw, 95-98; research work, 98-00; 
in business, 00- Psychol. Ass. Religious psy- 
chology; experimental psychology. Religious 
psychology; social psychology. 

xBigney, Prof. A(ndrew) J(ohnson), Moores Hill, 
Ind. Biology. Moores Hill, Feb. 15, 64. A.B, 
Moores Hill, 88, A.M, 91; Hopkins, 93-94. 
Prof. biol. and geol, Moores Hill, 88-92, 94- 
Asst. biol, Hopkins, 93-94. M.A.A; fel. Ind. 
Acad. Amoeba; early stages in various eggs. 
Nitrifying bacteria. 

Billings, Dr. Frank, 35 22d St, Chicago, Ills. 
*Medicine. Highland, Wis, April 2, 54. M.D, 
Northwestern, 81; Vienna, 85-86; M.S, North- 
western, 90. Prof, physical diagnosis, Med. 
Sch, Northwestern, 87-90, practise of med, 90- 
98 ; med, Rush. Med. Col, Chicago, 98-, dean 
of Faculty, 99^ Ass. Path, and Bact; Am. 
Physicians; Am. Med. Ass. (pres, 92-93) ; Ills. 
Med. Soc; Chicago Med. Soc; Chicago Path. 



Soc; Chicago Acad. Pernicious anemia; spinal 
cord, changes in pernicious anemia. Internal 

Billings, Dr. Fraak S(eaver), Sharon, Mass. 
Pathology, Anatomy, Bacteriology. Boston, 
Mass, Jan. 15, 45. Vet. Sch. and Med. Dept, 
Berlin, 75-79; special student with Rudolf 
Virchow, 79-81, 83-85. Pathologist, N. Y. 
Polyclin. Med. Sch, 85-86 ; founder and director, 
Path. Lab, Nebraska, 86-93; prof. gen. path, 
Chicago Vet. Col, 86-93. Assoc, ed, 'Jour. 
Comp. Med,' 83-86. Hon. M.D, Medico-Chirurg. 
Col, Phila. Am. Med. Ass; Boston Gynec. Soc. 
Infectious diseases. Ethics. 

Billings, Dr. F(rederick) H(oratio), Baton Rouge, 
La. Botany. Chicago, Ills, May 26, 69. A.B, 
Stanford, 96; A.M, Harvard, 97; Ph.D, Munich, 
01. Asst. prof. nat. science, Pomona; prof, hot, 
Louisiana. La. Soc. Nat. Plant embryology. 

Billings, Dr. J(ohn) S(haw), 32 E. 31st St, New 
York, N. Y. *Medicine, Bacteriology, Hygiene, 
Bibliography. Switzerland Co, Ind, April 12, 
38. A.B, Miami, 57, A.M, 60; M.D, Cincinnati, 
60. Asst. surgeon, U. S. A, 61, lieut. col, 94; 
prof, hygiene, Pennsylvania, 94-96; director, N. 
Y. Pub. Library, 96- In charge vital statistics, 
Tenth and Eleventh Censuses; curator, Army 
Med. Mus. and Library. LL.D, Edinburgh, 84; 
Harvard, 86; Yale, 01; Hopkins, 02; D.C.L, 
Oxford, 89. Nat. Acad; Am. Acad; Philos. 
Soc; Int. Statist. Inst. Minute fungi; bac- 
teriology; vital statistics; hygiene; library 
economy; medical education. Library work. 

Binns, Prof. Charles F(ergus), Alfred, N. Y. 
Ceramics. Worcester, England, Oct. 4, 57. 
King's scholar, Worcester Cathedral Sch, 68-72. 
With Royal Porcelain Works, Worcester, Eng- 
land, 72-97; examiner in pottery and porcelain, 
London, 95-97; principal, Tech. Sch, Trenton, 
N. J, 98-00; director, N. Y. State Sch. Clay- 
working and Ceramics, 00- Supt, Ceramic Art 
Co, Trenton, N. J, 99. Silver medal, Paris, 
00; hon. M.S, Alfred. Ceramic Soc. (v. pres, 
00, pres, 01). Technology of clays, glazes and 
fuels for potter's use ; art and history of pottery. 

Bird, H(enry), Rye, N. Y. Entomology. Rye, 
Oct. 12, 69. Pub. schools. Building business. 
N. Y. Entom. Soc. Noctuid moths of North 
America. Life histories in the noctuid genus 

Bird, Dr. R(obert) M(ontgomery), Columbia, Mo. 
Chemistry. Petersburg, Va, June 13, 67. A.B, 
B.S, Hampden-Sidney, 97; Ph.D, Hopkins, 01. 
Prof, science and math, Frederick Col, Md, 
98-99 ; acting prof, chem, Miss. Agr. and Mech. 
Col, 01-02; acting prof. agr. chem. and chem- 
ist, Agr. Exp. Sta, Missouri, 02-03, instr. agr. 
chem, 03-05, asst. prof, 05- Chem. Soc. Cer- 
tain reactions of orthosulphobenzoic acid ; toxic 
agents for treating trees against insect enemies; 
methods of analysis. 

Bird, Prof. William W(arren), 10 Harvard St, 
Worcester, Mass. Mechanical engineering. 
Somerville, Mass, April 11, 66. B.S, Worcester, 
87. Asst. and instr. mech. eng, Worcester, 87- 

91, asst. prof, steam eng, 94-96, prof. mech. 
eng, 04- Mech. Eng; Soc. Testing Materials. 
Cylinder condensation; power transmission by 
leather belting. 

Birge, Dr. E(dward) A(sahel), 744 Langdon St 
Madison, Wis. Zoology. Troy, N. Y, Sept. 7 
51. A.B, Williams, 73, A.M, 76; Ph.D, Har 
vard, 78; Leipzig, 80-81. Instr. nat. hist 
Wisconsin, 75-79, prof, zool, 79-, dean, Col 
Letters and Science, 91-, acting pres, 00-03 
Commissioner fisheries, Wis, 94-; director, Wis 
Geol. and Nat. Hist. Surv, 97- Hon. Sc.D 
Western Univ. of Pa, 97; LL.D, Williams, 03 
F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Micros. Soc. (pres, 02-03 
Wis. Acad, (pres, 90-91). Cladocera; limnol 
ogy. Lake temperatures; biology of plankton 

Birkinbine, John, Odd Fellows' Temple, Philadel 
phia, Pa. Hydraulics, Mining engineering 
Berks Co, Pa, Nov. 16, 44. Pa. Polytech 
64. Practising engineer, 6^- Min. Eng. (pres 
91-92) ; Mech. Eng; Franklin Inst, (pres, 97-) 
Phila. Eng. Club (pres, 93) ; hon. mem. Can. 
Min. Inst, and Foundrymen's Ass. Water 
powers and water supply ; iron and manganese 
ore and blast furnace metallurgy. 

Birnie, Major R(ogers), U. S. A, Ordnance De- 
partment, Governor's Island, New York Harbor, 
N. Y. Mechanical engineering, Ordnance con- 
struction. Glen Burn Farm, Md, April 5, 51. 
Grad, U. S. Mil. Acad, 72. Lieut, 13th U. S. 
Inf, 72-78; lieut, Ordnance Dept, U. S. A, 
78-86, capt, 86-01, major, 01- Inf. service, 
Camp Douglas, Utah, 72-74; in charge of party, 
U. S. Geol. Surveys West of 100th Meridian, 
74-78; chief ordnance officer, Seventh Army 
Corps, 98-99 ; Div. of Cuba, 99 ; mem. Ordnance 
Board, 99, pres, 00; Board of Engineers, 02. 
Wash. Acad; Wash. Philos. Soc. Gun con- 
struction. Ordnance materials; military engi- 

Bishop, Prof. Irving P(rescott), 109 Norwood Ave, 
Buffalo, N. Y. Geology. Burlington Flats, 
N. Y, Nov. 18, 49. Cornell, 74-75. Principal, 
New Berlin Acad, 75-76; High Sch, Perry, N. 
Y, 78-85; Chatham, N. Y, 85-88; teacher sci- 
ence, State ~Nor. Sch, Buffalo, N. Y, 8S- Instr. 
geol. and physics, Chautauqua, 85-04. Hon. 
A.M, Alfred, 01. Geol. Soc; N. Y. State Sci- 
ence Teachers Ass. (pres, 03).. Stratigraph- 
ical and economic geology; economic geology of 
western New York. 

Bishop, Dr. Louis B(ennett), 356 Orange St, New 
Haven, Conn. Medicine, Ornithology. Guil- 
ford, Conn, June 5, 65. A.B, Yale, 86, M.D, 
88. Head, Dept. Pediat, New Haven Dispen- 
sary, 96-; instr. pediat, Med. Sch, Yale, 99- 
M.A.A; fel. Ornith. Union; Conn. Acad; N. Y. 
Linnean Soc; Conn. Med. Soc; New Haven Co. 
and City Med. Societies; cor. mem. Nuttall 
Ornith. Club; Cooper (Cal.) Ornith. Club; 
Wilson Ornith. Club; Wash. Biol. Soc. Orni- 
thology; pediatrics. 

Bissell, Prof. G(eorge) W(elton), Ames, la. 
Mechanical engineering. Poughkeepsie, N. Y, 
July 14, 66. M.E, Cornell, 88. Instr. exp. 



eng, Cornell, 88-91; prof. mech. eng, Iowa 
State, 92- Managing ed, ' Iowa Eng.' F.A.A ; 
Mech. Eng; Elec. Eng; Eng. Educ; Naval Eng; 
Iowa Eng. Soc; Iowa Elec. Ass; West. Railway 
Club; Int. Ass. Testing Materials. Properties 
of lubricants ; steam-engine economics. 

Bixby, Lieut. Col. W(illiam) H(erbert), U. S. A, 

Engineer's Office, Room 510 Federal Building, 
Chicago, Ills. Civil and military engineering. 
Charlestown, Mass, Dec. 27, 49. Mass. Inst. 
Tech, 66-67; grad, U. S. Mil. Acad, 73; U. S. A. 
Postgrad. Eng. Sch, 75; Ecole des Ponts et 
Chauss6es, 81. Asst. prof, eng, U. S. Mil. Acad, 
75-79; U. S. engineer to attend French army 
manceuvers, 80, and to examine and report on 
iron fortifications in Europe, 81-82; capt, Corps 
Engineers, U. S. A, 83-95, major, 95-04, lieut. 
col, 0-'f- Adjt, U. S. Battalion Engineers, 83- 
84; in charge various U. S. harbor, river, light- 
house and fortification improvements, 84-; 
Charleston earthquake eng. duty, 87 ; lecturer 
coast defences, U. S. Naval War Col, 87 ; mem. 
U. S. Boards on Long-span Suspension Bridges, 
93; Steel and Portland Cement, 00. Chevalier 
Legion d'honneur. F.A.A; Civil Eng; Mech. 
Eng; Eng. Educ; Soc. Testing Materials; Na- 
val Inst; U. S. Mil. Service Inst; Cavalry Ass; 
Econ. Ass; Acad. Polit. and Social Sci; Nat. 
Geog. Soc; Wash. Acad; British Ass; British 
Inst. Civil Eng; Soc. des Ing. civile de France. 
Graphical solutions; wind pressures; Portland 
cement; iron for fortifications; bridges; canals; 
river, harbor and lighthouse improvements. 
River, canal and harbor improvements. 

Black, Dr. Homer V(an Valkenburg), 222 Wash- 
ington St, Atlanta, Ga. Chemistry. Americus, 
Ga, Jan. 16, 77. A.B, Georgia, 96; Ph.D, Hop- 
kins, 00. Adj. prof, chem, Ga. Sch. Tech, 00-02, 
junior prof, 02- M.A.A; Chem. Soc. Perman- 
ganates of barium, strontium and calcium. 
Cotton seed oil; analytical methods. 

Black, Otis Fisher, 10 Avon St, Cambridge, Mass. 
Chemistry. Cambridge, March 10, 67. A.B, 
Harvard, 91; fellow, Northwestern, 92-93, A.M, 
93. Asst. chem, Harvard, 95-01, instr, 02- 
Chem. Soc. Organic chemistry. Nitro deriva- 
tives of mucobromic acid. 

Black, Lieut. Col. W(illiam) M(urray), U. S. A, 
Engineer's Office, Portland, Me. Engineering. 
Lancaster, Pa, Dec. 8, 55. Franklin and Mar- 
shall, 70-73; grad, U. S. Mil. Acad, 77. Pro- 
moted through all grades to lieut. col, Corps 
Engineers, U. S. A, 77-; instr. practical mil. 
eng, U. S. Mil. Acad, 82-S6; civil eng, U. S. 
Eng. Sch, 91-95; commander, Eng. Sch. of 
Application, 01-03. Engineer commissioner, 
D. C, 97-98 ; lieut. col. and chief engineer, U. S. 
Vols, Spanish -Am. War, and in charge cleaning 
of Havana, Cuba. Rowland prize, Civil Eng, 
93; Fry prize, U. S. Mil. Service Inst, 03. 
Civil Eng; U. S. Mil. Service Inst; Soc. Am. 
and For. Wars. Harbors on sandy coasts; im- 
provements in practical military engineering 
material and methods. Improvements in meth- 
ods and materials of military engineering. 

Blackader, Dr. A(lexander) D(ougall), 236 Moun- 
tain St, Montreal, Can. Medicine. Montreal, 
June 19, 47. A.B, McGill, 70, M.D, CM, 72; 
M.R.C.S, London, 74; Vienna, 84; Prague, 88. 
Lecturer diseases of children, McGill, 81-, prof. 
Pharmacol, and therapeut, 91- Assoc, ed, 
'Montreal Med. Jour'; physician, Montreal 
Gen. Hosp ; consulting physician, Sick Children 
and Foundling Hosp. Am. Physicians; Pediat. 
Soc. (pres, 93) ; Climat. Ass; Montreal Medico- 
Chirurg. Soc. (pres, 96). Clinical medicine, 
especially pediatrics; pharmacology. 

Blackman, Dr. M(aulsby) W(illett), Western Re- 
serve Medical College, Cleveland, O. Zoology. 
Lawrence, Kas, March 26, 76. A.B, Kansas, 01, 
A.M, 02; Austin fellow, Harvard, 04-05, Ph.D, 
05. Instr. zool. and histol, Kansas, 01-04; 
comp. anat. and embryol, Med. Col, Western 
Reserve, 05- Ohio Acad. Spermatogenesis of 
Scolopendra. Spermatogenesis of Lithobius, 
Scutigera and Geophilus. 

Blackmar, Prof. Frank W(ilson), 1115 Ohio St, 
Lawrence, Kas. Sociology, Economics. West 
Springfield, Pa, Nov. 3, 54. Ph.B, Pacific, 81, 
A.M, 84; fellow, Hopkins, 88-89, Ph.D, 89. 
Prof, math, Pacific, 82-86; instr. hist, Hopkins, 
87-88; prof. hist, and sociol, Kansas, 89-99, 
sociol. and econ, 99-, dean, Grad. Sch, 97- 
F.A.A; Econ. Ass; Am. Hist. Ass; Anthrop. 
Ass; Am. Geog. Soc; Kas. Hist. Soc; Kas. Ass. 
Charities and Correction. Spanish-American 
institutions; sociology; economic and social 
problems. Economic history of the United 

Blackwell, Dr. H(owafd) L(ane), 65 Burnet St, 
East Orange, N. J. Physics. East Orange, 
July 19, 76. A.B, Harvard, 99, A.M, 00, grad. 
student, 01-05, Ph.D, 05. Eng. offices, Crocker- 
Wheeler Co, 00-01 ; asst. physics, Harvard, 01, 
research fellow, 05- Physical Soc; Elec. Eng. 
Double refraction in an electrostatic field. 

Blair, Andrew A(lexander), 406 Locust St, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. *Chemistry. Woodford Co, Ky, 
Sept. 20, 48. Grad, U. S. Naval Acad, 66. 
Midshipman and ensign, U. S. N, 62-69; chief 
chemist, U. S. Board to test iron, steel and 
other metals, 75-78; Div. Mining Geol, U. S. 
Geol. Surv, and Tenth Census, 79-81; consult- 
ing chemist, 82- F.A.A; Chem. Soc; Soc. 
Chem. Indust; Min. Eng; Philos. Soc. Chem- 
ical analysis of iron and steel, ores and alloys. 
Analysis of steel. 

Blair, Dr. Viliay Papin, Linmar Building, St. 
Louis, Mo. Anatomy. St. Louis, 71. A.M, 
Christian Brothers Col, 89; M.D, Washington 
(St. Louis), 93. Instr, Med. Dept, Washington 
(St. Louis), 94-97, demonstrator anat. and 
lecturer osteol, 97-99, demonstrator anat. and 
lecturer descriptive anat, 99-04, asst. prof, 
anat, 0k~ Ass. Anat. 

Blaisdell, Dr. F(rank) E(llsworth), 1800 O'Farrell 
St, San Francisco, Cal. Biology. Pittsfield, 
N. H, March 13, 62. M.D, Cooper Med. Col, 
San Francisco, 89. County entomologist, San 



Diego, 86; demonstrator anat. and instr. biol. 
and embryol. and later asst. prof, anat, Cooper 
Med. Col, 00- Pacific Coast Entorn. Soc. 
(sec'y, 00-03). Development of animals; life 
histories of insects; taxonomy of Coleoptera. 
The Tenebrionidae. 

Blake, Dr. Clarence John, 226 Marlborough St, 
Boston, Mass. Otology. Boston, Feb. 23, 43. M.D, 
Harvard, 65; Vienna, 68. Instr. otol, Harvard 
Med. Sch, 71-88, prof, 88- Aural surgeon, 
Mass. Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary, 71-; 
ed, 'Am. Jour. Otol,' 79-82. F.A.A; Otol. 
Soc. (pres, 78); Am. Acad; Physical Educ. 
Soc. (pres, 98); Social Sci. Ass; Boston 
Soc. Nat. Hist. Acoustics: telephony; anat- 
omy, physiology and diseases of the ear. 
Surgery of the temporal bone ; tension anomalies 
of the sound-transmitting apparatus; physio- 
logical acoustics. 

Blake, Dr. E(dwin) M(ortimer), University of 
Arizona, Tucson, Ariz. * Mathematics. New 
York, N. Y, June 16, 68. E.M, Columbia, 90, 
Ph.D, 93. Instr. math, Purdue, 96-98; Cali- 
fornia, 00-04; prof. math, and mech, Arizona, 
0k~ F.A.A; Math. Soc; Soc. math, de France. 

Blake, Francis, P. O. Box 10, Auburndale, Mass. 
*Physics. Needham, Mass, Dec. 25, 50. High 
Sch, 64-66. Aid, U. S. Coast Surv, 66-70, 
subasst, 70-73, asst, 73-78; director, Am. Tele- 
phone and Telegraph Co, 78- Hon. A.M, Har- 
vard, 02. F.A.A; Elec. Eng; Am. Acad. 
Coast survey determinations of astronomical 
latitudes and longitudes; electrical inventions 
pertaining to telephony. 

Blake, J(ames) Henry, 18 Prentiss St, Cambridge, 
Mass. Conchology, Zoology. Boston, Mass, 
July 8, 45. Lawrence Sci. Sch, Harvard, 67-72. 
Asst. and curator conchol, Mus. Comp. Zool, 
Harvard, 72-76. Mem. Hassler Exped, 72; 
artist, U. S. Fish Commission; asst. paleon- 
tologist, U. S. Geol. Surv. Boston Soc. Nat. 
Hist. Conchology; travels; cetaceans'. 

Blake, Dr. J(ohn) C(harles), Massachusetts Insti- 
tute of Technology, Boston, Mass. Physical 
chemistry. Ottumwa, la, May 31, 73. B.S, 
Colorado, 01 ; Ph.D, Yale, 03. Research assoc. 
in physical chem, Mass. Inst. Tech, 03- Chem. 
Soc. Colloidal solutions; crystal structure. 
Nature of colloidal solutions. 

Blake, Dr. Joseph A(ugustus), 601 Madison Ave, 
New York, N. Y. Surgery. San Francisco, 
Cal, Aug. 31, 64. A.B, Yale, 85, Ph.B, 86; 
M.D, Columbia, 89. Asst. demonstrator anat, 
Columbia, 91-00, instr. surg, 00-03, prof, 03- 
Attending surgeon, St. Luke's Hosp; senior 
surgeon, Roosevelt Hosp ; consulting surgeon, 
Northwestern Dispensary. F.A.A; Ass. Anat; 
Surg. Ass; N. Y. Surg. Soc; N. Y. Acad. 
Med; fel. N. Y. Acad. Anatomy of the thorax 
and brain; general surgery. 

Blake, Prof. Lucien Ira, University of Kansas, 
Lawrence, Kas. *Physics, Electrical engineer- 
ing. Mansfield, Mass, Sept. 12, 54. A.B, Am- 

herst, 77; Tyndall fellow, Harvard, 81-83; 
Ph.D, Berlin, 84. Asst. math, Adelphi, 84-85; 
prof, physics and elec. eng, Rose, 85-87 ; Kansas, 
87- Constructing elec. engineer, U. S. Light- 
house Board, 95-96. M.A.A; Physical Soc; 
Chem. Soc; Electrochem. Soc. Electrical neu- 
trality of vapors from electrified surfaces; elec- 
trification by evaporation; etc. Electrolysis by 
electric railways. 

Blake, Prof. W(illia)m P(hipps), Mill Rock, New 
Haven, Conn. (June to Sept.) ; Tucson, Ariz. 
(Sept. to June). * Mineralogy, Oeoloqy, Metal- 
lurgy. New York, N. Y, June 1, 26. Ph.B, 
Yale, 52. Chemist, mineralogist and geologist, 
various companies and surveys, 50-61; mining 
engineer to Japanese Govt, 61-63; govt, ex- 
plorations in Alaska, 63; prof, metal, geol. and 
mining and director, Sch. of Mines, Arizona, 
96-; territorial geologist, Ariz, 98- Officially 
connected with N. Y. World's Fair, 53; Paris 
Expos, 67; Int. Expos, 72-74; Vienna Exhib, 
73 ; Paris Expos, 78 ; commissioner for Pacific 
Coast to Paris, 67 ; ed, ' Commissioner's Re- 
ports,' U. S. Dept. State, 68-71; geologist, U. 
S. Commission to San Domingo, 71; prof, 
miner, and geol, Col. of Cal. Hon. A.M, Dart- 
mouth ; Chevalier Legion d'honneur, 78. Min. 
Eng; Philos. Soc; fel. London Geol. Soc; cor. 
mem. Edinburgh Geol. Soc. Mineral deposits 
and veins; geological structure of Rocky Moun- 
tains and Pacific Coast region, especially of 
Arizona and California. Mineral deposits and 
geology of Arizona. 

Blaker, Prof. Ernest, 402 Oak Ave, Ithaca, N. Y. 
Physics. Newtown, Pa, Sept. 14, 70. B.S, 
Kansas, 93; Ph.D, Cornell, 01. Asst. physics, 
Cornell, 98-01, instr, 01-03, asst. prof, 03- 
M.A.A; Physical Soc. Spectrophotometric 
radiation from carbon at different temperatures ; 
absorption of carbon. Atmospheric conduction 
between high tension transmission wires. 

Blanchard, Dr. Arthur A(lphonzo), Massachusetts 
Institute of Technology, Boston, Mass. Chem- 
istry. Boston, May 4, 76. B.S, Mass. Inst. 
Tech, 98, fellow, 00-02; Ph.D, Leipzig, 02. 
Asst. theoret. chem, Mass. Inst. Tech, 98-00; 
instr, N. H. Col. Agr. and Mech. Arts, 02-03; 
inorg. chem, Mass. Inst. Tech, 03- Chem. Soc; 
Chem. Gesell. Migration ratios; decomposi- 
tion of ammonium nitrite; viscosity of solu- 
tions in relation to the constitution of dissolved 
substances. Viscosities of solutions; solutions 
of iodin to show the difference in structure be- 
tween the violet and the brown solutions. 

Blanchard, Prof. A(rthur) H(orace), 31 E. George 
St, Providence, R. I. Civil engineering. 
Providence, Feb. 10, 77. C.E, Brown, 99; 
A.M, Columbia, 02. Instr. civil eng. and math, 
Brown, 99-01, 02-03, asst. prof, civil eng, 03- 
Draftsman, Am. Bridge Co, summers, 01, 02; 
asst. engineer, R. I. State Board Pub. Roads, 
03- F.A.A; Civil Eng; Eng. Educ; Boston 
Soc. Civil Eng. Problems in highway engi- 



Blanchard, Frederick, Tyngsboro, Mass. Ento- 
mology. Lowell, Mass, Aug. 20, 43. Pub. 
schools. In the employ of Prescott Nat. Bank, 
Lowell, Mass, 69-91, cashier, 91-00. Coleoptera 
of the United States. Coleoptera. 

Blanchard, Prof. W(illiam) M(artin), Greencastle, 
Ind. Chemistry. Perquimans Col, N. C, Aug. 
25, 74. A.B, Randolph-Macon, 94, A.M, 97; 
Ph.D, Hopkins, 00. Instr, Randolph-Macon 
Acad, 94-96, Randolph-Macon, 96-97; Rose, 
00-01; prof, chem, De Pauto, 01- Chem. Soc; 
Ind. Acad; Chem. Gesell. Catalytic decomposi- 
tion of hydrogen peroxid. Action of hydrogen 
peroxid on cuprous chlorid. 

Blankinship, Prof. J(oseph) W(illiam), 811 Sev- 
enth Ave, S. Bozeman, Mont. Botami. Glas- 
gow, Ills, Feb. 23, 62. A.B, Drury, 89 ; Cali- 
fornia, 90-92; A.B, Harvard, 94, A.M, 96, 
Ph.D, 98. Prof, science, Hesperian Col, Wood- 
land, Cal, 92-93; asst. hot, Harvard, 94-98; 
prof, Mont. Col. Agr, and botanist, Mont. 
Agr. Exp. Sta, 98- Asst. nat. hist, Drury, 
86-88. M.A.A; Mont. Agr. Soc; Mont. Soc. 
Nat. Sci; Int. Ass. Bot. Specific variation; 
ecology; economic botany. Flora, biological 
zones and plant formations of Montana ; laws 
of specific variation. 

Blasdale, Dr. W(alter) C(harles), 2614 Channing 
Way, Berkeley, Cal. Chemistry, Botany. 
Jericho, N. Y, Jan. 10, 71. B.S, California, 92, 
Ph.D, 00. Instr. chem, California, 95-03, asst. 
prof, 03- Collaborator, Bur. Forestry, U. S. 
Dept. Agr. M.A.A; Chem. Soc. Foods; plant 
chemistry; systematic botany. Chemical com- 
pounds from western arborvitae and gold-back 

Blatchley, W(illis) S(tanley), 89 State House, 
Indianapolis, Ind. Geology. North Madison, 
Conn, Oct. 6, 59. A.B, Indiana, 87, A.M, 91. 
Instr. science, High Sch, Terre Haute, 87-94; 
state geologist, Ind, 9\- Asst, Ark. Geol. 
Surv, S9; mem. Scovell Science Exped. to Mex, 
91; asst, U. S. Fish Commission, 90-93. Fel. 
Ind. Acad, (pres, 03). Economic geology of 
Indiana ; entomology ; herpetology. Economic 
geology of Indiana; entomology. 

Bleile, Prof. A(lbert) M(artin), Ohio State Uni- 
versity, Columbus, O. Physiology. Columbus, 
June 26, 55. Starling Med. Col, 73-76; Paris, 
Leipzig and Vienna, 76-79. Lecturer exp. 
physiol, Starling Med. Col, 80-91 ; prof, physiol, 
Ohio State, 91- F.A.A; Micros. Soc. (pres, 
00). Blut-zucker; inversion of cane-sugar by 
gastric juiee; cause of death by electric shock; 
urine in epilepsy. Chemistry of respiration. 

Blichfeldt, Dr. Hans Frederik, Stanford Univer- 
sity, Cal. * Mathematics. Denmark, Jan. 9, 
73. A.B, Stanford, 96, A.M, 97 ; Ph.D, Leipzig, 
98. Instr. math, Stanford, 98-01, asst. prof, 
01- Draftsman, Eng. Dept, City and Co. of 
Whatcom, Wash, 92-94. Math. Soc. Contin- 
uous groups. Analysis of distances; linear 
homogeneous substitution groups. 

Bliss, Dr. Cha(rle)s B(emis), Hampden, Mass. 
Psychology. Triangle, N. Y, Jan. 23, 68. A.B, 

Yale, 90, Ph.D, 93. Asst, Psychol. Lab, Yale, 
93-94; prof. exp. psychol, N. Y. Univ, 94-98; 
Congregational clergyman. M.A.A; Psychol. 
Ass; fel. N. Y. Acad. Reaction-time and 

Bliss, Prof. Collins P, New York University, New 
York, N. Y. Mechanical engineering. Carlisle, 
Pa, April 28, 66. A.B, Princeton, 88; Ph.B, 
Columbia, 91; A.M, Princeton, 91; Cornell, 97. 
Draftsman and engineer, various iron works, 
91-97; instr. mech. eng, N. Y. Univ, 97-00, 
asst. prof, 00- Director, Testing Lab, N. Y. 
Univ, and expert on strength of materials; eng. 
reporter, ' Mail and Express,' 90 ; construction 
supt. of various buildings ; mem. Commission 
for Testing Fireproof Wood, New York. Min. 
Eng; Mech. Eng; Soc. Testing Materials. 

Bliss, Prof. Gilbert Ames, Princeton University, 
Princeton. N. J. Mathematics. Chicago, Ills, 
May 9, 76. B.S, Chicago, 97, M.S, 98, Ph.D, 
00; Gottingen, 02-03. Instr. math, Minnesota, 
00-02; assoc, Chicago, 03-04; asst. prof, Mis- 
souri, 04-05 ; Princeton, 05- Math. Soc ; Math. 
Verein. Calculus of variations. Theory of 
continuous groups. 

Bliss, Prof. William J(ulian) A(lbert), 1017 St. 
Paul St, Baltimore, Md. *Physics. Wash- 
ington, D. C, Jan. 22, 67. A.B, Harvard, 88; 
certificate in elec. eng, Hopkins, 90, Ph.D, 94. 
Asst. elec. eng, Hopkins, 91, lecturer physics, 
94, lab. asst, 95-98, assoc, 98-01, collegiate 
prof, 01- Physical Soc. Flocculation; forces 
on submerged particles. 

Bloodgood, Dr. Jos(eph) C(olt), 923 N. Charles 
St, Baltimore, Md. Surgery. Milwaukee, 
Wis, Nov. 1, 66. B.S, Wisconsin, 88; M.D, 
Pennsylvania, 91. Res. surgeon, Hopkins Hosp, 
93-99, assoc. surg, Hopkins Hosp, and assoc. 
prof, Hopkins, 99^- M.A.A; Ass. Path, and 
Bact; fel. Surg. Ass; Soc. Clin. Surg; Am. 
Med. Ass; Md. Med. and Chirurg. Faculty. 
Clinical and surgical pathology. Surgical 

Blumer, Dr. George, 369 Sutter St, San Francisco, 
Cal. *Medicine, Pathology, Bacteriology. Dar- 
lington, England, March 16, 72. M.D, Cooper 
Med. Col, San Francisco, 91. Interne, City and 
Co. Hosp, San Francisco, 92-93; asst. surg, 
Hopkins Hosp, 93-94, med, 94-95, path, Hop- 
kins. 95-96; director, Bender Hygienic Lab, 
96-03, prof. path, and bacter, Albany Med. Col, 
02-03; assoc. prof, path, Cooper Med. Col, 03- 
04; asst. med, Med. Dept, California, 05- Path- 
ologist, Albany Hosp, St. Peter's Hosp. and 
Child's Hosp ; 'director, Bur. of Path, and Bac- 
ter. N. Y. State Dept. of Health. Ass. Path, 
and Bact; Am. Physicians; Soc. Bact; Am. 
Acad. Med ; Pub. Health Ass ; Albany Co. Med. 
Soc. Tuberculosis of aorta and of the stom- 
ach; typhoid fever; noma; malignant neo- 
plasms; anthrax; etc. Thymus tod. ^ 

Blunt, Lieut. Col. S(tanhope) E(nglish), U. S. A, 
Rock Island Arsenal, Rock Island, Ills. Ord- 
nance, Artillery. Boston, Mass, Sept. 29, 50. 
Grad, U. S. Mil. Acad, 72. Lieut, capt, major, 



lieut. col, Ordnance Dept, U. 8. A, 12- Instr. 
math, U. S. Mil. Acad, 76-80, ordnance and gun- 
nery, 78-80. Nat. Geog. Soc; Wash. Acad; 
many mil. societies. Gunnery. 

Boas, Prof. Franz, 123 W. 82d St, New York, N. Y. 
* Anthropology. Minden, Germany, July 9, 
58. Heidelberg; Bonn; Ph.D, Kiel, 81. Asst, 
Royal Ethncg. Mus, Berlin, 85-86; Privat- 
docent, Berlin, 85-86; docent, Clark, 89-92; 
first asst, Dept. Anthrop, Columbian Expos, 
92-94; asst. curator, Am. Mus. Nat. Hist, 95- 
00, curator, 00-05; lecturer anthrop, Colum- 
bia, 96-00, prof, 00- Hon. philologist, Bur. 
Am. Ethnol. Nat. Acad; F.A.A. (v. pres, 94) ; 
Soc. Nat; Anthrop. Ass; fel. Ethnol. Soc; 
Psychol. Ass; Philos. Soc; cor. mem. Antiq. and 
Numis. Soc; fel. N. Y. Acad; hon. fel. Anthrop. 
Inst, of Gt. Britain and Ireland; cor. mem. 
Anthrop. Societies of Washington, Berlin, Paris, 
Rome, Stockholm, Vienna and Moscow. An- 

Bocher, Prof. Maxime, 48 Buckingham St, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. * 'Mathematics. Boston, Mass, 
Aug. 28, 67. A.B, Harvard, 88, traveling fel- 
low, 88-91; Ph.D, Gottingen, 91. Instr. math, 
Harvard, 91-94, asst. prof, 94-04, prof, 0^- 
Ed, 'Annals of Math,' 99-00, 02- Math. Soc. 
(v. pres, 02) ; Am. Acad. The theory of linear 
differential equations and related questions. 
Properties of real solutions of linear differential 

Bode, Dr. B(oyd) H(enry), University of Wiscon- 
sin, Madison, Wis. Philosophy. Ridott, Ills, 
Oct. 4, 73. A.B, Penn, 96; A.B, Michigan, 97; 
Ph.D, Cornell, 00. Asst. philos, Wisconsin, 00- 
02, instr, 02- Epistemology. 

Bodine, Dr. D(onaldson), 513 Wabash Ave, Craw- 
fordsville, Ind. Geology, Zoology. Richboro, 
Pa, Dec. 13, 66. Ph.B, Cornell, 87, fellow, 
93-95, Sc.D, 95. Principal, Acad, Gouverneur, 
N. Y, 88-89, supt. schools, 89-93; prof. geol. 
and zool. and dean of the Faculty, Wabash, 95- 
F.A.A; Micros. Soc; fel. Ind. Acad. (asst. sec'y, 
01-, ed, 'Proc.'). Histology and taxonomy of 
insects. Taxonomy of Lepidoptera. 

Bogert, Prof. Marston T(aylor), 422 W. 154th St, 
New York, N. Y. *Chemistry. Flushing, N. 
Y, April 18, 68. A.B, Columbia, 90, fellow, 
Ph.B, 94. Asst. org. chem, Columbia, 94-97, 
tutor, 97, instr, 97-01, adj. prof, 01-04, prof, 
0/f- F.A.A. (mem. Gen. Committee, 01) ; 
Chem. Soc. (librarian, 98-99, v. chairman, N. Y. 
Sect, 00-01, v. pres. and chairman, N. Y. Sect, 
01-02, delegate, Council of N. Y. Sci. Alliance, 
99-02, mem. Board of Editors, 03-, councilor- 
at-large, 04-, chairman, Sect. Org. Chem, 05) ; 
Soc. Chem. Indust. (mem. Exec. Committee, 01- 
02, v. pres, 02-04) ; N. Y. State Sci. Teachers 
Ass; N. Y. Chem. Teachers Club; N. Y. Chem- 
ists Club (sec'y, 98-01, trustee, 01-) ; London 
Chem. Soc; Chem. Gesell; Chem. Verein; Soc. 
chim. de Paris. Syntheses of new organic com- 
pounds ; synthesis of quinazolins and of thio- 
quinazolins ; aromatic nitrites ; substituted 
phthalic acids; heterocyclic compounds. 

Boggs, Dr. Gilbert H(illhouse), Atlanta, Ga. 
Chemistry. Memphis, Tenn, Oct. 2, 75. B.S, 
Georgia, 96; Harrison fellow, Pennsylvania, 
99-01, Ph.D, 01. Instr. chem, Maine, 01-03; 
adj. prof, Oa. Tech, 03-04, junior prof, 0^~ 
Chem. Soc. Separation of vanadic acid from 
metals by means of hydrochloric acid gas; the 
occurrence of molybdenum in the mineral 

Bogue, Prof. E(rnest) E(verett), Agricultural 
College, Mich. Forestry. Orwell, O, Jan. 12, 
64. B.S, New Lyme Inst, 88 ; B.S, Ohio State, 
94, M.S, 96; A.M, Harvard, 02. Prof. bot. and 
entom, Okla. Agr. and Mech. Col, and botanist 
and entomologist, Exp. Sta, 96-00; prof, for- 
estry, Mich. Agr. Col, 02- Soc. Nat; Forestry 
Ass; Mich. Acad; Columbus Hort. Soc. Peri- 
odicity of the growth of trees. 

Bolles, Dr. M(yrick) N(athaniel), Columbia Uni- 
versity, New York, N. Y. Metallurgy. Win- 
nesheik Co, la, 77. B.S, S. Dak. Agr. Col, 
98; Ph.D, Columbia, 03. Instr. mech. and 
physics, S. Dak. School of Mines, 98-00; tutor 
metal, Columbia, 03- Chemist, Golden Reward 
Consolidated Gold Mining and Milling Co, 
Deadwood, S. Dak, 00-01. Chem. Soc; Min. 
Eng. Metallographic constitution of metallic 
sulphids; significance of copper oxid in alloys 
of copper, sulphur and bismuth. Temperature 
limits of technical operations; alloy steels aa 
influenced by the vanadium group. 

Bolley, Prof. Henry L, Agricultural College, 
N. Dak. *Botany, Bacteriology. Holman, 
Ind, Feb. 1, 65. B.S, Purdue, 88, M.S, 89. 
Instr. biol, Purdue, 89-90; prof. bot. and zool, 
N. Dak. Agr. Col, and botanist, Agr. Exp. Sta, 
90- In charge, Office of Exp. Sta. Lab, Colum- 
bian Expos, 93. F.A.A; Soc. Prom. Agr. Sci; 
Bot. Cent. States. Bacteriology of milk, water 
and soil; phytopathology, including smuts of 
cereal grains; soil-infesting fungi parasitic 
upon culture plants; breeding for disease re- 

Bolton, Dr. B(enjamin) Meade, U. S. Department 
of Agriculture, Washington, D. C. *Bacteriol- 
ogy. Richmond, Va, April 7, 57. M.D, Virginia, 
79; South Carolina, 82-83; Heidelberg, 83-84; 
Gottingen, 84-86; Berlin, 86. Asst. and later 
fellow by courtesy and assoc. bacter, Hopkins, 
86-88, 91-93; prof, hygiene and bacter, South 
Carolina, 88-89 ; director, Lab. of Bacter, 
Hoagland Lab, Brooklyn, 89-91; pathologist, 
Ohio Hosp. for Epileptics, 93; director, Lab. of 
Hygiene, Bur. of Health, Phila, 93-95; prof, 
path, and bacter, Missouri, 95-96 ; path, Marion- 
Sims-Beaumont Col. of Med, St. Louis, 01-04; 
expert, Bur. Animal Indust, V. 8. Dept. Agr, 
Olf- Am. Physicians; St. Louis Acad. Beha- 
vior of bacteria in water; action of metal and 
metallic salts and of electricity on the growth 
of bacteria; antitoxin in the blood of horses; 
occurrence of tetanus toxin in the blood of in- 
fected horses. 

Bolton, Prof. Frederick E(lmer), 1019 College St, 
Iowa City, la. Education, Psychology. Tomah, 



Wis, May 9, 66. B.S, Wisconsin, 93, M.S, 
96; Leipzig, 96-97; hon. fellow, Clark, 97-98, 
Ph.D, 98. Prof, psychol. and pedag, State Nor. 
Seh, Milwaukee, 98-00; science and art of 
educ, Ioica, 00- Teacher, rural schools, 85-87; 
principal schools, Tunnel City, Wis, 87-88; 
High Sch, Fairchild, Wis, 90-91; Park Sch, 
Kaukauna, Wis; state inst. conductor, Wis, 
93-00; lecturer pedag, Summer Sch, Wisconsin, 
99. Nat. Educ. Ass; Soc. Sci. Educ; West. 
Philos. Ass; Wis. State Teachers' Ass. (pres. 
Nor. Dept, 99-), and Child Study Soc. (sec'y 
and treas, 99) ; Iowa State Teachers' Ass. and 
Child Study Soc. (pres, 00-) ; Wis. Educ. 
Round Table (sec'y and treas, 00). Genetic 
psychology and science of education. Dramatic 
instinct; genetic study of morality applied to 
problems in education; individual differences. 

Bolton, Reginald Pelham, 638 W. 158th St, New 
York, N. Y. Mechanical engineering. Lon- 
don, England, Oct. 5, 56. Private instruction. 
Apprenticeship, England, 73-78; asst. engineer, 
Edgemore Iron Works, 79; manager, Appleby 
Brothers Eng. Works, England, 85; consulting 
and expert engineer, 85- Designer equipment, 
Bowling Green offices, Grand Central Station, 
Ansonia Hotel, N. Y. City, etc. Telford gold 
medal and Telford premium, Civil Eng, 01. 
Mech. Eng; Civil Eng; Civil and Mech. Eng. 
Soc. (pres.) ; Soc. Heat, and Vent. Eng; Na- 
val Eng; Folk-lore Soc; N. Y. Hist. Soc; 
assoc. mem. British Inst. Civil Eng. Adapta- 
tion of mechanical apparatus to needs of 
modern buildings, especially the development of 
piping for high buildings. Economical im- 
provements between boiler and engine; history 
of upper Manhattan Island, New York. 

Bolton, Prof. Thaddeus L(incoln), University of 
Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebr. ^Psychology, Phi- 
losophy. Sonora, Ills, July 27, 65. A.B, Mich- 
igan, 89; Ph.D, Clark, 94. Teacher, Nor. Sch, 
Worcester, Mass, 93-96; San Jose, Cal, 96-97; 
prof, philos, Washington (Seattle) , 97-98; asst. 
prof, Nebraska, 99-04, prof, psychol, 04- Lec- 
turer, Univ. Extension Soc, Pennsylvania. 
F.A.A; West. Philos. Ass. Rhythm; growth of 
memory; knowledge from standpoint of associa- 
tion; fatigue; space sense of skin; reliability 
of the ergograph; relation between motor 
power and intelligence. The influence of hu- 
midity and temperature upon the capacity for 
mental work; accuracy of some acquired re- 
flexes ; recognition and unconscious remem- 

Boltwood, Dr. Bertram B(orden), 139 Orange 
St, New Haven, Conn. Chemistry. Amherst, 
Mass, July 27, 70. Ph.B, Yale, 92; Munich, 
92-94; Leipzig, 96; Ph.D, Yale, 97. Lab. asst. 
chem, Sheffield Sci. Sch, Yale, 94-96, instr. 
physical chem, 96-00 ; research chemist, 00- 
Chem. Soc; Chem. Gesell; Bunsen Gesell. Or- 
ganic and inorganic chlorids; radium and 

Bolza, Prof. O(skar), 5810 Woodlawn Ave, Chi- 
cago, Ills. * Mathematics. Bergzabern, Ger- 

many, May 12, 57. Berlin, 75-76; Heidelberg, 
77; Strasburg, 78; Gottingen, 80; Berlin, 81-82; 
Ph.D, Gottingen, 86. Reader math, Hopkins, 
88-89 ; assoc, Clark, 89-92 ; assoc. prof, Chicago, 
93-94, prof, 9$- Math. Soc. (v. pres, 04) ; 
Math. Verein. Hyperelliptic functions; cal- 
culus of variations. 

Bond, Dr. Charles S, 112 N. Tenth St, Rich- 
mond, Ind. Medicine. Richmond, June 8, 56. 
M.S, Earlham, 87; M.D, Bellevue Med. Col, 83. 
General practitioner, 83- County coroner, 84- 
88. Mem. Int. Tuberculosis Cong, London, 01. 
Am. Physicians; Am. Med. Ass; Miss. Valley 
Med. Soc. (v. pres.) ; Ind. Med. Soc. (pres.) ; 
Ind. Acad. Photomicrographic work in blood; 
tuberculosis; excreta of chronic Bright's dis- 
ease patients. Blood corpuscles in health and 

Bond, George M(eade), 141 Washington St, Hart- 
ford, Conn. Engineering. Newburyport, Mass, 
July 17, 52. M.E, Stevens, 80. Manager, 
Standards and Gauge Dept, Pratt and Whitney 
Co, Hartford, Conn, 80-82. Alumni trustee, 
Stevens, 95-98. F.A.A. (sec'y, D, 87) ; Mech. 
Eng. (manager, 88-91) ; Civil Eng; N. Y. Eng. 
and Transportation Clubs. Standards for lin- 
ear dimensions and for interchangeability of 
products of manufacture. 

Bonnet, Dr. Frederic, Jr, Worcester, Mass. Phys- 
ical chemistry. St. Louis, Mo, Feb. 28, 78. 
B.S, Washington (St.. Louis), 99; M.S, Har- 
vard, 02, Ph.D, 03. Instr. chem, Col. Med, 
Iowa, 03-04; Worcester, OJf- M.A.A; Chem. 
Soc; Chem. Gesell. Hydrolytic equilibrium of 
dissolved chromium sulphate; compressibility 
of metals. Inorganic salts o.f tin. 

Bonser, Prof. Frederick G(ordon), Cheney, Wash. 
Psychology. Tower Hill, Ills, June 14, 75. 
B.S, Illinois, 01, fellow, 01-02, M.S, 02; fellow, 
Teachers Col, Columbia, 05-06. Teacher, pub. 
schools, Ills, 97-98; Wash, 98-99; asst. psychol, 
Illinois, 01-02; prof, psychol. and educ, State 
Nor. Sch, Cheney, Wash, 02- Teacher psychol, 
Summer Sch, Illinois, 01. Mental activity and 
the circulation of blood; influence of early com- 
panions. Mental activity and vegetative proc- 

Bonser, Prof. Thomas, 02217 Monroe St, Spokane, 
Wash. Botany. Dayton, O, Sept. 21, 60. Ph.B, 
Otterbein, 99; M.S, Chicago, 03. Supt. schools, 
West Carrollton. O, 88-91 ; supt. schools and 
prof, bot, Carey, O, 91-03 ; head, Dept. Biol, High 
Sch, Spokane, 03- Ohio Acad. Plant ecology 
of Big Spring Prairie, Ohio. Fertilization in 
Pseudotsuga Douglassii ; ecology of swamp so- 
cieties of eastern Washington. 

Bonsteel, Dr. Jay A(llan), Franklinville, N. Y. 
Agriculture, Geology. Huntington, W. Va, April 
13, 73. B.S, Cornell, 96; Ph.D, Hopkins, 01. 
Asst. geol, Cornell, 95-98; r.:st, Md. Geol. Surv, 
98-99; student asst, U. S. Weather Bur, 98-00; 
scientist, Bur. Soils, U. S. Dept. Agr, 00- De- 
tailed as prof, soil investigations, Cornell, 03- 
05. Wash. Geol. Soc. Adaptation of crops to 



soils; classification of soils; relation of soils to 
geology. General soil problems. 

Bookman, Dr. S(amuel), 9 E. 62d St, New York, 
N. Y. Chemistry. New York, Dec. 11, 69. 
Columbia, 86-91; Ph.D, Berlin, 95. Chemist, 
N. J. Zinc and Iron Co, 95-96; assoc. physiol. 
chem, Path. Inst, N. Y. State Hospitals, 96-02; 
physiol. chemist, Mt. Sinai Hosp, 0%- F.A.A; 
Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; Chem. Gesell; 
Chem. Verein. Physiological chemistry. Acid 
intoxications and metabolism; experimental 

Booraem, Robert Elmer, 267 Fifth Ave, New York, 
N. Y. Mining engineering. Jersey City, N. J. 
March 28, 56. E.M, Columbia, 78. Gen. man- 
ager, mining companies in western states, 79-81 ; 
consulting engineer, 91- Hon. librarian, U. S. 
Commission, Paris Expos, 00. Min. Eng. 
Saving wasted products in silver milling; me- 
chanical inventions for saving labor. Nickel 
and cobalt deposits in Canada. 

Booth, Miss Mary A(nn), 60 Dartmouth St, 
Springfield, Mass. Microscopy, Photomicrog- 
raphy. Longmeadow, Mass, Sept. 9, 43. F.A.A; 
Micros. Soc; cor. mem. Nat. Geog. Soc; N. Y. 
Micros. Soc; fel. Royal Micros. Soc. 

Bbse, Dr. Emil, Instituto Geologico, 5a Calle del 
Cipres, Mexico, D. F. Geology, Paleontology. 
Hamburg, Germany, Aug. 11, 68. Berlin; 
Ph.D, Munich, 93. Asst. geol, Polytech, Karls- 
ruhe, 96-97; geologist, Inst. Geol. de Mex, 
97- Geol. Soc; Geol. Gesell; Soc. Geol. de 
France. Jurassic brachiopods ; Triassic of the 
Alps and Italy; architectonics and stratigraphy 
of Mexico. Geology of Mexico. 

Boss, Dr. Lewis, Dudley Observatory, Albany, 
N. Y. * Astronomy. Providence, R. I, Oct. 26, 
46. A.B, Dartmouth, 70, A.M, 77. Civilian 
asst. in charge astron, U. S. Northern Boundary 
Commission, 72-76; director, Dudley Observa- 
tory, 76- Astronomer, U. 3. Govt. Exped. to 
Observe Total Eclipse, Colo, 78; in charge, 
Transit of Venus Exped, Santiago, Chile, 82, 
and various others; state supt, Weights and 
Measures, N. Y, 84- LL.D, Union, 02; gold 
medal, Royal Astron. Soc, 05. Nat. Acad; 
Astron. and Astrophys. Soc; cor. mem. British 
Ass; for. assoc. Royal Astron. Soc; Leipzig 
Astron. Gesell. Comets; the sidereal system 
and meridian observations of stars. Solar mo- 
tion; standard system of star positions and mo- 
tions; meridian determination of star positions. 

Bostwick, Dr. Arthur E(lmore), 176 Mountain 
Ave, Montclair, N. J. Physics. Litchfield, 
Conn, March 8, 60. A.B, Yale, 81, Ph.D, 83, 
fellow, 81-84. Proctor and instr, Yale, 83-84; 
instr, High Sch, Montclair, 84-86; asst. ed, 
'The Forum,' 90-92; assoc. ed, 'Standard 
Diet,' 92-95; science ed, 'Literary Digest,' 9Sf-; 
librarian, N. Y. Free Circ. Library, 95-99; 
Brooklyn Pub. Library, 99-01 ; chief, Virc. 
Dept, N. T. Pub. Library, 01- Annual sum- 
mary of progress in physics, ' Appleton's An- 
nual Cyclopedia.' Conn. Acad. Influence of 

light on conductivity of metals; absorption 
spectra of liquids. 

Bouton, Dr. Charles L(eonard), 503 Craigie Hall, 
Cambridge, Mass. ^Mathematics. St. Louis, 
Mo, April 25, 69. M.S, Washington (St. Louis), 
91; A.M, Harvard, 96; Ph.D, Leipzig, 98. 
Instr. math, and physics, Smith Acad, St. Louis, 
91-94; math, Washington (St. Louis), 93-94; 
Harvard, 98-04, asst. prof, 04- F.A.A; Math. 
Soc. (asst. ed, 'Bui,' 00-02, 'Trans,' 02-); 
Math. Verein. Lie's theory of continuous groups. 

Boutwell, J(ohn) M(ason), U. S. Geological Sur- 
vey, Washington, D. C. Geology, Physiography. 
St. Louis, Mo, May 1, 74. Amherst, 93-94; 
A.B, Harvard, 97, B.S, 98, M.S, 99, grad. 
student, 99-00. Asst. physical geog, Harvard, 
97-00; asst. geologist, U. 8. Geol. Surv, 00- 
Asst. element, physical geog, Summer Sch, 
Harvard, 96-97, advanced physical geog, 97-98; 
field asst, U. S. Geol. Surv, 98-99. F.A.A; 
Geol. Soc; Min. Eng. Geographical bibliogra- 
phy; postglacial elevation of the coast of Maine ; 
physiography and geology of northern Black 
Hills, South Dakota; igneous rocks of Little 
Cottonwood Canon, Wasatch Mountains, Utah; 
auriferous detrital deposits; ore deposits of the 
Bingham mining district, Utah. Areal and eco- 
nomic geology of the Park City mining district, 

Bowden, Prof. Joseph, 403 Washington Ave, Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. Mathematics. St. Day, England, 
Feb. 10, 69. A.B, Yale, 91, Ph.D, 97. Asst. 
math, Sheffield Sci. Sch, Yale, 92-93, tutor, Yale, 
93-97; asst. prof, math, Adelphi, 98-99, prof, 
99- Math. Soc; Brooklyn Inst, (pres, Math. 
Sect, 01-03). Elements of the theory of inte- 
gers; electromagnetic theory of light. Elemen- 
tary theory of numbers. 

Bowditch, Charles P(ickering), 28 State St, Bos- 
ton, Mass. Archeology. Boston, Sept. 30, 
42. A.B, Harvard, 63, A.M. Mem. Faculty, 
Peabody Mus, Harvard. F.A.A; Archeol. Inst; 
Antiq. Soc; Anthrop. Ass; fel. Ethnol. Soc; Am. 
Acad; Am. Geog. Soc; New Eng. Hist. Geneal. 
Soc; Mass. Hist. Soc; Boston Soc. Nat. Hist, 
(v. pres.) ; Int. Soc. Americanists; Paris Soc. 
des Americanistes. Mexican and Maya codices 
and inscriptions. 

Bowditch, Prof. H(enry) P(ickering), Jamaica 
Plain, Boston, Mass. *Physiologi/. Boston, 
April 4, 40. A.B, Harvard, 61, A.M, 66, M.D, 
68. Asst. prof, physiol, Harvard, 71-76, prof, 
76- Trustee, Boston Pub. Library, 94-02. 
LL.D, Edinburgh, 98; Toronto, 03; Pennsylva- 
nia, 04; hon. Sc.D, Cambridge, 98. Nat. Acad; 
F.A.A. (v. pres, 86, 04) ; Soc. Nat; Physiol. 
Soc; Philos. Soc; fel. Am. Acad. Physiology 
of the heart; vasomotor nerves; knee-jerk; 
physiology of vision; growth of children. 

Bo wen, Prof. John T(empleton), 14 Marlborough 
St, Boston, Mass. Dermatology. Boston, July 
8, 57. A.B, Harvard, 79, M.D, 84. Instr. 
dermat, Harvard, 96-02, asst. prof, 02- Physi- 
cian diseases of the skin, Mass. Gen. Hosp, 96. 
Ass. Path, and Bact; Dermat. Ass; Boston 



Soc. Med. Sci; Boston Soc. Med. Irnprov. Der- 

Bowers, Miss Mary A (lice), Wellesley College, 
Wellesley, Mass. Zoology. Saco, Me, Oct. 2, 
71. B.L, Smith, 95 ; A.M, Radcliffe, 98. Demon- 
strator zool. and bot, Smith, 98-99; instr. zool, 
Wellesley, 99- Boston Soc. Nat. Hist; Mass. 
Audubon Soc. Peripheral distribution of the 
cranial nerves of Spelerpes bilineatus. 

Bowles, F(rancis) T (iff any), 148 Marlborough St, 
Boston, Mass. Naval architecture. Spring- 
field, Mass, Oct. 7, 58. Grad, U. S. Naval Acad, 
79; Royal Naval Col, England, 79-82. Asst. 
naval constructor, U. S. N, 81-88, naval con- 
structor, 88-01, chief constructor, 01-03; pres, 
Fore River Ship Building Co, Quincy, Mass, OS- 
Naval Archit. and Marine Eng. (pres.) ; Lon- 
don Inst. Naval Archit. 

Bowne, Prof. Borden P(arker), 3S0 Longwood Ave, 
Boston, Mass. Philosophy. Leonardville, 
N. J, Jan. 14, 47. A.B, N. Y. Univ, 71; Paris, 
72-75; A.M, N. Y. Univ, 76; Halle and Gottin- 
gen. Instr. modern languages, N. Y. Univ, 75- 
76; prof, philos, Boston, 76-, dean, Grad. Dept. 
Assoc, ed, 'N. Y. Independent,' 75-76. LL.D, 
N. Y. Univ, 81. Metaphysics; ethics; theism. 

Bownocker, Prof. J(ohn) A(dams), Columbus, O. 
Geology. St. Paul, 0, March 11, 65. B.S, Ohio 
State, 89; fellow, Chicago, 92-94; Yale, 94-95; 
Sc.D, Ohio State, 97. Principal, High Sch, 
Martins Ferry, 0, 89-92; asst. geol, Ohio State, 
95-98, asst. prof, 98-99, assoc. prof, inorg. geol, 
99-01, prof, 01-, curator, Mus, 00- Asst. geol- 
ogist, Ohio Geol. Surv, 92; N. J. Geol. Surv, 
93; asst. state geologist, Ohio, 00- F.A.A; 
Geol. Soc; Ohio Acad. Drainage modifications 
in Ohio; the oil and gas of Ohio. Salt and 
coal of Ohio. 

Boyd, James E(llsworth), 60 W. Maynard Ave, 
Columbus, O. Mechanics, Physics. Near Stover- 
town, O, Nov. 6, 63. B.S, Ohio State, 91 ; M.S, 
Cornell, 96. Asst. physics, Ohio State, 91-95, 
asst. prof, 96-01, assoc. prof, math, 01- Asst. 
to judges in elec, Columbian Expos, 93. F.A.A. 
Alternating currents; resistance of the human 
body; timing shutters; water jets. Flow in 
pipes; reenforced concrete. 

Boyd, Dr. James Harrington, 218 Gardner Build- 
ing, Toledo, 0. Mathematics. Coshocton, O, 
Dec. 7, 62. A.B, Princeton, 86, fellow, 87, 
A.M, 88, Sc.D, 92; Gottingen, 90-91, 92-93; 
Law Sch, Harvard, 02-03. Prof, math, Macal- 
ister, 88-90, 91-92; tutor, Chicago, 93-95, 
instr, 95-02; practising attorney, 0k~ Elliptic 
function; hypergeometric functions; geometry; 
analytical mechanics; differential equations; 
analytical geometry. 

Boye, Dr. M(artin) H(ans), Coopersburg, Pa. 
Chemistry, Physics, Medicine. Copenhagen, 
Denmark, Dec. 6, 12. Grad, Copenhagen, 32; 
Polytech, Copenhagen, 35; M.D, Pennsylvania, 
44. Asst. geologist and chemist, First Pa. 
Geol. Surv, 38-43; prof. chem. and nat. philos, 
Central High Sch, Phila, 45-59. Hon. A.M, 
Pennsylvania, 44. F.A.A; Philos. Soc; Franklin 

Inst. Discovered percloric ether and chlorid 
of platinum with nitric oxid; analysis of 
waters, minerals, limestones, etc. 

Boynton, Dr. H(enry) C(ook), 23 Ellsworth Ave, 
Cambridge, Mass. Metallurgy. Willsborough, 
N. Y, April 16, 74. A.B, Harvard, 00, Austin 
fellow, 00-03, M.S, 01, Sc.D, 04; Carnegie re- 
search scholar, Gt. Britain Iron and Steel Inst, 
05-06. Asst. to dean of Grad. Sch, Harvard, 
94-96, instr. metal, and metallog, 03- Min. 
Eng; Gt. Britain Iron and Steel Inst. Metal- 
lurgy; metallography. A definite hardness 
number for the micro-constituents of iron and 

Boynton, Prof. W(illiam) P(ingry), 135 E. 11th 
St, Eugene, Ore. Physics. Weathersfield, Vt, 
Oct. 28, 67. A.B, Dartmouth, 90, A.M, 93; 
fellow, Clark, 96-97, Ph.D, 97. Asst. physics, 
Dartmouth, 88-90; prof, Southern California, 
90-93; asst, Dartmouth, 93-94; instr, Califor- 
nia, 97-01 ; asst. prof, Oregon, 03- Physical 
Soc. The high frequency induction coil; ther- 
modynamic potentials. Measurement of high 
oscillatory potentials. 

Bracken, Dr. H(enry) M(artyn), 1010 Fourth St, 
S. E, Minneapolis, Minn. Medicine. Nobles- 
town, Pa, Feb. 27, 54. M.D, Columbia, 77; 
L.R.C.S, Edinburgh, 79. Prof, materia medica 
and therapeut, Minnesota, 88 Sec'y and ex- 
ecutive officer, Minn. State Board of Health. 
F.A.A; Am. Med. Ass; Pub. Health Ass; Climat. 
Ass; Minn. Med. Soc; Hennepin Co. (Minn.) 
Med. Soc. Materia medica; therapeutics. 

Brackett, Dr. B(yron) B(riggs), Thomas S. 
Clarkson Memorial School of Technology, Pots- 
dam, N. Y. Physics, Applied electricity. Ira, 
N. Y, Aug. 13, 65. A.B, Syracuse, 90, A.M, 
93; Ph.D, Hopkins, 97. Teacher math, Dick- 
inson Sem, Williamsport, 90-92; Col. Dept, 
Adelphi Acad, 92-93; student asst, Elec. Dept, 
Hopkins, 94-97 ; teacher elec. eng, Union, 97-98 ; 
physics, High Sch, Washington, D. C, 98-00; 
engineer, Rowland Telegraph Co, 00-01 ; instr, 
elec. science, Rutgers, 01-03; prof, physics and 
elec. eng, Thomas S. Clarkson Mem. Sch. Tech, 
03- Inspector torpedo cable, Eng. Dept, U. S. 
A, 98. M.A.A; assoc. mem. Elec. Eng. Mag- 
netic stresses. Laboratory instruments for 
measurement of alternating currents and volt- 

Brackett, Prof. C(yrus) F(ogg), Princeton Uni- 
versity, Princeton, N. J. *Physics. Parsonfield, 
Me, June 24, 33. A.B, Bowdoin, 59, M.D, 63. 
Prof. chem. and nat. science, Bowdoin, 63-73; 
Henry prof, physics, Princeton, 73- FA.A. 
(v. pres, 86) ; Physical Soc; Elec. Eng; Philos. 

Brackett, Prof. F(rank) P(arkhurst), Claremont, 
Cal. Mathematics, Astronomy. Provincetown, 
Mass, June 16, 65. A.B, Dartmouth, 87, A.M, 
90. Instr. math, Pomona, 88-90, prof, 90- 
M.A.A; Math. Soc; Astron. and Astrophys. Soc; 
Pacific Astron. Soc; S. Cal. Acad. Astronomy, 
especially meteors. 



Brackett, Dr. R(ichard) N(ewman), Clemson Col- 
lege, S. C. Chemistry, Mineralogy. Near 
Columbia, S. C, Sept. 14, 63. A.B, Davidson, 
83; Ph.D, Hopkins, 87. Chemist, Ark. Geol. 
Surv, 87-91; asst. chemist, S. C. Exp. Sta, 
and assoc. prof, chem, Clemson, 91- F.A.A; 
Chem. Soc. Ethers of benzoic sulphinid; prep- 
aration of orthosulphobenzoic acid; peridotite 
of Pike County, Arkansas; newtonite and rec- 

Bradford, Dr. Edward H(ickling), 133 Newbury St, 
Boston, Mass. Surgery. Boston, June 9, 48. 
A.B, Harvard, 69, M.D, 72. Surgeon, Children's 
Hosp, 80; Boston City Hosp, 83; instr. clin. 
surg, Harvard Med. Sch, 85-93, asst. prof. 
orthop. surg, 93-04, prof, Ok- Surg. Ass; 
Orthop. Ass; Am. Med. Ass; Am. Acad; Mass. 
Med. Soc. Human deformities. 

Bradford, Prof. Robert H(enry), 855 N. 16 West 
St, Salt Lake City, Utah. Metallurgy. Salt 
Lake City, Dec. 10, 71. B.S, Utah, 95; 
Chicago, summers, 95, 96; fellow, Columbia, 
00-02, Ph.D, 02. Instr. physics, Utah, 95-96, 
miner, and metal, 96-98, asst. prof, 98-03, 
prof, metal, 03- Min. Eng. Reactions of the 
Ziervogel process and their temperature limits; 
effect of heat treatment on 0.14 per cent, car- 
bon steel. Effect of heat treatment on 0.50 
per cent, carbon steel; determinations of 
amounts of silver in hard lead. 

Bradford, Rear Admiral R(oyal) B(ird), U. S. N, 
1522 P St, N. W, Washington, D. C. Naval 
science. Turner, Me, July 22, 44. Grad, U. S. 
Naval Acad, 65. Ensign, master, lieut, lieut. 
commander, commander, capt, rear admiral, U. 
S. N, 66-, chief, Bur. Equipment, Navy Dept, 
97-03. Commander, Third Squadron, N. At- 
lantic Fleet. F.A.A. Electricity; torpedo war- 
fare; high explosives; ordnance; warship de- 
signs, armaments and equipment; wireless teleg- 
raphy; naval coal depots; naval regulations. 

Bradley, Charles S(chenck), 111 W. 86th St, New 
York, N. Y. *Electricity, Chemistry. Victor, 
N. Y, April 12, 53. Special course in chem, 
Rochester. Elec. engineer, Edison Illumi- 
nating Co, 81-84; practising electrician, 8fy- 
Elec. Eng. Alternating current; transmis- 
sion; motors; electrochemistry; fixation of 

Bradley, Harry C(yrus), Massachusetts Institute 
of Technology, Boston, Mass. Civil engineer- 
ing, Descriptive geometry. Plai3tow, N. H, 
July 7, 71. B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 91. Fog 
signal experiments, U. S. Light-house Dept, 93- 
96 ; instr. descriptive geom, Mass. Inst. Tech, 97- 
Expert irrig. investigations, U. S. Dept. Agr, 01. 
Fog signals; irrigation. Graphical methods. 

Bradley, J(ames) Chester, Entomological Labora- 
tory Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. Ento- 
mology. West Chester, Pa, Feb. 11, 84. A.B, 
Central High Sch, Phila, 03 ; Cornell, 04- Asst. 
entom, Cornell, 05- Ed, ' Entom. Student,' 00, 
ed. and manager, 01. M.A.A ; Entom. Soc. ( libra- 
rian and mem. Exec. Committee, 03-) ; Phila. 
Acad; assoc. Ont. Entom. Soc. Systematic 

hymenopterology; Phytophaga; parasitic Hy- 
menoptera; Evaniidae of world; iSJorth Amer- 
ican Siricoidea. 

Bradley, Prof. W(alter) P(arke), 256 College St, 
Middletown, Conn. Chemistry. Lee, Mass, 
July 7, 62. A.B, Williams, 84; Ph.D, Got- 
tingen, 89. Asst. chem, Williams, 86-88; instr, 
Wesleyan, 89-90, assoc. prof, 90-93, prof, 93- 
M.A.A; Chem. Soc; Chem. Gesell. Organic 
chemistry; critical constants of liquids. Theory 
of liquid air production; chemistry of low tem- 

Brainerd, Pres. Ezra, Middlebury, Vt. Psychology, 
Ethics. St. Albans, Vt, Dec. 17, 44. A.B, 
Middlebury, 64, A.M, 67; B.D, Andover Theol. 
Sem, 68. Tutor, Middlebury, 64-66, prof, 
rhetoric and English lit, 68-80, physic3, 80-86, 
pres, 85- Commissioner to draft a sch. law for 
Vt, 87. LL.D, Vermont, 86; Ripon, 88; D.D, 
Howard, 01. Geol. Soc; New Eng. Bot. Club; 
Vt. Bot. Club (pres.). Geology of the Cham- 
plain Valley. Botany of Vermont. 

Brand, Charles J(ohn), The Melrose, 1343 Clifton 
St, N. W, Washington, D. C. Botany. Lac-qui- 
Parle Go, Minn, Oct. 24, 79. A.B, Minnesota, 
02. Asst. curator, Dept. Bot, Field Columbian 
Mus, Chicago, 02-04; asst. physiologist, U. S. 
Dept. Agr, 04- Asst. bot, Summer Sch, Minne- 
sota, 00 ; asst, Minn. Geol. and Nat. Hist. Surv, 
01. Minn. Bot. Soc; Wash. Bot. Soc. Plant 
economics; algology. The influence of the 
origin and change of seed on productiveness; 

Brandt, Prof. Francis Burke, 4337 Larchwood Ave, 
West Philadelphia, Pa. Philosophy, Education. 
Philadelphia, June 13, 65. A.B, Harvard, 92; 
fellow, Columbia, 94-95, Ph.D, 95. Instr, Co- 
lumbia Grammar Sch, N. Y, 92-94; Central 
High Sch, Phila, 95-96, prof, pedag. and head 
of dept, 96- Assoc, ed, ' The Teacher,' 97-98 ; 
ed, 'Phila. Sch. of Pedag. Record.' Psychol. 
Ass; Philos. Ass; Nat. Educ. Ass; Soc. Sci. 
Educ. The social conditions of instituted edu- 
cation; the general scope of educational science. 
The function of instituted education; differ- 
entiation in the structure and function of the 

Branner, Prof. J(ohn) C(asper), Stanford Univer- 
sity, Cal. *Gcology. New Market, Tenn, July 
4, 50. B.S, Cornell, 82; Ph.D, Indiana, 85. 
Geologist, Imperial Geol. Surv, Brazil, 75-77; 
topographer, Pa. Geol. Surv, 83-85; prof, geol, 
Indiana, 85-91; Stanford, 91-, v. pres, 99- 
State geologist, Ark, 87-93; geologist, U. S. 
Geol. Surv; assoc. ed, 'Jour, of Geol.' LL.D, 
Arkansas, 97. Nat. Acad; F.A.A. (sec'y, E, 
88-89, v. pres, 90) ; Soc. Nat; Geol. Soc. (pres, 
04) ; Min. Eng; Philos. Soc; Franklin Inst; 
Cal. Acad; Wash. Acad; Wash. Geol. Soc; Lon- 
don Geol. Soc; Edinburgh Geol. Soc; cor. mem. 
Royal Scottish Geog. Soc; Soc. geol. de France; 
Soc. Beige de G6ol; Inst. Geog. e Hist, da 
Bahia; hon. mem. Inst. Geog. Pernambucano ; 
Inst. Hist, de S. Paulo. Physical geology and 
geography. Geology of the coast ranges- of 



California; geology of eastern Brazil; geology 
of Arkansas. 
Brannon, Prof. M(elvin) A(mos), 417 S. Sixth St, 
Grand Forks, N. Dak. Botany. Lowell, Ind, 
Sept. 11, 65. A.B, Wabash, 89, A.M, 90; 
Woods Hole, 91-94; Chicago, 95-96. Teacher 
science, High Sch, Fort Wayne, Ind, 90-94; 
prof, biol, North Dakota, 9^- Soc. Nat; Bot. 
Cent. States; Ind. Acad; St. Louis Acad. Al- 
gae; bacteria. Bacterial products. 

Brashear, Dr. John A (If red), 1954 Perrysville Ave, 
Allegheny, Pa. *Astronomy, Physics, Me- 
chanics. Brownsville, Pa, Nov. 24, 40. Pub. 
schools. Mech. engineer, Iron Mills, Pittsburg, 
Pa, 60-80; mfg. astron. and physical appa- 
ratus, SO- Acting director, Allegheny Obser- 
vatory, 98-00; acting chancellor, Western Univ. 
of Pa. Hon. Sc.D, Western Univ. of Pa; 
LL.D, Wooster and Washington and Jefferson. 
F.A.A. (v. pres, 00) ; Mech. Eng; Philos. Soc; 
Pittsburg Acad, (past pres.) ; West. Pa. Eng. 
Soc. (past pres.) ; hon. mem. Toronto Astron. 
Soc; British Astron. Soc; fel. Royal Astron. 
Soc; Soc. astron. de France; Soc. astron. 
de Belgique. Solar phenomena; the floor 
of the lunar crater Plato; comets and their 
physical changes; formation of volcanic craters, 
with particular reference to formation on the 
moon; development of astrophysical instru- 
ments; optical surfaces, plane and curved; the 
refinement of modern measurements. 

Bray, Prof. William (L), 2207 San Antonio St, 
Austin, Tex. *Botany. Burnside, Ills, Sept. 
19, 65. Cornell, 89-91; A.B, Indiana, 93; 
A.M, Lake Forest, 94; Berlin, 96-97; Ph.D, 
Chicago, 98. Instr. bot. Lake Forest, 94-95, 
adj. prcf. biol, 96; instr. bot, Texas, 97, adj. 
prof, 98-01, assoc. prof, 02- Field asst, U. S. 
Biol. Surv, 99; collaborator, Bur. Forestry, 
U. S. Dept. Agr, 99- F.A.A; Bot. Soc; Forestry 
Ass. (v. pres.) ; Geog. Ass; Wash. Biol. Soc; 
Tex. Acad, (librarian) ; Int. Ass. Bot. Certain 
geographical distributions; relation of the floras 
of North and South America; ecological rela- 
tions of Texas vegetation; forest resources of 
Texas. Vegetation of the Sotol country. 

Breckenridge, Prof. L (ester) P(aige), University 
of Illinois, Urbana, Ills. Mechanical engineer- 
ing. Meriden, Conn, May 17, 58. Ph.B, Yale, 
81. With Water Power Co, Holvoke, Mass, 81- 
82; instr, Mech. Eng. Dept, Lehigh, 82-84; 
mech. engineer with various companies, 84-86; 
instr, Mech. Eng. Dept, Lehigh, 86-91; prof, 
mech. eng, Mich. Agr. Col, 91-93; Illinois, 93-, 
director, Eng. Exp. Sta, 05- Consulting engi- 
neer, Lehigh Zinc and Iron Co, 86-91; director 
boiler trials, U. S.Geol. Surv. Coal Tests, World's 
Fair Sta, St. Louis, 04- Mech. Eng; Eng. Educ; 
West. Soc. Eng; West. Ry. Club. Mechanical 
engineering. Tests of high speed tool steels; 
tests of United States coals at St. Louis. 

Breed, Prof. Mary B(idwell), Bloomington, Ind. 
Chemistry. Pittsburg, Pa, Sept. 15, 70. A.B, 
Bryn Mawr, 94, European fellowship, 94-95, 
A.M, 95; Heidelberg, 95-96; Ph.D, Bryn Mawr, 

01. Asst, Chem. Lab, Bryn Mawr, 94-95; 
head, Science Dept, Pa. Col. for Women, 97-99; 
asst. prof. chem. and dean of women, Indiana, 
01- Chem. Soc; Chem. Gesell. Atomic weight 
of palladium; polybasic and diortho substituted 
aromatic acids. 

Breed, Prof. Robert S(tanley), Allegheny College, 
Meadville, Pa. Biology, Geology. Brooklyn, Pa, 
Oct. 17, 77. B.S, Amherst, 98; M.S, Colorado, 
99; Ph.D, Harvard, 02. Instr. biol, Colorado, 
98-99; asst. zool, Harvard, 00-02; prof. biol. 
and geol, Allegheny, 02- M.A.A; Soc. Nat. 
Trachytes ; postembryonic development of in- 
sects. Postembryonic development of insects. 

Breese, Dr. B(urtis) B(urr), University of Cin- 
cinnati, Cincinnati, O. Psychology. Chemung 
Co, N. Y, May 17, 68. A.B, Kansas, 96; A.B, 
Harvard, 97, A.M, 98; Ph.D, Columbia, 99. 
Prof, psychol. and ethics, Tennessee, 02-04; 
psychol, Cincinnati, 04~ Inhibition. Motor 
activity and conscious activity. 

Breisacher, Dr. Leo, 71 Washington Ave, Detroit, 
Mich. Medicine. Detroit, Oct. 1, 66. Ber- 
lin, 88-91 ; M.D, Pennsylvania, 92. Demon- 
strator comp. physiol, Pennsylvania, 88-92, lec- 
turer, 92-93, prof, 93-94; clin. gastro-enterol, 
Detroit Col. Med, 04. Consulting gastro-en- 
terologist, Harper Hosp, Detroit, 01. Soc. Nat; 
Physiol. Soc; Mich. State, Wayne Co. and De- 
troit Med. Societies. Physiology of thyroid 
gland; minimum albumen diet; physiology of 
sleep; physiology of the superior laryngeal 
nerve. Thyroid gland; metabolism; artificially 
prepared foods ; gall-stones ; diet in health and 
disease; etc. 

Bremer, Dr. J(ohn) L(ewis), 416 Beacon St, Bos- 
ton, Mass. Embryology. New York, N. Y, 
Nov. 3, 74. A.B, Harvard, 96; Oxford, 
96-97; M.D, Harvard, 01. Asst. histol. and 
embryol, Hafvard Med. Sch, 02, instr, 03- 
Ass. Anat; Boston Soc. Nat. Hist. Pulmonary 
arteries of vertebrates ; lung of opossum. 

Breneman, Prof. A(bram) A (dam), 97 Water St, 
New York, N. Y. Chemistry. Lancaster, Pa, 
April 28, 47. B.S, Pa. State, 66. Acting prof, 
chem, Pa. State, 68-69, prof, 69-72; asst. prof, 
Cornell, 75-79, prof, indust. chem, 79-82; chem. 
expert, 82- Chairman, Jury on Mineral Waters, 
Columbian Expos, 93; La. Purchase Expos, 04. 
Chem. Soc. (v. pres, 89-92, ed, 'Jour,' 84-93) ; 
cor. mem. Phila. Acad. Water analysis and 
water supply; fixation of atmospheric nitrogen. 

Brenke, W(illiam) C(harles), 1005 W. Oregon St, 
Urbana, Ills. Mathematics, Astronomy. Ber- 
lin, Germany, April 12, 74. B.S, Illinois, 96, 
97, M.S, 9*9; Harvard, 04- Instr. math, 
Illinois, 96-00, instr. math, and astron. and in 
charge of Observatory, 00-03. Some variable 

Brennan, Dr. Martin S(tanislaus), 1414 O'Fallon 
St, St. Louis, Mo. Astronomy, Geology. St. 
Louis, July 23, 45. A.B, Christian Brothers 
Col, St. Louis, 65. A.M, 69, Sc.D, 00. Pastor, 
St. Thomas of Aquin Church, 84-92; St. 



Lawrence's Church, and prof, astron. and geol, 
Kenrick Theol. Sem, St. Louis, 92- Astron. and 
Astrophys. Soc; Pacific Astron. Soc; St. Louis 
Acad; British Ass. Electricity; astronomy. 

Brewer, Prof. Cha(rle)s E(dward), Wake Forest, 
N. C. Chemistry. Wake Forest, July 12, 66. 
A.M, Wake Forest, 86; Hopkins, 87-89; Ph.D, 
Cornell, 00. Prof, chem, Wake Forest, 89- 
F.A.A; Chem. Soc. (pres, N. C. Sect, 02-03); 
Soc. Chem. Indust; Chem. Gesell. Structure 
of galein and coerulein. Structure of the 

Brewer, Dr. G(eorge) E(merson), 61 W. 48th St. 
New York, N. Y. Surgery, Anatomy. West- 
field, N. Y, July 28, 61. A.B, Hamilton, 83, 
A.M, 84 ; M.D, Harvard, 85. Demonstrator 
anat, Columbia, 91-99, instr. surg, 99-03, lec- 
turer din. surg, 03, prof, 04~ Junior surgeon, 
Roosevelt Hosp; attending surgeon, City Hosp. 
Ass. Anat; fel. Surg. Ass; fel. Ass. Genito- 
urinary Surg; fel. N. Y. Surg. Soc; fel. N. Y. 
Acad. Med; cor. mem. Ass. frangaise d'Urol. 
Surgical anatomy; surgery. 

Brewer, Prof. W(illia)m H(enry), 418 Orange St, 
New Haven, Conn. * Agriculture, Botany, Geol- 
ogy, Chemistry. Poughkeepsie, N. Y, Sept. 14, 
28. Ph.B, Yale, 52, A.M, 59; Ph.D, Wash- 
ington and Jefferson, 80; Heidelberg, Munich 
and Paris. Prof. chem. and geol, Washington 
(Pa.), 58-60; chem, California, 63-64; agr, 
Tale, 64-04, emer. prof, 0^- First asst, Cal. 
Geol. Surv, 60-64. LL.D, Yale, 03. Nat. 
Acad; F.A.A. (v. pres, 93) ; Soc. Nat; Soc. 
Prom. Agr. Sci; Am. Geog. Soc; Nat. Geog. 
Soc; Conn. Acad, (pres, 87, 97). Agriculture; 
stock breeding; botany; forestry; geology; 
chemistry; sanitary science. Sedimentation. 

Brewster, William, 145 Brattle St, Cambridge, 
Mass. *Ornithology. Wakefield, Mass, July 
5, 51. High Sch. Asst. in charge birds and 
mammals, Boston Soc. Nat. Hist, 80-87; Mus. 
Comp. Zool, Harvard, 85-00, birds, 00- Mem. 
Trustees of Pub. Reservations; trustee of 
Brewster Free Acad, Wolfboro, N. H. Hon. 
A.B, Amherst, 80; A.M, Harvard, 99. Mem. 
Int. Permanent Ornith. Committee. Fel. 
Ornith. Union (past pres.) ; fel. Am. Acad; 
Nat. Geog. Soc; New Eng. Bot. Club; Mass. 
Audubon Soc. (pres.) ; Nuttall Ornith. Club 
(pres.) ; hon. mem. Mich. Ornith. Club; hon. 
mem. United Ornith. of Me; Wash. Acad; 
cor. mem. Phila. Acad; assoc. mem. Boston 
Soc. Nat. Hist; hon. mem. Boston Zool. Soc; 
cor. mem. Wash. Biol. Soc; hon. mem. Trinidad 
Field Nat. Club; cor. mem. London Zool. Soc. 
Habits and distribution of North American 

Brickner, Dr. Samuel M(ax), 136 W. 85th St, New 
York, N. Y. Gynecology. Rochester, N. Y, 
Jan. 11, 67. A.B, Rochester, 88, A.M, 91; M.D, 
Columbia, 91. Attending gynecologist, Mt. 
Sinai Hosp. Dispensary, 94, adj. gynecologist, 
Mt. Sinai Hosp, 03. House surgeon, Sloane 
Maternity Hosp, 91; Mt. Sinai Hosp, 92-94; 
gynecologist, Good Samaritan Hosp, 01-03. Ass. 

Anat; Anthrop. Ass; N. Y. Acad. Med. Com- 
parative anatomy of the genito-urinary system; 
clinical gynecology. 

Bridge, Dr. Norman, Los Angeles, Cal. Pathology, 
Sociology. Windsor, Vt, Dec. 30, 44. M.D, 
Northwestern, 68; M.D, Rush Med. Col, 78. 
Instr. med, Rush Med. Col, Chicago, 74-84, 
prof, 84-00, emer. prof, 00- Mem. Board of 
Educ, Chicago, 81-84; Board of Election Com- 
missioners, 86-90. Hon. A.M, Lake Forest, 89. 
Am. Physicians; Am. Med. Ass; Climat. Ass; 
Cal. Med. Soc; cor. mem. Wis. Acad; Los 
Angeles Co. Med. Ass; Chicago Med. Soc. The 
practice of internal medicine. 

Briggs, Dr. Lyman J(ames), U. S. Department of 
Agriculture, Washington, D. C. *Physics. 
Assyria, Mich, May 7, 74. B.S, Mich. Agr. 
Col, 93; M.S, Michigan, 95; Ph.D, Hopkins, 01. 
Physicist, Bur. Soils, U. S. Dept. Agr, 96- 
F.A.A; Physical Soc; Wash. Philos. Soc. Ad- 
sorption of salts and gases by soils; physics of 
solutions and finely divided solids in relation 
to soil investigations. Adsorption; floccula- 
tion; physical properties of soils. 

Brigham, Prof. Albert P(erry), Hamilton, N. Y. 
* Geology, Physical geography. Perry, N. Y, 
June 12, 55. A.B, Colgate, 79, A.M, 82; A.M, 
Harvard, 92. Clergyman, 82-91; prof, geol, 
Colgate, 92- Instr. geol, Summer Sch, Har- 
vard, 95, 96, 00; prof. geol. and physical geog, 
Summer Sch, Cornell, 01-04; geol, Summer 
Sch, Wisconsin, 06. F.A.A; Geol. Soc; Geog. 
Ass. (sec'y and treas.) ; Nat. Geog. Soc; Am. 
Geog. Soc. (assoc. ed, 'Bui.') ; Nat. Educ. Ass. 
(chairman, Committee on Physical Geog, 98) ; 
N. Y. State Sci. Teachers Ass. ( pres, 05 ) . 
Physiography; glacial geology. 

Brill, Dr. N(athan) E(dwin), 48 W. 76th St, New 
York, N. Y. Medicine, Biology. New York, 
Jan. 13, 60. A.B, Col. City of N. Y, 77, A.M, 
83. Lecturer med. juris, Post-Grad. Med. Sch. 
N. Y, 82, neuroanat. and neuropath, 83-84; 
attending physician, Mt. Sinai Hosp, N. T, 
M.A.A; Ass. Anat; Neur. Ass; Ass. Study and 
Prevention of Tuberculosis; N. Y. State Med. 
Ass; N. Y. Acad. Med; N. Y. Co. Med. Soc. 
(first v. pres, 98) ; N. Y. Path. Soc; N. Y. Neur. 
Soc; N. Y. Soc. Med. Juris, (pres, 90-91). In- 
ternal medicine. 

Brinckerhoff, Dr. W (alter) R(emsen), 688 Boylston 
St, Boston, Mass. Medicine, Pathology. Mat- 
teawan, N. Y, July 4, 74. B.S, Harvard, 97, 
M.D, 01, special work under Dr. W. T. Council- 
man, Harvard Med. Sch, 02; fellow, Rockefeller 
Inst, for Med. Research, 04. Second asst. path, 
Boston City Hosp, 01-02, first asst, 02-03; asst, 
Harvard Med. Sch, 03-05, instr, 05- Physician, 
Carnegie Archeol. Exped. to Trans-Caspia, 05. 
Ass. Path, and Bact; Boston Soc. Med. Sci; 
Boston Soc. Nat. Hist; P. I. Med. Soc. Leuco- 
cytes, especially of rabbit; smallpox. 
..Bristol, Prof. Charles L(awrence), New York Uni- 
versity, University Heights, New York, N. Y. 
*Zoology. Ballston Spa, N. Y, Sept. 29, 59. 
B.S, N. Y. Univ, 83, M.S, 88; fellow, Clark, 91; 



fellow, Chicago, 92-93, Ph.D. 95. Instr, River- 
view Acad, Poughkeepsie, N. Y, 84-88; prof, 
zool, South Dakota, 88-91; N. Y. Univ, 94- 
Director, N. Y. Univ. zool. expeditions to Ber- 
muda, 97-; assoc. director, Bermuda Biol. Lab. 
for Research, 04- Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool; fel. 
N. Y. Acad. Metamerism in leeches. The 
marine fauna of Bermuda. 

Bristol, Prof. W(illia)m H(enry), Stevens Insti- 
tute, Hoboken, N. J. Mathematics, Physics. 
Waterbury, Conn, July 5, 59. M.E, Stevens, 
84. Instr, Manual Dept, Workingman's Sch, 
Soc. for Ethical Culture, N. Y, 83-86; math, 
Stevens, 86-88, asst. prof, 88-99, prof, 99- 
Pres, Bristol Co, Waterbury, Conn. F.A.A; 
Mech. Eng. Development of Bristol's recording 
instruments for pressure, temperature and 
electricity. Recording pyrometer for tempera- 
ture above 1000 F. 

Britton, Dr. N(athaniel) L(ord), 2965 Decatur 
Ave, Bronx, New York, N. Y. *Botany. New 
Dorp, Staten Island, N. Y, Jan. 15, 59. E.M, 
Columbia, 79, Ph.D, 81. Asst. geol, Columbia, 
79-87, instr. hot, 87-90, adj. prof, 90-91, prof, 
91-96, emer. prof, 96-; director-in-chief, N. Y. 
Bot. Garden, 96- Botanist and asst. geologist, 
N. J. Geol. Surv, 80-90; field asst, U. S. Geol. 
Surv, 82; adviser in bot, Carnegie Inst, 02. 
Hon. Sc.D, Columbia, 04. F.A.A. (v. pres, 96) ; 
Bot. Soc. (pres, 98-99) ; Am. Inst; Torrey Bot. 
Club (ed, 88-97); fel. N. Y. Acad. (v. pres, 
01-02) ; N. Y. Hort. Soc. (chairman, Council, 
01-05) ; N. Y. Micros. Soc; Staten Isl. Nat. 
Sci. Ass. (pres, 88-91); Wash. Biol. Soc. 
American systematic botany. North American 
flora (Crassulaceae, Cyperaceae) ; flora of 
Puerto Rico, Bolivia, Paraguay, and the Ba- 

Britton, Mrs. N. L. (Elizabeth Gertrude), 2965 
Decatur Ave, Bronx, New York, N. Y. * Bot any. 
New York, Jan. 9, 58. N. Y. City Nor. 
Col, 75. Critic teacher pedag, Training Dept, 
N. Y. City Nor. Col, 75-82, teacher bot, 82-85. 
Hon. assoc. instr. crypt, bot, Columbia, Barnard 
and N. Y. Bot. Garden. Bot. Soc; Torrey Bot. 
Club (ed, 'Bui,' 86-89). Anatomy and classi- 
fication of mosses and ferns. Mosses of the 
West Indies, southern Florida and Mexico. 

Britton, Dr. W(ilton) E(verett), Connecticut Agri- 
cultural Experiment Station, New Haven, Conn. 
Entomology, Botany. Marlboro, Mass, Sept. 18, 
68. B.S, N. H. Col. Agr. and Mech. Arts, 93; 
Cornell, 93-94; Ph.D, Yale, 03. Horticulturist, 
Conn. Agr. Exp. Sta, 94-01, entomologist, and 
state entomologist, 01- Lecturer entom, For- 
est Sch, Yale, 01-; entomologist, State Board 
of Agr, 04. M.A.A; Ass. Econ. Entom; Conn. 
Acad; Conn. Pomol. and Bot. Societies; cor. 
mem. Wash. Entom. Soc. Nutrition of plants; 
life histories of insects; methods of combating 
injurious species. Scale insects of Connecticut; 
Aleyrodes vaporariorum west and other species 
of economic insects; flora of the North Haven 
(Conn.) sand-plains. 

Broadhead, Prof. G(arland) C(arr), 701 S. Fifth 
St, Columbia, Mo. Geology. Albermarle Co, 
Va, Oct. 30, 27. Missouri, 50-51; Western Mil. 
Inst, Dronnon, Ky, 51-52. Asst. state geol- 
ogist, Mo, 57-61; Ills, 68; Mo, 71-73, state geol- 
ogist, 73-75; prof, geol, Missouri, 87-97, emer. 
prof, 97- Juror, Mines and Geol, Centennial 
Expos, 76; special agent, Building Stones of 
Mo. and Kas, Tenth Census, 81; mem. Mo. 
River Commission, 84-02; Mo. State Board of 
Mines and Geol, 89-93; civil engineer, various 
railroad surveys. Hon. M.S, Missouri, 73. 
Geol. Soc; Nat. Geog. Soc; cor. mem. St. Louis 
Acad; Mo. Hist. Soc; Va. Hist. Soc. Geology. 

Brock, Prof. R(eginald) W(alter), School of Min- 
ing, Kingston, Can. Geology. Perth, Ont, Jan. 
10, 74. Toronto, 90-92; A.M, Queen's (Can.), 
95; Heidelberg, 95, 00-01. Instr. miner, Sch. 
of Mining, Kingston, 96-97 ; geologist, Can. 
Geol. Surv, 97-; prof, geol, Sch. of Mining, 02- 
Commissioner, Frank Landslide Inquiry, 03. 
F.A.A; Geol. Soc; Min. Eng; Can. Min. Inst. 
Economic geology. 

Brbdel, Max, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, 
Md. Anatomy, Medical illustration. Leipzig, 
Germany, June 8, 70. Acad, of Fine Arts, 
Leipzig, 85-90. Instr. art applied to med, Hop- 
kins, 05- Ass. Anat. Development of vascu- 
larization in various organs of the abdominal 

Brooke, Will(iam) E(llsworth), 709 Deleware St, 
S.E, Minneapolis, Minn. Mathematics, Engi- 
neering. Minier, Ills, Oct. 7, 70. B.C.E, Ne- 
braska, 92, A.M, 96. Fellow and asst. math, 
Nebraska, 94-97; instr, High Sch, Omaha, 
97-01; eng. math, Minnesota, 01- Math. Soc; 
Eng. Educ. Irrational integrals. 

Brooks, Alfred H(ulse), U. S. Geological Survey, 
Washington, D. C. *Geology. Ann Arbor, 
Mich, July 18, 71. Stuttgart, 89-90; Munich, 
90-91; B.S, Harvard, 94; Paris, 97-98. Asst. 
geologist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 94-01, geologist, 01- 
02, geologist in charge, Div. Alaskan Mineral 
Resources, 02- F.A.A; Geol. Soc; Min. Eng; 
Geog. Ass. Stratigraphic, economic and gen- 
eral geology; explorations in Alaska. Geog- 
raphy, geology and mineral resources of Alaska. 

Brooks, Dr. Edward, 5971 Drexel Road, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. Education. Stony Point, N. Y, 
Jan. 16, 31. Grad, Univ. N. Pa, 52. Prof, 
lit. and math, Univ. N. Pa, 52-53 ; math, Acad, 
Monticello, N. Y, 54; math, and lit, State Nor. 
Sch, Millersville, Pa, 55-66, pres, 66-83; supt. 
pub. schools, Phila, 91- Pres, Sch. of Oratory, 
84-85. Hon. A.M, Union; Ph.D, Lafayette, 
Washington and Lee and Hyatts Mil. Acad. 
Nat. Educ. Ass. (pres, Dept. Supt, 93, mem. 
Committee of Fifteen) ; Phila. Hist. Ass. 
Mathematics ; education ; teaching. 

Brooks, Dr. Harlow, 44 W. Ninth St, New York, 
N. Y. Pathology, Medicine. Medo, Minn, March 
31, 61. M.D, Michigan, 95; Freiburg, 98. Asst. 
prof, path, Univ. and Bellevue Hosp. Med. Col, 
02- Pathologist, N. Y. Zool. Park; Montefiore 
and St. Vincent's Hospitals; visiting physician, 



N. Y. City Hosp. Ass. Path, and Bact; Soc. 
Exp. Biol, and Med; Ass. Mil. Surg; N. Y. Co. 
Med. Soc; N. Y. Acad. Med. Pathology. Ar- 

Brooks, John M(ilton), Birmingham, Ala. Mathe- 
matics. Cleveland, 0, Jan. 19, 68. A.B, Prince- 
ton, 89, A.M, 91; Gottingen, 92-93; Leipzig 
93-94. Instr. math, Princeton, 91-92, 94-02 
computer, U. S. Coast and Geod. Surv, 02-03 
pres, Birmingham Building and Improv. Co, 
03- Math. Soc. 

.Brooks, Prof. W(illiam) K(eith), Johns Hopkins 
University, Baltimore, Md. *Zoology. Cleve-, 
land, O, March 25, 48. A.B, Williams, 70; 
Ph.D, Harvard, 75. Assoc, later assoc. prof, 
and prof, zool, Hopkins, 16- Commissioner to 
report to Gen. Assembly of Md. on the oysters 
of Md; scientific investigator, U. S. Fish Com- 
mission; collaborator, scientific results of 
voyage of ' Challenger.' Medal, Soc. d'Ac- 
climatation; Challenger medal; LL.D, Williams 
and Hobart. Nat. Acad; F.A.A; Soc. Zool; 
Am. Acad; Philos. Soc. Marine zoology. Id; 
principles of science. 

Brooks, Dr. W(illia)m P(enn), Amherst, Mass. 
Agronomy. Norwell, Mass, Nov. 19, 51. B.S, 
Mass. Agr. Col, 75; Ph.D, Halle, 97. Prof, 
agr, Imp. Col. Agr, Sapporo, Japan, 77-89; 
prof, agr, Mass. Agr. Col, and agriculturist, 
Hatch Exp. Sta, 89-05, acting pres. and direc- 
tor, 05- Pres. ad. interim, Imp. Col. Agr, Ja- 
pan, 80-83, 86-87; in charge, Home Corre- 
spondence Course in Agr, 01- Awards, Colum- 
bian and Pan-Am. Expositions. M.A.A. Plant 
nutrition. Agriculture ; poultry. 

Brooks, Dr. William R(obert), Smith Observatory, 
Geneva, N. Y. Astronomy, Physics. Maid- 
stone, England, June 11, 44. English and Am. 
pub. and private schools. Director, Red House 
Observatory, Phelps, N. Y, 74-88; Smith Ob- 
servatory, 88-, prof, astron, Hobart, 00- Eight 
medals, Pacific Astron. Soc; ten Warner gold 
prizes; Lalande medal, Paris Acad; hon. A.M, 
Hobart, 91; Sc.D, Hamilton, 98. F.A.A; fel. 
Royal Astron. Soc; British Astron. Ass. 
Comets (24 discovered) ; charting and cata- 
loguing nebulae; solar, planetary and double 
star observations. 

Brower, Hon. J(acob) V(radenberg), 542 Wabaska 
St, St. Paul, Minn. Archeology. York, Mich, 
Jan. 21, 44. Pub. schools; admitted to bar, 
72. County auditor, Minn, 67-74; county 
supt. schools and county attorney, Minn, 73-75 ; 
mem. Legislature, 74; register, U. S. Land 
Office, St. Cloud, 74-79; ed, 'Stearns Co. 
Tribune,' 82-85; pres, S.C.N.R.R. Co, 83-86; 
commissioner, Itasca Park, 91-95; special state 
examiner, 98-00; chairman, Mus. Committee, 
and archeologist, Minn. Hist. Soc, 96- Dele- 
gate, Int. Cong. Americanists, 02. Nat. 
Geog. Soc; Minn. Hist. Soc; Manchester (Eng- 
land) Geog. Soc. Ethnology; archeology; 
mound explorations; museum collections. 
Archeological explorations in the basin of Mis- 

sissippi River; ethnologic collections for mu- 

Brown, Prof. Amos P(easlee), 20 E. Penn St, 
Germantown, Pa. Geology, Mineralogy. Ger- 
mantown, Dec. 3, 64. B.S, Pennsylvania. 86, 
E.M, 87, Ph.D, 93. Asst, Pa. Geol. Surv, 
87-89; instr. mining and metal, Pennsylvania, 
89-93, prof. geol. and miner, Med. Dept, 92-98, 
asst. prof, 95-03, prof, OS- M.A.A; Min. Eng; 
Philos. Soc; Franklin Inst; Phila. Acad. 
Larval baculites; mineralogy; crystallography. 
Structure of crystals; petrography. 

Brown, Arthur Erwin, Zoological Gardens, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. Zoology. Erwinna, Pa, Aug. 14, 
50. Private study. Curator, Acad. Nat. Sci- 
ences, Phila, 92, v. pres, 00; manager, Wistar 
Inst. Anat, 00. F.A.A; Philos. Soc; Phila. 
Zool. Soc. (sec'y, 76) ; hon. mem. N. Y. Zool. 
Soc; cor. mem. London Zool. Soc. Herpetology; 

Brown, Dr. Calvin S(mith), University, Miss. 
Botany, Geology, Comparative literature. Obion 
Co, Tenn, Feb. 13, 66. B.S, Vanderbilt, 88, M.S, 
91, Sc.D, 92; Ph.D, Colorado, 99; Paris and 
Leipzig, 94-95; Spain, Italy and Greece, 03-04. 
Instr. English, Vanderbilt; comp. lit, Colorado, 
98-00; German and English, Rutgers, 01; act- 
ing prof . modern languages, Mississippi, 02 ; 
acting asst. prof. Romance languages, Missouri, 
04-05; Mississippi, 05- Collector of flora of 
Azores. M.A.A; Am. Dialect Soc; Modern 
Lang. Ass; Am. Civic Ass. English and com- 
parative literature ; coal flora of Tracy City, 
Tenn. Tennessee forest and shade trees. 

Brown, Charles Carroll, 408 Commercial Club 
Building, Indianapolis, Ind. Civil engineering. 
Austinburg, O, Oct. 4, 56. Cornell, 74-75; C.E, 
Michigan, 79. Prof, civil eng, Rose, 83-86; 
Union, 86-93 ; city engineer, Indianapolis, 
93-95; asst. city engineer, Omaha, 96-97; asst. 
ed, ' Munic. Eng. Magazine,' 97-99, ed.-in-chief, 
00- Consulting engineer, N. Y. State Board 
of Health, 87-93, and for many cities; chair- 
man, Bridge and Stream Improv. Commission, 
Indianapolis. Civil Eng; Soc. Munic. Im- 
prov; Soc. Testing Materials; Ind. Eng. Soc. 
(sec'y). Stream pollution; sewage disposal; 
sewerage; water supply; cement and its uses; 
geodetic surveys; paving; effect of variations 
of rainfall on water powers. Calcareous ce- 
ments and their uses; sewage disposal; water 
purification; wood pavements. 

Brown, Prof. Charles S(umner), 139 Wesley Hall, 
Vanderbilt Campus, Nashville, Tenn. Mechan- 

ical engineering. East Hampton, Conn, Aug. 
23, 60. Ph.B, Yale, 83, M.E, 88. Practising 
engineer, 84-88 ; instr. machine design and supt. 
workshops. Rose, 88-89, prof, steam eng. and 
machine design, 89-96; adj. prof. mech. eng, 
Vanderbilt, 96-98, prof, 98- Mech. Eng; Eng. 
Ass. of the South; Franklin Inst. 

Brown, Charles W(ilson), Brown University, 
Providence, R. I. Geology. Overton, Nebr, 
Aug. 11, 74. Boston, 96-97; Ph.B, Brown, 00, 
A.M, 01; Harvard, 03-04. Student asst. geol, 



Brown, 00-01; principal, High Sch, Warren, 
R. I, 01-03; instr. geol, Lehigh, 04-05; instr. 
geol. and head of dept, Brown, 05- Field asst, 
U. S. Geol. Surv, 02-03, geol. aid, 04-; asst. 
geol, Summer Sch, Harvard, 03. M.A.A. 
Geology of Wilmington, Vt; geology of Penob- 
scot Bay; ore deposits and eruptive rocks of 
Lake City, Colo; geology of Mt. Desert Island, 

Brown, Prin. Edward L(eroy), 2555 W. 34th Ave, 
Denver, Colo. Mathematics. Columbus, O. 
Oct. 29, 66. A.B, Capital Univ, Columbus, 86; 
Ohio State, 87-88; A.M, Cornell, 90. Teacher 
math, Clinton Liberal Inst, Ft. Plain, N. Y, 
90-91; Halsey Col. Inst, N. Y, 91-92; instr. 
math, and astron, Lehigh, 92-94; prof, Capital 
Univ, 94-96; instr. math, Colorado, 97-98; 
head, Dept. Math, North Side High Sch, Denver, 
Colo, 98-00, 'principal, 00- Lecturer math, 
Texas-Colo. Chautauqua, summer, 98. Math. 
Soc. The ellipse. 

Brown, Prof. Elmer E(llsworth), University of Cali- 
fornia, Berkeley, Cal. Education. Kiantone, N. 
Y, Aug. 28, 61. A.B, Michigan, 89; Ph.D, 
Halle, 90. Acting asst. prof, science and art 
of teaching, Michigan, 91-92; head, Dept. Educ, 
California, 92-, assoc. prof, science and art of 
teaching, 92-93, prof, 93-98, theory and prac- 
tise of educ, 98- Mem. State Board of Educ, 
Cal, 95- Silver medal, Paris, 00. Nat. 
Council Educ. (pres, 05-) ; Cal. Council Educ. 
History of American education; theory of edu- 
cation as related to public policy. 

Brown, Prof. Ernest W(illiam), Haverford College, 
Haverford, Pa. * Mathematics. Hull, Eng- 
land, Nov. 29, 66. A.B, Cambridge, 87, A.M, 
91, fellow, Christ's Col, Cambridge, 89-95, 
Sc.D, 97. Instr. math, Haverford, 91-93, prof, 
applied math, 93-00, math, 00- Math. Soc. 
(ed, 'Trans,' 00- mem. Council, 01); Philos. 
Soc; fel. Royal Soc; fel. Royal Astron. Soc; 
fel. London Math. Soc; fel. Cambridge Philos. 
Soc. Lunar theory; celestial mechanics. A 
new lunar theory. 

Brown, Prof. G(eorge) L(incoln), Brookings, S. 
Dak. Mathematics, Astronomy. Bates Co, Mo, 
Jan. 25, 69. B.S, Missouri, 92, fellow, 92-93, 
M.S, 93; fellow, Chicago, 94-96, Ph.D, 00. 
Instr. math, High Sch, Rock Island, Ills, 96; 
prof, S. Dak. Agr. Col, 97- Math. Soc. The 
linear transformation group of order 3 x 360. 

Brown, Harry Fletcher, Parlin, N. J. Chemistry. 
Natick, Mass, July 10, 67. A.B, Harvard, 90, 
A.M, 92. Chief chemist, Torpedo Sta, Bur. of 
Ordnance, U. S. Navy Dept, 93-00; Int. Smoke- 
less Powder and Chemical Co, Wilmington, Del, 
00-01, general supt, 01- Directing chemist, E. 
I. Du Pont Co, Wilmington, Del, 04- Chem. 
Soc. Smokeless powder. 

Brown, Dr. John W(esley), Massachusetts Insti- 
tute of Technology, Boston, Mass. Chemistry. 
Rye, N. H, July 2*3, 77. B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 
00; Ph.D, Heidelberg, 03. Asst. anal, chem, 
Mass. Inst. Tech, 00-01, instr. theoret. chem, 03- 
Chem. Soc. (treas, N. E. Sect, 04). Catalysis 

in sulfuric acid solution. The properties of 
colloidal gold suspensions; physico-chemistry 
of sulfurous acid; velocity of the decomposition 
of hydrogen peroxid complex compounds. 

Brown, Nathan Clifford, 9 Bowdoin St, Portland, 
Me. Ornithology. Portland, Oct. 13, 56. 
A.B, Bowdoin, 83. Fel. Ornith. Union. Dis- 
tribution and habits of North American birds. 

Brown, Prof. Oliver W, Bloomington, Ind. Elec- 
trochemistry. Vermillion Grove, Ills, June 25, 
73. B.S, Earlham, 95; A.M, Indiana, 96; Cor- 
nell, 97-99; hon. fellow, Wisconsin, 03-04. 
Demonstrator chem, Ind. Dental Col. and 
chemist, J. N. Hurty Lab, Indianapolis, 96-97; 
asst. chem, Cornell, 98-99; instr. electrochem. 
and quant, anal, Indiana, 99-04, asst. prof, OJf- 
Chemist, Muncie Pulp Co, Ind, 99. Electro- 
chem. Soc. Preparation of potassium persele- 
nate; distribution of mercuric chlorid between 
toluene and water; efficiency of the nickel-plat- 
ing tank; electric smelting of zinc and 
molybdenum ores. 

Brown, Dr. O(rville) H(arry), Cor. Grand Ave. 
and Caroline St, St. Louis, Mo. Physiology, 
Pharmacology. Sabetha, Kas, July 18, 75. 
A.B, Kansas, 01; Ph.D, Chicago, 05; M.D, St. 
Louis, 05. Lab. asst. physiol, Kansas, 01-02; 
asst, Chicago, 02-04; asst. prof, pharmacol, St. 
Louis, 0k~ Physiol. Soc. Effects of ions on 
enzymes and body processes. Pharmacology. 

Brown, Dr. Philip King, 1612 Van Ness Ave, San 
Francisco, Cal. Medicine. Napa, Cal, June 24 
69. A.B, Harvard, 90, M.D, 93. Assoc, prof 
clin. med, California, 96-98, instr. animal path 
Vet. Dept, 96-99; assoc. med. and instr. clin 
path, Cooper Med. Col, 99-02; instr. clin. path 
California, 02- Visiting physician and con 
suiting pathologist to various hospitals, San 
Francisco; director, Miradero Sanatorium 
Santa Barbara, Cal. Am. Physicians; Am 
Med. Ass; Climat. Ass; Cal. Med. Soc; Cal 
Acad. Med; San Francisco Co. Med. Soc 
Blood conditions in leprosy and bone tubercu 
losis; pathology of the nervous system of ani 
mals; malarial fevers of the west coast of 
United States; intestinal parasites; muscular 
irritability in eclampsia. 

Brown, Robert Marshall, 40 Windsor St, Worcester, 
Mass. Geography, Geology. Fisherville, Mass, 
March 11, 70. A.B, Brown, 93; A.M, Harvard, 
02. Instr. sciences, High Sch, Portsmouth, N. 
H, 94-98, principal, 98-00; instr. sciences, High 
Sch, New Bedford, Mass, 02-03; geog, Mass. 
State Nor. Sch, Worcester, 03- Prof, geog, 
Summer Sch, North Carolina, 03; Marthas 
Vineyard Summer Inst, 04. M.A.A. Physical 
geography. The Mississippi River. 

Brown, Prof. S(timson) J(oseph), U. S. N, 47 
Apshar Row, Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md. 
*Astronomy. Penn Yan, N. Y, Sept. 17, 54. 
Cornell, 71-72; grad, U. S. Naval Acad, 76. 
Midshipman, U. S. N, 76-77, ensign, 77-83, 
prof, math, 83-, astron. director, U. S. Naval 
Observatory, 98-05, director, 'Nautical Alma- 
nac,' 00-05. F.A.A; Astron. and Astrophys. 



Soe; Astron. Gesell. Observation of the 303 
' Zusatz Sterne' of the 'Berliner Jahrbuch'; 
star list of the 'Berliner Jahrbuch'; observa- 
tion of the satellites of Saturn, Mars and Nep- 

Brown, Prof. W(ilbur) V(incent), Greencastle, 
Ind. Astronomy. Hope, N. J, March 27, 60. 
B.S, Stevens, 80, Ph.D, 89. Asst. prof. math, 
and astron, Be Pauw, 85-94, prof, astron, 94-96, 
math, and astron. and director, Observatory, 96- 
Determination of longitude, Greencastle to St. 
Louis; effect on collimation of a tip in the object 
glass; personal equation with single and double 
line reticles; the oblique sections of the anchor 
ring; use of a classified cabinet of weather maps 
in improving weather forecasts. 

Brown, Dr. W(illiam) G(eorge), University of 
Missouri, Columbia, Mo. ^Chemistry. New- 
castle-on-Tyne, England, Nov. 5, 53. B.S, 
Virginia, 77; Heidelberg, 80-81; Morgan fellow, 
Harvard, 84. Prof, chem, Tennessee, 77-83; 
instr, Virginia, 83-85; prof. ehem. and physics, 
S. C. Mil. Acad, 85-86; chem, Washington and 
Lee, 86-94; asst. chemist, U. S. Dept. Agr, 
94-96; prof, chem, Missouri, 96- Assoc, ed, 
Dept. Miner, and Petrog, ' Standard Diet.' 
Hon. Ph.D, North Carolina, 89. Chem. Soc. 
(v. pres, Wash. Sect.) ; fel. London Chem. Soc; 
Chem. Gesell. Analyses of minerals, rocks, 
etc; crystallography. Reactions between metals 
and saline solutions. 

Browne, Dr. Arthur Wesley, Cornell University, 
Ithaca, N. Y. Chemistry. Brooklyn, N. Y, 
Nov. 24, 77. B.S, Wesleyan, 00, M.S, 01; 
Ph.D, Cornell, 03. Instr. chem, Cornell, 03- 
Chem. Soc. A thermostat sensitive to one thou- 
sandth of a degree; synthetic analysis in ternary 
systems; resistance of glass tubing to bursting 
pressure. Hydronitrie acid and its derivatives; 
complex oxids of chromium and other elements; 
atomic weight of nitrogen. 

Browne, Dr. C(harles) A(lbert), Jr, Audubon 
Park, New Orleans, La. Agricultural chemis- 
try. North Adams, Mass, Aug. 12, 70. A.B, 
Williams, 92, A.M, 96; Ph.D, Gottingen, 01. 
Asst. chemist in commercial lab, N. Y. City, 
92-94; instr. chem, Pa. State, 95-96; asst. 
chemist, Pa. Exp. Sta, 96-02; chemist, La. 
Sugar Exp. Sta, 02- Int. Cong. Applied Chem. 
M.A.A; Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; Ass. 
Off. Agr. Chemists; Soc. Prom. Agr. Sci. 
Chemistry of butter-fat, apples, cider and vine- 
gar, sugar-cane and sugar, rice, carbohydrates, 
etc. Agriculture and technology of the sugar, 
rice and other industries of Louisiana; sugar 
analysis; nutrition investigations of rice. 

Browne, J(ohn) J(oseph), Golden, Colo. Mathe- 
matics. Leitrim, Ireland, Dec. 16, 66. Univ. 
Col, Dublin; A.B, Royal Univ, Dublin, 99. 
Asst. prof, math, St. Patrick's Training Col, 
Dublin, 91-00; instr, Colo. Sch. Mines, 03- 
Tutor math, Univ. Col, Dublin; examiner to 
Board of Intermediate Educ, Ireland; asst. 
math, Colorado. Math. Soc. A particular 
method in centroids. 

Browne, W(illia)m Hand, Jr, Care Electrical Re- 
view, 13 Park Row, New York, N. Y. Electrical 
engineering. Baltimore Co, Md, July 21, 68. 
A.B, Hopkins, 90, certificate in elec. eng, 92. 
Eng. work, 92-96; instr. elec. eng, Nebraska, 
96-98; asst. prof, Illinois, 98-02; technical ed, 
'Elec. Rev,' 02- Elec. Eng; Eng. Educ; 
Electrochem. Soc. Power factor indicators; 
mechanical computation of fall of potential. 

Browning, Prof. Philip E(mbury), Yale Univer- 
sity, New Haven, Conn. *Chemistry. Rhine- 
beck, N. Y, Sept. 9, 66. A.B, Yale, 89, Ph.D, 
92; Munich, 93-94. Asst. chem, Yale, 89-93, 
instr, 94-98, asst. prof, 98- F.A.A; Chem. Soc; 
Chem. Gesell. Analytical chemistry of the 
rarer elements. Separation of the cerium 

Browning, Dr. William, 54 Lefferts Place, Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. Medicine, Neurology, Anatomy. 
Norwich, Conn, July 7, 55. Ph.B, Yale, 76; 
diploma in anat, Pennsylvania, 78 ; M.D, Leip- 
zig, 81. Science instr, Media Acad, 76-77; 
lecturer anat. and physiol. of nervous system, 
Long Isl. Col. Med. Sch, 87-00, prof, neur, 01- 
Interne, German Hosp, N. Y, 81-82 ; neurol- 
ogist, Kings Co, Long Isl, Long Isl. State, 
German, Norwegian, Christopher's, St. John's, 
St. Catherine's, Brooklyn, Bushwick, and E. D. 
Hospitals. Soc. Nat; Ass. Anat; Neur. Ass; 
Ass. Med. Librarians; N. Y. State Med. Soc; 
Kings Co. Med. Soc. (pres, 01) ; Ass. Physi- 
cians of L. I. (pres, 98-99) ; Brooklyn Soc. 
Neur. (pres, 00) ; Brooklyn Inst. Brain and 
cord circulation; epilepsy; infectious peripheral 
paralyses; medical history; libraries. 

Bruce, Dr. W(illiam) H(erschel), Denton, Tex. 
Mathematics. Troup Co, Ga, April 8, 56. A.B, 
Ala. Polytech, 83; Ph.D, Mercer. Principal, 
High Sch, Blanco, Tex, 84-93 ; supt. schools, 
Marble Falls, Tex, 93-96; Athens, Tex, 96-99; 
pres, John Tarleton Col, Stephenville, Tex, 99- 
00; prof, math, North Tex. State Nor. Col, 01- 
Conductor and instr, teachers' summer nor. 
schools, 92-01. Hon. A.M, Baylor. M.A.A; 
fel. Tex. Acad. Mathematics. General geom- 

Bruere, Dr. A(ndrew) Arthman, 199 Park Ave, 
Montreal, Can. Toxicology, Hygiene. Trini- 
dad, W. I, Nov. 10, 64. M.D, Edinburgh, 90; 
Paris. Lecturer med, McGill. Director, Clin. 
Lab, Royal Victoria Hosp, Montreal. Ass. 
Path, and Bact. Sapotoxins ; hydrogen selenid 
and tellurid; carbon monoxid. Action of sapo- 
toxins on the tissues. 

Brues, C(harles) T(homas), Milwaukee Public 
Museum, Milwaukee, Wis. Zoology. Wheel- 
ing, W. Va, June 20, 79. B.S, Texas, 01, fel- 
low, 01-02, M.S, 02; fellow, Columbia, 02-03. 
Special field agent, U. S. Dept. Agr, 04-05; 
curator invert, zool, Milwaukee Pub. Mus, 05- 
M.A.A; Wis. Nat. Hist. Soc; N. Y. Entom. 
Soc; Wash. Entom. Soc. Embryology, ethol- 
ogy and taxonomy of insects, especially of the 
Hymenoptera and Diptera ; embryology of Sty- 
lopidae. Taxonomy of Diptera and Hymenop- 



Brumbaugh, Prof. M(artin) G(rove), 3324 Walnut 
St, Philadelphia, Pa. Pedagogy. Huntingdon 
Co, Pa, April 14, 62. Juniata, 78-81; Har- 
vard, 90-92; A.M, Pennsylvania, 93, Ph.D, 94. 
County supt. of schools, Pa, 84-90 ; pres, Juniata, 
95-; prof, pedag, Pennsylvania, 95- Commis- 
sioner of educ. for Porto Rico, 00-02. LL.D, 
Franklin and Marshall, 02. Pa. Hist. Soc. 
Pedagogy; history of Pennsylvania. Begin- 
nings of German-American literature and sci- 
ence as shown in the curricula of schools. 

Bruner, Frank G, 808 Tribune Building, Chicago, 
Ills. Psychology. Streator, Ills, March 28, 
74. Fellow, A.B, Nebraska, 03. Supt. schools, 
Dwight, Ills, 99-01 ; asst. psychol, Nebraska, 
02-03; Columbia, 03-05; Dept. Child-study, 
pub. schools, Chicago, 05- Asst. supt, Sect. 
Psychometry and Anthropometry, La. Purchase 
Expos, 04. Psychol. Ass. Color range of 
adults. Accuracy of reflex adjustments; the 
hearing of the Filipino, Lndian, Pigmy, Ainu 
and White. 

Bruner, Prof. H(enry) L(ane), Irvington, Indian- 
apolis, Ind. Biology. Knox Co, Ills, Jan. 10, 
61. A.B, Abingdon, 80; Sheffield Sci. Seh, 
Yale, 80-81; Ph.D, Freiburg, 96. Instr. nat. 
science, Abingdon, 81-84; prof, Eureka, 84-86; 
biol. and geol, Drake, 91-92; Butler, 92- Asst, 
U. S. Fish Commission, summers, 81-84. 
M.A.A; Soc. Zool; Ind. Acad. Nasal muscles 
of Amphibia; heart of lungless salamanders. 
Nasal muscles of Reptilia; blood sinuses of 
head of Reptilia. 

Bruner, Prof. Lawrence, 2314 S. 17th St, Lincoln, 
Nebr. Entomology, Ornithology . Catasauqua, 
Pa, March 2, 56. B.S, Nebraska. Field 
agent, U. S. Dept. Agr, 80-88; entomologist, 
Nebr. Agr. Exp. Sta, 88-90; instr. entom, Ne- 
braska, 90-95, prof, entom. and omith, 95- 
Investigator locust plague, Argentine Rep, 
97-98. F.A.A; mem. Ornith Union; Ass. Econ. 
Entom; etc. Locusts; life histories of insects; 
Nebraska birds; locusts of Paraguay; locusts 
of Argentina. 

Brunton, D(avid) W(illiam), 865 Grant Ave, 
Denver, Colo. Geology. Ayr, Ont, June 11, 
49. Michigan, 75. Consulting engineer; pres, 
Taylor and Brunton Ore Sampling Co, 0^- 
Telford medal, Civil Eng, 97. M.A.A; Min. 
Eng; Civil Eng; Colo. Sci. Soc; Mont. Soc. 
Eng; Royal Geog. Soc. Valuation and treat- 
ment of gold, silver, lead and copper ores; 
electric power in mining and metallurgical 

Brush, Dr. Charles F(rancis), 1003 Euclid Ave, 
Cleveland, O. *Physics. Euclid, O, March 17, 
49. M.E, Michigan, 69; Ph.D, Western Re- 
serve, 80. Founder, Brush Elec. Co; elec. 
engineer and inventor. Pres. or director of 
various corporations. Rumford medal, 99; 
Chevalier Legion d'honneur, 81 ; hon. M.S, 
Michigan, 99; LL.D, Western Reserve, 00; 
Kenyon, 03. F.A.A; Elec. Eng; Mech. Eng; 
Chem. Soc; Franklin Inst; British Ass. Elec- 
tricity; invented practical electric are lighting; 

molecular physics. The light gases of the at- 

Brush, Prof. George Jarvis, 14 Trumbull St, New 
Haven, Conn. *Mineralogy. Brooklyn, N. Y, 
Dec. 15, 31. Ph.B, Yale, 52; Munich, 53-54; 
Royal Saxony Sch. Mines, 54-55; Govt. Sch. 
Mines, London, 55-56. Prof, metal, Sheffield 
Sci. Sch, Tale, 5.5-71, miner, 64-98, emer. prof, 
98- Director, Sheffield Sci. Sch, Yale, 72-99. 
Hon. A.M, Yale, 57; LL.D, Harvard, 86. Nat. 
Acad; F.A.A. (pres, 81) ; Soc. Nat; Am. Acad; 
Philos. Soc; Conn. Acad; N. Y. Acad; London 
Geol. Soc; cor. mem. Edinburgh Geol. Soc; St. 
Petersburg Imperial Miner. Soc; Bavarian 
Royal Acad. Chemical composition of Ameri- 
can minerals. 

Bryan, Dr. Thomas J(oseph), Champaign, Ills. 
Chemistry. Warwickshire, England, Sept. 26, 
69. A.B, Colgate, 93, A.M, 95; Gottingen, 
99; Heidelberg, 00; Ph.D, Freiburg, 01. Asst. 
chem, Colgate, 93-99; Wesleyan, 01-02; instr, 
Williams, 02-03; Illinois, 03- Action of mus- 
tard oils on phenols. Derivatives of diphenyl. 

Bryan, Pres. William Lowe, 812 North College 
Ave, Bloomington, Ind. * Psychology. Bloom- 
ington, Nov. 11, 60. A.B, Indiana, 84, A.M, 
86; Berlin, 86-87; Ph.D, Clark, 92; Paris and 
Wiirzburg, 00-01. Instr. Greek, Indiana, 85, 
assoc. prof, philos, 85-87, prof, 86-02, v. pres, 
93-02, pres, 02- F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Psychol. 
Ass. (pres, 03) ; Philos. Ass. Experimental 
psychology; the development of motor ability; 
the psychology of occupations. The psychology 
of occupations. 

Bryant, Arthur P(eyton), 661 Winthrop Ave, 
Chicago, Ills. Chemistry. South New Market, 
N. H, May 7, 68. B.S, Wesleyan, 92, M.S, 95. 
Instr. math, and science, English and Classical 
High Sch, Providence, R. I, 92-93; chem, 
Swarthmore, 93-94; with U. S. Dept. Agr, 95- 
02; chief chemist, Glucose Sugar Refining Co, 
and Nat. Starch Co, 02- Chem. Soc; Soc. 
Chem. Indust. Starch and its hydrolytic 

Bryant, Prof. Ernest C(alvin), Middlebury, Vt. 
Mathematics, Physics. Manchester, N. H, 
April, 22, 67. B.S, Middlebury, 91; B.S, Mass. 
Inst. Teeh, 93. With Can. Bridge and Iron 
Co, 93-94 ; prof. math, and physics, Middlebury, 
95- Physical Soc. 

Bryant, Henry G(rier), 2013 Walnut St, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. Geography. Allegheny City, Pa, 
Nov. 7, 59. A.B, Princeton, 83, A.M, 86; LL.B, 
Pennsylvania, 86. In charge, Labrador Exped, 
91; Peary Auxil. Exped, 94; Mt. St. Elias 
Exped, 97. Int. Geog. Cong, Berlin, 99 (v. 
pres.). F.A.A; Geog. Ass; Philos. Soc; Am. 
Alpine Club (sec'y) ; Phila. Geog. Soc. (pres, 
99-01, 04-05) ; fel. Royal Geog. Soc; cor. mem. 
Swedish Soc. Anthrop. and Geog; cor. mem. 
Soc. de G6og. de Geneve. Geographical explor- 
ation; ethnology. Drift casks to determine 
arctic currents. 

Bryant, Dr. W(illia)m M(cKendree), Webster 
Groves, Mo. Philosophy, Ethics. Lake Co, Ind, 



March 31, 43. A.B, Ohio Wesleyan, 69^ A.M, 
71. Supt. schools, Burlington, la, 70-73; 
teacher, pub. schools, St. Louis, 73-, instr. 
psychol, ethics and hist, 81- Adjutant, 34th 
la. Vol. Inf. 62-64; asst. adjt. gen. of brigade, 
64. Ed, 'Am. Jour, of Educ,' 97. LL.D, 
Missouri, 94. Acad. Polit. and Social Sci; Am. 
Hist. Ass; West. Philos. Ass. Psychology; 
metaphysics ; history. 
Buchanan, Roberdeau, 2015 Q St, Washington, 
D. C. Mathematics, Astronomy, Genealogy. 
Philadelphia, Pa, Nov. 22, 39. B.S, Harvard, 
61. Constructing engineer, 61-72; U. S. 
Patent Office, 73-78; computer, 'Nautical 
Almanac' Office, U. S. Naval Observatory, 79- 
Eclipses; planets; star numbers. Id; geneal- 
Bucher, Prof. John E(mery), 120 Taber Ave, 
Providence, R. I. Chemistry. Hanover, Pa, 
Aug. 17, 72. A.C, Lehigh, 91; Ph.D, Hopkins, 
94. Instr. chem, Tufts, 94-97; assoc. prof, 
R. I. Col. Agr, 97-01; Broivn, 01- Chem. Soc; 
Soc. Chem. Indust; Chem. Gesell. Organic 
chemistry. Action of acetic anhydrid on un- 
saturated acids. 
Buchner, Dr. Edward F(ranklin), University of 
Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala. *Psychology, Phi- 
losophy. Paxton, Ills, Sept. 3, 68. A.B, 
Western, 89; Ph.D, Yale, 93. Lecturer pedag. 
and philos, Yale, 92-94, instr, 94-97; prof, 
anal, psychol, N. Y. Univ, 96-01; docent 
philos, Clark, 01-03; prof, Alabama, 03- Asst, 
Psychol. Lab, Columbian Expos, 93; lecturer 
psychol, Brooklyn Inst, 98-00. F.A.A; Soc. 
Nat; Psychol. Ass; Philos. Ass; Soc. Sci. Educ; 
S. Soc. Philos, and Psychol, (sec'y) ; fel. N. Y. 
Acad. Kant's psychology; Kant's educational 
Buck, Dr. A(lbert) H(enry), 105 E. 19th St, 
New York, N. Y. Otology. New York, Oct. 20, 
42. A.B, Yale, 64; M.D, Columbia, 67. Aural 
surgeon, N. Y. Eye and Ear Infirmary, 71-83; 
prof, otol, Columbia, 87-04. Consulting aural 
surgeon, N. Y. Eye and Ear Infirmary and 
Presbyterian Hosp. Otol. Soc; N. Y. Otol. Soc. 
Diseases of the ear. 
Buck, Harold Winthrop, 123 Buffalo Ave, Niagara 
Falls, N. Y. Electrical engineering. New 
York, N. Y, May 7, 73. Ph.B, Yale, 94 ; E.E, 
Columbia, 95. Elec. engineer, Gen. Elec. Co, 
95-00; Niagara Falls Power Co, 00- Elec. 
Eng. Electrical science and engineering. 
Buckhout, Prof. William A, State College, Pa. 
Botany, Horticulture, Forestry. Oswego, N. Y, 
Dec. 26, 46. B.Agr, Pa. State, 68, M.S, 71, 
Sc.D, 04. Prof. nat. hist, Pa. State, 71-81, bot. 
and hort, 81- Mem. State Forestry Commis- 
sion, 88; lecturer, Farmers' Institutes. F.A.A. 
Phytopti; the effect of smoke and gas on vege- 
Buckingham, Edgar, Bureau of Soils, Washington, 
D. C. Physics. Philadelphia, Pa, July 8, 67. 
A.B, Harvard, 87; Strasburg, 89-90; Ph.D, 
Leipzig, 93. Asst. physics, Harvard, 88-89; 
Strasburg, 89-90; Harvard, 91-92; assoc. phys- 

ics and physical chem, Bryn Mawr, 93-98, asst. 
prof, 98-99; instr. physics, Wisconsin, 01-02; 
asst. physicist, Bur. of Soils, U. S. Dept. Agr, 
02- Physical Soc; Wash. Philos. Soc. Thermo- 
Buckley, Dr. E(rnest) R(obertson), Rolla, Mo. 
"Geology. Milbury, Mass, Sept. 3, 72. B.S, 
Wisconsin, 95, fellow, 95-97, Ph.D, 98. Asst. 
geologist, Wis. Geol. and Nat. Hist. Surv, 97-98, 
geologist in charge econ. geol, 98-00, asst. supt. 
in charge, 00-01; director, Mo. Bur. Geol. and 
Mines, and state geologist, 01- Instr, Sum- 
mer Sch, Wisconsin, 98; lecturer geol, Univ. 
Exten, 9S-01 ; non-metallic mineral resources, 
Chicago, 04, 05. F.A.A; Geol. Soc; Min. Eng; 
Min. Cong; Soc. Testing Materials; Wis. Acad; 
Wash. Acad. Chemical and physical properties 
of building stones and clays; materials for road 
construction; effects of changing temperature 
on the ice sheets covering small inland lakes. 
Paleozoic stratigraphy of central Missouri; 
origin of the disseminated lead of southeastern 
Missouri; the lead and zinc deposits of south- 
western Missouri. 

Budgett, Dr. S(idney) P(ayne), 4374 Washington 
Boulevard, St. Louis, Mo. Physiology. West- 
bury-on-Trym, England, Oct. 31, 62. Win- 
chester, 76-79; M.D, Michigan, 95. Asst. 
physiol, Michigan, 91-95; asst. prof, physiol. 
and histol, Med. Dept, Washington, (St. Louis), 
95-96, prof, 96-99, physiol, 99- Soc. Nat; 
Physiol. Soc. 

.Budington, Robert A(llyn), Leyden, Mass. 
Zoology. Leyden, Oct. 22, 72. A.B, Williams, 
96, A.M, 99; Columbia, 99-00. Asst. zool, 
Williams, 98-99; asst. demonstrator physiol, 
Columbia, 00-02; instr. zool, Woods Hole, 00- 
04; zool. and physiol, Mt. Hermon Sch, 03- 
M.A.A. Physiological characteristics of anne- 
lid muscles. Nervous control of lamellibranch 
hearts; the yolk nucleus in ovarian eggs of 

Buffum, Prof. Burt C, Laramie, Wyo. Agri- 
culture. South Bend, Ind, April 7, 68. B.S, 
Colo. Agr. Col, 90, M.S, 93. Asst. irrig. eng, 
Colo. Agr. Col, 90-91; prof, hort, Wyoming, 91- 
94, agr. and hort, 94-00, v. director, Wyo. 
Exp. Sta, 95-00; prof, agr, Colo. Agr. Col, 00- 
02; agr. and hort, Wyoming, and director, Wyo. 
Exp. Sta, 02- In charge, Wyo. Agr. Exhibit, 
Columbian Expos, 93 ; ed, ' Agricola Aridus ' ; 
'Ranchman's Reminder'. M.A.A; Soc. Prom. 
Agr. Sci; life mem. Pomol. Soc. Irrigation; 
agriculture; alkali salts in soil. Feeding prob- 
lems with western live stock. 

Bull, Dr. Charles Stedman, 47 W. 36th St, New 
York, N. Y. Ophthalmology. New York. 
A.B, Columbia, 64, A.M, 67, M.D, 68. Surgeon, 
Charity Hosp, 75-80; prof, ophthal, N. Y. 
Univ, 90-98; Med. Col, Cornell, 98- Consult- 
ing ophthal. surgeon to St. Luke's, Presbyterian 
and St. Mary's Hospitals; surgeon, N. Y. Eye 
Infirmary. Ophthal. Soc; Am. Med. Ass; N. 
Y. State Med. Ass; N. Y. Co. Med. Soc; N. Y. 
Ophthal. Soc; N. Y. Acad. Med; N. Y. Practi- 



tioners Soc. Ophthalmic medicine, surgery and 
Bull, Prof. Storm, 141 W. Gorham St, Madison, 
Wis. Steam engineering. Bergen, Norway, 
Oct. 20, 56. M.E, Polytech, Zurich, 77. 
Draftsman, Bergen, Norway, 77-79; instr. 
mech. eng, Wisconsin, 79-84, asst. prof, 84-86, 
prof, 86-90, steam eng, 90- Mem. and v. pres. 
Jury of Awards, Paris Expos, 00; mem. and 
acting pres, Jury of Awards, La Purchase 
Expos, 04; alderman, Madison, 98-00, mayor, 
01-02. Chanute medal, West. Soc. Eng, 03. 
F.A.A. (v. pres, 99) ; Mech. Eng; Eng. Educ. 
(v. pres, treas.) ; West. Soc. Eng; West. Ry. 
Club. Steam engineering. Superheated steam. 

Bullard, Prof. Warren Gardner, 613 S. Crouse Ave, 
Syracuse, N. Y. Mathematics. Hinsdale, N. 
Y, Feb. 25, 67. A.B, Brown, 92; Ph.D, Clark, 

96. Instr. math, Free Acad, Elmira, N. Y, 
92-93; St. Lawrence, 94; Vermont, 96-00; 
Syracuse, 00-01, assoc. prof, 01- M.A.A; 
Math. Soc; Math. Verein; Circolo Mat. di Pa- 
lermo. Plane curves. Cubic and quartic curves. 

Bumpus, Prof. H(ermon) C(arey), Boulevard, 
Rochelle Park, New Rochelle, N. Y. *Biology. 
Buckfield, Me, May 5, 62. Ph.B, Brown, 84; 
fellow, Clark, 89-90, Ph.D, 91. Prof, biol, 
Olivet, 86-89; asst. prof, zool, Brown, 90-91, 
assoc. prof, 91-92, prof. comp. anat, 92-01; 
asst. to pres. and curator invert, zool, Am. Mus. 
Nat. Hist, 01-02, director, 02- Asst. director, 
Woods Hole, 93-95; director, Biol. Lab, U. S. 
Fish Commission, 9S-01 ; mem. Board of Fel- 
lows, Brown, 05- Hon. Sc.D, Tufts and Brown, 
05. F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool. (pres, 03); 
assoc. Ornith. Union; Fisheries Soc; Nat. Ass. 
Audubon Societies; Nat. Geog. Soc; N. Y. 
Audubon Soc. (v. pres, 05) ; N. Y. Linnean Soc; 
fel. N. Y. Acad, (sec'y, 05); N. Y. Zool. Soc; 
Wash. Acad; Boston Soc. Nat. Hist; N. Y. Bot. 
Garden; hon. mem. R. I. Med. Soc. Heredity; 
marine biology. Larval development of the 

Bumstead, Dr. Henry A(ndrews), 45 Edgehill 
Road, New Haven, Conn. Physics. Pekin, Ills, 
March 12, 70. A.B, Hopkins, 91; Ph.D, Yale, 

97. Instr. physics, Sheffield Sci. Sch, Yale, 
93-00, asst. prof, 00- Physical Soc; Conn. 

Bunting, Dr. C(harles) H(enry), Johns Hopkins 
Hospital, Baltimore, Md. Pathology. La 
Crosse, Wis, May 22, 75. B.S, Wisconsin, 96, 
fellow, 96-97; M.D, Hopkins, 01. Asst. demon- 
strator path, Pennsylvania, 02-03; asst, Hop- 
kins, 03-04, instr, 04-05, assoc, 05- Ass. Path, 
and Bact; Ass. Anat. Hematology. 

Bunting, Dr. Martha, 610 W. 113th St, New York, 
N. Y. Biology. Philadelphia, Pa, Dec. 2, 61. 
B.L, Swarthmore, 81; Pennsylvania, 88-91; 
Bryn Mawr, 91-93; Woods Hole, 91, 92; Ph.D, 
Bryn Mawr, 95 ; Columbia, 98-99 ; Woods Hole, 
99. Instr. biol, Woman's Col. of Baltimore, 
93-97; head teacher, Girls' High Sch, Phila, 
97-98; asst. teacher, Wadleigh High Sch, 
N. Y, 00- N. Y. State Teachers' Ass; N. Y. 

Ass. Biol. Teachers; N. Y. Teachers' Ass; 
Phila. Geog. Soc. f Origin of sex cells in 
Hydractinia and Podocoryne; development of 
Hydractinia; fiber die Bedeutung der Otolithen- 
organe fiir die geotropischen Functionen von 
Astacus; structure of the cork tissues in roots 
of some rosaceous genera. Spermatogenesis in 

Burbank, Luther, 204 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa 
Rosa, Cal. Plant evolution. Lancaster, Mass, 
March 7, 49. Private schools. Hon. lecturer 
plant evolution, Stanford. Gold medal, Pan- 
Am. Expos, 01; Cal. Acad. Sciences; and 
others. F.A.A; Pomol. Soc. (v. pres.) ; hon. 
mem. Breeders' Ass; hon. mem. Cal. Floral Soc. 
Scientific improvement of trees, fruits, flowers, 
vegetables, grains, grasses, etc. 

Burckhalter, Cha(rle)s, 1224 Linden St, Oakland, 
Cal. Astronomy. Taylorsville, O, Jan. 5, 49. 
High Sch. and special study. Astronomer in 
charge, Chabot Observatory, 85- Pacific 
Astron. Soc. (past pres. and sec'y) ; Cal. Acad; 
British Astron. Ass; fel. Royal Astron. Soc. 
Solar corona; stellar photography. 

Burgess, A(lbert) F(ranklin), State House, Co- 
lumbus, O. Entomology. Rockland, Mass. 
B.S, Mass. Agr. Col, 95, M.S, 97. Asst. ento- 
mologist, Mass. State Board of Agr, 95-99; 
asst. entom, Illinois, 99-00 ; asst. inspector of 
nurseries and orchards, Ohio, 00-02, chief in- 
spector, 02- Ass. Econ. Entom. (sec'y, 02) ; 
Ohio Acad. Economic entomology; insecti- 
cides and fungicides; horticulture. Insecti- 
cides and fungicides. 

Burgess, Prof. C(harles) F(rederick), 209 W. Gil- 
man St, Madison, Wis. Electrochemistry. 
Oshkosh, Wis, Jan. 5, 73. B.S, Wisconsin, 95, 
E.E, 98. Instr. elec. eng, Wisconsin, 95-00, 
asst. prof, 00-04, assoc. prof, 04-05, prof, ap- 
plied electrochem, 05- Electrochem. Soc. (v. 
pres.); Elec. Eng; Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. 
Indust; Eng. Educ. Electrolytic rectifiers; 
electrolytic purification of iron; separation and 
concentration of ores; electric furnace appli- 

Burgess, Prof. Edward S(andford), 11 W. 88th St, 
New York, N. Y. Botany. Little Valley, N. 
Y, Jan. 19, 55. A.B, Hamilton, 79; fellow,' 
Hopkins, 81-82; A.M, Hamilton, 82; Ph.D, 
Columbia, 99. Instr. bot, Del. Lit. Inst, 
Franklin, N. Y, 79-80; high schools, Wash- 
ington, D. C, 82-95; prof. nat. science, N. Y. 
City Nor. Col, 95- Instr. bot, Summer Inst, 
Marthas Vineyard, 80-95; Hopkins, 85. Hon. 
Sc.D, Hamilton, 04. F.A.A; Nat. Geog. Soc; 
Folk-lore Soc ; Am. Scenic and Hist'. Preserv. 
Soc; Torrey Bot. Club (sec'y, 97) ; Wash. Geol. 
Soc. Asters and related Compositae; Algae; 
local history, folk-lore and nomenclature. Flora, 
Indian history and locality-lore of Marthas 
Vineyard; asters of the United States; plant- 
lore of the Potomac. 

Burgess, Dr. Geo(rge) K(imball), Bureau of 
Standards, Washington, D. C. Physics. New- 
ton, Mass, Jan. 4, 74. B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 



96, fellow, 98-00; Sc.D, Paris, 01. Asst. 
physics, Mass. Inst. Tech, 96-98; instr, Michi- 
gan, 00-01; California, 01-03; asst. physicist, 
Bur. Standards, 03-05, assoc. physicist, 05- 
Physical Soc. Gravitation constant; vapor 
pressure of solutions. Pyrometry and ther- 

Burgess, Prof. T(homas) J(oseph) W(orkman), 
Protestant Hospital for Insane, Montreal, Can. 
Botany, Psychology. Toronto, Can, March 11, 
49. Upper Canada, 63-66; M.B, Toronto, 70. 
Surgeon, Her Majesty's B.N.A. Boundary Com- 
mission, 71-76; asst. med. supt, London 
Asylum, 75-87; Hamilton Asylum, 87-90; 
med. supt, Protestant Eosp. for Insane, 90-; 
lecturer mental diseases, McGill, 93-99, prof, 
99- Pan.- Am. Med. Cong, 96 (hon. sec'y). 
F.A.A; Medico-Psychol. Ass. (pres, 04) ; cor. 
mem. Torrey Bot. Club; fel. Can. Royal Soc. 
(pres, Nat. Sci. Sect, 98) ; Can. Inst; hon. 
mem. Hamilton Lit. and Sci. Ass. Botany; 

Burk, Dr. Frederic (Lister), 156 De Long Ave, 
San Francisco, Cal. Pedagogy. Blenheim, 
Can, Sept. 1, 62. B.L, California, 83, grad. 
student, 90-91; A.M, Stanford, 92; Ph.D, 
Clark, 98. Teacher, Cal. schools, 89-91; prin- 
cipal, Santa Rosa, Cal, 92-96; city supt, Santa 
Barbara, 98-99; pres, San Francisco State Nor. 
Sch, 99- Mem. Cal. State Board of Educ, 99- 
Nat. Soc. Sci. Study of Children; Cal. State 
Teachers' Ass. (pres, 99) ; Cal. Council Educ. 
(pres, 02-). Psychology of children; growth 
of children; growth of nervous systems; nor- 
mal school instruction; kindergartens. 

Burnett, Dr. C(harles) T(heodore), Brunswick, 
Me. Psychology. Springfield, Mass, June 24, 
73. A.B, Amherst, 95 ; A.M, Harvard, 00, Ph.D, 
03. Asst. philos, Harvard, 00-02; instr, Bow- 
doin, 03- M.A.A; Psychol. Ass. Influences 
modifying the judgment of numbers. Psycho- 
physics of the motor impulse. 

Burnett, Prof. E(dgar) A(lbert), 3206 Holdrege 
St, Lincoln, Nebr. Agriculture. Oakland Co, 
Mich, Oct. 17, 65. B.S, Mich. Agr. Col, 87. 
Instr. agr, Mich. Agr. Col, 89-91, asst. prof, 
91-93; prof, S. Dak. Agr. Col, 96-99; animal 
. husbandry, Nebraska, 99-, assoc. dean, Indust. 
Col, and director, Agr. Exp. Sta, 01- Supt, 
Farmers' Institutes, Nebr. Soc. Prom. Agr. Sci. 
Feeding animals. 

Burnett, Dr. S(amuel) H(oward), New York State 
Veterinary College, Ithaca, N. Y. Pathology, 
Bacteriology. Webster, N. Y, Nov. 18, 69. 
A.B, Cornell, 92, M.S, 96, D.V.M, 02. Instr. 
biol, Fairmount, 96-98; asst. comp. path, and 
bacter, Cornell, 99-01, instr, 01- Ass. Path, 
and Bact. Clinical hematology of domesticated 
animals; comparative morphology of the blood. 

Burnham, Prof. Sherburne Wesley, Yerkes Ob- 
servatory, Williams Bav, Wis. *Astronomy. 
Thetford, Vt, Dec. 12, 38. A.M, Yale, 78. Ob- 
server, Dearborn Observatory, 77-81; Washburn 
Observatory, 81-82; Dearborn Observatory, 82- 
84; astronomer, Lick Observatory, 88-92; prof. 

practical astron, Chicago, and astronomer, Yerkes 
Observatory, 02- Gold medal, Royal Astron. 
Soc, 94. Assoc, fel. Am. Acad; assoc. Royal 
Astron. Soc. Double stars. 

Burnham, Dr. W(illia)m H(enry), 100 Chatham 
St, Worcester, Mass. Psychology, Education. 
Dunbarton, N. H, Dec. 3, 55. A.B, Harvard, 
82; Ph.D, Hopkins, 88. Instr, Wittenberg, 
82-83; State Nor. Sch, Potsdam, N. Y, 83-85; 
instr. psychol, Hopkins, 88-89; docent, Clark, 
90-92, instr. pedag, 92-00, asst. prof, 00- 
Lecturer, various schools and teachers' as- 
semblies. Soc. Nat; Psychol. Ass; Soc. Sci. 
Educ. Educational psychology; memory; 
school hygiene. School hygiene. 

Burns, Dr. George P(lumer), 117 N. State St, 
Ann Arbor, Mich. Botany. Maroa, Ills, Oct. 
30, 71. B.S, A.M, Ohio Wesleyan, 98; Ph.D, 
Munich, 00. Instr. bot, Ohio Wesleyan, 97-98 ; 
Michigan, 02- Soc. Plant Morph. and Physiol. 
Ecology; anatom-physiological study of Sty- 
lidiaceae; influence of external condition on 
form and structure of leaves; traumatism of 

Burr, Dr. Charles W, 1327 Spruce St, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. Neurology. Philadelphia, Nov. 
16, 61. B.S, Pennsylvania, 83, M.D, 86. Prof, 
mental diseases, Pennsylvania, 01- Neurolo- 
gist, Phila. Hosp. Neur. Ass; Phila. Neur. 
Soc. (past pres.) ; Phila. Path. Soc. (past 
pres.) ; Phila. Col. Physicians. Nervous path- 

Burr, Prof. W(illiam) H(ubert), 151 W. 74th St, 
New York, N. Y. Civil engineering. Water- 
town, Conn, July 14, 51. C.E, Rensselaer, 72. 
Practising civil engineer, 72-76 ; prof, rational 
and tech. mech, Rensselaer, 76-84; asst. to 
chief engineer and later gen. manager, Phoenix 
Bridge Co, 84-91; prof, eng, Harvard, 92-93; 
civil eng, Columbia, 93- Mem. Board of Con- 
sulting Engineers, Isthmian Canal Commission; 
consulting engineer, various municipal depart- 
ments, N. Y. City, 93- F.A.A; Civil Eng; 
British Inst. Civil Eng. Civil engineering. 

Burrage, Prof . Severance, 113 Waldon St, West La- 
fayette, Ind. Sanitary science, Bacteriology. 
West Newton, Mass, July 18, 68. B.S, Mass. 
Inst. Tech, 92. Asst. biol, Mass. Inst. Tech, 
92-93; asst. biologist, Mass. State Board of 
Health, 93-95; asst. prof, sanit. science, Pur- 
due, 95- Lecturer micros, exam, drinking 
water, Mass. Inst. Tech, 93-95; hygiene and 
sanit, Training Sch, St. Elizabeth's Hosp, La- 
fayette, Ind, 97-; Ind. State Soldiers' Home 
Hosp, 00- Pub. Health Ass; Bot. Cent. States; 
fel. Ind. Acad; Ind. Eng. Soc; hon. mem. Ind. 
Med. Soc; hon. mem. Tippecanoe Co. (Ind.) 
Med. Soc. Bacteriology; sanitation. 

Burrell, Dr. Herbert L(eslie), 22 Newbury St, 
Boston, Mass. Surgery. Boston, April 27, 
56. M.D, Harvard, 79. Asst. prof, surg, Har- 
vard Med. Sch, 99-03, prof. clin. surg, 03- Vis- 
iting surgeon, Boston City Hosp; surgeon, Chil- 
dren's Hosp; consulting surgeon, Carney Hosp. 
M.A.A; Ass. Path, and Bact; Surg. Ass; Am. 



Med. Ass; Mass. Med. Soc; Boston Soc. Med. 
Sei; Boston Soc. Med. Improv. Surgery. 

Burrill, Prof. T(homas) J(onathan), 1007 W. 
Green St, Urbana, Ills. *Botany, Bacteriology. 
Pittsfield, Mass, April 25, 39. Grad, Ills. State 
Nor. Univ, 65. Prof. bot. and hort, Illinois, 
68-02, lot, 02-, v. pres, 79-, dean, Grad. Sch, 
94- Hon. Ph.D, Chicago, 81; LL.D, North- 
western, 93. F.A.A; Soe. Nat; fel. Micros. 
Soc. (pres, 85-86, 03-04); Mycol. Soc; Bot. 
Cent. States; fel. Royal Micros. Soc. Parasitic 
diseases of plants; bacteriology of water; aerial 
disinfection. Bacteriology of Chicago drainage 
waters; disinfection processes and apparatus. 

Burt, Prof. E(dward) A(ngus), Middlebury, Vt. 
* Botany. Athens, Pa, April 9, 59. A.B, Har- 
vard, 93, A.M, 94, Ph.D, 95. Teacher, Albany 
Acad, 80-85; prof. nat. science, N. Y. State 
Nor. Sch, Albany, 85-91; nat. hist, Middle- 
bury, 95- Examiner nat. science for Regents, 
Univ. State of N. Y, 83-86; mem. Construction 
Committee, Middlebury Water Works, 00-02. 
F.A.A; Bot. Soc; Soc. Plant Morph. and 
Physiol; Micros. Soc; Mycol. Soc; New Eng. 
Bot. Club; Int. Ass. Bot. Morphology and 
physiology of Phalloideae and other fungi; 
taxonomy of Basidiomycetes. North American 

Burton, Prof. A (If red) E(dgar), 491 Boylston 
St, Boston, Mass. Geodesy, Topographical 
surveying. Portland, Me, March 24, 57. B.S, 
Bowdoin, 78, CE, 81. Aid, U. S. Coast and 
Geod. Surv, 79-82; instr. topog. eng, Mass. 
Inst. Tech, 82-84, asst. and later assoc. prof, 
84-96, prof, 96-, dean, 02- Mem. Mass. Topog. 
Surv. Committee, 95-01; in charge, Scientific 
Exped. to Greenland, 96; Eclipse Exped. to Ga, 
00; Mass. Inst. Tech. Eclipse Exped. to 
Sumatra, 01. Astron. and Astrophys. Soc; 
Civil Eng; fel. Am. Acad; Nat. Geog. Soc. 
Geodetic measurements. Base line apparatus. 

Burton, Hon. Theodore E, Society for Savings 
Building, Cleveland, O. Economics, Political 
history. Jefferson, O, Dec. 20, 51. Iowa (Grin- 
nell) ; A.B, Oberlin, 72, A.M, 75. Member of 
Congress, 89-91, 95- LL.D, Oberlin, 00. F.A.A. 

Burton-Opitz, Prof. R(ussell), 437 W. 59th St, 
New York, N. Y. Physiology. Fort Wayne, 
Ind, Oct. 25, 75. M.D, Rush Med. Col, Chicago, 
95, B.S, Chicago, 98; Vienna, 8; Naples Zool. 
Sta, 01; M.S, Chicago, 02, Ph.D, 05. Asst. 
physiol, Breslau, 98-01; Harvard, 01-02; asst. 
and instr, Columbia, 02-04, adj. prof, 0^- Sub- 
editor, ' Biochem. Centralblatt ' and ' Biophysik. 
Centralblatt.' F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Physiol. Soe; 
Soc. Exp. Biol, and Med; Chem. Soc; Harvey 
Soc. Physiology of the circulation and secre- 
tion. Viscosity of the blood in fever and dia- 

Busch, Dr. F(rederick) C(arl), 145 Allen St, Buf- 
falo, N. Y. Physiology. Buffalo, Dec. 12, 73. 
B.S, Cornell, 95; M.D, Buffalo, 97; Bern, 99-00. 
Asst, N. Y. State Path. Lab, 98 ; lecturer physiol, 
Buffalo, 98-99, prof, 00- M.A.A; Physiol. Soc; 
Am. Med. Ass. Specific gravity of blood; 

lymph flow; fibrillation of dog's heart; lym- 
phomatous tumors of dog's spleen. Corpuscles 
of dog's blood; transplantation of adrenals; 
action of diuretics on excised kidneys. 

Busck, August, U. S. Department of Agriculture, 
Washington, D. C. Entomology. Randers, 
Denmark, Feb. 18, 70. Ordrup Col, Denmark, 
87-89; A.M, Ph.B, Copenhagen, 93. Instr. zool. 
and math, Ordrup Col, 89-93; asst, Div. Entom, 
U. S. Dept. Agr, 96- Ass. Econ. Entom; 
Wash. Entom. Soc; Stockholm Entom. Soc; 
Copenhagen Entom. Soc; Acad. Citizen of Royal 
Univ, Copenhagen. American Tineina, Gelechi- 
idae and Gracilariidae. Occophoridae. 

Bush, Dr. Katharine J(eannette), 133 Howe St, 
' New Haven, Conn. Natural science. Scranton, 
Pa, Dec. 30, 55. Ph.D, Yale, 01. Asst, Zool. 
Dept, Peabody Mus, Tale, 79- Asst, U. S. 
Fish Commission, 81-88; 'Webster Int. Diet,' 
82-90; U. S. Nat. Mus, 91-92, 94-98. Soc. 
Nat; Soc. Zool. Marine mollusks and an- 
nelids. Annelids of the Harriman Alaska and 
Bermuda expeditions. 

Butler, Amos W(illiam), State House, Indianapolis, 
Ind. Anthropology, Zoology. Brookville, Ind, 
Oct. 1, 60. Hanover, 77; A.B, Indiana, 94, 
A.M, 00. Sec'y, Ind. Board of State Charities, 
97- F.A.A. (sec'y, H, 86, F, 89, of Council, 91, 
gen. sec'y, 92, v. pres, 00) ; mem. Ornith. Union; 
Anthrop. Ass; Nat. Geog. Soc; Nat. Prison Ass. 
(sec'y, 05-) ; Ind. Acad, (sec'y, 85-93, v. pres, 
94, pres, 95, ornithologist, Dept. Geol. and Nat. 
Resources of Ind, 96-97 ) ; Soc. Cient. Ant. Alz. 
Birds ; mammals ; reptiles ; antiquities of Ohio 
valley and Indiana; degeneracy, pauperism and 
crime. Dependency, defectiveness and delin- 
quency; public charities. 

Butler, Pres. Nicholas Murray, Columbia Univer- 
sity, New York, N. Y. Historical philosophy, 
Education. Elizabeth, N. J, April 2, 62. A.B, 
Columbia, 82, fellow, 82-85, A.M, 83, Ph.D, 84; 
Berlin and Paris, 84-85. Asst. philos, Colum- 
bia, 85-86, tutor, 86-89, adj. prof, 89-90, prof, 
philos, ethics and psychol, lecturer on the his- 
tory and institutes of educ. and dean, 90-95, 
prof, philos. and educ, 95-, pres, 02- Pres, 
Teachers Col, 87-91; N. J. State Board of 
Educ, 87-94; special commissioner for N. J, 
Paris Expos, 89; Paterson Sch. Commission, 
92-93; ed, 'Educ. Rev.' LL.D, Syracuse, 98; 
Tulane, 00 ; Yale, Princeton, Hopkins and Penn- 
sylvania, 02; Chicago, 03; Manchester, 05; St. 
Andrew's, 05; Litt.'D, Oxford, 05. Nat. Educ. 
Ass. (pres, 95) ; Nat. Council Educ; Soc. Sci. 
Educ. (pres, 01-02) ; Philos. Ass; Psychol. Ass. 
Historical philosophy; principles, practise and 
organization of education. The treatment of 
the will in European philosophy; university 
administration and problems. 

Butterfield, Prof. Arthur D(exter), 41 S. Prospect 
St, Burlington, Vt. Civil engineering, Geodesy. 
Dunstable, Mass, Oct. 13, 70. B.S, Worcester, 
93, M.S, 98; A.M, Columbia, 04. Asst. civil 
eng, Worcester, 94-98; instr. math, Eng. Dept, 
Vermont, 98-00, asst. prof, 00-04, prof. mech. 



and math, 0k~ With U. S. Lighthouse Service, 
93-94; asst, Mass. State Surveys, summers, 
95-98, 00-03; chief of field party, U. S. Geol. 
Surv, 04, 05. M.A.A. Geodesy; history and 
development of triangulation in Massachusetts. 
Base line measurements with steel tapes; 
history of the determination of the figure of 
the earth from arc measurements. 

Butts, Charles, U. S. Geological Survey, Wash- 
ington, D. C. Geology. Portville, N. Y. Sept. 
18, 63. B.S, Alfred, 99, M.S, 00. Field asst, 
U. S. Geol. Surv, 00; asst. to N. Y. state 
paleontologist, 00-01; asst. geologist, V. S. 
Geol. Surv, 01- Wash. Geol. Soc. Areal and 
structural geology. Geological researches in 
Pennsylvania and Alabama. 

Byerly, Prof. W(illiam) E(lwood), 39 Hammond 
St, Cambridge, Mass. * Mat hematics. Phila- 
delphia, Pa, Dec. 13, 49. A.B, Harvard, 71, 
Ph.D, 73. Asst. prof, math, Cornell, 73-76; 
Harvard, 76-81, prof, 81- Ed, 'Annals of 
Math,' 99- Math. Soc; fel. Am. Acad. 

Byers, Dr. H(orace) G(reeley), 4719 15th Ave, N. 
E, Seattle, Wash. Chemistry. Pulaski, Pa, Dec. 
26, 72. A.B, B.S, Westminster (Mo.), 95, A.M, 
98 ; Ph.D, Hopkins, 99. Prof, chem, Tarkio, 95- 
96; instr, Maryland, 98-99; prof, Washington 
(Seattle) ,99- Instr, Chem. Lab, Chicago, sum- 
mers, 02-04. Action of manganese dioxid on 
potassium permanganate; wood tar of Douglas 
fir; oil of red elderberry. Action of Rontgen 
rays in hastening chemical reactions; per- 
chromic acid and the perchromates. 

Byrd, Prof. Mary E(mma), Smith College Obser- 
vatory, Northampton, Mass. Astronomy. Le 
Roy, Mich, Nov. 15, 49. A.B, Michigan, 78; 
Harvard Col. Observatory, 82-83. Principal, 
High Sch, Wabash, Ind, 79-82; first asst, Ob- 
servatory, Carleton, 83-87 ; director, Smith, 
87-, prof, astron, 98- Hon. Ph.D, Carleton, 04. 
Astron. and Astrophys. Soc; Pacific Astron. 
Sec; British Astron. Ass. Comet positions by 
filar micrometer. 

Byrnes, Dr. Esther F(ussell), 193 Jefferson Ave, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. Biology. Philadelphia, Pa, 
Nov. 3, 67. A.B, Bryn Mawr, 91; Woods Hole, 
91; A.M, Bryn Mawr, 94, fellow, 94-95, Ph.D, 
98. Demonstrator biol, Vassar, 91-93; Bryn 
Mawr, 95-97 ; senior instr. physiol. and teacher 
biol, Girls' High Sch, Brooklyn, 98- Soc. Nat; 
Mar. Biol. Ass; fel. N. Y. Acad; N. Y. Ass. 
Biol. Teachers (v. pres.). Cytology; matura- 
tion and fertilization in limax; origin of limb 
muscles in Amphibia ; regeneration of limbs in 
Amphibia; etc. Cyclopidae. 

Cabot, Dr. Richard Clarke, 190 Marlboro St, Bos- 
ton, Mass. *Medicine. Brookline, Mass, May 
21, 68. A.B, Harvard, 89, M.D, 93, Dalton 
scholar, 94-95. Asst. clin. med, Harvard, 98- 
03, instr, OJf- Visiting physician, Channing 
Home, 96-97 ; physician to out-patients, Mass. 
Gen. Hosp, 97-; consulting physician, Mass. 

Eye and Ear Infirmary, 00-; New England 
Hosp, 02-; lecturer philos, Harvard, 02-03. 
Am. Physicians; Am. Med. Ass; Mass. Med. 
Soc; Boston Soc. Med. Improv; Boston Soc. 
Med. Sci. Blood; methods of examining the 
chest; action of aleohol and strychnine in 
fevers; serum diagnosis in disease. Abdominal 
tumors ; habits of healthy human beings in 
American cities as regards food, sleep, exercise, 
etc; alcohol in arteriosclerosis. 

Cady, Prof. Walter G(uyton), 100 High St, Mid- 
dletown, Conn. Physics. Providence, R. I, 
Dec. 10, 74. Ph.B, Brown, 95, A.M, 96; Ph.D, 
Berlin, 00. Instr. math, Brown, 95-97 ; physics, 
Wesley an, 02-03, assoc. prof, 03- Magnetic 
observer, U. S. Coast and Geod. Surv, 00-02. 
M.A.A; Physical Soc; Nat. Geog. Soc; Wash. 
Philos. Soc. Passage of electricity in gases. 
Magnetic declinometer. 

Cain, Prof. W(illia)m, Chapel Hill, N. C. Mathe- 
matics, Engineering. Hillsboro, N. C, May 14, 
47. A.M, N. C. Mil. and Polytech. Inst, 65. 
Civil engineer, 65-74; prof. math, and eng, 
Carolina Mil. Inst, 74-80 ; civil engineer, 80-82 ; 
prof. math, and eng, S. C. Mil. Acad, 82-89; 
math, North Carolina, 89- F.A.A; Math. Soc; 
Civil Eng. Voussoir arches; solid and braced 
arches; steel-concrete arches; retaining walls; 
stresses in bridges; calculus. 

Cajori, Prof. Florian, 1119 Wood Ave, Colorado 
Springs, Colo. *Mathematics. Near Thusis, 
Graubiinden, Switzerland, Feb. 28, 59. B.S, 
Wisconsin, 83; Hopkins, 84-85; M.S, Wis- 
consin, 86 ; Ph.D, Tulane, 94. Asst. prof, math, 
Tulane, 85-87, prof, applied math, 87-88; TJ. S. 
Bur. Educ, 88-89; prof, physics, Colo. Col, 
89-98, math, 99- Mem. Conference of Ten 
(mathematics), Nat. Educ. Ass, 92. F.A.A; 
Math. Soc; Math. Verein. Infinite series. Id; 
theory of equations; history of eighteenth cen- 
tury mathematics. 

Caldwell, Dr. B(enjamin) Palmer, Tulane Uni- 
versity, New Orleans, La. Chemistry. New 
Orleans, April 2, 75. A.B, Tulane, 93, B.E, 
95, Ch.E, 96; fellow, Hopkins, 00-01, Ph.D, 01. 
Instr. chem, Tulane, 95-97, asst. prof, 97- 
Equilibrium of double salts in solution. 

Caldwell, Dr. E(ugene) W(ilson), 36 W. 35th St, 
New York, N. Y. Electrical engineering. Sa- 
vannah, Mo, Dec. 3, 70. B.S, Kansas, 92 ; M.D, 
Univ. and Bellevue Hosp. Med. Col, 05. Experi- 
mental work on telephoning to light-ships, U. S. 
Lighthouse Establishment, 94-95; asst, Eng. 
Dept, N. Y. Telephone Co, 95-97; director, Ed- 
ward N. Gibbs Memorial X-ray Lab, Univ. and 
Bellevue Hosp. Med. Col, 01- Elec. Eng; N. Y. 
Elec. Soc; London Rontgen Soc. Wireless 
telephony; induction coils and interrupters; 
Rontgen rays. Crookes tubes. 

Caldwell, Prof. Francis C(ary), 401 W. Sixth Ave, 
Columbus, O. Electrical engineering. Ithaca, 
N. Y, Dec. 25, 68. A.B, Cornell, 90, M.E. (in 
E.E.), 91; Polytech, Zurich, 92-93. Expert, 
Thomson-Houston Elec. Co, 91-92; asst. prof. 



elec. eng, Ohio State, 93-97, assoc. prof, 97-01, 
prof, 01- F.A.A; Elec. Eng; Eng. Educ. 

Caldwell, Prof. G(eorge) C(hapman), 11 Central 
Ave, Ithaca, N. Y. * Chemistry. Framingham, 
Mass, Aug. 14, 34. B.S, Harvard, 55; Ph.D, 
Gottingen, 57; Heidelberg, 57-58. Asst. chem, 
Columbia, 59-60; prof, chem, physics and bot, 
Antioch, 60-62; chem, Pa. Agr. Col, 64-68; 
Cornell, 68-03, emer. prof, 03- F.A.A. (v. pres, 
81) ; Chem. Soc. (pres, 92). 

Caldwell, Dr. John W(illiamson), 1718 Palmer 
Ave, New Orleans, La. Chemistry. Charles- 
ton, S. C, Jan. 31, 42. A.B, Col. of Charleston, 
61, A.M, 68; M.D, Med. Col. of Va, 64. Prof, 
mat. med, New Orleans Sch. of Med, 69-70; 
Stewart prof. nat. sciences, S. W. Presbyterian 
Univ, Clarksville, Tenn, 74-84; prof, chem, 
Tulane, 96- Electrolysis; ionization. Elec- 
trolysis of potassium ferrocyanid and rate of 
migration of its anion. 

Caldwell, Dr. Otis W(illiam), Charleston, Ills. 
Botany. Lebanon, Ind, Dec. 18, 69. B.S, 
Franklin, 94; Ph.D, Chicago, 98. Asst. bot, 
Chicago, 97-99; prof, Ills. State Nor. Sch, 99- 
F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Micros. Soc; Central Ass. 
Sci. and Math. Teachers (pres.). Life history 
and ecology of Lemna minor. 

Caldwell, Prof. William, McGill University, Mon- 
treal, Can. Philosophy. Edinburgh, Scotland, 
Nov. 10,63. A.M, Edinburgh, 84, Doctor Mental 
Science, Bruce of Grangehill scholar and med- 
alist, 86, Sir Wm. Hamilton fellow, 87-90, 
Shaw fellow, 88-93. Asst. logic, Edinburgh, 
87-89; instr. philos, Cornell, 91; Chicago, 92- 
94; prof, Northwestern, 94-03; McGill, 03- 
Locum tenens prof, philos, Univ. Col, Cardiff, 
Wales; examiner in philos, St. Andrew's, 90- 
93. Philos. Ass ; Psychol. Ass. Philosophy 
and ethics; social philosophy. 

Calhoun, Prof. F(red) H(arvey) H(all), Clemson 
College, S. C. Geology. Elbridge, N. Y, June 
27, 73. B.S, Chicago, 98, Ph.D, 02. Asst. 
physiog. and field geol, Chicago, 99-02; asst. 
prof. geol. and physics, Illinois Col, 02-04; prof, 
geol. and miner, Clemson, 01f- Asst. geolo- 
gist, U. S. Geol. Surv; instr. physiog, Corre- 
spondence-study Dept, Chicago. M.A.A. The 
drift in Montana. Field work in Montana; 
relations of the different drift sheets. 

Calkins, Frank C(athcart), U. S. Geological Sur- 
vey, Washington, D. C. Geology. Lakewood, 
O, June 7, 78. B.S, California, 99, grad. stu- 
dent, 99-02. Asst. miner, California, 00-01; 
asst. geologist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 01- Field asst, 
U. S. Geol. Surv, 00. Wash. Geol. Soc. 
Petrography of eastern Oregon; geology of 
Washington State. Geology of Coeur d'Alene 
district, Idaho. 

Calkins, Prof. Gary N(athan), 1 W. 81st St, New 
York, N. Y. *Zoology, General biology. Val- 
paraiso, Ind, Jan. 18, 69. B.S, Mass. Inst. 
Tech, 90; Ph.D, Columbia, 98. Lecturer biol, 
Mass. Inst. Tech, 90-93; tutor zool, Columbia, 
94-98, instr, 99-03, asst. prof, 03-04, prof, 0J t - 

Biologist, N. Y. State Cancer Lab, Univ. of 
Buffalo. F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool; Statist. 
Ass. (asst. sec'y, 90-96) ; Soc. Exp. Biol, 
and Med. (treas.) ; fel. N. Y. Acad, (sec'y, 
Biol. Sect, 97-99); Wash. Biol. Soc. General 
cytology; systematic zoology. Life history of 
Protozoa; the smallpox organisms; biological 
aspects of the cancer problem. 

Calkins, Prof. Mary Whiton, Newton, Mass. 
'"Psychology, Philosophy. Hartford, Conn, 
March 30, 63. A.B, Smith, 85, A.M, 87; Har- 
vard, 90-91, 93-95. Instr. Greek, Wellesley, 
88-90, psychol, 91-93, assoc. prof, 93-97, prof, 
philos. and psychol, 91- Psychol. Ass; Philos. 
Ass. Dreams; association; supplementary im- 
ages in recognition; Hegelian categories. 

Call, Dr. R(ichard) Ellsworth, 9 E. 22d St, 
New York, N. Y. Zoology. Brooklyn, May 13, 
56. A.B, Indiana, 90; M.S, Iowa State, 90; 
A.M, Indiana, 91 ; M.D, Hosp. Col. Med, Louis- 
ville, Ky, 93; Ph.D, Ohio (Athens), 95. Aid, 
U. S. Geol. Surv, 84-85; principal, High Sch, 
Moline, Ills, 85-87; asst. prof, zool, Missouri, 
87-88; teacher science, High Sch, West Des 
Moines, la, 88-92 ; prof. chem. and physics, Man- 
ual Training High Sch, Louisville, Ky, 92-95; 
supt. schools, Lawrenceburg, Ind, 95-98; prof, 
physiog, Erasmus Hall High Sch, Brooklyn, 
N. Y, 98-99; curator, Brooklyn Inst. Arts and 
Sciences, 99- Asst. geologist, Ark. Surv, 88-92; 
U. S. Geol. Surv, 84. Fel. Iowa Acad; fel. 
Ind. Acad; N. Y. Acad. Geographic distribu- 
tion of North American Unionidae ; taxonomy 
of fishes and North American reptiles. Union- 
idae of North America; fishes of New York; 
Mollusca of North America. 

Calvert, Dr. Philip P(owell), University of Penn- 
sylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. *Zoology. Phila- 
delphia, Jan. 29, 71. Certificate in biol, 
Pennsylvania, 92, Ph.D, 95; Berlin, 95-96; 
Jena, 96. Asst. instr. zool, Pennsylvania, 
92-97, instr, 97- Assoc, ed, ' Entom. News,' 
93- F.A.A; Entom. Soe. (pres, 99-); Phila. 
Acad. (Council, 97-, Pub. Committee, 00-). 
Zoology of the Odonata. Odonate fauna of 
Mexico and Central America; embryonic de- 
velopment of Odonata. 

Calvert, Mrs. Philip P. (Amelia Catherine 
Smith), 4003 Powelton Ave, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Zoology. Philadelphia, Feb. 23, 76. B.S, 
Pennsylvania, 99; scholar, Bryn Mawr, 99-00, 
fellow, 00-01. Structure and parasitism of 
Aphyllon uniflorum; reactions of Allolobophora 

Calvert, Prof. Sidney, 1600 E. Broadway, Colum- 
bia, Mo. Chemistry. Rochdale, England, Sept. 
18, 68. Ont. Agr. Col, 84-87; B.S, McGill, 90; 
A.M, Harvard, 92; Freiburg, 01-02. Asst. 
chem, Harvard, 92-94; asst. prof, Missouri, 91j.- 
F.A.A; Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; London 
Chem. Soc; Chem. Gesell. Behavior of certain 
derivatives of benzol containing halogens; 
bromin derivatives of metaphenylenediamin. 
Dietary studies. 



Calvin, Prof. Samuel, 522 N. Clinton St, Iowa 
City, la. *Geology, Paleontology. Wigton- 
shire, Scotland, Feb. 2, 40. A.M, Cornell 
(la.), 74; Ph.D, Lenox, 88. Prof, geol, Ioiva, 
74~J state geologist, la, 92-04. Ed. and assoc. 
ed, 'Am. Geologist,' 88- LL.D, Cornell (la.), 
04. F.A.A. (sec'y, E, 90, v. pres, 94) ; Geol. 
Soc. (v. pres, 03) ; Nat. Geog. Soc; Iowa Acad. 
Geology and paleontology of Iowa. 

Cameron, Dr. Frank K(enneth), Cosmos Club, 
Washington, D. C. *Chemistry. Baltimore, 
Md, Feb. 2, 69. A.B, Hopkins, 91, Ph.D, 94; 
Sage fellow, Cornell, 94-95. Instr. org. chem, 
Cornell, 94-95; assoc. prof, Catholic, 95-97; 
research asst. physical chem, Cornell, 97-98; 
expert, U. S. Dept. Agr, 98-99, soil chemist, 99- 
F.A.A; Chem. Soc; Wash. Acad. Chemical 
dynamics; application of the principles of phys- 
ical chemistry to organic chemistry; solution 
phenomena applied to soil studies. Solution 
phenomena in relation to soils and plants. 

Campbell, Prof. D(onald) F(rancis), Armour In- 
stitute of Technology, Chicago, Ills. Mathe- 
matics. Nova Scotia, April 26, 67. A.B, Dal- 
housie, 90; A.B, Harvard, 94, A.M, 95, Ph.D, 
98. Instr. math, Harvard, 97-00; asst. prof, 
Armour Inst, 00-01, prof, 01- Math. Soc. 
Homogeneous forms in connection with linear 
differential equations. 

Campbell, Dr. D(ouglas) H(oughton), Stanford 
Universitv, Cal. *Botany. Detroit, Mich, Dec. 
16, 59. Ph.M, Michigan, 82, Ph.D, 86; Bonn, 
Tiibingen and Berlin, 86-88. Instr. biol, High 
Sch, Detroit, 82-86; prof, lot, Indiana, 88-91; 
Stanford, 91- Assoc, ed, ' Am. Naturalist.' 
F.A.A. (v. pres, 02) ; Am. Acad; Int. Ass. Bot; 
British Ass; for. mem. London Linnean Soc; 
Bot. Gesell. Comparative morphology; the evo- 
lution of plants. Embryology of the simpler 

Campbell, Prof. E(dward) D(e Mill), 1555 Wash- 
tenaw Ave, Ann Arbor, Mich. *Chemistry. 
Detroit, Mich, Sept. 9, 63. B.S, Michigan, 86. 
Chemist, Ohio Iron Co, Zanesville, 86-87; 
Sharon Iron Co, 87-88; Dayton Coal and Iron 
Co, 88-90; asst. prof, metal, Michigan, 90-93, 
junior prof, 93-02, prof. chem. eng. and anal, 
chem. and head, Dept. Chem. Eng, 02-, direc- 
tor, Chem. Lab, 05- Chem. Soc; Min. Eng; 
Gt. Britain Iron and Steel Inst. Constitution 
of steel; constitution of hydraulic cements. 

Campbell, Prof. G(abriel), Dartmouth College, 
Hanover, N. H. Philosophy. Dalrymple, Scot- 
land, Aug. 19, 38. B.Pd, Mich. Nor. Col, 61, 
M.Pd, 93"; A.B, Michigan, 65, A.M, 68; B.D, 
Chicago Theol. Sem, 68; Berlin, 70-72. Prof, 
philos, Minnesota, 68-81, v. pres, 72-81 (offered 
the presidency) ; prof, philos, Bowdoin, 81-83; 
Dartmouth, 83- Ed, 'The Citizen,' 74-76; v. 
pres, Philos. Sect, Columbian Expos, 93. D.D, 
Dartmouth, 86. Philos. Ass; Northern Acad; 
Int. Ass. of Arts (mem. Exec. Committee) ; 
Berlin Philos. Gesell. Development of intui- 
tion; hypnotic vision; historical philosophy. 

Campbell, Dr. G(eorge) A(shley), 125 Milk St, 
Boston, Mass. Electrical engineering. Hast- 
ings, Minn, Nov. 27, 70. B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 
91; A.B, Harvard, 92, A.M, 93; Gottingen, 
Vienna and Paris, 93-96; Ph.D, Harvard, 01. 
Electrician, Eng. Dept, Am. Telephone and 
Telegraph Co, 97- Assoc, mem. Elec. Eng; fel. 
Am. Acad. Electrical transmission. 

Campbell, Harry Huse, Steelton, Pa. Metal- 
lurgy. West Roxbury, Mass, March 10, 59. 
B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 79. Gen. manager, Pa. 
Steel Co, Steelton, Pa, 01- Min. Eng; Civil 
Eng; Gt. Britain Iron and Steel Inst. Steel 
making, especially open hearth work. 

Campbell, Prof. H(enry) D(onald), Lexington, Va. 
Geology. Lexington, July 29, 62. A.M, Wash- 
ington and Lee, 82, Ph.D, 85; Berlin, 86-87; 
Heidelberg, 87-88. Instr. chem. and geol, 
Washington and Lee, 82-84, asst. prof, 84-86, 
prof. geol. and biol, 88- F.A.A; Geol. Soc. 
Geology of western Virginia; Mesozoic diabases 
of the Atlantic border. 

Campbell, Dr. John P(endleton), Athens, Ga. 
Physiology, Biology. Cumberland, Md, Nov. 
20, 63. A.B, Hopkins, 85, Ph.D, 88. Prof, 
biol, Georgia, 88- Soc. Nat; Physiol. Soc. 
Physiology of muscle and nerve. 

Campbell, M(arius) R(obinson), U. S. Geological 
Survey, Washington, D. C. *Geology, Physiog- 
raphy. Garden Grove, la, Sept. 30, 58. Ohio 
State, 85-87. Aid, U. S. Geol. Surv, 89-90, 
asst. geologist, 91-96, geologist, 97- F.A.A; 
Geol. Soc; Min. Eng; Wash. Geol. Soc. Struc- 
ture and stratigraphy of Appalachian coal 
field; physiographic history of eastern United 
States; coal testing at Geological Survey plant, 
St. Louis, Mo. 

Campbell, Dr. W(illia)m, Columbia University, 
New York, N. Y. Metallurgy. Newcastle-on- 
Tyne, England, June 24, 76. King's Col, Lon- 
don, 92; Oxford, 93-94; B.S, Durham, 98; 
Royal School of Mines, London, 99-01 ; fellow, 
Columbia, 02; M.S, Durham, 03; Ph.D, Co- 
lumbia, 03, Barnard fellow, 03-05, A.M, 05; 
Sc.D, Durham, 05. Lecturer geol. and demon- 
strator metal, Durham, 98-99 ; non-res. lecturer, 
Columbia, 03, instr. metal, Ofy- Carnegie 
scholar, Gt. Britain Iron and Steel Inst, 02; 
Saville Shaw medal, Soc. Chem. Indust, 03. 
Min. Eng; Soc. Testing Materials; London Geol. 
Soc. Microstructure and physical properties 
of metals and alloys. Influence of heat treat- 
ment on structure and properties of iron and 
steel and other alloys. 

Campbell, Prof. W(illia)m Francis, 86 Greene 
Ave, Brooklyn, N. Y. Surgery. Brooklyn, 
Nov. 7, 65. N. Y. Univ, 87; Long Isl. Col. 
Hosp, 92. Prof, anat, Long Isl. Col. Hosp, 
01- Surgeon, Swedish and Bushwick Hospitals; 
asst. surgeon, Long Isl. Col, Kings Co. and St. 
John's Hospitals. Ass. Anat; Am. Med. Ass; 
fel. Am. Acad. Med; Ass. Mil. Surg; N. Y. 
State Med. Soc; N. Y. Acad. Med; L. I. Med. 
Soc; Ass. Physicians of L. I; Greater N. Y. 
Med. Soc; Kings Co. Med. Soc; Brooklyn Med. 



Soc; Brooklyn Surg. Soc; Brooklyn Path. Soc; 
Brooklyn Med. Club. 
Campbell, Director W(illiam) W(allace), Lick 
Observatory, Mt. Hamilton, Cal. ^Astronomy, 
Astropltysics. Hancock Co, 0, April 11, 62. 
B.S, Michigan, 80. Prof, math, Colorado, 86- 
88; instr. astron, Michigan, 88-91; astronomer, 
Lick Observatory, 91-01, director, 01- Assoc, 
ed, ' Astrophys. Jour ' ; in charge, Lick Observa- 
tory Eclipse Exped. to Lidia, 98, Georgia, 00. 
Hon. M.S, Michigan, 99; Sc.D, Western Univ. 
of Pa, 00; LL.D, Wisconsin, 02; Sc.D, Michi- 
gan, 05. Nat. Acad; F.A.A; Astron. and 
Astrophys. Soc; Philos. Soc; Wash. Acad; for. 
assoc. Royal Astron. Soc; Astron. Gesell. Com- 
ets and orbits; spectra of new stars, comets, 
nebulae, bright-line stars, etc; radial motions 
of stars. Motion of solar system; spectroscopic 
binary stars; solar eclipse problems. 

Candy, Prof. A(lbert) L(uther), 1003 H St, 
Lincoln, Nebr. Mathematics. Jonesboro, Ind, 
March 12, 57. A.B, Kansas, 92, A.M, 93 ; Ph.D, 
Nebraska, 98. Prof. math, and civil eng, Camp- 
bell Univ, Holton, Kas, 86-91; instr. math, 
Nebraska, 93-98, adj. prof, 98-03, asst. prof, 
03-04, assoc. prof, 04- A theorem in trans- 
versals and its consequences. 

Cannon, G(eorge) L(yman), 1914 Pennsylvania 
Ave, Denver, Colo. Geology. New York, N. Y, 
March 10, 60. A.M, Denver, 00. Teacher, 
High Sch, Denver, 87- Manager, Colo. Chem. 
Works, 82-87; asst. geologist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 
88-89 ; lecturer nat. science, summer schools, 
Boulder, Palmer Lake, Colorado Springs, ten 
years. F.A.A; Nat. Educ. Ass; Colo. Ornith. 
Union; Colo. Acad; Colo. Sci. Soc. (pres.) ; 
Colo. Sci. Teachers Ass. (pres.) ; Colo. State 
Teachers Ass; Denver Micros. Soc. (pres.). 
Stratigraphical geology, especially of the Qua- 
ternary period. Quaternary deposits of the 
South Platte Valley; former extent of pre- 
Cretaceous deposits near Denver. 

Cannon, Prof. W (alter) B(radford), Harvard Med- 
ical School, Boston, Mass. *Physiology. 
Prairie du Chien, Wis, Oct. 19, 71. A.B, Har- 
vard, 96, A.M, 97, M.D, 00. Instr. zool, Har- 
vard, 99-00, physiol, Med. Sch, 00-02, asst. prof, 
02- M.A.A; Physiol. Soc; Soc. Exp. Biol, and 
Med; Am. Med. Ass; Mass. Med. Soc; Boston 
Soc. Med. Sci. Medical education; movements 
of stomach and intestines. Mechanisms con- 
trolling mechanical factors in digestion. 

Cannon, Dr. W(illiam) A(ustin), Tucson, Ariz. 
Botany. Washington, Mich, Sept. 23, 70. A.B, 
Stanford, 99, A.M, 00; fellow, Columbia, 00-02, 
Ph.D, 02. Asst. bot, Stanford, 99-00; asst. in 
laboratories, N. Y. Bot. Garden, 02-03; res. 
investigator, Desert Lab, Carnegie Inst, Tucson, 
Ariz, 03- Carnegie fellow, 03- F.A.A; assoc. 
Bot. Soc; Forestry Ass; Nat. Geog. Soc; Torrey 
Bot. Club. Cytology of hybrids. Transpiration 
of plants. 

Canter, Dr. Hall, Ashland, Va. Chemistry. 
Baltimore, Md, April 5, 73. A.B, Randolph- 
Macon, 92, A.M, 97; Ph.D, Hopkins, 00. Lec- 

ture asst. chem, Hopkins, 99; asst, Tulane, 00; 
prof, Randolph-Macon, 00- M.A.A. Benzene 
sulphonic acid derivatives; orthophenylsul- 
phonebenzoic acid and derivatives. 

Capron, Paul, Dummer Academy, South Byfield, 
Mass. Mathematics. Worcester, Mass, Feb. 22, 
75. A.B, Harvard, 96, A.M, 97. Teacher and 
tutor math, Dummer Acad, 96- Math. Soc. 
The proper presentation of elementary and col- 
legiate mathematics. 

Carel, Prof. H(ubert) C(harles), University of 
Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. Chemistry, 
Toxicology. Olney, Ills, Aug. 18, 72. B.S, Min- 
nesota, 93; Oxford and Paris. Instr. chem, 
Minnesota, 95-97, demonstrator, 97-00, asst. 
prof, 00-04, prof, 04; chemist, State Board of 
Health, 00- Chem. Soc ; Soc. Chem. Indust ; 
Pub. Health Ass. Inorganic chemistry; chem- 
istry of urine; picrotoxin; tyrotoxicon. Tox- 
icity and reactions of picrotoxin; normal 
chlorin in Minnesota waters; chemistry of 

Carey, E(verett) P(ascoe), High School, San 
Jose, Cal. Geology. Port Elgin, N. B, Jan. 
19, 68. A.B, Mt. Allison Univ, N. B, 92; 
A.B, Harvard, 93, B.S, 94. Instr, high schools, 
Mich, and Mass, 95-99; prof, science, Pacific, 
99-01; instr, High Sch, San Jose, Cal, 01- 
Temporary field asst, U. S. Geol. Surv. M.A.A; 
Le Conte Geol. Soc. Origin of west coast ser- 
pentines; the crystalline rocks of the Oak Hill 
area, near San Jose; petrography of Pinnacle 
region, San Benito County, Cal. 

Carhart, Prof. Daniel, 1410 Center St, Wilkins- 
burg, Pa. Mathematics, Civil engineering. 
Clinton, N. J, Jan. 28, 39. B.C.E, Polytech. 
Col. of Pa, 59, M.C.E, 69. Asst. prof. math, 
and eng, Polytech. Col. of Pa, 68-72, prof, 
72-77; Western Univ. of Pa, 82-92, math. 
and civil eng. and dean, Eng. Faculty, 92- 
Hon. Sc.D, Western Univ. of Pa, 97. Eng. 
Educ; West. Pa. Eng. Soc. 

Carhart, Prof. Henry S(mith), 521 Monroe St, 
Ann Arbor, Mich. *Physics. Coeymans, N. Y, 
March 27, 44. A.B, Wesleyan, 69; Yale, 71-72; 
A.M, Wesleyan, 72; Harvard, 76; Berlin, 81- 
82. Prof, physics, Northwestern, 72-86; Michi- 
gan, 86- Int. Jury of Awards, Paris Expos. 
Elec, 81; pres, Board Judges, Dept. Elec, Colum- 
bian Expos, 93; Jury of Awards, Pan-Am. 
Expos, 01. LL.D, Wesleyan, 93. U. S. delegate, 
Int. Elec. Cong, Chicago, 93; St. Louis, 04 (v. 
pres.). F.A.A. (sec'y, B, 86, v. pres, 89) ; Elec. 
Eng; Physical Soc; Electrochem. Soc. (pres, 
04-05) ; for. mem. London Elec. Eng. Stand- 
ard cells; thermodynamics of the voltaic cell; 
concentration cells; separation of iron losses in 
transformers; rotation of the magnetic field; 
etc. Concentration cells; absolute determina- 
tion of the electromotive force of Clark and 
cadmium standard cells. 

Carleton, Prof. M (ark) A(lfred), 1633 Howard Ave, 
N. W, Washington, D. C. Agriculture. Jeru- 
salem, O, March 7, 66. B.S, Kas. State Agr. 
Col, 87, M.S, 93. Instr. nat. hist, Garfield 



Univ, 89-90, prof, 90-91; asst. botanist, Kas. 
Agr. Exp. Sta, 92-93 ; cerealist, U. S. Dept. Agr, 
94- Agr. explorer in Russia for U. S. Dept. 
Agr, 98-00; expert in charge, U. S. Grain Ex- 
hibit, and mem. Int. Jury, Class 39, Paris 
Expos, 00. Chevalier du Merite agricole, 01. 
F.A.A; Soc. Plant Morph. and Physiol; My col. 
Soc; Nat. Geog. Soc; Wash. Bot. Soc; Wash. 
Biol. Soc; Kas. Acad. Uredineae of the Great 
Plains; cereal rusts of the United States; Rus- 
sian cereals; durum wheats; climate in relation 
to wheat cultivation. Ontogeny of cereal rusts; 
physiological relations of spring and winter 

Carlson, Prof. A(nton) J(ulius), University of 
Chicago, Chicago, Ills. Physiology. Sweden, 
Jan. 29, 75. A.B, Augustana, 98, A.M, 99; 
Ph.D, Stanford, 03. Asst. physiol, Stanford, 
02-04; research asst, Carnegie Inst, 03-04; 
assoc. physiol, Chicago, 04-05, asst. prof, 05- 
M.A.A; Physiol. Soc. Rate of conduction of 
the impulse in nerves; the nature of the heart- 
beat. The physiology of inhibition. 

Carmalt, Dr. Churchill, 130 E. 36th St, New 
York, N. Y. Anatomy, Surgery. Montrose, 
Pa, June 15, 66. Haverford, 81-82; A.B, Har- 
vard, 87; M.D, Columbia, 91. Asst. demon- 
strator anat, Columbia, 95- Surgeon, Woman's 
Hosp. Ass. Anat; Am. Med. Ass; N. Y. Acad. 
Med. Anatomy; embryology; surgery. Mor- 
phology of the salivary glands; lymphatics. 

Carman, Prof. Albert P(ruden), University of Illi- 
nois, Urbana, Ills. *Physics. Woodbury, N. J, 
July 15, 61. A.B, Princeton, 83, fellow, 
83-84, A.M, Sc.D, 85; Berlin, 88-90. Instr. 
physics and math, Princeton, 84-88; prof. 
physics and elec. eng, Purdue, 90-93; theoret. 
physics, Stanford, 93-96; physics, Illinois, 96- 
Physical Soc. 

Carpenter, Ford A(shman), U. S. Weather Bureau 
Office, San Diego, Cal. Meteorology. Chicago, 
Ills, March 25, 68. High Sch. and Acad. Asst. 
observer, Signal Corps, U. S. A, Portland, Ore, 
88-90, San Francisco, 91; observer, U. S. 
Weather Bur, Carson City, Nev, 92-96, San 
Diego, Cal, 96- Asst, Carson Observatory, 
Carson City; lecturer meteorol, San Diego 
State Nor. Sch, 01- Int. Cong. Arts and Sci- 
ence, St. Louis, 04; Eighth Int. Geog. Cong, 
Washington, 04. M.A.A; Nat. Geog. Soc; 
San Diego Nat. Hist. Soc. (director, 01-02, 
sec'y). Wind velocities and their measure- 
ments ; cloudiness and sunshine ; utilization of 
fog; climatology of southern California. Tran- 
sient effect of littoral wind on vertical tempera- 
ture gradient. 

Carpenter, Dr. Franklin R(euben), 1420 Josephine 
St, Denver, Colo. Geology, Metallurgy. Par- 
kersburg, Va, Nov. 5, 48. A.M, Ohio, 87, Ph.D, 
88. Prof, mining and geol, Dakota Sch. of 
Mines, 86-89 ; gen. manager of mines and smelt- 
ing works, 89- MA.A; Geol. Soc; Min. Eng; 
Colo. Sci. Soc. Vein formation and metallurgy. 
Metallurgy of copper, gold and silver. 

Carpenter, Dr. F(rederic) W(alton), University of 
Illinois, Urbana, Ills. Zoology. Millbrook, 
N. Y, May 12, 76. B.S, N. Y. Univ, 99; A.M, 
Harvard, 02, Ph.D, 04. Instr. zool, Illinois, 
04- Lecturer biol, Summer Sch, N. Y. Univ, 
04, 05. Development of nerves; reactions of 
insects. Various reactions of animals. 

Carpenter, Prof. L(ouis) G(eorge), Fort Collins, 
Colo. Irrigation engineering. Orion, Mich, 
March 28, 61. B.S, Mich. Agr. Col, 79; M.S, 
Michigan, 84; Hopkins, 85-88. Instr. math, 
Mich. Agr. Col, 81-85, asst. prof, 85-88; prof, 
eng. and physics, Colo. Agr. Col, 88-; meteorol- 
ogist and irrigation engineer, Colo. Exp. Sta, 
88-, director, 99- Special agent, artesian well 
investigation, U. S. Dept. Agr, 90, irrigation 
expert, 02; co-editor, 'Standard Diet'; state 
engineer, Colo, 03-05 ; consulting engineer and 
expert for Colo, in Kas. interstate water liti- 
gation, 03- Chevalier du Merite agricole, 95; 
gold medal, Paris Expos, 00. F.A.A; Soc. 
Irrig. Eng. (pres, 93-94) ; Soc. Prom. Agr. Sci; 
Mich. Eng. Soc. Measurement of water; gain 
and loss of water from streams; duty water in 
general; irrigation. Duty water; seepage; 
water supply. 

Carpenter, Prof. R(olla) C(linton), 125 Eddy St, 
Ithaca, N. Y. Mechanical engineering. Orion, 
Mich, June 26, 52. B.S, Mich. Agr. Col, 73, 
M.S, 77 ; C.E, Michigan, 75 ; M.M.E, Cornell, 88. 
Prof. math, and civil eng, Mich. Agr. Col, 77-90; 
exp. eng, Cornell, 90- Mem. Jury of Awards, 
Columbian Expos, 93 ; Pan- Am. Expos, 01 ; con- 
sulting engineer. Mech. Eng; Min. Eng; Heat, 
and Vent. Eng; Mich. Eng. Soc; N. Y. Ry. 
Club. The steam-engine; heating; strength of 
materials; hydraulics. 

Carr, Dr. W(illiam) P(hillips), 1418 L St, N. W, 
Washington, D. C. Surgery, Physiology. 
Boydton, Va, Mav 10, 58. Randolph-Macon, 
74-76; M.D, Columbian, 88. Prof, physiol, 
George Washington, 9^- Surgeon, Emergency 
Hosp, 95-; prosector anat, lecturer anat. and 
surg. and coroner, 96-99; assoc. surgeon, Univ. 
Hosp, and consulting surgeon, Wash. Asylum 
Hosp, 98- Ass. Anat; Am. Med. Ass; South. 
Surg, and Gynec. Soc; Va. Med. Soc; D. C. 
Med. Ass; D. C. Med. Soc; D. C. Med. and 
Surg. Soc; D. C. Obstet. and Gynec. Soc. 
Pathology and surgery; gynecology and obstet- 
rics. Physiology of nerves; pathology of 

Carroll, Dr. James, 1224 U St, N. W, Washington, 
D. C. * Bacteriology, Pathology. Woolwich, 
England, June 5, 54. N. Y. Univ, 86-87 ; M.D, 
Maryland, 91; Hopkins, 91-93. Asst. clin. 
and sanit. micros, Army Med. Sch, 93-02, prof, 
bacter. and clin. micros, 02-; senior demon- 
strator bacter. and path, Med. Dept, George 
Washington, 94-02, instr. clin. micros, 99-04, 
assoc. prof, bacter. and path, 02-04, prof, bacter. 
and path, and lecturer clin. micros, 0^- Path- 
ologist, Columbia Hosp. for Women, 98-; mem. 
Board of U. S. Army Med. Officers on Tropical 
Diseases (especially yellow fever in Cuba), 00; 



asst. surgeon, U. S. A; curator, Army Med. 
Mus, 03- F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. Bact. (v. pres, 
02) ; Ass. Path, and Bact; hon. mem. Am. Soc. 
Trop. Med; Nat. Geog. Soc; Wash. Acad; Wash. 
Biol. Soc; Wash. Clinico-path. Soc. Etiology 
and mode of transmission of yellow fever; ty- 
phoid fever. 

Carson, Prof. Lewis C(linton), 502 N. Washington 
St, Bloomington, Ind. Philosophy. Detroit, 
Mich, July 16, 70. A.B, Michigan, 92; A.B, 
Harvard, 93; A.M, Michigan, 99; A.M, Har- 
vard, 00, Ph.D, 01. Asst. philos, Harvard, 99- 
02, Radcliffe, 00-01, instr, 01-02; asst. prof, 
Indiana, 02- 

Carter, Dr. J(ames) M(adison) G(ore), 219 Clay- 
ton St, Waukegan, Ills. Medicine. Johnson 
Co, Ills, April 15, 43. A.B, St. John's, 77; 
M.D, Chicago Med. Col, 80. Prof, path, Col. 
Physicians and Surg, Illinois, 91-93, clin. and 
preventive med, 93-99. emer. prof. clin. med, 
99- Hon. A.M, McKendree, 81, Ph.D, 87; 
Sc.D, Lake Forest, 87. F.A.A; Am. Med. Ass; 
Am. Acad. Med; Acad. Polit. and Social Sci; 
Am. Hist. Ass; Ills. Med. Soc. (pres, 98) ; Chicago 
Acad; Chicago Med. Soc; Chicago Soc. Internal 
Med. Clinical medicine; medical botany; 
hygiene; climatology. Clinical electricity; 
electrotherapeutics . 

Carter, Prof. Oscar C(harles) S(umner), 1930 

Chestnut St, Philadelphia, Pa. Geology, Min- 
eralogy, Chemistry. Philadelphia. Polytech. 
Col, Phila, 76; Pennsylvania, 79. Chief chem- 
ist, Midvale Steel Works, Phila, 79-80; asst. 
prof, chem, Central High Sch, Phila, 80-87, 
prof. geol. and miner, and assoc. prof, chem, 87- 
Prof. chem, Spring Garden Inst, Phila, 87; lec- 
turer chem, United Chautauqua Circles of 
Phila, 88. Medal, Pa. State Agr. Soc. Phila. 
Acad; Vienna Verein der Bohrtechniker. Ar- 
tesian wells in southeastern Pennsylvania; 
geology of Montgomery County and southeastern 
Pennsylvania; petrified forests of Arizona; cliff 
dwellings of the southwest. Geology of south- 
eastern Pennsylvania. 

Carter, Dr. W(illiam) S(pencer), University of 
Texas, Galveston, Tex. Physiology. Warren 
Co, N. J, April 11, 69. M.D, Pennsylvania, 90. 
Res. physician, Phila. Hosp, 90; Presbyterian 
Hosp, 91 ; asst. physiol, Pennsylvania, 91-92, 
asst. demonstrator path, 92-95, asst. prof. comp. 
physiol. and demonstrator physiol, 95-97; prof, 
physiol, Texas, 97- Quiz master, Med. Inst, 
Phila, 91-96. Physiol. Soc; Tex. Acad; Tex. 
Med. Ass; Phila. Path. Soc; Phila. Co. Med. 
Soc; Phila. Col. Physicians. Leucocytosis and 
blood-serum; cause of uremia; action of drugs 
and poisons (kreatin, phenacetin, phenocoll, 
anti pyrin) ; poisonous mushrooms. Parathy- 
roids; secretory action of renal epithelium; ab- 
sorption ; autoaigestion. 

Cartmel, W(illiam) B(ell), 801 Middle Ave, Ely- 
ria, O. Physics. Liverpool, England, Jan. 4, 
72. B.S, Case, 00; fellow, Nebraska, 00-02, 
A.M, 02. With Bur. of Standards, 02- Instr. 
phyaics, Cincinnati, 03. Physical Soc. Anom- 

alous dispersion and selective absorption. 
Selective reflection from fuchsin. 

Carus, Dr. Paul, La Salle, Ills. Philosophy. 
Ilsenberg, The Harz, Germany, July 18, 52. 
Greifswald, 73-74; Strasburg, 74-75; Ph.D, 
Tubingen, 76. Teacher class, languages and 
hist, Albani's Real-gymnasium, Dresden, 75-76; 
fac. docendi, Halle, 77; Kaiiffer's Realschule, 
Dresden, 78; Oberlehrer, Royal Corps of Cadets, 
Dresden, 79-82 ; ed, ' Monist ' and ' Open 
Court,' and manager, The Open Court Pub. Co. 
Prof, Sachs's Collegiate Col; ed, 'Zickel's Fami- 
lienblatter.' F.A.A; Philos. Ass; Int. Folk- 
lore Soc. (pres, 02) ; Oriental Soc; Leopoldina; 
Egyptian Exploration Fund, Religious Parlia- 
. ment Extension (sec'y) ; Royal Asiatic Soc. 
Philosophy of religion. Religious literature of 
China translated from original texts. 

Carver, Dr. B(enjamin) F(ranklin), Whiting, Ind. 
Chemistry. Hanover, Pa, Sept. 10, 78. B.S, 
Pennsylvania Col, 00, M.S, 03; Ph.D, Hopkins, 
03. Chemist, Standard Oil Co, Whiting, Ind, 
03- New semipermeable membranes prepared 
by the electrolytic method. 

Carveth, Dr. Hector Russell, 110 Cook St, Ithaca, 
N. Y. Chemistry. Port Hope, Ont, Jan. 23, 
73. A.B, Victoria and Toronto, 96 ; fellow, Cor- 
nell, 96-98, Ph.D, 98, hon. fellow, 98-99. Instr. 
gen. chem, Cornell, 99-00, physical chem, 00- 
Reviewer, ' Jour. Physical Chem.' Chem. Soc ; 
Eleetrochem. Soc. Vapor composition and phase 
separations; electrochemical reactions. The 
theory of laboratory methods. 

Case, Prof. E(rmine) C(owles), State Normal 
School, Milwaukee, Wis. Paleontology, Osteol- 
ogy. Kansas City, Mo, Sept. 11, 71. A.B, 
A.M, Kansas, 93; M.S, Cornell, 95; Ph.D, Chi- 
cago, 96. Asst. chem, Kansas, 93-95; instr. 
vert, paleont, Chicago, 96; prof. geol. and 
physical geog, State Nor. Sch, Milwaukee, 97- 
Assoc. ed, 'Sch. Science.', M.A.A; Geol. Soc; 
Paleont. Soc. Osteology and morphology of 
extinct American reptiles. Morphology of Per- 
mian vertebrates of America. 

Case, Prof. Mary S(ophia), Wellesley College, 
Wellesley, Mass. Philosophy, Psychology. 
Worthington, O, March 2, 54. A.B, Michigan, 
84. Instr. Latin, Wellesley, 84-86, philos, 86- 
90, assoc. prof, psychol. and hist, of philos, 90- 
Philos. Ass. 

Case, Willard Erastus, Auburn, N. Y. Electricity. 
Auburn, Feb. 19, 57. Law Sch, Hamilton Col. 
Private research. Elec. Eng; N. Y. Elec. Soc. 
Production of electrical energy. 

Casey, Major Tho(ma)s L(incoln), U. S. A, 1419 
K St, N. W, Washington, D. C Entomology, 
Paleontology. West Point, N. Y, Feb. 19, 57. 
Sheffield Sci. Sch, Yale, 74-75; grad, U. S. Mil. 
Acad, 79. All grades to major, V. S. Corps 
Engineers, 79- Mem. Transit of Venus Exped. 
to Cape of Good Hope, 82-S3 ; Miss. River Com- 
mission, 02- F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Am. Geog. Soc; 
Cal. Acad; fel. N. Y. Acad, (ed, 'Annals,' 90- 
95) ; Wash. Entom. Soc; Phila. Acad; Soc. 



entom. de France. Professional engineering 
work; double star orbits; Coleoptera; southern 
Tertiary paleontology. 

Caspari, Dr. Charles E(dward), St. Louis College 
of Pharmacy, St. Louis, Mo. Chemistry. Bal- 
timore, Md, April 9, 75. A.B, Hopkins, 96, 
fellow, 99-00, Ph.D, 00. Asst. to Dr. Ira 
Rernsen, Hopkins, 99-00; org. chem, Columbia, 
00-01; research chemist, Mallinctkrodt Chem. 
Works, 01-03; prof, chem, St. Louis Col. Phar- 
macy, 03- Field asst, U. S. Geol. Surv, sum- 
mer, 98. Chem. Soc; Pharmaceut. Ass. The 
fat contained in the seeds of the spice bush 
(Lindera benzoin) ; the determination of codein 
in opium. 

Castle, Dr. W(illiam) E(rnest), 10 Ash Street 
Place, Cambridge, Mass. *Zoology. Alex- 
andria, O, Oct. 25, 67. A.B, Denison, 89 ; A.M, 
Harvard, 94, Ph.D, 95. Prof. Latin, Ottawa 
(Kas.), 89-92; instr. zool, Wisconsin, 95-96; 
Knox, 96-97; Harvard, 97-02, asst. prof, 03- 
F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool. (v. pres, 04); fel. 
Am. Acad. Embryology of tunicates; me- 
tamerism of leeches; heredity. Variation and 
heredity among close-bred and cross-bred ani- 
mals and among hybrids; control of sex pro- 
portion; causes of animal dimorphism. 

Cathcart, Prof. W(illia)m L(edyard), Gwynedd, 
Pa. Mechanical and marine engineering. 
Mystic, Conn, Aug. 12, 55. Pennsylvania, 
71-73; grad, U. S. Naval Acad, 75. Cadet 
engineer, asst. engineer, past asst. engineer, 
U. S. N, 75-91, chief engineer, Vol. Service, 
Spanish- Am. War, 98; prof, marine eng, Webb's 
Acad, N. Y, 97-99; adj. prof, mech, eng, Co- 
lumbia, 99-03. Mech.' Eng; Naval Eng; Naval 
Archit. and Marine Eng; Acad. Polit. and 
Social Sci; Franklin Inst. Marine and me- 
chanical engineering. 

Catlin, Cha(rle)s A(lbert), 133 Hope St, Provi- 
dence, R. I. Chemistry. Burlington, Vt, May 
10, 49. B.S, Vermont, 72, Ph.B, 73; Mass. 
Inst. Tech, 94-95. Chemist, Rumford Chem. 
Works, Providence, 73-75, 78- Assayer, Hunt- 
ington Copper Mine, Can; consulting chemist. 
F.A.A; Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; Frank- 
lin Inst; Providence Franklin Soc. Phosphoric 
acid and its compounds. Technical chemistry. 

Cattell, Dr. Henry W(are), 3709 Spruce St, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. Pathology. Harrisburg, Pa, Oct. 
7, 62. A.B, Lafayette, 83, A.M, 86 ; M.D, Penn- 
sylvania, 87. Demonstrator morbid anat, Penn- 
sylvania, 92-97; senior coroner's physician, 
Phila, 96-99; director, Ayer Clin. Lab, Pa. 
Hosp, 99-01 ; pathologist, Phila. Hosp, 03. Ed, 
' Int. Clinics,' 99-02; ' Med. Notes and Queries '; 
' Lippincott's Med. Diet.' F.A.A; Am. Med. 
Ass; Phila. Path. Soc; Phila. Col. Physicians. 
Clinical laboratory methods and instruments of 
precision. Post-mortem technique; clinical 
laboratory methods. 

Cattell, Prof. J(ames) McKeen, Garrison-on- 
Hudson, N. Y. *Psychology. Easton, Pa, 
May 25, 60. A.B, Lafayette, 80, A.M, 83; 
Gottingen, Leipzig, Paris, Geneva, 80-82; fel- 

low, Hopkins, 82-83; Leipzig, 83-86, Ph.D, 86. 
Asst. psychol, Leipzig, 85-86; lecturer, Penn- 
sylvania and Bryn Mawr, 87; Cambridge, Eng- 
land, 88; prof, Pennsylvania, 88-91; exp. 
psychol, Columbia, 91-96, psychol, 96- Co- 
editor, 'Psychol. Rev,' 93-04; ed, ' Science,' 94-; 
' Popular Science Monthly,' 00- Nat. Acad ; 
F.A.A. (v. pres, 98) ; Soc. Nat. (pres, 02) ; 
Psychol. Ass. (pres, 95); Philos. Ass; Physiol. 
Soc; fel. Ethnol. Soc; Philos. Soc; fel. N. Y. 
Acad, (pres, 02, 03); Wash. Acad; London 
Neur. Soc; London Aristot. Soc. The measure- 
ment of psychophysical and mental processes. 
Fatigue; individual differences. 
Caudell, A(ndrew) N(elson), Conduit Road, op- 
posite reservoir, Washington, D. C. Entomol- 
ogy. Indianapolis, Ind, Aug. 18, 72. B.S, 
Okla. Agr. Col, 97; Mass. Agr. Col, 97-98. 
Asst. entom, Okla. Agr. Col, 95; Div. of Entom, 
U. S. Dept. Agr, 98- Weather observer, Still- 
water, Okla, 96-97. Ass. Econ. Entom; Wash. 
Entom. Soc. Natural history and classification 
of Orthoptera. Orthopterous insects. 

Chaille, Prof. S(tanford) E(merson), P. O. 
Drawer 261, New Orleans, La. Physiology, 
Hygiene, Anatomy. Natehez, Miss, July 9, 30. 
A.B, Harvard, 51, A.M, 53; M.D, Tulane, 53. 
Demonstrator anat, Med. Dept, Tulane, 58-67, 
prof, physiol. and path, anat, 67-, dean, 85- 
Surgeon and med. inspector, Confederate Army 
of Tenn, 61-65; pres, Havana Yellow Fever 
Commission, Nat. Board of Health, 79, mem, 
85-93. LL.D, Tulane, 01. F.A.A; Am. Med. 
Ass; Pub. Health Ass; La. Med. Soc; Orleans 
Parish Med. Soc; La. Pharmaceut. Ass; Phila. 
Col. Physicians; Md. Med. and Chirurg. Fac- 
ulty; Havana Acad. Med. Sci. Hygiene; state 
medicine. Improvement of medical education. 

Chamberlain, Prof. Alexander F(rancis), 12 
Shirley St, Worcester, Mass. * Anthropology. 
Kenninghall, England, Jan. 12, 65. A.B, To- 
ronto, 85, fellow, 87-90, A.M, 89; fellow, Clark, 
90-92, Ph.D, 92. Lecturer anthrop, Clark, 
92-00, acting asst. prof, 01-04, asst. prof, Qlf- 
Ed, 'Jour, of Am. Folk-lore,' 01-; mem. ed. 
board, 'Am. Anthropologist,' 01- Folk-lore 
Soc; Antiq. Soc; Nat. Geog. Soc; British Ass. 
(anthrop. res. in British Columbia, 91, and sec'y, 
Anthrop. Sect, 97) ; cor. mem. Portugal Inst, de 
Coimbra. Anthropology; American Indians; 
folk-lore; childhood; primitive languages. Con- 
tact of white and red races in the new world; 
a dictionary of the Kootenay Indian language; 
physical characters of the child among the 
races of man; Algonkian onomatology; psy- 
chology of primitive races; anthropology of 

Chamberlain, Dr. Cha(rle)s J(oseph), University 
of Chicago, Chicago, Ills. *Botany. Sullivan, 
O, Feb. 23, 63. A.B, Oberlin, 88, A.M, 93; 
Ph.D, Chicago, 97. Teacher, pub. sch, Pittsfield, 
O, 88-89 ; principal, High Sch, Crookston, Minn, 
89-93; instr. hot, Chicago, 97- Am. ed. cytol, 
' Bot. Centralblatt ' ; ed. current bot. lit, ' Jour, 
of Applied Micros,' 98-03. F.AA. (sec'y, G, 



03); Bot. Soc; Bot. Cent. States; Int. Ass. 
Bot; Bot. Gesell. Plant morphology and cytol- 
ogy. The origin of apogamy; morphology of 

Chamberlain, Dr. Joseph S(cudder), Bureau of 
Chemistry, U. S. Department of Agriculture, 
Washington, D. C. Chemistry. Hudson, O, 
March 7, 70. B.S, Iowa State, 90, M.S, 92; 
fellow, Hopkins, 98-99, Ph.D, 99. Lab. asst. 
chem, Iowa State, 90-92, instr, 94-97; Oberlin, 
99-01 ; research asst. to Dr. Ira Renisen, Hop- 
kins, 01 ; physiol. chemist, U. 8. Dept. Agr, 01- 
Chem. Soc; Wash. Bot. Soc; Chem. Gesell. 
Para-sulpharnin benzoic acid. Proteids of wheat 
and flour. 

Chamberlain, Montague, Felton Hall, Cambridge, 
Mass. Ornithology, Anthropology. St. John, 
N. B, April 5, 44. Grammar sch, St. John. 
Recorder, Harvard, 89-93; sec'y, Lawrence Sci. 
Sch, Harvard, 93-00. Cor. fel. Ornith. Union; 
New Brunswick Nat. Hist. Soc. Ornithology; 
Indian linguistics, legends and history; north- 
eastern tribes. 

Chamberlin, Prof. R(alph) V(ary), University of 
Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah. Zoology. Salt 
Lake City, Jan. 3, 79. B.S, Utah, 98; Gold- 
win Smith fellow, Cornell, 02-04, Ph.D, 04. 
Instr. science, Latterday Saints Univ, 98-99, 
prof, biol, 99-02; asst. prof, zool, Utah, 04-05, 
prof, 05- Morphology and classification of 
chilopods, diplopods and Arachnida. Lycosida? 
of North America; comparative morphology of 
palpal organs in male spiders. 

Chamberlin, Dr. T(homas) C(hrowder), Walker 
Museum, Chicago, Ills. *Geology. Mattoon, 
Ills, Sept. 25, 43. A.B, Beloit, 66; Michigan, 
68-69; A.M, Beloit, 69. Principal, High Sch, 
Delavan, Wis, 66-68; prof. nat. science, State 
Nor. Sch, Whitewater, Wis, 69-73; geol, Beloit, 
73-82; asst. state geologist, Wis, 73-76, chief 
geologist, 76-82 ; geologist in charge, Glacial 
Div, U. S. Geol. Surv, 82-04; lecturer geol, 
Beloit, 82-87; prof, Columbian, 85-87; pres, 
Wisconsin, 87-92 ; head, Dept. Geol, Chicago, 
92- Rep. for Wis, Paris Expos, 78; geologist, 
Peary Exped, 94 ; ed, ' Jour, of Geol.' Medal, 
Paris Expos, 78, 93; hon. Ph.D, Michigan and 
Wisconsin, 82; LL.D, Michigan, Beloit, Colum- 
bian, 87; Wisconsin, 04; Sc.D, Illinois, 05. 
Nat. Acad; F.A.A. (v. pres, 86) ; Geol. Soc. 
(pres, 95); assoc. fel. Am. Acad; Philos. Soc; 
hon. mem. Wis. Acad, (pres, 85-87) ; Wash. 
Acad ; Wash. Geol. Soc ; cor. mem. N. Y. Acad ; 
Chicago Acad, (pres, 97-) ; cor. mem. British 
Ass; cor. mem. London and Edinburgh Geol. 
Societies. Geology of Wisconsin; lead and zinc 
deposits ; glaciers and glacial formations ; the 
history of the atmosphere; the Laplacian hy- 
pothesis. Glacial and dynamic geology; the 
planestesimal hypothesis; early history of the 

Chamot, Prof. E(mile) M(onnin), 408 Stewart 
Ave, Ithaca, N. Y. * Microchemistry, Sanitary 
chemistry. Buffalo, N. Y, March 4, 67. B.S, 
Cornell, 91, Ph.D, 97; Nancy, Braunschweig, 

Paris and Delft. Asst. quant, anal, Cornell, 
90-91, instr, 91-97, lecturer chem, 98, instr. 
toxicol, 99, sanit. and toxicol. chem, 00, asst. 
prof, 01- Consulting ed, ' City Government,' 
00- Chem. Soc. (reviewer, 'Jour.'); Pub. 
Health Ass. Microchemical analysis; pig- 
ments of chromogenic bacteria. Pigment of A. 
mordor6 (Thiry) ; significance of nitrites in 
potable water; purification of water supplies 
by mechanical filtration. 

Chance, Dr. H(enry) M(artyn), 819 Drexel Build- 
ing, Philadelphia, Pa. Geology, Mining engi- 
neering. Philadelphia, Jan. 18, 56. C.E, 
Pennsylvania, 74; M.D, Jefferson Med. Col, 81. 
Asst. geologist, Pa. Geol. Surv, 74-84; mining 
engineer, Lehigh Mt. Mfg. Co, 85; chief engi- 
neer, New Croton Aqueduct, 86-88; consulting 
engineer, 89- Consulting mining engineer, D. 
L. and W. R. R. Co, 89-01. Min. Eng; Philos. 
Soc; Phila. Eng. Club. Geology; mining. 

Chandler, Prof. C(harles) F(rederick), 51 E. 54th 
St, New York, N. Y. * Chemistry. Lancaster, 
Mass, Dec. 6, 36. Lawrence Sci. Sch, Harvard; 
Berlin; Ph.D, Gottingen, 56. Asst. chem, 
Union, 57, prof, 57-64; anal, and applied chem, 
Sch. Mines, Columbia, 64-77, adj. prof. chem. 
and med. juris, Col. Physicians and Surg, 72- 
76, prof, 76-77, chem, Columbia, 77- Prof, 
org. chem. and pres, N. Y. Col. Pharmacy; 
chemist and later pres, Metropolitan Board of 
Health, N. Y. City. Hon. M.D, N. Y. Univ, 
73; LL.D, Union, 73; Sc.D, Oxford, 00. Nat. 
Acad; F.A.A; Chem. Soc. (pres, 81-89) ; Soc. 
Chem. Indust; Elec. Eng; Min. Eng; Philos. 
Soc; N. Y. Chemists Club (pres, 99-00) ; N. Y. 
Acad; London Chem. Soc; Chem. Gesell; Soc. 
chim. de Paris. Industrial chemistry. 

Chandler, Prof. Cha(rle)s H(enry), Ripon, Wis. 
Mathematics. New Ipswich, N. H, Oct. 25, 40. 
A.B, Dartmouth, 68, A.M, 71. Instr. science, 
Kimball Union Acad, Meriden, N. H, 68-69; 
prof, chem, physics and math, successively, 
Antioch, 71-81; physics and math, Ripon, 
81- F.A.A; Math. Soc; Wis. Acad. (v. pres, 
99-). Applied mathematics. 

Chandler, Prof. E(lwyn) F(rancis), University, 
N. Dak. Mathematics, Civil engineering. Yel- 
low Springs, 0, Aug. 29, 72. A.B, Ripon, 94, 
A.M, 97; Wisconsin, 97-99, fellow, 98-99. 
Teacher, preparatory and high schools, 93-97; 
instr. math, North Dakota, 99-02, prof, 02- 
City engineer, Ripon, Wis, 95; asst. engineer, 
U. S. Geol. Surv, 03-; state engineer, N. Dak, 
04- M.A.A; Wis. Acad. Theory of proba- 
bilities and least squares and their logarithmic 
mean as applied to estimates or other greatly 
discordant data. Hydrographic methods; irri- 

Chandler, Dr. S(eth) C(arlo), Wellesley Hills, 
Mass. *Astronomy. Boston, Mass, Sept. 17, 
46. English High Sch, Boston. Private asst, 
Dr. B. A. Gould, 63-69; aid, U. S. Coast Surv, 
64-70; life ins. actuary, 70-85; Harvard Col. 
Observatory, 80-85; private investigator, 86- 
04 ; ed, ' Astron. Jour,' 96- Watson medal, 



Nat. Acad; medal, Royal Astron. Soc; LL.D, 
De Pauw. Nat. Acad; FA. A. (v. pres, 86) ; 
Astron. and Astrophys. Soc; Am. Acad; for. 
assoc. Royal Astron. Soc. Variable stars; 
comets; various branches of stellar astronomy. 

Chandler, Prof. W(illiam) H(enry), South Bethle- 
hem, Pa. Chemistry. New Bedford, Mass, 
Dec. 13, 41. A.B, A.M, Union, 62; Ph.D, 
Hamilton, 73; A.M, Columbia, 73. Instr. chem, 
Columbia, 68-71; prof, Lehigh, 71- Chemist, 
New Bedford Copper Works, 62-65; Swan Isl, 
W. I, Phosphates, 69-70; N. C. Turpentine 
Works, 66-67; U. S. Commissioner, Paris 
Expos, 89. Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; 
London Chem. Soc; Soc. chim. de Paris. In- 
dustrial chemistry. 

Chaney, Prof. L(ucian) W(est), Northfield, Minn. 
Biology. Heuvelton, N. Y, June 26, 57. A.B, 
Carleton, 78, B.S, 79, M.S, 82. Instr, high 
schools and supt. schools, 78-82; instr. biol, 
Carleton, 82-83, prof, 83- M.A.A; fel. Minn. 
Bot. Soc; Minn. Geog. Soc. Embryology of 
fishes; physiology of nervous system; glacial 

Chant, Dr. C(larence) A(ugustus), 52 Avenue 
Road, Toronto, Can. Physics. Near Toronto, 
May 31, 65. A.B, Toronto, 90, A.M, 00; Ph.D, 
Harvard, 01. Fellow and tutor physics, 
Toronto, 91-92, lecturer, 92- Physical Soc; 
Can. Royal Astron. Soc. (pres, 04, 05). The 
' skin ' effect in electrical oscillators ; reception 
by wires of electric waves; physical basis of 
colors; reflecting power of glasses and mirrors. 
Measurement of reflecting powers, etc. 

Chanute, Dr. O(ctave), 413 E. Huron St, Chicago, 
Ills. Engineering. Paris, France, Feb. 18, 32. 
Private schools. Railroad engineer, 49-85; 
consulting engineer, 95- Hon. D. Eng, Illinois, 
05. F.A.A. (v. pres, 86) ; Civil Eng. (past 
pres.) ; West. Soc. Eng. (past pres.) ; Can. Soc. 
Civil Eng; hon. mem. British Inst. Civil Eng. 
Engineering; wood preserving; physics. Wood 
preserving by chemicals; equilibrium in flying- 
machine experiments. 

Chapin, Prof. Henry E(dgerton), 49 Lefferts 
Ave, Richmond Hill, New York, N. Y. Biology. 
Wilbraham, Mass, May 9, 59. B.S, Mass. Agr. 
Col. and Boston, 81; Hopkins, 86-87; M.S, 
Mich. Agr. Col, 93. Teacher and ed, 81- 
86; teacher nat. science, Pa. State Nor. Sch, 
Bloomsburg, 88-90; biol, High Sch, Springfield, 
Mass, 90-91; prof. biol. and geol, Ohio 
(Athens), 91-00; biol, Eastern Dist. High Sch, 
"New York, 00- In charge, Dept. Biol, Sum- 
mer Sch, N. Y. Univ, 00. Soc. Nat; Ohio 
Acad; Brooklyn Inst, (pres, Dept. Bot, and 
mem. Council, 04-) ; hon. fel. London Soc. Biol. 
Chem. Blood of vertebrates; habits and struc- 
ture of Melampus bidentatus. 

Chapman, Frank M(ichler), Englewood, N. J. 
*(Jmithology, Mammalogy. Englewood, June 
12, 64. Academy. Asst. curator, Dept. 
Ornith. and Mammal, Am. Mus. Nat. Hist, 
88-01, assoc. curator, 01- Assoc, ed, ' The 
Auk,' 94-; ed. and founder, 'Bird-Lore,' 98- 

Soc. Nat; fel. Ornith. Union; fel. N. Y. Acad; 
N. Y. Linnean Soc. (pres, 97) ; Wash. Acad; 
Wash. Biol. Soc; for. mem. British Ornith. 
Union. Birds; geographic distribution; syste- 
matic relationships; life histories. Systematic 
work; popularization of natural history studies. 

Chapman, Dr. Henry C(adwalader), 2047 Walnut 
St, Philadelphia, Pa. Physiology, Anatomy, 
Medical jurisprudence. Philadelphia, Aug. 17, 
45. A.B, Pennsylvania, 63, M.D, 67. Cor- 
oner's physician, Phila, 75-80; prof, physiol, 
Pa. Col. of Dental Surg, 77-85; institutes 
of med. and med. juris, Jefferson Med. Col, 80- 
Mem. Board of Directors, Phila. Library Co. 
Physiol. Soc; Philos. Soc; Phila. Acad, (chair- 
man, Board of Curators, 91) ; Phila. Zool. Soc. 
(cor. sec'y, 85-) ; Phila. Col. Physicians. 
Physiology; comparative anatomy. Medical 
jurisprudence; insanity; toxicology. 

Charlton, Prof. O(rlando) C(larke), Kalamazoo, 
Mich. Botany. Pleasant, Ind, April 2, 54. 
B.S, Hanover, 72, A.M, 85; Sheffield Sci. Sch, 
Yale, 75-76; Chicago, summers, 95-97, 01-04. 
Teacher, pub. schools, Ind, 76-85; prof. nat. 
science, Ottawa (Kas.), 85-91; Tex. Nor. Col, 
91-93; biol. and geol, Baylor, 93-02; Kala- 
mazoo, 02- M.A.A; Am. Acad; Mich. Acad; 
fel. Tex. Acad. (v. pres, 02). Pteridophytes. 

Chase, Dr. F(rederick) L(incoln), Yale Observa- 
tory, New Haven., Conn. *Astronomy. 
Boulder, Colo, June 28, 65. A.B, Colorado, 86; 
Ph.D, Yale, 91. Asst. astronomer, Yale Ob- 
servatory, 90-, instr. astron, Sheffield Sci. Sch, 
Yale, 91}- F.A.A; Astron. and Astrophys. Soc. 
Stellar parallax and proper motion. Parallaxes 
of stars having large proper motion. 

Chatard, Dr. Thomas M(arean), 1716 Rhode Island 
Ave, Washington, D. C. *Chemistry. Balti- 
more, Md, Dec. 15, 48. A.B, Mt. St. Mary's, 
67; B.S, Harvard, 71; Ph.D, Heidelberg, 76. 
Asst. chemist, Torpedo Corps, U. S. N, 70-72; 
instr. chem, Pennsylvania, 72-74; mine and 
mill manager, 77-83; chemist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 
83-92; consulting chemist, 92-00; expert special 
agent, Twelfth Census, 00- Chem. Soc; Min. 
Eng; Soc. Chem. Indust. Origin and utiliza- 
tion of natural soda; salt-making processes; 
metallurgy; origin of corundum. 

Chatburn, Prof. Geo(rge) R(ichard), 2850 P St, 
Lincoln, Nebr. Civil engineering. Magnolia, 
la, Dec. 24, 63. B.C.E, Iowa State, 84; A.M, 
Nebraska, 94. Principal, High Sch, Platts- 
mouth, Nebr, 85-89; supt. schools, Humbold, 
89-91; Wymore, 91-94; instr. and later asst. 
prof, civil eng, Nebraska, 94-05, assoc. prof, 
applied mech. and machine design, 05- Eng. 
Educ; Nebr. Eng. Soc. (sec'y) ; Nebr. Acad. 
Portland cement. Strength of Nebraska grown 
timber; analytic mechanics. 

Chauvenet, William Marc, University Club, St. 
Louis, Mo. Mining, Chemistry. Annapolis, 
Md, March 4, 55. Washington (St. Louis), 79. 
Chemist, Mo. Blast Furnace Co, 79; Div. Min. 
Geol, Tenth Census, 79-82. Chemist, U. S. 



Geol. Surv, 82-S5. F.A.A; Min. Eng; Chem. 
Soc. Chemistry of ores; field work in struc- 
tural and mining geology. 

Cheesman, Dr. T(imothy) M(atlack), Garrison, 
N. Y. Medicine, Bacteriology. New York, N. 
Y, Jan. 29, 53. A.B, Columbia, 74, A.M, 77, 
M.D, 78. Interne, Bellevue Hosp, 77-79; 
surgeon, Throat Dept, N. Y. Dispensary, and 
Eye and Ear Dept, Denult Dispensary, 82; asst. 
surgeon, Out-patient Dept, N. Y. Hosp, 82-84; 
attending surgeon, Colored Home Hosp, St. 
Andrews Convalesc. Hosp, and demonstrator 
anat, Woman's Med. Col, 82-85; asst. bacter, 
Columbia, 88-93, instr, 93-99. F.A.A; Ass. 
Path, and Bact; Soc. Bact; N. Y. Acad. Med; 
N. Y. Co. Med. Soc; N. Y. Path. Soc; fel. N. Y. 
Acad. Laboratory methods; water and milk 
analysis and the relations of bacterial infected 
water and milk to health. 

Cheever, Dr. David W(illiam), 557 Boylston St, 
Boston, Mass. Medicine, Surgery. Ports- 
mouth, N. H, Nov. 30, 31. A.B, Harvard, 52, 
M.D, 58. Surgeon, Boston City Hosp, 6%-; 
prof, surg, Harvard, 82-92, emer. prof, 92- 
Pres, Boston Med. Library. LL.D, Harvard, 
92. Surg. Ass. (pres.) ; Mass. Med. Soc. 
(pres.) ; Acad, de Chirurg. de Paris. 

Cheney, Prof. L(ellen) S(terling), 318 Bruen St, 
Madison, Wis. Botany. Essex, 0, Dec. 4, 58. 
B.S, Wisconsin, 91, fellow, 91-92, M.S, 96. 
Instr. pharmacog. and pharmaceut. bot, Wis- 
consin, 92-96, asst. prof, pharmaceut. bot, 96- 
F.A.A; Forestry Ass; Bot. Cent. States; Wis. 
Acad, (treas, 95-99) ; Wis. Forestry Ass. 
(sec'y, 95-96, and treas, 96-00). The forest 
flora and Bryophyta of Wisconsin. The forest 
trees of Wisconsin. 

Cherrie, Geo(rge) K(ruck), 27 Fairview Place, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. Ornithology, Mammalogy. 

Knoxville, la, Aug. 22, 65. Iowa State, 81- 
83. Curator birds, mammals and reptiles and 
taxidermist, Nat. Mus. of Costa Rica, 89- 
93; asst. curator ornith, Field Columbian Mus, 
93-97; curator birds and mammals, Mus, 
Brooklyn Inst, 99- Exploration in Orinoco 
Valley for Zool. Mus. of Tring, England, 97- 
99. Mem. Ornith. Union. Birds of Costa Rica 
and Santo Domingo. Nesting habits and dis- 
tribution of birds of the Orinoco region; birds 
of Long Island, New York. 

Chesney, C(ummings) C, Dawes Ave, Pitts - 
field, Mass. Electrical engineering. Selins- 
grove, Pa, Oct. 28, 63. B.S, Pa. State, 85. 

Chemist, Pa. State, 85-86; prof. chem. and 
math, Doylestown Sem, 86-88; chief elec. engi- 
neer, Stanley Elec. Mfg. Co, 91-; consulting 
elec. engineer, 'Northern Elec. Mfg. Co, 00- 
Elec. Eng; London Soc. Arts. Design of elec- 
trical machinery; methods of transmission of 
energy by electricity. 

Chesnut, V(ictor) K(ing), Montana Experiment 
Station, Bozeman, Mont. *Chemical botany. 
Nevada City, Cal, June 28, 67. B.S, California, 
90; Chicago, 93. Instr. chem, California, 93; 
botanist in charge poisonous plant investiga- 

tions, U. S. Dept. Agr, 90-04; chemist, Mont. 
Exp. Sta, and chemist and geologist, Mont. Agr. 
Col, 0J f - Collaborator poisonous plant in- 
vestigations, U. S. Dept. Agr, 04- M.A.A; 
Chem. Soc; West. Ass. Tech. Chem. and Metal; 
Wash. Acad; Wash. Chem. Soc. (pres, 01-). 
Poisonous, medicinal and chemically economic 
plants. Stock poisoning by lupines, by poison 
camas and by locoweeds. 
Chessin, Prof. Alexander, Washington Univer- 
sity, St. Louis, Mo. ^Mathematics, Mechan- 
ics, Astronomy. St. Petersburg, Russia, Dec. 
11, 65. A.M, Imperial Inst. Hist, and Philol, 
St. Petersburg, 84; Ph.D, St. Petersburg, 89; 
C.E, Polytech, Zurich, 92. Lecturer celestial 
mech, Hopkins, 94-95, assoc. prof. math, and 
astron, 95-99; prof, math, Washington (St. 
Louis), 01- Lecturer, Harvard, 94; Lowell 
Inst, Boston, 95; Columbia, Cooper Union, N. 
Y, and the Chautauqua Assembly, 00. Gold 
medal, Russian Ministry of Pub. Instruction, 
88; special envoy to Italy, 89. Math. Soc. 
Theory of functions; infinite series; differential 
equations; Bessel's functions; relative motion, 
Foucault pendulum ; development of perturbative 
function. Effect of the earth's rotation on 
gyroscopes; strains and stresses in a rapidly 
moving disc. 

Chester, Rear Admiral C(olby) M(itchell), U. S. N, 
Naval Observatory, Washington, D. C. Astron- 
omy, Naval engineering. New London, Conn, 
Feb. 29, 44. Grad, U. S. Naval Acad, 63. 

Instr. seamanship and naval archit, U. S. Naval 
Acad, 74-77; in charge parties, Hydrog. Dept. 
and U. S. Coast and Geod. Surv, 77-80, in 
charge, Dept, 80-85; commandant cadets, U. S. 
Naval Acad, 90-94; supt, V. S. Naval Observa- 
tory, 02- In charge, U. S. China and Corea 
Surveys, 71-73; lecturer, U. S. Naval War Col, 
01-02. F.A.A; Nat. Geog. Soc. Naval archi- 
tecture; hydrography; astronomy. 

Chester, Prof. Frederick D(ixon), Wilmington, 
Del. Bacteriology, Mycology. Santo Domingo, 
Haiti, Oct. 8, 61. Washington (St. Louis), 
76-78; B.S, Cornell, 82, M.S, 85. Prof. geol. 
and bot, Del. Col, 82-92; bacteriologist and 
mycologist, Del. Col. Agr. Exp. Sta, 89-; di- 
rector, State Bacter. Lab. of Del, 99- Soc. Bact. 
(mem. Council, 02-04); Soc. Prom. Agr. Sci. 
Mycology; bacteriology. 

Chester, Prof. W(ayland) M (organ), Hamilton, 
N. Y. Biology. Noank, Conn, March 10, 70. 
A.B, Colgate, 94, A.M, 96. Asst. geol. and nat. 
hist, Colgate, 94-97, instr. biol, 97-00, assoc. 
prof, 00-04, prof, Oh- M.A.A; Wash. Biol. Soc. 
Hemiptera-heteroptera; anatomy and develop- 
ment of the odoriferous glands. 

Chickering, Prof. J(ohn) W(hite), The Portner, 
Washington, D. C. Botany, Pedagogy. Bolton, 
Mass, Sept. 11, 31. A.B, Bowdoin, 52, A.M, 
55; Bangor Theol. Sem, 59-60. Teacher and 
ed, 52-56; principal, Seneca Col. Inst, 57-58; 
pastor, 60-70; prof. nat. science, Gallaudet, 
70-00; lecturer pedag, Gallaudet and How- 
ard, 00- F.A.A. (sec'y, I, 85); Forestry Ass; 



Nat. Geog. Soc; Social Sci. Ass; Wash. Philos. 
Soc; Wash. Biol. Soc; Wash. Anthrop. Soc. 
Botany; pedagogy; social science. 

Chilcott, Prof. E(llery) Channing, 619 Tenth St, 
Brookings, S. Dak. Geology, Agronomy. East 
Hamburg, N. Y, April 8, 59. M.S, S. Dak. Agr. 
Col, 88. Prof, agr, S. Dak. Agr. Col, 93-97, 
geol. and agron, 97- U. S. deputy surveyor 
and compassman, 82-90; agriculturist, S. Dak. 
Exp. Sta, 93-, v. director, 97-; collaborator, 
U. S. Dept. Agr. M.A.A; Nat. Geog. Soc; 
S. Dak. Hist. Soc. Soil physics; mechanical 
analysis of soils; movement of soil water; crop 
rotation and adaptation; plant breeding and 
.selection; animal nutrition. Conservation and 
movement of soil moisture; crop rotation; 
eereals; glacial drift of South Dakota. 

Child, Dr. C(harles) M(anning), University of 
Chicago. Chicago, Ills. *Zoology. Yosilanti, 
Mich, Feb. 2, 69. Ph.B, Wesleyan, 90, M.S, 92 ; 
Ph.D, Leipzig, 94. Asst. biol, Wesleyan, 90- 
92; zool, Chicago, 95-98. assoc, 98-04, instr, 
0\- Instr, Woods Hole, 95-97; holder, Agassiz 
Table, Naples Zool. Sta, 94, 02-03. F.A.A; Soc. 
Nat; Soc. Zool. Sense organs of insects; cell 
lineage of annelids; regeneration. Regulation 
and regeneration in platyhelminthes and coe- 

Child, Prof. C(lement) D(exter), Hamilton, N. Y. 
* Physics. Madison, O, May 15, 68. A.B, 
Rochester, 90; Ph.D, Cornell, 97; Berlin and 
Cambridge, 97-98. Instr, high schools, 90-92; 
physics, Cornell, 92-97; prof, Colgate, 98- 
F.A.A; Physical Soc. Electrical discharge 
through gases caused by X-rays, flames and hot 
bodies; discharge produced by hot carbon; the 
electric arc. 

Chittenden, Dr. F(rank) H(urlbut), 1323 Vermont 
Ave, Washington, D. C. Entomology. Cleve- 
land, O, Nov. 3, 58. Mt. Union, 75-76; licen- 
tiate, Cornell, 81. Asst. entomologist, U. S. 
Dept. Agr, 91-02, entomologist in charge breed- 
ing experiments, 02 Asst. ed, ' Entomologica 
Americana,' 89-90. Hon. Sc.D, Western Univ. 
of Pa, 04. F.A.A; Ass. Econ. Entom; Wash. 
Entom. Soc; Brooklyn Entom. Soc. Insects 
injurious to vegetable crops, garden and green- 
house plants and stored products; Coleoptera. 

Chittenden, Prof. J(onathan) Brace, Harvard Club, 
New York, N. Y. Mathematics. Milford, 
Conn, May 13, 64. B.S, Brooklyn Polytech, 
84; M.E, C.E, Worcester, 88; A.B, Harvard, 
89, A.M, 90; Ph.D, Konigsberg, 92; mem. N. 
Y. Bar, 02. Instr. math, Princeton, 92-94; tu- 
tor, Columbia, and instr, Barnard, 94-99; prof, 
Brooklyn Polytech, 00- M.A.A; Math. Soc; 
Brooklyn Inst. ( sec'y, Math. Sect. ) . The func- 
tions of Lamg; binary forms. 

Chittenden, Prof. Russell H(enry), 83 Trumbull 
St, New Haven, Conn. * Physiological chemis- 
try, Physiology. New Haven, Feb. 18, 56. 
Ph.B, Yale, 75; Heidelberg, 78-79; Ph.D, Yale, 
80. Prof, physiol. chem, Tale, 82-, director, 
Sheffield Sci. Sch, 98- Lecturer physiol. chem, 
Columbia, 98-03; assoc. ed, 'Am. Jour. Phys- 

iol.' and 'Jour, of Exp. Med.' LL.D, Toronto, 
03; hon. Sc.D, Pennsylvania, 04. Nat. Acad; 
F.A.A; Soc. Nat. (pres, 93); Physiol. Soc. 
(pres, 95-04) ; Philos. Soc. Physiological 

Christian, Dr. Henry A(sbury), 688 Boylston St, 
Boston, Mass. Medicine. Lynchburg, Va, Feb. 
17, 76. A.B, A.M, Randolph-Macon, 95; M.D, 
Hopkins, 00; A.M, Harvard, 03. Asst. patholo- 
gist, Boston City Hosp, 00-02 ; instr. path, Har- 
vard, 02-05, theory and practise of physic, 05- 
Ass. Path, and Bact; assoc. mem. Am. Physi- 
cians; Am. Med. Ass; Mass. Med. Soc; Boston 
Soc. Med. Sci. Dermoid cysts and teratomata 
of anterior mediastinum; neuroglia and epen- 
dymal epithelium of teratomata; leucocyto- 
toxins. Pulmonary embolism. 

Christie, James, Wissahickon, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Mechanical engineering. Near Ottawa, Can, 
Aug. 28, 40. Pub. schools. Chief engineer, 
Mech. Eng. Dept, Pencoyd Iron Works, 76-; 
Am. Bridge Co, 99- Norman medal, Civil Eng, 
84. F.A.A; Mech. Eng; Civil Eng; Franklin 
Inst; Phila. Eng. Club. Resistance of columns; 
structural steel. Strength of cement concretes; 
heat treatment of steel; strength of materials. 

Christy, Prof. S(amuel) B(enedict), 2234 Pied- 
mont Ave, Berkeley, Cal. Mining and metal- 
lurgical engineering. San Francisco, Cal, Aug. 
8, 53. Ph.B, California, 74. Instr. chem. and 
grad. student, California, 74-79, instr. mining 
and metal, 79-84, prof, 8fy- Assoc, ed, ' Min- 
ing and Sci. Press,' 78-79. Hon. Sc.D, Co- 
lumbia, 02. Min. Eng. (v. pres.) ; Eng. Educ. 
(v. pres.) ; Cal. Acad; Cal. State Miners Ass; 
London Inst. Min. and Metal; S. Africa Chem. 
Metal, and Min. Soc. Mining and metallurgy 
of precious metals and quicksilver. Electrode- 
position of gold and silver from cyanid solu- 
tions; treatment of ores by cyanid solutions; 
chlorination and lixiviation of gold and silver 

Chrysostom, Brother (Joseph J. Conlan), Man- 
hattan College, New York, N. Y. Philosophy, 
Psychology. New Haven, Conn, April 1, 63. 
A.B, Manhattan, 81, A.M, 03. Instr. English, 
La Salle, 81-82; teacher Latin, St. Joseph's 
Col, Buffalo, 85-88; asst. prof, philos, Manhat- 
tan, 8S-90, prof, 90-94, philos. and psychol, 94- 
Psychol. Ass; Philos. Ass. Scholastic philos- 
ophy and modern science; psychology as ap- 
plied to pedagogy. Memory experiments and 
their application to pedagogy; suggestion as a 
factor in the formation of character; limita- 
tions of free-will; the individual. 

Church, Prof. I(rving) P(orter), 9 South Ave, 
Ithaca, N. Y. Applied mechanics and hydraul- 
ics. Ansonia, Conn, July 22, 51. C.E, Cor- 
nell, 73, M.C.E, 78. Asst. prof, civil eng, Cor- 
nell, 76-91, assoc. prof, 91-92, prof, applied 
mech. and hydraul, 92- Assoc. Civil Eng; Cor- 
nell Ass. Civil Eng. Applied mechanics and 
hydraulics (mathematical and experimental. 
Torsion of metallic prisma. 



Churchill, Hon. J(oseph) R(ichmond), 32 Percival 
St, Dorchester, Mass. Botany. Dorchester, 
July 29, 45. A.B, Harvard, 67; Law Sch, Har- 
vard, 69. Judge, Munic. Court, Dorchester 
Dist, 71- New Eng. Bot. Club (past v. pres). 
Phenogamic botany. 

Churchill, Dr. William, 699 West Divinity Hall, 
New Haven, Conn. Psychology, Philosophy. 
New Britain, Conn, Nov. 3, 76. A.B, Yale, 97, 
Ph.D, 01. Tutor philos, Yale, 02- F.A.A; 
Psychol. Ass; Philos. Ass. Orientation of 

touch impressions. Reaction-time for colors. 

Chute, H(oratio) N(elson), 221 N. Ingalls St, 
Ann Arbor, Mich. Physics. Grovesend, Ont, 
Dec. 26, 47. Baptist Col, Woodstock, Ont, 60- 
63; B.S, Michigan, 72, M.S, 75. Principal 
pub. schools, Aylmer, Ont, 66-67 ; asst. prof. 
Latin, Woodstock ( Can. ) , 67-70 ; astron. work, 
Detroit Observatory, 72-73 ; instr. physical 
science, High Sch, Ann Arbor, 73- Assoc, ed, 
'School Science,' 00-04. F.A.A. Methods of 
teaching physics. 

Claghorn, Clarence R(aymond), Tacoma, Wash. 
Mining, Geology, Engineering. Philadelphia, 
Pa, Aug. 10, 64. B.S, Pennsylvania, 84. Supt, 
Lackawanna Iron and Steel Co ; gen. manager, 
Northwestern Improv. Co. Geol. Soc; Min. 
Eng; Franklin Inst; N. of England Inst. Min. 
and Mech. Eng. 

Clapp, Prof. Cornelia M(aria), Mount Holyoke 
College, South Hadley, Mass. *Zoology. Mon- 
tague, Mass, March 17, 49. Ph.B, Syracuse, 
88 ; Ph.D, Chicago, 96. Prof, zool, Mt. Holyoke, 
73- On staff, Woods Hole. F.A.A; Soc. Zool; 
Ass. Anat. Neurology; experimental embryol- 
ogy. Oogenesis of Opsanus tau. 

Clark, Prof. Arthur L(ewis), 18 Frye St, Lewis- 
ton, Me. Physics. Worcester, Mass, Feb. 19, 
73. B.S, Worcester, 94; Clark, 96-98, Ph.D, 04. 
Instr. math, and physics, Bridgton Acad, 95-96; 
Worcester Acad, 98-00; instr. physics, Bates, 
00-01, prof, 01- Physical Soc; Me. Acad. Med. 
and Sci. Dielectric properties of oils; angle of 
lag. Molecular properties of ether vapor. 

Clark, Dr. Friend E(benezer), Central University 
of Kentucky, Danville, Ky. Chemistry. New 
Martinsville, W. Va, Aug. 21, 76. B.S, West 
Virginia, 98; Ph.D, Hopkins, 02. Assoc, chem, 
West Virginia, 02-03; instr, Pa. State, 03-05; 
prof, Central Univ. of Ky, 05- Prof, geol, 
Summer Sch, West Virginia, 03. M.A.A; Chem. 
Soc; Electrochem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; fel. 
London Chem. Soc; Chem. Gesell. The action 
of substituted ammonias of the aliphatic series 
on the chlorids of orthosulphobenzoic acid. 
Molecular weights of aluminium compounds; 
organic chemistry; physical chemistry. 

Clark, Prof. Gaylord P (arsons), 619 W. Genesee 
St, Syracuse, N. Y. *Physiology. Syracuse, 
Nov. 12, 56. A.B, Williams, 77, A.M, 8*0; M.D, 
Syracuse, 80. Prof, anat, Col. Med, Syracuse, 
81-91, physiol, 91-97, Syracuse, 97- F.A.A; 
Soc. Nat; Physiol. Soc; Micros. Soc. Equi- 
librium in Crustacea; pressure sensations. 

Clark, Harry Willard, North Andover, Mass. 
Sanitary chemistry and engineering, Bacteriol- 
ogy. Melrose, Mass, Sept. 15, 63. Cornell, 
86; Mass. Inst. Tech, 87. Asst. chemist, Lawr- 
ence Exp. Sta, 87-93, chemist in charge, 93-; 
chief chemist, State Board of Health, Mass, 
97- Soc. Bact; Chem. Soc; Pub. Health Ass; 
New Eng. Water Works Ass; Boston Soc. Civil 
Eng. Purification of water and sewage and 
allied subjects. 

Clark, Prof. H(ubert) L(yman), Cambridge, Mass. 
Zoology. Amherst, Mass, Jan. 9, 70. A.B, 
Amherst, 92; Ph.D, Hopkins, 97. Instr. biol, 
Amherst, 97-99; prof, Olivet, 99-05; asst. 
in charge lower invertebrates, Mus. Comp. Zool, 
Harvard, 05- Investigator, U. S. Fish Com- 
mission, 99, 02. F.A.A; mem. Ornith. Union; 
Nat. Cent. States; Mich. Acad, (chairman, Zool. 
Sect, 01-03); Boston Soc. Nat. Hist; Wash. 
Biol. Soc. Embryology, morphology and distri- 
bution of echinoderms; pterylography of birds; 
variation in snakes. Apodous holothurians; 
echinoderms of the 'Albatross,' 00; Pacific 

Clark, John A(nson), Commercial High School, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. Physics. Newark Valley, 
N. Y, Jan. 9, 74. B.S, Cornell. Teacher 
physics, High Sch, Ithaca, N. Y, 96-03; Com- 
mercial High Sch, Brooklyn, 03- Physical 
Soc. Effects of an electrostatic change on sur- 
face tension. Conductivity of electrolytes in 
gelatinous solutions; ultra-violet photography. 

Clark, Prof. John B(ates), 616 W. 113th St. New 
York, N. Y. Political economy. Providence, 
R. I, Jan. 26, 47. Brown, 65-67 ; A.B, Amherst, 
72; Heidelberg and Zurich, 73-75; A.M, Am- 
herst, 75. Prof. econ. and hist, Carleton, 77- 
81; Smith, 82-93; polit. econ, Amherst, 92-95; 
Columbia, 95- Lecturer, Hopkins, 92-95; mem. 
Advisory Committee on Econ, Carnegie Inst. 
Hon. Ph.D, Amherst, 90; LL.D, Princeton, 96; 
Amherst, 97. Econ. Ass. (pres, 94-96). The 
distribution of wealth; monopolies; economic 
dynamics; the philosophy of wealth. 

Clark, Dr. John G(oodrich), 218 S. 15th St, 
Philadelphia, Pa. Surgery. Economy, Ind, 
June 4, 67. M.D, Pennsylvania, 91; Hopkins, 
Leipzig and Prague. Assoc, gynec, Hopkins, 
98-99 ; prof, Pennsylvania, 00- Life history of 
the ovary; function of the peritoneum. Func- 
tion of the omentum; elimination of pathogenic 
germs from the peritoneal cavity. 

Clark, V(inton) A(lbert), Experiment Station 
Farm, Phoenix, Ariz. Horticulture. Tolland 
Conn, Aug. 18, 72. B.S, Vermont, 98, M.S, 04 
Asst. ed, U.S. Dept. Agr, 98-01; asst. horticul 
turist, N. Y. Agr. Exp. Sta, Geneva, 02-04 
agriculturist and horticulturist, Ariz. Exp. Sta 
Oh- M.A.A; Soc. Hort. Sci. (sec'y, 04-05) 
Seed selection according to specific gravity 
adapting local climatic environment to semi- 
hardy crops. 

Clark, Prof. W(illia)m Bullock, 8 E. Read St, 
Baltimore, Md. *Geology. Brattleboro, Vt, Dec. 
15, 60. A.B, Amherst, 84; Ph.D, Munich, 87. 



Instr. geol, Hopkins, 87-89, assoc, 89-92, assoe. 
prof, 92-95, prof, 95-; asst. geologist, V. S. 
Geol. Surv, 88-94, geologist, 9%-; state geolo- 
gist, Md, 96- Director, Md. State Weather 
Service, 92-; Md. commissioner, Resurvey of 
Mason and Dixon's Line, 00-; assoc. ed, ' Jour, 
of Geol.' F.A.A; Geol. Soc; Philos. Soc; Wash. 
Acad; for. cor. London Geol. Soc; Geol. Gesell. 
Geology and paleontology of the Mesozoic- 
Cenozoic formations of the Atlantic coastal 
plain; Paleozoic of the Appalachian district; 
Eocene of the United States. Carboniferous of 
western Maryland; Mesozoic-Cenozoic Echino- 
Clarke, Prof. Benj(amin) F(ranklin), 89 Brown 
St, Providence, R. I. Mechanical engineerinq. 
Newport, Me, July 14, 31. A.B, Brown, 63, 
A.M, 66. Instr. math, Brown, 63-68, prof, 
math, civil and mech. eng, 68- Acting pres, 
Brown, 96-97, pres. ad interim, 98-99. Hon. 
Sc.D, Brown, 97. 

Clarke, Miss Cora H, 91 Mt. Vernon St, Bos- 
ton, Mass. Botany. Meadville, Pa, Feb. 9, 51. 
Private sch. M.A.A; Mass. Hort. Soc; Boston 
Soc. Nat. Hist. Caddis-worms; insect-galls. 
Mosses of New England; seaweeds. 

Clarke, Prof. F(rank) W(igglesworth), 1612 Riggs 
Place, Washington, D. C. *Chemistry. Boston, 
Mass, March 19, 47. B.S, Harvard, 67. Instr. 
chem, Cornell, 69; prof, Howard, 73-74; Cin- 
cinnati, 74-83 ; chief chemist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 
83- Mem. Jury of Awards, Paris Expos, 00; 
Govt. Board at seven expositions. Chevalier 
Legion d'honneur, 00; hon. Sc.D, Columbian, 
99; Victoria Univ, England, 03. F.A.A. 
(sec'y, Subsect. Chem, 75, v. pres, 78-79) ; 
Chem. Soc. (pres, 01); Philos. Soc; Wash. 
Acad; Wash. Philos. Soc. (pres, 96) ; hon. 
mem. London Chem. Soc; cor. mem. British 
Ass; eor. mem. Edinburgh Geol. Soc; hon. mem. 
Manchester Lit. and Philos. Soc. Inorganic 
chemistry; mineralogy; recalculation of atomic 
weights. Constitution of silicates; thermo- 
chemical constants. 

Clarke, Prof. John M(ason), State Hall, Albany, 
N. Y. * Paleontology, Geology. Canandaigua, 
N. Y, April 15, 57. A.B, Amherst, 77, A.M, 82; 
Gottingen, 82-84. Instr. geol, Amherst, 79; 
prof. geol. and zool, Smith, 81-85; lecturer geol, 
Mass. Agr. Col, 85; asst. state paleontologist, 
N. Y, 86; prof, geol, Rensselaer, 9^-; state 
paleontologist, N. Y, 98-04, state geologist and 
paleontologist, and director, State Mus. and Sci. 
Div, Dept. Educ, OJf- Co-editor, ' Am. Geol- 
ogist,' 93- Hon. A.M. and Ph.D, Marburg, 98; 
LL.D, Amherst, 02. F.A.A; Geol. Soc; Nat. 
Geog. Soc; Wash. Acad; Natur-hist. Verein. d. 
preussiseh. Rheinlande; Geol. Gesell; St. Peters- 
burg Imp. Miner. Soc. Composition, evolution 
and migration of Paleozoic faunas; origin, 
classification and cartography of Paleozoic 
rocks; structure of Paleozoic organisms; geo- 
logical history of parasitism. 

Clarke, Prof. Samuel Fessenden, Williamstown, 
Mass. *Biology. Geneva, Ills, June 4, 51. 

Ph.B, Yale, 78; Ph.D, Hopkins, 79; A.M, Wil- 
liams, 91. Prof. nat. hist, Williams, 81- 
F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool; Am. Acad. Hy- 
droids of the American coast; embryology of 
the American alligator. 

Claypole, Dr. Edith J(ane), 50 S. Grand Ave, 
Pasadena, Cal. Physiology, Pathology. Bris- 
tol, England, Jan. 1, 70. Ph.B, Buchtel, 92; 
M.S, Cornell, 93; Mass. Inst. Tech, 94; M.D, 
South. Cal, 04. Instr. physiol. and histol, 
Wellesley, 94-99; acting head, Dept. Zool, 96- 
98; asst. physiol, Cornell, 99-01; instr. biol, 
Throop, 01-02; pathologist to Drs. Bridge and 
Cole, Los Angeles, 02- Wellesley Col. Table, 
Woods Hole, 95. F.A.A; fel. S. Cal. Acad. 
Histology; physiology. 

Clayton, H(enry) H(elm), Blue Hill, Hyde Park, 
Mass. Meteorology. Murfreesboro, Tenn, 

March 12, 61. Private and pub. schools. Stu- 
dent asst, Astron. Observatory, Michigan, 84-85; 
asst, Harvard Col. Observatory, 85-86 ; observer, 
Blue Hill Meteorol. Observatory, 86-91; local 
forecast official, U. S. Weather Bur, 91-93; 
meteorologist, Blue Hill Meteorol. Observatory, 
9Jf- Geog. Ass; Am. Acad; Boston Sci. Soc. 
(pres, 99-). Periodic changes in weather; 
forms, movements and origin of clouds ; tem- 
perature, humidity, etc, of the upper air; 
meteorological effects of solar eclipses. Id; 
cyclone and anticyclone in the upper air. 

Cleghorn, Dr. Allen (Mackenzie), 394 Harvard St, 
Cambridge, Mass. *Physiology, Medicine. Lon- 
don, Ont, Feb. 2, 72. M.D, CM, Trinity and 
Victoria,. 92; licentiate, Royal Col. Physicians 
and Surg, Edinburgh, 93 ; Glasgow, 93 ; London 
and Edinburgh Hospitals. Res. med. supt, 
Toronto Home for Incurables, 92; instr, Vet. 
Sch, Harvard, 99-00, asst. physiol, Med. Sch, 
98-01, lecturer foods and feeding, 01- Physiol. 
Soc; Boston Soc. Med. Sci; Bowditch Club 
(sec'y, 01-02, chairman, 05). Heart; internal 
secretion; muscular relaxation; respiration; 
inhibition; castration; activity and weight; 
smooth muscle. Effect of C0 2 and 2 on smooth 
muscle; effect of fatigue products on heart 

Cleland, Prof. H(erdman) F(itzgerald), Williams- 
town, Mass. Geoloqy. Milan, Ills, July 13, 69. 
A.B, Oberlin, 94; Ph.D, Yale, 00; Cornell, 01. 
Instr. nat. science, Gates, 95-98 ; prof. geol. 
and hot, Williams, 01- Instr. geol, Summer 
Sch, Cornell, 00-02; Tennessee, 04. Fossil 
faunas of the Hamilton formation; Calciferous 
of the Mohawk Valley. Wisconsin Devonian. 

Clements, Prof. Frederic E(dward), 646 N. 13th 
St, Lincoln, Nebr. *Botany. Lincoln, Sept. 16, 
74. B.S, Nebraska, 94, A.M, 96, Ph.D, 98. 

Asst. bot, Nebraska, 94-97, instr, 97-01, adj. 
prof, 01-03, asst. prof, 03-05, assoc. prof, plant 
physiol, 05- Sec'y, Nebr. Bot. Surv, 94- 
F.A.A; Bot. Soc; Geog. Ass; Bot. Cent. States; 
Micros. Soc; Mycol. Soc. Ecology, histogenesis 
and cytology; taxonomy of fungi. Quantitative 
analysis of the habitat; experimental evolution 
and experimental vegetation; alpine vegetation. 



Clements, Dr. J(ulius) Morgan, 15 Williams St, 
New York, N. Y. Geology, Mining. Montgom- 
ery, Ala, Feb. 12, 69. A.B, Alabama, 87 ; Ph.D, 
Leipzig, 90; Bergakad, Freiberg, 90; Munich, 
90-91; Heidelberg, 91; Ecole des Mines, Paris, 
91-92. Asst, Ala. Geol. Surv, 92-93; asst. 
prof, geol, Wisconsin, 93-03; asst. geologist, U. 
S. Geol. Surv, 93-03 ; economic geologist and 
mining engineer, N. Y. City, 03- F.A.A; Geol. 
Soc; Min. Eng; Wis. Acad. Structural, eco- 
nomic and petrographical geology. Copper de- 
posits, Bisbee, Arizona. 

Clendenin, W(illiam) W(allace), 53 W. 104th St, 
New York, N. Y. Geography, Geology. Audrain 
Co, Mo, April 5, 62. B.S, Missouri, 86, M.S, 
89; Morgan fellow, Harvard, A.M, 91. Asst. 
geol, Missouri, 87-93; prof, geol, Louisiana, 
and geologist, La. Agr. Surv, 93-98; supt, 
Blees Mil. Acad, 99-00; teacher physiog, Wad- 
leigh High Sch, N. Y. City, 00- M.A.A; Am. 
Geog. Soc; La. Soc. Nat. Volcanoes and. gla- 
ciers of Europe; ancient high-level beaches 
about the Great Lakes; Louisiana geology; 
origin of ' pimpled prairies ' of Louisiana and 

Clinton, Dr. G(eorge) P(erkins), Agricultural Ex- 
periment Station, New Haven, Conn. Botany. 
Polo, Ills, May 7, 67. B.S, Illinois, 90, M.S, 
94; M.S, Harvard, 01, Sc.D, 02. Asst. botanist, 
His. Agr. Exp. Sta, and asst. bot, Illinois, 90- 
02; botanist, Conn. Agr. Exp. Sta, 02- Bota- 
nist, Conn. Board of Agr, 02- M.A.A; Soc. 
Plant Morph. and Physiol; Mycol. Soc; New 
Eng. Bot. Club; Conn. Bot. and Pomol. Socie- 
ties; Int. Ass. Bot. Fungi, especially Ustila- 
gineae. Economic fungi of Connecticut. 

Clinton, Prof. L(ouis) A(delbert), Storrs, Conn. 
Agronomy. Grand Rapids, Mich, Feb. 13, 68. 
B.S, Mich. Agr. Col, 89; Cornell, 00-02; M.S, 
Mich. Agr. Col, 02. Asst. to director, Mich. 
Exp. Sta, 90-93; asst. prof, agr, Clemson, 93- 
95; asst. agriculturist, Cornell Exp. Sta, 96-02; 
director, Storrs Agr. Exp. Sta, and prof, agron, 
Conn. Agr. Col, 02- Soc. Prom. Agr. Sci. Soil 
physics and crop production. Effect of tillage 
upon crop production. 

Close, Prof. C(harles) P(hillip), Newark, Del. 
Horticulture. New Buffalo, Mich, Jan. 21, 68. 
B.S, Mich. Agr. Col, 95, M.S, 97. Asst. hort, 
N. Y. Agr. Exp. Sta, Geneva, 95-99; prof, hort, 
bot. and entom, Utah Agr. Col, 99-01 ; hort, 
Delaware, and Agr. Exp. Sta, 01- Soc. Hort. 
Sci; Pomol. Soc; Breeders' Ass. Horticulture. 
Dust spraying of fruit trees; fertilizers on 
apple and peach orchards; top-grafting; root- 
pruning; K L mixtures as insecticides; plant 

Clover, Dr. A(lphonso) Morton, Manila, P. I. Chem- 
istry. Galion, O, April 25, 75. B.S, Mich- 
igan, 99, Parke Davis and Co. fellow, 99-00, 
Ph.D, 04. Asst. gen. chem, Michigan, 00-01, 
acting instr, 01-02, instr, 02-04; head, Div. 
Econ. Products, Bur. Govt. Laboratories, P. I, 
0J{- Acting director, Chem. Lab, Bur. Govt. 
Laboratories, P. I, 04-05. The constituents of 

Jamaica dogwood; preparation of halogen-sub- 
stituted organic acids ; peroxids ; formation of 
and hydrolysis of organic peroxids. Sesqui- 

Clute, Willard N(elson), Binghamton, N. Y. 
Botany. Painted Post, N. Y, Feb. 27, 69. High 
Sch. Asst, Herbarium, Columbia, 96-97; N. Y. 
Bot. Garden, 97-99; pres, W. N. Clute and Co, 
97-; instr. biol, Township High Sch, Joliet, 
Ills, 03- Founder and ed, ' Ornith. and Bot,' 
90; publisher and part owner, 'Plant World,' 
97-99; ' Bryologist,' 98-99; ed. and publisher, 
'Fern Bui,' 93-; 'Am. Botanist,' 01- Grand 
prize, Paris Expos, 00. Binghamton Acad, 
(sec'y, 93-96, 01-02). Ecological and economic 

Clutz, Dr. F(rank) H(ollinger), Chambersburg, Pa. 
Mathematics, Engineering. Newville, Pa, June 
29, 73. A.B, Midland, 92; Ph.D, Hopkins, 97. 
Prof, math, Carthage, 98-99; practising civil 
engineer, 99- Math. Soc. 

Coar, Dr. Henry L(ivingston), 930 W. Illinois St, 
Urbana, Ills. Mathematics. London, England, 
June 16, 62. Hopkins, 84-86; A.B, Harvard, 
93, A.M, 94; Ph.D, Illinois, 03. Teacher math, 
secondary schools, 86-92; instr, Harvard, 93- 
95; Michigan, 95-97; Illinois, 98- Theory of 
functions of a real variable. 

Coates, Prof. Charles E(dward), Baton Rouge, La. 
Chemistry. Baltimore, Md, Aug. 13, 66. A.B, 
Hopkins, 87; Freiberg, 88; Heidelberg, 89; 
Ph.D, Hopkins, 91. Prof, chem, St. John's 
(Md.), 91-93; Louisiana, 93- M.A.A; Chem. 
Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; Chem. Gesell. Anil 
and anilids of orthoeulphobenzoic acid; pure 
and applied chemistry in connection with sugar 
cane and cotton; hydrocarbons in Louisiana 
petroleum. Chemistry of cane juice. 

Cobb, Prof. Collier, Chapel Hill, N. C. Gttlogy. 
Near Goldsboro, N. C, March 21, 62. Wake 
Forest, 78-80; North Carolina, 80-81; A.B, Har- 
vard, 89, A.M, 94. Supt. schools, Wilson, N.C, 
85-86 ; lecturer, N. C. state nor. schools, 84-88 ; 
asst. geol, Harvard, 88-90; instr, Mass. Inst. 
Tech, 90-92; asst. prof, North Carolina, 92-93, 
prof, 93- Asst, U. S. Geol. Surv, 86-91 ; Sum- 
mer Sch, Harvard, 91; North Carolina, 94-01, 
03-04; Knoxville, 02; Biltmore Forest Sch, 05. 
F.A.A; Geol. Soc; Boston Soc. Nat. Hist; 
Elisha Mitchell Sci. Soc. River and valley 
development; movements of sand waves. Sand- 
bars and sand waves along the North Caro- 
lina coast; origin of potash and other plant 
foods in the coastal plain of the Carolinas and 
Georgia; mineral analysis of rocks and their 
residual soils. 
Cobb, Dr. N(athan) A(ugustus), Care Mrs. Jane 
A. Cobb, Leicester, Mass. Natural science. 
Spencer, Mass, June 30. 59. B.S, Worcester, 
81; Ph.D, Jena, S8. Teacher, pub. schools, 
Spencer; prof. nat. science, Williston Sem, 
Easthampton, Mass, 83-87; acting prof, biol, 
Sydney Univ, N. S. W, 90; pathologist, Dept. 
Agr, Sydney, 90-98 ; special commissioner to the 
U.S.A. and Europe for the govt, of N.S.W, 98- 



01; pathologist, Dept. Agr, Sydney, 01- Hon. 
mem. Med. Cong, of Australasia. Australasian 
A.A.S; New South Wales Linnean Soc. Bi- 
ology; physiology; pathology; chemistry; pho- 
tography. The prevention and cure of crop 
blights; parasites of domestic animals. 

Coble, Dr. A(rthur) B(yron), Johns Hopkins Uni- 
versity, Baltimore, Md. Mathematics. Will- 
iamstown, Pa, Nov. 3, 78. A.B, Gettysburg, 
97, A.M, 00; fellow, Hopkins, 01-02, Ph.D, 02. 
Student asst. math, Hopkins, 00-01; instr, 
Missouri, 02-03; Carnegie research asst, 03-04; 
instr. math, Hopkins, 04- Math. Soc. Theory 
of invariants. Covariant curves associated with 
the Hessian and Steinerian; invariant theory of 
connex (2, 2 ) . 

Coblentz, Prof. V(irgil), 115 W. 68th St, New . 
York, N. Y. Chemistry. Springfield, O, 
March 12, 62. Wittenberg, 78; Phila. Col. 
Pharmacy, 82; Gottingen, 87; Strasburg, 88; 
Ph.D, Berlin, 91; Wiirzburg, 95; Munich, 97, 
99. Prof. mat. med. and toxicol, Cincinnati 
Col. Pharmacy, 84-86; chem, N. T. Col. Phar- 
macy, 91- Sub-chairman, Commission of Re- 
vision, U. S. Pharmacopoeia. Ebert prize, 97; 
hon. Pharm. M, Phila. Col. Pharmacy, 96. 
Chem. Soc; fel. Soc. Chem. Indust. (chairman, 
N. Y. Sect, 02-04, v. pres, 05) ; Pharmaceut. 
Ass; fel. London Chem. Soc; Chem. Verein. 
Organic and pharmaceutical chemistry. Inor- 
ganic and organic medicinal chemicals; newer 
synthetic medicinals. 

Coblentz, Dr. William Weber, Poland, O. Physics. 
North Lima, O, Nov. 20, 73. B.S, Case, 00; 
A.M, Cornell, 01, Ph. D, 03. Carnegie research 
asst. and hon. fellow, Cornell, 03- Optical 
properties of iodin; selective absorption of 
fuchsin and cyanin; infra-red emission spec- 
trum of the mercury arc; methods of measuring 
radiant efficiency. Infra-red emission spectra. 

Cochran, Prof. C(arlos) B(ingham), 514 S. High 
St, West Chester, Pa. Chemistry. Albion, 
Mich, July 1, 54. A.B, Michigan, 77, Med. 
Dept, 78-79, A.M, 82. Teacher chem. and 
physical science, 79-03, chem, 03- Chemist, Pa. 
Board Agr, 85-; Phila. Milk Exchange, 89-; to 
dairy and food commissioner, Pa. State Dept. 
Agr, 95- F.A.A; Chem. Soc; Franklin Inst. 
Food products. 

Cockerell, T(heodore) D(ru) A(lison), Boulder, 
Colo. ^Biology. Norwood, Surrey, England, 
Aug. 22, 66. English private schools; Middle- 
sex Hosp. Med. Sch, London; British Mus. Nat. 
Hist. Curator, Pub. Mus, Kingston, Jamaica, 
91-93; entomologist, N. Mex. Agr. Exp. Sta, 
93-01 ; prof, entom. and zool, N. Mex. Agr. Col, 
93-96, 98-00; teacher biol, N. Mex. Nor. Univ, 
00-03 ; consulting entomologist, Ariz. Agr. Exp. 
Sta, 01-; curator, Colo. Col. Mus, 03-04; lec- 
turer entom, Colorado, biol, Colo. State Prep. 
Sch, 04- F.A.A; Ass. Econ. Entom; cor. mem. 
Entom. Soc; Wash. Biol. Soc; Wash. Entom. 
Soc; cor. mem. Phila. and Davenport Acad- 
emies; hon. mem. Ont. Entom. Soc: Inst, of 
Jamaica; cor. mem. Soc. Sci. du Chile; fel. 

London Zool. Soc. Entomology (Coccidae, 
Hymenoptera) ; geographical distribution of 
life; variation of animals and plants; Mol- 
lusca, especially slugs; botany of the Rocky 
Mountain region; problems of evolution. 
Coccidae; Hymenoptera apoidea; fauna and 
flora of the Rocky Mountains. 

Coe, Prof. George A(lbert), 620 University Place, 
Evanston, Ills. Philosophy. Mendon, N. Y, 
March 26, 62. A.B, Rochester, 84, A.M, 88; 
Ph.D, Boston, 91. Prof, philos, Southern Cali- 
fornia, 88-90; acting prof, Northwestern, 91- 
93, prof, 93- Lecturer psychol. of religion, Sch. 
of Theol, Boston, 00; Divinity Sch, Harvard, 
summer, 02-03. Philos. Ass; Psychol. Ass. 
Psychology and philosophy of religion. 

Coe, Prof. Wesley Roswell, 2 Hillhouse Ave, New 
Haven, Conn. ^Comparative anatomy and em- 
bryology. Middlefield, Conn, Nov. 11, 69. 
Conn. Agr. Col, 88; Ph.B, Yale, 92, Ph.D, 95; 
Wiirzburg, 95-96; Naples, 96. Asst. biol, Yale, 
92-95, instr. comp. anat, 96-01, asst. prof, 02- 
Mem. Harriman Alaska Exped, 99. Soc. Nat; 
Soc. Zool; Conn. Acad. Worms; nemerteans; 

Coffin, Prof. J(oseph) G(eorge), 70 Florence St, 
Worcester, Mass. Physics. Pittsburg, Pa, 
June 14, 77. Cantonal Col, Switzerland, 92; 
Paris, 94; B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 98; Ph.D, 
Clark, 03. Asst. physics, Mass. Inst. Tech, 98- 
00; Clark, 01-03, instr, Clark Col, 02-03. docent, 
Clark, and asst. prof, Clark Col, 03- Physical 
Soc; Boston Math, and Physical Club; hon. 
men. Mass. Inst. Tech. Ass. Elec. Eng. Meas- 
urement of high temperature; metallic deposits 
from kathodes in vacua; total reflection of 
light; theory, calculation and construction of 
standards of self -inductance. The ratio of the 
electrical units. 

Coffin, Prof. Selden J(ennings), Lafayette College, 
Easton, Pa. Mathematics, Meteorology. Og- 
densburg, N. Y, Aug. 3, 38. A.B, Lafayette, 58, 
A.M, 61. Tutor and adj. prof, math, Lafayette, 
64-76, prof, 76-86, registrar, 86-04, prof, 
astron, 95- Hon. Ph.D, Hanover, 76. F.A.A ; 
Astron. and Astrophys. Soc; Pa. Hist. Soc; 
Trinity and Moravian Hist. Societies. Penn- 
sylvania biography. History; biography. 

Coggeshall, Dr. G(eorge) W(hiteley), Chestnut 
St, Dedham, Mass. Physical chemistry. Des 
Moines, la, Dec. 21, 67. B.S, Iowa (Grinnell), 
90; Harvard, 91-92; Ph.D, Leipzig, 95. Asst. 
chem, Iowa (Grinnell), 88-90; instr. physical 
chem, Harvard, 95-97; mfg. chemist, Boston, 
97- Instr, Summer Sch, Harvard, 92. Chem. 
Soc; Electrochem. Soc; Elektrochem. Gesell. 
Standard calomel electrodes. Electric potential 
of metals toward solutions. 

Coghill, Prof. G(eorge) E(llett), Forest Grove, 
Ore. Comparative neurology. Beaucoup, Ills, 
March 17, 72. A.B, Brown, 96; M.S, New 
Mexico, 99; fellow, Brown, Cl-02, Ph.D, 02. 
Asst. prof, biol, New Mexico, 99-00; prof, Pa- 
cific, 02- Collaborator, ' Jour. Comp. Neur. 
and Psychol.' F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool; Ass. 



Anat. The cranial nerves of Amblystoma. The 
components of the cranial nerves of Amphibia. 

Cogshall, Prof. W(ilbur) A(delman), Bloomington, 
Ind. Astronomy. Mendon, Mich, Feb. 8, 74. 
B.S, Albion, 95; A.M, Indiana, 02; Yerkes 
Observatory, 03-04. Asst, Lowell Observatory, 
Flagstaff, Ariz, 96-97, 98-00; instr. mech. and 
astron, Indiana, 00-04, asst. prof, astron, 04- 
Double stars. Id; the annual parallax of cer- 
tain stars. 

Cogswell, W(illiam) B(rowne), Syracuse, N. Y. 
Chemistry. Oswego, N. Y, Sept. 22, 34. Rensse- 
laer, 52, C.E, 84. In charge, Mech. Dept, Brook- 
' lyn Navy Yard, 61-65; La Motte Lead Mines, 
Mo, 74-79; founder, v. pres. and managing 
director, Solvay Process Co, Syracuse and De- 
troit, 81- F.A.A; Civil Eng; Min. Eng; Mech. 
Eng; Soc. Chem. Indust; Nat. Geog. Soc; Am. 
Geog. Soc. 

Cohen, Dr. Abraham, 1744 Park Ave, Baltimore, 
Md. Mathematics. Baltimore, Sept. 11, 70. 
Baltimore City Col, 83-88; A.B, Hopkins, 91, 
Ph.D, 94; Paris, 94-95. Instr. math, Hopkins, 
95-98, assoc, 98- Co-editor, ' Am. Jour. Math,' 
99- Math. Soc. Differential equations. 

Cohen, Dr. S(olomon) Solis, 1525 Walnut St, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. Medicine, Therapeutics. Phila- 
delphia, Sept. 1, 57. A.B, Central High Sch, 
Phila, 72, A.M, 77; M.D, Jefferson Med. Col, 83. 
Demonstrator path, and micros, Phila. Poly- 
clinic, 83-85; chief, Med. Clinic, and lecturer 
special therapeut, Jefferson Med. Col, 85-89, 
clin. lecturer med, 89-02, senior asst. prof, 02- 
04, prof, 04- Prof. med. and therapeut, Phila. 
Polyclinic and Col. for Graduates, 87-02; physi- 
cian, Jewish Hosp, 87- ; ed. staff, ' Med. News,' 
87-95; physician, Phila. Hosp, 89-; lecturer 
therapeut, Dartmouth, 90-92; ed. staff, 
' Universal Annual Med. Sciences,' 90-94 ; 
'Am. Jour. Med. Sciences,' 90-96; physician, 
Rush Hosp. for Consiimptives, 93-; ed, 'Phila. 
Polyclinic,' 95-99; ed. staff, 'Am. Med,' 01-; 
physician, Jefferson Med. Col. Hosp, 02- 
F.A.A; Am. Physicians (recorder, 01-) ; Am. 
Med. Ass. (chairman, Sect. Therapeut, 03) ; 
Am. Acad. Med; hon. mem. Md. Med. and 
Chirurg. Faculty; fel. Phila. Col. Physicians 
(ed, 91-93); Phila. Co. Med. Soc. (pres, 98- 
99); Phila. Path. Soc; Wash. Acad. Physio- 
logical therapeutics, especially therapeutic prop- 
erties of air modified chemically and physically; 
tuberculosis ; therapeutic properties of animal 
extracts, especially adrenal. 

Cohoe, Dr. B(enson) A(mbrose), University of 
Chicago, Chicago, Ills. Anatomy. Canboro, 
Ont, Dec. 10, 74. A.B, Toronto, 98, M.B, 
01. Asst. biol, Toronto, 99-01 ; instr. anat, 
Cornell, 01-03; assoc, Chicago, 03- Ass. Anat. 

Cohoe, Prof. Wallace P(atten), 110 Park Road, 
Toronto, Can. Chemistry. Norwich, Ont, Feb. 
22, 75. A.B, McMaster, 96, A.M, 98; A.M, 
Harvard, 99. Demonstrator chem, Dental Dept, 
Toronto, 97-98; lecturer, McMaster, 01-02, 
prof, 02- Chem. Soe; Soc. Chem. Indust; 
Chem. Gesell. Derivatives of aromatic hydro- 

carbons; compounds of silicon. Action of 
platinum black on organic compounds. 

Coit, Dr. James Milnor, St. Paul's School, Con- 
cord, N. H. Physics, Chemistry. Harrisburg, 
Pa, Jan. 31, 45. A.B, Hobart, 65, A.M, 69. 
Master nat. science, St. Paul's Sch, 77-04, v. 
rector, 04- Hon. Ph.D, Dartmouth, 81; Sc.D, 
Hobart, 05. F.A.A; Chem. Soc; Electrochem. 
Soc; Social Sci. Ass; hon. mem. N. H. Med. 
Soc. Relation of the X-rays to medical and 
surgical diagnosis; liquid air. 

Coit, Prof. Judson B(oardman), 35 Renwick Road, 
Melrose Highlands, Mass. Astronomy. Cen- 
tral Square, N. Y, June 5, 49. A.B, Syracuse, 
75, A.M, 78, Ph.D, 82. Prof, math, Dickinson 
Sem, 75-79; student asst, Ann Arbor Observa- 
tory, 79-80; teacher math, High Sch, Cleveland, 
O, 80-82; asst. prof. math, and astron, Bos- 
ton, 82-84, prof, 84- M.A.A; Astron. and 
Astrophys. Soc. Orbit of v Cassiopoeia. Solar 

, Coker, R(obert) E(rvin), Johns Hopkins Univer- 
sity, Baltimore, Md. Zoology. Society Hill, 
S. C, June 4, 76. South Carolina, 92-93; B.S, 
North Carolina, 96, M.S, 97; Hopkins, 01-02, 
04- Asst. biol, North Carolina, 95-97 ; princi- 
pal pub. schools, Goldsboro, N. C, 98-01; biolo- 
gist, N. C. Geol. Surv, and custodian, U. S. 
Fisheries Lab, Beaufort, N. C, 02-04. Instr. 
biol, Summer Sch, North Carolina, 97, 99; tem- 
porary scientific asst, Bur. Fisheries, 00, 02, 05. 
Soc. Zool; Fisheries Soc. Zoology. Develop- 
ment of Chelonia. 

Coker, Dr. W(illiam) C(hambers), Chapel Hill, 
N. C. Botany. Hartsville, S.C, Oct. 24, 72. 
B.S, South Carolina, 94; Ph.D, Hopkins, 01; 
Bonn, 01-02. Assoc, prof, hot, North Carolina, 
02- Asst. bot, Cold Spring Harbor, 00; chief 
of bot. staff, Bahama Exped. of Baltimore Geog. 
Soc, 03. F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. Plant Morph. 
and Physiol; N. C. Acad. Fertilization and 
embryology of gymnosperms; lower fungi. Fer- 
tilization and embryology in Cephalotaxus ; 
tropical botany. 

Colaw, J(ohn) M(arvin), Box 48, Monterey, Va. 
Mathematics. Monterey, March 16, 60. Roan- 
oke, 78-79; A.B, Dickinson, 82; Virginia, 83- 
84; A.M, Dickinson, 92. Instr. math, High 
Sch, Monterey, 92- Assoc, ed, 'Am. Math. 
Monthly,' 84-02. Algebraic analysis. 

Colburn, R(ichard) T(ownsend), Room C, 120 
Broadway, New York, N. Y. Sociology, Econ- 
omics. York, England, June 9, 35. Victoria, 
56. Newspaper writer, 60-67; asst. in corpo- 
rate finance, 67-90. F.A.A. (sec'y, I, 96, v. 
pres, 97); St. Louis Philos. Soc. (sec'y, 59). 
Logic and metaphysics ; war ; negro labor ; 
railroad construction and finance; taxation and 
inheritance ; psychology. 

Cole, Prof. A(aron) H(odgman), 5715 Monroe Ave, 
Hyde Park, Chicago, Ills. Biology, Bacteri- 
ology. Greenwich, N. Y, Oct. 21, 56. A.B, 
Colgate, 84, A.M, 87; Hopkins, 89; Chicago, 93, 
96, 98. Instr. nat. science, Peddie Inst, 84-88; 



lecturer biol. and geol, Colgate, 88-92; instr. 
biol, Chicago high schools, 92-; lecturer, Exten. 
Dept, Chicago, 95- Instr. zool, Cold Spring 
Harbor, 93; Summer Sch, Chicago, 01. Nat. 
Educ. Ass; Nat. Geog. Soc; Ills. Micros. Soc. 
Projection of live plants and animals; anes- 
thesia of lower animals; the dust problem in 
miscroscopy ; Palaeaster eucharis (Hall). Im- 
provements in projection apparatus and meth- 

Cole, Prof. Alfred D(odge), Ohio State University, 
Columbus, 0. * Physics. Portland, Vt, Dec. 18, 
61. A.B, Brown, 84; Hopkins, 84-85; A.M, 
Brown, 87; Summer Sch, Harvard, 87; Berlin, 
94-95; Summer Sch, Cornell, 97; Chicago, 
summers, 98, 99, 00, 04. Instr. physics and 
chem, Denison, 85-87, acting prof, 87-88, prof, 
88-01; physics, Ohio State, 01- Prof, physics, 
Chicago, summer, 04. F.A.A; Physical Soc. 
Electric oscillations in wires; electric waves in 
space. Reflection of electric waves and absorp- 
tion of same by semiconducting liquids. 

Cole, Prof. F(rank) N(elson), Columbia Univer- 
sity, New York, N. Y. * Mathematics. Ash- 
land, Mass, Sept. 20, 61. A.B, Harvard, 82, 
Ph.D, 86; Leipzig and Gottingen, 83-87. Lec- 
turer math, Harvard, 85-87; instr, Michigan, 
88-90, asst. prof, 90-95; prof, Columbia, 95- 
Math. Soc. (sec'y, 95, ed, 97-). Theory of 
groups; theory of numbers; mathematical or- 

Colegrove, Prof. F(rederick) W(elton), Bailey 
Building, Seattle, Wash. Psychology. Clin- 
ton, N. Y, Dec. 17, 55. A.B, Colgate, 82; 
Hamilton Theol. Sem, 82-84; Ph.D, Clark, 98; 
Leipzig and Heidelberg, 99. Principal, Col- 
legiate Inst, Marion, N. Y, 84-89; prof. Latin, 
Colgate, 89-92; pres, Ottawa (Kas), 92-96; 
prof, philos, Washington (Seattle) , 99-02. D.D, 
Rochester, 93. Philol. Ass; Kas. Hist. Soc. 
Memory. Imagination. 

Coleman, Prof. A(rthur) P(hilemon), 476 Huron 
St, Toronto, Can. Geology. Province of 
Quebec, April 4, 52. A.B, Victoria, 76; Ph.D, 
Breslau, 81. Prof. geol. and nat. hist, Victoria, 
82-91 ; geol, Sch. of Practical Science, Toronto, 
91-01, Toronto, 01- Geologist, Bur. of Mines 
of Ont, 93- Geol. Soc; Wash. Acad; fel. Can. 
Royal Soc ; Can. Inst. ( pres, 02 ) . Archean 
and glacial geology; geography; petrography; 
economic geology; Sudbury nickel deposits; 
Iroquois beach ; explorations on Brazeau River. 

Coleman, Major J(ames) T(homas), Citadel, 
Charleston, S. C. Physics. Marion, S. C, Jan. 
10, 66. B.S, S. C. Mil. Acad, 86; Chicago, 
summers, 97, 99. Asst. prof. chem. and physics, 
S. C. Mil. Acad, 88-96, prof, physics, 96- Mem. 
Jury on Sci. Instruments and Superior Jury, 
S. C. Interstate and W. I. Expos, 02. Gold 
medal, S. C. Interstate and W. I. Expos, 02. 
Mem. Int. Elec. Cong, St. Louis, 04. Physical 
Soc; Metrol. Soc; Nat. Educ. Ass; S. Educ. 
Ass; Elliott Soc. (v. pres.). 

Collie, Prof. George L(ucius), 731 Park Ave, 
Beloit, Wis. Geology. Delavan, Wis, Aug. 

11, 57. B.S, Beloit, 81; Ph.D, Harvard, 93, 
Principal, High Sch, Delavan, 86-90; prof r 
geol, Beloit, 93- Mem. Committee of Ten, 
Conf. on Geog, Nat. Educ. Ass, 92; Committee 
on Physical Geog. for Col. Entrance, 99. Geol. 
Soc; Wis. Acad. Physiography. Drumlin area 
of central Wisconsin. 

Collier, Arthur J(ames), U. S. Geological Survey, 
Washington, D. C. Geology. Wheaton, Ills, 
Jan. 5, 66. A.B, Oregon, 88, A.M, 93; B.S, 
Harvard, 94. Prof, science, Portland Univ, 
Ore, 95-99; Willamette, 99-00; asst. geologist, 
U. S. Geol. Surv, 01- Field asst, U. S. Geol. 
Surv, 95-01. F.A.A; Geol. Soc; Wash. Geol. 
Soc. Geology of Oregon and Alaska. Coal re- 
sources and geology of the Yukon River; recon- 
naissance of Seward Peninsula, Alaska; tin de- 
posits of York Region, Alaska. 

Collin, Prof. Alonzo, Mount Vernon, la. Physics. 
Hillsdale, N. Y, Aug. 14, 37. A.B, Wesleyan, 
58, A.M, 62; Sc.D, Upper Iowa, 88. Prof. 
math, and nat. science, Cornell (la.), 60-68, 
nat. science, 68-81 ; physics and chem, Ne- 
braska, 81-82; Cornell (la.), 82-99, physics, 
99- F.A.A. 

Collingwood, F(rancis), Elizabeth, N. J. Civil 
engineering. Elmira, N. Y, Jan. 10, 34. C.E, 
Rensselaer, 55. City engineer, Elmira, 65-69; 
asst. engineer, First East River Bridge, N.Y, 
69-83; repair of Allegheny Suspension Bridge, 
83 ; consulting and expert engineer, 83-; ex- 
pert examiner, Munic. Civil Service, N. Y. City, 
95- Special lecturer foundations, N. Y. Univ; 
mem. Commission to Examine New Croton Aque- 
duct. Telford medal and Telford premium, 
British Inst. Civil Eng, 84. F.A.A; Civil Eng. 
(sec'y, 88-93) ; Min. Eng; cor. mem. Inst. 
Archit; Forestry Ass; fel. N. Y. Acad; N. Y. 
Micros. Soc; British Inst. Civil Eng. 

Collins, A(rchie) Frederick, 11 Broadway, New 
York, N. Y. Electrophysics. South Bend, Ind, 
Jan. 8, 69. Chicago, 84-86. Engineer, Collins 
Wireless Telephone Co, 02- Assoc. Elec. Eng; 
N. Y. Elec. Soc. Electric oscillations and elec- 
tric waves. Wireless telephony. 

Collins, Frank S(hipley), 97 Dexter St, Maiden, 
Mass. *Botany. Boston, Mass, Feb. 6, 48. 
High Sch. Fel. Am. Acad; New Eng. Bot. 
Club; Mass. Hort. Soc; Boston Soc. Nat. Hist. 
North American marine Algse. 

Collins, G(uy) N, Lanham, Md. Botany. Mer- 
tensia, N. Y, Aug. 9, 72. Asst. botanist, U. S. 
Dept. Agr, 01- M.A.A ; Wash. Bot. Soc ; Wash. 
Biol. Soc. Tropical cultures. Tropical fruits. 

Collins, Dr. Joseph, 37 W. 54th St, New York, 
N. Y. Neurology, Medicine. Brookfield, Conn, 
Sept. 22, 66. Michigan, 84-85; M.D, N. Y. 
Univ, 88. Prof, nervous and mental diseases, 
N. T. Post-Grad. Med. Sch, 97- Physician, N. 
Y. City Hosp, 94-; consulting physician, Hosp. 
for Ruptured and Crippled, 00- Alvarenga 
prize, Phila. Col. of Physicians, 97. Neur. Ass. 
(pres, 02); Am. Physicians; Am. Med. Ass; 
Am. Acad. Med; N. Y. Neur. Soc. Sympathetic 



nervous system; the location and function of 
the cells in the spinal cord. 

Collins, Prof. Jos(eph) V(ictor), 217 Division St, 
Stevens Point, Wis. Mathematics. Wooster, 
O, Dec. 26, 58. Ph.B, Wooster, 79; Hopkins, 
80-81, 82-83; Ph.D, Wooster, 86. Tutor math, 
Wooster, 79-80; prof, Hastings, 84-88; Miami, 
88-93; State Nor. Sch, Stevens Point, Wis, 94- 
Math. Soc; Int. Ass. Prom. Quaternions. Vec- 
tor analysis. 

Collins, W(illia)m H(enry), Haverford College, 
Haverford, Pa. Astronomy. Peekskill, N. Y, 
Oct. 22, 59. B.S, Haverford, 81, A.M, 92. 
Director, Astron. Observatory, Haverford, 92- 
04, prefect of College, 91- Astron. and Astro- 
phys. Soc. Double star measurements. 

Colson, H(arold) R(oy), 15 Walker St, Cambridge, 
Mass. Astronomy. Batchellerville, N. Y, 
Feb. 21, 76. Harvard, 00-03. Asst, Harvard 
Col. Observatory, 95- Astron. and Astrophys. 
Soc; assoc. Ornith. Union. Astronomical pho- 

Colton, Prof. B(uel) P(reston), Normal, Ills. 
Biology. Princeton, Ills, March 23, 52. A.B, 
A.M, Amherst, 74. Teacher nat. science, high 
schools, Princeton, Keokuk and Decatur, Ills; 
principal, Ottawa; prof. nat. sciences, Ills. State 
Nor. Vniv, 88- Soc. Nat. Development of 
Arbacia punctulata. 

Colvin, Prof. Stephen S(heldon), Champaign, Ills. 
Philosophy, Psychology, Education. Phenix, R. 
I, March 29, 69. Ph.B, Brown, 91, A.M, 94; 
Ph.D, Strasburg, 97; Clark, 97-01. Instr. 
rhetoric, Brown, 92-95; English, English High 
Sch, Worcester, 97-01; asst. prof, psychol, Illi- 
nois, 01-03; philos, Brown, 03-04; assoc. prof, 
psychol, Illinois, 0k~ Psychol. Ass; West. 
Philos. Ass. The philosophical phases of psy- 
chology. The temperature sense in relation to 
the temperature of the atmosphere; the inter- 
ests of adolescence as shown in school composi- 
tions; color perception of animals. 

Comey, Dr. Arthur M(essinger), 54 Concord Ave, 
Cambridge, Mass. *Chemistry. Boston, Mass, 
Nov. 10, 61. A.B, Harvard, 82; Ph.D, Heidel- 
berg, 85. Instr. chem. and director, Summer 
Sch. of Chem, Harvard, 85-89; prof, Tufts, 89- 
93 ; anal, and consulting chemist, 93- Chem. 
Soc; fel. Am. Acad; Soc. Chem. Indust; Chem. 
Gesell. Analytical and technical chemistry. 

Compton, Prof. Alfred G(eorge), 40 W. 126th St, 
New York, N. Y. *Physics, Astronomy. Lon- 
don, England, Feb. 1, 35. A.B, Col. City of 
N. Y, 53, A.M, 56. Tutor, Col. City of N. Y, 
53-69, prof, applied math, 69-01, physics, 01- 
Civil Eng; Elec. Eng. Acoustics; optics. 

Comstock, Dr. Charles W(orthington), 213 Boston 
Building, Denver, Colo. Engineering, Mathe- 
matical physics. Maroa, Ills, Feb. 10, 70. 
E.M, C.E, Colo. Sch. of Mines, 90; M.C.E, Cor- 
nell, 94, Ph.D, 98. Instr. civil eng, Cornell, 
90-92; asst. to Geo. S. Morison, civil engineer, 
92-93; instr. civil eng, Cornell, 93-97; prof, 
mining eng, Colo. Sch. of Mines, 97-02; prac- 

tising civil and mining engineer, 02- F.A.A. 
(sec'y, D, 01) ; Civil Eng; Min. Eng; assoc. 
Elec. Eng; Colo. Sci. Soc. (sec'y, 98-00); Int. 
Ass. Prom. Quaternions ; London Inst. Min. 
and Metal; N. of England Inst. Min. and Mech. 
Eng. Elasticity of solids, especially in its en- 
gineering applications. 

Comstock, Gen. C(yrus) B(allou), U. S. A. (re- 
tired), 124 E. 27th St, New York, N. Y. En- 
gineering, Geodesy. West Wrentham, Mass, 
Feb. 3, 31. Grad, U. S. Mil. Acad, 55. All 
grades from lieut. to brig, gen, U. S. A, retired, 
95. Pres, Miss. River Commission; permanent 
mem. Board of Engineers for Fortifications. 
Nat. Acad; Civil Eng; Am. Acad. Engineer- 
ing; geodesy. 

Comstock, Elting H(oughtaling), Houghton, Mich. 
Mathematics. Milwaukee, Wis, June 26, 76. 
B.S, Wisconsin, 97; fellow, Cornell, 97-98; fel- 
low, Chicago, 98-99 ; hon. fellow, Wisconsin, 99- 
00. Instr. math, Blaine High Sch, West Su- 
perior, Wis, 00-01; principal, High Sch, 
Houghton, Mich, 01-03, supt. schools, 03- 
Math. Soc; Wis. Acad. Harmonic curves of 
three frequencies. Abelian functions. 

Comstock, Prof. F(rank) M(ason), 85 Cornell St, 
Cleveland, O. Natural history. Leroy, N. Y, 
May 20, 55. A.B, C.E, Union, 76, fellow, 76- 
77, A.M, 79. Instr. science, LeRoy Acad. Inst, 
78-79, principal, 79-91 ; prof. nat. hist, and 
English, Case, 91-02, nut. hist, and descriptive 
geom, 02- Asst, Adirondack Surv, 76. Hon. 
Ph.D, Union, 91. Forestry Ass; Nat. Geog. 
Soc; Ohio Acad; Rochester Acad; Can. For- 
estry Ass. Glacial geology. 

Comstock, Prof. Geo(rge) C(ary), Observatory 
Hill, Madison, Wis. *Astronomy. Madison, 
Feb. 12, 55. Ph.B, Michigan, 77; LL.B, Wis- 
consin, 83. Prof. math, and astron, Ohio State, 
85-87; assoc. director, Washburn Observatory, 
87-89, director, 89- Recorder and asst, U. S. 
Lake Surv, 74-77 ; asst. engineer, Improv. 
Mississippi River, 78-79. Nat. Acad; F.A.A. 
(sec'y, A, 89, v. pres, 94) ; Astron. and As- 
trophys. Soc; Soc. Astron. de Mex; Astron. 
Gesell; Soc. astron. de France. Astronomy of 
position. Structure of the sidereal system. 

Comstock, Prof. J(ohn) H(enry), 43 East Ave, 
Ithaca, N. Y. *Entomology. Janesville, Wis, 
Feb. 24, 49. B.S, Cornell, 74. Instr. and 
prof, entom, Cornell, 14- Entomologist, U. S. 
Dept. Agr, 79-81 ; non.-res. prof, entom, Stan- 
ford. Soc. Nat; Entom. Soc; Soc. Zool; Cal. 
Acad; Soc. entom. de France. Coccidae; classi- 
fication of Lepidoptera; skeleton of the head 
of insects. Manual of North American Arach- 

Comstock, Mrs. J. H. (Anna Botsford), 43 East 
Ave, Ithaca, N. Y. Entomoloqy, Nature study. 
Otto, N. Y, Sept. 1, 54. B.S, Cornell, 78. 
Lecturer, Exten. Dept, Cornell, and asst. to 
Prof. J. H. Comstock in his work on scale 
insects. Bronze medal, Pan-Am. Expos, 01. 
Soc. Am. Wood Engravers. Entomological 
illustration and engraving. 




Comstock, Dr. Theo(dore) B(ryant), S27 Beacon 
St, Los Angeles, Cal. Geology, Mining engi- 
neering. Cuyahoga Falls, O, July 27, 49. B. 
Agr, Pa. State, 68; B.S, Cornell, 70, Sc.D, 86. 
Instr. bot, Cornell, 68-70; prof. nat. science, 
Pelham Priory, N. Y, 71-72; nat. hist, Miss 
Nourse's Sch, Cincinnati, 73; acting prof, geol, 
Cornell, 75-79; gen. manager, Niagara Consol. 
M. and R. Co, Eureka, Colo, 79-84; mem. Mor- 
ton and Comstock Elec. Co, Cleveland, 84-85; 
prof, mining eng. and physics, Illinois, 85-89; 
first asst. state geologist, Ark. Surv, 87; Texas 
Surv, 89-91; director, Ariz. Sch. of Mines, 91- 
95; pres, Arizona, 93-95; gen. manager and 
consulting engineer, Prescott Devel. Syndicate, 
Ltd, Glasgow, Scotland, 96-01 ; consulting engi- 
neer, Glasgow companies, 01-02; El Carmen 
Copper Co, Durango, Mex, 03-06; consulting 
engineer, 04- Connected with various surveys 
and expeditions, 70-77. F.A.A. (sec'y, E, 87) ; 
Geol. Soc; Min. Eng; Nat. Geog. Soc; Nat. 
Educ. Ass; S. Cal. Acad, (pres, 02-04) ; N. Y. 
Acad; Davenport Acad; Buffalo Nat. Hist. Soc; 
Cleveland Kirtland Soc. Nat. Hist; British 
Inst. Min. Eng. Geology of gold and silver of 
Arkansas; central mineral region of Texas, 
southwest Colorado, Arizona, etc. Geology of 
California, Arizona and Mexico. 
Comstock, William James, 43 Trumbull St, New 
Haven, Conn. Chemistry. Toledo, O, June 15, 
60. Ph.B, Yale, 79; fellow, Hopkins, 81-82; 
Munich, 82-87. Instr. org. chem, Sheffield Sci. 
Sch, Yale, 88- Organic chemistry. 
Conant, Prof. Levi L(eonard), 254 Salisbury St, 
Worcester, Mass. * Mathematics. Littleton, 
Mass, March 3, 57. A.B, Dartmouth, 79, A.M, 
87; Clark, 90-91; A.M, Ph.D, Syracuse, 93. 
Pub. sch. work, Minn, and S. Dak, 80-87; prof, 
math, Dakota Sch. of Mines, 87-90; asst. and 
assoc. prof, math, Worcester, 91-98, prof, 98- 
Ed, 'Jour. Worcester Polytech. Inst,' 97- 
F.A.A; Math. Soc. Primitive number work; 
theory of functions and of groups. Theory of 
groups; history of mathematical notation. 
Conard, Dr. Henry S(hoemaker), Lansdowne, Pa. 
Biology. Philadelphia, Pa, Sept. 12, 74. B.S, 
Haverford, 94, A.M, 95; Harrison fellow, Penn- 
sylvania, 99-01, Ph.D, 01, senior fellow, 01-03. 
Teacher science, Westtown Boarding Sch, 95- 
99; instr. bot, Pennsylvania, 03-05; Johnston 
scholar, Hopkins, 05- Soc. Plant Morph. and 
Physiol; Pa. Bot. Soc. (cor. sec'y). Nyni- 
phaea; fasciations. Dennstaedtia. 
Condra, Prof. George E(vart), Lincoln, Nebr. 
Geology, Geography. Seymour, la, Feb. 2, 69. 
B.S, Nebraska, 97, A.M, '98, Ph.D, 01. Head, 
Science Dept, Lincoln Nor. Sch, 92-96; High 
Sch, Lincoln, 96-02; instr. geog. and econ. geol, 
Nebraska, 02-03, asst. prof, geol, 03-04, assoc. 
prof. geog. and econ. geol, 0J t - Asst. Nebr. 
Geol. Surv, 96-02; asst. state geologist, 02- 
M.A.A; Micros. Soc; Nat. Geog. Soc; Nebr. 
Acad. Coal measure Bryozoa of Nebraska; 
sand and gravel industries of Nebraska; geol- 
ogy and water resources of northeastern and 

southwestern Nebraska ; geography of Nebraska. 
Sand-working industries; railroad ballast, 
stratigraphy and soil areas of Nebraska. 

Congdon, Prof. Ernest Arnold, 1510 Walnut St, 
Philadelphia, Pa. Chemistry. New York, N Y 
Aug. 9, 66. Ph.B, Columbia, 87; Berlin, 89! 
Chemist, Champlain Fibre Co, 87-89; instr. 
chem, Lehigh, 90-02; prof, Drexel Inst, 92- 
Assoc. ed, 'Sch. of Mines Quarterly.' Chem. 
Soc; N. Y. Acad; fel. London Chem. Soc. 

Conklin, Prof. Edwin G(rant), University of Penn- 
sylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. * Zoology. Waldo 
O, Nov. 24, 63. B.S, Ohio Wesleyan, 85, A.B, 
86, A.M, 89; Ph.D, Hopkins, 91. Prof, biol, 
Ohio Wesleyan 91-94; zool, Northwestern, 94- 
96; Pennsylvania, 96- Instr, Woods Hole, 91- 
96; trustee, 95-; mem. Advisory Board, Wistar 
Inst, Pennsylvania; assoc. ed, 'Jour, of Morph,' 
'Biol. Bui.' and 'Jour. Exp. Zool'; ed, 'Con- 
tributions from Zool. Lab, Univ. of Pa.' F.A.A 
Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool. (pres, 99); Ass. An'at; 
Soc. Exp. Biol, and Med; Philos. Soc. (sec'v, 
01-) ; Phila. Acad. (v. pres, 02-). Embryology 
of Gasteropoda, Brachiopoda and Tunicata; cel- 
lular history of development; cytology, karyo- 
kinesis and cytokinesis; cell size and body size; 
organization of the egg; cause of inverse sym- 
metry; organ-forming substances; cytoplasmic 
organization and the nuclear inheritance theory. 
Conn, Prof. H(erbert) W(illiam), 167 High St, 
Middletown, Conn. * Biology, Bacteriology. 
Fitchburg, Mass, Jan. 10, 59. A.B, Boston 81, 
A.M, 82; Ph.D, Hopkins, 84. Instr. biol, Wes- 
leyan, 84-86, asst. prof, 86-88, prof, 89-; di- 
rector, Cold Spring Harbor, 89-97; bacteriolo- 
gist, Storrs Exp. Sta, Conn. Agr. Col, 90-, lec- 
turer dairy bacter, Col. Dept, 01-, Grad. Sch, 
02- Director, Zool. Class, Marthas Vineyard, 
86; lecturer, Trinity (Conn.), 87-89. Soc. Nat; 
Soc. Bact. (sec'y, 99-01, pres, 02). Bacteriol- 
ogy of milk and milk products. Bacteriology 
of market milk; relation of bacteria to butter 
and cheese making. 

Connolly, Dr. John M(atthew), 183 Harvard St, 
Dorchester, Boston, Mass. Physiological chem- 
istry. Windsor Locks, Conn, Feb. 25, 70. A.B, 
Col. of the Holy Cross, 90, A.M, 92; M.D,' 
Harvard, 00. Principal, Acad, Cohoes, N. Y, 
90-91; High Sch, Blackstone, Mass, 92-93; 
instr. math, High Sch, Waterbury, Conn, 93-96; 
asst. physiol. and path, chem, Harvard Med. 
Sch, 99- Am. Med. Ass; Mass. Med. Soc. 
Effect of muscular exercise on the kidneys. 

Conoscenti, Dr. Euplio, 715 Charles St, West Ho- 
boken, N. J. Mathematics. Petralia Sottana, 
Italy, Sept. 30, 74. Palermo Tech. Inst, 88-92; 
B.S, Palermo, 96, Math. D, 98. Librarian, 
Circolo Matematico di Palermo, 97-98, director, 
98-00; private instructor. Reduction of the' 
Abelian integrals. 

Conrad, Abram H, 2011 Jackson Boulevard, 
Chicago, Ills. Botany. Crawfordsville, Ind, 
50. Wabash, 74; A.M, Wooster, 97; Chicago, 
98-99. Teacher biol, West. Nor. Col, 84-89; 



prof, Parsons, S9-96; head teacher, R. T. Crane 
High Sch, Chicago, 99- Iowa Acad; Chicago 
Acad. Plant morphology and physiology. 

Converse, Dr. Henry A(ugustus), 2017 N. Calvert 
St, Baltimore, Md. Mathematics. Louisville, 
Ky, June 3, 75. A.B, Hampden-Sidney, 93 ; 
Ph.D, Hopkins, 03. Instr. math, Shenandoah 
Val. Acad, 93-99; student asst, Hopkins, 02- 
03, instr, 03-04 ; Baltimore Polytech, 04- Math. 
Soc; Ass. Teachers Math, of Middle States and 
Md. Geometry by means of vector analysis in 
the plane. Sections of regular figures in n-di- 
mensions in connection with the group theory; 
double parabola by means of vector analysis. 

Cook, Prof. A(lbert) J(ohn), Pomona College, 
Claremont, Cal. Biology. Entomology. Owos- 
so, Mich, Aug. 30, 42. B^S, Mich. Agr. Col, 62, 
M.S, 64. Prof, zool, Mich. Agr. Col, 66-93; 
biol, Pomona, 94- Conductor, Farmers' Insti- 
tutes, Mich, and S. Cal; assoc. ed, 'Cal. Culti- 
vator' and 'Fruit World'; lecturer. Nat. Bee 
Keepers' Ass; hon. mem. British Bee Keep- 
ers' Ass. Insects (especially bees) ; economic 
entomology. Economic entomology in southern 

Cook, Prof. A(lfred) N(ewton), Vermilion, S 
Dak. Chemistry. Cornell, Ills, Feb. 22, 66 
B.S, Knox, 90 ; Chicago, 95 ; Ph.D, Wooster, 96 
Wisconsin, 9S-00. Instr. science, Amity, 92-94 
prof. chem. and physics, Upper Iowa, 94-98 
asst. chem, Wisconsin, 98-00; prof, Morning 
side, 00-04; South Dakota, 04- Chem. Soc 
Iowa Acad; Iowa Teachers' Ass. (v. pres, 03) 
Sioux City Acad; Chem. Gesell. Derivatives 
preparation and properties of phenyl ether; cal 
cium carbid as a dehydrating agent for alco- 
hols ; Menke's method of preparing hyponitrites ; 
preparation, properties, etc, of aluminum phe- 
nolate. Meta-tolyl ether and derivatives. 

Cook, Dr. Cha(rle)s G(ilpin), 201 Gates Ave, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. Chemistry. Glenville, Md, 
Nov. 25, 66. B.S, Haverford, 92, A.M, 93; 
Ph.D, Hopkins, 98. Instr, Bridgewater Col, 93- 
94; principal, Aurora Acad, 94-95; instr. chem, 
Boys' High Sch, Brooklyn, 99- Chemist, 
Mathi, Inghram and Co, Baltimore, Md; lab. 
asst. chem, Haverford. Chem. Soc. Double 
halides of tin with the aliphatic amins. 

Cook, Dr. Frederick A(lbert), 670 Bushwick Ave, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. Medicine, Anthropology, Polar 
exploration. Callicoon Depot, N. Y, June 10, 
65. M.D, N. Y. Univ, 90. Practising physi- 
cian, 90- Surgeon, Peary Arctic Exped, 91-92; 
Belgian Antarctic Exped, 97-99. Chevalier 
Order of Leopold; silver medal, Belgian Geog. 
Soc; gold medal, Royal Soc. Belgium; gold 
medal, Municipality of Brussels. Ethnol. Soc; 
Nat. Geog. Soc; Am. Geog. Soc; Explorers 
Club; Arctic Club; Phila. Geog. Soc; Brooklyn 
Med. Soc; Kings Co. Med. Soc. Anthropology ; 
ethnology; polar exploration. Ona Indians; 
Eskimo; polar research. 

Cook, Dr. Mel(ville) T(hurston), Santiago de las 
Vegas, Cuba. Plant pathology, Entomology. 
Coffeen, Ills, Sept. 20, 69. De Pauw, 88-89, 

91-93; A.B, Stanford, 94; A.M, De Pauw, 01; 
fellow, Ohio State, 01-02, Ph.D, 04. Principal, 
High Sch, Vandalia, Ilia, 94-95; instr. biol, De 
Pauw, 95-97, prof, 97-04; chief, Dept. Plant 
Path, and Econ. Entom, Agr. Exp. Sta, San- 
tiago de las Vegas, Cuba, 04- Lecturer human 
embryol, Central Col. Physicians and Surg, 
Indianapolis, 02-03; comp. anat, Med. Col. of 
Ind, 03-04. F.A.A; Ass. Econ, Entom; Ind. 
Acad. Plant embryology. Insect galls. 

Cook, O(rator) F(uller), Jr, Lanham, Md. 
*Biology. Clyde, N. Y, May 28, 67. Ph.B, 
Syracuse, 90. Instr, Syracuse, 90-91; special 
agent in Liberia, N. Y. State Colonization Soc, 
91-98; special agent, U. S. Dept. Agr, 98-01, 
botanist for tropical agr, 01- Asst. curator 
crypt, bot, U. S. Nat. Mus, custodian myriapods. 
F.A.A; Wash. Acad; Wash. Biol. Soc; Wash. 
Entom. Soc; Wash. Anthrop. Soc; Wash. Bot. 
Soc. Tropical agriculture; African coloniza- 
tion; taxonomy; evolution; Myriapoda; palms; 
Myxomycetes. Tropical agriculture; origins 
and histories of tropical economic plants; 
kinetic evolution. 

Cook, Dr. S(amuel) R(ichard), Allegheny College, 
Meadville, Pa. Experimental physics. Minden, 
Can, Feb. 14, 65. B.S, Michigan, 95, M.S, 97 
fellow, Nebraska, 97-99, A.M, 98; fellow, Cor 
nell, 04-05, Ph.D, 05. Principal, High Sch 
Wahoo, Nebr, 99-01; instr. physics and chem 
Washburn, 01-02; physics, Case, 02-04; prof, 
physics and astron, Allegheny, 05- Instr, Sum 
mer Sch, Nebraska, 99; Case, 04. F.A.A; Phys 
ieal Soc; Nebr. Teachers of Physics and Chem 
(pres, 99). Escape of gases from planetary 
atmosphere; flutings in sound waves; perma- 
nency of planetary atmosphere; theory of the 
electric rectifier. Velocity of sound at the 
temperature of liquid air. 

Cooley, Prof. LeRoy C(lark), 2 Reservoir Square, 
Poughkeepsie, N. Y. *Physics. Point Penin- 
sula, N. Y, Oct. 7, 33. A.B, Union, 58, A.M, 61, 
Ph.D, 70. Prof, math, Fairfield Sem, 58-60; 
nat. science, N. Y. State Nor. Col, 61-74; physics 
and chem, Vassar, 74-95, physics, 95- F.A.A; 
Physical Soc; Nat. Educ. Ass; N. Y. State Sci. 
Teachers Ass. (pres, 99). Electricity applied 
to registering vibrations; mechanical action of 
radiation; motion of light bodies in air and 
vacua; etc. 

Cooley, Prof. M(ortimer) E(lwyn), 314 N. Ingalls 
St, Ann Arbor, Mich. Mechanical engineering. 
Canandaigua, N. Y, March 28, 55. Grad, U. S. 
Naval Acad, 78. Asst. engineer, U. S. N, S0- 
85 ; prof. mech. eng, Michigan, 81, dean, Eng. 
Dept, o\- Chief engineer, U. S. N, 98; mem. 
Jury of Awards, State Educ. and Marine Engi- 
neer Committees, Columbian Expos, 93 ; P.A. 
engineer, M.S.N.B, 95-; mem. Jury of Awards, 
Pan-Am. Expos, 01. Hon. M.E, Michigan, 84. 
F.A.A. (v. pres, 98) ; Mech. Eng. (v. pres, 02) ; 
Naval Eng; Nat. Ass. Sta, Eng; Mich. Eng. 
Soc. (pres, 03) ; Detroit Eng. Soc. Carbon 
bisulphid engine; water friction of pumping 
engines; physical values of railroad, telephone, 



telegraph, plank roads and river improvement 
properties in Michigan. Tests of steam and 
hydraulic machinery. 

Cooley, Prof. R(obert) A(llen), 810 S. Central 
Ave, Bozeman, Mont. Entomology. Deerfield, 
Mass, June 27, 73. B.S, Mass. Agr. Col, 95; 
B.S, Boston, 95. Asst. entomologist, Mass. 
Agr. Exp. Sta, 95-99 ; zoologist and entomolo- 
gist, Mont. Col. Agr. and Exp. Sta, 99-; state 
entomologist, Mont, 03- F.A.A; Ass. Econ. 
Entom. Coccidae. 

Coolidge, Dr. J(ulian) L(owell), Cambridge, Mass. 
*Mathematics. Brookline, Mass, Sept. 28, 73. 
A.B, Harvard, 95; B.S, Oxford, 97; Ph.D, Bonn, 
04. Teacher math, Groton Sch, Mass, 97-99; 
instr, Harvard, 99- Math. Soc; Oxford Math. 
Soc. Modern geometry. 

Coolidge, Prof. William D(avid), Research Labora- 
tory, General Electric Company, Schenectady, 
N. Y. Physical chemistry. Hudson, Mass, Oct. 
23, 73. B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 96; Ph.D, Leip- 
zig, 99. Asst. physics, Mass. Inst. Tech, 97; 
Leipzig, 99; instr. physical chem, Mass. Inst. 
Tech, 01-03, asst. prof, physico-chem. research, 
04-05 ; research phys-ico-chemist, Gen. Elec. Co, 
05- Chem. Soc. Measurement of the dielectric 
constant of liquids. Conductivity of aqueous 
solutions carried through the critical tempera- 
ture (up to 380 C). 

Coony, Rev. J(ohn) P(atrick), S. J, St. Louis 
University, St. Louis, Mo. Chemistry, Mathe- 
matics. Edina, Mo, July 22, 62. St. Mary's 
Col, Kas, 84; St. Louis, 87-93; Woodstock 
(Md.), 97-99; St. Louis, 99-01; Ph.D, Hopkins, 
03; St. Louis, 03-04. Asst. math, St. Louis, 
93-97; prof, chem, Marquette Col, Wis, 04. 
Comparison of elect rolytically formed semiper- 
meable membranes regarding activity, perma- 
nence, and reliability for osmotic pressure 

Cooper, Dr. H(ermon) C(harles), Syracuse Univer- 
sity, Syracuse, N. Y. Physical chemistry. Glen 
Ellyn, Ills, Nov. 22, 75. Ph.B, Beloit, 96, A.M, 
99; Ph.D, Heidelberg, 99. Instr. chem, High 
Sch, Lincoln, Nebr, 00-01; Syracuse, 01-03; 
research assoc, Mass. Inst. Tech, 03-04; asst. 
prof, Syracuse, 0k- M.A.A; Chem. Soc. His- 
tory of chemistry; racemic compounds; electric 
conductivity of aqueous solutions at high tem- 

Copeland, Dr. E(dwin) B(ingham), Government 
Laboratories, Manila, P. I. *Bionomics, 
Botany. Monroe, Wis, Sept. 30, 73. Wiscon- 
sin, 91-94; A.B, Stanford, 95; Leipzig, 95-96; 
Ph.D, Halle, 96; Wisconsin, 96-97, 98; Chi- 
cago, 01-02. Asst. prof, bot, Indiana, 97-98; 
State Nor. Sch, Chico, Cal, 99; West Virginia, 
99-00, prof, 00-01; instr, Stanford, 01-03; 
botanist, Philippine Government, 03- Prof, 
crypt, bot, Cold Spring Harbor, 01. F.A.A; 
Soc. Nat; Soc. Plant Morph. and Physiol; Bot. 
Cent. States; Wis. Acad. Osmotic pressure in 
plants; mineral food; transpiration; chemical 
stimulation; mechanism of stomata; geotro- 
pism; variation; local distribution of timber; 

montane ecology. Growth and transpiration of 
cocos; comparative ecology of ferns. 

Copeland, W(illia)m R(ogers), 1904 Green St, 
Philadelphia, Pa. Biology, Chemistry. Castle- 
ton, Vt, Oct. 23, 68. A.B, Harvard, 92; Mass. 
Inst. Tech, 93. Asst. bacteriologist and chief, 
Bacter. Exp. Sta, Mass. State Board of Health, 
93-97; bacteriologist, Filtration Commission of 
Pittsburg, 97-99; Bur. of Water-supply, Pitts- 
burg, 99-00; chief bacteriologist, Bur. of Water- 
supply, Phila, 01- Soc. Bact; Pub. Health 
Ass; Civil Eng. Bacteriology and micro-organ- 
isms in drinking waters; purification of water- 

Coplin, Dr. W(illiam) M. L(ate), 1529 S. Broad 

St, Philadelphia, Pa. Pathology, Bacteriology. 
Clarksburg, W. Va, Nov. 1, 64. M.D, Jef- 
ferson Med. Col, 86. Interne, Jefferson Med. 
Col. Hosp, 86-97; asst. demonstrator morbid 
anat, Jefferson Med. Col, 87-89, demonstra- 
tor, 89-94, prof. path, and bacter, 96- Adj. 
prof, path, Phila. Polyclinic, 89-92; A.A. sur- 
geon, U. S. Marine Hosp. Service, 90-93; lec- 
turer hygiene, Jefferson Med. Col, 92-94; 
pathologist, Phila. Hosp, 92-95; bacteriologist, 
Pa. State Board of Health, and surgeon, St. 
Mary's Hosp, 93-95; prof. path, and bacter, 
Vanderbilt, 95-96; pathologist, Jefferson Med. 
Col. Hosp; Phila. (Blockley) Hosp; Friends' 
Asylum for Insane, Frankford. F.A.A; Ass. 
Path, and Bact; Am. Med. Ass; Pub. Health 
Ass; Pa. Med. Soc; Phila. Co. Med. Soc; Phila. 
Path. Soc; fel. Phila. Col. Physicians. Path- 
ology; bacteriology. 

Coquillett, D(aniel) W(illiam), The Woodley, 
Washington, D. C. Entomology. Near Wood- 
stock, Ills, Jan. 23, 56. Pub. schools. Asst. 
state entomologist, Ills, 81; field agent, Div. 
Entom, V. S. Dept. Agr, 85-86, 87-93, asst. en- 
tomologist, 93-02, first asst. entomologist, 02- 
Hon. custodian Diptera, U. S. Nat. Mus, 96- 
F.A.A; Wash. Acad; Wash. Entom. Soc. (pres, 
03-04). Economic entomology; natural history 
of insects; taxonomy of Diptera. Taxonomy of 

Corbett, Prof. L(ee) C(leveland), Takoma Park, 
Washington, D. C. Horticulture. Watkins, 
N. Y, Oct. 21, 67. B.S, Cornell, 90, M.S, 96. 
Asst. horticulturist, Cornell, 91-93; prof. hort. 
and forestry, S. Dak. Agr. Col, 93-95; West 
Virginia, 95-01; horticulturist, U. S. Dept. 
Agr, 01- Silver medal, Paris Expos, 01. 
F.A.A; Pomol. Soc; Soc. Hort. Sci; Soc. Prom. 
Agr. Sci; Wash. Bot. Soc. Propagation of 
plants by cuttings; the effect of incandescent 
gaslight on plants. Comparative rate of trans- 
piration of leaves under varying conditions. 

Cornman, Dr. Oliver P(erry), 2252 N. 20th St, 
Philadelphia, Pa. Pedagogy, Psychology. 

Philadelphia, Aug. 26, 66. A.B, Central High 
Seh, Phila, 84, A.M, 89; Pennsylvania, 94-99, 
Ph.D, 99. Supervising principal, Northioest 
Sch, Phila, 92-; lecturer child psychol, Penn- 
sylvania, 98-04. M.A.A. Spelling in elemen- 
tary schools. 



Cornwall, Prof. H(enry) B(edinger), 51 Nassau 
St, Princeton, N. J. *Chemistry, Mineralogy. 
Southport, Conn, July 29, 44. A.B, Columbia, 
64, A.M, E.M, 67 ; Royal Mining Acad, Freiberg, 
66-68; Ph.D, Columbia, 88. Asst. chem, Co- 
lumbia, 64-66, 68-69, metal, and miner, 69-70; 
supt, Geral Silver Mining Co, Batopilas, Chihua- 
hua, Mex, 70-71; asst. metal, and miner, Co- 
lumbia, 71-73; prof, applied chem. and miner, 
Princeton, 73- Supt, Continental Zinc and 
Lead Co, N. Y, 64. Chemical analytical meth- 
ods. Petrography. 

Corson, Dr. E(ugene) R(ollin), 11 Jones St, E, 
Savannah, Ga. Medicine, Natural science. 

Washington, D. C, July 20, 55. B.S, Cornell, 
75; M.D, Hahnemann Med. Col, Phila, 77, and 
Southern Med. Col, Atlanta, Ga, 94. On visit- 
ing staff, Savannah Hosp, 97- Ass. Anat; 
Electro-Therapeut. Ass; Ga. Med. Ass; Ga. Med. 
Soc. X-ray; anatomy; surgical pathology. 
Surgical pathology; the peritoneum and the 
lymphatics and their relations to carcinoma; 
oxygen gas in the peritoneal cavity and its in- 
fluences upon carcinoma and tuberculosis in man 
and cattle. 

Cory, Prof. C(larence) L(inus), Berkeley, Cal. 
Engineering. Lafayette, Ind, Sept. 4, 72. 
B.M.E, Purdue, 89; M.M.E, Cornell, 91. Asst. 
elec. eng, Purdue, 89-90; prof, Highland Park, 
91-92; asst. prof, California, 92-98, assoc. 
prof, 98-01, prof. elec. eng. and dean, Col. 
Mech, 01- Consulting elec. and mech. engineer, 
San Francisco. Elec. Eng; British Inst. Elec. 
Eng. Long distance transmission of power 
with high voltage currents. 

Cottrell, Dr. F(rederick) G(ardner), University of 
California, Berkeley, Cal. Chemistry. Oak- 
land, Cal, Jan. 10, 77. B.S, California, 96, Le 
Conte fellow, 96-97; Berlin, 00; Ph.D, Leipzig, 
02. Teacher chem, High Sch, Oakland, Cal, 
97-00; instr. physical chem, California, 02- 
Chem. Soc. Physical chemistry. 

Coulter, Dr. John G(aylord), Manila, P. I. 
Botany. Hanover, Ind, July 20, 76. Wabash, 
89-90; Indiana, 91-92; A.B, Lake Forest, 95; 
fellow, Chicago, 97-99, Ph.D, 00. Instr. bot, 
Syracuse, 99-00; prof, biol, Emory, 01; botan- 
ist, Educ. Dept, P. I, 02- Ed, ' The Philippine 
Teacher,' 02- Carica; tropical insular ecology. 

Coulter, Prof. John M(erle), University of 
Chicago, Chicago, Ills. *Botany. Ningpo, 
China, Nov. 20, 51. A.B, Hanover, 70, A.M, 
73; Ph.D, Indiana, 82. Botanist, Hayden Surv, 
72-74; prof. nat. science, Hanover, 74-79; biol, 
Wabash, 79-91 ; pres. and prof, bot, Indiana, 
91-93; pres, Lake Forest, 93-96; head prof, 
lot, Chicago, 96- Ed, 'Bot. Gazette', 75- 

F.A.A. (sec'y, F, 90, v. pres, 91, gen. sec'y, 
01); Soc. Nat; Bot. Soc. (pres, 97-98); Soc. 
Plant Morph. and Physiol; Am. Acad; Bot. 
Cent. States; Wash. Acad. Taxonomic work 
with seed plants; special morphology of seed 
plants. Special morphology of gymnosperms 
and angiosperms. 

Coulter, Prof. S(amuel) M(onds), 3883 Juniata 
St, St. Louis, Mo. Botany. Hanover, Ind, July 
30, 60. A.B, Hanover, 80; fellow, Chicago, 97- 
01; A.M, Hanover, 98; Ph.D, Washington (St. 
Louis), 04. Teacher, high schools, Ind. and 
Ky, 80-85; manager, telephone and elec. com- 
panies, 85-97; instr. bot, Chicago, 97-01; Wash- 
ington (St. Louis), 01-03, asst. prof, 03- 
F.A.A; Bot. Cent. States; St. Louis Biol. Soc. 
Ecology of swamp areas. 

Coulter, Prof. Stanley, Purdue University, La- 
fayette, Ind. *Biology, Botany. Ningpo, China, 
June 2, 55. A.M, Hanover, 77, Ph.D, 89. 
Prof. biol. and director, Biol. Lab, Purdue, 87- 
F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Bot. Cent. States; Ind. Acad. 
Flora of Indiana; forest trees of Indiana; 
nature study. 

Councilman, Dr. W(illiam) T(homas), 78 Bay 
State Road, Boston, Mass. *Pathology. Bal- 
timore Co, Md, Jan. 1, 54. St. John's (Md.), 
68-71; M.D, Maryland, 78; Vienna, Leipzig 
and Hopkins, 80-86. Assoc, and assoc. prof. 
path, Hopkins, 86-91 ; prof, Harvard, 91- Hon. 
A.M, Harvard, 98; Hopkins, 02. Nat. Acad; 
Ass. Path, and Bact; Am. Physicians; Physiol. 
Soc; fel. Am. Acad. Anatomy; pathology. 
Pathological anatomy; pathogenesis of small- 

Coville, Frederick V(ernon), 1836 California Ave, 
Washington, D. C. *Botany. Preston, N. Y, 
March 23, 67. A.B, Cornell, 87. Instr. bot, 
Cornell, 87-88; asst. botanist, U. S. Dept. Agr, 
8S-93, botanist, 93- Hon. curator bot, U. S. 
Nat. Mus, 93-; asst, Ark. Geol. Surv, 87; bot- 
anist, Death Valley Exped, 90-91. F.A.A. (v. 
pres, 03) ; Bot. Soc; Nat. Geog. Soc; Wash. 
Acad; Wash. Biol. Soc. Economic and geo- 
graphic botany; plants of the aborigines; con- 
trol of grazing on the public lands; systematic 

Coville, Dr. Luzerne, 514 E. Buffalo St, Ithaca, 
N. Y. Medicine. Preston, N. Y, Aug. 16, 65. 
B.S, Cornell, 86; M.D, Columbia, 89. Lecturer 
anat, Med. Col, Cornell, 98-00, surg, 00-03. 
Special med. examiner, State Civil Service Com- 
mission. Ass. Anat; N. Y. State Med. Soc; 
Tompkins Co. Med. Soc. (pres, 97-99) ; Long 
Isl. Med. Soc. Anatomy; surgery. Typhoid 
epidemics in Ithaca, 1898-1903. 

Cowie, Dr. David Murray, Lawrence Building, 
Ann Arbor, Mich. Medicine. Moncton, 
N. B, Nov. 19, 72. Battle Creek, 89-92; M.D, 
Michigan, 96. First asst. internal med, Michi- 
gan, 96- Assoc, ed, ' The Physician and Sur- 
geon ', 02. Ass. Path, and Bact; Am. Med. 
Ass. The acid resisting group of bacteria; dis- 
eases of the stomach; fetal tuberculosis; gastric 
juice in the insane; fowl tuberculosis; the 
bacillus typhosus ; estimation of peptic diges- 
tion by means of Mett's method. 

Cowles, Alfred H(utchinson), 656 Prospect St, 
Cleveland, O. * Electrochemistry , Metallurgy, 
Mining engineering. Cleveland, Dec. 8, 58. 
Ohio State, 75-77; Cornell, 77-82. Supt, Pecos 




River Mining Co, 83-84; technical adviser, 
Cowles Elec. Smelting and Aluminum Co, 85- 
93, pres, 94- Pres, Pecos River Mining Co; 
sci. ed. and v. pres, ' Cleveland Leader '. Ell- 
iott Cresson and John Scott medals, Franklin 
Inst, 86; medal, Paris Expos, 89. FAA; fel. 
Elec. Eng; Min. Eng; Electrochem. Soc; Naval 
Inst; Franklin Inst; Cleveland Chem. Soc. 
Electrometallurgy at high temperatures; alu- 
minum; calcium carbid. Chemical reactions 
at high temperatures; properties of alloys of 
rare and common metals. 

Cowles, Dr. Edward, McLean Hospital, Waverly, 
Mass. Medicine, Mental diseases. Ryegate, Vt, 
July 20, 37. A.B, Dartmouth, 59, A.M, 61, 
M.D, 62; M.D, Columbia, 63. Asst. surgeon, 
U. S. A, 63-72; res. physician and supt, Bos- 
ton City Hosp. 72-79; med. supt, McLean 
Hosp, 79-03. Asst. physician, Retreat for In- 
sane, Hartford, Conn, 63; prof, mental diseases, 
Dartmouth, 86; clin. instr, Harvard, 89; trus- 
tee, Clark, 90-; assoc. ed, 'Am. Jour. Insan- 
ity ', 94-95. Fellow by courtesy, Hopkins, 87- 
88; LL.D, Dartmouth, 90. F.A.A; Soc. Nat; 
Psychol. Ass; Neur. Ass; Am. Acad. Med; 
Medico-Psychol. Ass. (pres, 95) ; hon. mem. Me. 
Med. Ass; for. assoc. Paris Soc. Med. Psychol. 
Construction and management of hospitals; 
nursing reform for the insane; neurasthenia; 
mental pathology. The organic sensations in 
mental pathology; the relation of psychiatry to 
psychology, physiology and anatomical pathol- 

Cowles, Dr. Henry C (handler), University of 
Chicago, Chicago, Ills. *Botany. Kensington, 
Conn, Feb. 27, 69. A.B, Oberlin, 93; fellow, 
Chicago, 95-97, Ph.D, 98. Instr. nat. science, 
Gates, 94-95; asst. bot, Chicago, 97-01, assoc, 
01-02, instr, 02- Field asst, U. S. Geol. Surv, 
95; assoc. ed, 'Bot. Gazette', 98-; 'Jour, of 
Geog,' 02- M.A.A; Soc. Nat; Bot. Soc; Geog. 
Ass; Bot. Cent. States; Int. Ass. Bot. Ecolog- 
ical relations of dune vegetation; physiographic 
ecology of the Chicago region. Physiographic 
ecology; comparative ecology of dune vegeta- 

Cowles, Dr. R(heinart) P(arker), Johns Hopkins 
University, Baltimore, Md. Zoology. Wash- 
ington, la, April 8, 72. A.B, Stanford, 99; 
Adam T. Bruce fellow, Hopkins, 02-04, Ph.D, 
04. Asst. biol, Hopkins, 04- Biologist in 
charge, Gulf Biol. Sta, Cameron, La, summer, 
04; exp. bacteriologist, Griffith and Turner Co, 
seedsmen, Baltimore. Soc. Zool. Life history 
of Phoronis architecta; animal behavior of 
Ocypoda arcenaria; rearing of Polygordius. 
Nitrogen-collecting bacteria; animal behavior 
of earthworms. 

Cox, Dr. Alvin Joseph, Stanford University, Cal. 
Chemistry. Lawrence, Kas, June 14, 75. A.B, 
Stanford, 01, A.M, 02; Leipzig, summer, 02; 
Breslau, 02-04, Ph.D, 04. Lab. asst, Stanford, 
99-01, instr. anal, chem, 01-02, chem, 04- 
Chem. Soc. Chemistry. Acid, neutral and 
basic chromates of the difficultly soluble metals. 

Cox, C(harles) F(inney), 54 E. 67th St, New 
York, N. Y. Bioloqy. Richmond Co, N. Y, 
Jan. 16, 46. Col. City of N. Y, 62-63; A.B, 
Oberlin, 69. Manager, N. Y. Bot. Garden, 91- 
04, treas, 9S-, sci. director, 04~ Hon. A.M, 
Oberlin, 89. F.A.A; Micros. Soc; fel. N. Y. 
Acad, (treas, 93-) ; N. Y. Micros. Soc. (pres, 
88-89) ; Torrey Bot. Club; N. Y. Linnean Soc; 
fel. Royal Micros. Soc. Microscopical botany 
and zoology. 

Cox, Prof. Henry J(oseph), 506 E. 53d St, 
Chicago, Ills. Meteorology. West Newton, 
Mass, April 5, 63. A.B, Harvard, 84. With 
U. S. Weather Bur, 84-99, prof, meteorol, 99- 
Hon. A.M, Norwich, 87. Nat. Geog. Soc; Chi- 
cago Acad; Chicago Geog. Soc. Storms on 
great lakes; weather types; Weather Bureau 
records in court; recent advances in meteorol- 
ogy. Hot waves and areas of high barometer 
on South Atlantic coast. 

Cox, Prof. John, 241 University St, Montreal, 
Can. Physics. London, England, Nov. 20, 51. 
A.B, Cambridge, 74, A.M, 77. Warden, Caven- 
dish Col, Cambridge, 77-88; lecturer, Exten. 
Dept, Cambridge, 88-90; Macdonald prof, phys- 
ics, McCill, 90- F.A.A; Physical Soc; fel. 
Can. Royal Soc. (pres, Sect. Ill, 01) ; British 
Ass. Velocity and properties of Rontgen rays. 

Cox, Ulysses Orange, Indiana State Normal 
School. Terre Haute, Ind. Biology. Farm- 
land, Ind, Sept. 29, 64. A.B, Indiana, 00, A.M, 
02. Head, Dept. Biol, State Nor. Sch, Man- 
kato, 91-05; Dept. Zool. and Bot, Ind. State 
Nor. Sch, Terre Haute, 05- Asst, U. S. Fish 
Commission, summers, 92-96; Minn. Nat. Hist. 
Surv, summers, 97- M.A.A; Soc. Nat; assoc. 
Ornith. Union; Nat. Geog. Soc; Minn. Acad; 
Ind. Acad. Fishes. The fishes of Minnesota. 

Crafts, Prof. J(ames) M(ason), 59 Marlborough 
St, Boston, Mass. * Chemistry. Boston, March 
8, 39. B.S, Harvard, 58; Freiberg, 59; Heidel- 
berg, 60; Paris Sch. of Med, 61-65. Mine ex- 
aminer, Mex, 66-67 ; prof. chem. and dean, 
Chem. Faculty, Cornell, 68-71; prof, chem, 
Mass. Inst. Tech, 71-80; chem. research, Paris, 
74-88; Mass. Inst. Tech, 88-92, prof. org. 
chem, 92-97, pres, 97-00; chem. research, 00- 
Jecker prize, Paris Acad; Chevalier L6gion 
d'honneur, 85; LL.D, Harvard, 98. Nat. 
Acad; F.A.A; Chem. Soc; Am. Acad; Wash. 
Acad; assoc. mem. British Ass; Royal Inst; 
British, French and German Chem. Societies. 
Chemistry ; organic silicium compounds ; chlorid 
of aluminous reaction; vapor densities; ther- 
mometry. Catalytic reactions in concentrated 

Cragin, Dr. Edwin B(radford), 10 W. 50th St, 
New York, N. Y. Obstetrics, Gynecology. 

Colchester, Conn, Oct. 23, 59. A.B, Yale, 82; 
M.D, Columbia, 86. Prof, obstet, Columbia, 
99-03, obstet. and gynec, 03- Consulting 
gynecologist and obstetric surgeon to various 
hospitals; sec'y, Medical Faculty, Columbia, 95- 
99. Gynec. Soc; N. Y. Obstet. Soc; N. Y. 



Co. Med. Soc; N. Y. Acad. Med; Greater N. Y. 
Med. Ass. 
Cragin, Prof. F(rancis) W(hittemore), 1715 Wood 
Ave, Colorado Springs, Colo. Geology, Zoology, 
Botany. Greenfield, N. H, Sept. 4, 58. Brook- 
lyn Polytech, 75-79; B.S, Harvard, 82; Ph.D, 
Hopkins, 99. Prof. nat. hist, Washburn, 82-91 ; 
geol, Colo. Col, 91-03; pres. and gen. manager, 
Globe Explor, Mining and Milling Co, Ofy- 
Originator and in charge, Kas. Biol. Surv, 83- 
91; geologist, Tex. Geol. Surv, 92-93; lecturer 
geol, Summer Sch, Colorado Springs, 94; co- 
editor, 'Am. Geologist,' 90-96. F.A.A; Geol. 
Soc ; Nat. Geog. Soc ; Kas. Acad. Lesser known 
parts of fauna and flora of Kansas; paleon- 
tology and stratigraphic geology. Marine inver- 
tebrate paleontology of Texas Jurassic; pioneer 
history of the plains and the Rocky Mountains. 

Craig, Prof. John, 3 East Ave, Ithaca, N. Y. Hor- 
ticulture, Agriculture. Lakefield, Can, 64. 
B.S, Iowa State, 87; M.S.A, Cornell, 98. Asst. 
to director, Iowa Exp. Sta, 88, 89 ; horticulturist, 
Dominion Exp. Farms, Ottawa, Can, 90-97 ; 
prof. hort. and forestry, Iowa State, 98-00; in 
charge exten. teaching in agr, Cornell, 00-03, 
prof, hort, 03- Ed, Hort. Dept, ' Family Her- 
ald,' 95-02; supt, Iowa Hort. Soc. Exp. Sta, 98, 
99; chairman, Sect. Hort. and Bot, Ass. Agr. 
Col. and Exp. Stations, 02 ; ed, ' Nat. Nursery- 
man.' M.A.A; Soc. Hort. Sci; Pomol. Soc; fel. 
Royal Hort. Soc. Pomology; agricultural edu- 
cation. Agricultural teaching in the rural 

Craig, Dr. Joseph D(avis), 12 Ten Broeck St, Al- 
bany, N. Y. Anatomy. Albany, Oct. 5, 56. 
A.B, Union, 80, A.M, 83; M.D, 'Albany Med. 
Col, 84. Demonstrator anat, Albany Med. Col, 
86-02, asst, 87-90, lecturer, 90-92, adj. prof, 
92-02, prof, 02- Curator, Mus, Albany Med. 
Col, 88-; visiting physician, St. Vincent's Or- 
phan Asylum, 90-; Albany Hosp, 94-; health 
officer, Albany, 00- Ass. Anat; N. Y. State 
Med. Soc; Albany Co. Med. Soc. (pres, 94). 

Craighead, Dr. E(dwin) B(oone), Tulane Univer- 
sity, New Orleans, La. Education. Ham's 
Prairie, Mo, March 2, 61. A.M, Central (Mo.) ; 
Vanderbilt; Paris. Prof. Greek, Wofford, 89- 
92; pres, Clemson, 92-96; Central (Mo.), 96- 
00; State Nor. Sch, Warrensburg, Mo, 00-05; 
Tulane, 05- LL.D, Missouri, 98. West. Philos. 
Ass. History of education; Greek philosophy. 

Crampton, Dr. C(harles) A(lbert), Revenue 
Bureau, U. S. Treasury Department, Washing- 
ton, D. C. *Chemistry. Davenport, la, Feb. 18, 
58. Iowa, 73-75; B.L, Ph.C, Michigan, 82; 
A.C, Purdue, 82; M.D, Columbian, 83. Asst. 
chemist, U. S. Dept. Agr, 83-90; chemist, In- 
ternal Revenue Bur, U. 8. Treas. Dept, 90-93, 
chief, Div. Chem, 93- Mem. various govt, com- 
missions. F.A.A; Chem. Soc. (pres, Wash. 
Branch, 90) ; Social Sci. Ass. Composition of 
plant tissues; composition of fats and oils; 
food analysis; fermentation and composition 
of alcoholic liquors. Composition of glycerids, 

especially butter fat; effect of growth of micro- 
organisms in butter fat. 

Crampton, Dr. C(harles) Ward (Grinnell), 160 W. 
119th St, New York, N. Y. Physiology, An- 
thropology. New York, May 26, 77. A.B, Col. 
City of N. Y, 96; M.D, Columbia, 00. Asst, 
Woods Hole, 98; Path. Dept, Columbia, 00-03; 
chairman, Dept. Physical Training, High Sch. 
of Commerce, N. Y, 00-05; asst. director phys- 
ical training, pub. schools, N. Y. City, 05- 
M.A.A; Nat. Physical Educ. Ass; Soc. Re- 
search Physical Educ; Nat. Educ. Ass; N. Y. 
Physical Educ. Soc. (pres, 05). Splanchnic 
vasomotor control; vasomotor control as an in- 
dex of disposable energy; pubescence. Physical 
and mental features of pubescence. 

Crampton, Prof. Henry E(dward), Columbia Uni- 
versity, New York, N. Y. *Zoology, Experi- 
mental biology. New York, Jan. 5, 75. Col. 
City of N. Y, 88-92; A.B, Columbia, 93, fellow, 
96-97, Ph.D, 99. Asst. biol, Columbia, 93-95; 
instr. zool, Mass. Inst. Tech, 95-96; lecturer, 
Columbia, 97-99, tutor, 99-00, instr, Barnard, 
00-01, adj. prof, 01-03, prof, 04- Instr. em- 
bryol, Woods Hole, 95-; in charge embryol, Biol. 
Lab, Cold Spring Harbor, 04-; assoc. staff, Sta. 
for Exp. Evolution, Carnegie Inst, Cold Spring 
Harbor, 04- F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool; Soc. 
Exp. Biol, and Med; fel. Ethnol. Soc; Soc. 
Educ. Research ; fel. N. Y. Acad. ( rec. sec'y. ) . 
Developmental mechanics; fertilization of the 
egg; variation and selection in Lepidoptera. 
Embryology of gasteropods; fertilization of 
the egg in ascidians, gasteropods, etc; varia- 
tion, selection and inheritance in Lepidoptera 
(Saturniidae) ; general experimental evolution. 

Crandall, Prof. A(lbert) R(ogers), Alfred, N. Y. 
Geology, Paleontology, Biology. Little Genesee, 
N. Y, Sept. 16, 40. A.M, Ph.D. Milton; 
Mus. Comp. Zool, Harvard, 67-73. Instr. geol, 
Ky. Agr. and Mech. Col, 74-75, prof, 75-90; 
Alfred, 96- First lieut, Civil War; first asst, 
Ky. Geol. Surv, 73-76, 80-90. Geol. Soc. 
Kentucky geology. 

Crane, Dr. W(alter) R(ichard), 1546 Massachusetts 
St, Lawrence, Kas. Mining engineering. Graf- 
ton, Mass, Feb. 5, 70. A.B, Kansas, 95, A.M, 
96; Ph.D, Golumbia, 01. Asst. prof, mining, 
Kansas, 98- Min. Eng; Kas. Acad. Ore con- 
centrations; calorimetry of fuels; blasting. 
Testing explosions; flow of gas. 

Crary, Dr. Geo(rge) W(aldo), 771 Madison Ave, 
New York, N. Y. Dermatology. Brooklyn, N. Y, 
Jan. 3, 64. M.D. Columbia, 85. House sur- 
geon, Bellevue Hosp, 87; asst. attending sur- 
geon, Out-patient Dept, Roosevelt Hosp, 88-01, 
asst. to attending surgeon, 96-01; asst. consult- 
ing dermatologist, N. Y. Lying-in Hosp, 03-05; 
consulting dermatologist, Gen. Mem. Hosp, 03- 
Instr. physiol. chem, Post-Grad. Med. Sch. and 
Hosp, 88-89 ; asst. demonstrator anat, Colum- 
bia, 97-01; asst. attending surgeon, N. Y. Can- 
cer Hosp; attending surgeon and clin. asst, 
Med. Col, Cornell. Greater N. Y. Med. Soc; 
N. Y. Acad. Med; Manhattan Dermat. Soc. 



Myxedema and thyroid extract; thyroid ex- 
tract in psoriasis. Regional histology of the 

Crathorne, Arthur R(obert), 602 E. Clark St, 
Champaign, Ills. Mathematics. Scarborough, 
England, Oct. 26, 73. B.S, Illinois, 98; Chicago, 
summer, 02; Gottingen, 04- Instr. math, 
Maine, 98-00; Wisconsin, 00-04. Math. Soc. 

Crawford, Prof. A (lexander ) W(ellington), Beaver, 
Pa. Philosophy, English literature. Branch- 
ton, Ont, Jan. 15, 66. A.B, Toronto, 95, A.M, 
98; Ph.D, Cornell, 02. Teacher English, Co- 
lumbian Col, New Westminster, B.C, 97-98; 
asst. to ed, ' Philos. Rev,' 00-02 ; prof, philos. 
and psychol, Ursinus, 02-03 ; English and 
philos. and dean, Beaver, 03- Philos. Ass. 
Empiricism and metaphysics; the philosophy of 
F. H. Jacobi. The sense of time; moral order 
in Shakespeare's plays. 

Crawford, Prof. J(ohn) Forsyth, Grand Island, 
Nebr. Mental science, Theology. Damascus, 
Syria, Nov. 16, 71. Union, 91-93; A.B, Prince- 
ton, 95 ; Berlin, 96 ; A.M, Princeton, 97 ; McCor- 
mick Theol. Sem, Chicago, 97-00. Demonstra- 
tor exp. psychol, Princeton, 97 ; pastor, Beaver 
Dam, W T is, 00-04; prof, psychol. and pedag, 
Grand Island, 0^- Soc. Nat; Psychol. Ass. 
The temperature sense. 

Crawford, Prof. Morris B(arker), Middletown, 
Conn. *Physics. Ossining, N. Y, Sept. 26, 52. 
A.B, Wesleyan, 74, A.M, 77. Tutor math, Wes- 
leyan, 74-77, instr. physics, 80-81, assoc. prof, 
81-84, prof, 8It- F.A.A; Physical Soc. 

Crawford, Dr. Russell Tracy, 2011 Bancroft Way, 
Berkeley, Cal. Astronomy. Davisville, Cal, 
March 26, 76. B.S, California, 97, fellow, 
Lick Observatory, 98-01, Ph.D, 01. Asst. as- 
tron, California, 97-98; computer, Watson 
Trustees, 01-02; examiner, U. S. Civil Service 
Commission, 02-03; instr. practical astron, 
California, 03- Astron. and Astrophys. Soc; 
Pacific Astron. Soc. Constant of refraction; 
comet orbits; perturbations of minor planets. 
Refraction; perturbations of minor planets. 

Crawley, Prof. Edwin S(chofield), 330 Springfield 
Ave, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pa. Mathe- 
matics. Philadelphia, July 31, 62. B.S, Penn- 
sylvania, 82, Ph.D, 92. Instr. civil eng, Penn- 
sylvania, 82-84, math, 84-89, asst. prof, 89-99, 
Thomas A. Scott prof, 99- F.A.A. (sec'y, A, 
02) ; Math. Soc; Math. Verein. Mathematics. 

Crawley, Howard, Wyncote, Pa. Zoology. Phila- 
delphia, Pa, June 4, 69. B.S, Pennsylvania, 
97; M.S, Harvard, 01. Asst. zool, Harvard, 00- 
01. M.A.A; Phila. Acad. The Sporozoa. Clas- 
sification and physiology of Gregarinida. 

Crehore, Dr. Albert C(ushing), 48 Lincoln Terrace, 
Yonkers, N. Y. * Engineering. Cleveland, O, 
June 8, 68. A.B, Yale, 90; Hopkins, 91; Ph.D, 
Cornell, 93. Instr. physics, Cornell, 93-94; 

asst. prof, Dartmouth, 94-98. M.A.A; Elec. 
Eng. Application of the sine wave to tele- 
graphs as applied to submarine cables and land 
lines; the invention of a printing telegraph 

employing a standard typewriter without any 
alteration for transmitter and receiver. 
Creighton, Prof. J(ames) E(dwin), The Circle, 
Ithaca, N. Y. *Philosophy. Pictou, N. S, 
April 8, 61. A.B, Dalhousie, 87; Berlin, 91; 
Ph.D, Cornell, 92. Instr. philos, Cornell, 89- 
91, assoc. prof, modern philos, 92-95, prof, 
logic and metaphysics, 95- Ed, ' Philos. Rev ', 
02-; Am. ed, ' Kant-Studien,' 96- LL.D, 
Queen's (Can.), 03. Philos. Ass. (pres, 02); 
Psychol. Ass. The nature of judgment and the 
knowing processes of mind; metaphysics. 

Creighton, Prof. W(illiam) H(enry) P(aul), U.S.N. 

(retired), 1438 Henry Clay Ave, New Orleans, 
La. Mechanical engineering. Cincinnati, O, 
June 29, 59. Cincinnati, 76-77; U. S. Naval 
Acad, 78-82. Asst. engineer, U. S. N, 84-92, 
retired, 92; prof. mech. eng, Purdue, 87-91; 
chief engineer, U. S. Coast Surv, ' Steamer 
Blake,' 91-92; prof. mech. eng, Tulane, 95- 
Inspector vessels and govt, material, Spanish- 
Am. War. Naval Eng; Eng. Educ; Franklin 

Crew, Prof. Henry, 620 Library St, Evanston, Ills. 
*Physics. Richmond, O, June 4, 59. A.B, 
Princeton, 82, fellow, 82-84; fellow, Hopkins, 
84-87, Ph.D, 87. Asst. physics, Hopkins, 87- 
88; instr, Haverford, 88-91; astronomer, Lick 
Observatory, 91-92; prof, physics, Northwest- 
em, 92- Assoc, ed, ' Astrophys. Jour '. Dele- 
gate of Ani. Physical Soc, Cong, of Physicists, 
Paris, 00. F.A.A; Physical Soc; Astron. and 
Astrophys. Soc. Spectroscopy. Arc and spark 
spectra of metals. 

Crile, Dr. George, 169 Kensington St, Cleveland, O. 
Medicine, Surgery. Chili, O, Nov. 11, 64. A.B, 
Ohio North. Univ, 84; M.D, Wooster, 87, A.M, 
88; Vienna, 93; London, 95; Paris, 97. Lec- 
turer and demonstrator histol, Med. Dept, 
Wooster, 89-90, prof, physiol, 90-93, principles 
surg, 93-00; din. surg, Med. Col, Western Re- 
serve, 00- Surgeon, St. Alexis Hosp; assoc. 
surgeon, Lakeside Hosp. Cartwright prize, Co- 
lumbia, 97, 03; Senn prize, Am. Med. Ass, 98; 
Alvarenga prize, Col. of Physicians, Phila, 01; 
hon. Ph.D, Hiram. F.A.A; Ass. Path, and 
Bact; Surg. Ass; Soc. Exp. Biol, and Med; 
Am. Med. Ass; Soc. Clin. Surg; Am. Geog. Soc; 
Int. Soc. Surg. Surgical shock; surgery of the 
respiration system; blood pressure in surgery. 

Crocker, Prof. Francis B(acon), 14 W. 45th St, 
New York, N. Y. *Electrical engineering. 
New York, July 4, 61. E.M, Columbia, 82, 
Ph.D, 95. Instr. elec. eng, Columbia, 89-92, 
adj. prof, 92-93, prof, 93- Int. Elec. Cong, 
Chicago, 93 (perm, sec'y). F.A.A; Physical 
Soc; Elec. Eng. (pres, 97-98) ; N. Y. Elec.' Soc; 
British Inst. Elec. Eng. High potential direct 
current dynamos; unipolar dynamos; regula- 
tion of electric motors ; primary and secondary 
batteries. Electrochemistry; automatic regu- 
lation of alternating current systems. 

Crockett, Prof. Cha(rle)s W(inthrop), Stowe Ave, 
Troy, N. Y. Mathematics, Astronomy. Macon, 
Ga, Oct. 6, 62. A.B, Mercer, 79; C.E, Rensse- 



laer, 84. Asst. prof. math, and astron, Rensse- 
laer, 84-93, prof, 93- Hon. A.M, Mercer, 86. 
F.A.A; Astron. and Astrophys. Soc. Mathe- 
Croes, J(ohn) James R(obertson), 68 Broad St, 
New York, N. Y. Civil engineering. Rich- 
mond, Va, Nov. 25, 34. A.B, St. James 
(Md. ), 53, A.M, 56. Asst. engineer, Brooklyn 
Water Works, 57-60; Croton Water Works, 
60-63 ; principal asst. engineer, Washington 
Water Works, 63-65; resident engineer, Croton 
Storage Reservoir, 65-70; topog. engineer, N. Y. 
Park Dept, 70-78; chief engineer, Suburban 
Rapid Transit R. R, 80-91; consulting engineer, 
78-05. Consulting engineer, N. Y. State Health 
Dept, 03-05. Norman medal, Civil Eng, 74. 
Civil Eng. (treas, 78-88, v. pres, 89, pres, 01) ; 
Am. Water Works Ass; Pub. Health Ass; New 
Eng. Water Works Ass ; British Inst. Civil Eng. 
The relation of rainfall to run-off of streams; 
the use and waste of water in cities; valuation 
of water works and water power; sewage and 
sewage disposal. 

Cronau, Rudolf, 2583 Bainbridge Ave, New York, 
N. Y. Ethnology, History. Solingen, Ger- 
many, Jan. 21, 55. High schools and Acad, of 
Art, Diisseldorf, Germany. Medal, Columbian 
Expos, 93. Fel Ethnol. Soc; Albrecht Diirer 
Verein, and several literary and art clubs. His- 
tory of American culture and Americana in 
general; American ethnology. 

Crook, Prof. A(lja) R(obinson), Northwestern 
University, Evanston, Ills. Mineralogy, Geology. 
Circleville, O, June 17, 64. A.B, Ohio Wesleyan, 
87; Ph.D, Munich, 92. Supt. pub. schools, Mt. 
Carmel, O, 87-89; prof. nat. hist, Wheaton, 
92-93; miner, and econ. geol, NortJiAvestern, 
93- Int. Geol. Conf, 99. F.A.A; Geol. 
Soc; Geol. Gesell. Cretaceous fossil fish; 
mineralogical and economic geology. Mexican 
opals; the occurrence of various minerals. 

Crosby, Prof. W(illiam) O(tis), Massachusetts In- 
stitute of Technology, Boston, Mass. *Geology. 
Belpre, O, Jan. 14, 50. B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 
76. Instr. geol, Mass. Inst. Tech, 78-83, asst. 
prof, 83-02, assoc. prof, 02- Asst. geol. and 
miner, Boston Soc. Nat. Hist, 76-; consulting 
geologist to various state and city commissions, 
95- Walker prize, Boston Soc. Nat. Hist, 
twice; bronze medal, Paris Expos, 00. F.A.A; 
Geol. .Soc; Min. Eng; Nat. Geog. Soc; Am. 
Acad; Boston Soc. Nat. Hist. Chemical, struc- 
tural, glacial and economic geology; ore depos- 
its; geology of the Boston Basin, of Alaska and 
of the Rocky Mountains. 

Cross, Prof. Charles Robert, 100 Upland Road, 
Brookline, Mass. * Experimental physics. Troy, 
N. Y, March 29, 48. B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 70. 
Prof, physics, Mass. Inst. Tech, 75-78, Thayer 
prof, 78-, director, Rogers Lab, 85- Chair- 
man, Sect. B, Elec. Cong, Columbian Expos, 93. 
F.A.A; Physical Soc; Astron. and Astrophys. 
Soc; Elec. Eng; Am. Acad, (chairman, Rum- 
ford Committee, 04) ; Appalachian Mt. Club 
(pres, 80) ; British Ass. Telephony. 

Cross, Dr. (Charles) Whitman, 2138 Bancroft 
Place, Washington, D. C. * Geology. Amherst, 
Mass, Sept. 1, 54. B.S, Amherst, 75, grad. 
student, 76; Gottingen, 77; Ph.D, Liepzig, 80. 
Asst. geologist, U. 8. Geol. Surv, 80-88, geol- 
ogist, 88-, chief, Sect. Petrol, 03- Geol. Soc; 
Wash. Acad; Wash. Geol. Soc. (pres, 99-00); 
Colo. Sci. Soc. Geology of various districts in 
Colorado ; geology, petrography and mineralogy. 
Geological surveys in Colorado; systematic 

Crowell, Dr. John Franklin, 2144 P St, N. W, 
Washington, D. C. Economics. York, Pa, 
Nov. 1, 57. A.B, Yale, 83; fellow, Columbia, 
94-95, Ph.D, 98. Pres, Trinity (N. C), 87-94; 
prof. econ. and sociol, Smith, 96-98; expert in 
charge internal commerce, Bur. of Statistics, 
U. S. Treas. Dept, 00-04. Lecturer, Columbia, 
97; expert, Indust. Commission, 00-01. L.H.D, 
North Carolina, 91. F.A.A. (sec'y, I, 03) ; 
Econ. Ass; Acad. Polit. and Social Sci; Geog. 
Ass. Sociology; the sugar question in Europe 
and the tropics; distribution of farm products; 
internal commerce. Internal commerce in the 
United States. 

Crozier, Gen. William, U. S. A, War Depart- 
ment, Washington, D. C. Engineering. Car- 
rolton, O, Feb. 19, 55. Grad, U. S. Mil. Acad, 
76. Served in Fourth Artil, U. 8. A, 76-81, 
appointed to Ordnance Dept, 81, brig. gen. and 
chief, 01- Instr. math, U. S. Mil. Acad, 79-84; 
on special duty in Europe, 88-89 ; inspector for- 
tifications, 98 ; Int. Peace Conference, The 
Hague, 99; served in Philippine campaign, 00; 
Pekin Relief Exped. F.A.A; Am. Geog. Soc; 
Wash. Acad. Application of wire to construc- 
tion of guns; strains of gun carriages; strains 
due to rifling of guns. 

Crump, Col. Malcolm H(art), Room 4, McElroy 
Building, Bowling Green, Ky. Engineering, 
Geology. Culpeper Co, Va, Oct. 24, 49. Grad, 
Va. Mil. Inst, 73; Summer Sch. of Geol, Har- 
vard, 75-77. Asst. and acting director, Ky. 
Geol. Surv, 75-90; prof. nat. science, Ogden, 
99- Director, Ky. Dept. Mining and Forestry, 
Columbian Expos, 93; Ky. Commissioner, La. 
Purchase Expos, 04. M.A.A. Coal; iron; 
American asphalt. Methods of using and ap- 
plying Kentucky rock asphalt. 

Culin, (Robert) Stewart, Brooklyn Institute of 
Arts and Sciences, Brooklyn, N. Y. *Anthro- 
pology. Philadelphia, Pa, July 13, 58. Naz- 
areth Hall, Pa. Director, Dept. Archeol, Penn- 
sylvania, 92-99, curator, Sect. Am. and Gen. 
Ethnol, Free Mus. Science and Arts, 99-03; 
ethnol, Brooklyn Inst, 03- Sec'y, U. S. Com- 
mission, Columbian Hist. Expos, Madrid, 92-93. 
F.A.A. (sec'y, H, 75, v. pres, 02) ; Soc. Nat; 
Philos. Soc; Folk-lore Soc. (pres, 97) ; Numis. 
and Antiq. Soc. (rec. sec'y, 83-) ; fel. Ethnol. 
Soc; Brooklyn Inst; hon. mem. Soc. Cient. Ant. 
Alz; cor. mem. Madrid Royal Acad. Hist; cor. 
mem. Florence Soc. Ital. d'Antrop, Etnol. e 
Psicol. comp; Swedish Soc. Anthrop. and Geog. 



Comparative study of games. Games of North 
American Indians. 

Cullen, Dr. Thomas Stephen, 3 W. Preston St, 
Baltimore, Md. Surgery. Bridgewater, Ont, 
Nov. 20, 68. M.B, Toronto, 90. House sur- 
geon, Toronto Gen. Hosp, 90-91 ; demonstrator 
anat, Toronto, 91 ; asst. res. gynecologist, Hop- 
kins Hosp, 92-96, res. gynecologist, 96-97, 
assoc. prof, gynec, Hopkins, 00. Ass. Path, and 
Bact; fel. British Gynec. Soc; London Obstet. 
Soc; Leipzig Gesell. fiir Geburtshiilfe ; hon. mem. 
Soc. Ital. di Ostet. e Ginec. Cancer of the 
uterus ; gynecological pathology. 

Culver, Prof. G(arry) E(ugene), 1103 Main St, 
Stevens Point, Wis. Geology. Hebron, Wis, 
May 20, 49. Harvard, 86; Wisconsin, 88- 
91. Prof. nat. science, Dakota, 83-86, physical 
science, 86-87, geol. and miner, 88-91; physical 
science, State Nor. Sch, Stevens Point, Wis, 94- 
Instr. geol, Beloit, 92; lecturer, Exten., 
Wisconsin, 92-93. Hon. A.M, Denison, 88. 
M.A.A; Geol. Soc; Chem. Soc; Wis. Acad. 
Artesian well problems in the Dakotas; glacial 
topography. Graphite deposits of central Wis- 

Cuniings, Dr. Edgar R(oscoe), Indiana Univer- 
sity, Bloomington, Ind. Paleontology. Madi- 
son, O, Feb. 20, 74. A.B, Union, 97; Cornell, 
97-98; fellow, Yale, 01-03, Ph.D, 03. Instr. 
paleont, Indiana, 98-03, asst. prof, geol, 03- 
F.A.A; Geol. Soc. Paleontology; stratigraphic 
geology; Brachiopoda; Bryozoa; Ordovician 
faunas; morphogenesis of Platystrophia; pa- 
leontology of the Ordovician of Indiana. 

Cummings, Prof. Clara E(aton), North Woodstock, 
N. H. Botany. Plymouth, N. H, July 13, 55. 
Wellesley, 76-79; Zurich, 86-87. Instr. hot, 
Wellesley, 79-87, assoc. prof, 87-03, prof, 03- 
Chief ed, ' Decades of N. A. Lichens,' and 
' Lichens Boreali ' ; assoc. ed, ' Plant World.' 
F.A.A; Soc. Plant Morph. and Physiol, (v. 
pres, 04 ) ; Mycol. Soc ; Torrey Bot. Club ; Bos- 
ton Soc. Nat. Hist; Boston Mycol. Club. Lich- 
ens. Lichens of Alaska and Labrador. 

Cummins, Dr. G(eorge) Wyckoff, Belvidere, N. J. 
Physiological chemistry. Vienna, N. J, March 
2, 65. Ph.B, Yale, 84, Ph.D, 87; M.D, Colum- 
bia, 90. Asst, Lab. Physiol. Chem, Yale, 84-87, 
instr. math, Sheffield Sci. Sch, Yale, 87-88; 
practising physician, 90- M.A.A; Am. Med. 
Ass; N. J. Med. Ass. Physiological chemistry, 
chiefly in relation to digestion; annealing of 

Cunningham, Dr. R(ichard) H(oope), 201 W. 54th 
St, New York, N. Y. *Physiology, Neurology. 
Richmond, Va, July 1, 65. Virginia, 83-85; 
M.D, Med. Col. of Va, 86, and Columbia, 88; 
Heidelberg, 90-91; Univ. Col, London, 91-93. 
Lecturer nervous and mental diseases, Med. 
Col. of Va, 93-94 ; demonstrator physiol, Colum- 
bia, 95-98; clin. asst. neur, Vanderbilt Clinic, 
95-02 ; instr. electrophysiol, Columbia, 02- 
Physiol. Soc; Neur. Soc; Soc. Exp. Biol, and 
Med; Elec. Eng; fel. N. Y. Acad; Va. Med. Soc; 
N. Y. Co. Med. Soc. Physiology; neurology; 

electricity. Stimulation of sciatic nerve with 
strong electric currents. 

Cunningham, Prof. S(usan) J, Swarthmore, 
Pa. Mathematics, Astronomy. Wilna, Md, 
March 23, 42. Vassar, 66-67 ; Harvard, sum- 

mers, 74, 76; Princeton, summer, 81; Cam- 
bridge, England, summers, 77, 78, 79, 82, 87; 
Williams, summers, 83, 84. Instr. math, 
Swarthmore, 69-72, asst. prof, 72-74, prof, 
math, and astron, l\- Hon. Sc.D, Swarthmore, 
88. F.A.A; Math. Soc; Pacific Astron. Soc; 
British Astron. Ass. 

Curtin, Jeremiah, Bureau of American Ethnology, 
Washington, D. C. Anthropology. Milwaukee, 
Wis, Sept. 6, 40. A.B, Harvard, 63. Sec'y, 
U. S. Legation, St. Petersburg, 65-70, acting 
consul general, 65, 66; asst. ethnologist, Bur. 
Ethnol, 83-91, 91- Ethnology; mythology; 
philology; history. The Mongols; ethnology of 
northern Europe; mythology and languages of 
primitive America. 

Curtis, Dr. Carlton C(larence), Columbia Univer- 
sity, New York, N. Y. Botany. Syracuse, N. 
Y, Aug. 24, 64. A.B, Syracuse, 89; A.M, Co- 
lumbia, 94; Ph.D, Syracuse, 95; Cambridge, 
England, 96; Leipzig, 97. Principal, Fayette- 
ville Union Sch, 84-86; instr. nat. science, 
Brooklvn Polytech, 90-92; tutor tot, Columbia, 
98- F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Bot. Soc; Soc. Plant 
Morph. and Physiol. Turgor; transmission and 
tension of fluids in plants ; transpiration. Ac- 
tion of pure and colored light upon transpira- 

Curtis, George Carroll, 64 Crawford St, Boston, 
Mass. Geology. Abington, Mass, July 15, 72. 
B.S, Harvard, 96; Ziirich, 01. Asst. geol, Har- 
vard, 96-98; asst. geologist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 
98-99. In charge of construction, State Model 
Metrop. Boston, 00; U. S. Senate Models, 01- 
02; geologist on Dixie Exped, 02. Gold medal, 
Paris, 00; La. Purchase Expos, 04. F.A.A; Nat. 
Geog. Soc; Boston Sci. Soc. Geographic sculp- 
ture; shore lines; volcanic topography. Topo- 
graphic sculpture; active glaciers; coral islands. 

Curtis, Dr. H(eber) D(oust), Lick Observatory, 
Mt. Hamilton, Cal. Astronomy. Muskegon, 
Mich, June 27, 72. A.B, Michigan, 92, A.M, 
93; fellow, Leander McCormick Observatory, 
00-02; Ph.D, Virginia, 02. Instr. math, High 
Sch, Detroit, 93; prof. Greek and Latin, Napa, 
94-96; math, and astron, Pacific, 97-00; asst, 
Lick Observatory, California, 02-04, asst. as- 
tronomer, OJf- Voluntary aide, Lick Observa- 
tory, Eclipse Sta, Thomaston, Ga, 00; mem. 
U. S. Naval Observatory Eclipse Exped. to 
Sumatra, 01 ; in charge Lick Observatory 
Eclipse Sta, Cartwright, Labrador, 05. Defini- 
tive determination of the orbit of comet 1898 I. 
Determination of faint stellar magnitudes; 
spectrography ; spectroscopic binaries. 

Curtis, Dr. Henry S(toddard), 217 W. 108th St, 
New York, N. Y. Psychology, Pedagogy. 
Olivet, Mich, Feb. 9, 70. A.B, Olivet, 94, and 
Yale, 95 ; Ph.D, Clark, 98. Instr. English, High 
Sch, N. Y. City, 99- Gen. director playgrounds, 



New York, summers, 98, 99, 01. Activity of chil- 
dren. Playground movements and conditions. 

Curtis, Dr. John G(reen), 327 W. 58th St, New 
York, N. Y. *Physiology, History of medicine. 
New York, Oct. 29, 44. A.B, Harvard, 66, A.M, 
G9; M.D, Columbia, 70. Asst. demonstrator 
and demonstrator anat, Columbia, 70-75, adj. 
lecturer and adj. prof. physiol, 75-83, prof, 
S3- House surgeon, Bellevue Hosp, 70; attend- 
ing surgeon, 76-S1; sec'y, Med. Faculty, Colum- 
bia, 76-90. LL.D, Columbia, 04. Soc. Nat. 
Physiol. Soc; N. Y. State Med. Soc; N. Y. Co. 
Med. Soc; fel. N. Y. Acad. Physiology; the 
early history of physiology. 

Curtis, Prof. Mattoon M(onroe), 43 Adelbert Ave, 
Cleveland, O. Philosophy, Anthropology. West- 
moreland, N. Y, Oct. 19, 58. A.B, Hamilton, 
80, Law Sch, 81; B.D, Union Theol. Sem, 83; 
Ph.D, Leipzig, 90. Pastor, Beckwith Mem. 
Presbyterian Church, Cleveland, O, 85-88; in 
Europe. 88-91; prof, philos, Western Reserve, 
91- M.A.A; Philos. Ass; Psychol. Ass; 
Anthrop. Ass; Ethnol. Soc; Acad. Polit. and 
Social Sci. History of philosophy in America; 
Edwards and Kant. Classification of the 

Curtis, Dr. R(obert) W(illiam), University of 
Kansas, Lawrence, Kas. Chemistry. Bridge- 
port, Conn, July 4, 69. B.S, Trinity (Conn.), 
96; Ph.D, Yale, 04. Asst. instr. chem, Yale, 
03-04; asst. prof, Kansas, 0k~ Kas. Acad. 
Action of reducing agents upon vanadium 
pentoxid; determination of metals by rotating 

Curtis, Dr. William E(leroy), 1801 Connecticut Ave, 
Washington, D. C. History, Political economy, 
Diplomacy. Akron, O, Nov. 5, 50. A.B, West- 
ern Reserve, 71. Envoy extraordinary to Re- 
publics of Cent. Am. and S. Am, 84; director, 
Bur. Am. Republics, 90; special envoy to Holy 
See, King of Spain and commissioner for Co- 
lumbian Expos, to Madrid, 92; chief, Latin- 
Am. Dept. and Hist. Sect, Columbian Expos, 
93; commissioner for Pan- Am. Expos, to S. 
Am, 99. Grand commander, Order of Isabella 
the Catholic, Spain; Litt.D, Western Reserve. 
Int. Am. Conf, 89-90 (pres.). F.A.A; Nat. 
Geog. Soc; Am. Hist. Ass; Int. Soc. Ameri- 
canists. Early American history; commercial 
possibilities in Latin- America. 

Curtis, Dr. W(interton) C(onway), University of 
Missouri, Columbia, Mo. *Zoology. Richmond, 
Me, Nov. 4, 75. A.B, Williams, 97, A.M, 98; 
fellow, Hopkins, 00-01, Ph.D, 01. Instr. zool, 
Missouri, 01-04, asst. prof, Olf- Instr. zool, 
Woods Hole, 99-03. F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. 
Zool. Planaria; Cestoda. Embryology of 

Curtiss, A (lien) H(iram), Jacksonville, Fla. 
Botany. Central Square, N. Y, Feb. 9, 45. 
High Sch. Collecting botanist, U. S. Dept. 
Agr, 75; Tenth Census, 80; Jesup Collection, 
81; Southern U. S, 77-01; West Indies, 02- 
Botany. Plants of southern United States and 
the West Indies. 

Curtiss, Prof. Charles F, Ames, la. Agricul- 
ture. Nora, Ills, Dec. 12, 63. B.S.A, Iowa 
State, 87, M.S.A, 93. Statistician, U. S. Dept. 
Agr, 88-93; prof, animal husbandry, Iowa 
State, and asst. director, Exp. Sta, 91-96, dean 
agr, Iowa State, and director, Exp. Sta, 97- 
Pres, Iowa Live Stock Breeders Ass; expert 
judge of live stock, Trans-Miss, Pan.-Am, La. 
Purchase and Lewis and Clark Expositions; 
mem. Exec. Committee, Int. Live Stock Expos. 

Curtiss, Dr. Ralph H(amilton), Allegheny Obser- 
vatory, Allegheny, Pa. Astronomy, Astrophys- 
ics. Derby, Conn, Feb. 8, 80. B.S, California, 

01, fellow, Lick Observatory, 01-05, Ph.D, 04. 
Student asst. astron, California, 00-01; Car- 
negie asst, Lick Observatory, Jan.-May, 05 ; 
asst. astronomer, Allegheny Observatory, 05- 
Mem. Lick Observatory Eclipse Exped. to Su- 
matra, 01. Astron. and Astrophys. Soc. Spec- 
troscopy of heavenly bodies; photography of 
comet forms. Spectrographic construction; 
spectrography of variable stars. 

Curtiss, Dr. Richard S(ydney), University of Illi- 
nois, Urbana, Ills. Chemistry. Stratford, 
Conn, Nov. 8, 64. Ph.B, Yale, 88; Munich, 
90-91; Ph.D, Wiirzburg, 92; Paris, 92-93. 
Chemist, Conn. Agr. Exp. Sta, New Haven, 88- 
90; docent and instr. org. chem, Chicago, 93- 
97; prof, chem, Hobart, 97-01; Union, 01-04; 
org. chem, Illinois, 04- Research chemist, 
Conn. Exp. Sta, 93. F.A.A; Chem. Soc; Chem. 
Gesell. Organic chemistry. Derivatives of cer- 
tain substituted amino malonic esters. 

Cushing, Dr. Harvey, 3 W. Franklin St, Baltimore, 
Md. *Medicine. Cleveland, O, April 8, 69. 
A.B, Yale, 91; A.M, Harvard, 94, M.D, 95. 
Res. surgeon, Hopkins Hosp, 97-01 ; asst. surg, 
Hopkins, 97-99, assoc, 99-03, prof, 03- Physiol. 
Soc; Ass. Path, and Bact; Soc. Exp. Biol, and 
Med. Experimental surgery. 

Cushing, Prof. H(enry) P(latt), Adelbert College, 
Cleveland, Ohio. Geology. Cleveland, Oct. 10, 
60. Ph.B, Cornell, 82, M.S, 84; Columbia, 84- 
85; Munich, 91-92. Teacher science, Nor. Sch, 
Mankato, Minn, 85-91; instr. geol. and chem, 
Western Reserve, 92-93, assoc. prof, geol, 93- 
95, prof, 95- F.A.A; Geol. Soc. (librarian, 
98-) ; Nat. Geog. Soc; Ohio Acad; N. Y. Acad. 
Geology of northern New York, especially pre- 
Cambrian; areal geology of northeastern Ohio. 

Cushman, Dr. Allerton S(eward), 1751 N St, Wash- 
ington, D. C. *Chemistry. Rome, Italy, June 

2, 67. B.S, Worcester, 88; Freiburg and Heid- 
elberg, 89-90; A.M, Harvard, 97, John Harvard 
fellow, 97-98, Ph.D, 98. Instr. chem, Washing- 
ton (St. Louis), 92-96; asst, Harvard, 98; asst. 
prof, Bryn Mawr, 99-00; cfiemist, Div. of Tests, 
Bur. Chem, U. S. Dept. Agr, 01- F.A.A ; Chem. 
Soc; Ceramic Soc; Wash. Acad; St. Louis 
Acad. Revision of atomic weight of nickel ; road 
materials, clays, cements, etc. Cementing power 
of rocks ; plasticity of clays ; relation of ' water 
of combination ' to physical properties of rock 
dust, clays, etc; colloid theory of plasticity. 



Cushny, Dr. Arthur R(obertson), University Col- 
lege, London, England. * Pharmacology, Thera- 
peutics. Fochabers, Scotland, March 6, 66. 
A.M, Aberdeen, 86, M.B, CM, 89, M.D, 92. 
Asst, Pharmacol. Inst, Strasburg, 92-93 ; prof. 
mat. med. and therapeut, Michigan, 93-05; 
Pharmacol, and mat. med, Univ. Col, London, 
05- Assoc, ed, ' Jour, of Exp. Med,' and ' Ar- 
chives Int. de Pharmacodynam. et Therapeut.' 
F.A.A; Physiol. Soc; Am. Physicians; Soc. 
Exp. Biol, and Med; assoe. Am. Med. Ass. 
Pharmacological action of digitalis series; ac- 
tion of drugs on mammalian heart; diuresis; 
action of various alkaloids; saline diuresis; 
contrast of atropin and hyoscyamin; action of 

Cutler, Prof. Anna A (lice), Smith College, North- 
ampton, Mass. Philosophy. New Haven, Conn, 
Jan. 24, 64. A.B, Smith, 85, A.M, 89; Ph.D, 
Yale, 96. In charge, Dept. Philos, Rockford, 
92-93; instr. logic, Smith, 93-95, English, 97- 
99, philos, 99-02, assoc. prof, 02-05, prof, 05- 
Philos. Ass. The critical philosophy of Kant; 
the influence of esthetical considerations upon 
Kant's 'theory of knowledge.' Esthetics; 

Cutler, Dr. Elbridge G(erry), 214 Beacon St, Bos- 
ton, Mass. Medicine. Farmington, Me, Sept. 
7, 46. A.B, Harvard, 68, M.D, 72. Asst. path, 
anat, Harvard, 78-82, clin. instr. auscultation, 
84-88, instr. theory and practise med, 88- 
Visiting physician, Mass. Gen. Hosp. Am. Phy- 
sicians; Am. Med. Ass; Mass. Med. Soc; Boston 
Soc. Med. Sci; Boston Soc. Med. Improv. The 
urine; contagious and infectious diseases. In- 
fectious diseases; gastric ulcer in children. 

Dabney, Pres. Charles W(illiam), University of 
Cincinnati, Cincinnati, O. *Education, Eco- 
nomics, Chemistry. Hampden-Sidney, Va, June 
19,55. A.B, Hampden-Sidney, 73; Virginia, 77; 
Ph.D, Gottingen, 80. Prof, chem, Emory and 
Henry, 77-78; state chemist and director, N. 
C. Exp. Sta, 80-87 ; prof. agr. and director, Exp. 
Sta, Tennessee, 87-90, pres, Tennessee, 87-04; 
Cincinnati, 04~ Asst. Sec'y of Agr, 94-97 ; 
special agent, scientific investigation, U. S. 
Dept. Agr, 97; pres, Summer Sch. of the South; 
director, S. Educ. Board, 02; chief, Dept. Govt, 
and State Exhibit, New Orleans Expos, 84; 
chairman, Board of Govt. Exhibit, Atlanta 
Expos, 96; Tenn. Centennial Expos, 97; mem. 
Jury of Awards, Paris Expos, 00. LL.D, Yale 
and Hopkins, 01. FA.A; Chem. Soc; Econ. 
Ass; Social Sci. Ass; Ohio Acad; Wash. Acad; 
Cincinnati Soc. Nat. Hist. Isomerism among 
benzol compounds; isopicraminic acid; phos- 
phates; marls; agricultural resources of North 
Carolina; history of agricultural and technical 
education in the United States; the culture of 
cotton in America; scientific work of the gov- 
ernment; national university; education and 

wealth; educational conditions of the south. 
Conditions of southern public schools; indus- 
trial work for rural schools. 
Dahlgren, Prof. Ulric, 7 Evelyn Place, Princeton, 
N. J. *Histology. Brooklyn, N. Y, Dec. 27, 70. 
A.B, Princeton, 94, M.S, 96. Instr. biol, Prince- 
ton, 95-99, asst. prof, histol, 99- Instr. invert, 
zool, Woods Hole, 96-98, asst. director, 98- 
F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool. Giant ganglion 
cell apparatus of fishes; breathing valves of 

Dains, Dr. F(rank) B(urnett), Topeka, Kas. 
Chemistry. Gouverneur, N. Y, Jan. 15, 69. 
Ph.B, Wesleyan, 90, M.S, 91; fellow, Chicago, 
94-95, Ph.D, 98; Berlin and Freiburg, 01-02. 
Asst. chem, Wesleyan, 91-93; asst. prof, Kansas, 
93-94; Northwestern, 95-02; prof, Washburn, 
02- Chem. Soc; Chem. Gesell. Aldehydes; 
ethers; ureas; formamidins. The interaction 
of formamidins with bodies containing methy- 
lene hydrogen; urea ethers. 

Dale, T(homas) Nelson, 26 Elizabeth St, Pittsfield, 
Mass. Geology, Botany. New York, N. Y, Nov. 
25, 45. Private schools and instruction. 

Prof, geol, zool. and bot, Drury, 77; geol, Vas- 
sar, 78; instr, Williams, 93-97, geol. and bot, 
97-01; field asst, V. 8. Geol. Surv, 85-89, asst. 
geologist, 90-91, geologist, 92- Hon. A.M, 

Williams, 96. Cor. Vienna Geol. Reichanstalt; 
Soc. geol. de France. Structural and areal 
geology of the Taconic region; secondary struc- 
tures in stratified rock; causes of the Taconic 
landscape. Maine granite. 

Dales, Dr. Benton, Station A, Lincoln, Nebr. 
Chemistry. Lincoln, Dec. 11, 77. B.S, Ne- 
braska, 97, A.M, 99; fellow, Cornell. 00-01, 
Ph.D, 01. Asst. chem, Nebraska, 97-99; Cor- 
nell, 01-03; prof, Nebraska, 03- Chem. Soc. 
Electrolysis of iron; rare earths (yttrium 
group). Yttrium group. 

Dall, Prof. W(illiam) H(ealey), Smithsonian In- 
stitution, Washington, D. C. *Mollusks, recent 
and fossil. Boston, Mass, Aug. 21, 45. Under 
Agassiz, Mus. Comp. Zool, Harvard, 62-63. 
Chief, Scientific Corps, West. Union Tel. Exped. 
to Alaska, 65-68 ; lion, curator, Div. Mollusks, 
U. S. Nat. Mus, 69-; asst, U. S. Coast Surv, 
70-85; paleontologist, U. 8. Geol. Surv, 85- 
Prof. invert, paleont, Wagner Inst, Phila, 93-; 
hon. curator, Bishop Mus, Honolulu, 99. Wag- 
ner gold medal, 99; hon. A.M, Wesleyan, 88; 
Sc.D, Pennsylvania, 04. Nat. Acad; F.A.A. 
(sec'y, B, 77-79, v. pres, 82, 85); Soc. Nat; 
Philos. Soc ; and other American and foreign 
societies. Geography of northwestern America 
and Alaska. Recent and fossil mollusks and 
brachiopods ; North American Tertiary and re- 
cent mollusk fauna, especially Pelecypoda. 

Daly, Dr. Reginald Aldworth, 179 Gilmour St, 
Ottawa, Can. Geology. Napanee, Ont, May 19, 
71. A.B, Victoria (Ont.), 91; A.M, Harvard, 
93, Ph.D, 96; Heidelberg and Paris, 96-98. 
Instr. geol, Harvard, 95-96, physiog, 98-01; 
geologist, Can. Int. Boundary Commission, 01- 
Geog. Ass. Field geology; petrology; physical 



geography of the land. Geology along the 49th 
Dana, Dr. Charles L(oomis), 53 W. 53d St, New 
York, N. Y. * Nervous and mental diseases, 
Medicine. Woodstock, Vt, March 25, 52. A.B, 
Dartmouth, 72, A.M, 75; M.D, Columbia, 77. 
Prof, physiol, Woman's Med. Col, N. Y. In- 
firmary, 80-88; nervous diseases, Dartmouth, 
84; nervous and mental diseases, Post-Grad. 
Med. Sch, 86-98; nervous diseases, Med. Col, 
Cornell, 99- Visiting physician, Bellevue Hosp ; 
formerly ed, ' Jour. Comp. Med ' ; formerly asst. 
ed, 'Med. Record'; ed. board, 'Jour. Nervous 
and Mental Diseases.' LL.D, Dartmouth, 05. 
F.A.A; Am. Physicians; Psychol. Ass; Neur. 
Ass; Am. Acad. Med; Social Sci. Ass; N. Y. 
Acad. Med. ( pres. ) . Neurology ; psychiatry ; 
physiology; psychology; archeology. The ap- 
plications of modern doctrines of pathology to 
neuropathology; pathology of paralysis agitans 
of the combined scleroses of douloureaux; 
cerebral localization of cutaneous sensations; 
alcoholism; alcoholic meningitis; degenerative 
diseases of the brain and cord. 

Dana, Prof. E(dward) S(alisbury), 24 Hillhouse 
Ave, New Haven, Conn. * Mineralogy, Crystal- 
lography. New Haven, Nov. 16, 49. A.B, Yale, 
70; Heidelberg and Vienna, 72-74; A.M, Yale, 
74, Ph.D, 76. Tutor physics, Yale, 74-79, asst. 
prof, 79-90, prof, physics and curator miner, 
90- Ed, 'Am. Jour, of Science', 75- Nat. 
Acad; F.A.A; Physical Soc; Philos. Soc; Am. 
Acad; London and Edinburgh Geol. Societies; 
Cambridge Philos. Soc. Crystallography. 

Dandeno, Prof. J(ames) B(rown), Agricultural 
College, Mich. Botany. Guelph, Ont, Feb. 2, 

62. A.B, Queen's (Can.), 95; A.M, Harvard, 
99, Ph.D, 04. Science master, High Sch, New- 
burgh, 88-96; principal, Williamstown, 96-98; 
teacher hot, St. Louis Nor. Sch, 01-02; prof, 
Mich. Agr. Col, 02- Mem. Co. Board of Exam- 
iners, Ont, 93-96; examiner nat. science, Educ. 
Dept, Ont, 92-96; asst. bot, Summer Sch, Har- 
vard, and asst, Bot. Mus, 99-01. Absorption 
of water by leaves ; effects of solutions upon 
leaves; normal solutions. Chemical ecology; 
parachute effect of thistle down; seed dispersion 
in Ricinus; the relation of mass action and 
physical affinity to toxicity; colors as vital 

Danforth, Dr. I(saac) N(ewton), 905 W. Monroe 
St, Chicago, Ills. Medicine. Barnard, Vt, 
Nov. 5, 35. Pub. schools. Prof, path, Rush 
Med. Col, 75-81; Chicago Med. Col, 81-95; 
dean, Woman's Med. Sch, Northwestern, 81- 
99. Various hosp. appointments. Hon. A.M, 
Dartmouth, 81. M.A.A; Am. Physicians; Am. 
Med. Ass; Ills. Med. Soc; Chicago Med. Soc; 
etc. Renal diseases. Therapeutics of renal 
diseases and their surgical treatment. 

Daniel, Prof. John, Vanderbilt University, Nash- 
ville, Tenn. Physics. Perry Co, Ala, July 6, 

63. A.B, Alabama, 84, A.M, 86; Hopkins, 86- 
88; Berlin, 92. Asst. prof, physics, Alabama, 
84-86; asst, Vanderbilt, 88-89, instr, 89-90, adj. 

prof, 90-94, prof, 9^- Mem. Jury of Awards, 
Tenn. Centennial Expos, 97. M.A.A. Voltam- 
eter polarization; X-rays, including the dis- 
covery of depilatory and burning effect. Pho- 

Daniells, Prof. W(illiam) W(illard), 515 N. Car- 
roll St, Madison, Wis. Chemistry. West 
Bloomfield, Mich, March 10, 40. B.S, Mich. 
Agr. Col, 64; Lawrence Sci. Sch, Harvard, 66- 
68; M.S, Mich. Agr. Col, 67; Halle and Ber- 
lin, 81. Prof. agr. and anal, chem, Wisconsin, 
68-74, agr. and chem, 74-80, chem, 80- Chem- 
ist, Wis. Geol. Surv, 73-77 ; state chemist, Wis, 
79-83; mem. Wis. Board of Health, 83-92. 
Hon. Sc.D, Mich. Agr. Col, 97. Chem. Soc; 
Wis. Acad. 

Daniels, Prof. A(rchibald) L(amont), 34 N. 
Prospect St, Burlington, Vt. Mathematics. 
Hudson, Mich, July 19, 49. A.B, Michigan, 76; 
Gottingen, 76-80; Berlin, 80-82; fellow, Hop- 
kins, 83-84; Sc.D, Princeton, 86. Instr. higher 
math, Princeton, 84-85; prof, math, Vermont, 
86- Instr, Chicago Manual Training Sch. 
Function theory. 

Daniels, Prof. Arthur H(ill), 913 W. Illinois St, 
Urbana, Ills. Philosophy. East Medway, Mass, 
Oct. 19, 65. A.B, Olivet, 87; B.D, Yale, 90; 
Ph.D, Clark, 93. Instr. philos, Illinois, 93-95, 
asst. prof, 96-99, prof, 00- Philos. Ass; 
Psychol. Ass. Regeneration; attention and 
memory. An anthropological study of several 
theological conceptions; political ethics. 

Darling, Dr. E(ugene) A(braham), 138 Brattle St, 
Cambridge, Mass. Medicine. Troy, N. Y, April 
17, 68. A.B, Harvard, 90, A.M, M.D, 94 ; Edin- 
burgh. Asst. bacter, Harvard Med. Sch, 94- 
98, instr. hygiene, Harvard, 99- Bacteriologist, 
Board of Health, Cambridge, Mass; visiting 
physician, Cambridge Hosp. Ass. Path, and 
Bact; Am. Med. Ass; Mass. Med. Soc; Boston 
Soc. Med. Sci. Effects of training; medicine; 
hygiene; bacteriology. 

Darrach, Dr. William, 852 Lexington Ave, New 
York, N. Y. Anatomy. Germantown, Pa, 
76. A.B, Yale, 97; A.M, M.D, Columbia, 
01. Asst. demonstrator anat, Columbia, 03-05, 
demonstrator, 05- Asst. surg, Vanderbilt 
Clinic, 03- Ass. Anat. Anatomy. 

Darton, N(elson) H(oratio), U. S. Geological Sur- 
vey, Washington, D. C. * Geology. New York, 
N. Y, Dec. 17, 65. Pub. schools. Geologist, U. 
8. Geol. Surv, 86- F.A.A; Geol. Soc; Geog. 
Ass; Min. Eng; Nat. Geog. Soc; Wash. Acad; 
Wash. Geol. Soc; Geol. Gesell. Bibliography 
of North American geology; Appalachian geol- 
ogy; Newark rocks of New Jersey; artesian 
waters of Dakota and Nebraska. Geology of 
Big Horn Mountains and Black Hills; under- 
ground waters of western United States ; under- 
ground temperatures of the United States; 
geology of the Great Plains. 

Davenport, Prof. C(harles) B(enedict), Station 
for Experimental Evolution, Cold Spring Har- 
bor, N. Y. *Zoology, Experimental evolution. 
Stamford, Conn, June 1, 66. B.S, Brooklyn 



Polytech, 86; A.B, Harvard, 89, A.M, 90, Ph.D, 
92. Asst. zool, Harvard, 88-91, instr, 91-99; 
asst. prof, Chicago, 99-01, assoc. prof, 01-04; 
director, Lab. for Exp. Evolution, Cold Spring 
Harbor, Olf- Director, Biol. Lab, Cold Spring 
Harbor, 98-: co-editor, 'Am. Naturalist,' ' Bio- 
metrika,' 'Jour. Exp. Zool,' 98- F.A.A. (v. 
pres, 00) ; Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool; Soc. Exp. Biol, 
and Med; fel. Am. Acad; Chicago Acad; Boston 
Soc. Nat. Hist. Budding in Bryozoa; morpho- 
genesis; variation; experimental breeding; reac- 
tions of animals. Variation of Pecten; experi- 
mental pedigree breeding of animals. 

y Davenport, Mrs. C. B. (Gertrude Crotty), Cold 
Spring Harbor, N. Y. Zoology. Asequa, Colo, 
Feb. 28, 66. B.S, Kansas, 89; Radcliffe, 92- 
94. Instr. zool, Kansas, 89-92; micros, meth- 
ods, Biol. Lab, Cold Spring Harbor, 98- Soc. 
Zool. Embryology of the turtle; variation in 
Sagartia; variation in starfish at Cold Spring 
Harbor. Variation in organisms. 

Davenport, Dr. F(rancis) H(enry), 419 Boylston 
St, Boston, Mass. Gynecology. Roxbury, 
Mass, March 27, 51. A.B, Williams, 70; M.D, 
Harvard, 74. Asst. gynec, Harvard Med. Sch, 
81-89, instr, 89-95, asst. prof, 95-05. M.A.A; 
fel. Gynec. Soc; Mass. Med. Soc; Boston Obstet. 
Soc; Boston Soc. Med. Improv. 

Davenport, George E(dward), 67 Fellsway W, 
Medford, Mass. *Botany. Boston, Mass, Aug. 
3, 33. Boston schools. Mem. Sch. Committee, 
Medford, 92- Silver medal, Mass. Hort. Soc, 
77, Appleton gold medal, 87. Fel. Am. Acad; 
New Eng. Bot. Club; cor. mem. Torrey Bot. 
Club; Mass. Hort. Soc; Linnsean Fern Chapter 
(v. pres, 03). Ferns and allies; Ophioglossa- 
ceae; Filices Mexicanae. 

Davidson, Dr. A(nstruther), 544 Wilcox Block, 
Los Angeles, Cal. Botany, Entomology. Caith- 
ness, Scotland, Feb. 19, 60. M.B, CM, Glas- 
gow, 81, M.D, 87. Practising physician, 87- 
Fel. S. Cal. Acad, (pres, 93-94, ed, 02); cor. 
mem. Phila. Entom. Soc. Field botany of 
southern California and Arizona; habits and 
parasites of bees and wasps. 

Davidson, Prof. George, 2221 Washington St, San 
Francisco, Cal. Geodesy, Geography, Astron- 
omy. Nottingham, England, May 9, 25. A.M, 
Central High Sch, Phila, 50. U. S. Coast and 
Geod. Surv, 45-95, in charge, Pacific Coast, 68- 
95; hon. prof. geod. and astron, California, 70- 
regent, 77-84, prof, geog, 98- Geog. reconnais- 
sance, Alaska, 67-69; U. S. Mint expert, Phila. 
and San Francisco, 72, 85, 86; mem. U. S. Com- 
mission on Irrig. of Cal, 73-74, and of India, 
Egypt, Italy, etc, 75; U. S. Advisory Board 
Harbor Improv, San Francisco, 73-76; in 
charge, Transit of Venus Exped. to Japan, 74; 
New Mexico, 82; mem. Miss. River Commission, 
88-90; consulting engineer, 95-98. Medal and 
diploma, French Govt, 78; hon. Ph.D, Santa 
Clara, 76; Sc.D, Pennsylvania, 89. U. S. spe- 
cial agent and delegate to Ninth Int. Geod. 
Convention, Paris, 89. Nat. Acad; F.A.A; hon. 
mem. Civil Eng; Philos. Soc; Am. Acad; Cal. 

Acad, (pres, 16 years) ; Pacific Geog. Soc. 
(pres, 81-) ; Wash. Acad; Phila. Acad; Royal 
Geog. Soc; Paris Acad; Inst, de France; Bur. 
des Longitudes de France; Swedish Soc. An- 
throp. and Geog, and many others. Geodesy; 
astronomy; instruments of precision; engineer- 
ing; geography; navigation. Physiography, 
geography and history of explorations of Pacific 
coast and ocean. 

Davies, Dr. A(rthur) E(rnest), 1948 N. High St, 
Columbus, O. Philosophy, Psychology. Lon- 
don, England, March 18, 67. Owens Col, Man- 
chester, and Univ. Col, London, 84-88; B.D, 
Yale, 91, Ph.D, 98. Instr. philos, Ohio State, 
00- M.A.A; Religious Educ. Ass; West. Philos. 
Ass. The concept of change; psychology of 
esthetic reaction to rectangular forms; an anal- 
ysis of elementary psychic process. Psychology 
of suggestion and of attention. 

Davies, Dr. Henry H(ughes), Salisbury, Conn. 
Philosophy. London, England, July 11, 64. 
Cheshunt Col, England, 82-86; B.D, Yale, 88, 
Ph.D, 97. Instr. philos, Yale, 96-04. Philos. 
Ass; Psychol. Ass. Psychology; medieval phi- 
losophy; esthetics; pedagogy. Esthetics. 

Davis, Albert Gould, General Electric Company, 
Schenectady, N. Y. Law, Electrical engineer- 
big. Brooklyn, N. Y, Oct. 19, 71. B.S, Mass. 
Inst. Tech, 93; M.L, Nat. Univ, 97. Engineer, 
Davis Colby Ore Roaster Co, Middlesboro, Kv, 
93; asst. examiner, U. S. Patent Office, 94-96; 
practising attorney, Washington, D. C, 96-97 ; 
manager, Patent Dept, Gen. Elec. Co, 97- Elec. 

Davis, Arthur P(owell), 2212 First St, Washing- 
ton, D. C. Civil engineering. Decatur, nis, 
Feb. 9, 61. B.S, Columbian, 88. Topog- 
rapher, U. S. Geol. Surv, 85-94, hydrographer, 
94-98; chief hydrographer, Isthmian Canal 
Commission, 98-01; asst. chief engineer, U. S. 
Reclamation Service, 02- Assoc, ed, ' Jour, of 
Geog,' 02. Civil Eng; Nat. Geog. Soc; Forestry 
Ass; Wash. Acad. Irrigation and water sup- 
ply in arid regions of the United States, espe- 
cially in Arizona. Hydrography of Nicaragua 
and of the American Isthmus. 

Davis, Prof. B(enjamin) M(arshall), State Normal 
School, Chico, Cal. Zoology. North Salem, Ind, 
June 15, 67. B.S, Butler, 90, M.S, 92; Stan- 
ford, 95; Chicago, 96-97; California, summers, 
00, 02, 03, 04. Acting prof, chem, Butler, 
91-92; prof. chem. and physiol, Garfield, 92- 
93; biol, Whittier, 93-95; Butler, 95-97; State 
Nor. Sch, Los Angeles, 97-04; res. naturalist, 
Biol. Sta, San Diego, 04-05; prof, biol, State 
Nor. Sch, Chico, 05- Instr. histol, Chicago, 
97; lecturer, Exten. Dept, S. California, 98-02. 
Nat. Educ. Ass; Ind. Acad; S. Cal. Acad. Pin- 
eal structures in Amia ; bibliography of pineal 
structures; ecology of young of some of the 
Pacific Coast enteropneusts. Ecological studies 
of animals of San Diego Bay; connective tissue 
of Amphioxus; life history of Dolichoglossus 
pusillus Ritter. 

***** \: 

< a a o v 



Davis, Dr. Bergen, Columbia University, New 
York, N. Y. *Physics. White House, N. J, 
March 31, 69. B.S, Rutgers, 96; fellow, Colum- 
bia, 99-00, A.M, 00, Ph.D, 01, John Tyndall fel- 
low, 01-03 (Gottingen, 01-02; Cambridge, 02- 
03 ) . Teacher, N. Y. City, 96-99 ; asst. physics, 
Columbia, 00-01, tutor, 03- F.A.A; Physical 
Soc. Sound waves; motion of ions in varying 
magnetic field; electrical phenomena of various 
gases in the electrodeless discharge; relation be- 
tween electrical and gravitational forces; etc. 
Constants of the ether considered as an elastic 

Davis, Prof. Bradley M(oore), University of 
Chicago, Chicago, Ills. *Botany. Chicago, 
Nov. 19, 71. Indiana, 89-91; A.B, Stanford, 
92 ; A.B, Harvard, 93, A.M, 94, Ph.D, 95. Asst. 
hot, Chicago, 95-96, assoc, 96-98, instr, 98-02, 
asst. prof, 02- Head instr. hot, Woods Hole, 
97- F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Bot. Soc; Bot. Cent. 
States; Bot. Gesell. Cytological studies among 
the cryptogams; life histories of Algae. Repro- 
ductive phases and life histories among the 
thallophytes ; principles of plant evolution. 

Davis, Prof. Charles A(lbert), 303 S. Division St, 
Ann Arbor, Mich. Botany, Forestry. Ports- 
mouth, N. H, Sept. 29, 61. A.B, Bowdoin, 86, 
A.M, 89; Michigan, 00; Sch. of Forestry, Cor- 
nell, 01-02; Ph.D, Michigan, 05. Science 
teacher, Hyde Park High Sch, Chicago, 86-87; 
prof. nat. science, Alma, 87-96, biol. and geol, 
96-00; instr. forestry, Michigan, 01-05, cura- 
tor, Herbarium, 05- Field agent, Mich. Geol. 
Surv, 96-; instr. geol, Michigan, summers, 00, 
01; field asst, U. S. Geol. Surv, 04; consulting 
botanist, Mich. Biol. Surv, 05- Forestry Ass; 
Mich. Acad. Nature and origin of marl; plant 
distribution and ecology. -Relation of living 
plants to peat; ecological relations of the for- 
ests of Michigan; silvicultural characteristics 
of North American forest trees. 

Davis, Charles Henry, 25 Broad St, New York, 
N. Y. Engineering. Montgomery Co, Pa, May 
4, 65. C.E, Columbia, 87. Expert, Lynn Fac- 
tory, Thomson-Houston Elec. Co, 87; engineer 
and asst. to pres, Sawyer-Man Elec. Co, N. Y, 
87-88; engineer and supt. of construction, 
Westinghouse Elec. and Mfg. Co, N. Y, 88-89; 
consulting engineer, Phila, Boston and N. Y, 89- 
Executive officer in various companies. Math. 
Soc; Civil Eng; Elec. Eng; Mech. Eng; Min. 
Eng; Naval Archit. and Marine Eng; Naval 
Eng; Heat, and Vent. Eng; Franklin Inst; 
West. Soc. Eng; N. Y. Acad; Can. Soc. Civil 
Eng; Gt. Britain Iron and Steel Inst; British 
Inst. Elec. Eng; Scottish Inst. Eng. and Ship- 
builders; N. of England Inst. Min. and Mech. 
Eng; Irish Inst. Civil Eng; New South Wales 
Eng. Ass, and other American and foreign so- 
cieties. Railroad and street railway engineer- 
ing, operation and management. A high speed 
railroad between Philadelphia and New York. 

Davis, Rear Admiral C(harles) H(enry), U. S. N, 
Navy Department, Washington, D. C. Astron- 
omy. Cambridge, Mass, Aug. 28, 45. Grad, 
U. S. Naval Acad, 64. All grades from ensign 

to rear admiral, U. S. N, 6Jf-; supt, U. S. Naval 
Observatory, 97-02 (except April-Sept, 98). 
Divisional commander, Battle Ship Squadron, 
North Atlantic Fleet, U. S. N. F.A.A; Wash. 
Philos. Soc; hon. mem. Soc. Astron. de Mex. 
Differences of longitude measured by use of sub- 
marine cables. 

Davis, Dr. D(avid) J(ohn), Rush Medical Col- 
lege, Chicago, Ills. Pathology. Racine, Wis, 
Aug. 9, 75. B.S, Wisconsin, 98; M.D, Rush 
Med. Col, 03, fellow, 03-04; research student, 
Mem. Inst, for Infectious Diseases, Chicago, 
04- Ass. Path, and Bact. The spinal cord; 
meningococcus infections; influenza infections. 
Bacteriology of meningitis; bacteriology of 
whooping cough. 

Davis, Dean Ellery W(Uliams), 1345 S. 18th St, 
Lincoln, Nebr. *Mathematics. Oconomowoc, 
Wis, March 29, 57. B.S, Wisconsin, 79; Ph.D, 
Hopkins, 84. Prof, math, Fla. Agr. Col, 84-88 ; 
South Carolina, 88-93; Nebraska, 93-, dean, 
Col. of Lit, Science and Arts, 01- Math. Soc; 
Nat. Geog. Soc; Nat. Educ. Ass; Nebr. Acad, 
(pres, 01). Geometrical representation of 
various analytical conceptions and processes. 
The application of logical calculus in determin- 
ing the foundations of mathematics. 

Davis, Grant T(rain), Orono, Me. Chemistry. 
Clinton, Mich, March 19, 77. A.B, Michigan, 
03. Asst. org. chem, Michigan, 02-03; instr. 
gen. chem, Maine, 03- Chem. Soc. Triphenyl- 
methyl acetate. 

Davis, Dr. G(wilym) G(eorge), 255 S. 16th St, 
Philadelphia, Pa. Medicine. Altoona, Pa, July 
. 20, 57. A.B, Central High Sch, Phila, 76, A.M, 
81; M.D, Pennsylvania, 79; mem. Royal Col. 
Surg, 80; M.D, Gottingen, 81. Surgeon, St. 
Joseph's Eosp, 90-; Episcopal, 96-; Orthop, 
97-; assoc. prof, applied anat, Pennsylvania, 00- 
Am. Med. Ass; Orthop. Soc; Acad. Polit. and 
Soc. Sci; Pa. Med. Soc; Phila. Co. Med. Soc; 
fel. Phila. Col. Physicians; Phila. Acad. Surg. 
Surgery; orthopedics. Surgery. 

Davis, Harvey N(athaniel), Perkins Hall, Cam 
bridge, Mass. Mathematical physics. Provi 
dence, R. I, June 6, 81. A.B, Brown, 01, A.M 
02; Whiting fellow, Harvard, 02-05, A.M, 03 
Instr. math, Brown, 01-02; physics and math, 
Harvard, 05- Physical Soc; Math. Soc. 

Davis, Dr. Herman S (teams), International Lati- 
tude Observatory, Gaithersburg, Md. *Astron- 
omy. Milford, Del, Aug. 6, 68. A.B, Prince- 
ton, 92 ; fellow, Columbia, 93-95, A.M, 94, Ph.D, 
95. Asst. astronomer, U. S. Scientific Exped, 
W. Africa, 89-90; tutor astron. and geod, Co- 
lumbia, 95-99 ; in charge, Int. Latitude Observa- 
tory, 00-05. Expert computer and asst, U. S. 
Coast and Geod. Surv, 00; first asst, Allegheny 
Observatory Eclipse Exped, 00; assoc. ed, 
'Astron. Jahresbericht,' 00- F.A.A; Astron. 
and Astrophys. Soc; Wash. Philos. Soc; Astron. 
Gesell. Variation of latitude; constant of 
aberration; mean star positions and proper mo- 
tions; the history of astronomy. New reduc- 
tion of Piazzi's observations; biographical cyclo- 



pedia of astronomers; variation of latitude; 
constant of aberration; bibliography of current 
astronomical literature in the United States. 

Davis, Dr. J(ohn) J(efferson), 504 Monument 
Square, Racine, Wis. Mycology. Davis, Ills, 
52. B.S, Illinois, 72; M.D, Hahnemann Med. 
Col, Chicago, 75. Medical practitioner, 15- 
F.A.A; Am. Inst. Homeop; Wis. Acad, (pres, 
02-05); Wis. Homeop. Med. Soc. (pres, 93). 
Parasitic fungus flora of Wisconsin. 

Davis, Prof. J(oseph) B(aker), 731 S. Ingalls St, 
Ann Arbor, Mich. Surveying, Civil engineer- 
ing. Westport, Mass, July 31, 45. C.E, Michi- 
gan, 68. Civil engineer, various railroads, 68- 
72; asst. prof, civil eng, Michigan, 72-91, prof, 
geod. and surv, 91-, dean, Dept. Eng, Olf- 
Chief engineer, St. Clair Flats Surv, 99-02; 
consulting engineer, 02- Civil Eng; Mich. 
Eng. Soc. (pres.). Surveying and construction. 

Davis, Dr. K(ary) C(admus), Menomonie, Wis. 
Agriculture, Horticulture, Botany. Decatur, 
Ills, Oct. 7, 67. B.S, Kas. State Agr. Col, 91, 
M.S, 94 ; Kas. State Nor. Sch, 92 ; Ph.D, Cornell, 
00. Principal and science teacher, State High 
Sch, Austin, Minn, 92-98; prof. bot. and biol, 
State Nor. Sch, St. Cloud, 00-01 ; prof. hort. and 
instr. bot, West Virginia, and Exp. Sta, 01-02; 
principal, Dunn Co. Sch. of Agr. and Domestic 
Econ, Menomonie, Wis, 02- M.A.A; Forestry 
Ass; Nat. Educ. Ass. North American Ranun- 
culaceae; Sialididae of North and South Amer- 
ica; the peach and cranberry in West Virginia; 
bitter rot and blight diseases; trees in winter 
condition; effeets of fertilizers on dates of 
ripening peaches. 

Davis, Dr. N(athan) S(mith), Jr, 65 Randolph St, 

Chicago, Ills. Medicine. Chicago, Sept. 5, 58. 
A.B, Northwestern, 80, A.M, 83; M.D, Chicago 
Med. Col, 83; Heidelberg and Vienna, 85. 
Assoc, prof, path, Chicago Med. Col, 84; prin- 
ciples and practise of med, Northicestern, 86, 
prof, principles and practise of med. and din. 
med, 86- Physician, Mercy and Wesley Hos- 
pitals; consultant, Washingtonian Home and 
Marion Sims Hosp; trustee, Northwestern; v. 
pres, Chicago Y. M. C. A; v. pres, U. IS. Phar- 
macopceic Convention. Ninth Int. Med. Cong. 
(Council, Sect. Path.) ; Pan- Am. Med. Cong. 
(Council, Sect. Med.). F.A.A; Am. Med. Ass. 
(sec'y, Sect. Med, and chairman, Sect. Thera- 
peut.) ; Climat. Ass; Therapeut. Ass; Ills. Med. 
Soc. (chairman, Med. Sect.) ; Chicago Acad, 
(rec. sec'y, librarian) ; Chicago Med, Path, 
Neur, Medico-Legal (pres.) and Internal Med. 
(v. pres.) Societies. Clinical studies; zoology. 

Davis, Prof. Nathaniel F(rench), 159 Brown St, 
Providence, R. I. Mathematics. Laconia, N. H, 
June 11, 47. A.B, Brown, 70, A.M, 73. Instr, 
Riverview Mil. Acad, Poughkeepsie, N. Y, 71- 
73; vice principal and instr. math, and physics, 
State Nor. Sch, Kutztown, Pa, 73-74; instr. 
math, Brown, 74-79, asst. prof, 79-89, assoc 
prof, 89-90, prof, pure math, 90- Sec'y, New 

Eng. Col. Entrance Certificate Board, 02- 
LL.D, Colby, 94. Math. Soc. 

Davis, Prof. Noah K(nowles), University Station, 
Charlottesville, Va. Philosophy. Philadel- 
phia, Pa, May 15, 30. A.B, Mercer, 49. Prof, 
nat. science, Howard, 52-59; principal, Judson 
Inst, Marion, Ala, 59-65; pres, Bethel (Ky.), 
68-72; prof, philos, Virginia, 13- Hon. A.M. 
and Ph.D, Mercer; LL.D, Baylor. Logic; psy- 
chology; ethics. 

Davis, Dr. R(oyall) O(scar) E(ugene), Chapel 
Hill, N. C. Physical chemistry. Newberry, S. 
C, July 11, 80. Ph.B, North Carolina, 01, Ph.D, 
03; Leipzig, 04. Asst. anal, chem, North Caro- 
lina, 01-03, instr. physical chem, 03- Chem. 
Soc. Atomic weight of thorium. 

Davis, Dr. Walter W(ells), 2417 Dean Ave, 
Spokane, Wash. Physical training. Adam?, 
Minn, June 12, 72. B.S, Upper Iowa, 93; 
A.B, Stanford, 97; Ph.D, Yale, 01. Supt. 
pub. schools, Montour, la, 94-96; director phys- 
ical training, Iowa (Grinnell), 99-02; Lehigh, 
02-05. Instr, summer institutes, la, 98-00. 
Ass. Adv. Physical Educ; Soc. Col. Gym. 
Directors. Cross-education. 

Davis, Prof. W(illia)m Harper, Lehigh University, 
South Bethlehem, Pa. Psychology. Philadel- 
phia, Pa, Dec. 10, 77. Certificate in biol, Penn- 
sylvania, 95; A.B, Princeton, 00; fellow, Colum- 
bia, 03-04. Asst. psychol, Columbia, 00-03; 
instr. philos. and psychol, Lehigh, 04-05, asst. 
prof, in charge of Dept, 05- Asst. biol, Sum- 
mer Sch, Pennsylvania, 94. Sec'y gen. psychol, 
Int. Cong. Arts and Science, St. Louis, 04. 
F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Psychol. Ass. (sec'y and 
treas, 04-) ; Philos. Ass; Anthrop. Ass; Nat. 
Educ. Ass; fel. N. Y. Acad; N. Y. Zool. Soc; 
Phila. Zool. Soc. Comparative psychology; in- 
dividual differences. 

Davis, Prof. W(illiam) M(orris), 17 Francis Ave, 
Cambridge, Mass. *Physical geography, Geol- 
ogy. Philadelphia, Pa, Feb. 12, 50. B.S, Har- 
vard, 69, M.E, 70. Asst, Arg. Nat. Observatory, 
Cordoba, 70-73; asst. geol, Harvard, 77-79, 
instr, 79-85, asst. prof, physical geog, 85-90, 
prof, 90-99, Sturgis-Hooper prof, geol, 99- Asst. 
geologist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 90-; assoc. ed, 
' Science ' and ' Am. Jour. Science ' ; adviser, 
geog. research, Carnegie Inst; physiographer, 
Pumpelly's Carnegie Inst. Exped. to Turkestan, 
03. Hon. Sc.D, Cape Town, 05. Nat. Acad; 
F.A.A. (sec'y, E, 87, v. pres, 03) ; Geol. Soc; Geog. 
Ass. (pres, 05) ; Nat. Geog. Soc; Am. Acad, 
(cor. sec'y) ; Philos. Soc; Boston Soc. Nat. 
Hist; cor. mem. Phila. Geog. Soc; Royal Geog. 
Soc; London Geol. Ass; Edinburgh Geol. Soc; 
Meteor. Gesell; Munich Geog. Gesell; hon. mem. 
Berlin Gesell. fur Erdkunde; Vienna K. K. 
Geog. Gesell; Soc. Geog. de Paris; Soc. de Ge"og. 
de Geneve; Christiania Acad; Imp. Russian 
Geog. Soc. Physical geography of the land. 

Davis, W(illia)m T(hompson), 46 Stuyvesant 
Place, New Brighton, Staten Island, N. Y. 
Entomology, Botany. New Brighton, Oct. 12, 
62. Public schools. N. Y. Entom. Soc; Staten 



Is]. Ass. Arts and Sci. Staten Island natural 
history, chieily entomology and botany. 

Davison, Prof. Alvin, Campus, Easton, Pa. 
Zoology. Hainesburg, N. J, Jan. 16, 68. A.B, 
Nat. Univ, 89, A.M, 91; fellow, Princeton, 93- 
94, Ph.D, 96; Freiburg, 97. Instr. nat. science, 
Nor. Univ, Lebanon, 0, 89-91; assoc. principal, 
Nor. Sch, Huntingdon, Tcnn, 91-93; demon- 
strator biol, Princeton, 94; instr, Lafayette, 
95-96, assoc. prof, 96-98, prof, 98- F.A.A; 
Ass. Anat. Anatomy of amphibians. Deep 
lymphatics of the cat. 

Davison, John M(ason), 340 Oxford St, Rochester, 
N. Y. Chemistry. Albany, N. Y, Dec. 18, 40. 
A.B, Williams, 62; Rochester, 89-04. Private 
research, 89- M.A.A; Chem. Soc; fel. Roches- 
ter Acad. Meteorites. Form of combination of 
platinum in the Coahuila meteoric iron. 

Davisson, Prof. S(chuyler) C(olfax), Indiana Uni- 
versity, Bloomington, Ind. Mathematics. Gal- 
veston, Ind, Jan. 2, 66. A.B, Indiana, 90, 
A.M, 92; fellow, Clark, 95-96; Harvard, 98- 
99 ; Sc.D, Tubingen, 00. Instr. math, Indiana, 
90-93, assoc. prof, 93-05, junior prof, 05- 
Math. Soc. Geodesic lines in higher space. 

Davy, Jos(eph) Burtt, P. O. Box 434, Pretoria, 
Transvaal, South Africa. Botany, Agrostology. 
Findem, England, March 7, 70. Ilkley Col, 
Leeds; Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, 91-92; 
California, 94-02. Student asst. bot, Cali- 
fornia, 93-95, asst. botanist, Agr. Exp. Sta, and 
asst. bot. California, 95-02, instr, 02-03; govt, 
agrostologist and botanist, Transvaal Dept. of 
Agr, 03- Asst. curator, U. S. Dept. Agr, 02-03 ; 
examiner bot, Transvaal Tech. Inst. Medal, 
Acad. Int. G6og. Bot. F.A.A; Nat. Geog. Soc; 
Wash. Bot. Soc; fel. Int. Ass. Bot; Royal 
Geog. Soc; London Linnean Soc; London Soc. 
Arts; S. African A. A. S; Johannesburg Field 
Nat. Soc. Origin of the raw materials of com- 
merce; the Gramineae; halophytic plants. Ori- 
gin and distribution of the raw materials of 
commerce; the Gramineae of California. 

Dawbarn, Prof. Robert H, 105 W. 74th St, 
New York, N. Y. Surgery, Anatomy. Near 
Greenwich, Conn, Jan. 11, 60. M.D, Columbia, 
81. Prof. surg. and anat, N. T. Polyclinic Med. 
Sch. and Hosp, 85- Visiting surgeon, N. Y. 
City Hosp; Polyclinic Hosp. Samuel D. Gross 
prize, 02. Ass. Anat; Am. Med. Ass; N. Y. 
State Med. Soc; N. Y. Surg. Soc; N. Y. Path. 
Soc; N. Y. Acad. Med; N. Y. Soc. Med. Juris; 
West End Med. Soc. Prevention of shock; 
saline intravenous infusion at high tempera- 
tures; extirpation of both external carotids to 
promote starvation of ineradicable sarcoma and 
carcinoma ; surgery. 

Dawson, Prof. Charles F(rancis), Lake City, Fla. 
Veterinary science. Near Easton, Md, 60. 
M.D, Baltimore Med. Col, 92; D.V.S, Nat. Vet. 
Col, 95. Prof, physiol, Nat. Vet. Col, 93-98; 
vet. inspector, Bur. Animal Indust, U. S. Dept. 
Agr, 92-00; prof. vet. science, Florida, 01- 
Soc. Bact. Veterinary diseases. So-called 
' salt-sick ' in Florida cattle ; Texas cattle fever. 

Dawson, Dr. Percy M(illard), Johns Hopkins Uni- 
versity, Baltimore, Md. *Physiology. Mont- 
real, Can, May 19, 73. A.B, Hopkins, 94, M.D, 
98, fellow, 98-99. Asst. physiol, Hopkins, 99- 
00, instr, 00-01, assoc, 01-04. assoc. prof, 01^- 
F.A.A; Physiol. Soc; Md. Med. and Chirurg. 
Faculty. Regeneration of nerves; hemorrhage 
and infusion. Circulation of the blood (vaso- 
motors and hemodynamics). 

Day, Dr. Arthur L(ouis), 1458 Staughton St, Wash- 
ington, D. C. Experimental physics. Brook- 
field, Mass, Oct. 30, 69. A.B, Yale, 92, Ph.D, 
94. Instr. physics, Yale, 94-97; mem. scientific 
staff, Phys.-Tech. Reichsanstalt, Charlotten- 
burg, 97-01; physical geologist, U. S. Oeol. 
Surv, 01- Physical Soc; Wash. Geol. Soc; 
Wash. Philos. Soc; Physik. Gesell. Physical 
phenomena at very high and very low tempera- 
tures. Thermal studies of rock-forming min- 

Day, Dr. David T(albot), U. S. Geological Survey, 
Washington, D. C. Geology, Chemistry, Mi- 
ning. Lakewood, O, Sept. 10, 59. A.B, Hop- 
kins, 81, Ph.D, 83. Chief, Div. Mining and 
Mineral Resources, U. S. Geol. Surv, 86- Ed.- 
in-chief, ' Eng. and Min. Jour ' ; hon. chief, 
Dept. Mining and Metal, La. Purchase Expos. 
Bene Merenti. Austria. Geol. Soc; Chem. Soc; 
Soc. Chem. Indust; Min. Eng; Nat. Geog. Soc; 
Statist. Ass; Wash. Acad; Schweiz. Geog. 
Gesell. Constitution of petroleum and deriva- 

Day, Dr. William S(cofield), 337 W. 87th St, 
New York, N. Y. *Physics. New York, Jan. 
2, 64. A.B, Columbia, 84; Ph.D, Hopkins, 97. 
Student asst. physics, Hopkins, 95-96; asst, 
Barnard, Columbia, 97-98, tutor, 98-03, lec- 
turer, Columbia, 03- F.A.A; Physical Soc; 
fel. N. Y. Acad, (sec'y, Sect. Astron. and Phys- 
ics, 99-01). New apparatus for exact com- 
parison and testing of thermometers; experi- 
mental tests of electrical theories. Experimen- 
tal proof of the mechanical force supposed to 
act on a dielectric subjected to a displacement 
current when in magnetic field. 

Dean, Dr. Arthur L(yman), 42 Lake Place, New 
Haven, Conn. Plant physiology. Southwick, 
Mass, Oct. 1, 78. A.B, Harvard, 00; Ph.D, 
Yale, 02. Asst. plant physiol, Sheffield Sci. 
Sch, Yale, 02-03, instr, 03- Carnegie research 
asst; expert in charge dendrochem, U. S. Forest 
Service, 05- M.A.A; Soc. Plant Morph. and 
Physiol. The chemistry of inulin; the enzyme 
inulase; the proteolytic enzymes in plants. 
The chemistry of forest products. 

Dean, Prof. Bashford, Columbia Universitv, New 
York, N. Y. *Zooloc/y. New York, Oct.*28, 67. 
A.B, Col. City of N. Y, 86; A.M, Columbia, 
S9, Ph.D, 90; Munich; Naples, 90; Misaki, 
Japan, 00-01. Tutor nat. hist, Col. City of N. 
Y, 86-90; instr. zool, Columbia, 91-96, adj. 
prof, 96-03, prof. vert, zool, 03- Asst, N. Y. 
State Fish Commission, 86-88; U. S. Fish 
Commission, S9-92, biologist, 00-01, special 
investigator of oyster culture in England, 



France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Italy and 
Japan; director, Biol. Lab, Cold Spring Harbor, 
90; mem. Advisory Board, N. Y. Aquarium, 02-; 
hon. curator fishes. Am. Mus. Nat. Hist, 03-; 
assoc. in charge collection of arms and armor, 
Metrop. Mus. Art, 03- Soc. Nat. (treas.) ; Soc. 
Zool; Paleont. Soc. (Exec. Council) ; Ass. Anat; 
fel. N. Y. Acad, (chairman, Zool. Sect.) ; N. Y. 
Zool. Soc; cor. mem. Moscow Soc. Nat; for. 
zool. societies. Biology of the oyster; insec- 
tivorous plants ; biological stations ; anatomy, 
embryology and paleontology of fishes, especially 
myxinoids, sharks, ganoids and chimaeroids ; 
origin of vertebrate limbs; orthogenesis. Pa- 
leontology of sharks; embryology of homea, 
chimaera, cestracion and chlamydoselachus. 
Deane, Ruthven, 504 N. State St, Chicago. Ills. 
Ornithology. Cambridge, Mass, Aug. 20, 51. 
Fel. Ornith. Union; Ills. Audubon Soc. (pres, 
98-) ; Chicago Acad. 

Deane, Walter, 29 Brewster St, Cambridge, Mass. 
Botany, Ornithology. Boston, Mass, April 23, 
48. A.B, Harvard, 70. Instr, St. Mark's Sch, 
Southborough, Mass, 71-78; John P. Hopkin- 
son's Sch, Boston, Mass, 78-95; asst. to Win. 
Brewster at his museum, Cambridge, Mass, 97- 
Mem. Ornith. Union; New Eng. Bot. Club (v. 
pres, 00-) ; Nuttall Ornith. Club. Flora of 
northeastern North America; ornithology. 

Dearborn, Prof. George V(an) N(ess), Tufts Col- 
lege Medical and Dental Schools, Boston. Mass. 
Physiology, Psychology. Nashua, N. H, Aug. 
15, 69. ' B.L, Dartmouth, 90; M.D, Columbia, 
93; A.M, Harvard, 96; Ph.D, Columbia, 99. 
Asst. philos, Harvard, 96-97, physiol, 99-00; 
asst. prof. Tufts, 00-04, prof, Olf- M.A.A; Soc. 
Nat; Psychol. Ass; Philos. Ass; Anthrop. Ass; 
Am. Acad. Med; Boston Soc. Nat. Hist; Bos- 
ton Soc. Med. Sci; Boston Med. Library; Bos- 
ton Soc. Med. Improv; Physiol. Colloquium. 
Emotion; animal psychology; recognition; im- 
agination; innervation of the heart; apparatus. 
Heart innervation; animal respiratory types; 
consciousness under anesthesia; muscular con- 

Dearborn, Dr. Walter F(enno), 625 Mendota 
Court, Madison, Wis. Psychology. Marble- 
head, Mass, July 19, 78. A.B, Wesleyan, 00, 
A.M, 03; Ph.D, Columbia, 05. Instr. educ. 
psychol, Wisconsin, 05- M.A.A. Retinal local 
signs; the psychology of reading. Motor con- 
comitants of mental processes. 

DeBarr, Prof. Edwin, Norman, Okla. Chemistry. 
Lansing, Mich, Jan. 14, 59. B.S, Mich. Agr. 
Col, 91; B.Ped, Mich. Nor. Col, 92; Ph.B, 
Michigan, 92; M.S, Mich. Agr. Col, 93; Ph.D, 
Michigan, 99. Supt. schools, Almont, Mich, 
86-90; prof. chem. and biol, Albion, 91-92; 
chem, Oklahoma, 92- Esterification of a, /3, 
7 chlor acids with water at 150. Commercial 
values of plaster and cement bodies in Okla- 
homa and in Indian Territory. 

DeGarmo, Prof. Charles, 809 E. State St, Ithaca, 
N. Y. Science and art of education. Wis- 
consin, Jan. 7, 49. Grad, Ills. State Nor. 

Univ, 73; Ph.D, Halle, 86. Principal pub. 
schools, Naples, Ills, 73-76; training teacher, 
Ills. State Nor. Univ, 76-83, prof, modern lang, 
89-90; psychol. and educ, Illinois, 90-91; pres, 
Swarthmore, 91-98; prof, science and art of 
educ, Cornell, 98- Joint ed, ' Ills. Sch. Jour,' 
81-82. Nat. Educ. Ass. (mem. Council) ; 
Philos. Soc; Nat. Herbart. Soc. Education. 

Deghuee, Dr. J(oseph) A(lbert), 247 Harrison St, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. Chemistry. Brooklyn, June 
26, 70. Ph.B, Columbia, 90, A.M, 92, Ph.D, 93. 
Asst. demonstrator physiol. chem. and toxicol, 
Columbia, 90-96; asst. chemist, Health Dept, 
N. Y. City, 96-02, chief chemist, 02-04; anal, 
and consulting chemist, OJf- Chemist, Hygeia 
Distilled Water Co; U. S. Wood Preserving 
Co. F.A.A; Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; 
Brooklyn Inst. Organic non-sugar in cane 
juice. Determination and use of preservatives 
in food; improved methods in food analysis. 

DeHass, Dr. Wills, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Archeology, History. Washington Co, Pa, July 

4, 17. Western Univ. of Pa; Washington and 
Jefferson; M.D, Jefferson Med. Col. U. S. 
Consul, Yucatan, 50-53; pres, Allegheny (Md.), 
57; in charge Ohio Valley antiquities, Bur. 
Ethnol, Smithsonian Inst, 79-81. Special ex- 
aminer, U. S. Pension Office, 81; lieut. col, 77th 
Ohio Vols, Civil War; lecturer archeol. Am. 
Hist. Soc; Wash. Anthrop. Soc; hist, societies 
of Wash, N. Y, Md, Va, Wis, Ills, etc. Arche- 
ology and history of America, especially of 
western and southern sections. Prehistoric 
American archeology. 

Deimel, Richard F(rancis), 209 W. 97th St, New 
York, N. Y. Mathematical physics. New 
York, June 27, 81. B.S, Col. City of N. Y, 02; 
A.M, Columbia, 03. Asst. mech, Columbia, 03- 

05, lecturer physics, 05- M.A.A; Math. Soc; 
Circolo Mat. di Palermo. 

Delabarre, Prof. E(dmund) B(urke), 9 Arlington 
Ave, Providence, R. I. *Psychology. Dover, 
Me, Sept. 25, 63. Brown, 82-83; A.B, Am- 
herst, 86; Berlin, 87-88; A.M, Harvard, 89; 
Ph.D, Freiburg, 91; Paris, 91-92. Assoc, prof. 
psychol, Brown, 91-96, prof, 96- Director, 
Psychol. Lab, Harvard, 96-97. F.A.A; Soc. 
Nat; Psychol. Ass; Soc. Psychical Research; 
cor. mem. Phila. Geog. Soc. Muscular contri- 
butions to consciousness; space- perception; 
emotions; effects of drugs; individual tempera- 

Delafield, Dr. Francis, 12 W. 32d St, New York, 
N. Y. *Medicine. New York, Aug. 3, 41. 
A.B, Yale, 60, M.D, 62. Prof, practise of 
med, Columbia, 76-01, emer. prof, 01- LL.D, 
Yale, 90; Columbia, 04. Am. Physicians. 
Medicine; pathology. 

Delany, Patrick B(ernard), South Orange, N. J. 
Electrical engineering. Kings Co, Ireland, Jan. 
28, 45. Nat. and private schools, Ireland; pa- 
rochial schools, U. S. Chief operator, manager 
and supt. telegraphs, U. S, 68-78 ; electrical engi- 
neer, IS- Newspaper correspondent, 68-78. Gold 
medal, Inventions Exhib, London, 85; Elliott 



Cresson gold medal, Franklin Inst, 85 and 96, 
John Scott medal, 85; gold medal, Pan- Am. 
Expos, 01. M.A.A; Elec. Eng; Franklin Inst; 
Old Timer Telegraph Ass. Synchronous mul- 
tiple telegraphy; automatic high speed teleg- 
raphy; cable telegraphy; anti-induction cables. 

Dell, Dr. Harry H(ough), Bureau of Agriculture, 
Manila, P. I. Comparative medicine. London, 
Can, June 13, 09. D.V.Sc, McGill, 96. Asst. 
supt. schools, Winchester, Ills, 92-93; U. S. in- 
spector, Bur. Animal Indust, Omaha, Nebr, 
00-03; director animal indust, Bur. Agr, P. 1, 
03- Assoc, ed, 'McGill Fortnightly,' 95-96; 
vet. ed, 'Dog Fancier,' 96-03. Medal, Faculty 
Comp. Med, McGill, 96. Hon. fel. Montreal 
Vet. Ass; hon. fel. Quebec Board Agr; Nebr. 
Vet. Ass. (v. pres.) ; hon. fel. Montreal Psychol. 
Soc. Pyemias, parasitism and psychology of 
domestic animals. Infectious tropical diseases 
of animals; reptilian parasitism. 

Dellenbaugh, F(rederick) S(amuel), The Century 
Club, 7 W. 43d St, New York, N. Y. Anthro- 
pology, American history. McConnellsville, O, 
Sept. 13, 53. F.A.A; Anthrop. Ass; fel. 
Ethnol. Soc. American archeology; American 
Indians; history of western United States. 
Location of the towns of the Rio Grande valley, 
New Mexico, etc, prior to 1700 ; exploits of one 
D. Julien in southwestern United States, 1836. 

DeLong, Prof. Ira M(itchell), 1341 Broadway, 
Boulder, Colo. Mathematics. Monroe, la, Jan. 

7, 55. A.B, Simpson, 78, A.M, 81. Prof. 
math, Central (la.), 78-S6; Latin, Iowa Wes- 
leyan, 86-88; math, Colorado, 88- Math. Soc. 

DeLury, Prof. Alfred T(ennyson), 110 Bedford 
Road, Toronto, Can. Mathematics. Manilla, 
Ont, May 13, 64. A.B, Toronto, 90; Clark, 
90-91; A.M, Toronto, 02. Lecturer math, To- 
ronto, 92-02, assoc. prof, 02- Lecturer math, 
Ont. Nor. Col, 94-96. Math. Soc. 

Denison, Prof. Charles S(imeon), 502 E. Huron St, 
Ann Arbor, Mich. Stereotomy, Mechanism, 
Drawing. Gambier, O, July 12, 49. C.E, Ver- 
mont, 71, M.S, 74. Instr. eng, Michigan, 72-81, 
asst. prof, drawing, 81-85, prof, descrip. geom, 
stereot. and drawing, 85-02. Asst. engineer, Mil- 
waukee and North. R.R, 71-72; U. S. astrono- 
mer and surveyor, 73. Eng. Educ; Mich. Eng. 
Soc; Detroit Eng. Soc. Graphical construc- 
tion; machine movements; kinematics of ma- 

Dennett, Dr. W(illia)m S(awyer), 8 E. 49th St, 
New York, N. Y. Ophthalmology. Bangor, Me, 
March 1, 49. A.B, Bowdoin, 71; M.D, Harvard, 
74. Surgeon, N. Y. Eye and Ear Infirmary, 
88-01. M.A.A; Math. Soc. (treas, 04); Phys- 
ical Soc; Ophthal. Soc; N. Y. Ophthal. Soc. 

Dennis, Prof. D(avid) W(orth), Richmond, Ind. 
Biology, Photomicrography. Dalton, Ind, April 

8, 49. A.B, Earlham, 73, A.M, 76; Ph.D, 
Syracuse, 86; Bonn and Edinburgh, 89-90. 
Prof, biol, High Sch, Richmond, Ind, 75-79; 
pres, Wilmington, 79-81 ; principal, Blooming- 

dale Acad, 82-84; prof, biol, Earlham, 84- 
F.A.A; fel. Ind. Acad, (pres, 00); Ind. Sci. 
Teachers' Ass. (pres, 98). Photomicrography; 

Dennis, Prof. L(ouis) M(unroe), Cornell Univer- 
sity, Ithaca, N. Y. *Chemistry. Chicago, Ills, 
May 26, 63. Ph.B, Michigan, 85, B.S, 86; 
Aachen, Munich, Dresden and Wiesbaden, 89- 
91. Instr. chem, Cornell, 87-89, asst. prof, 
anal, chem, 91-93, assoc. prof, inorg. and anal, 
chem, 93-00, prof, 00-, head, Dept. Chem, 03- 
F.A.A; Chem. Soc. Inorganic chemistry; gas 

Denniston, Dr. R(ollin) H(enry), 421 Lake St, 
Madison, Wis. Botany. Oakfield, Wis, March 
21, 74. Ph.G, Wisconsin, 97, B.S, 99, fellow, 
99-00, Ph.D, 04. Asst. instr. hot, Wisconsin, 
00-03, instr, 03- Wis. Acad, (treas, 05-06). 
Structure of the starch grain; adulteration of 
powdered drugs. Carbohydrates in plants; 
fleshy fungi of Wisconsin. 

Denny, Dr. Francis P(arkman), 173 Walnut St, 
Brookline, Mass. Medicine. Bacteriology. Brook- 
line, Jan. 2, 69. A.B, Harvard, 91, M.D, 95. 
Asst. bacter, Harvard Med. Sch, 99-04, clin. 
med, OJf- Ass. Path, and Bact; Pub. Health 
Ass. Diphtheria. 

Densmore, Prof. Hiram D(elos), Beloit, Wis. 
Botany. Richmond, Wis, Jan. 20, 62. A.B, 
Beloit, 86; Cornell, 87-88; A.M, Beloit, 90. 
Principal, High Sch, Prairie du Chien, 87-88; 
instr. lot, Beloit, 88-90, prof, 90- Soc. Nat; 
Bot. Cent. States; Wis. Acad. Morphology of 
group of angiosperms. 

Derby, Orville A(delbert), No. 80 Rua Viseonde de 
Rio Branco, Sao Paulo, Brazil. *GcoJogy. 
Kelloggsville, N. Y, July 23, 51. B.S, Cornell, 
73, M.S, 74. Asst. geologist, Brazil Geol. Sur- 
veys, 75-78; director, Geol. Sect, Nat. Mus. of 
Rio de Janeiro, 80-91; chief, Geog. and Geol. 
Surv, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil, 80-04. Instr. 
geol, Cornell, 93-95. F.A.A. (v. pres, 02); 
Geol. Soc; London Geol. Soc. Geology. 

Dercum, Prof. F(rancis) X(avier), 1719 Walnut 
St, Philadelphia, Pa. Nervous and mental dis- 
eases. Philadelphia, Aug. 10, 56. M.D, Ph.D, 
Pennsylvania, 77. Instr. nervous diseases, 
Pennsylvania, 83-92; prof, nervous and mental 
diseases, Jefferson Med. Col, 92- Ass. Anat; 
Neur. Ass. (past pres.) ; Philos. Soc; Phila. 
Neur. Soc. (past pres.) ; Phila. Path. Soc; 
Phila. Col. Physicians. Clinical and patholog- 
ical neurology; insanity. 

Derick, Prof. Carrie M, McGill University, Mont- 
real, Can. Botany. Clarenceville, Que. A.B, 
McGill, 90, A.M, 96; Woods Hole, 95, 96, 97, 
00; Royal Col. Science, London, 98; Bonn, 01- 
02. Demonstrator bot, McGill, 91-95, lecturer, 
96-04, asst. prof, 04- Soc. Nat; Soc. Plant 
Morph. and Physiol. Holdfasts cf_ the Rhodo- 
phyceae; nuclear changes in growing seeds. 
Anabiosis; nuclear differences between resting 
and active cells. 



Derr, Dr. Homer M(unro), Thomas S. Clarkson 
Memorial School of Technology, Potsdam, 
N. Y. Physics, Geology. Turbotville, Pa, Feb. 
5, 72. A.B, Stanford, 98; A.M, Columbia, 
01; Tyndale fellow, Pennsylvania, 01-03, Ph.D, 
03. Asst. physics, Columbia, 99-01 ; instr. 
geol. and mining, Wyoming, 01-02; supt, Santa 
Margarita Gold Mining Co, Colombia, S. A, 
03-04; prof, physics and geol, Epworth, 04-05; 
math, and civil eng, Thomas S. Clarkson Mem. 
Sch. Tech, 05- Instr. math, Palo Alto Summer 
Sch, 98. Geol. Soc; Min. Eng. Petrographic 
analysis. Siliceous oolites of Sweetwater 
County, Wyoming. 

Derr, Prof. Louis, 83 Center St, Brookline, Mass. 
Physics, Electrical engineering. Pottsville, Pa, 
Aug. 6, 68. A.B, Amherst, 89, A.M, 92; B.S, 
Mass. Inst. Tech, 92. Asst. physics, Mass. hist. 
Tech, 92-93, instr, 93-01, asst. prof, 01-04, 
assoc. prof, 0-'f- Instr. physics, Boston Univ, 
and Boston Nor. Sch. of Gymnastics, 95- Ex- 
perimental physics. 

Dewey, Dr. D(avis) R(ich), Massachusetts Insti- 
tute of Technology, Boston, Mass. Economics, 
Statistics. Burlington, Vt, April 7, 58. A.B, 
Vermont, 79; Ph.D, Hopkins, 86. Teacher, 
Underhill, Vt, 79-81; principal, Hyde Park 
High Sch, Chicago, 81-83; asst. prof. econ. and 
statist, Mass. Inst. Tech, 86-92, prof, 93- 
Chairman, Mass. Special Commission on the 
Unemployed, 94; Commission on Charitable and 
Reformatory Interests and Institutions of Mass, 
96; Board of Munic. Statist, of Boston, 97; 
expert agent, wage statist, for the Twelfth 
Census, 02. Econ. Ass. (mem. Pub. Commit- 
tee) ; Statist. Ass. (ed. and sec'y, 86-) ; LTnst. 
Int. Statist. Finance, labor, banking and sta- 

Dewey, Frederic P(erkins), Lanier Heights, Wash- 
ington, D. C. Chemistry, Metallurgy. Hart- 
ford, Conn, Oct. 4, 55. Ph.B, Yale, 76. Instr. 
chem, Lafayette, 76-77; curator econ. geol. and 
metal, TJ. S. Nat. Mus, 82-89 ; chemist, building 
stones. Tenth Census, 81 ; mineralogist, TJ. S. 
Geol. Surv, 82; assayer, Bur. of the Mint, TJ. 8. 
Treas. Dept. Chem. Soc; Min. Eng; Soc. Chem. 
Indust; Electrochem. Soc; Wash. Chem. Soc. 
( pres, 93 ) . Analytical chemistry and its ap- 
plication to metallurgy. 

Dewey, Prof. John, Columbia University, New 
York, N. Y. *Philosophy. Burlington, Vt, 
Oct. 20, 59. A.B, Vermont, 79; Ph.D, Hopkins, 
84. Instr. and asst. prof, philos, Michigan, 
84-88; prof, Minnesota, 88-89; Michigan, 89- 
94; Chicago, 94-04, director, Sch. of Educ, 
02-04; prof, philos, Columbia, 0^- LL.D, Wis- 
consin, 04. Soc. Nat; Psychol. Ass. (pres, 99) ; 
Philos. Ass. ( pres, 05 ) . Logical theory ; social 
psychology; ethical history; history of moral 
beliefs and practises of humanity. 

Dewey, Lyster H(oxie), 1337 Wallach Place, N. W, 
Washington, D. C. *Botany. Cambridge, Mich, 
March 14, 65. A.B, Mich. Agr. Col, 88. Instr. 
bot, Mich. Agr. Col, 88-90; asst. botanist, TJ. 
S. Dept. Agr, 90- F.A.A; Nat. Geog. Soc; 

Wash. Bot. Soc; Wash. Biol. Soc. Grasses; 
weeds troublesome to agriculture ; fiber plants ; 
origin and classification of varieties of cot- 
ton; production of fiber from hemp, flax, sisal 
and manila plants. 

DeWitt, Dr. Lydia M, 925 N. University Ave, 
Ann Arbor, Mich. * Anatomy. Flint, Mich, 
Feb. 1, 59. M.D, Michigan, 98, B.S, 99. Dem- 
onstrator anat, Michigan, 96-97, asst. histol, 
98-02, instr, 02- Ass. Anat; Am. Med. Ass; 
Mich. Med. Soc; Washtenaw Co. (Mich.) Med. 
Soc; Woman's Research Club (pres.). Nerve 
endings in muscle, tendon and esophagus; 
morphology kidneys. Morphology and function 
of areas of Langerhans. 

Dexter, Prof. Edwin G(rant), 903 W. Green St, 
Urbana, Ills. Psychology, Education. Calais, 
Me, July 21, 68. B.P, Brown, 91, A.M, 92; 
Ph.D, Columbia, 99. Science master, High Sch, 
Colo. Springs, 92-95; prof, psychol, Colo. State 
Nor. Sch, 95-00; educ, Illinois, 00-, director, 
Sch. Educ, 05- F.A.A; Psychol. Ass; Nat. 
Educ. Ass. (pres, Child-study Sect.) ; Soc. Sci. 
Educ; Am. Geog. Soc; Ills. Child-study Soc. 
The influence of the weather on conduct; his- 
tory of education in the United States. 

Dexter, Prof. Franklin, 148 Marlborough St, Bos- 
ton, Mass. * Anatomy. Boston, May 10, 57. 
M.D, Columbia, 87. Asst. demonstrator anat, 
Columbia, 92-93; asst. histol, Harvard Med. 
Sch, 93-94, demonstrator anat, 94-95, asst. 
prof, 96-99, assoc. prof, 00- F.A.A; Ass. Anat; 
Mass. Med. Soc. Medulla of the rabbit; abdo- 
men, vitelline vein and brain of the cat. Para- 
physis of Mammalia. 

Dickson, Dr. Charles W(illiam), 179 Alfred St, 
Kingston, Ont, Can. Chemistry, Geology. 
Hamilton, Ont, Jan. 13, 78. A.M, Queen's 
(Can.), 96-00, Sch. Mining, 00-01; science 
research scholar, Royal Exhib. of 1851, London, 
England, 01, 02, 03; Ph.D, Columbia, 03; 
Heidelberg and Freiburg, 03-04. Demonstrator 
anal, chem, Queen's (Can.), 01-02, lecturer 
chem, Sch. Mining, 03- Chemist, Assay Office, 
Ont. Bur. Mines, 00; Dominion Iron and Steel 
Co, Sidney, N. S, 01. Min, Eng; Can. Min. 
Inst. Genetic relations of ore deposits; ore 
deposits of Sudbury, Ont. Platinum contents 
of nickel and copper ores. 

Dickson, Prof. L(eonard) E(ugene), Box 142, Uni- 
versity of Chicago, Chicago, Ills. *Mathemat- 
ics. Independence, la, Jan. 22, 74. B.S, Texas, 
93, teaching fellow, 93-94, A.M, 94; fellow, 
Chicago, 94-96, Ph.D, 96; Leipzig and Paris, 
96-97. Chemist, Tex. Geol. Surv, 92-93; instr. 
math, California, 97-99; assoc. prof, Texas, 99- 
00; asst. prof, Chicago, 00- Ed, 'Am. Math. 
Monthly.' Math. Soc. (assoc. ed, 'Trans.'); 
London Math. Soc. Theory of groups (finite 
and infinite) ; theory of numbers; projective 
geometry; applications of group theory. The 
theory of groups in a general field. 

Diefendorf, Dr. A(llen) Ross, 68 Crescent St, Mid- 
diet own, Conn. Psychiatry. Savannah, N. Y, 
Dec. 21, 71. A.B, Yale, 94, M.D, 96. Junior 



asst. physician, Worcester Insane Hosp, 96-97, 
senior asst. physician, 97-98; asst. physician 
and pathologist, Conn. Insane Hosp, 98-; lec- 
turer psychiat, Med. Sch, Yale, 98- Soc. Bact; 
Medico-Psychol. Ass; N. Y. Neur. Soc. Clin- 
ical psychiatry. 

Dietz, Dr. W(illiam) G(eorge), 21 N. Vine St, 
Hazleton, Pa. Entomology. Voehl, Germany, 
July 30, 49. Heidelberg; M.D, Hahnemann 
Med. Col, Phila, 75. Practising physician, 15- 
Curcnlianidae and Tineina of North America. 
Tineina of North America. 

Diller, J(oseph) S(ilas), 1454 Belmont St, N. W, 
Washington, D. C. *Geology, Petrography. 
Plainfield, Pa, Aug. 27, 50. B.S, Harvard, 
79 ; Heidelberg, 80-83. Teacher, State Nor. Sch, 
Westfield, Mass, 73-77; geologist, Assos Exped, 
81-82; U. S. Geol. Surv, 83- Assoc, ed, 'Am. 
Jour, of Science.' Diploma, Paris Expos, 00. 
F.A.A; Geol. Soc. (mem. Council, 90-99) ; Nat. 
Geog. Soc; Wash. Acad; Wash. Geol. Soc. (pres, 
01-02); Wash. Philos. Soc. (sec'y, 88-94). 
General geology ; petrography ; geology of Crater 
Lake National Park, Redding, Klamath Moun- 
tains and Taylorsville region in California, 
etc; sandstone dikes; igneous rocks of Pacific 
Coast, etc. 

Dimmock, Dr. George, Berkshire St, Springfield, 
Mass. Entomology. Springfield, May 17, 52. 
A.B, Harvard, 77; Ph.D, Leipzig, 81; Paris, 81- 
82. Private research, 82- Ed, 'Psyche,' 77- 
90. F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. entom. de France. 
Mouth parts of Diptera; scales and glands of 
insects; early stages of Coleoptera. 

Ditman, Dr. Norman E(dward), 240 W. 72d St, 
New York, N. Y. Pathology. Brooklyn, N. Y, 
May 28, 77. Ph.B, Yale, 96; M.D, A.M, Co- 
lumbia, 00. Asst. clin. path, Columbia, 02-03, 
instr. path, 03- House physician, St. Luke's 
Hosp, 01-02; pathologist, Sloane Maternity and 
Roosevelt Hospitals. Ass. Path, and Bact; N. 
Y. Path. Soc. 

Ditmars, R(aymond) L(ee), 1219 Tinton Ave, New 
York, N. Y. Natural history. Newark, N. J, 
June 20, 76. Pub. and private schools. Asst. 
curator entom, Am. Mus. Nat. Hist, 91-97; 
stenographer, 97-99 ; reporter, ' N. Y. Times ', 
99-00; curator reptiles, N. Y. Zool. Park, 00- 
N. Y. Zool, Entom. and Linnean Societies. 
Herpetology. Diseases of reptiles and mam- 

Dixon, Dr. Roland B(urrage), Peabody Museum, 
Cambridge, Mass. Anthropology. Worcester, 
Mass, Nov. 6, 75. A.B, Harvard, 97, A.M, 98, 
Ph.D, 00. Asst. anthrop, Harvard, 98-00, instr, 
01- F.A.A. (sec'y, H, 03) ; Anthrop. Ass; fel. 
Ethnol. Soc; Folk-lore Soc; Am. Geog. Soc. 
(assoc. ed, 'Bui,' 99-00); Nat. Geog. Soc; 
Polynesian Soc; Berlin Gesell. fur Erdkunde. 
American ethnology and archeology; languages 
and culture of the Indians of the Pacific Coast, 
especially California. 

Dixon, Dr. Samuel G(ibson), Ardmore, Pa. Bac- 
teriology. Philadelphia, Pa, March 23, 51. 
Admitted to bar, 77; M.D, Pennsylvania, 86; 

King's Col. and State Col. Med, London; 
Pettenkofer's Lab. Hygiene, Munich. Asst. 
demonstrator physiol, Pennsylvania, 86-88, 
prof, hygiene, Med. and Sci. Dept. and dean, 
Auxiliary Dept. Med, 88- Prof, bacter. and 
micros, tech, Acad. Nat. Sciences, Phila, 90- 
91, curator, 91-92, executive curator, 92-, pres, 
96; mem. Board of Pub. Educ, 98-; Commis- 
sioner of Health, Pa, 05- M.A.A; Philos. 
Soc; Franklin Inst; Pa. Anti-Tuberculosis Soc. 
(v. pres.) ; Pa. Med. Soc; Pa. Hist. Soc; Phila. 
Acad, (pres, 96-) ; Phila. Co. Med. Soc; Phila. 
Col. Physicians; Phila. Zool. Soc; hon. mem. 
several foreign societies. Hygiene; preventive 
medicine; bacteriology, especially of tuberculo- 

Doan, Prof. Frank C(arleton), 911 Grove St, Mead- 
ville, Pa. Psychology, Philosophy. Nelson- 
ville, O, Feb. 13, 77. Hiram, 92-95; Ph.B, 
Ohio State, 98 ; A.M, Harvard, 00, Ph.D, 04. 
Prof, philos-, Ohio (Athens), 00-04; theol. and 
philos. of religion, Meadville Theol. Sch, O.'f- 
Psychol. Ass. Types of religious experience; 
phenomenalism in ethics. The place of the 
emotions in the moral development of the race; 
psychology of tribe, race and world movements 
in religion. 

Doane, Prof. R(ennie) W(ilbur), Keyport, Wash. 
Zoology. Des Moines, la, March 11, 71. A.B, 
Stanford, 96. Instr. zool. and entom, Wash. 
Agr. Col, 96-98, asst. prof, 98-01, supt. fish- 
eries, Exp. Sta, 01- Asst. entom, Stanford, 
05- Economic entomology; propagation of 
oysters and salmon; economic food fishes. The 
fisheries of Washington. 

Doane, S(amuel) E(verett), 18 E. Boulevard, Cleve- 
land, O. Electrical engineering. Swampscott, 
Mass, Feb. 28, 70. High Sch. Foreman, vari- 
ous rooms, Incand. Lamp Dept, Thomson- 
Houston Co, Lynn, Mass, 86-90, asst. manager, 
90-93; asst. engineer and later supt.' and asst. 
engineer, Edison Lamp Works, Harrison, N. J, 
93-96; manager, Repair Lamp Dept, Thomson- 
Houston Co, 95-96; engineer, Gen. Elec. Co, 
Schenectady, N. Y, 97; supt, Bryan Marsh Co, 
Marlboro, Mass, 97-00; chief engineer, Nat. 
Elec. Lamp Ass, Marlboro, Mass, and Cleveland, 
O, 00- Elec. Eng. Incandescent electric lamp 

Dock, Dr. George, 1014 Cornwell Place, Ann Arbor, 
Mich. * Medicine. Hopewell, Pa, April 1, 60. 
M.D, Pennsylvania, 84. Asst. clin. path, Penn- 
sylvania, 87-88; prof, path, Tex. Med. Col. and 
Hosp, 88-9.1 ; med, Michigan, 91- Physician, 
Univ. Hosp. Dispensary, Phila. Hon. A.M, Har- 
vard, 95; Sc.D, Pennsylvania, 04. F.A.A; Ass. 
Path, and Bact; Am. Physicians; Am. Med. 
Ass; Am. Acad. Med; various state and local 
med. societies. Pathology of malaria, dysen- 
tery, Protozoa, diseases of the blood, etc. 
Pathology of pernicious anemia. 

Dodd, Dr. Edward L(ewis), Room 108, Liberal 
Arts Building, Iowa City, la. Mathematics. 
Cleveland, O, Nov. 1, 75. A.B, Western Re- 
serve, 97, A.M, 01; A.M, Yale, 02, Ph.D, 04. 



Instr. math., Iowa, 0^- Cashier and asst. book- 
keeper, Browning, King and Co, Cleveland, O, 
97-00. Math. Soc. Iterated limits of multiple 
sequences. Vector differential equations; im- 
plicit functions. 

Dodge, Cha(rle)s Richards, 1336 Vermont Ave, 
Washington, D. C. Botany. Covington Co, 
Miss, July 17, 47. Sheffield Sci. Sch, Yale, 
65-67. Asst. entomologist and curator, Mus. 
of Agr, U. S. Dept. Agr, 67-77, special agent in 
charge, Office of Fiber Investigations, 89-98; 
consulting textile expert, 98- Ed. and pub- 
lisher, 'Field and Forest,' 72-75; special agent, 
Dept. Agr, Tenth Census; director agr, U. S. 
Commission, Paris Expos, 98-01 ; officially con- 
nected with Centennial, New Orleans, Paris, Co- 
lumbian, Atlanta, Nashville, Omaha, Pan-Am. 
and La. Purchase Expositions. Chevalier du 
M6rite agricole, 90; Legion d'honneur, 01. 
F.A.A; Wash. Entom. Soc; Wash. Philos. Soc. 
Vegetable fibers; fibrous plants in relation to 
their uses in commerce; a fiber survey of the 
Republic of Mexico. 

/ Dodge, Prof. Charles Wright, 330 Oxford St, 
Rochester, N. Y. Biology. Cape Vincent, N. 
Y, Jan. 15, 63. B.S, Michigan, 86, M.S, 89. 
Instr. bot. and zool, High Sch, Detroit, 86-90; 
biol, Rochester, 90-92, prof, 92- Biologist, 
Rochester Health Dept, 94- F.A.A; Soc. 
Nat; assoc. Ornith. Union; Pub. Health Ass; 
Wash. Biol. Soc; N. Y. State Sci. Teachers 
Ass. (pres, 00) ; Rochester Acad. (cor. sec'y, 
92-02, pres, 02-03 ) ; Rochester Acad. Med. 

Dodge, Prof. Raymond, 107 Lawn Ave, Middletown, 
Conn. * Psychology. Woburn, Mass, Feb. 20, 
71. A.B, Williams, 93; Ph.D, Halle, 96. Asst. 
to Prof. B. Erdmann, Halle, 96-97; prof, philos, 
Ursinus, 97-98; instr, Wesleyan, 98-99, assoc. 
prof, 99-02, prof, psychol, 02- Asst. librarian, 
Williams, 93-94. Psychol. Ass; Philos. Ass. 
The psychology of reading; the function of 
eye movements in vision; types and velocity of 
eye movements; the function of eye move- 
ments in the visual perception of motion. The 
shape of the cornea; errors of fixation; theory 
of visual space. 

Dodge, Prof. Richard E(lwood), Teachers College, 
Columbia University, New York, N. Y. * Geog- 
raphy, Physiography. Wenham, Mass, March 
30, 68. A.B, Harvard, 90, A.M, 94. Asst. 
geol, Harvard, 91-94, instr, 94-95; instr. and 
assoc. prof. nat. science, Teachers Col, Colum- 
bia, 95-97, prof, geog, 97- Asst, U. S. Geol. 
Surv, 90-95; ed, 'Jour, of Sch. Geog,' 97-01; 
assoc. ed, ' Bui. Am. Geog. Soc,' 99-; ed, 
'Jour, of Geog,' 02- F.A.A; Geol. Soc; Geog. 
Ass; fel. N. Y. Acad. Scientific geography for 
elementary schools. Geographical history of 
the region occupied by ancient peoples of south- 
western United States. 

Dodson, Dr. John Milton, 568 Washington Boule- 
vard, Chicago, Ills. Medicine. Berlin, Wis, 
Feb. 17, 59. A.B, Wisconsin, 80; M.D, Rush 
Med. Col, 82, and Jefferson Med. Col, 83; A.M, 

Wisconsin, 88; Berlin and Vienna, 96. Lee- 
turer and demonstrator anat, Rush Med. Col, 
89-93, prof, physiol. and demonstrator anat, 
93-94, physiol. and histol, 94-00, med, 00-, 
junior dean, 98-99, dean, 99-, professorial lec- 
turer med. and dean, Med. Courses, Chicago, 01 
Prof, diseases of children, Woman's Med. Sch, 
Northwestern, 93-97. Soc. Nat; Ass. Anat; 
Am. Med. Ass; Ills. Med. Soc; Wis. Med. 
Soc; Chicago Med, Internal Med, Path, and 
Pediat. Societies. Diseases of children. 

Dohme, Dr. A(lfred) R(obert) L(ouis), 1 Club 
Road, Roland Park, Baltimore, Md. Phar- 
maceutical chemistry. Baltimore, Feb. 15, 
67. A.B, Hopkins, 86, Ph.D, 89. Asst, Fre- 
senius's Lab, Wiesbaden, 90-91 ; chemist and 
gen. manager, Sharp and Dohme, Baltimore, 91- 
Instr. pharmacy, Med. Sch, Hopkins, 00-; 
sec'y, Revision Committee, U. S. Pharmacopoeia. 
Chem. Soc; Pharmaceut. Ass; Soc. Chem. In- 
dust; Chem. Gesell. Alkaloids; assay of drugs, 
especially vegetable drugs; chemistry, pharma- 
cognosy and histology of drugs. Cascara sa- 

Dolbear, Prof. A(mos) E(merson), Tufts College, 
Mass. *Physics, Astronomy. Norwich, Conn, 
Nov. 10, 37. A.B, Ohio Wesleyan, 66; A.M, 
M.E, Michigan, 67. Instr. chem, Michigan, 66- 
67; asst. prof. nat. hist, Kentucky, 67-68; prof. 
physics and chem, Bethany (W. Va.), 68-74; 
physics and astron, Tufts, 7Jf- Mayor, Bethany, 
73-74; mem. Jury of Awards, Columbian 
Expos, 93. Bronze medal, Centennial Expos, 76 ; 
silver medal, Paris Expos, 81; gold medal, Lon- 
don Expos, 82 ; hon. Ph.D, Michigan, 83 ; LL.D, 
Tufts, 02; Ohio Wesleyan, 05. F.A.A; fel. 
Am. ' Acad. Light and electrical phenomena ; 
properties of the ether; the magnetic telephone; 
static telephone; heavy current ammeter; air 
space cable for telegraphic and telephonic work ; 
wireless telegraphy. Variability of the proper- 
ties of matter. 

Dolley, Dr. Charles S(umner), 1121 Spruce St, 
Philadelphia, Pa. Biology, Medicine. Elyria, 
O, June 16, 56. Syracuse, 78; M.D, Penn- 
sylvania, 82; Hopkins, 83-84; Leipzig and 
Naples Zool. Sta, 84-85. Prof, biol, Swarth- 
more, 85-88 ; Pennsylvania, 85-92 ; Central High 
Sch, Phila, 92- Soc. Nat ; Philos. Soc ; Franklin 
Inst; Phila. Acad; Phila. Co. Med. Soc. 

Dolson, Prof. Grace N(eal), Aurora-on-Cayuga, 
N. Y. Philosophy. Andover, N. Y, Feb. 13, 74. 
A.B, Cornell, 96, grad. student, 96-97 ; Leipzig 
and Jena, 97-98; Cornell, 98-99, Ph.D, 99. 
Prof, philos, Wells, 00- Philos. Ass. Philoso- 
phy of the nineteenth century. Renouvier and 
his school. 

Dominian, Leon, 1347 Court Place, Denver, Colo. 
Mining, Geology. Constantinople, Turkey, April 
13, 80. A.B, Robert Col, Constantinople, 98; 
M.S, Liege, 01. Head, Topog. Div, Constan- 
tinople Tramway Soc, 02-03; field asst, U. S. 
Geol. Surv, and asst. geologist, N. Mex. Sch. 
Mines, 03-04; consulting mining engineer, 04- 
Deposition of metalliferous ores. 



Dommerque, Franz Josef, 1395 N. Spaulding Ave, 
Chicago, Ills. Engineering. Duisburg, Ger- 
many, Nov. 26, 61. M.E, Munich, 86. Drafts- 
man", electrician and engineer, various com- 
panies, 87-04; sec'y and director, Kellogg 
Switchboard and Supply Co, Chicago, 0J t - 
Elec. Eng; Int. Ass. Prom. Quaternions. Im- 
aginary quantities and their relation to alter- 
nating currents. Telephone engineering. 
Donaldson, Prof. H(enry) H(erbert), Wistar In- 
stitute of Anatomy, 36th St. and Woodlawn 
Ave, Philadelphia, Pa. * Neurology. Yonk- 
ers, N. Y, May 12, 57. A.B, Yale, 79; Ph.D, 
Hopkins, 85. Instr. biol, Hopkins, 83-84, assoc. 
psychol, 87-88; asst. prof, neur, Clark, 89-92; 
prof, Chicago, 92-06; Wistar Inst, 06- Dean, 
Ogden Sch. of Science, Chicago, 92-98. Soc. 
Nat; Psychol. Ass; Ass. Anat; Physiol. Soc; 
Neur. Ass. Anatomy of the nervous system, 
with special reference to growth and the 
changes due to age. 
Doolittle, Prof. C(harles) L(eander), Upper Darby, 
Pa. * Astronomy, Mathematics. Ontario, Ind, 
Nov. 12, 43. C.E, Michigan, 74. With U. S. 
Northern Boundary Surv, 73-75; prof. math, 
and astron, Lehigh, 75-95; astron, Pennsylva- 
nia, 95- Hon. Sc.D, Michigan, 97. F.A.A. 
(sec'y, A, 85, v. pres, 93) ; Astron. and Astro- 
phys. Soc. (treas, 99-05) ; Philos. Soc; Astron. 
Gesell. Latitude variation; constant of aber- 
ration; stellar coordinates. 
Doolittle, Prof. Eric, Flower Observatory, Upper 
Darby, Pa. Astronomy. Ontario, Ind, July 26, 
70. C.E, Lehigh, 91 ; Chicago, 96-98. Teacher, 
Ulrich's Prep. Sch, Bethlehem, Pa, 91-93; instr. 
math, Lehigh, 93-94 ; Iowa, 94-96 ; astron, Penn- 
sylvania, 98-04, asst. prof, Ok- Asst. to city 
engineer, Bradford, Pa, summers, 90, 91. As- 
tron. and Astrophys. Soc; Philos. Soc; fel. 
Royal Astron. Soc. Observation of double 
stars; practical astronomy; secular perturba- 
tions. Secular perturbations of the four inner 
planets; measurement of the Hough double 
Doran, Prof. Edwin W(ortham), James Millikin 
University, Decatur, Ills. Zoology, Entomol- 
ogy. Leitchfield, Ky, April 28, 56. B.S, Lin- 
coln; A.M, Grant, 87; Ph.D, Cumberland, 90; 
Illinois. Pres, Ozark Col, and Baird Col, 
Mo, 85-89; state entomologist, Tenn, 86-90; 
prof. zool. and comp. anat, Md. Agr. Col, 91- 
92; teacher biol, James Millikin, 05- Inves- 
tigator animal parasites, Bur. Animal In- 
dust, U. S. Dept. Agr. Ass. Econ. Entom. 
Entomology; Entozoa; synonymy of vernacular 
names of animals; anatomy of circulating or- 
gans of Diplocardia; compound vernacular 
names of insects and vertebrates. Vocabularies 
of students; physiology of rotifers. 

Doremus, Dr. Charles A (very), 55 W. 53d St, New 
York, N. Y. *Chemistry. New York, Sept. 6, 
51. A.B, Col. City of N. Y, 70; Ph.D, Heidel- 
berg, 73. Asst. chem, toxicol. and med. juris, 
Bellevue Hosp. Med. Col, 75-79, adj. prof, 79- 
97 ; prof. chem. and toxicol, Med. Dept, Buffalo, 

77-82; chem, Am. Vet. Col, 82, emer. prof, 92- 
98; asst. chem. and physics, Col. City of N. Y, 
82-97, asst. prof, 97-03, acting prof, 03-04. 
Reporter, Vienna Expos, 73 ; U. S. delegate, Int. 
Cong. Applied Chem, Paris, 96; chairman, Am. 
Committee on Organization, Paris, 00, and Sect. 
X, Berlin, 03. Hon. M.D, Buffalo, 79. Chem. 
Soc; Electrochem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; 
assoc. mem. Elec. Eng; Medico-Legal Soc; 
assoc. Mass. Medico- Legal Soc; fel. N. Y. Acad; 
Chem. Gesell; Soc. chim. de Paris. Foods and 
sanitary chemistry; toxicology; physiological 
chemistry; fluorids; alumina; electrochemistry; 
hydrofluoric acid. Bauxite; fluorids; hydro- 
fluoric and hydrofluorsilicic acid; electrochem- 
istry; sanitary chemistry. 
Doremus, Dr. R(obert) Ogden, Union League Club, 
New York, N. Y. Chemistry, Physics, Medi- 
cine. New York, Jan. 11, 24. Columbia, 38; 
A.B, N. Y. Univ, 42, A.M, 45, M.D, 50. Chem. 
asst. to Prof. John W. Draper, Med. Dept, N. Y. 
Univ, 43-50; prof, chem, N. Y. Col. Pharmacy, 
49; chem. and toxicol, N. Y. Med. Col, 50; nat. 
hist, Free Acad, 53; chem. and toxicol, Long 
Isl. Hosp. Med. Col, 60-72, emer. prof, 72-; 
prof. chem. and physics, Col. City of N. T, 63- 
02, emer. prof, chem, 02- Prof, chem, toxicol. 
and med. juris, Bellevue Hosp. Med. Col, 61. 
LL.D, N. Y. Univ, 71. Fel. N. Y. Acad. Elec- 
troplating and electrotyping; patents for extin- 
guishing fires on ships, for rendering sponges 
permanently elastic, and for compressed granu- 
lated gunpowder; melted paraffin as a preser- 
vative; flame-proofing of cloth and wood; lique- 
faction and solidification of gases for artificial 
cold; urea in relation to muscular exercise; 
disinfection by chlorin gas ; bleaching by means 
of peroxid of hydrogen and ammonia; elec- 
tricity applied to prevent accidents on rail- 
roads; toxicology. Removal of phosphorus and 
sulphur from iron and steel. 

Dorset, Dr. M(arion), 2429 18th St, N. W, Wash- 
ington, D. C. Bacteriology, Chemistry. Colum- 
bia, Tenn, Dee. 14, 72. B.S, Tennessee, 93; 
Pennsylvania, 93-94 ; M.D, Columbian, 96. Asst. 
Biochemic Div, U. S. Dept. Agr, 94-01, asst. 
chief, 01-04, chief, Ok- Demonstrator path, Co- 
lumbian, 97-98. Soc. Bact; Chem. Soc; Pub. 
Health Ass. Chemistry of B. tuberculosis. 
Biology of B. tuberculosis ; etiology and preven- 
tion of hog cholera. 

Dorsey, Dr. Geo(rge) A(mos), Field Columbian 
Museum, Chicago, Ills. * Anthropology . Heb- 
ron, O, Feb. 6, 68. A.B, Denison, 88; A.B, 
Harvard, 90, Ph.D, 94. Instr. anthrop, Har- 
vard, 95-96; asst. curator anthrop, Field Co- 
lumbian Mus, 96-97, curator, 97-- ; prof. comp. 
anat, Northwestern, 00-; asst. prof, anthrop, 
Chicago, 05- Assoc, ed, 'Am. Anthropologist,' 
99-; nat. delegate, Cong. Archeol. et d'Ethnol. 
Prehist, Paris, 00. F.A.A. (v. pres, 03) ; Soc. 
Nat; Ass. Anat; Folk-lore Soc. (pres, 02) ; 
Wash. Acad; cor. mem. Soc. d'Anthrop. de 
Paris. The lumbar curve; comparative sizes of 
heads of long bones; anthropology of American 



Dorsey, H(erbert) G(rove), 129 Dryden Road, 
Ithaca, N. Y. Physics. Kirkersville, O, April 
24, 76. B.S, Denison, 97; Hopkins, 97; M.S, 
Denison, 98; Harvard, 00-01. Instr. physics, 
Maine, 98-00; asst. prof, Florida, 01-03; instr, 
Mechanics Inst, Rochester, 03-04; asst, Cornell, 
04-05, instr, 05- M.A.A; assoc. mem. Physical 
Soc. Effects of magnetism on the elasticity of 
rods. Coefficient of expansion at low tempera- 

Dorsey, Dr. N(oah) Ernest, Annapolis Junction, 
Md. *Physics. Annapolis Junction, March 15, 
73. A.B, Hopkins, 93, fellow, 96-97, Ph.D, 97 ; 
research fellow, Yerkes Observatory, summer, 
99. Student asst. physics, Hopkins, 93-96, asst, 
97-99, assoc, 99-01; asst. physicist, Bur. of 
Soils, U. S. Dept. Agr, 01, scientist, 02-03; 
asst. physicist, Bur. Standards, 03- F.A.A; 
Physical Soc. Capillarity; light; physics of 
soils. Alternating current measurements. 

Doubleday, Mrs. F. N. (Neltje DeGraff) (' Neltje 
Blanchan'), HI E. 16th St, New York, N. Y. 
Ethnology, Botany, Ornithology. Chicago, Ills, 
Oct. 23, 65. Private schools. Assoc. Ornith. 
Union. Birds; wild flowers and their relation 
to insects; North American Indians. Bird life; 
fertilization of flowers by wind, insects and 
humming-birds; handicrafts of our aborigines. 

Doubt, Prof. Thomas E(aton), 651 E. 57th St, 
Chicago, Ills. Physics. Louisville, Ky, Feb. 
15, 70. B.S, Nebr. Wesleyan, 92; "fellow, Ne- 
braska, 94-97, A.M, 96; fellow, Chicago, 03-04, 
Ph.D, 04. Instr. physics, Nebr. Wesleyan, 92- 
94; prof, Washington (Seattle), 97-02; assoc. 
prof, Armour Inst, 0^- M.A.A; assoc. Elec. 
Eng. Absolute color equation; effect of the 
intensity upon the velocity of light. Effect of 
the motion of the medium upon the velocity of 

Douglas, Dr. James, Spuyten Duyvil, New York, 
N. Y. Mining, Metallurgy. Quebec, Can, Nov. 
4, 37. Edinburgh; A.B, Queen's (Can.), 
58. Prof, chem, Morrin Col, Que, 70-74; 
supt, Chem. Copper Co, Phoenixville, Pa, 74- 
80; pres, Copper Queen Consolidated Mining 
Co. and other mining and railroad companies. 
LL.D, McGill, 99. F.A.A; Min. Eng. (pres, 
99-00) ; Am. Geog. Soc; Philos. Soc; Gt. Brit- 
ain Iron and Steel Inst; British Inst. Min. 
and Metal; London Soc. Arts. 

Douglass, A(ndrew) E(llicott), Flagstaff, Ariz. 
Astronomy. Windsor, Vt, July 5, 67. A.B, 
Trinity (Conn.), 89. Connected with Harvard 
Col. Observatory, 89-94; first asst, Lowell Ob- 
servatory, 94-01, astronomer, 01- Probate 
Judge, Coconino Co, Ariz, 01-; instr, Northern 
Ariz. Nor. Sch. Am. Alpine Club; fel. Royal 
Astron. Soc. Planet Mars ; ' Gegenschein ' and 
zodiacal light; observatory sites and atmos- 
pheric currents; planetophysics. Id; photog- 
raphy of heat currents. 

Dowling, Prof. L(innaeus) W(ayland), University 
Heights, Madison, Wis. Mathematics. Medina, 
Mich, Dec. 7, 67. Adrian, 89-90; Ph.D, Clark, 
95. Instr. math, Wisconsin, 95-97, asst. prof, 

98- Math. Soc. Geometry; forms of plane 
quintic curves; higher plane curves; conformal 
representation of plane triangles upon the 
upper half-plane. Involutions in the plane. 
Downey, Prof. John F(lorin), 825 Fifth St, S. E, 
Minneapolis, Minn. Mathematics. Hirams- 
burg, O, Jan. 10, 46. B.S, Hillsdale, 70; Michi- 
gan, 72-73; C.E, Pa. State, 77; A.M, Hillsdale, 
78; Edinburgh and Gottingen, 01-02. Instr. 
math, Hillsdale, 70-71; principal, High Sch, 
Cassopolis, Mich, 71-72; prof, math, Pa. State, 
73-80; Minnesota, 80-, dean, Col. Sci, Lit. and 
Arts, 98- Lecturer, State Teachers' Institute, 
and teacher, State Summer Schools, Minn. 
Math. Soc. Mathematics. The shortening of 
various algebraic operations. 

Downing,Dr.E(lliott) R(owland), 1216 Presque Isle 
Ave, Marquette, Mich. Zoology. Boston, Mass, 
Nov. 21, 68. B.S, Albion, 89, M.S, 94; Ph.D, 
Chicago, 01. Instr. science, Beloit, 91-96; asst. 
zool, Chicago, 00-01; prof, biol, Northern State 
Nor. Sch, Mich, 01- M.A.A. Spermatogenesis 
of Hydra and Arenicola. Spermatogenesis of 
Arenicola; muscle movement in Pelecypoda. 

Downs, Dr. Edgar S(elah), 814 Franklin Ave, 
Swissvale Station, Pittsburg, Pa. Experimental 
physics. Southington, Conn, Sept. 25, 74. A.B, 
Yale, 98, Sloane fellow, 99-01, Ph.D, 01. Asst. 
physics, Yale, 99-01; asst. ed, * N. Y. Elec. 
Rev,' 01-02; instr. science, De Lancey Sch, 
Phila, 02; Thurston Prep. Sch, 02-03; eng. 
apprentice, Westinghouse Elec. and Mfg. Co, 
03-05. M.A.A. Spectrum analysis. 

Drake, Prof. N(oah) F(ields), Tientsin, China. 
Geology. Summers, Ark, Jan. 30, 64. C.E, 
Arkansas, 88; A.M, Stanford, 95, Ph.D, 97. 
Geologist, Ark. Geol. Surv, 87; Tex. Geol. Surv, 
89-93; asst. geologist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 97; 
prof. geol. and mining, Imperial Tientsin Univ, 
98-00; consulting geologist, Am.-China Devel- 
opment Co, 02-04; prof. geol. and mining, Pei 
Yang Univ, 05- Asst. topographer, U. S. Geol. 
Surv, 94; engineer, Pub. Works Dept, Tientsin 
Provisional Govt, 00-01. Geol. Soc; Min. Eng. 
Geology. Chinese coal-fields; wind-blown mate- 
rials in North China. 

Draper, Dr. Daniel, Hastings-on-Hudson, N. Y. 
Meteorology, Mechanics. New York, N. Y, 
April 2, 41. Grammar sch. and private in- 
struction. Asst. physiol. and chem. to Prof. 
J. W. Draper; director, N. T. Meteorol. Observa- 
tory, 68- Apprentice, Novelty Iron Works, N. 
Y, GO; asst. port engineer, Star Line to New 
Orleans, La, 65. Hon. Ph.D, N. Y. Univ, 80. 
F.A.A; Social Sci. Ass; Philos. Soc; Nat. Geog. 
Soc. Mechanical meteorology. 

Dresser, John A(lexander), 145 Rose de Lima St, 
Montreal, Can. Geology, Petrography. Rich- 
mond, Que, June 27, 66. A.B, McGill, 93; Har- 
vard, 94-95; A.M, McGill, 97. Principal, St. 
Francis Col, Richmond, Que, 95-03; Prince 
Albert Sch, Montreal, OS- Assoc, ed, 'Jour. 
Geog'; lecturer, Prov. Agr. Col, Compton, Que, 
02-03. Can. Min. Inst. Geology; petrography; 
petrographic studies in the Monteregian Hills, 



Quebec Petrography of the copper-bearing 
rocks of southeastern Quebec. 

Dresslar, Prof. F(letcher) B(ascom), 2327 Le 
Conte Ave, Berkeley, Cal. Education, Psychol- 
ogy. Banta, Ind, Sept. 21, 58. A.B, Indiana, 
89, A.M, 92; Ph.D, Clark, 94. Principal, High 
Sch, Princeton, Ind, 89-90; supt. schools, 
Princeton, 90-91; prof, educ, Los Angeles State 
Nor. Sch, 94-97; assoc. prof, California, 9T- 
Acting head, Dept. Educ, California, 01-02; 
mem. Cal. State Board of Educ, 01-02, 05- 
Cal. Council Educ; Ind. Sci. Ass. Educational 
psychology; school hygiene; psychology of 
touch ; "child-study; pseudochromesthesia. 
School hygiene; commercial geography for 
teachers; education and superstition. 

Drew, Prin. D(avid) A(bbott), 830 Eighth Ave, 
Baraboo, Wis. Astronomy. Proctorsville, Vt, 
May 9, 65. B.S, B.L, Lawrence, 87, A.B, 88, 
A.M, 90; Chicago, 94-96, fellow, 95-96. Asst, 
Lowell Observatory, 96-98; principal schools, 
Baraboo, Wis. Astron. and Astrophys. Soc. 
Mars; diameter and markings of Venus and 
Mercury; satellite of Neptune. 

Drew, Prof. Gilman A(rthur), Orono, Me. 
* Zoology. Newton, la, Nov. 15, 68. B.S, Iowa, 
90; fellow, Hopkins, 97-98, Ph.D, 98, Adam T. 
Bruce fellow, 98. Asst. zool, Hopkins, 98-00; 
prof, biol, Maine, 00- Instr. in charge zool, 
Woods Hole, 01- M.A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool. 
( sec'y and treas, 03-04 ) . Anatomy, habits and 
embryology of Yoldia limatula; the life history 
of Nucula delphinodonta. Structure, develop- 
ment and habits of the northern scallop. 

Dreyer, Prof. Geo(rge) P(eter), 1872 Gladys Ave, 
Chicago, Ills. "Physiology. Baltimore, Md, 
Sept. 22, 66. Baltimore City Col, 79-84; 
A.B, Hopkins, 87, fellow, 88-89, Ph.D, 90; Col. 
Physicians and Surg, Baltimore, 91-92. Assoc, 
prof, physiol, Hopkins, 90-00; prof, Med. Dept, 
Illinois, 00- Physiol. Soc. Blood proteids; 
differential respiration; internal secretion of 

Dreyfus, Dr. W(olfram) E, 12 Old Slip, New 
York, N. Y. Chemistry. Baden, Germany, 
Dec. 21, 64. Grad, Humanist. Gymnasium, Ger- 
many, 84; Ph.D, Munich, 00. Instr. chem, 
Columbia, 00-02; chemist, Dept. Pub. Charities, 
N. Y. City, 02-04 ; consulting chemist, 0k~ Chem. 
Soc; Chem. Gesell; Chem. Verein. Tragacanth; 
relation of chemical constitution to the physio- 
logical action of modern anesthetics; disinfec- 
tants and antiseptics. Relation of chemical 
constitution to physiological action of modern 

Drisko, Prof. William J(ohnson), Massachusetts 
Institute of Technology, Boston, Mass. Ex- 
perimental physics. Addison, Me, Sept. 8, 66. 
B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 95. Asst. physics, Mass. 
Inst. Tech, 95-96, instr, 96-99; prof, Colby, 99; 
instr, Mass. hist. Tech, 01-05, asst. prof, 05- 

Drummond, Dr. I(saac) W(yman), 436 W. 22d St, 
New York, N. Y. Chemistry. Boston, Mass, 
June 19, 55. E.M, Columbia, 78, Ph.D, 79. 
Chemist and mfg. director, F. TV. Devoe and 

C. T. Raynolds Co, New York, 93- M.A.A; 
Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust. Colors; pig- 
ments; dyes. 

Dryer, Prof. C(harles) R(edway), 29 Gilbert Ave, 
Terre Haute, Ind. Geography, Geology. Vic- 
tor, N. Y, Aug. 31, 50. Michigan, 70-71; A.B, 
Hamilton, 71; M.D, Buffalo, 76. Teacher 
science, High Sch, Fort Wayne, Ind, 77-90; 
prof. chem. and toxicol, Fort Wayne Col. of 
Med, 78-93; geog, Ind. State Nor. Sch, 93- 
Asst, Ind. Geol. Surv. 87-93; chemist, Fort 
Wayne Elec. Co, 90-93. F.A.A; Geol. Soc; 
Geog. Ass; fel. Ind. Acad. Glacial geology; 
physiography; organization and methods of 
teaching geography. Geology, physiography 
and general geography of Indiana; geology and 
physiography of Finger Lake region, New York. 

Duane, Prof. William, University of Colorado, 
Boulder, Colo. "Physics. Philadelphia, Pa, 
Feb. 17, 72. A.B, Pennsylvania, 92; A.B, Har- 
vard, 93, A.M, 95; Ph.D, Berlin, 97. Asst. 
physics, Harvard, 93-95; prof, Colorado, 98- 
F.A.A; Physical Soc. Electricity; velocity of 
chemical reactions; short electrical waves; 
differential telephone; radium emanation and 
induced activity. Hysteresis. 

DuBois, Prof. A(ugustus) J (ay), New Haven, 
Conn. Civil engineering, Mechanics. Newton 
Falls, O, April 25, 49. Ph.B, Yale, 69, Ph.D, 
72; Mining Acad, Freiberg, 72-73. Prof, civil 
and mech. eng, Lehigh, 75-77; mech. eng, Shef- 
field Sci. Sch, Yale, 77-83, civil eng, 83- 
F.A.A; Civil Eng; Mech. Eng; Min. Eng; Conn. 
Acad. Bridge construction; engineering me- 
chanics. Steel and masonry structures. 

Dubois, Prof. Howard W(eidener), 4526 Regent St, 
Philadelphia, Pa. Astronomy, Astrophysics. 
Philadelphia, Sept. 16, 68. Lehigh. Prof. 
applied math, Phila. Observatory, 95-00, astron, 
00- M.A.A; Astron. and Astrophys. Soc; Min. 
Eng; Franklin Inst; Phila. Photog. Club ; Phila. 
Geog. Club (pres.) ; Phila. Eng. Club; Lake 
Superior Inst. Min. Eng. Astronomical pho- 
tography. Radiation from the various organic 
substances that affect photographic plates. 

Dubois, N(orman) A(rmin), New York University, 
University Heights, New York, N. Y. Chem- 
istry, Physics. Fall River, Mass, Dec. 25, 77. 
B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 01; A.M, Brown, 03. 
Instr. chem, Brown, 01-03; Syracuse, 03-04; 
N. Y. Univ, 0k- Constitution of ferric chlorid 
in aqueous solution. Some condensation prod- 
ucts of phenyl naphthalene and of dicarborylic 

DuBois, Patterson, 401 S. 40th St, Philadelphia, 
Pa. Anthropology, Education, Metallurgy. 
Philadelphia, Oct. 10, 47. Pub. schools and 
private instruction. Asst, Assay Dept, U. S. 
Mint, Phila, 67-81, asst. assayer, 81-86; man- 
aging ed, ' Sunday School Times ', 86-00. Mem. 
Advisory Committee on Disputed Spellings and 
Pronunciations, 'Standard Diet'; editor and 
journalist; critic and adviser in book publica- 
tion. F.A.A; Philos. Soc. (sec'y, curator and 



mem. Council) ; Archeol. and Numis. Soc; Am. 
Dialect Soc; Pa. Hist. Soc; London Soc. Arts. 
Child-study; educational psychology; improved 
apparatus for humid assay of silver. 

DuBois, Dr. W(illiam) E(dward) B(urghardt), 
Atlanta University, Atlanta, Ga. History, So- 
cial science. Great Barrington, Mass, Feb. 23, 
68. A.B, Fisk, 88; A.B, Harvard, 90, fellow, 
90-92, A.M, 91; Berlin, 92-94; Ph.D, Harvard, 
95. Prof, classics, Wilberforce, 94-96; asst. 
sociol, Pennsylvania, 96-97; prof. econ. and 
hist, Atlanta, 91- F.A.A; Econ. Ass; Am. 
Negro Acad. History and condition of the 
American negro. The negro artisan; condition 
of the negro. 

Dudley, Dr. Cha(rle)s B(enjamin), P. 0. Drawer 
156, Altoona, Pa. * Chemistry, General tech- 
nology. Oxford, N. Y, July 14, 42. A.B, Yale, 
71, Ph.D, 74. Instr. physics, Pennsylvania, 74- 
75; chemist, Pa. R. R. Co, 15- F.A.A. (sec'y, 
D, 82) ; Chem. Soc. (pres, 96-97) ; Mech. Eng; 
Min. Eng; Civil Eng; Soc. Testing Materials 
(pres, 02, 04) ; Philos. Soc; Wash. Acad; Lon- 
don Chem. Soc; Gt. Britain Iron and Steel 
Inst; Chem. Gesell; Soc. chirn. de Paris. Wear 
of steel rails; car lighting, heating, disinfection 
and ventilation; methods for rapid examination 
of commercial products. 

Dudley, Dr. P(limmon) H(enry), 80 Pine St, New 
York, N. Y. Civil engineering, Metallurgy. 
Freedom, O, May 21, 43. Western Reserve Ec- 
lectic Inst. City engineer, Akron, O, 68-72; 
chief engineer, Valley R. R. of Ohio, 72-75; 
expert, Eastern Railroad Ass, 76-79 ; consulting 
engineer tracks and rails, N. T. C. and H. R. R. 
R. Co, 80- Reporter, Int. Railway Cong, Paris, 
00; Washington, 05. Elliott Cresson gold 
medal, 77; gold and silver medals, Chicago R. 
R. Expos, 83; hon. Ph.D, Hiram, 97. Min. Eng; 
Am. Acad; Forestry Ass; Eng. Club; fel. 
N. Y. Acad, (pres, Sect. Physics and Astron.) ; 
N. Y. Micros. Soc. ( pres. ) ; Int. Ass. Testing Ma- 
terials; London Soc. Arts. Stability of railroad 
tracks; the strains in rails and their distribu- 
tion ; invented ' dynagraph ' and ' track indica- 
tor ' ; designed first five-inch steel rail used in 
United States, high carbon rails and six-inch 
100 pound rails; decay of wood due to fungi. 
The principles pertaining to American rail- 
roads; metals for rails and tires for high speed 

Dudley, Prof. W(illia)m L(ofland), Vanderbilt 
University, Nashville, Tenn. ^Chemistry. Cov- 
ington, Ky, April 16, 59. B.S, Cincinnati, 80; 
M.D, Miami Med. Col, 85. Prof. chem. and 
toxicol, Miami Med. Col, 80-86; chem, Vander- 
bilt, 86-, dean, Med. Dept, 95- Mem. Board of 
Commissioners, Cincinnati Indust. Expos, 81- 
85; director of affairs, Tenn. Centennial Expos, 
97. Int. Cong. Arts and Science, St. Louis, 04 
(sec'y, Sect. Inorg. Chem.). F.A.A. (sec'y, 
C, 88, v. pres, 89) ; Chem. Soc. (pres, Cincinnati 
Sect, and mem. Council, 98) ; Soc. Chem. Indust; 
Electrochem. Soc; Min. Eng; Eng. Ass. of South 

(pres, 95) ; fel. London Chem. Soc; Chem. 
Gesell. Inorganic chemistry. 

Dudley, Prof. William R(ussel), Stanford Uni- 
versity, Cal. *Botany. Guilford, Conn, March 
1, 49. B.S, Cornell, 74, M.S, 76; Strasburg and 
Berlin, 87-88. Instr. lot, Cornell, 73-76, asst. 
prof, 76-92; prof, Stanford, 93- Commissioner 
and sec'y, Cal. Redwood Park Commission, 01- 
05. F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Forestry Ass. (v. pres, 
01-05); Cal. Acad, (ed, bot. papers, 97-00); 
Sierra Club (assoc. ed, 'Bui,' 97-) ; Wash. Biol. 
Soc; etc. Fungi of central New York; geo- 
graphical distribution of plants of Cayuga Lake 
Basin, New York, and Lackawanna and Wyoming 
Basin, Pennsylvania; higher plants of Califor- 
nia. Plants of central California, in relation 
to distribution and descent; forests of Cali- 

Duerden, Dr. J(ames) E(dwin), Rhodes Univer- 
sity College, Grahamstown, Cape Colony, S. 
Afr. *Biology. Burnley, England, April 7, 69. 
Associate, Royal Col. of Science, London, 86-89; 
London Univ, 87-89; Ph.D, Hopkins, 00, Bruce 
fellow, 01-02. Demonstrator, Royal Col. Sci- 
ence, Dublin, 89-94; curator, Mus, Inst, of 
Jamaica, 95-01 ; acting prof, biol, North Caro- 
lina, 02; acting asst. prof, zool, Michigan, 03- 
05; prof, Rhodes Univ. Col, 05- Lecturer on 
fisheries, Dublin; hon. curator invert, zool, Am. 
Mus. Nat. Hist, N. Y, 02- F.A.A; Soc. Nat; 
Soc. Zool; Mich. Acad. West Indian anthro- 
pology and fisheries ; morphology of recent and 
fossil corals; Actiniaria. Morphology of recent 
and fossil corals; actinians and corals of Ja- 
maica and the Hawaiian Islands. 

Duff, Prof. A(lexander) Wilmer, 2 Harvard Place, 
Worcester, Mass. *Physics. St. John, N. B, 
May 23, 64. A.B, New Brunswick, 84, and 
London, 87; Berlin, 88; A.M, Edinburgh, 88, 
B.S, 93, Sc.D, 01. Prof, physics, Madras, 
India, 89-90; New Brunswick, 90-93; Purdue, 
93-99; Worcester, 99- Physical Soc; fel. Am. 
Acad; fel. Ind. Acad. Viscosity; acoustics; 
tidal phenomena. Viscosity and rigidity of 

Duggar, Prof. B(enjamin) M(inge), Columbia, Mo. 
* Plant physiology and pathology. Gallion, 
Ala, Sept. 1, 72. Alabama, 87-89; B.S, Miss. 
Agr. and Mech. Col, 91; M.S, Ala. Polytech, 92; 
A.B, Harvard, 94, A.M, 95; Ph.D, Cornell, 
98; Germany and Italy, 99-00. Asst. director, 
Agr. Exp. Sta, Uniontown, Ala, 92-93; asst. 
bot, Radcliffe, 94-95 ; asst. botanist, State 
Lab. Nat. Hist, Illinois, 95-96; instr. plant 
physiol, Cornell, and asst. crypt, botanist, Agr. 
Exp. Sta, 96-00, asst. prof, 00-01; physiologist, 
Bur. Plant Indust, U. S. Dept. Agr, 01-02; 
prof, hot, Missouri, 02- Int. Cong. Arts and 
Science, St. Louis, 04 (speaker, plant physiol.). 
F.A.A ; Bot. Soc ; Soc. Plant Morph. and Physiol ; 
Mycol. Soc; Soc. Prom. Agr. Sci; Bot. Gesell. 
Diseases of plants; plant physiology. Nutri- 
tion and artificial culture of fleshy fungi; effect 
of nutrition on resistance to toxic agents; na- 
ture of varietal resistance to disease; diseases 



of alfalfa, cotton and apples; diseases caused 
by the sterile fungus Rhizoctonia. 
Dugmore, Arthur (Venner Vaux) Radclyffe, New- 
foundland, N. J. Ornithology. England, Dec. 
25, 70. Elizabeth Col, Guernsey and Turrell'a 
Sch, Smyrna, 79-81. Assoc. Ornith. Union. 
Breeding habits of eastern North American 
birds; habits of the beaver. Bird life; condi- 
tions affecting plant life. 

Duke, Prof. Frank W(illiamson), Hollins, Va. 
Mathematics. Richmond, Va, 71. A.B, Rich- 
mond, 92; Chicago, 97-99. Prof, math, Rich- 
mond, 99-00; Hollins Inst, 00- M.A.A; Math. 

Dumble, E(dwin) T(heodore), 1306 Main St, 
Houston, Tex. Geology. Madison, Ind, March 
28, 52. Washington and Lee, G6-68, 72-74. 
State geologist, Tex, 88-96; consulting geolo- 
gist, Southern Pacific R. R. Co, 91- F.A.A; 
Geol. Soc; Min. Eng; Tex. Acad, (pres, 93); 
Stockholm Geol. Soc. Stratigraphic and eco- 
nomic geology. Coal deposits of Pacific slope; 
Stockwerke ore deposits; oil deposits of Texas 
and Louisiana. 

Duncan, Prof. G(eorge) M(artin), 299 Edwards 
St, New Haven, Conn. Philosophy. Haledon, 
N. J, Nov. 26, 57. A.B, N. Y. Univ, 81, A.M, 
82; B.D, Yale, 84, fellow, 84-85; Leipzig, Hei- 
delberg and Berlin, 85-S7; Paris, 87-88. Instr. 
philos, Yale, 88-91, asst. prof, 91-94, prof, 9^- 
LL.D, N. Y. Univ, 01. F.A.A; Philos. Ass; 
Psychol. Ass. Epistemology ; history of philos- 
ophy. Critical history of epistemological spec- 
ulations from Descartes to Kant. 

Duncan, Dr. J(ohn) T(homas), 165 Bloor St, E, 
Toronto, Can. Medicine. Northumberland, Eng- 
land, March 30, 43. Cornell, 69-70; V.S, Ont. 
Vet. Col, 72; M.B, Toronto, 82. Prof, anat, 
Ont. Med. Col. for Women, 83-, diseases of eye 
and ear, OJf-; anat, Ont. Vet. Col, 92- Hon. 
M.D, CM, Trinity (Can.). Ass. Anat; Ont. 
Med. Ass; hon. assoc. Royal Col. Vet. Surg; 
British Med. Ass. Anatomy; ophthalmology. 

Duncan, Dr. Louis, 56 Pine St, New York, N. Y. 
*Electrical engineering. Washington, D. C, 
March 25, 62. Grad, U. S. Naval Acad, 80; 
Ph.D, Hopkins, 85. Assoc, prof, applied elec, 
Hopkins, 87-99; head, Dept. Elec. Eng, Mass. 
Inst. Tech, 02- Elec. Eng. (pres, 95-96) ; 
Philos. Soc; hon. mem. Franklin Inst; Soc. 
math, de France; Soc. de Physique de France. 
Applied electricity. 

Duncanson, Prof. H(enry) B(ruce), Peru, Nebr. 
Biology. Memphis, Mo, Feb. 4, 60. B.S, Ne- 
braska, 90, A.M, 94. First asst, Exp. Sta, 
Nebraska, 90-92; prof, biol, Nebr. State Nor. 
Sch, 92- M.A.A; Micros. Soc; Nebr. Acad. (v. 
pres, 02, pres, 04). Ants; parasites in frogs; 
Nebraska soils. 

Dunham, Dr. Edward K(ellogg), 35 E. 68th St, 
New York, N. Y. "Pathology. Newburgh, N. 
Y, Sept. 1, 60. Ph.B, Columbia, 81; M.D, Har- 
vard, 86. Bacteriologist, Mass. State Board of 
Health, 87-88; instr. histol, Univ. and Bellevue 

Eosp. Med. Col, 88-91, prof, path, bacter. and 
hygiene, 91-99, path, 99- Pathologist, Carney 
Hosp, Boston, 87-88; J. Hood-Wright, Trinity 
and Gen. Mem. Hospitals, New York. F.A.A; 
Ass. Path, and Bact; Am. Physicians; Soc. 
Bact; Soc. Exp. Biol, and Med; Chem. Soc; 
N. Y. Path. Soc; N. Y. Acad; N. Y. Acad. Med. 
Spirillum of cholera; bacillus aerogenes capsu- 
latus; theories of immunity; normal and mor- 
bid histology; etc. Relations of physical prop- 
erties of nutrient gelatin and its uses for plate 
cultures; osmotic pressures of morbid fluids. 

Dunkel, Dr. Otto, 509 E. Clay St, Richmond, Va. 
Mathematics. Richmond, May 25, 69. M.E, 
Virginia, 96, A.B, A.M, 98; A.M, Harvard, 99, 
Shattuck scholar, 00-02, Ph.D, 02; Gottingen, 
04- Asst. astron, Virginia, 96-97; instr. math, 
Wesleyan, 02-04. Math. Soc. Applications 
of Green's theorem in one dimension; regular 
singular points of a system of homogeneous 
linear differential equations of the first order. 

Dunlap, Dr. Frederick L(evy), 715 Monroe St, Ann 
Arbor, Mich. Chemistry. Chillicothe, O, May 
16, 70. Ohio State, 88-89; B.S, Michigan, 92; 
Sc.D, Harvard, 95; Yale, 96. Instr. indust. 
chem, Worcester, 96-00; inorg. chem, Michigan, 
00-01, anal, chem, 01- Instr, Summer Sch, 
Harvard, 93-95. Chem. Soc; Chem. Gesell. 
Oils, fats and waxes; organic chemistry. Prod- 
ucts formed during the boiling or oxidation of 
linseed oil. 

Dunlap, Dr. Knight, 2727 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, 
Cal. Psychology. Diamond Spring, Cal, Nov. 
21, 75. Ph.B, California, 99, M.L, 00, Le Conte 
fellow, 00-01; A.M, Harvard, 01, James Walker 
fellow, 01-02, Ph.D, 03. Asst. psychol, Cali- 
fornia, 02-04, instr, 04- Effects of subliminal 
stimulations ; time-perception. Experimental 
analysis of geometrical illusions; determining 
conditions of reading-time. 

Dunn, Gano S(illick), Ampere, N. J. "Electrical 
engineering. New York, N. Y, Oct. 18, 70. 
B.S, Col. City of N. Y, 89; E.E, Columbia, 91; 
M.S, Col. City of N. Y, 97. Operator. West. 
Union Tel. Co, 86-91; engineer, Crocker-Wheeler 
Co, 91-95, v. pres. and chief engineer, 95- 
M.A.A; Elec. Eng. (v. pres, 01-03, 05-); 
Franklin Inst; N. Y. Elec. Soc. (pres, 98-00) ; 
N. Y. Zool. Soc. Dynamo and motor design; 
commutation of direct current machines. 

Dunne, J(ohn) A(ugustine),440 Massachusetts Ave, 
Cambridge, Mass. Astronomy. Brighton, Mass, 
July 21, 71. High Sch. and private instruction. 
Asst, Harvard Col. Observatory, 88- Astron. 
and Astrophys. Soc. Meridian circle observa- 
tions and reduction of stars in zone 10 to 
14. Meridian circle observations of Nova 
Persei No. 2 and of the planet Eros. 

Dunnington, Prof. F(rancis) P(erry), LTniversity 
of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. "Chemistry. 
Baltimore, Md, March 3, 51. B.S, Virginia, 
71, C.E, M.E, 72. Adj. prof. anal, chem, Vir- 
ginia, 73-84, prof, 8J t - F.A.A. (sec'y, C, 85); 
Chem. Soc; British Ass; London Chem. Soc. 



Universal occurrence of titanic acid in soils; 
inorganic chemistry; synthesis; analysis of 
unusual products and rare minerals; analysis 
of ashes of weeds. 

Dunstan, Prof. A(rthur) S(ain)t C(harles), Au- 
burn, Ala. Electrical engineering. Fredericks- 
burg, Va, March 25,71. B.S, Ala. Polytech, 89, 
M.E, 90, C.E, 91; Hopkins; Chicago. Assoc, 
prof. elec. eng, Kansas, 94-99; prof, Ala. 
Poli/tech, 99- Consulting elec. engineer for 
various companies and cities. F.A.A; Elec. 
Eng; Astron. and Astrophys. Soc. Engineer- 
ing; design and construction. 

duPont, Francis G(urney), Wilmington, Del. 
Chemistry, Physics, Mechanics. Near Wilming- 
ton, May 27, 50. Pennsylvania, 70. V. pres, 
manager and partner, E. I. duPont de Nemours 
and Co, 71-90. F.A.A; Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. 
Indust; Franklin Inst; Pacific Astron. Soc; 
N. Y. Chemists Club. Chemistry of explosives. 

Durand, Dr. E(lias) J(udah), 120 Oak Ave, Ithaca, 
N. Y. *Mycology. Canandaigua, N. Y, March 
20, 70. A.B, Cornell, 93, Sc.D, 95. Asst. bot, 
Cornell, and asst. crypt, botanist, Agr. Exp. 
Sta, 95-96, instr. bot, 9&-, asst. curator, Her- 
barium, 98- F.A.A; Soc. Plant Morph. and 
Physiol; Mycol. Soc. Discomycetous fungi; 
diseases of plants, Structure and classification 
of Discomycetes ; embryology of Taxus. 

Durand, Prof. W(illiam) F(rederick), Stanford 
University, Cal. Marine engineering, Naval 
architecture. Bethany, Conn, March 5, 59. 
Grad, U. S. Naval Acad, 80; Ph.D, Lafayette, 
88. Engineer eorps, U. S. N, 80-87 ; prof. mech. 
and supt, Mech. Dept, Mich. Agr. Col, 87- 
91; prof, marine eng, Cornell, 91-04, acting 
director, Sibley Col, 03-04; prof. mech. eng, 
Stanford, 0^- Special duty, Lafayette, 83-85; 
advisory ed, 'Marine Eng,' 01- Gold medal, 
Naval Eng, 00. F.A.A; Mech. Eng; Eng. 
Educ; Naval Eng; Naval Archit. and Ma- 
rine Eng; Franklin Inst; Soc. Technique mari- 
time. Resistance and propulsion of ships; 

Durell, Prof. Fletcher, Lawrenceville, N. J. 
Mathematics. Clarksburg, N. J, Dec. 17, 59. 
A.B, Princeton, 79, A.M, 82, Ph.D, 87. Master 
math, Pennington Sem, 79-81, 82-83; prof, 
math, and astron, Dickinson, 83-95; master 
math, Lawrenceville Sch, 95- Math. Soc. 

Durfee, Prof. W(illiam) P(itt), 639 Main St, 

Geneva, N. Y. Mathematics. Livonia, Mich, 
Feb. 5, 55. A.B, Michigan, 76; Ph.D, Hopkins, 
83. Instr. math, Univ. Mound Col, San Fran- 
cisco, 76-77; Berkeley Gymnasium, Cal, 77-81; 
prof, Hobart, 8^-, dean, S8- F.A.A; Math. 
Soc. Symmetric functions. 

Durkee, Prof. Frank W(illiams), Tufts College, 
Mass. Chemistry. North Tunbridge, Vt, Oct. 
5, 61. A.B, Tufts, 88, A.M, 89. Instr. chem, 
Tufts, 89-96, asst. prof, 96-97, prof, inorg. 
chem, 97- Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust. 
Oxidation by electrolysis of sodium sulphid 

and hydrosulphid to the sulphate; action of 
water of the Hub coal mine upon cast iron. 
The production of zinc by electrolysis. 
Dutcher, William, 525 Manhattan Ave, New York, 
N. Y. Ornithology. Stelton, N. J, Jan. 20, 
46. Pub. schools. Pres, Nat. Ass. Audubon 
Societies. Fel. Ornith. Union; fel. N. Y. Acad; 
Wash. Biol. Soc; N. Y. Linnean Soc. Life his- 
tory, distribution, economic value and protection 
of birds. 

Dutton, Major C(larence) E(dward), U. S. A, 
Englewood, N. J. *Geology, Physics, Political 
economy. Wallingford, Conn, May 15, 41. 
A.B, Yale, 60. First lieut. and capt, 21st Conn. 
Vols, Civil War, 62-63; second lieut, Ordnance 
Corps, U. S. A, 63-67, first lieut, 67-73, capt, 
73-90, major, 90- Detailed for duty with U. 
S. Geol. Surv. Nat. Acad; Philos. Soc; Am. 
Geog. Soc; Acad. Polit. and Social Sci; Wash. 
Philos. Soc. Volcanoes; earthquakes. Eco- 

Duvel, Dr. J(oseph) W(illiam) T(ell), Seed Labo- 
ratory, U. S. Department of Agriculture, Wash- 
ington, D. C. Botany. Wapakoneta, O, Nov. 
16, 73. B.S, Ohio State. 97; fellow, Michigan, 
99-02, Sc.D, 02. Asst. botanist, Ohio Agr. Exp. 
Sta, 98-99 ; asst, Seed Lab, U. S. Dept. Agr, 02- 
F.A.A; Ohio Acad; Wash. Bot. Soc; Wash. 
Biol. Soc; Int. Ass. Bot. Conditions influen- 
cing vitality of seeds ; respiration in dry seeds ; 
effect of gases on vitality. 

Dwight, Dr. Jonathan, Jr, 2 E. 34th St, New York, 
N. Y. Zoology. New York, Dec. 8, 5S. A.B, 
Harvard, 80; M.D, Columbia, 93. Practising 
physician, 93- M.A.A; fel. Ornith. Union; fel. 
Am. Geog. Soc; fel. N. Y. Acad; N. Y. Linnean 
Soc. Ornithology. 

Dwight, Prof. Thomas, Harvard Medical School, 
Boston, Mass. * Anatomy. Boston, Oct. 13, 43. 
A.B, Harvard, 66, M.D, 67. Instr. comp. anat, 
Harvard, 72 ; lecturer and later prof, anat, Med. 
Sch. of Maine, 72-76; instr. histol, Harvard 
Med. Sch, 74-80, topog. anat, 80-83, Parkman 
prof, anat, 83- Shattuck prize, Mass. Med. 
Soc; LL.D, Georgetown. F.A.A; Soc. Nat; 
Ass. Anat. (pres.) ; Am. Acad; Boston Soc. 
Med. Sci. Anatomy, chiefly human; variations 
and anomalies. Variations in bones of the 
wrist, ankle and spine; method of recognizing 
sex from certain long bones. 

Dwight, Prof. William B(uck), Vassar College, 
Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Geology. Constantinople, 
Turkey. Mav 22, 33. A.B, Yale, 54; grad, 
Union Theol. Sem, 57 ; Ph.B, Yale, 59. Princi- 
pal, Englewood Female Inst, N. J, 59-65; 
Officers' Family Sch, West Point, 67-70; assoc. 
principal, and instr. sciences, State Nor. Sch, 
New Britain, Conn, 70-78 ; prof. geol. and cu- 
rator, Mus, Vassar, 78- Ed, ' Conn. Sch. Jour,' 
72-75; head, Dept. Zool, Marthas Vineyard. 
Summer Inst, 78-90; examiner geol, N. Y. 
State, 94-95; ed, Dept. Geol, 'Standard Diet'. 
Bronze medal, Paris Expos, 00. Int. Geol. Cong. 
F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Geol. Soc; Nat. Geog. Soc; 
Social Sci. Ass; assoc. mem. Nat. Inst, of Arts, 



Sci. and Letters; cor. mem. Brooklyn Inst. 
Cambrian and Ordovieian paleontology. Cam- 
brian and Ordovieian fossils in Dutchess and 
Columbia Counties, N. Y. 

Dyar, Dr. Harrison G(ray), U. S. National Mu- 
seum, Washington, D. C. *Biology, Entomology. 
New York, N. Y, Feb. 14, 66. B.S, Mass. Inst. 
Tech, 89; A.M, Columbia, 94, Ph.D, 95. Asst. 
bacter, Col. Physicians and Surg, Columbia, 95- 
97; custodian of Lepidoptera, U. S. Nat. Mus, 
97- F.A.A; Entom. Soc; Acad. Polit. and 
Social Sci; Wash. Acad; fel. N. Y. Acad; Bos- 
ton Soc. Nat. Hist; Am. entom. societies. Lar- 
vae of insects, especially of Lepidoptera and 

Dyche, Prof. L(ewis) L(indsay), 1611 Massa- 
chusetts St, Lawrence, Kas. Zoology. Berkeley 
Springs, W. Va, March 20, 57. A.B, B.S, Kan- 
sas, 84, A.M, 86, M.S, 88. Prof, zool, Kansas, 
and curator birds and mammals, Univ. Mus, 89- 
Medal, Columbian Expos, 93. F.A.A; assoc. 
Ornith. Union; life mem. Kas. Acad; Wash. 
Biol. Soc. Living North American mammals 
and birds; methods for bird and mammal work 
for museums. The life history of the opossum 
and other North American mammals; Mendel's 
law and experiments with poultry. 


Eakle, Dr. Arthur S(tarr), 1518 Euclid Ave, 
Berkeley, Cal. Mineralogy, Petrography. 

Washington, D. C, July 27, 62. B.S, Cornell, 92 ; 

* Ph.D, Munich, 96. Instr. miner, Cornell, 92- 
94; Harvard, 98-01; California, 01- Geol. Soc. 
Mineralogy; petrography. Minerals of Califor- 

Earhart, Dr. Rob(er)t F(rancis), Ohio State 
University, Columbus, 0. Experimental physics. 
Toledo, la, Feb. 2, 73. B.S, Northwestern, 93; 
Hopkins, 97-98; Chicago, 98-99, fellow, 99-00, 
Ph.D, 00. Electrician, Peoples Power Co, Mo- 
line, Ills, 93-97; instr. physics, Mich. .Mil. Acad, 
00-01; Rose, 01-03; asst. prof, Ohio State, 03- 
M.A.A; Physical Soc. Sparking distances. 

Earle, Charles, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Zoology. New 
York, N. Y, Oct. 28, 59. B.S, Princeton, 87; 
Jena, 88; Munich, 89; Paris, 95. Asst. vert, 
paleont, Am. Mus. Nat. Hist, 91-95. Verte- 
brate paleontology; vertebrate anatomy. Mor- 
phology and evolution of the primates. 

Earle, Prof. F(ranklin) S(umner), Santiago de las 
Vegas, Cuba. *Botany, Horticulture. Grundy 
Co, Ills, Sept. 4, 56. Illinois. Asst. mycol 
Illinois, 86; supt, Branch of Miss. Agr. Exp 
Sta, 92-95; asst. pathologist, U. S. Dept. Agr 
95; assoc. prof, hort, Ala. Polytech, and horti 
culturist, Ala. Agr. Exp. Sta, 96, prof, biol 
and hort, Ala. Polytech, and biologist and hor 
ticulturist, Ala. Agr. Exp. Sta, 96-01 ; asst 
curator, N. Y. Bot. Garden, 01-04; director 
Estacion Central Aqron. de Cuba, 04- Hon 
A.M, Ala. Polytech, 02. F.A.A; Bot. Soc 
Mycol. Soc; Torrey Bot. Club. Systematic 

mycology; horticulture of southern United 
States. Agaricaceae; tropical agriculture. 

Earle, Dr. Richard B(lair), 42 Walker Building, 
Boylston St, Boston, Mass. Chemistry. Wor- 
cester, Mass, May 29, 76. B.S, Worcester, 97; 
M.S, Harvard, 99, Sc.D, 02. Private asst, 
Worcester, 97-98 ; research asst. org. chem, 
Chicago, 02-03; asst, Mass. Inst. Tech, 03-04, 
instr, Off- Chem. Soc; Chem. Gesell. Organic 

Eastman, Dr. Charles R(ochester), 354 Brookline 
St, Cambridge, Mass. * Geology, Paleontology. 
Cedar Rapids, la, June 5, 68. A.B, Harvard, 
90, A.M, 91; Hopkins, 92; Ph.D, Munich, 94. 
Curator in charge, Dept. Vert. Paleont, Mus. 
Comp. Zool, Harvard, 94" > instr, Harvard and 
Radcliffe, 94-97. Asst. geologist, New Eng. 
Div, U. S. Geol. Surv; also connected with 
Iowa, N. Y, Md, and N. J. surveys. F.A.A ; Soc. 
Nat; Geol. Soc; Soc. Zool; Paleont. Soc. (Exec. 
Council) ; Ass. Anat; Nat. Geog. Soc; Boston 
Soc. Nat. Hist. Vertebrate paleontology, espe- 
cially paleichthyology. North American and 
European paleichthyology. 

Eastman, Prof. J(ohn) R(obie), Andover, N. H. 
^Astronomy, Mathematics. Andover, July 29, 
36. B.S, Dartmouth, 62, M.S, 65, Ph.D, 77. 
Asst. astronomer, U. S. Naval Observatory, 62 ; 
prof, math, U. S. N, 65 ; astronomer, U. S. 
Naval Observatory, 65-98. In charge of Eclipse 
Exped, Las Animas, Colo, 78; Transit of Venus 
Exped, Cedar Keys, Fla, 82 ; several other expe- 
ditions, 69-00. F.A.A. (asst. gen. sec'y, 82, 
gen. sec'y, 83, v. pres, 87, 92) ; Astron. and 
Astrophys. Soc; Wash. Acad, (pres, 98) ; 
Wash. Philos. Soc. (pres, 89). Solar, stellar, 
planetary and meteoric astronomy. Revised 
and corrected observations of the sun, moon, 
planets and comets ; semi-diameters of the sun 
and the principal planets. 

Easton, Dr. Burton Scott, 224 S. 43d St, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. Mathematics. Hartford, Conn, 
Dec. 4, 77. Gottingen, 94 ; B.S, Pennsylvania, 
98, Ph.D, 01. Instr. math, and astron, Iowa, 
98-99 ; math, Pennsylvania, 02- Math. Soc. 
Theory of substitutions. 

Eastwood, Miss Alice, California Academy of 
Sciences, San Francisco, Cal. *Botany. To- 
ronto, Can, Jan. 19, 59. High Sch. Teacher, 
High Sch, East Denver, 80-90; curator, Bot. 
Dept, Cal. Acad. Sciences, 92- F.A.A; Cal. 
Acad. Systematic botany; phanerogams. 

Eaton, Dr. George F(rancis), 80 Sachem St, New 
Haven, Conn. Comparative osteology, Paleon- 
tology. New Haven, May 30, 72. A.B, Yale, 
94, Ph.D, 98. Instr. osteol, Yale, 99-, curator, 
Osteol. Collection, Univ. Mus, 02, assoc. cura- 
tor vert, paleont, Olf- Soc. Nat ; Conn. Acad. 

Ebaugh, Dr. W(illiam) Clarence, University of 
Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah. Chemistry. 
Philadelphia, Pa, Jan. 3, 77. B.S, Pennsyl- 
vania, 98, Ph.D, 01. Asst. and chief chemist, 
Iron and Steel Lab, near Reading, Pa, 98-99; 
director pro tern, Dept. Physics and Chem, 



Kenyon, 01-02; chemist, Am. Smelting and Ref. 
Co, and public analyst, Salt Lake City, 02-03; 
director, Dept. Chem, Utah, 03- Chem. Soc. 
Atomic weight of arsenic; steel analysis. Pol- 
lution of atmosphere in lower Salt Lake Valley 
by smelter fumes. 

Eccles, Prof. David C(harles), 87 Lake St, Chi- 
cago, Ills. Chemistry. Brooklyn, N. Y, Dec. 
10, 76. B.S, Columbia, 00, A.M, 01. Instr. 
chem, Wash. Agr. Col, 01-02; Sch. of Pharmacy, 
Northwestern, 02-05, asst. prof, 05- M.A.A; 
Chem. Soc. New derivatives of antipyrin. 

Eccles, Dr. R(obert) G(ibson), 191 Dean St, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. Chemistry, Botany. Kil- 
maurs, Ayrshire, Scotland, Jan. 1, 48. M.D, 
Long Isl. Col. Hosp, 82; Ph.G, Brooklyn Col. 
Pharmacy, 90. Prof. org. chem, Brooklyn Col. 
Pharmacy, 90-92; chemist, U. S. Dept. Indian 
Affairs, 93-95. Ed, ' Popular Science News,' 
95; assoc. ed, 'Merck's Report,' 95-; ed, 'Am. 
Medico-Surg. Bui,' 97-98; 'Merck's Archives,' 
99-01 ; mem. Committee of Revision, U. S. 
Pharmacopoeia, 99-00. Hon. Pharm. D, 
Scio, 03. F.A.A; Ass. Anat; Chem. Soc; Am. 
Med. Ass; Pharmaceut. Ass. (chairman, Dept. 
Educ. ) ; Torrey Bot. Club ; hon. mem. Cal. 
Pharmaceut. Ass; N. J. Pharmaceut. Ass; 
N. Y. State Pharmaceut. Ass. (pres.) ; Brook- 
lyn Inst, (pres, Chem. Sect.). Pepsin; anti- 
septics; chemistry of Calycanthus glaucus; 
drugs and digestion; melting points and solu- 
bilities of alkaloids. Chemistry of Glycyrrhiza 

Echols, Prof. W(illiam) H(olding), Charlottesville, 
Va. * Mathematics. San Antonio, Tex, Dec. 2, 
59. B.S, C.E, Virginia, 82. Civil and mining 
engineer, 82-87; prof, applied math, and direc- 
tor, Mo. Sch. of Mines, 87-91; prof, math, Vir- 
ginia, 91- Late ed.-in-chief , ' Annals of Math.' 
Math. Soc. Theory of functions; mathematical 
analysis. The construction of functions by in- 
finite series of functions ; mathematical analysis. 

Eckel, Edwin C(larence), 1925 14th St, N. W, 
Washington, D. C. Engineering, Geology. New 
York, N. Y, March 6, 75. Col. City of N. Y, 
89-91; B.S, N. Y. Univ, 95, C.E, 96. Asst. 
geol, N. Y. State Mus, 00-02; asst. geologist, 
U. 8. Geol. Surv, 02- M.A.A; assoc. Civil 
Eng; Soc. Chem. Indust; Wash. Geol. Soc. 
Classification and technology of cements; test- 
ing of materials of construction; economic geol- 

Eckstein, Dr. Oskar, University of Chicago, Chi- 
cago, Ills. Chemistry. Munich, Germany, 
April 2, 79. Diploma, Tech. Hochschule, 
Munich, 99; Sc.D, Geneva, 00, Ph.D, 01. 
Privatdocent, Geneva, 02; instr. chem, Tufts, 
03-04; Chicago, 0k~ Lecturer, Santa F, 05. 
Chem. Soc; Chem. Gesell; Soc. chim. de Geneve. 
Aromatic compounds. Naphtylenoxids ; Beck- 
mann rearrangement. 

Eckstorm, Mrs. F(annie) H(ardy), 173 Wilson St, 
Brewer, Me. Ornithology. Brewer, June 18, 
65. A.B, Smith, 88. Supt. schools, Brewer, 
89-90. Ornithology. 

Eddy, Dr. Henry T(urner), 916 Sixth St, S. E, 
Minneapolis, Minn. * Mathematics, Mechanics, 
Engineering. Stoughton, Mass, June 9, 44. 
A.B, Yale, 67, Ph.B, 68, A.M, 70; C.E, Cornell, 
70, Ph.D, 72; Berlin, 79; Paris, 80. Instr. 
field work, Sheffield Sci. Sch, Yale, 67-68 ; Latin 
and math, Tennessee, 68-69; asst. prof. math, 
and civil eng, Cornell, 69-73; adj. prof, math, 
Princeton, 73-74; prof, math, astron. and civil 
eng, Cincinnati, 74-90, dean, Acad. Faculty, 
74-77, 84-89, acting pres. and pres. elect, 90; 
pres, Rose, 91-94; prof. eng. and mech, Minne- 
sota, 94- LL.D, Center (Ky.), 92. F.A.A. 
(sec'y, A, 82, v. pres, 84) ; Math. Soc; Physical 
Soc; Eng. Educ. (pres, 96); Philos. Soc. 
Mathematics; mechanics; physics; engineering. 

Edes, Dr. Robert T(haxter), 419 Boylston St, 
Boston, Mass. Pathology. Eastport, Me, Sept. 
23, 38. A.B, Harvard, 58, M.D, 61. Asst. sur- 
geon and past asst. surgeon, U. S. N, 61-65; 
asst. prof, and later prof. mat. med, Harvard 
Med. Sch, 70-84, Jackson prof. clin. med, 84-86. 
Visiting physician, Boston City Hosp, 72-86; 
Garfield Mem. Hosp, Wash, 89-91; lecturer, 
Med. Schools, Dartmouth, Georgetown and 
Columbian. Prize, Mass. Med. Soc, 68 ; O'Reilly 
prize, 69. Am. Physicians; Neur. Ass. Med- 
ical pathology; psychiatry; physiology. 

Edison, Dr. Tho(ma)s A(lva), Orange, N. J. 
* Physics. Milan, O, Feb. 11, 47. Self edu- 
cated. Telegraph operator up to 69 ; elec. 
engineer and inventor, 69- Commandeur 
Legion d'honneur; hon. Ph.D, Union, 78. Elec. 
Eng; Mech. Eng; Min. Eng; Philos. Soc. Sci- 
ence as applied to invention; quadruplex and 
sextuplex telegraphic transmission; microtasi- 
meter ; phonograph ; aerophone ; incandescent 
lamp and light system ; kinetoscope ; etc. 

Edmondson, Prof. T(homas) W(illiam), Decatur 
Ave, Bedford Park, New York, N. Y. Mathe- 
matics, Physics. Skipton, England, June 26, 69. 
A.B, London, 88; A.B, Cambridge, 91; fellow, 
Clark, 94-96, Ph.D, 96. Asst. prof, physics, 
N. Y. Univ, 96-03, assoc. prof, 03-05, prof, 
math, 05- Asst. tutor math, and physics, Univ. 
Correspondence Col, Cambridge, England, 89- 
93. Physical Soc; Math. Soc. Spark discharge 
in dielectrics; theory of potential. Spherical 
harmonic analysis. 

Edmunds, Dr. Cha(rle)s K(eyser), Honglok, Can- 
ton, China. Physics, Electrical engineering. 
Baltimore, Md, Sept. 21, 76. Baltimore City 
Col, 90-93; A.B, Hopkins, 97, fellow, 02-03, 
Ph.D, 03. Acting prof, physics, Utah, 98-99; 
magnetic observer, U. S. Coast and Geod. Surv, 
00; instr. physics, High Sch, Washington, D. C, 
00-01; prof, physics and elec. eng, Canton 
Christian Col, China, 03- Ed, ' South China 
Collegian', 03- Physical Soc; assoc. Elec. 
Eng; Am. Ass. of China. Optical properties of 
selenium. The magnetic field of the earth in 

Edsall, Dr. David L(inn), 1432 Pine St, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. Medicine. Hamburg, N. J, July 6, 
69. A.B, Princeton, 90; M.D, Pennsylvania, 93; 



Mercy Hosp. and Rosalia Foundling Asylum, 
Pittsburg, 93-94; London, Vienna and Gratz, 
94-95, 01; Woodward fellow, Pennsylvania, 05. 
Assoc, William Pepper Lab, Pennsylvania, 95- 
05, instr. med, 99-03, assoe, 03-05, asst. prof, 
05- Am. Physicians; Ass. Path, and Bact; 
Pediat. Soc; fel. Phila. Col. Physicians; Inter- 
urban Clin. Club. Physiology and pathology of 
digestion and metabolism; clinical medicine. 
Digestion ; metabolism. 

Edwards, Prof. Arthur M(ead), 423 Fourth Ave, 
Newark, N. J. Geology, Physics, Chemistry. 
New York, N. Y, Aug. 16, 36. M.D, Columbia, 
73. Prof. chem. and micros, Woman's Med. 
Col. of the N. Y. Infirmary, 68; chem, N. Y. 
Col. of Pharmacy, 68. Asst. micros, Northwest 
Bound. Surv; Cal. Geol. Surv; lecturer chem, 
Dartmouth. M.AA; fel. Am. Geog. Soc; Ind. 
Acad ; N. Y. Acad ; Phila. Acad ; Chicago Acad ; 
Boston Soc. Nat. Hist; N. Y. Micros. Soc; Tor- 
rey Bot. Club; Glacialists' Ass; fel. Royal 
Micros. Soc; London Geol. Soc; fel. London Lin- 
nean Soc; Scottish Micros. Soc; Soc. g6ol. de 
France. Microgeology ; electricity; light; bot- 
any; Bacillaria. Microgeology; Bacillaria; 

Edwards, Dr. Arthur R(obin), 100 State St, Chi- 
cago, Ills. Medicine. Chicago, June 26, 67. 
A.B, Northwestern, 88, A.M, M.D, 91. Interne, 
Cook Co. Hosp, 91-92; prof, therap, Med. Sch, 
Northwestern, 96-98, principles and practise of 
med. and clin. med, 98- Attending physician, 
Cook Co. Hosp, 93-; St. Luke's Hosp, 96-; Wes- 
ley Hosp, 98-; Mercy Hosp, 01- Am. Physi- 
cians; Am. Med. Ass; Chicago Med. Soc; Chi- 
cago Path. Soc; Chicago Neur. Soc; Chicago 
Soc. Internal Med. Internal medicine. 

Edwards, Prof. Charles L(incola), 89 Buckingham 
St, Hartford, Conn. *Zoology. Oquawka, 
Ills. Dec. 8, 63. B.S, Lombard, 84; B.S, In- 
diana, 86, A.M, 87; Hopkins, 86-89; Ph.D, Leip- 
zig, 90; fellow, Clark, 90-92. Adj. prof, biol, 
Texas, 92-93, asst. prof, 93-94; prof, Cin- 
cinnati, 94-00 ; J. Pierpont Morgan prof. nat. 
hist, Trinity (Conn.), 00- F.A.A; Soc. Nat; 
Soc. Zool; Ass. Anat; Folk-lore Soc. (pres, 99) ; 
cor. mem. Soc. de Geog. y Est. Mex; hon. mem. 
Soc. Mex. Hist. Nat; Soc. Cient. Ant. Alz. Em- 
bryology of holothurians ; influence of warmth 
on protoplasm; taxonomy of fishes, Copepoda 
and Holothurioidea. Variation in Synapta in- 
haerens; embryology of Phrynosoma; holo- 
thurians of U. S. National Museum. 

Edwards, Prof. Geo(rge) C(unningham), 2546 
Dana St, Berkeley, Cal. Mathematics. Spen- 
cer Acad, Ind. T, 52. Ph.B, California, 73. 
Instr, later asst. prof, and assoc. prof, math, 
California, 73- In charge, Mil. Dept, Cali- 
fornia, 73-77, 79-82. Math. Soc; Pacific 
Astron. Soc. (pres, 04-05) ; Cal. Acad. Ele- 
mentary mathematics; ratio of the values of 
silver and gold. 

Edwards, W(illiam) F(ranklin), 130 N. Lafayette 
St, Grand Rapids, Mich. Physical chemistry. 
Rock Island, Ills, Feb. 13, 58. B.S, Michigan, 

90. Instr. physical chem, Michigan, 90-95; 
prof, physics and chem, Washington ( Seattle ) , 
95-98; professional metallurgist, 98- Optical, 
thermal and electrical properties of molecules. 
Degree of freedom of molecules of a gas in 
dilute solutions. 
Edwards, W(illia)m H(enry), Coalburgh, W. Va. 
Entomology. Hunter, N. Y, March 15, 22. 
A.B, Williams, 42. The butterflies of North 
America; diurnal Lepidoptera. 
Eells, Rev. M(yron), Twana, Wash. Anthropol- 
ogy, History. Walkers Prairie, Wash, Oct. 7, 
43. A.B, Pacific, 66, A.M, 69; B.D, Hartford 
Theol. Sem, 71. Minister, Congregational 
Church, and missionary among Indians, 71- 
Supt, Wash. Ethnol. Exhib, Columbian Expos, 
92-93. D.D, Whitman, 90; diploma and medal, 
Columbian Expos, 94. Hon. mem. Int. Cong. 
Americanists. Cor. mem. Victoria Inst; vari- 
ous hist, societies. Anthropology; history. 
History of the Pacific Coast. 
Egbert, Prof. Seneca, 4814 Springfield Ave, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. Hygiene, Sanitation. Petroleum 
Center, Pa, Feb. 17, 63. A.B, Princeton, 84, 
A.M, 87 ; M.D, Pennsylvania, 88. Demonstrator 
hygiene, Pennsylvania, 88-90, lecturer, 90-92; 
prof, hygiene and sanitation, Medico-Chirurg. 
Col, Phila, 93-, dean, Dept. Med, 98- Lecturer 
hygiene, P. E. Church Training Sch, 91-04; 
Drexel Inst, 92-93; prof, anat, physiol. and 
hygiene, Temple, 96-99. Pub. Health Ass; 
Am. Med. Ass; Pa. Med. Soc; Phila. Co. Med. 
Soc; Phila. Acad. Natural sciences. 
Ehrenfeld, Prof. Charles H(atch), 57 S. Beaver St, 
York, Pa. Chemistry. Shippensburg, Pa, 
March 12, 64. A.B, Wittenberg, 86, A.M, 89; 
Ph.D, Pennsylvania, 94. Asst. chem, Witten- 
berg, 86-87 ; prof. chem. and physics, York Col- 
legiate Inst, 87- Chief chemist, York Mfg. Co, 
03- M.A.A; Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; 
Soc. Testing Materials ; Nat. Geog. Soc. Native 
minerals of York County, Pa. 
Ehrenfeld, Dr. Frederick, University of Pennsyl- 
vania, Philadelphia, Pa. Mineralogy, Geology. 
West Brownsville, Pa, Jan. 8, 72. A.B, Witten- 
berg, 93 ; Ph.D, Pennsylvania, 98. Instr. chem. 
and physics, York Collegiate Inst, Pa, 93-94; 
instr. geol. and miner, Pennsylvania, 97- 
M.A.A; Phila. Acad. Stratigraphical geology. 
Eichelberger, Prof. W(illiam) S(nyder), U. S. N, 
U. S. Naval Observatory, Washington, D. C. 
*Astronomy. Baltimore, Md, Sept. 18, 65. 
Baltimore City Col, 78-83; A.B, Hopkins, 86, 
Ph.D, 91. Instr. math, and asst. astron, Wes- 
leyan, 90-96; asst, 'Nautical Almanac' Office, 
89-90, 96-98; computer, U. S. Naval Observa- 
tory, 98-00, prof, math, 00- F.A.A; Astron. 
and Astrophys. Soc; Wash. Acad; Astron. 
Gesell. The orbit of Hyperion; perturbations 
of Minerva by Jupiter. Formation of catalogue 
from Washington zones, 1846-1852; determina- 
tion of the position of 3,000 zodiacal stars with 
the transit circle. 
Eiesland, Prof. John A(rndt), 176 Prince George 
St, Annapolis, Md. Mathematics. Kristians- 



sand, Norway, 67. Ph.B, South Dakota, 91; 
Ph.D, Hopkins, 98. Instr. math, Luther Acad, 
91-92; Thiel, 95-03; U. S. Naval Acad, 03- 
F.A.A; Math. Soc. Functions with line singu- 
larities; integral of a certain system of dif- 
ferential equations; nul-systems in a five-dimen- 
sional space and their representation in ordi- 
nary space. Euler's contact transformation; a 
system of differential equations in kinematics. 

Eigenmann, Dr. Carl H, Bloomington, Ind. 
*Zoology. Flehingen, Germany, March 9, 63. 
A.B, Indiana, 86, A.M, 87; Harvard, 87-88; 
Ph.D, Indiana, 89. Prof, zool, Indiana, 91-, 
director, Biol. Sta, 95- Acting curator fishes, 
Cal. Acad. Sciences; collector for British Mus. 
in Cal, Idaho, Mont, Ore. and western Can; asst, 
U. S. Fish Commission, Woods Hole. F.A.A. 
(sec'y, F, 00) ; Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool. (pres, Cen- 
tral Branch, 04) ; Ass. Anat; Micros. Soc. 
(pres, 01); Am. Geog. Soc; Wash. Acad; fel. 
Ind. Acad. ( pres, 99 ) . Variation, distribution 
and embryology of fishes; degeneration in cave 
vertebrates. The cave problem in North Amer- 
ica; fresh- water fishes of tropical America; 

Eisen, Dr. Gustav (August), California Academy 
of Sciences, San Francisco, Cal. Biology. 
Stockholm, Sweden, Aug. 2, 47. Ph.D, Upsala, 
72. Docent zool, Upsala, 72; curator, Cal. 
Acad. Sciences, 93-00. Ed, ' California,' 89 ; 
mem. Jury of Awards, Cal. Mid-Winter Fair, 95. 
Cal. Acad, (pres, 05) ; San Francisco Micros. 
Soc; cor. mem. Prag Wissentsch. Gesell; cor. 
mem. Swedish Soc. Anthrop. and Geog. Oligo- 
chaeta; cytology; caprification of the fig; the 
plasmocytes of human and batrachian blood. 
Aquaria and biological stations. 

Eisenhart, Dr. Luther P(fahler), Princeton, N. J. 
Mathematics. York, Pa, Jan. 13, 76. A.B, 
Gettysburg, 96 ; Ph.D, Hopkins, 00. Tutor math, 
Gettysburg, 96-97 ; instr, Princeton, 00- Math. 
Soc. Deformation of curved surfaces; conju- 
gate systems of lines on surfaces; rectilinear 
congruences; general congruences; particular 
systems of lines on surfaces. Surfaces of con- 
stant curvature and surfaces whose lines of 
curvature have the same representation on the 
sphere as the former. 

Ekeley, Prof. John Bernard, 1613 Spruce St, Boul- 
der, Colo. Chemistry. Orebro, Sweden, Jan. 1, 
69. A.B, Colgate, 91, A.M, 93; Ph.D, Freiburg, 
02. Instr. chem, Colgate, 91-93; science 
master, St. Paul's Sch, Garden City, N. Y, 93- 
00; prof, chem, Colorado, 02- West. Ass. Tech. 
Chem. and Metal. Organic chemistry; dithion- 
ium bases; dihydroquinoxalins. Dihydroquin- 

Elftman, Dr. A(rthur) H(ugo), 706 Globe Build- 
ing, Minneapolis, Minn. Geology, Mining engi- 
neering. Prescott, Wis, March 28, 72. B.L, 
Minnesota, 92, M.S, 93, Ph.D, 97. Field geolo- 
gist, Minn. Geol. Surv, 92-97; instr. geol, Min- 
nesota, 94-97; mining engineer, 97- M.A.A; 
Geol. Soc; Min. Eng; Minn. Acad. Petrog- 

raphy of mineral deposits; glacial geology. 
Geology of mineral and glacial deposits. 

Eliot, Pres. Charles W(illiam), 17 Quincy St,. 
Cambridge, Mass. Education, Chemistry, 

Mathematics. Boston, Mass, March 20, 34. 
A.B. Harvard, 53, A.M, 56. Tutor, Har- 
vard, 54-58, asst. prof, math, 58-61, chem, 58- 
63; prof. anal, chem, Mass. Inst. Tech, 65-69; 
pres, Harvard, 69- LL.D, Williams and 
Princeton, 69; Yale, 70; Hopkins, 02; Cheva- 
lier Legion d'honneur. Nat. Educ. Ass. (pres, 
02-03); fel. Am. Acad; Philos. Soc; Mass. 
Hist. Soc; Wash. Acad; cor. mem. Inst, de 
France. Educational reform. 

Elkin, Dr. W(illiam) L(ewis), Yale Observatory, 
New Haven, Conn. * Astronomy. New Orleans, 
La, April 29, 55. C.E, Royal Polytech, Stutt- 
gart, 76; Ph.D, Strasburg, 80. Astronomer, 
Yale Observatory, 84-96, director, 96- Volun- 
teer, Royal Observatory, Cape of Good Hope, 
81-83. Hon. A.M, Yale, 93. Nat. Acad; 
F.A.A; Astron. and Astrophys. Soc; Conn. 
Acad; assoc. Royal Astron. Soc; Astron. Gesell. 
Stellar parallaxes; star clusters; photography 
of meteors. 

Ellerman, Ferdinand, 451 Winona Ave, Pasa- 
dena, Cal. Astrophysics. Centralia, Ills, May 
13, 69. High Sch. In business, 86-92; asst, 
Kenwood Observatory, 92-95; Yerkes Observa- 
tory, 95-01, instr. astrophys, 01-04; asst. as- 
tronomer, Solar Observatory, Carnegie Inst, 05- 
Astron. and Astrophys. Soc. Solar spectro- 
scopy; stellar spectra. Spectra of sun-spots; 

Elliot, Prof. D(aniel) G(iraud), Field Columbian 
Museum, Chicago, Ills. *Zoology. New York, 
N. Y, March 7, 35. Curator zool, Field Colum- 
bian Mus, 94~ Decorated ten times by various 
European governments. Soc. Nat; fel. Ornith. 
Union; Wash. Acad; fel. Edinburgh Royal Soc. 
Mammalogy; ornithology; osteology; mammals 
of middle America and its seas, with West 

Ellis, Dr. A(lexander) Caswell, Austin, Tex. Edu- 
cation. Franklin Co, N. C, May 4, 71. A.B, 
North Carolina, 94; Harvard Summer Sch, 94; 
Ph.D, Clark, 97. Adj. prof, pedag, Texas, 97- 
03, assoc. prof, science and art of educ, 03- 
Lecturer, Summer Sch, North Carolina, 95, 96. 
M.A.A; Ass. Adv. Physical Educ; fel. Tex. 
Acad. Child psychology; philosophy of educa- 
tion. History of the philosophies of educa- 
tion ; methods of testing fatigue ; stubbornness ; 
the art instinct in children; literary tastes of 

Ellis, Dr. F(red) W(arren), Monson, Mass. 
Physiology, Ophthalmology. Wales, Mass, 
April 10, 57. M.D, Harvard, 81, grad. student, 
83-86. M.A.A; Physiol. Soc; Mass. Med. Soc. 
Physiology of vasomotor nerves; plethysmo- 
graphic experiments with piston-recorder; vis- 
ual sensations. Electrophysiology. 

Ellis, J(ob) B(icknell), Newfield, N. J. *Mycol- 
ogy. Potsdam, N. Y, Jan. 21, 29. A.B, Union, 



SI. Various teaching positions, 51-78; collec- 
tor of fungi, 78- Cor. mem. Phila. Acad; cor. 
mem. Scottish Crypt. Soc; cor. mem. Vienna K. 
K. Zool-Bot. Gesell. North American Pyreno- 

Ellms, Joseph W(ilton), Laboratory of Commis- 
sioners of Water Works, E. Court and Martin 
Sts, Cincinnati, O. Chemical engineering. 
Ayer, Mass, Oct. 4, 67. Mass. Inst. Tech, 90-93. 
Asst. chemist, Mass. Board Health, 93-96; 
Louisville W 7 ater Co, 96; chemist, Dept. Health, 
Brooklyn, N. Y, 97; asst. chemist, Com. Water 
Works, Cincinnati, 98, chemist in charge, Exp. 
Sta, 99- Consulting expert on water purifica- 
tion to various municipalities and corporations. 
Chem. Soc. (sec'y, Cincinnati Sect, 04, mem. 
Committee on Water and Sewage Anal, 05) ; 
Pub. Health Ass. (mem. Committee on Water 
Anal, 02-05 ) ; Soc. Chem. Indust. Water puri- 
fication; chemical engineering; chemistry, mi- 
croscopy and physical characteristics of natural 
waters. Colloids in relation to water purifica- 

Elmer, A(dolph) D(aniel) E(dward), Manila, P. I. 
Botany. Vandyne, W T is, June 14, 70. B.S.D, 
Ore. State Nor. Sch, 94; B.S, Wash. Agr. Col, 
99; A.M, Stanford, 04. Asst, Herbarium, Stan- 
ford, 00-04; govt. lot. collector, P. I, 0^- Pro- 
fessional bot. collector, 95-04. Flora of the 
Olympic mountains; native and naturalized 
grasses of Washington; new western plants. 
Philippine flora. 

Elrod, Prof. Morton J(ohn), Missoula, Mont. 
Zoology. Monongahela, Pa, April 27, 63. A.B, 
Simpson, 87, A.M, 90, M.S, 02; Ph.D, Ills. 
Wesleyan, 05. Principal, High Sch, Corydon, 
la, 88-89; asst. science, Ills. Wesleyan, 89- 
90, adj. prof, 90-92, prof, biol, 93-97; Mon- 
tana, 97-, director, Biol. Sta, 98- Lit. ed, 
'Iowa Schools', 89-95; chairman, Mont. State 
Board of Game and Fish, 99-00. F.A.A; assoc. 
Ornith. Union; Am. Geog. Soc; Forestry Ass; 
Micros. Soc; Mont. Acad, (pres, 01-04). Limno- 
biology of Flathead Lake; studies in Odonata; 
conchology of Montana; butterflies of Montana. 
Variations in Pyramidula strigosa; limno- 
biology of Flathead Lake. 

Elrod, Dr. Moses N(ewton), 823 Washington St, 
Columbus, Ind. Geology. Orange Co, Ind, 
April 4, 38. Hartsville, 55-58; M.D, Ky. 
Sch. of Med, 64. Asst. to state geologist, 
Ind, 75, 81-84, 91-94. Ind. Acad. Strati- 
graphic geology. Stratigraphic position of the 
Kaskaskia of Indiana. 

Ely, Dr. Theo(dore) N(ewel), Bryn Mawr, Pa. En- 
gineering. Watertown, N. Y, June 23, 46. C.E, 
Rensselaer, 66. Engineer, Fort Pitt Foundry, 
Pittsburg, 66-68; with Pa. R. R, 68-, estab- 
lished scientific dept, 75. Director of various 
steel companies. Hon. A.M, Yale; Sc.D, Ham- 
ilton, 04. F.A.A; Civil Eng; Mech. Eng; Min. 
Eng; Nat. Geog. Soc; Forestry Ass; Philos. 
Soc; Archeol. Inst; Franklin Inst; Am. Soc. 
Univ. Extension Teaching; hon. mem. Inst. 
Archit; Eastern R. R. Ass. (pres.) ; Am. Hist. 

Ass; Am. Acad, in Rome (v. pres.) ; Int. Ass. 
Testing Materials; London Civil Eng. 

Emch, Dr. Arnold, Cantonal College, Solothurn, 
Switzerland. *Mathematics. Hessigkofen, 

Switzerland, March 24, 71. Cantonal Col, 
Solothurn, 86-90; Polytech, Ziirich, 90-93; 
Ph.D, Kansas, 95. Asst. prof, graphics, Kan- 
sas, 95-97 ; prof, math, Technicum, Biel, 
Switzerland, 97-99; graphic math, Kas. State 
Agr. Col, 99-00; asst. prof, pure and applied 
math, Colorado, 00-03, prof, graphics and 
math, 03-05 ; math, Cantonal Col, Solothurn, 
05- Math. Soc; Eng. Educ; Ziirich Gesell. 
ehemaliger Polytech. Problems of closure; 
transformations realized by linkages. Stresses 
corresponding to transformations in a plane; 
linkages for many valued functions ; applica- 
tions of elliptic functions ; projective geometry. 

Emerson, Prof. B(enjamin) K(endall), 21 North- 
ampton Road, Amherst, Mass. *Geology. 
Nashua, N. H, Dec. 20, 43. A.B, Amherst, 65; 
Ph.D, Gottingen, 69. Prof, geol, Amherst, 70-; 
Smith, 70- Asst. geologist, U. S. Geol. Surv. 
Int. Geol. Cong, St. Petersburg, 97 (v. pres.). 
F.A.A. (v. pres, 96) ; Geol. Soc. (pres, 99) ; Nat. 
Geog. Soc; Philos. Soc; Am. Acad; W r ash. Acad; 
Geol. Gesell. Crystalline rocks of central and 
western Massachusetts; Connecticut Valley sur- 
face and Triassic geology; geology of old Hamp- 
shire County. Geology of Worcester and Berk- 
shire counties, Mass, and western Rhode Island. 

Emerson, Dean Charles F(ranklin), Dartmouth 
College, Hanover, N. H. Physics, Astronomy. 
Chelmsford, Mass, Sept. 28, 43. A.B, Dart- 
mouth, 68, A.M, 71. Instr, N. H. Col. Agr. 
and Mech. Arts, 68-74; tutor math, Dart- 
mouth, 68-72, assoc. prof. nat. philos. and 
math, 72-78, instr. astron, 77-92, Appleton 
prof. nat. philos, 78-99, dean of Faculty, 93- 

Emerson, Philip, 9 Beede Ave, Lynn, Mass. Geog- 
raphy. Reading, Mass, May 7, 65. Bridge- 
water State Nor. Sch, 81-85; Summer Sch, 
Harvard. Principal, various schools, 85-98 ; 
Cobbet Grammar Sch, 98- Instr, Summer Sch, 
Cornell, 03, 04. Appalachian Mt. Club ; Boston 
Teachers Geog. Club. Methods of instruction 
in geography; physiography of New England. 
Commercial geography. 

Emerson, Prof. R(ollins) A(dams), 1205 N. 33d 
St, Lincoln, Nebr. Horticulture. Pillar Point, 
N. Y, May 5, 73. B.S, Nebraska, 97. Horti- 
culturist, Office of Exp. Stations, U. S. Dept. 
Agr, 97-98; asst. prof, hort, Nebraska, 99-04, 
prof, 05- Soc. Hort. Sci; Pomol. Soc; Soc. 
Prom. Agr. Sci; Nebr. Acad. Heredity in 

Emerton, James H, 194 Clarendon St, Bos- 
ton, Mass. *Zoology. Salem, Mass, 47. Il- 
lustrator of zool. publications ; constructed zool. 
and anat. models for various museums. Soc. 
Nat; Entom. Soc. Structure and habits of 
spiders; common spiders of the United States. 



Emery, A(lbert) H(amilton), 788 Main St, Stam- 
ford, Conn. Engineering. Mexico, N. Y, June 
21, 34. C.E, Rensselaer. 58. Railway survey- 
ing, 54-55; draftsman for Gen. Delafield, N. Y. 
State and Harbor Defenses, 61-62; designer and 
builder, First Nat. Chem. Works of N. J, 65- 
Designer and builder of testing machines, 72- 
86; consulting engineer, West End St. R. R, 
Boston, 92. Grand medal of honor and gold 
medal, Mass. Charitable Mech. Ass. F.A.A; 
Mech. Eng. Ordnance; projectiles; gun car- 
riages; hydraulic presses; scales; gages and 
testing machines; car-dynamometers. Leakage 
and friction of unpacked pistons. 

Emmit, William LeRoy, Schenectady, N. Y. 
Electricity, Mechanics. Pelham, N. Y, July 10, 
59. Grad, U. S. Naval Acad, 81. Engineer, 
Sprague, Westinghouse and Edison Gen. Elec. 
Companies, 87-92; Gen. Elec. Co, 92- Elec. 
Eng. (past v. pres.) ; Mech. Eng; Philos. Soc. 
Electrical designing; steam turbines. Steam 

Emmons, S(amuel) F(ranklin), 1721 H St, N. W, 
Washington, D. C. *Geology, Mining engineer- 
ing. Boston, Mass, March 29, 41. A.B, A.M, 
Harvard, 61; Ecole Imperiale des Mines, Paris, 
62-64; Bergakad, Freiberg, 64-65. Geologist, 
U. S. Geol. Exploration 40th Parallel, 67-77; 
U. 8. Geol. Surv, 79- Int. Geol. Cong. (gen. 
sec'y* 91-, v, pres, 91-03). Nat. Acad, (treas, 
02-) ; F.A.A; Geol. Soc. (pres, 03) ; Min. Eng. 
(v. pres, 82, 90, 01) ; hon. mem. Philos. Soc; 
assoc. fel. Am. Acad; Wash. Acad; Wash. Geol. 
Soc. (pres, 96) ; Colo. Sci. Soc. (first pres, 
82) ; fel. London Geol. Soc; hon. mem. Soc. 
Helvetique des Sci. Nat. Orography; science of 
ore deposits. Id; mountain building. 

Ende, Dr. Carl L(eopold) von, P. O. Box 1831, 
Iowa City, la. Chemistry. Burlington, la, 
July 2, 70. B.S, Iowa, 93, M.S, 94; Ph.D, Got- 
tingen, 99. Demonstrator chem, Med. Col, 
Iowa, 94-95; teacher science, High Sch, Bur- 
lington, 95-96; instr. chem, Ioica, 96-97, 99-05, 
asst. prof, 05- Chem. Soc. Physical chem- 
istry. Solubilities in organic solvents. 

Endemann, Dr. (Samuel Theodor) H(ermann 
Carl), 23 William St, Brooklyn, N. Y. Chem- 
istry. Fulda, Germany, April 4, 42. Ph.D 
Marburg, 66. Repetent, Polytech, Stuttgart 
64-67; asst. to Prof. Chandler, Sch. of Mines 
Columbia, asst. chem, Columbia, 67-69 ; asst 
chemist, Health Dept, N. Y. City, 69-80 
research chemist, 80- Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem 
Indust; Chem. Gesell; Tech. Gesell; Chem. Ver 
ein. Organic chemistry; disinfectants; as 
phalts; cements; utilization of waste products 
fertilizers. Borate of manganese; composition 
and constitution of shellac; constitution of 
abietic acid. 

Engberg, Dr. Carl C(hristian), State University, 
Lincoln, Nebr. Mathematics. Hytton, Sweden, 
Nov. 13, 72. B.S, Nebraska, 95, A.M, 97, Ph.D, 
99. Instr. math, Nebraska, 00-03, adj. prof, 
03-04, asst. prof, 04- Math. Soc. The Car- 

tesian oval; evolutes; a new transformation. 

Engle, Prof. W(ilber) D (wight), University Park, 
Denver, Colo. Chemistry. Portland, Mich, 
Aug. 31, 70. A.B, Albion, 93, A.M, 94; Ph.D, 
Columbia, 98. Asst. prof, chem, Albion, 94-95; 
prof, Denver, 95-; Denver Col. of Med, 98- 
M.A.A; Chem. Soc. Organic chemistry; botan- 
ical chemistry. 

Engler, Dr. Edmund A(rthur), 11 Boynton St, 
Worcester, Mass. Mathematics. St. Louis, 
Mo, Dec. 23, 56. A.B, Washington (St. Louis), 
76, Ph.B, 77, A.M, 79, Ph.D, 92. Prof, math, 
Washington (St. Louis), 81-01, dean, Sch. of 
Eng, 96-01; pres, Worcester, 01- Mem. Wash- 
ington (St. Louis) eclipse party to Norman, 
Cal. 89 ; chairman, Jury of Awards, Div. of Mfg, 
Pan-Am. Expos, 01 ; Int. Jury on Instruments 
of Precision, La. Purchase Expos, 04. LL.D, 
Washington (St. Louis), 01. F.A.A; Math. 
Soc; Nat. Geog. Soc; Antiq. Soc. (mem. Coun- 
cil) ; St. Louis Acad, (sec'v, 85-91, director, 
94-95, v, pres, 96-97, pres, 98-01). 

Enteman, Dr. Wilhelmine Marie, Hartland, Wis. 
Biology. Hartland, Feb. 22, 72. A.B, Wis- 
consin, 94; fellow, Chicago, 99-01, Ph.D, 01. 
Asst. German and biol, High Sch, Green Bay, 
Wis, 94-98; asst. zool, Chicago, 99-01; teacher 
biol. and nature study, N. Mex. Nor. TJniv, 03- 
Nat. Cent. States. Variation in Daphnia; be- 
havior of social wasps; coloration in Polistes. 
Coloration of Polistes. 

Erdmann, Dr. Cha(rle)s A(ndrew), 612 Ninth Ave, 
S. E, Minneapolis, Minn. Anatomy. Milwau- 
kee, Wis, Aug. 3, 66. Ph.G, Wisconsin, 87; 
M.D, Minnesota, 93; London and Vienna, 98- 
99. Prosector anat, Minnesota, 93-95, demon- 
strator, 95-97, asst. prof, 97-99, prof, 99- Ass. 
Anat; Am. Med. Ass; Western Surg, and Gynec. 
Ass; Minn. Acad. Med; Minn. State and Hen- 
nepin Co. Med. Associations. The articulations. 

Erikson, Henry A(nton), 220 Church St, S. E, Min- 
neapolis, Minn. Experimental physics. Mt. 
Morris, Wis. B.E.E, Minnesota, 96. Instr. 
science, High Sch, Rochester, Minn, 96-97; 
physics, Minnesota, 97- Physical measure- 
ments. Contact potential; rate of oxidation of 

Erlanger, Dr. Joseph, 103 Jackson Place, Balti- 
more, Md. Physiology. San Francisco, Cal, 
Jan. 5, 74. B.S, California, 95; M.D, Hopkins, 
99, fellow, 00. Res. med. officer, Hopkins Hosp, 
99-00, asst. physiol, Hopkins, 00-01, instr, 01- 
03, assoc, 03-04, assoc. prof, 0^- Physiol. Soc; 
Soc. Exp. Biol, and Med. Metabolism in dogs 
with shortened small intestines; clinical meth- 
ods of determining blood pressure. Influence of 
pulse pressure on renal secretion; mechanism 
of the circulation; heart-block in man. 

Ernst, Dr. Harold C(larence), 8 Greenough Ave, 
Jamaica Plain, Boston, Mass. Bacteriology. 
Cincinnati, O, July 31, 56. A.B, Harvard, 76, 
M.D, 80, A.M, 84. Demonstrator bacter, Har- 
vard Med. Sch, 85-89, instr, 89-91, asst. prof. 



91-95, prof, 95- Ed, 'Jour. Med. Research.' 
Soc. Nat; Ass. Path, and Baet. (sec'y) ; Soc. 
Bact; Am. Physicians; Am. Acad; Boston Soc. 
Med. Sci. (pres. ) ; etc. Tuberculosis; rabies; 
suppuration; diphtheria; etc. Tuberculin and 
tuberculosis; ultraviolet photography. 

Erwin, Prof. A(rthur) T(homas), Iowa State Col- 
lege, Ames, la. Horticulture. Fulton, Mo, 
Nov. 8, 74. Washington (St. Louis), 92-96; 
Missouri, 96-98; B.S, Arkansas, 00; M.S.A, 
Iowa State, 02. Asst. hort, Ark. Exp. Sta, 
98-99 ; instr, Iowa State, 00-03, assoc. prof, 03- 
Hort. ed, ' Iowa State Register.' M.A.A ; fel. 
Iowa Acad. Pomology of Iowa and the middle 
west. Pomology. 

Escott, Edward B(rind), 71S Monroe St, Ann 
Arbor, Mich. Mathematics. Grand Rapids, 
Mich, May 24, 68. B.S, Michigan, 95; fellow, 
Chicago, 95-96, M.S, 96; Harvard, 96-97. 
Teacher, High Sch, Sheboygan. Wis, 97-98; 
Grand Rapids, 98-00; instr. math, Michigan, 
00- Math. Soc. Theory of substitutions; 
theory of numbers. 

Esten, W(illiam) M(errill), 109 Lawn Ave, Mid- 
dletown, Conn. Biology, Bacteriology. Glen- 
dale,. R. I, Aug. 27, 62. B.S, Wesleyan, 94, 
M.S, 96. Asst. biol, Wesleyan, 9^-; dairy 
bacter, Storrs Agr. Exp. Sta, 01- Instr. histol, 
Summer Sch, Brooklyn Inst, 95; prof, biol, 
Chautauqua. 97-98. Special agent, U. S. Dept. 
Exp. Sta. Div, Columbian Expos, 93; investi- 
gator, Rockefeller Inst, for Med. Research. Soc. 
Bact; Middletown Sci. Ass. (sec'y, 01-). Bac- 
teriology of milk; ripening of cream. Changes 
in varieties and numbers of bacteria in milk; 
effect of temperature in determining species of 
bacteria in milk. 

Esty, Prof. T(homas) C(ushing), 130 Harvard St, 
Rochester, N. Y. Mathematics. Amherst, 
Mass, Dec. 8, 70. A.B, Amherst, 93, A.M, 97. 
Instr. math, and drawing, Case, 94-95; math, 
Amherst, 95-98, 99-01; prof, Rochester, 01- 
Math. Soc. 

Esty, Prof. William, 21 S. New St, Bethlehem, 
Pa. Electrical engineering. Amherst, Mass, 
July 9, 68. A.B, Amherst, 89, A.M, 93; B.S, 
Mass. Inst. Tech, 93. Elec. engineer, Thomson- 
Houston Elec. Co, 92-93; instr. elec. eng, Illi- 
nois, 93-95, asst. prof, 95-98, assoc. prof, 98- 
01; asst. prof, Lehigh, 01-03, prof, 03- Elec. 
Eng; Eng. Educ. (mem. Council). Dynamo 
electric machinery; resistance of insulating 
materials ; electromagnets. Commutation of the 
single-phase series alternating current motor. 

Esty, Prof. William C(ole), Amherst, Mass. 
Mathematics. Westmoreland, N. H, April 8, 
38. A.B, Amherst, 60; Harvard, 60-61; A.M, 
Amherst, 63. Asst. master, High Sch, Salem, 
Mass, 61-62; instr. math, Amherst, 62-05, 
Walker prof. math, and astron, 65- LL.D, Am- 
herst, 88. Math. Soc. 

Eustace, H(arry) J(oshua), Geneva, N. Y. Bot- 
any. Rochester, N. Y, April 24, 77. B.S, 
Mich. Agr. Col, 01. Asst. botanist, JV. Y. Agr. 
Exp. Sta, Geneva, 01- Soc. Hort. Sci. Plant 

pathology. Apple diseases in commercial cold 
storage; potato diseases. 

Evans, Dr. Alexander W(illiam), 67 Mansfield St, 
New Haven, Conn. *Botany. Buffalo, N. Y, 
May 17, 68. Ph.B, Yale, 90, M.D, 92, Ph.D, 99. 
Instr. hot, Yale, 95-01, asst. prof, 01- F.A.A; 
Soc. Nat; Soc. Plant Morph. and Physiol; 
Bot. Soc ; Conn. Acad. ( sec'y, 97-03 ) . Hepaticae. 

Evans, Dr. H(enry) B(rown), 4126 Chester Ave, 
Philadelphia, Pa. Mathematical astronomy. 
Dayton, O, July 2, 71. M.E, Lehigh, 93; Ph.D, 
Pennsylvania, 01. Instr. math, and astron, 
Lehigh, 94-95 ; Pennsylvania, 95-01 ; asst, 'Nau- 
tical Almanac,' 01-04; asst. prof, math, Penn- 
sylvania, OJf- M.A.A; Astron. and Astrophys. 

Evans, Prof. Nevil Norton, McGill University, 
Montreal, Can. Chemistry. Montreal, Sept. 
28, 65. B.S, McGill, 86, Roval Sch. of Mines, 
Freiberg, 89-90; Leipzig, 90-91; M.S, McGill, 
92. Demonstrator chem, McGill, 86-89, lecturer, 
91-01, asst. prof, 01- Lecturer chem, Nor. Sch, 
Montreal. Fel. London Chem. Soc. Rock and 
mineral analysis. Specific heat of solids. 

Evans, Prof. Percy N(orton), 224 Waldron St, 
West Lafayette, Ind. Chemistry. Montreal, 
Can, Sept. 6, 69. B.S, McGill, 90 ; 1851 Exhibi- 
tion scholar (Leipzig), 91-93; Ph.D, Leipzig, 
93; hon. fellow, Clark, 94. Asst. chem, McGill, 
90-91; Wesleyan, 94-95; instr, Purdue, 95-96, 
assoc. prof, 96-00, prof, and director, Chem. 
Dept, 00- Chem. Soc; fel. Ind. Acad. Adsorp- 
tion of dissolved substances; salts in solution; 
organic acid phosphids. Boiler corrosion. 

Evans, Prof. Thomas, 25 N. Roslyn St, Cincinnati, 
O. *Chemistry. Cincinnati, Oct. 6, 63. Co- 
lumbia, 81-84; Ph.D, Erlangen, 86. Anal, 
chemist, Atlanta, Ga, 86-00; chief chemist, 
Proctor and Gamble Co, 90-92; private asst. to 
J. M. Crafts, 92-93; instr. org. chem, Mass. 
Inst. Tech, 93-95; chief chemist. Am. Cotton 
Oil Co, 95-98; instr. tech. chem, Cincinnati, 98- 
99, asst. prof, 99-01, prof, in charge, Chem. 
Dept, 01-. dean, Col. Eng, 05- Chem. Soc ; Soc. 
Chem. Indust; Chem. Gesell. Derivatives of 
tetrahydroquinolin ; rosin in soap; ricinin; 
magnesium amalgam as a reducing agent. 
Ricinin; hydrogenated quinolins; magnesium 
amalgam; synthesis of isoquinolin; the manu- 
facture of steel for electrical purposes. 

Evans, Dr. Walter H(arrison), 3432 Newark St,N. 
W, Washington, D. C. Botany. Delphi, Ind, 
Jan. 3, 63. A.B, Wabash, 87, A.M, 89, Ph.D, 
96. Instr. bot, Wabash, 88-90; botanist, Eli 
Lilly and Co, Indianapolis, 90-91; bot. ed, 
' Exp. Sta. Record,' U. S. Dept. Agr, 92-, chief, 
Insular Exp. Stations, 03- Special agent, 
Columbian Expos, 92-93; special commissioner 
to Alaska, U. S. Dept. Agr, 97. Gold medal, 
Paris, 00; grand prize, La. Purchase Expos, 04. 
Delegate, Int. Cong. Forestry, etc, Paris, 00. 
M.A.A; Wash. Bot, Soc; Wash. Biol. Soc. 
Cornaceae; effect of copper-sulphate upon the 
germination of seed. 



Evans, Dr. W(illiam) A(ugustus), 103 State St, 
Chicago, Ills. Pathology. Marion, Ala, Aug. 5, 
65. B.S, Miss. Agr. Col, 83, M.S, 85 ; M.D, Tulane. 
Demonstrator path, Col. Physicians and Surg, 
Illinois, 91-95, prof, 95- Pathologist, Cook 
Co. Hosp; special lecturer, Milwaukee Med. 
Col. M.D, ad eundern, Illinois. Ass. Path, 
and Bact; Am. Med. Ass; Chicago Med. Soc. 
(pres. ) ; Chicago Path. Soc. Tuberculosis; fat 

Everett, Prof. Walter G(oodnow), 116 Governor 
St, Providence, R. I. Philosophy. Rowe, Mass, 
Aug. 21, 60. A.B, Brown, 85, A.M, 88, Ph.D, 
95; Berlin and Strasburg, 95-96. Instr. Greek 
and Latin, Brown, 90-95, assoc. prof, philos, 96- 
99, prof, philos. and nat. theol, 99- Philos. 
As3; Psychol. Ass. Ethics and religion; his- 
tory of skepticism. Ethics; philosophy of re- 
ligion; history of thought. 
..Evermann, Dr. Barton W(arren), 412 T St, N. W, 
Washington, D. C. Ichthyology. Monroe Co, 
la, Oct. 24, 53. Howard (Ind.), 70-72; But- 
ler, 78-79; B.S, Indiana, 86, A.M, 88, Ph.D, 91. 
Teacher, pub. schools, Ind, 71-79; Cal, 79-81; 
supt. schools, Carroll Co, Ind, 83-85; prof. biol. 
and geol, Ind. State Nor. Sch, 86-91; ichthy- 
ologist, U. S. Fish Commission, 91 ; asst. in 
charge, Div. Scientific Inquiry, U. S. Bur. Fish- 
eries, 03-; curator, Div. Fisheries, U. S. Nat. 
Mus, 05- Special lecturer, Stanford, 93-94; 
lecturer, Cornell, 99-03; Yale Forest Sch, 04-; 
mem. U. S. Fur Seal Commission, 92. Gold 
medal, Paris Expos, 00. F.A.A; fel. Ornith. 
Union; Nat. Geog. Soc; Plant Preservation Soc; 
Wash. Acad; Cal. Acad; Ind. Acad; Wash. Biol. 
Soc. Geographic distribution of fishes; fishes 
of north and middle America; life histories of 
American fishes ; the aquatic resources of the 
Hawaiian Islands. Biological survey of Lake 
Maxinkuckee; natural history of the Salmon- 
idae; life histories of the basses and sunfishes; 
the fishes of Columbia River basin and Tennes- 
see; the food fishes of the Mississippi Valley 
and the Great Lakes; Alaska salmon fisheries; 
the fishes of the Philippines. 
Ewell, Dr. Arthur W(oolsey), 2 State St, Worces- 
ter, Mass. Physics. Bradford, Mass, Oct. 20, 
73. A.B, Yale, 97, Sloane fellow, 97-99, Ph.D, 
99; Hopkins, 99-00; Berlin, 04. Asst. phys- 
ics, Yale, 97-99; instr, Worcester, 00-04, 
prof, 04- Physical Soc. Optical properties of 
transparent bodies when subjected to torsion 
and other mechanical strains; elastic properties 
of jellies; optical properties of distorted jelly 
and glass; magnetic double refraction; elec- 
trolytic conduction. Ozone. 

Ewing, Dr. James, 256 W. 57th St, New York, 
N. Y. *Pathology. Pittsburg, Pa, Dec. 25, 66. 
A.B, Amherst, 88, A.M, 91; M.D, Columbia, 91; 
Vienna, 95. Tutor histol, Columbia, 93-97, 
Clark fellow, 96-99, instr. clin. path, 97-98; 
prof, path, Med. Col, Cornell, 99- Ass. Path, 
and Bact; Am. Phvsicians; Soc. Exp. Biol, and 
Med; N. Y. Acad. Med; N. Y. Path. Soc; N. Y. 
Co. Med. Soc. Blood; ganglion cells; malaria; 
variola. Variola ; autointoxication. 

Exner, Dr. Franz F(rederick), Carleton College, 
Northfield, Minn. Chemistry. Silesia, Aus- 
tria, March 23, 68. A.B, Carleton, 95; Ph.D, 
Pennsylvania, 03. Teacher science and math, 
High Sch, Madelia, Minn, 95-98; science, Wil- 
ton, 98-00; instr. gen. chem, Pennsylvania, 
01-02; prof. chem. and physics, Carleton, 03- 
Chem. Soc. Complex inorganic acids of W0 3 , 
V 2 3 and PoO^; purification of tungsten and its 
atomic weight; rapid precipitation of metals in 
an electrolytic way. Halides of tungsten. 

Eycleshymer, Prof. Albert Chauncey, St. Louis 
University, St. Louis, Mo. * Anatomy, His- 
tology, Embryology. Cambridge, N. Y, 67. B.S, 
Michigan, 91; fellow, Princeton, 91; fellow, 
Clark, 91-92; fellow, Chicago, 92-93, Ph.D, 94; 
Cambridge, England, 95-96; Austin fellow, Har- 
vard Med. Sch, 00-01. Asst. animal morph, 
Michigan, 89, bot, 90 ; chief asst, Allis Lake 
Lab, 90-91; asst. biol, Chicago, 93-95, assoc. 
anat, 95-97, instr, 97-02, asst. prof, 02-03; 
director, Anat. Dept, St. Louis, 03- Lecturer 
human embryol, Rush Med. Col. 97-98, asst. 
prof, 98-99. M.A.A; Soc. Nat; Ass. Anat. 
Vertebrate embryology. 

Eyerman, John, Oakhurst, Easton, Pa. Chem- 
istry, Mineralogy. Easton, Jan. 15, 67. La- 
fayette, 84-87; Harvard, 87; Princeton, 88-96. 
Lecturer determinative miner, Lafayette, 87- 
92 ; assoc. ed, ' Jour. Anal. Chem ' ; ' Am. Geolo- 
gist,' 88-98. F.A.A; Chem. Soc; Geol. Soc; 
Nat. Geog. Soc; fel. Am. Geog. Soc; Phila. 
Acad; fel. N. Y. Acad; Pa. Hist. Soc; British 
Ass; London Geol. Ass. Mineralogy; chem- 
istry; geology; paleontology. Mineralogy of 
Pennsylvania ; Temnocyon ; Hypotemnodon. 

Fairbanks, Prof. Arthur, 7 Bloomington St. Iowa 
City, la. Greek, Philosophy. Hanover, N. H. Nov. 
13/64. A.B, Dartmouth, 86; Ph.D, Freiburg, 
90; fellow, Am. Sch. of Classical Studies, 
Athens, 98-99. Instr. Greek, Dartmouth, 86- 
87, 90-92; lecturer sociol. and comp. religion, 
Yale, 92-98; prof. Greek lit. and archeol, Iowa, 
00- Managing ed, ' Classical Jour,' 05- Philol. 
Ass; Archeol. Inst, (pres, la. Soc, 02-) ; West. 
Philos. Ass. Dative case in Sophocles; Greek 
religion. The White Lekvthoi made at Athens 
in 5 and 4 B. C. 

Fairbanks, Dr. H(arold) W(ellman), 1825 Arch St, 
Berkelev, Cal. Geology, Physiography. Cone- 
wango, N. Y, Aug. 29,^60. B.S, Michigan, 90; 
Ph.D, California, 96. Connected with Cal. 
State Mining Bur, 90-94; asst, U. S. Geol. 
Surv, 99-00; independent research, 00- Assoc. 
ed, ' Nature-Study Rev.' Geol. Soc ; Geog. Ass ; 
Nat. Geog. Soc; Cal. Acad. The geology and 
physiography of California. 

Fairbanks, Prof. Henry, St. Johnsbury, Vt. Nu- 
mismatics, Mechanics. St. Johnsbury, May 6, 30. 
A.B, Dartmouth, 53, A.M, 56; B.D, Andover 
Theol. Sem, 57. Congregational minister, 57-; 
prof. nat. philos, Dartmouth, 59-69; v. pres, 



E. and G. Fairbanks and Co, 69- Trustee, 
Dartmouth, 70-05. Hon. Ph.D, Dartmouth, 80. 
F.A.A; Nat. Ass. Manufs. (v. pres.). Invented 
inductor current generator, etc. 

Fairchild, David G(randison), U. S. Department of 
Agriculture, Washington, D. C. *Botany, Agri- 
culture. Agricultural College, Mich, April 7, 
69. B.S, Kas. State Agr. Col, 88, M.S, 93; 
Naples Zool. Sta, 93; Breslau and Berlin, 94; 
Bonn, 95; Bintenzorg Bot. Gardens, 96. Second 
asst. pathologist, U. S. Dept. Agr, 89-92, first 
asst. pathologist, Div. Veg. Path, 92-97, special 
agent in charge, Sect. Seed and Plant Introduc- 
tion, 97-98, agr. explorer, 98- Asst. to Bar- 
bour Lathrop on expeditions in search of valu- 
able seeds and plants, 98-00, 01-03. F.A.A 
Soc. Plant Morph. and Physiol; Pomol. Soc 
Soc. Prom. Agr. Sci; Int. Ass. Bot. Plant in 
troduction; plant diseases; microscopic fungi 
and marine Algae. Introduction into America 
of valuable seeds and plants. 

Fairchild, Prof. H(erman) L(eRoy), University of 
Rochester, Rochester, N. Y. *Geology. Mont- 
rose, Pa, April 29, 50. B.S, Cornell, 74. 
Teacher, Wyoming Sem, Kingston, Pa, 74-76; 
lecturer, N. Y. City private schools, Cooper 
Union, etc, 77-88; prof, geol, Rochester, 88- 
F.A.A. (sec'y, Council, 93, gen. sec'y, 94, v. 
pres, 98) ; Geol. Soc. (sec'y, 90-) ; N. Y. Acad, 
(sec'y, 85-88) ; Rochester Acad, (pres, 89-01) ; 
Wash. Acad; hon. and cor. mem. of various 
other societies. Glacial geology of western 
New York. Dynamic geology. 

Fall, Prof. Delos, 1101 Michigan Ave, Albion, Mich. 
Chemistry. Ann Arbor, Mich, Jan. 29, 48. 
B.S, Michigan, 75, M.S, 82. Teacher science, 
High Sch, Ann Arbor, 71; principal, High Sch, 
Flint, 75-78; prof, science, Albion, 78-88, chem, 
88-; state supt. pub. instruction, Mich, 00-04. 
Mem. State Board of Health, 88-00. Hon. 
Sc.D, Albion, 98. Nat. Educ. Ass; Pub. 
Health Ass. Education; sanitary science; 
assaying; coal and peat. Raw materials and 
process of manufacture of Portland cement. 

Fanning, J(ohn) T(homas), 330 Hennepin Ave, 
Minneapolis, Minn. Hydraulics, Mechanics. 
Norwich, Conn, Dec. 31, 37. Pub. and nor. 
schools. Practising civil and archit. engineer 
and inventor, 62-04. F.A.A; Civil Eng; Am. 
Water Works Ass. (past pres.) ; Pub. Health 
Ass; New Eng. Water Works Ass; Franklin 
Inst. Hydraulics; mechanics; engineering 

Farabee, Dr. William C(urtis), Peabody Museum, 
Cambridge, Mass. Anthropology. Washing- 
ton, Pa, Feb. 7, 65. A.B, Waynesburg, 94, A.M, 
95; A.M, Harvard, 00, fellow, 00-03, Ph.D, 03. 
Teacher, pub. schools, Pa, 86-90; principal, 
Burgettstown, Pa, 95-96; Acad, Jackson Center, 
Pa, 96-99 ; instr. anthrop, Harvard, 03- M.A.A ; 
Anthrop. Ass; Ethnol. Soc; Folk-lore Soc; Nat. 
Geog. Soc. Archeology in Mississippi, New 
Mexico and Missouri; heredity as shown in 
anomalies. Inheritance of albinic characters. 

Fargis, Rev. Geo(rge) A(loysius), S. J, 30 W. 16th 
St, New York, N. Y. Chemistry, Astronomy. 
New York, July 29, 54. A.B, St. Francis 
Xavier, 73. Teacher sciences, various colleges 
of Soc. of Jesus, 89- Asst. astronomer, George- 
town Col. Observatory, 91-95. F.A.A. Astro- 
photography. Photographic transits. 

Faribault, E(ugene) Rodolphe, Geological Survey, 
Ottawa, Can. Geology. L'Assomption, Que, 
Nov. 4, 60. B.A.S, C.E, Laval, 82. Field 
geologist, Can. Geol. Surv, 82- Mem. Jury of 
Awards, Paris Expos, 00. Gold medal, Paris 
Expos, 00. Int. Geol. Cong, Paris, 00. Geol. 
Soc; Can. Min. Inst; N. S. Inst; hon. mem. N. 
S. Min. Soc. Geological survey, mapping and 
study of the gold fields of Nova Scotia. Struc- 
ture of the anticlinal folds and auriferous sad- 
dle-veins and their recurrence in depth. 

Farlow, Prof. W(illiam) G(ilson), 24 Quincy St, 
Cambridge, Mass. *Cryptogamic botany. Bos- 
ton, Mass, Dec. 17, 44. A.B, Harvard, 66, M.D, 
70; Strasburg, 72-73. Asst. prof, crypt, bot, 
Harvard, 74-79, prof, 79- LL.D, Harvard, 96; 
Glasgow, 01; Wisconsin, 04. Nat. Acad; F.A.A. 
(v. pres, 87, 98, pres, 04) ; Soc. Nat; Am. 
Acad; Soc. Plant Morph. and Physiol; Soc. 
Prom. Agr. Sci; Mycol. Soc; Philos. Soc; Phila. 
Acad; London Linnean Soc; British Ass; cor. 
mem. Manchester (England) Lit. and Philos. 
Soc; Bot. Gesell; Soc. Ital. Crittogamol. Sys- 
tematic algology and mycology. 

Farnsworth, Prof. P(hilo) J(udson), Clinton, la. 
Medicine, Geology, Anthropology. Westford, 
Vt, Jan. 9, 30. A.B, Vermont, 54, A.M, 57; 
M.D, Col. Physicians and Surg, N. Y, 60. 
Practising physician, 63-70; prof. mat. med. 
and therapeut, Iowa, 70-95, emer. prof, 95- 
Lecturer diseases of children, Iowa, 75-95; 
asst. state geologist, la, 84-85. M.A.A; Geol. 
Soc; Am. Med. Ass; Am. Acad. Med; Iowa 
Med. Ass. Medicine; geology; Carboniferous 
deposit in the Mississippi valley; age of Mis- 
sissippi River; Indian mounds along the upper 

Farquhar, Dr. Edward, Patent Office Library, 
Washington, D. C. Literature, Philosophy. 
Sandy Spring, Md, Sept. 2, 43. Ph.D, Colum- 
bian, 94. Asst. librarian, V. S. Patent Office, 
65- Instr. English lit, Columbian, 93, later 
prof, lfist. Philos. Ass; Wash. Soc. Philos. 
Inquiry (sec'y). Elements of unity in the 
Homeric poems. 

Farquhar, Henry, Bunker Hill Road, Brookland, 
D. C. Political economy, Statistics. Sandy 
Spring, Md, Aug. 27, 51. Cornell, 70. Asst. 
instr, Md. State Nor. Sch, 72; computer, U. S. 
Coast Surv, 72-94; asst. statistician, U. S. 
Dept. Agr, 95-97; special agent, U. S. Census, 
02- F.A.A. (sec'y, I, 92, v.. pres, 94); Econ. 
Ass; Statist. Ass; Acad. Polit. and Social. Sci; 
Nat. Geog. Soc; Wash. Econ. Soc; Wash. 
Philos. Soc; Wash. Soc. Philos. Inquiry. Con- 
nection between prices, etc, and rates of duty 
and monetary standards; economic statistics. 



Farr, Dr. M(arcus) S(tults), 12 Maple St, Prince- 
ton, N. J. Geology, Paleontology. Cranbury, 
N. J, Feb. 19, 70. A.B, Princeton, 92, fellow, 
92-93, M.S, 93; fellow, Chicago, 93-94, A.M, 
94; Sc.D, Princeton, 96. Lab. asst. paleont, 
, Princeton, 96-98; asst. zoologist, N. Y. State 
Mus, Albany, 98-00; asst. geol. and curator 
vert, paleont, Princeton, 00- M.A.A; assoc. 
Ornith. Union; Nat. Geog. Soc; lion. mem. 
Del. Valley Ornith. Club. Morphology and 
phylogeny of extinct vertebrates. Cretaceous 
and early Tertiary fossil vertebrates of Mon- 
tana; fossil birds of Patagonia; birds of New 

Farrand, Prof. Livingston, Columbia University, 
New York, N. Y. * Anthropology, Psychology. 
Newark, N. J, June 14, 67. A.B, Princeton, 
88; M.D, Columbia, 91; Cambridge, 91-92; 
Berlin, 92-93. Instr. physiol. psychol, Colum- 
bia, 93-99, psychol, 99-01, adj. prof, 01-03, prof, 
anthrop, 03- F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Psychol. Ass. 
(sec'y, 95-04), fel. Ethnol. Soc. (sec'y, 99-); 
Folk-lore Soc. (pres, 03); Wash. Acad; fel. N. 
Y. Acad. Anthropology of American Indians. 

Farrington, Dr. Oliver C(ummings), Field Colum- 
bian Museum, Chicago, Ills. * Geology, Miner- 
alogy. Brewer, Me, Oct. 9, 64. B.S, Maine 
State, 81, M.S, 88; Ph.D, Yale, 91. Teacher 
science, Maine Academies. 83-87; asst. miner, 
and biol, Yale, 88-91; miner, U. S. Nat. Mus, 
93-94; curator geol, Field Columbian Mus, 94- 
Professorial lecturer determinative miner, Chi- 
cago, 95-03; collaborator, Mines and Mining, 
Paris Expos, 00; mem. Jury Awards, La. Pur- 
chase Expos, 04. Int. Cong. Arts and Science, 
St. Louis, 04 (chairman, Sect. Petrol, and 
Miner.). Geol. Soc; Am. Alpine Club. Crys- 
tallography; meteorites. Composition of cos- 
mic matter; geological relations of meteorites; 
crystal functions. 

Farwell, (liver) Atkins, 784 Congress St, E, 
Detroit, Mich. Botany. Boston, Mass, Dec. 13, 
67. Mich. Nor. Sch, 90-92. Teacher, pub. 
schools, 89-90; curator, Herbarium, and libra- 
rian, Parke Davis and Co, 92- Bot. Cent. 
States; Mich. Acad. Michigan flora. 

Fassig, Dr. Oliver L(anard), Johns Hopkins Uni- 
versity, Baltimore, Md. Meteorology. Colum- 
bus, 6, April 5, 60. B.S, Ohio State, 82; Yale, 
86-87 ; Berlin, 96-97 ; Ph.D, Hopkins, 99. Sect, 
director, U. S. Weather Bur, 83- ; instr. 
meteorol, Hopkins, 97-01, assoc, 01- Meteorol- 
ogist, Md. State Weather Service, 00- F.A.A; 
Meteor. Gesell. Bibliography and history of 
meteorology; climatology. The weather and 
climate of Baltimore and vicinity. 

Faught, Prof. J(ohn) B(rookie), 1312 Presque Isle 
Ave, Marquette, Mich. Mathematics. Oak- 
town, Ind, Feb. 28, 63. A.B, Indiana, 93, A.M, 
95; Chicago, 96-97; Ph.D, Pennsylvania, 99. 
Prof, math, Vincennes, 93-94; asst. prof, In- 
diana, 94-00; prof, Northern State Nor. Sch, 
Mich, 00- M.A.A; Math. Soc. 

Faull, Dr. J(oseph) Horace, University of Toronto, 
Toronto, Can. Botany. L'Anse, Mich, May 3, 

70. A.B, Toronto, 98, grad. student, 00-01; 
Austin fellow, Harvard, 01-03, Ph.D, 04. 
Master math, Albert (Can.), 98-00; lecturer 
bot, Toronto, 02- M.A.A; Soc. Nat; Bot. Cent. 
States; Can. Inst. Anatomy of ferns; cytology 
of fungi. 

Faunce, Prof. Linus, 119 Bellevue St, West Rox- 
bury, Mass. Drawing, Descriptive geometry. 
Kingston, Mass, Oct. 16, 54. B.S, Mass. Inst. 
Tech, 77. Railway positions, 78-84; asst. prof. 
drawing, Mass. Inst. Tech, 84-96, assoc. prof, 
96- Mass. Inst. Tech. Soc. Arts (sec'y, 85-91). 

Faxon, C(harles) E(dward), Park Lane, Jamaica 
Plain, Mass. Botanical illustration. Roxbury, 
Mass, Jan. 21, 46. B.S, Harvard, 67. Asst. 
in charge, Arnold Arboretum, Harvard, 82- 
Hon. A.M, Harvard, 97. Soc. Foresters; Am. 
Acad; Boston Soc. Nat. Hist. Botanical illus- 
tration. Illustrations of ligneous plants. 

Faxon, Dr. Walter, Lexington, Mass. ^Zoology. 
A.B, Harvard, 71, B.S, 72, Sc.D, 78. Instr. 
nat. hist, Harvard, 72-73, asst, Zool. Lab, 73- 
77, asst. prof, zool, 81-86, asst. in charge of 
Mollusca and Crustacea, Mus. Comp. Zool, 
86- Fel. Ornith. Union; Wash. Acad; Wash. 
Biol. Soc. 

Fay, Dr. Henry, Massachusetts Institute of Tech- 
nology, Boston, Mass. *Chemistry, Metal- 
lography. Williamsburg, Pa, Jan. 12, 68. 
A!B, Lafayette, 89, A.M, 92; Ph.D, Hopkins, 

95. Lecture asst, Hopkins, 93-95, instr. anal, 
chem, Mass. hist. Tech, 95-00, asst. prof. anal, 
chem. and metallog, 00-05, assoc. prof. anal, 
chem, 05- Chem. Soc; Int. Ass. Testing Mate- 
rials; Chem. Gesell. Analytical chemistry; 
properties of metals and alloys. Effect of heat 
treatment on various kinds of steel and iron. 

Fay, Prof. Irving W(etherbee), 177 Woodruff Ave, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. Chemistry. Natick, Mass, 
Nov. 30, 61. A.B, Harvard, 86; Ph.D, Berlin, 

96. Instr. sciences, Montpelier Sem, 86-87; 
chem. and physics, Belmont Sch, Cal, 87-93; 
prof, chem, Ohio (Athens), 96-97; Brooklyn 
Polytech, 97- Mem. Committee of Ten (Phys- 
ics, Chem. and Astron.), Nat. Educ. Ass, 92. 
Chem. Soc; Chem. Gesell. Sugars and related 
acids and alcohols. Temperature of reduction 
of metallic oxids by hydrogen and carbon 
monoxid; influence of concentrated sulphuric 
acid upon sulphate salts containing water of 

Felt, Prof. E(phriam) P(orter), Geological Hall, 
Albany, N. Y. Entomology. Salem, Mass, Jan. 
7, 68. Mass. Agr. Col, 91; B.S, Boston, 
91; fellow, Cornell, 92-93, Sc.D, 94. Teacher 
science, Clinton Liberal Inst, 93-95; asst. to 
state entomologist, N. Y, 95-98, state entomolo- 
gist, 98- Entom. ed, ' Country Gentleman ', 
98-; consulting entomologist, N. Y. Agr. Soc. 
Gold medal and three silver medals, Pan-Am. 
Expos, 01. F.A.A; Ass. Econ. Entom. 
(pres, 02) ; Soc. Prom. Agr. Sci; cor. mem. 
N. Y. Entom. Soc; Wash. Entom. Soc; Soc. 
entom. de France. Crambidae; economic en- 
tomology; shade and forest tree insects. Life 



histories and habits of insects injuring shade 
and forest trees in New York; mosquitoes. 

Fenneman, Prof. N(evin) M(elanchthon), Univer- 
sity of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis. Geology. 
Lima, 0, Dec. 26, 65. A.B, Heidelberg (Ohio), 
83; AM, Chicago, 00, Ph.D, 01. Prof, physical 
sciences, Colo. State Nor. Sch, 92-00; geol, 
Colorado, 02-03; Wisconsin, 03- In charge, 
Dept. Geol, summer session, Wisconsin, 00-03; 
asst. geologist, U. S. Geol. Surv. F.A.A; Geol. 
Soc; Geog. Ass; Nat. Geog. Soc; Colo. Sci. 
Teachers' Ass. ( pres, 00 ) . Work of waves on 
shores; survey of Wisconsin lakes; oil fields of 
Boulder, Colo, and of Texas. Louisiana and 
Texas coastal plain; geological map of vicinity 
of Boulder, Colo; coal deposits of northwestern 

Fenner, R(obert) Coyner, 531 E. State St, Ithaca, 
N. Y. Physics. Baltimore, Md, Aug. 28, 80. 
M.E, Cornell, 03. Instr. physics, Cornell, 03- 
M.A.A; Physical Soc. Thermal properties of 
liquid air and gases at the temperature of 
liquid air. Specific heats of gases at low tem- 

Ferguson, Alexander McGowen, University of 
Texas, Austin, Tex. Botany. Belton, Tex, 
Jan. 7, 74. B.S.H, Tex. Agr. and Mech. Col, 
94, M.S, 96; Mo. Bot. Garden, 97-98; Cornell, 
01- Asst. prof. hort. and mycol, Tex. Agr. and 
Mech. Col, 99-00 ; instr. bot, Texas, 00- Special 
agent, U. S. Dept. Agr, 03-04. F.A.A; 
Pomol. Soc; Soc. Hort. Sci; fel. Tex. Acad. 
Crotons of the United States ; ant fungus gar- 
dens. Embryology of Ephedra; plant physiol- 
ogy; fungi cultivated by ants of Texas; flora 
of Austin quadrangle ; mushrooms ; plant breed- 

Ferguson, Dr. J(eremiah) S(weetser), 330 W. 28th 
St, New York, N. Y. Histology, Anatomy. 
Searsport, Me, May 31, 71. B.S, Maine, 89, 
M.S. 92; M.D, N. Y. Univ, 92. Asst. histol, 
N. Y. Univ, 92-96, instr, 96-98; Med. Col, Cor- 
nell, 98- Tutor physiol, N. Y. Univ, 97-98. 
Ass. Anat; N. Y. State Med. Ass; N. Y. Co. 
Med. Ass; N. Y. Co. Med. Soc; N. Y. Acad. 
Med; N. Y. Path. Soc. Thyroid and adrenal 
glands. Parathyroid glands. 

Ferguson, Dr. Margaret C(lay), Welleslev, Mass. 
Botany. Phelps, N. Y, Aug. 20, 63. Wellesley, 
89-91; B.S, Cornell, 99, fellow, 99-00, Ph.D, 01. 
Teacher and principal, pub. schools, 86-88 ; 
Dept. Science, Harcourt Place Sem, Gambier, O, 
92-93; instr. bot, Wellesley, 94-96, 02-04, 
assoc. prof, and head, Dept. Bot, 0-'i- Asst. 
bot, Summer Sch, Cornell, 01, 02, instr, 03, 04. 
Soc. Plant Morph. and Physiol; Boston Soc. 
Nat. Hist. Fertilization and related phenom- 
ena; origin of germ cell in Pinus; the phys- 
iology of the germination of the sporeSi of 
basidiomycetous fungi; spongy tissue of Stras- 
burger; life history of Pinus. 

Ferguson, Dr. Meade, Blacksburg, Va. Bacteriol- 
ogy. Appomattox, Va, March 17, 69. B.S, Va. 
Polytech. Inst, 96, M.S, 98; Ph.D, Gottingen, 
02. Assoc, prof, bacter, Va. Polytech. Inst, 

02- Consulting bacteriologist, Norfolk and 
West. R. R. Soc. Bact; Micros. Soc. Fermen- 
tation and decomposition of milk; nitrogen as- 
similating and denitrifying bacteria. Soil in- 

Fergusson, S(terling) P(rice), Blue Hill Observa- 
tory, Hyde Park, Mass. Meteorology, Me- 
chanics. Dixon's Spring, Tenn, Nov. 8, 68. 
Grammar sch. Asst. in charge of instruments, 
Blue Hill Observatory, 87- Boston Sci. Soc. 
Anemometry; apparatus for meteorology and 
aeronautics. Errors of absorption hygrometers; 
meteorological exploration of the air with kites. 

Fernald, Prof. C(harles) H(enry), Amherst, Mass. 
*Entomology. Mt. Desert, Me, March 16, 38. 
A.M, Bowdoin, 71; Ph.D, Maine, 86. Principal, 
Litchfield Acad, Me, 65-66; Houlton Acad, Me, 
66-71; prof. nat. hist, Maine, 71-86; zool, 
Mass. Agr. Col, 86- Acting pres, Mass. Agr. 
Col, 91-92. Ass. Econ. Entom. (pres, 96); 
Boston Soc. Nat. Hist; fel. London Entom. Soc. 
Insects; Crambidae and Pterophoridae of North 
America. Pyralidae of North America; Tortri- 

Fernald, Dr. H(enry) T(orsey), Amherst, Mass. 
Entomology. Litchfield, Me, April 17, 66. B.S, 
Maine, 85; Wesleyan, 85-86; M.S, Maine, 88; 
Ph.D, Hopkins, 90. Prof, zool, Pa. State, 90- 
99; state zoologist, Pa, 98-99; prof, entom, 
Mass. Agr. Col, 99- State nursery inspector, 
Mass. Soc. Nat; Ass. Econ. Entom. Histol- 
ogy, embryology and economic problems concern- 
ing insects. Sphecidae of America. 

Fernald, Prof. M(erritt) C(aldwell), 54 Main St, 

Orono, Me. Philosophy. South Levant, Me, 
May 26, 38. A.B, Bowdoin, 61; Harvard, 63- 
64 ; A.M, Bowdoin, 64. Prof. math, and physics 
and acting pres, Maine State, 68-71, prof. math, 
and physics, 71-79, pres, 79-93, emer. prof, 
philos, Maine, 96- Hon. Ph.D, Bowdoin, 81, 
LL.D, 02. Nat. Educ. Ass; Social Sci. Ass. 
Education ; physics ; psychology. 

Fernald, Prof. M(erritt) L(yndon), 15 Ware Hall, 
Cambridge, Mass. Botany. Orono, Me, Oct. 5, 
73. B.S, Harvard, 97. Asst, Gray Herbarium, 
Harvard, 91-; instr. bot, Harvard, 02-05, asst. 
prof, 05- Instr. bot, Alstead Sch. Nat. Hist, 
N. H, 99-01; assoc. ed, ' Rhodora,' 99- Fel. 
Am. Acad; New Eng. Bot. Club. Relationships 
and distribution of higher plants of North 
America; relations of North American and old 
world plants ; systematic and geographic botany 
of North America, especially New England and 
eastern* Canada. 

Fernekes, Dr. G(ustave), Box 125, Houghton, Mich. 
Chemistry. Milwaukee, Wis, Feb. 10, 78. B.S, 
Wisconsin, 00; Berlin, 00-02; fellow, Wis- 
consin, 02-03, Ph.D, 03. Instr. quant, anal, 
Mich. Col. Mines, 03- Asst. instr, Wisconsin. 
Action of amalgams on solutions; analytical 
chemistry; catalytic reactions. Action of 
mercuric chlorid on potassium ferrocyanid. 

Fernow, Prof. B(ernhard) E(duard), Ithaca, N. Y. 
Forestry. Inowraclaw, Prussia, Jan. 7, 51. 
Forest Acad, Miinden, 70-73; Konigsberg, 74. 



Chief, Forestry Div, U. S. Dept. Agr, 86-98; 
director, N. Y. State Col. Forestry, 98-03. 
Hon. curator, Nat. Mus, 87-; mem. Jury of 
Awards, Columbian Expos, 93; chief, Forestry 
Dept, Atlanta Expos, 95; mem. Jury of Awards, 
Pan- Am. Expos, 01; La. Purchase Expos, 04. 
LL.D, Wisconsin, 96; Queen's (Can.), 03. 
F.A.A. (sec'y, F, 88, I, 90, 91, v. pres, 95); 
Forestry Ass. (v. pres, 98-04) ; Soc. Prom. Agr. 
Sci; life mem. Min. Eng; Ass. Protection of 
Adirondacks; British Arboric Soc; hon. mem. 
St. Petersburg Acad; etc. Forestry; timber 
physics; economics; forest meteorology. 

Ferrin, Pres. W(illiam) N(elson), Forest Grove, 
Ore. Mathematics. Barton, Vt, Oct. 11, 54. 
A.B, Vermont, 75, A.M, 78. Instr. math, 
Pacific, 77-81, Vermont prof, 81-, dean, Acad. 
Faculty, 00-03, pres, 03- Hon. LL.D, Vermont, 
02. Math. Soc. 

Ferris, Dr. H(arry) B(urr), 118 York St, New 
Haven, Conn. Anatomy, Histology, Embry- 
ology. Old Greenwich, Conn, May 21, 65. A.B, 
Yale, 87, M.D, 90. Instr. anat, Med. Dept, 
Yale, 92-94, asst. prof, 94-96, prof, 96- Col- 
laborator, 'Am. Jour. Anat.' Soc. Nat; Ass. 
Anat; Soc. Zool; Micros. Soc; Conn. Acad; 
Conn. Med. Soc; New Haven City and Co. Med. 
Societies. Mitosis in cancer. Double optic 
atrophy, tracing of optic tracts; early forma- 
tion of the Wolffian duct in the chick. 

Ferry, Prof. E(rvin) S(idney), 622 Ferry St, La- 
fayette, Ind. Physics. Croydon, N. H, June 
14, 68. B.S, Cornell, 89, grad. student, 91-93; 
Hopkins, 93-94; Upsala, 97-98. Prof. nat. 
science, Kalamazoo, 89-91; instr. physics, Wis- 
consin, 95-99; prof, Purdue, 99- Physical Soc; 
Astron. and Astrophys. Soc; Electrochem. Soc. 
Radiation; physiological optics; specific induc- 
tive capacity. Electrochemistry. 

Ferry, Prof. Frederick C(arlos), Williamstown, 
Mass. Mathematics. Braintree, Vt, Jan. 22, 
68. A.B, Williams, 91, A.M, 94; A.M, Har- 
vard, 95; Ph.D, Clark, 98; Christiania, 98-99. 
Instr. math, and classics, Williams, 91-94, asst. 
prof, math, 99-02, prof, 02-, dean of Faculty, 
02-03, dean of Col, 03- Math. Soc. Geometry; 
the special geometries of particular surfaces. 
Geometry on the crunodal cubic cone and on 
the cubic scroll of the first kind and of the 
second kind. 

Fessenden, Prof. R(eginald) A(ubrey), National 
Electric Light Company, Eighth and Water Sts, 
Washington, D. C. *Physics, Engineering. 
Milton, Que, Oct. 6, 66. Bishop's Col, Que. 
Principal, Whitney Inst, Bermuda, 85-86; in- 
specting engineer, Edison Machine Works, 86- 
87; head chemist, Edison Lab, 87-90; electri- 
cian, Westinghouse Elec. and Mfg. Co, 90- 
91 ; prof. elec. eng, Purdue, 92-93 ; elec. eng. and 
postgrad, math, Western Univ. of Pa, 93-00; 
special agent, U. 8. Weather Bur, 00- Chemist, 
Stanley Elec. Co, 92-93. F.A.A. (sec'y, B, 
00) ; Elec. Eng; Nat. Geog. Soc; Soc. Prom. 
Quaternions; West. Pa. Soc. Eng. (sec'y) ; 
Wash. Philos. Soc; British Ass. Electrical 

theory of matter; nature of electricity and mag- 
netism; nature of gravitation and inertia; hys- 
teresis in social, moral and economic functions; 
design of electrical machines, instruments and 
methods; development of qualitative mathe- 
matics; electric radiation; magnetism; electro- 
magnetic rotation of light. Velocity of light in 
electrostatic field ; wireless telegraphy ; economic 
hysteresis as applied to tariff schedules. 

Fewkes, Dr. J (esse) Walter, Bureau of American 
Ethnology, Washington, D. C. *Ethnology. 
Newton, Mass, Nov. 14, 50. A.B, Harvard, 75, 
A.M, Ph.D, 77; Leipzig, 78-80. Asst, Mus. 
Comp. Zool, Harvard, 81-89; ed, 'Jour, of 
Ethnol. and Archeol,' 90-94; ethnologist, Bur. 
Am. Ethnol, 95- F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Folk-lore 
Soc; fel. Am. Acad; Wash. Anthrop. Soc; 
Anthrop. Gesell. American archeology and 

Fiebeger, Col. G(ustave) J(oseph), West Point, 
N. Y. Engineering. Akron, 0, May 9, 58. 
Grad, U. S. Mil. Acad, 79, Eng. Sch. of Applica- 
tion, 79-82. Officer, Corps of Engineers, U.S.A. 
79-96; instr. and later asst. prof, eng, U. 8. 
Mil. Acad, 83-88, prof, 96- Mem. Board of 
Trustees, Thayer Eng. Sch, Dartmouth. Civil 

Field, Dr. Cyrus W(est), 1190 Madison Ave, New 
York, N. Y. Pathology, Bacteriology. New 
York, April 27, 78. M.D, Yale, 00. Asst, Path. 
Lab, Presbyterian Hosp, N. Y. City, 00-03; 
bacteriologist, Research Lab, Dept. Health, N. Y. 
City, 03-; prof, path, Fordham, 05- Tutor path, 
Columbia, 02. Ass. Path, and Bact; Soc. Exp. 
Biol, and Med ; N. Y. Path. Soc. Tetanus toxin ; 
etiology of scarlet fever and measles; typhoid 
infection from oysters. 

Field, Dr. George W(ilton), Sharon, Mass. *Biol- 
ogy. North Bridgewater, Mass, Sept. 29, 63. 
A.B, Brown, 87, A.M, 90; Ph.D, Hopkins, 92; 
Smithsonian Table, Naples Zool. Sta. and 
Munich, 92-93. Asst. biol, Hopkins, 91-92; 
assoc. prof, cellular biol, Brown, 93-96; biol- 
ogist, R. I. Agr. Exp. Sta, 96-01; instr. econ. 
biol, Mass. Inst. Tech, and director, Sharon Biol. 
Observatory, 01 ; biologist, Mass. Commission 
on Fisheries and Game, 03, chairman, 0^~ 
M.A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool; Mass. Audubon 
Soc. (director) ; British Ass. Morphology and 
physiology of echinoderms; planktology; biol- 
ogy of birds. Factors which determine sex and 
the secondary sex characteristics; removal of 
the odors and tastes in drinking water due to 
the presence of micro-organisms; biology of 
edible fish and shell-fish. 

Field, Dr. Herbert Haviland, Kolliker Str. 9, 
Zurich, Switzerland. Zoology, Anatomy. 
Brooklyn, April 25, 68. Brooklvn Polytech, 
82-86; A.B, Harvard, 88, A.M, 90, Ph.D, 91; 
Freiburg, 91-92; Leipzig, 92-93; Paris, 93-95. 
Director, Concilium Bibliographiciim, 95- Hon. 
asst. zool, Univ. Mus, Harvard, 02- Library 
Ass; Zool. Gesell; Anat. Gesell; Soc. zool. de 
France; Schweiz. Nat. Gesell; hon. mem. 
Leipzig Nat. Gesell; Zurich Nat. Gesell. De- 



velopment of the pronephric system, the 
vascular system and the spinal column; prone- 
phros in Amphiuma; lymphatics of the frog; 
microscopic technique. Scientific bibliography. 

Field, Dr. Peter, 935 Greenwood Ave, Ann Arbor, 
Mich. Mathematics. Mitchell Co, la, Sept. 1, 
76. B.S, Minnesota, 96, M.S, 97; fellow, Cor- 
nell, 98-99, Ph.D, 02. Prof, math, Carthage, 
99-03 ; instr, Michigan, 03- Asst. math, Cornell, 
01-02. Math. Soc. Forms of quintic curves; 
infinite branches of plane curves which have 
no point singularities. Plane quintic curve 
with five real cusps. 

Fields, Dr. J(ohn) Charles, 62 Sussex Ave, Toronto, 
Can. Mathematics. Hamilton, Can, May 14, 
63. A.B, Toronto, 84; fellow, Hopkins, 85-86, 
fellow by courtesy, 86-89, Ph.D, 87 ; Paris, Got- 
tingen and Berlin, 93-00. Prof, math, Alle- 
gheny, 89-92; special lecturer, Toronto, 02- 
Math. Soc; Soc. math, de France. Algebraic 
functions and Abelian integrals. Theory of the 
algebraic functions of one or more variables; 
theory of algebraic numbers. 

Filkins, Prof. Claude W(illiam> L(eroy), Colorado 
School of Mines, Golden, Colo. Mathematics, 
Civil engineering, Astronomy. Erie, Pa, Aug. 
25, 70. C.E, Cornell, 93, M.C.E, 94, candidate 
for Ph.D. Head, Math. Dept, St. John's Mil. 
Acad, 95; instr. math, and drafting, Adelphi, 
95-98; civil eng, Cornell, 98-02; prof, Colo. Sch. 
of Mines, 02- Practising engineer; prof, mech, 
Summer Sch, Cornell, 03. Geodesy; astron- 
omy; least squares; stresses and strains in 
circular hoops. The eccentricity of a determina- 
tion of the temporary zeros of the microscopes. 

Finch, J(ohn) W(ellington), 46 Jacobson Building, 
Denver, Colo. Geology. Earlville, N. Y, Nov. 
3, 73. A.B, Colgate, 97, A.M, 98; fellow, Chi- 
cago, 98-99. Instr. geol. and physics, Colgate, 
98; geol, Chicago, 99; state geologist, Colo, 01- 
Consulting geologist, various companies. M.A.A ; 
Min. Eng; Colo. Sci. Soc. 

Findlay, Dr. William, McMaster University, To- 
ronto, Can. Mathematics. Glanford, Ont, June 
21, 74. A.B, McMaster, 96, A.M, 98; Ph.D, Chi- 
cago, 01. Tutor math, Barnard, Columbia, 01- 
05; prof, McMaster, 05- Math. Soc. Finite 

Fine, Prof. H(enry) B(urchard), Princeton, N. J. 
*Mathematics. Chambersburg, Pa, Sept. 14, 58. 
A.B, Princeton, 80; Ph.D, Leipzig, 85. Tutor 
math, Princeton, 81-84, asst. prof, 85-90, prof, 
91-, dean, 03- Math. Soc; Philos. Soc. Singu- 
larities of curves; functions defined by differ- 
ential equations; number concept. 

Fink, Prof. Bruce, Grinnell, la. Botany. Black- 
berry, Ills, Dec. 22, 61. M.S, Illinois, 94; A.M, 
Harvard, 96; Ph.D, Minnesota, 99. Prof, biol, 
Upper Iowa, 92-03; hot, Iowa {Grinnell), 03- 
Townsend scholar and instr. bot, Harvard, 95; 
Hellenist, Minn. Bot. Surv, 96- F.A.A; Soc. 
Nat; Mycol. Soc; Bot. Cent. States; Iowa Acad, 
(pres, 04). Taxonomy of fungi and lichens; 
ecology of lichens; plant embryology. Struc- 

ture of thallus in Peltigera; North American 
Clodonias; Minnesota lichens. 

Finkel, Prof. B(enjamin) F(ranklin), 1227 Clay 
St, Springfield, Mo. Mathematics, Physics. 
Fairfield Co, O, July 5, 65. M.S, Ohio Nor. 
Univ, 88; Chicago, 95-00; A.M, Pennsylvania, 
03, grad. student, 03-04. Teacher, pub. 
schools, Ohio, 84-88; instr. math, Fostoria 
Acad, 89; principal, Gibson Acad, Tenn, 90; 
supt. schools, North Lewisburg, O, 90-92; instr. 
math, Kidder Inst, 92-95 ; prof. math, and 
physics, Drury, 95- Ed, ' Am. Math. Monthly ', 
94- Math. Soc; London Math. Soc. Mathe- 

Finlay, Dr. Charles J(ohn), 128 Reina St, Havana, 
Cuba. Medicine. Puerto-Principe, Cuba, Dec. 
3, 33. M.D, Jefferson Med. Col, 55; M.D, Ha- 
vana, 57. Chairman, Commission Infectious 
Diseases, Havana, 99-02; chief health officer, 
Cuba, 02- Hon. Sc.D, Jefferson Med. Col, 02. 
Delegate, Int. Sanitary Conv, Wash, 02. Pub. 
Health Ass. (pres, 04) ; Soc. Tropical Med; 
Phila. Col. of Physicians; Havana Acad; Ha- 
vana Soc. Estudios Clinicos; Soc. de Med. trop. 
de Paris; London Soc. Arts. History, etiology 
and pathology of yellow fever. Rationale of 
immunisation; toxin and antitoxin formation. 

Fireman, Dr. Peter, Cosmos Club, Washington, 
D. C. *Chemistry. Lipovetz, Russia, April 4, 
63. Odessa, 81; Konigsberg, Zurich and Bern, 
88-93, Ph.D, Bern, 93. Asst. chem, Colum- 
bian, 93-95, instr, 95-98, asst. prof, 98-01; 
prof, Mo. Sch. Mines, 01-02; chem. geologist, U. 
8. Nat. Mus, 01-, in charge, Chem. Research 
Lab, Alexandria, Ya, 04~ M.A.A; Chem. Soc; 
Wash. Chem. Soc; Wash. Philos. Soc. Prepa- 
ration of organic phosphins; physical chem- 
istry; action of ammonium chlorid on certain 
chlorids. Action of phosphonium iodid on 
polychlorids ; replacement of three atoms of hy- 
drogen by one of nitrogen in organic compounds. 

Firmstone, F(rank), Easton, Pa. Metallurgy. 
Easton, Aug. 31, 46. B.M.E, Polytech. Col. 
of Pa, 65. Asst. manager, Glendon Iron Works, 
67-77, manager, 77-87; pres, Cranberry Iron 
Co, 89-97. F.A.A; Min. Eng. Metallurgy of 
iron; management of iron blast-furnaces. 

Fischer, Louis A(lbert), 923 Massachusetts Ave, 
N. W, Washington, D. C. Physics. Washing- 
ton, Jan. 4, 64. B.S, Columbian, 03. Adjuster 
weights and measures, U. S. Office Weights and 
Measures, 90-01 ; assoc. physicist in charge, 
Div. Weights and Measures, Bur. Standards, 
01-; instr. physics, George Washington, 01- 
Mem. Assay Commission, 04. M.A.A; Physical 
Soc; Wash. Philos. Soc. (Gen. Committee). 
Weights and measures, especially length meas- 
ures. Properties of nickel steels for length 

Fischer, Dr. Martin H(enry), 2181 Green St, San 
Francisco, Cal. Physiology, Medicine. Gar- 
ten, Germany, Nov. 10, 79. Fellow, Rush 
Med. Col, 00, M.D, 01. Student asst. path, 
Rush Med. Col, 9S-00; asst. physiol, Chicago, 
00-01, assoc, 01-02; instr, California, 02-03, 



asst. prof, 03-05. Physiol. Soc; assoc. Am 
Med. Ass; Cal. Acad. Med; Chicago Path. Soc 
Histology of motor ganglion cells; false diver 
ticula of the intestine; toxic effects of formal 
dehyde and formalin ; artificial parthenogenesis 
rearing of parthenogenetic larvae; length of life 
of sperm in sea water; production and suppres 
sion of glycosuria in rabbits through salts 
theory of fertilization. 

Fischer, Prof. Richard, Madison, Wis. Chem 
istry. New Ulm, Minn, Nov. 18, 69. Ph.C 
Michigan, 92, B.S, 94; Ph.D, Marburg, 00 
Asst. chem, Michigan, 92-94; instr. pharmacy 
Wisconsin, 94-98, asst. prof, 00- State chem 
ist. M.A.A; Chem. Soc; Pharmaceut. Ass 
Wis. Pharmaceut. Ass; Wis. Acad; Chem. 
Gesell. Chemistry of alkaloids; chemistry of 

Fish, Prof. J(ohn) C(harles) L(ounsbury), Palo 
Alto, Cal. Geodesy, Topography, Railways. 
Collins, 0, June 3, 70. C.E, Cornell, 92. Asst. 
engineer, Sandusky and Columbus R. R, 91 ; 
instr. civil eng, Cornell, 92-93; asst. prof, Stan- 
ford, 93-98, assoc. prof, 98- Recorder, U. S. 
Coast and Geod. Surv, 99 ; field asst, U. S. Geol. 
Surv, 00. Assoc, mem. Civil Eng. Economic 
theory of railway location. 

Fish, Prof. P(ierre) A(ugustine), 915 E. State St, 
Ithaca, N. Y. *Comparative physiology, Phar- 
macology. Chatham, N. Y, Feb. 17, 65. B.S, 
Cornell, 90, Sc.D, 94, D.V.M, 99. Instr. physiol, 
vert. zool. and neur, Cornell, 90-95; asst, Bur. 
Animal Indust, 95-96; asst. prof. comp. physiol. 
and Pharmacol, Cornell, 96-02, prof, 02- Instr, 
Woods Hole, 91-95. F.A.A; Soc. Zool. Com- 
parative physiology; pharmacology. 

Fishburne, Col. E(dward) B(ell), Jr, Blackstone, 
Va. Mathematics. Charleston, S. C, Dec. 16, 
73. B.S, S. C. Mil. Acad, 93; Ph.B, A.M, Ills. 
Wesleyan, 98. Principal pub. sch, Summerville, 
S.C, 94-96; instr. math, and physics, Mil. Sch, 
Waynesboro, Va, 96-00; principal and instr. 
math, Hoge Memorial Mil. Acad, 00- M.A.A; 
Math. Soc; assoc. Civil Eng. Pure mathe- 

Fisher, A(lbert) K(enrick), U. S. Department of 
Agriculture, Washington, D. C. Biology. Sing 
Sing, N. Y, March 21, 56. Col. Physicians and 
Surg, Columbia, 76-79. Asst. ornithologist, 
U. S. Dept. Agr, 85-96, asst. biologist, 96-02, 
ess*, chief, Biol. Surv, 02- Fel. Ornith. Union; 
cor. mem. Nuttall Ornith. Club; Wash. Acad; 
Wash. Biol. Soc; cor. mem. N. Y. Linnean Soc. 
Geographic distribution and natural history of 

Fisher, Miss Elizabeth F(lorette), 14 Abbott St, 
Welleslev, Mass. Geology, Geography. Bos- 
ton, Nov. 26, 73. B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 96. 
Instr. geol. and geog, Wellesley, 9Jf- Int. Geol. 
Cong, St. Petersburg, 97. Nat. Geog. Soc; Bos- 
ton Teachers Geog. Club (pres, 00-01). Geo- 
logical history of Lake Cochituate. Ontog- 
raphy; river terraces. 

Fisher, Prof. George E(gbert), Lansdowne, Pa. 
Mathematics. Westerlo, N. Y, April 20, 63. 

Union, 80-82; A.B, Cornell, 87; A.M, Pennsyl- 
vania, 93; Berlin, 94; Ph.D, Pennsylvania, 95. 
Instr. math, Cornell, 87-89; asst. prof, Penn- 
sylvania, 89- F.A.A; Math. Soc; Math. 
Verein; Circolo Mat. di Palermo. Algebra; 
the theory of functions of a complex variable. 
Some topics in invariant theory. 

Fisher, Henry W (right), 5403 Friendship Ave, 
Pittsburg, Pa. Electrical engineering. Youg- 
hal, Ireland, Jan. 31, 61. M.E, Cornell, 88. 
Asst. engineer, Bergmann and Co, 88; S. V. 
Cable Co, 88-99, chief elec. engineer and supt, 
Pittsburg factory, 99- Elec. Eng; West. Pa. 
Eng. Soc. (past pres.). Electric cables; gluce- 
num by electrometallurgy. Heating of electrical 
cables in ducts by electricity; insulation and 
electrostatic temperature coefficients of different 

Fisher, Prof. Irving, 460 Prospect St, New Haven, 
Conn. Political economy. Saugerties, N. Y, 
Feb. 27, 67. A.B, Yale, 88, Ph.D, 91. Tutor 
math, Yale, 91-93, asst. prof, 93-95, polit. econ, 
95-98, prof, 98- F.A.A; Math. Soc; Econ. 
Ass; Acad. Polit. and Social Sci; Statist. Ass; 
Conn. Acad; Wash. Acad; fel. Royal Statist. 
Soc; British Econ. Ass. Mathematical econom- 
ics; statistics. Capital and interest; circula- 
tion of money. 

Fisher, Prof. James, Jr, Houghton, Mich. Mathe- 
matics, Physics. Hancock, Mich, March 29, 73. 
E.M, Mich. Col. Mines, 93; Cornell, 99. 
Draftsman, Mich. Col. Mines, 93-94; Hodge 
Iron Works, Hancock, Mich, 94-95 ; instr. math, 
and physics, Mich. Col. Mines, 95-99, prof, 99- 
M.A.A; Eng. Educ; Lake Superior Min. Inst. 
Experiments with long pendulums, 5,000 feet; 
determination of average density of the earth 
and gravity gradient. 

Fisher, Prof. R(ichard) T(hornton), Cambridge, 
Mass. Forestry. Brooklyn, N. Y, Nov. 9, 76. 
A.B, Harvard, 98; M.F, Yale, 01. Special agent, 
U. S. Biol. Surv, 98; asst. English, Harvard, 
99; field asst, Bur. Forestry, U. S. Dept. Agr, 
01-; asst. prof, forestry, Harvard, 05- Soc. 
Foresters. The redwood; the woodlot. 

Fisher, Walter K(enrick), Palo Alto, Cal. Zool- 
ogy. Ossining, N. Y, Feb. 1, 78. A.B, Stan- 
ford, 01, A.M, 03. Special field naturalist, U. 
S. Biol. Surv, 97-01; asst. zool, Stanford, 02- 
05, acting instr, 05- Asst, ' Albatross ' Exped, 
U. S. Fish Commission, 02, 04; ed, 'The Con- 
dor,' 03- Mem. Ornith. Union; Cooper (Cal.) 
Ornith. Club. Anatomy of gastropods; ornith- 
ology. Enteropneusta; Echinodermata of the 
Hawaiian Islands; deep sea Echinodermata of 
the western coast of North America. 

Fiske, Prof. Thomas S(cott), Columbia Univer- 
sity, New York, N. Y. *Mathematics. New 
York, May 12, 65. A.B, Columbia, 85, A.M, 86, 
fellow, 85-88, Ph.D, 88. Tutor math, Columbia, 
88-91, instr, 91-94, adj. prof, 94-97, prof, 97- 
Acting dean, Barnard, Columbia, 99; sec'y, 
Col. Entrance Exam. Board, 01- F.A.A; Math. 
Soc. (sec'y, 88-95, ed, 'Bui,' 91-99, v. pres, 
98-01, ed, 'Trans,' 99-, pres, 02-04); Ass. 



Teachers Math, in Middle States and Md. (pres, 
04-) ; London Math. Soc. Theory of functions; 
algebra; calculus; theory of assemblages. 
Properties of assemblages and their applica- 
tion to functions. 

Fite, Dr. Warner, Austin, Tex. Philosophy, 
Psychology. Philadelphia, Pa, March 5, 67. 
A.B, Haverford, 89; Berlin, 91-92; Munich, 
92-93; Ph.D, Pennsylvania, 94. Instr. philos. 
and Hebrew, Williams, 94-96, dean of Faculty, 
95-97; docent psyehol, Chicago, 97-98, asst, 98- 
01, imtr, 01-03; philos, Texas, 03- Philos. 
Ass; Psychol. Ass. Analysis of psychological 
and ethical theory. 

Fite, Dr. William Benjamin, 127 Eddy St, 
Ithaca, X. Y. * Mathematics. Marion, 0, Aug. 
23, 69. Ph.B, Cornell, 92, Ph.D, 01. Teacher 
math, Mich. Mil. Acad, 92-98; instr, Cornell, 
01-05, asst. prof, 05- Math. Soc. Theory of 
groups of finite order. 

Fitz, Dr. G(eorge) W(ells), 483 Beacon St, Bos- 
ton, Mass. Physiology, Hygiene, Physical edu- 
cation. Xew York, X. Y, March 16, 60. M.D, 
Harvard, 90. Instr, Cook Co. Xor. Sch, Ills, 
83-87; instr. and asst. prof, physiol. and hy- 
giene and med. visitor, Harvard, 92-99. Ed, 
'Am. Physical Educ. Review,' 96-01,04-; ortho- 
pedic surgeon, Boston Dispensary. F.A.A; 
Physiol. Soc; Ass. Adv. Physical Educ. (cor. 
sec'y, 95-01); Soc. Research Physical Educ. 
(sec'y) ; Mass. Med. Soc; Boston Soc. Med. Sci; 
Boston Soc. Med. Improv. Respiratory types; 
ventilation tests (method of C0 2 ) : spinal cur- 
vature; physical education. Spinal curvature; 
physiology of exercise; ventilation. 

Fitz, Dr. R(eginald) H(eber), 18 Arlington St, 
Boston, Mass. ^Medicine. Chelsea, Mass, May 
5, 43. A.B, Harvard, 64, A.M, 67, M.D, 68; 
Vienna, Berlin and Paris, 68-70. Instr. path, 
anat, Harvard Med. Sch, 70-73, asst. prof, 73- 
78, prof, 78-92, theory and practice of physic, 
92- Physician, Boston Dispensary, 71-82; Mass. 
Gen. Hosp, 87- LL.D, Harvard, 05. Am. Phy- 
sicians (pres, 94) ; Ass. Path, and Bact; fel. 
Am. Acad; Mass. Med. Soc. 

FitzGerald, Desmond, Brookline, Mass. Engi- 
neering. Xassau, Bahama Islands, May 20, 46. 
Phillips Acad, Andover, Mass. Asst. engineer, 
B. and A. R. R, 71-73 ; engineer and supt, Boston 
Water Works, 73-96; dept. engineer, Metropoli- 
tan Water Works, Mass, 96-02. Chairman, 
Board of Park Commissioners, Brookline; Mass. 
Topog. Surv. Commission, 96-00. Xorman 
gold medal, Civil Eng, twice. Civil Eng. (past 
pres.) ; Xew Eng. Water Works Ass. (past 
pres.); Boston Soc. Civil Eng. (past pres.). 
Evaporation; hydraulics; rainfall; flow of 
streams; storage of water; temperature of 
lakes. Construction of waterworks. 

Fitzgerald, Francis A(lexander) J(ames), Box 118, 
Xiagara Falls, X. Y. Chemical engineering. 
Dublin, Ireland, June 1, 70. A.B, Diiblin, 92; 
B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 95. Chemist, Carborun- 
dum Co, 95-00; Int. Acheson Graphite Co, 00- 
03; consulting chem. engineer, 03- Chem. Soc; 

Electrochem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; Franklin 
Inst. Electric furnaces; electric furnace prod- 
ucts. Electric furnace refractories; improve- 
ments in the manufacture of carbon articles. 

Fitzpatrick, Dr. Charles B(orromeo), 616 Madison 
Ave, Xew York, X. Y. Therapy, Pathology. 
Xew York, Xov. 2, 69. A.B, Seton Hall, 87, 
A.M, 88; M.D, Columbia, 90; Charity Hosp, 91; 
Hygienic Inst, Berlin, and Pasteur Inst, Paris, 
94. Grad. in charge, Annex Lab. for Exp. Path, 
Columbia, 94; asst. bacteriologist, X. Y. City, 
95; pathologist and director, Bacter. Labora- 
tories, Health Officer's Dept, X. Y, 97; bacteri- 
ologist, Dept. Health, X. Y. City, 02. Instr. 
electrotherapeut. and nervous diseases, X. Y. 
Post-Grad. Med. Sch. and Hosp. Ass. Path, and 
Bact; X. Y. Path. Soc; X. Y. Acad. Med. 
Diphtheria antitoxin; toxin and antitoxin of 
the plague bacillus; bacteriology of yellow 
fever; disinfection; etc. X-ray toxins; radium 
treated hydrophobia; radio-pathology and ther- 
apy of nervous and skin diseases; physical basis 
of immunity. 

Fitzpatrick, T. J, Box 497, Iowa City, la. 
Botany, Geology. Centerville, la, April 2, 
68. B.S, Iowa, 93, M.S, 95. Prof. math, and 
hot, Graceland, 95-99. Collector, Iowa Hist. 
Soc, 04- F.A.A; fel. Iowa Acad; fel. Iowa 
Hist. Soc. Flora of Iowa. Id; bibliography 
of scientific literature of Iowa. 

Fitz-Randolph, R(aymond) B(ernard), 733 W. 

State St, Trenton, X. J. Bacteriology, Chemistry. 
Philadelphia, Pa, Feb. 7, 72. A.<X Lehigh, 93. 
Instr. chem, U. S. Xaval Lab, 93-94; asst. 
bacteriologist, Health Dept, Brooklyn, 94-95; 
asst. bacter, Hoagland Lab, 95-98, assoc. di- 
rector, 98-03; director, State Lab. of Hygiene, 
2V. J, 03- Instr. anal, chem. Long Isl. Med. 
Col, 98-03. M.A.A; Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. 
Indust; Pub. Health Ass; X. J. Sanit. Ass; 
Royal Micros. Soc. Applied and sanitary bac- 
teriology. Bacteriology and chemistry of mu- 
nicipal milk supplies ; food and drug examina- 

Flather, Prof. J(ohn) J(oseph), 1103 Fourth St, 
S. E, Minneapolis, Minn. Mechanical engineer- 
ing. Philadelphia, Pa, June 9, 62. Ph.B, Yale, 
85; M.M.E, Cornell, 90. Machinist, draftsman 
and foreman, machine shops, Xew England; 
supt, steam pump works, Buffalo, X. Y; instr, 
mech. eng, Lehigh, 88-91; prof, Purdue, 91-98; 
prof, and head of dept, Minnesota, 98- F.A.A. 
(sec'y, D, 97, 98, v. pres, 02) ; Mech. Eng; 
Elec. Eng; Eng. Educ. (treas, 94-99) ; Minn. 
Sanit. Ass. (v. pres.) ; X. W. Ry. Club (v. 
pres. ) . Measurement of power ; fly-wheel acci- 
dents; transmission of power. Friction of 
shafting; corrosion of metals. 

Fleck, Dr. Herman, Colorado School of Mines, 
Golden, Colo. Chemistry. Philadelphia, Pa, 
Dec. 3, 70. Pennsylvania, 86-91; Xat. Sc.D, 
Tubingen, 92. Prof, chem, High Sch, Reading, 
Pa, 92-93 ; instr. org. chem, Pennsylvania, 
93-00; chemist and asst. supt, Western Mfg. 
and Oil Co, Xewark, X. J, 00-01 ; prof, chem, 



Colo. Sch. of Mines, 03- Chem. Soc; Chem. 
Gesell. Metallo-organic alkyls; chemistry of 
oxyphosphates. Dental chemistry, especially 
plastics; the technical production of uranium 
and vanadium; alkali lakes of the San Luis 

Fleet, Prof. R(obert) R(yland), Liberty, Mo. 
Mathematics. Urbanna, Va, Sept. 16, 70. A.B, 
William Jewell, 96; Missouri, 98, fellow, 99-00, 
A.M, 00; Berlin and Heidelberg, 00-03; Ph.D, 
Heidelberg, 03. Prof, math, Clarksburg, 96-98; 
William Jewell, 03- Math. Soc. Die Quadra- 
turen von integralen partieller Differential- 

Fleming, John A(dam), 104 The Ontario, Wash- 
ington, D. C. Civil engineering. Cincinnati, 
O, Jan. 28, 77. B.S, Cincinnati, 99. Aid, U. 
S. Coast and Geod. Surv, 99-03, magnetic ob- 
server, 0-'f-; magnetician, Dept. Int. Research 
in Terrestrial Magnetism, Carnegie Inst, 04- 
Reviewer, ' Jour, of Terrestrial Magnetism and 
Atmospheric Elec' M.A.A ; Wash. Philos. Soc. 
Terrestrial magnetism. 

Fleming, Mrs. W(illiamina) P(aton), Observatory, 
Cambridge, Mass. *Astronomy. Dundee, Scot- 
land, May 15, 57. Pub. schools. Asst, Harvard 
Col. Observatory, 79-98, curator astron. photo- 
graphs, 98- Astron. and Astrophys. Soc. 
Stellar spectra; astronomical photographs. 

Fletcher, Miss Alice C(unningham), Peabody Mu- 
seum, Cambridge, Mass. * Anthropology. Bos- 
ton, Mass, 45. Asst. ethnol, Peabody Mus, 82-, 
Thaw fellow, 91- F.A.A. (v. pres, 96); 
Soc. Nat; Archeol. Inst; Folk-lore Soc; Wash. 
Acad; Wash. Anthrop. Soc. (pres.). Anthro- 
pology; ethnology; archeology. 

Fletcher, Horace, Care Barrett Manufacturing Co, 
17 Battery Place, New York, N. Y. Dietetics. 
Lawrence, Mass, Aug. 10, 49. Sci. Dept, Dart- 
mouth, 70. London Japan Soc; London Arts 
Club. Development of Japan; art; the mini- 
mum quantity of food requisite for the best 
human efficiency and the psychological and 
physiological aids or detriments of nutrition. 
Nutrition; social quarantine. 

Fletcher, Hugh, Geological Survey, Ottawa, Can. 
Geology. London, England, Dec. 9, 48. Upper 
Canada, 63-67; A.B, Toronto, 71. Geologist, 
Can. Geol. Surv, 72-05. N. S. Min. Soc; 
N. S. Inst. Coal and other economic min- 
erals of Nova Scotia, and geology of the for- 
mations with which these are associated. Coal 
underlying the so-called Permian strata of 
Nova Scotia. 

Fletcher, Dr. James, Central Experimental Farm, 
Ottawa. Can. Entomology, Botany. Ash, 
Kent, England, March 28, 52. The King's 
Sch, Rochester, England. Accountant, Library 
of Parliament, Ottawa, 76-87; Dominion ento- 
mologist and botanist, 81- LL.D, Queen's 
(Can.). F.A.A; Soc. Prom. Agr. Sci; fel. Can. 
Royal Soc; fel. London Linnean Soc. Practical 
entomology; grasses; weeds. 

Fletcher, Dr. Robert, The Portland, Washington, 

D. C. Medicine. Bristol, England, March 6, 
23. Royal Col. Surg, England, 44. Surgeon, 
U. S. Vols, 61-67; practising physician, 67-76; 
principal asst. librarian, Library, Surgeon Gen. 
Office, Washington, D. C, 16- Prof. med. 
juris, Columbian, 86-90; lecturer forensic 
med, Med. Dept, Hopkins, 97-; ed, 'Index 
Medicus,' 79-99, 03- Hon. M.D, Columbian, 84. 
F.A.A; Am. Med. Ass; Mil. Order Loyal Le- 
gion; Nat. Geog. Soc; D. C. Med. Soc; Phila. 
Col. Physicians; Wash. Acad; Wash. Biol, 
Anthrop. (past pres.), Philos. (past pres.) 
and Hist. Societies; Soc. d'Hygi&ne. Medical 
bibliography; history of medicine; forensic 
medicine; early English medical literature. 

Fletcher, Prof. Robert, Dartmouth College, Han- 
over, N. H. Civil engineering. New York, N. 
Y, Aug. 23, 47. Col. City of N. Y, 61-64; 
grad, U. S. Mil. Acad, 68. Instr. math, U. S. 
Mil. Acad, 69-70; prof, civil eng. and director, 
Thayer Sch. Civil Eng, Dartmouth, 11- Pres. 
and engineer, Hanover Water Works Co, 93-; 
inspector bridges, Vt. R. R. Commission, 88-; 
mem. N. H. Board of Health, 95-; consulting 
engineer, bridges, water works and sewerage 
works. Hon. A.M, Dartmouth, 71, Ph.D, 81. 
F.A.A; Civil Eng; Eng. Educ. (pres. 01-02); 
Nat. Geog. Soc. Surveying; bridge-truss anal- 
ysis; hydraulics; engineering education. 

Fletcher, Prof. S(tevenson) W(hitcomb), Morgan- 
town, W. Va. Horticulture. Littleton, Mass, 
Sept. 10, 75. B.S, Mass. Agr. Col, 96; fellow, 
Cornell, 98-99, Ph.D, 00. Prof. hort. and horti- 
culturist, Exp. Sta, Wash. Agr. Col, 00-02; 
West Virginia, 02- Pomol. Soc. The self-ster- 
ility and cross-pollination of orchard fruits. 
The pollination of Kiefer pears ; experiments in 
controlling San Jose scale; the sterilization of 
greenhouse soils. 

Flexner, Dr. Simon, 66th St. and Ave. A, New 
York, N. Y. *Patholoqy, Bacteriology. Louis- 
ville, Ky, March 25, 63. M.D, Louisville, 89; 
fellow, Hopkins, 92-93 ; Strasburg and Prague, 
96. Assoc, path, Hopkins, 94. assoc. prof, 96- 
99, prof. path, anat, 99; path, Pennsylvania, 99- 
03 ; director, Laboratories, Rockefeller Inst, for 
Med. Research, 03- Mem. Hopkins Commission 
to Philippines, 99; Nat. Plague Commission, 01; 
Board of Directors, Rockefeller Inst, for Med. 
Research, 01-; director, Ayer Clin. Lab, Pa. 
Hosp, 01- F.A.A; Ass. Path, and Bact; Soc. 
Bact; Am. Physicians; Physiol. Soc; Soc. Exp. 
Biol, and Med; Philos. Soc; Phila. Col. Phy- 
sicians; N. Y. Acad; cor. mem. Bologna Medico- 
Chirurg. Soc. Pathology of toxalbumin intoxi- 
cation; terminal infection; snake venom. His- 
tological alterations of cytotoxinic intoxication; 
etiology of dysentery. 

Flint, Prof. Albert S(towell), 450 Charter St, 
Madison, Wis. *Astronomy. Salem, Mass, 
Sept. 12, 53. A.B, Harvard, 75; Mass. Inst. 
Tech, 76-77; A.M, Cincinnati, 80. Computer, 
U. S. Naval Observatory, 81-83; asst, U. S. 
Transit of Venus Commission, 83-88; computer, 
U. S. Naval Observatory, 88-S9; asst. astron- 



omer, Wisconsin, 89-94, astronomer, 94- 
F.A.A; Astron. and Astrophys. Soc; Wis. Acad. 
( sec'y and ed, ' Trans,' 97-99 ) ; Astron. Gesell. 
Astronomy and computation. Meridian obser- 
vations for stellar parallax. 

Flint, Dr. Austin, 60 E. 34th St, New York, N. Y. 
Medicine, Physiology. Northampton, Mass, 
March 28, 3(5. Harvard, 52-53; Med. Dept, 
Louisville, 54-55; M.D, Jefferson Med. Col, 
57; Paris, 61. Prof, physiol, Med. Dept, 
Buffalo. 58-59; N. Y. Med. Col, 59-60; 
New Orleans Sch. Med, 60-61; Bellevue Hosp. 
Med. Col, 61-98; Med. Col, Cornell, 98- Stu- 
dent asst. physiol, Woodstock Med. Col, Vt, 
summer, 55 ; ed, ' Buffalo Med. Jour ', 57-60 ; 
prof, physiol, Long Isl. Col. Hosp, 62-68; state 
surgeon gen, N. Y, 74-78 ; visiting and consult- 
ing physician and surgeon, various hospitals, 
58- Decoration (third class), Order of the 
Bust of the Liberator, Venezuela, 91; LL.D, 
Jefferson Med. Col, 85. F.A.A; Am. Med. Ass; 
Medico-Psvchol. Ass; hon. mem. Am. Acad. 
Med; Philos. Soc; fel. N. Y. State Med. Ass. 
(pres, 95) ; Greater N. Y. Med. Ass. (pres, 
99) ; N. Y. Prison Ass. (mem. Exec. Commit- 
tee, 96) ; cor. mem. Phila. Acad. Human phys- 
iology; medicine. Mental diseases. 

Flint, Dr. E(dward) R(awson), Lake City, Fla. 
Chemistry, Medicine. Boston, Mass, Sept. 8, 
64. B.S, Mass. Agr. Col, 87; Ph.D, Gottingen, 
92; M.D, Harvard, 03. Asst. chemist, Hatch 
Exp. Sta, Amherst, 87-90; asst. prof, chem, 
Mass. Agr. Col, 93-99; prof, Florida, and chem- 
ist, Exp. Sta, Qlt- Fertilizer experiments with 
citrus fruits. 

Flint, Dr. James M(ilton), U. S. N. (retired), 
Stoneleigh Court, Washington, D. C. Medicine, 
Biology. Hillsborough, N. H, Feb. 7, 38. M.D, 
Harvard, 60. Asst. surgeon, U. S. N, 62-74, 
surgeon, 74-93, med. inspector, 93-97, med. 
director, 97-00; hon. curator, Div. of Med, U. 8. 
Nat. Mus, 80-84, 88-91, 95- Mem. Commis- 
sion on Revision and Publication, U. S. Phar- 
macopoeia, 80-90; surgeon, U. S. Fish Com- 
mission, Str. 'Albatross,' 84-S7. F.A.A; 
Micros. Soc; Wash. Acad; Wash. Biol. Soc; 
Wash. Philos. Soc. Pharmacology; history of 
medicine; Foraminifera. Deep-sea deposits of 
the Pacific Ocean. 

Flint, Dr. Joseph Marshall, Anatomical Labora- 
tory, University of California, San Francisco, 
Cal. * Anatomy. Chicago, Ills, July 8, 72. 
B.S, Chicago, 95; A.M, Princeton, 00; M.D, 
Hopkins, 00. Assoc, anat, Chicago, 00-01 ; prof, 
California, 01- Asst. anat. Summer Sch, Chi- 
cago, 97; asst, Hopkins Med. Commission to 
Philippines, 99 ; acting asst. surgeon. Marine 
Hosp. Service, San Francisco, 01 ; ed, ' Am. 
Jour. Anat.' Ass. Anat. (v. pres, 04-05) ; 
Wash. Yellow Fever Inst; Manila Med. Soc. 
Suprarenal bodies; submaxillary gland; devel- 
opment of the blood vessels in organs; hyper- 
trophy of the intestine; form of joint cavities; 
development of the bronchial tree and lobules of 
the lung. 

Flowers, Prof. Rob(er)t L(ee), Trinity Park, Dur- 
ham, N. C. Mathematics. York Collegiate In- 
stitute, N. C, Nov. 6, 70. Grad, U. S. Naval 
Acad, 91; A.M, Trinity (N. C). Instr. math, 
Trinity (N. C), 91-92, asst. prof, 92-93, prof, 
93- Math. Soc. 

Focke, Prof. Theo(dore) M(oses), 57 Cornell St, 
Cleveland, O. Mathematical physics. Massil- 
lon, O, Jan. 3, 71. B.S, Case, 92; Ph.D, Gottin- 
gen, 98. Instr. math, Case, 92-93; physics, 
Oberlin, 93-96; math, Case, 98-02, asst. prof, 
02- F.A.A. Heat conductivity. Coefficient of 
expansion; alloys of nickel and cast iron; heat 
conductivity of lire bricks. 

Focke, Mrs. Theo. M. (Anne Bosworth), 57 
Cornell St, Cleveland, O. Mathematics. Woon- 
socket, R. I, Sept. 29, 68. B.S, Wellesley, 
90; Chicago, summers, 94, 96; Ph.D, Gottin- 
gen, 99. First asst, High Sch, Amesbury, Mass, 
90-92; prof, math, R. I. Col. Agr. and Mech. 
Arts, 92-00. Math. Soc. Non-Euclidean geom- 

Foerste, Dr. Aug(ust) F(rederick), 1017 Grand 
Ave, Dayton, O. Geology. Dayton, May 7, 62. 
A.B, Denison, 87; A.M, Harvard, 88, Ph.D, 90; 
Heidelberg and Paris, 90-92. Teacher physics, 
Steele High Sch, Dayton, 93- Asst. geologist, 
Ky. Geol. Surv, 04- Geol. Soc. Morphology 
of phanerogams; relations between flowers and 
insects; Silurian geology. Silurian strata of 

Fogel, Dr. Philip H(oward), Princeton University, 
Princeton, N. J. Philosophy. Fogelsville, Pa, 
Aug. 14, 80. A.B, Ursinus, 01; A.M, Prince- 
ton, 02, Ph.D, 04. Instr. logic and psychol, 
Princeton, Olf- Philos. Ass. Metaphysical 
elements in sociology. The nature of the ap- 
preciative, as contrasted with the descriptive, 

Foley, Prof. Arthur L(ee), Bloomington, Ind. 
*Physics. Hancock Co, Ind, Feb. 22, 67. Cen- 
tral Nor. Col, 82-84; Hayward, 86-87; A.B, 
Indiana, 90, A.M, 91; Chicago, 94; fellow, Cor- 
nell, 96-97, Ph.D, 97. Teacher, pub. schools, 
84-86, 87-88; instr. physics, Indiana, 90-91, 
assoc. prof, 91-97, prof, 91- F.A.A; Physical 
Soc; fel. Ind. Acad; Ind. Sci. Teachers' Ass. 
Surface tension ; arc spectra ; diamond glass 
fluorescence; electrolytic phenomena; action of 
ultraviolet light and other radiation upon the 
action of the coherer; the Edison effect; abso- 
lute dilatation of mercury; the use of nickel 
in the core of the Marconi detector; electro- 
magnetic induction in various conductors and 
electrolytes; refraction and diffraction by a 
stream of gas and by an electric discharge ; 
magnetic alloys. The effect of dragging a con- 
ductor lengthwise through a magnetic field of 

Folin, Dr. Otto, 16 Avon St, Cambridge, Mass. 
Physiological chemistry. Asheda, Sweden, April 
4, 67. B.S, Minnesota, 92; Ph.D, Chicago, 96; 
Upsala, Berlin and Marburg, 97-98. Commer- 
cial chemist, Chicago, 99; asst. prof, chem, West 
Virginia, 99-00; research chemist, McLean 



Hosp, Waverly, Mass, 00- Chem. Soc; Physiol. 
Soc; Soc. Exp. Biol, and Med; Boston Soc. 
Med. Sci; Chem. Gesell. Technique of urine 
analysis; laws governing the chemical compo- 
sition of urine; metabolism in the insane; pre- 
ponderance of acid or of basic inorganic con- 
stituents in urine. Protein metabolism. 

Folsom, Dr. Charles F(ollen), 15 Marlborough St, 
Boston, Mass. Medicine, Mental diseases. 
Haverhill, Mass, April 3, 42. A.M, Harvard, 
65, M.D, 70; Vienna and Berlin, 73-74; 
Munich, 79. Lecturer hygiene and pub. health, 
Harvard Med. Sch, 77-82, asst. prof, mental 
diseases and head of dept, 79-88. Sec'y, Mass. 
State Board of Health; mem. Nat. Board of 
Health; visiting physician, Boston City Hosp; 
overseer, Harvard; mem. Commission Boston 
Metropolitan Sewerage. Soc. Nat; hon. mem. 
Am. Physicians; Am. Acad; Boston Soc. Med. 
Sci; Boston Soc. Med. Improv. Public health; 
insanity; medicine. 

Folsom, Dr. Justus W(atson), Champaign, Ills. 
Entomology. Cambridge, Mass, Sept. 2, 71. 
B.S, Harvard, 95, Sc.D, 99. Prof. nat. science, 
Antioch, 99-00; instr. entom, Illinois, 00- Lab. 
asst. bot. and zool, Harvard. M.A.A; Soc. 
Zool ; Nat. Cent. States ; Boston Soc. Nat. Hist ; 
Cambridge Entom. Club (pres, 00). Anatomy, 
physiology and embryology of insects; sys- 
tematic entomology; Collembola and Thysanura. 
-Collembola and Thysanura of North America ; 
morphology of the insectean thorax. 

Folwell, Prof. A(mory) Prescott, 10 Chestnut Ter- 
race, Easton, Pa. Civil engineering. Rondout, 
N. Y, Jan. 15, 65. A.B, Brown, 85; Mass. Inst. 
Tech, 88. Practising civil engineer, 88-97 ; 
instr.' civil eng, Lafayette, 97-99, assoc. prof. 
munic. eng, 99-04, prof, 04~ Civil Eng; Soc. 
Munic. Improv. (pres, 04-05) ; Acad. Polit. and 
Social Sci; New Eng. Water Works Ass. 
Sewer design and construction; municipal 
sanitation; flow of water in pipes, tubes and 
jets. Law of flow of water from orifices and 
standard tubes. 

Fontaine, Prof. W(illia)m M(orris), University 
Station, Charlottesville, Va. *Paleobotany. 
Louisa Co, Va, Dec. 1, 35. Virginia, 56-59, 
A.M, 59; Royal Mining Sch, Freiberg, 69-70. 
Prof. nat. hist, and chem, West Virginia, 73-79 ; 
nat. hist, and geol, Virginia, 19- Geol. Soc. 
General geology; mineralogy; fossil botany. 

/Foot, Miss Katharine, 80 Madison Ave, New York, 
N. Y. "Zoology. Geneva, N. Y, Oct. 14, 52. 
Private schools. Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool. Cytol- 
ogy. Maturation and fertilization of the egg 
of Allolobophora fetida. 

Foote, Dr. H(arry) W(ard), Sheffield Chemical 
Laboratory, New Haven. Conn. Chemistry. 
Guilford, Conn, March 21, 75. Ph.B, Yale, 
95, Ph.D, 98; Leipzig, 99-00. Asst. prof, chem, 
Yale, 04- Inorganic and physical chemistry; 

Forbes, Dr. Charles S(avage), 133 E. 29th St, New 
York, N. Y. Mathematics. Warren, Mass, 

July 8, 79. A.B, Columbia, and diploma, 
Teachers Col, 01, A.M, 03, Ph.D, 04. Asst. 
math, Columbia, 01-04; statistician, Casualty 
Co. of Am, OJ/- Reader, Col. Entrance Exam. 
Board, 03-04. M.A.A; Math. Soc. Geometry 
of circles orthogonal to a given sphere. 

Forbes, Prof. R(obert) H(umphrey), Tucson, Ariz. 
Agricultural chemistry. Cobden, Ills, May 15, 
67. B.S, Illinois, 92; Harvard, 93-94; "M.S, 
Illinois, 96. Prof, chem, Arizona; director 
and chemist, Ariz. Agr. Exp. Sta, 9k~ M.A.A. 
Alkali; arid soils; proximate composition of 
plants. Date culture; sugar-beet culture; irri- 
gating waters. 

Forbes, Prof. W(illiam) S(mith), 901 Pine St, 
Philadelphia, Pa. Anatomy. Falmouth, Va, 
Feb. 10, 31. Virginia; Pennsylvania; Jefferson 
Med. Col. Prof, anat, Jefferson Med. Col, and 
clin. surgeon, Jefferson Col. Hosp, 86- Ass. 
Anat; Phila. Col. Physicians. Human and 
comparative anatomy; stone in the bladder. 

Forbush, E(dward) H(owe), Wareham, Mass. 
Ornithology. Quincy, Mass, April 24, 58. 
Willow Park Sem; Hinman Commercial Col. 
Cvirator, v. pres, pres. and managing director, 
Worcester Nat. Hist. Soc, 80-91 ; field director, 
Mass. State Board Agr, 91-00, ornithologist, 
9Jf- Mem. Ornith. Union ; Worcester Nat. Hist. 
Soc. Economic entomology and ornithology. 

Forchheimer, Dr. F(rederick), 2428 Auburn Ave, 
Cincinnati, O. Medicine. Cincinnati, Sept. 25, 
53. M.D, Columbia, 73; Wurzburg and Stras- 
burg, 73-75. Instr. histol, Med. Col. of Ohio, 
Cincinnati, 75-79, prof, diseases of children and 
practise of med, 19- Am. Physicians; Pediat. 
Soc; Wash. Acad. Non-surgical diseases of the 
mouth in children; chlorosis; toxicity of urine. 
Metabolism in disease. 

Ford, W(alter) B(urton), Williamstown, Mass. 
Mathematics. Oneonta, N. Y, May 18, 74. 
A.B, Harvard, 97, A.M, 98. Instr. math, Al- 
bany Acad, 00-01; Michigan, 01-03; Williams, 
04~ Math. Soc. The convergence of the series 
developments of mathematical physics; the 
analytic extension of functions of a complex 

Ford, Dr. William Ebenezer, Jr, 16 Lynwood Place, 
New Haven, Conn. Mineralogy. Westville, 
Conn, Feb. 18, 78. Ph.B, Yale, 99, Ph.D, 03. 
Asst. miner, Yale, 00-03, instr, OS- Chemical 
composition and crystallography of minerals. 

Ford, Dr. W(illiam) W(ebber), 1134 Cathedral 
St, Baltimore, Md. Bacteriology, Hygiene. 
Norwalk, O, Dec. 15, 71. A.B, Western Re- 
serve, 93; M.D, Hopkins, 98; D.P.H, McGill, 00, 
fellow, McGill, 99-01; research fellow, Rocke- 
feller Inst, for Med. Research, 01-03. Imtr. 
bacter, Med. Sch, Hopkins, 03- Soc. Bact; Ass. 
Path, and Bact; Pub. Health Ass. Diseases of 
the liver; intestinal bacteria; agglutinations; 
classification of intestinal bacteria. Toxins and 

Fortier, Director S(amuel), 2628 Benvenue Ave, 
Berkeley, Cal. Irrigation engineering. Leeds, 



Que, April 24, 55. B.A.S, McGill, 85, M.E, 96. 
Asst. and chief engineer, Colo, and Utah, 86-93 ; 
prof, civil eng, Utah Agr. Col, 93-98; director, 
Mont. Exp. Sta, 99-04. Consulting engineer, 
93-05; res. hydrographer, U. S. Geol. Surv, 
95-02; agent and expert irrig. investigations, 
U. S. Dept. Agr, 99-03, agent and expert in 
charge, Pacific Div. Irrig. Investigations, 03- 
05. Grooski medal, Can. Civil Eng, 96. Soc. 
Irrig. Eng. (director, 92) ; Mont. Soc. Eng; 
Can. Civil Eng. Seepage and return waters in 
irrigation; carrying capacities of canals. 
Evaporation from soils; relation between soil 
moisture and crop yield; duty of water in 

Foster, Dr. William, Princeton, N. J. Chem- 
istry. Hartford, Ky, May 15, 69. A.B, Hart- 
ford, 92; A.M, Princeton, 96, Ph.D, 99. Prof, 
science, Hartford, 93-95; asst. chem, Princeton, 
96-98; prof, Central Univ. of Ky, 99-00; instr, 
Princeton, 00-05, asst. prof, 05- Chem. Soc. 
The conductivity of electrolytes; the specific 
gravity of solutions; new compounds of arsenic. 

Foulk, Prof. C(harles) W(illiam), Ohio State Uni- 
versity, Columbus, O. Chemistry. Warren, O, 
April 26, 69. A.B, Ohio State, 94 ; Leipzig, 00- 
01. Asst. to chemist, Ohio Board of Agr, 94, 
97; asst. chem, Ohio State, 98, asst. prof, 99-02, 
assoc. prof, 02- M.A.A; Chem. Soc. An- 
alytical chemistry; influence of excess of re- 
agent in the precipitation of barium sulphate. 

Fowke, Gerard, St. Louis, Mo. Archeology, Geol- 
ogy. Near Maysville, Ky, June 25, 55. Asst. 
ethnologist, Bur. Am. Etlinol. (at intervals), 
84-04; with Mo. Hist. Soc, 05- With Jesup 
North Pacific Exped, Am. Mus. Nat. Hist, 
98. Mound-builders remains; aboriginal work 
in stone; preglacial geology of southwestern 

Fowle, Frederick Eugene, Jr, 1925 Fourth St, N. 
W, Washington, D. C. Astrophysics. Arling- 
ton, Mass, Nov. 20, 69. B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 
94. Asst, Harvard Col. Observatory, 87-94; 
Astrophys. Observatory, Smithsonian Inst, 94~ 
Lecturer, Columbian. Astron. and Astrophys. 
Soc; Wash. Philos. Soc. Bolometric research. 
Atmospheric absorption. 

Fowler, Prof. James, 121 Union St, Kingston, Can. 
Botany. Bartibog, N. B, July 16, 29. Hali- 
fax, 50; A.M, New Brunswick, 72. Lecturer 
nat. science, Queen's (Can.), 80-91, prof, 91-92, 
bot. and geol, 92-94, lot, 9J t - LL.D, New 
Brunswick, 00. Fel. Can. Royal Soc. Botany; 
zoology; geology. 

Fox, Dr. L. Webster, 1304 Walnut St, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. Ophthalmology . Hummelstown, 
Pa, March 19, 53. Pa. State Nor. Sch, 
72-75. Asst. ophthalmologist, Jefferson Med. 
Col, Phila, 82-85; ophthal. surgeon, German- 
town Hosp, 83-93 ; prof, ophthal, Medico-Chirurg. 
Col, Phila, 93- Hon. A.M, Lafayette. Soc. 
Nat; Am. Med. Ass; Phila. Co. Med. Soc. 
Assymetry of the face in relation to its effect 
upon anisometropia; diseases of the eye. 

Fox, Prof. William, 555 E. 86th St, New York, 
N. Y. Mathematical physics. Horowitz, Bo- 
hemia, Sept. 18, 64. B.S, Col. City of N. Y, 
84; M.E, Stevens, 86. Instr, Workingmen's 
Sch, N. Y, 86-87; mech. drawing, Col. City of 
N. Y, 87-92, applied math, 92-97, asst. prof, 
physics, 97- Lecturer, N. Y. Optical Soc. 
M.A.A; Physical Soc; Mech. Eng. Graphics as 
applied to practical calculation. 

Fox, W(illia)m J(oseph), Academy of Natural 
Sciences, Philadelphia, Pa. Entomology. 
Philadelphia, Nov. 21, 72. Pub. schools. Asst. 
librarian, Acad. Nat. Sciences, Phila, 88- 
Entom. Soc; N. Y. Entom. Soc; Phila. Acad. 
The fossorial Hymenoptera; bibliography of 
natural history. 

Fracker, Prof. G(eorge) Cutler, Coe College, Cedar 
Rapids, la. Psychology, Philosophy. Iowa 
City, la, Sept. 27, 67. Ph.B, Iowa, 94, B.D, 
95, A.M, 00. Principal, Jefferson Township 
High Sch, 94-96; Grammar Sch, Iowa City, 
96-00; prof, philos, Coe, 00- Asst. psycho!, 
Columbia, 04-05. F.A.A; Psychol. Ass; West. 
Philos. Ass; Iowa Soc. for Child Study (sec'y, 
99-03). Effects of practise in reaction and dis- 
crimination for sound upon the time of reaction 
and discrimination for other forms of stimuli. 
The perception of space; effects of practise. 

Francis, Prof. Cha(rle)s Kenworthy, Converse 
College, Spartanburg, S. C. Chemistry. Ches- 
ter, Pa. Ph.B, Brown, 99, A.M, 04. Chem- 
ist to Dr. H. Froehling, Richmond, Va, 92-96; 
instr. chem, Brown, 98-99; adj. prof, Ga. Sch. 
Tech, 99-01, junior prof, 01-03; prof, Converse, 
03- M.A.A; Chem. Soc; S. Educ. Ass. Dye 
stuffs; sulphuric acid. Cement. 

Frankenfield, Prof. H(arry) C(rawford), U. S. 
Weather Bureau, Washington, D. C. Meteor- 
ology. Easton, Pa, Nov. 24, 62. A.B, Lafay- 
ette, 81, A.M, 84; M.D, Howard, 86. Observer, 
U. S. Weather Bur, 82-91, forecaster, 91-04, 
prof, meteorol, 04- Nat. Geog. Soc. Storms 
and storm types; floods in rivers. The syste- 
matic forecasting of flood stages in the rivers 
of the United States; improvements in weather 

Frankforter, Prof. George B(ell), University of 
Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. *Chemistry. 
Potter, O, April 22, 60. A.B, Nebraska, 86, A.M, 
88; Ph.D. Berlin, 93. Instr. chem, Nebraska, 
85-87; High Sch, Lincoln, 87-88; prof, Ne- 
braska, 93-94; dean and director, Sch. of Chem, 
Minnesota, .94- U. S. Mint Commissioner, 01. 
F.A.A; Chem. Soc; Electrochem. Soc; Soc. 
Chem. Indust; Eng. Educ; Chem. Gesell; Elec- 
trochem. Gesell. Alkaloids, narcotin, narcein, 
veratrin, and isopyroin ; vegetable oils ; the ter- 
pens, including camphor and crude pitch ; euge- 
nol. Formaldehyde; veratrin; eugenol; the 
pitch of the northern pine. 

Frankland, F(rederick) W(illiam), ' Okataina,' 
Foxton, N. Z. Mathematics, Metaphysics, 
Biblical criticism. Manchester, England, April 
18, 54. London, 69-72. Govt, actuary, N. Z, 
78-90; registrar, Friendly Societies, N. Z, 84- 



85; govt, insurance commissioner, N. Z, 89-90; 
assoc. actuary, N. Y. Life Ins. Co, 93-02. Dele- 
gate from New Zealand to Int. Cong. Hygiene 
and Demog, London, 91. M.A.A; Math. Soc; 
Econ. Ass; Actuarial Soc; Acad. Polit. and 
Social Sci; Gt. Britain and Ireland Inst, of 
Actuaries; Royal Statist. Soc. Single elliptic 
space; discrete manifolds; epistemology; theol- 
ogy of American communistic societies; the 
relation of pangeometry to the ultimate con- 
stitution of matter and ether; logical affiliation 
of continuous geometry to tactic; epistemolog- 
ical aspect of time. Christian origins; the 
synoptic problem; supernormal element in 

Franklin, Mrs. Christine Ladd, Johns Hopkins 
University, Baltimore, Md. *Psychology, Logic. 
Windsor, Conn, Dec. 1, 47. A.B, Vassar, 69, 
Hopkins, 78-82; Gottingen, 91-92; Berlin, 92, 
94, 01. Assoc, ed, 'Diet. Philos. and Psychol'; 
lecturer, Hopkins, 0k~ LL.D, Vassar, 87. 
F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Psychol. Ass; Philos. Ass. 
Psychology. Logic; color vision. 

Franklin, Prof. E(dward) C(urtis), Stanford Uni- 
versity, Cal. * Chemistry. Geary City, Kas, 
March 1, 62. B.S, Kansas, 88, M.S, 90; Ber- 
lin, 90-91; Ph.D, Hopkins, 94. Asst. chem, 
Kansas, 89-94, assoc. prof, 94-99, prof, physical 
chem, 99-03; assoc. prof. org. chem, Stanford, 
03- Chemist, sugar plantations, Donaldsonville, 
La; gold mine, Miramar, Costa Rica, 97. F.A.A; 
Chem. Soc; Kas. Acad; Chem. Gesell. Liquid 
ammonia as an electrolytic solvent. 

Franklin, Dr. Fabian, 220 W. Monument St, Balti- 
more, Md. *Mathematics. Eger, Hungary, 
Jan. 18, 53. Ph.B, Columbian, 69; fellow, 
Hopkins, 77-79, Ph.D, 80. Assoc, later assoc. 
prof, and prof, math, Hopkins, 79-95 ; ed, ' Bal- 
timore Neios,' 95- LL.D, Columbian, 04. 
Math. Soc; assoc. fel. Am. Acad. Geometry; 

Franklin, Prof. W(illiam) S(uddards), South 
Bethlehem, Pa. *Physics. Geary City, Kas, 
Oct. 27, 63. B.S, Kansas, 87, M.S, 88; Sc.D, 
Cornell, 01. Asst. prof, physics, Kansas, 87- 
90; prof, physics and elec. eng, Icwa State, 92- 
97; Lehigh, 97-03, physics, 03- Mem. Jury of 
Awards, Nat. Export Expos, Phila; Pan-Am. 
Expos, 01. F.A.A. (sec'y, B, 98, v. pres, 02); 
Physical Soc; Astron. and Astrophys. Soc; 
hon. mem. Kas. Acad. Elementary physics; 
alternating currents; motion of the ether near 
moving bodies; Poynting's theorem. 

Franz, Dr. S(hepherd) I(vory), Waverley, Mass. 
* Physiology, Psychology. Jersey City, N. J, 
May 27, 74. A.B, Columbia, 94, fellow, 95-97; 
Leipzig, 96; Ph.D, Columbia, 99. Asst. 
psychol, Columbia, 97-99; physiol, Harvard 
Med. Sch, 99-01 ; instr. physiol. and med. phys- 
ics, Med. Sch, Dartmouth, 01-04; pathological 
physiologist, McLean Hosp. for Insane, 0^- 
Research asst, Carnegie Inst. Soc. Nat; 
Physiol. Soc; Psychol. Ass. Vision; fatigue; 
brain localization; sensory and motor condi- 
tions in insane; aphasia. Functions of the 

cerebrum in mammals; physiological and psy- 
chological conditions in insanity. 

Fraps, Dr. G(eorge) S(tronach), College Station, 
Tex. Chemistry. Raleigh, N. C, Sept. 9, 76. 
B.S, N. C. Agr. and Mech. Col, 96; fellow, Hop- 
kins, 98-99, Ph.D, 99. Asst. chem, N. C. Agr. 
and Mech. Col, 95-96, asst. prof, 99-03, asst. 
chemist, N. C. Exp. Sta, 99-03; Tex. Exp. Sta, 
03-04, assoc. chemist, 04-05, acting chemist, 
05-, assoc. prof, chem, Tex. Agr. and Mech. Col, 
04-05, acting prof, 05- M.A.A; Chem. Soc; 
Ass. Off. Agr. Chemists; Chem. Gesell. Agri- 
cultural chemistry. Nitrification. 

Frazer, Dr. J(oseph) C(hristie) W(hitney), 1217 
Madison Ave, Baltimore, Md. Chemistry. 
Lexington, Kv, Oct. 30, 75. B.S, Ky. State, 97, 
M.S, 98; Ph.D, Hopkins, 01. Asst. chem, Ky. 
State, 97-98; asst, Chem. Dept, Ky. Agr. Exp. 
Sta, 98 ; asst. chem, Hopkins, 02- Carnegie 
research asst. Osmotic pressure. 

Frazer, Dr. Persifor, 928 Spruce St, Philadelphia, 
Pa. Geology, Chemistry. Philadelphia, July 
24, 44. A.B, Pennsylvania, 62, A.M, 65; Chem. 
Lab, Booth and Garrett, 65-66; Bergakad, Frei- 
berg, 66-69; Nat. Sc.D, Lille, 82. Asst, U. S. 
Geol. Surv. (Hayden), 69-70; instr. chem, 
Pennsylvania, 70-71, asst. prof, 71-72, prof. 
72-74; asst, Second Pa. Geol. Surv, 74-82; prof. 
chem, Franklin Inst, 82-94; hort. chem, Pa. 
Hort. Soc, 89- Co-editor, 'Am. Geologist.' 
Officier de l'lnstruction Pub, 90. Int. Geol. 
Cong, (sec'y, Am. Committee, 85-89, v. pres, 
London, 88, St. Petersburg, 97). F.A.A. (repre- 
sentative, Can. Royal Soc. Inaug, 85) ; Geol. 
Soc; Min. Eng. (v. pres, 83) ; Philos. Soc. 
(sec'y, 95-98) ; Pa. Hort. and Hist. Societies; 
Franklin Inst, (assoc. ed, 'Jour,' 82-84); cor. 
N. Y. Acad; Soc. Cient. Ant. Alz; British Ass; 
Soc. Geol. du Nord; cor. Vienna Reichsanstalt ; 
hon. mem Soc. Beige de Geol. Change of the 
moon's color at sunset; classification of coals; 
eruptive and crystalline rocks; characteristic 
tremors of the hand in writing; physical anal- 
ysis by color prisms; effect of combustion 
products on vegetation. 

Frear, Prof. William, State College, Pa. *Agri- 
cultural chemistry. Reading, Pa, March 24, 
60. A.B, Bucknell, 81; Harvard; Ph.D, 
Ills. Wesleyan, 83. Asst. nat. science, Buck- 
nell, 81-83; asst. chemist, U. S. Dept. Agr, 83- 
85 ; asst. prof. agr. chem. Pa. State, 85-86, prof, 
86-; v. director and chemist, Pa. State Col. 
Exp. Sta, 87-; chemist, Pa. State Board of Agr, 
88- In charge chem. work, State Fertilizer 
Control, 88-; chemist, Dept. Agr. Pa, 95-96; 
chemist to state dairy and food commissioner, 
95-; chemist, State Cattle Food Control, 02-; 
special agent, U. S. Dept. Agr, 01. F.A.A; 
Chem. Soc; Ass. Off. Agr. Chemists (pres, 97, 
chairman, Committee on Food Standards) ; 
Soc. Prom. Agr. Sci. (sec'y, 93-95, pres, 03-04) ; 
Ass. Agr. Col. (v. pres.) ; Chem. Gesell. Com- 
position of cattle foods, soils and fertilizers; 
composition of vinegar; culture of tobacco; fer- 
tilizer effects of lime; digestibility of cattle 



foods. Shade culture of Sumatran tobacco; 
proximate composition of forage plants. 

Freeborn, Dr. G(eorge) C(ornell), 200 W. 56th 
St, New York, N. Y. Histology, Pathology. 
New York, Dec. 10, 49. Sch. of Mines, Colum- 
bia, 66-08, M.D, Columbia, 73. Asst. nor. his- 
tol, Columbia, 84-86, instr, 87-02; pathologist, 
Woman's Hosp, New York, 02- M.A.A; Ass. 
Path, and Bact; N. Y. Path. Soc. (ed, ' Proc,' 
89-91. Pathology of female generative organs; 
normal histology; pathology of nervous system. 

Freedman, Prof. W(illiam) H(oratio), University 
of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. Electrical engineer- 
ing, Physics. New York, N. Y, Dec. 28, 67. Col. 
City of N. Y, 82; C.E, Columbia, 89, 
E.E, 91, John Tyndall fellow, 91-92. Tutor 
elec. eng, Columbia, 92-95, mech, 95-98, elec. 
eng, 98-99 ; prof, Vermont, 99- Asst. surv. 
and geod, Columbia, summers, 90-92 ; assoc. ed, 
'Electric Power,' 95-96; consulting elec. engi- 
neer, 99- F.A.A; Elec. Eng; Electrochem. 
Soc; Eng. Educ. The electric arc and the en- 
closed arc lamp. Hysteresis and Eddy current 
losses in iron; leakage from rails to under- 
ground conductors in trolley circuits. 

Freeman, Prof. E(dward) M(onroe), 220 Church 
St, S. E, Minneapolis, Minn. Botany. St. 
Paul, Minn, Feb. 12, 75. B.S, Minnesota, 98, 
M.S, 99; Cambridge, 01-02; Ph.D, Minnesota, 
05. Instr, Col. Pharmacy, Minnesota, 98-01, 
Dept. Bot, 02-03, asst. prof, hot, 03- Mycol. 
Soc; Minn. Bot. Soc. Mycological botany; life 
history of fungus of Lolium temulentum; bio- 
logical species of rusts. Fungus of Lolium 
temulentum ; rusts and wood-destroying agarics. 

Freeman, Dr. John R(ipley), 235 Arlington Ave, 
Providence, P. I. Hydraulic engineering. West 
Bridgeton, Me, July 27, 55. B.S, Mass. Inst. 
Tech, 76. Principal asst. engineer, Water 
Power Co, Lawrence, Mass, 77-80; principal 
asst. to Mr. Hiram F. Mills, consulting hy- 
draulic engineer, 80-86; consulting engineer, 
86- Chief engineer and supt. inspection, Ass. 
Factory Mutual Ins. Companies, 87-96; engi- 
neer mem, Mass. Metropolitan Water Board, 
95-96; pres. and treas, Manufacturers' Mutual 
Ins. Co, 96-; consulting engineer, N. Y. Water 
Supply, 00-; consulting engineer, various mfg. 
concerns; lecturer and mem. corporation, Mass. 
Inst. Tech, visitor, Eng. and Archit. Depart- 
ments. Norman gold medal, Civil Eng, twice; 
hon. Sc.D, Brown, 04; Tufts, 05. Civil Eng. 
(v. pres, 02) ; Mech. Eng. (pres, 04-05) ; New 
Eng. Water Works Ass; Boston Soc. Civil Eng. 
(pres, 94). Experimental hydraulics; fire pro- 
tection; development of water power; munici- 
pal water supply. Flow of water in pipes and 
pipe fittings; effect of damming tidal estuary 
of Charles River at Boston on health of com- 
munity and on shoaling of harbor; fire protec- 
tion of theatres. 

Freeman, Dr. R(owland) G(odfrey), 205 W. 57th 
St, New York, N. Y. Pediatrics, Bacteriology. 
New York, June 11, 59. A.B, Columbia, 83, 
M.D, 86. Clin, lecturer pediat, Univ. and Bel- 

levue Hosp. Med. Col, 01- Visiting phy- 
sician, N. Y. Foundling Hosp; Nursery and 
Child Hosp; Seaside Hosp. of St. John's Guild. 
Soc. Bact; Pediat. Soc; Pub. Health Ass; N. Y. 
Acad. Med; N. Y. Path. Soc; N. Y. Co. Med. 
Ass. Pediatrics; bacteriology of milk; dairy 

Freer, Dr. Paul C, Government Laboratories, 
Manila, P. I. *Chemistry. Chicago, Ills, 
March 27, 62. M.D, Rush Med. Col, 83; Ph.D, 
Munich. 87. Asst. chem, Owens Col, England, 
87; Tufts, 87-S8, instr, 88-89; lecturer, Michi- 
gan, 89-90, prof, 90-04; supt. Govt. Laborato- 
ries and mem. P. I. Board of Health, Manila, 01- 
F.A.A. (sec'y, C, 97); Chem. Soc; Nat. Educ. 
Ass. (pres, Sci. Sect.) ; Chem. Gesell. Action 
of sodium on ketones and aldehydes; closed car- 
bon chains; phenyl hydrazones; tetrinie acid; 
esterification of halogen substituted fatty 
acids; formamid; organic peroxids, their germ- 
icidal action, etc; reduction of nitric acid. Or- 
ganic peroxids; tetramethylene ; gutta-percha; 
Philippine gums and resins. 

French, Prof. A(rthur) W(iUard), 202 Russell St, 

Worcester, Mass. Civil engineering. Battle 
Creek, Mich, July 13, 68. C.E, Dartmouth, 92. 
Practising engineer, 92-95; asst. prof, civil 
eng, Thayer Sch. Civil Eng, Dartmouth, 95-98; 
prof, Worcester, 99- Civil Eng; Eng. Educ. 
Properties of structural materials. 

French, Prof. F(erdinand) C(ourtney), Univer- 
sity of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebr. Philosophy. 
Berkeley, Mass, Dec. 14, 61. A.B, Brown, 85; 
Berlin and Strasburg, 88-90; Brown, 90-91; 
Ph.D, Cornell, 92. Principal, High Sch, West- 
minster, Mass, 85-86; Johnston, R. I, 86-88; 
instr. math, and psychol. Brown, 90-91 ; prof, 
philos, Colgate, 92-94; Vassar, 94-01; lecturer 
philos. of religion, Colgate, 02-03; prof, philos, 
Nebraska, 03- Philos. Ass; Psychol. Ass; 
West. Philos. Ass. Ethics; philosophy of re- 
ligion. Relation of recent tendencies in the 
mental and moral sciences to religion. 

French, Prof. G(eorge) H(azen), Carbondale, Ills. 
Botany, Entomology. Tullv, N. Y, March 19, 
41. A.M. Ills. Agr. Col, 73. Chemist, Ills. 
Agr. Col, 68-77; asst. state entomologist, Ills, 
77-78; prof, physiol. and plant path, S. Ills. 
Nor. Vniv, 78- Entom. Soc; Ass. Econ. Entom; 
Phila. Acad; St. Louis Acad; N. Y. Entom. Soc; 
S. Ills. Med. Ass; Canadian, French and Bel- 
gian Entom. Societies; hon. mem. Liibeck Soc. 
Nat. Sci. Entomology; epilepsy. Epilepsy. 

French, Dr. John S(haw), Jacob Tome Institute, 
Port Deposit, Md. Mathematics. North 
Fayette, Me, July 3, 73. A.B, Bowdoin, 95; 
fellow, Clark, 96-98, Ph.D, 98. Prof, math, 
Jacob Tome Inst, 98- Assoc, examiner math, 
Col. Entrance Exam. Board. Math. Soc. The 
pertingents to a plane curve; the general class 
of a plane curve. The singularities of a plane 

French, Rev. Thomas, Jr, 40 Brantford Place, 
Buffalo, N. Y. Physics, Mining engineering. 
Cincinnati, O, Jan. 15, 48. A.B, Harvard, 72; 



Ph.D, Heidelberg, 76. Asst. physics, Pennsyl- 
vania, 76-78; prof, physics and math, Urbana, 
76-83; physics, Cincinnati, 83-00; substitute 
prof, Amherst, 02-03; minister, New Jerusalem 
Church (Swedenborgian) , 05- Consulting city 
electrician, Cincinnati, 89 ; assoc. ed, ' Jour. 
Terrestrial Magnetism,' 99-00; manager, Santa 
Rita Mining Co, 01; lecturer, 03, 04. F.A.A; 
assoc. mem. Elec. Eng. Electric discharges 
through rarefied media; efficiency of different 
systems of electric illumination; comparative 
economy of illumination by gas and by elec- 
tricity. Science and religion. 
Frerichs, Dr. Frederick W, 3828 Westminster 
Place, St. Louis, Mo. Chemistry. Etzel, Ger- 
many, March 23, 49. Ph.D, Gottingen, 74. 
Instr. chem, Gottingen, 74-79; supt, Mallinc- 
krodt Chem. Works, St. Louis, 80-86; sec'y, 
treas. and manager, Herf and Frerichs Chem. 
Co, 86- Manager, Paint and Varnish Works 
of Hermann Frenkel, Leipzig; Merck and Co, 
St. Louis, 03-05 ; assoc. ed, ' Post Zeit. fur Chem. 
Grossgewerbe ' ; mem. Int. Jury of Awards, La. 
Purchase Expos, 04. Gold medal, La. Purchase 
Expos. Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; St. 
Louis Acad; St. Louis Chem. Soc. (pres, 03- 
06) ; Bunsen Gesell. Industrial chemistry; in- 
organic chemistry; laboratory apparatus. 

Friedburg, Prof. L(ouis) H(enry), 529 W. 147th St, 
New York, N. Y. Chemistry. Hamburg, Ger- 
many, Sept. 17, 46. Ph.D, Gottingen, 70. 
Asst. to Prof. Bunsen, Heidelberg, 70; Prof. 
Aug. Kekule, Bonn, 72; asst. to Prof. F. 
Woehler and Privat-Dozent, Gottingen, 73-74; 
instr. chem, Col. City of N. Y, 75- Asst. to 
Prof. C. F. Chandler, Columbia, 79; prof, chem, 
Manhattan, 80; Central Evening High Sch, 90- 
95; chem. and toxicol, Am. Vet. Col. and Flower 
Hosp. Med. Col, 92-97. Chem. Soc. Chemistry. 

Fries, Dr. Harold H, 92 Reade St, New York, 
N. Y. Chemistry. Cincinnati, O, Jan. 17, 66. 
Sch. of Mines, Columbia, 85; Ph.D, Berlin, 87. 
F.A.A; Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; British 
Ass; Chem. Verein. 

Frisby, Prof. Edgar, U. S. N. (retired) , 1607 31st St, 
N. W, W as M n gt n > D. C. "Mathematics, As- 
tronomy. ' Great Easton, England, May 22, 37. 
A.B, Toronto, 63, A.M, 64. Acting prof, math, 
Northwestern, 67-68; asst, U. S. Naval Ob- 
servatory, 68-78, prof, math, U. S. N, 78-99. 
In charge Solar Eclipse Exped. to Cal, 80. 
F.A.A. (v. pres, 94-95) ; Astron. and Astro- 
phys. Soc; Nat. Geog. Soc. Orbits of comets 
and. kindred subjects. 

Frizell, Jos(eph) P(almer), 75 Linden St, Dorches- 
ter District, Boston, Mass. Engineering. Bar- 
ford, Que, March 13, 32. Private instruction. 
Employed in a cotton mill, Manchester, N. H, 
52-54; asst, engineer's office, Manchester, 55- 
56; civil engineer, Lowell, Mass, 57-61, 66-67; 
construction of fortifications on Gulf Coast, 
61-65; practising and consulting engineer, 72- 
78, 83- Engineer, river and harbor improv, 
U. S. Eng. Dept, 67-72, 78-81; collaborator, 
' Johnson's Civil Eng. Cyclopedia.' Engineering. 

Frost, Prof. Edwin B(rant), Williams Bay, Wis. 
* Astrophysics, Astronomy. Brattleboro, Vt, 
July 14, 66. A.B, Dartmouth, 86; Princeton, 
87; A.M, Dartmouth, 89; Strasburg, 90-91. 
Instr, High Sch, Hancock, N. H, 86; physics 
and astron, Dartmouth, 87-90; volunteer 
and asst, Royal Observatory, Potsdam, Ger- 
many, 91-92; asst. prof, astron, Dartmouth, 
92-95, prof, 95-02 (non. res, 98-02); prof, 
astrophys. and astrophysicist, Yerkes Observa- 
tory, Chicago, 98-, director, 05- Asst. ed, 
' Astrophys. Jour,' 95-01, ed, 02- F.A.A. (sec'y, 
A, 96); Astron. and Astrophys. Soc; Astron. 
Gesell. Thermal radiation of the sun; sun- 
spots; stellar spectroscopy; stellar velocities in 
line of sight. Spectrographic determination of 
velocities of stars in line of sight; stellar 

Frost, Dr. G(ilman) D(uBois), Hanover, N. H. 
Anatomy, Obstetrics. Randolph, Vt, May 7, 
64. A.B, Dartmouth, 86, A.M, 89; M.D, Har- 
vard and Dartmouth, 92. Prof, anat, Med. Sch, 
Dartmouth, 93- Sec'y, Med. Sch, Dartmouth. 
Ass. Anat; N. H. Med. Soc. 

Frost, R(oyal) H(arwood), Harvard College Ob- 
servatory, Arequipa, Peru, S. A. Astronomy. 
Salem, Mass, Feb. 25, 79. Cambridge Manual 
Training Sch, 95-97. Asst, Harvard Col. Ob- 
servatory, 97-99, Arequipa Branch, Peru, 99- 
Astron. and Astrophys. Soc. 

Frost, Prof. W(illiam) D(odge), 310 Bruen St, 
Madison, Wis. Bacteriology. Lake City, Minn, 
Sept. 13, 67. B.S, Minnesota, 93, M.S, 94; 
Ph.D, Wisconsin, 03. Biologist, Minn. State 
Board of Health, 94-95; instr. bacter, Wiscon- 
sin, 95-02, asst. prof, 02- Lecturer bacter, 
Wis. Col. Physicians and Surg, 99-01. M.A.A; 
Soc. Bact; Pub. Health Ass. Physiological bot- 
any; laboratory technique; antagonism among 
bacteria. Effect of external conditions on bac- 

Frothingham, Dr. Langdon, Harvard Medical 
School, Boston, Mass. Pathology, Bacteriology. 
Boston, April 21, 66. M.D.V, Harvard, 89; 
Prague, 90; Dresden, 90, 94. Asst. bacter, 
Yale, 91-94; instr. comp. path, Vet. Sch, Har- 
vard, 95-00, asst. path, Med. Sch, 96-98, 
Austin teaching fellow bacter, 00- Ass. Path, 
and Bact; Vet. Med. Ass; Mass. Vet. Ass. 
(pres, 97-99); Boston Soc. Med. Sci. Tuber- 
culosis; glanders; lesion caused by blastomy- 
cetes. Cancer bodies in tumors of animals; 
rabies; glanders. 

Frye, Alexis E(verett), 1728 Massachusetts Ave, 
Cambridge, Mass. Geography. North Haven, 
Me, Nov. 2, 59. LL.B, Harvard, 90, A.M, 97. 
Method teacher, Chicago Nor. Sch, 83-86 ; supt. 
schools, San Bernardino, Cal, 91-93; first supt. 
schools, Cuba, 99-01. Silver medal, La. Pur- 
chase Expos, 04. Res. mem. New Eng. Hist. 
Geneal. Soc. Rational basis of geographic 

Frye, Prof. T(heodore) C Christian), University 
Station, Seattle, Wash. Botany. Washington, 
Ills, Sept. 15, 69. B.S, Illinois, 94; Ph.D, Chi- 



cago, 02. Asst. bot, Chicago, 00-02; prof. 
biol, Morningside, 02-03; bot, Washington 
{Seattle), 03- M.A.A; Iowa Acad. Morphol- 
ogy of the Asclepiadaceae and Casuarina. 
Microspore reduction in Cyperaceae. 

Fuertes, Louis Agassiz, Cornell Heights, Ithaca, N. 
Y. Ornithology. Ithaca, Feb. 7, 74. A.B, 
Cornell, 97. M.A.A; mem. Ornith. Union. Il- 
lustrator of various books, government reports 
and scientific publications. Ornithological il- 

Fuller, Dr. C(aleb) A(llen), 717 University Ave, 
Madison, Wis. Bacteriology, Hygiene. Provi- 
dence, R. I, June 13, 76. Ph.B, Brown, 99, 
A.M, 00, Ph.D, 03. Asst, Wis. State Hygienic 
Lab, 0k- M.A.A; Soc. Bact; Pub. Health Ass. 
Pollution of shell-fish by sewage; longevity of 
B. typhosus in water and sewage. 

Fuller, George W(arren), 309 W. 84th St, New 
York, N. Y. Sanitary science. Franklin, Mass, 
Dec. 21, 68. B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 90. Biolo- 
gist, Mass. State Board of Health, Lawrence 
Exp. Sta, 90-95 ; in charge pub. water puri- 
fication, Louisville and Cincinnati, 95-99; engi- 
neer and sanitary expert, N. Y. City, 99 
F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. Bact; Chem. Soc; Pub. 
Health Ass; Civil Eng; Am. Water Works Ass; 
Boston Soc. Arts. Methods of purifying water 
and sewage; application of biology, chemistry 
and engineering to sanitary aspects of water 
supply and sewage disposal. 

Fuller, Pres. Homer T(aylor), 1136 Benton Ave, 
Springfield, Mo. Psychology, Geology, Chem- 
istry. Lempster, N. H, Nov. 15, 38. A.B, 
Dartmouth, 64. A.M, 67; Andover Theol. Sem, 
67-68; Union Theol. Sem, 68-69; Ph.D, Dart- 
mouth, SO. Principal, Fredonia Acad, N. Y, 
64-67; instr. science, Kimball Union Acad, 68- 
69 ; pastor, Cong. Church, Peshtigo, Wis, 69-71 ; 
principal, St. Johnsbury Acad, Vt, 71-82; pres, 
Worcester, 82-94; Drury, 9$- D.D, Iowa 
(Grinnell), 98. F.A.A; Geol. Soc; Mech. Eng. 
Wind drift; origin of hydrous silicates; tech- 
nical education. 

Fuller, M(yron) L(eslie), U. S. Geological Survey, 
Washington, D. C. Geology, Hydrology. 
Brockton, Mass, April 19, 73. B.S, Mass. Inst. 
Tech, 96. Asst. geologist, Mich. Geol. Surv, 
97; asst. and instr. geol, Mass. Inst. Tech, 97- 
00; asst. geologist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 00-03, 
chief, East. Sect, Div. Hydrol, 03- Reviewer, 
miner, and geol. chem, ' Tech. Quarterly ' and 
' Rev. Am. Chem. Research,' 97-00 ; special 
agent, Paris Expos, 99-00. Walker prize, 
Boston Soc. Nat. Hist, 97, 05. F.A.A; Geol. 
Soc; Wash. Geol. Soc. Glacial geology; strati- 
graphic geology; oil and gas occurrence; de- 
tailed geologic surveying in Indiana, Illinois 
and New York. Direction of works on artesian 
wells of Eastern United States. 

Fullerton, Prof. George S(tuart), Columbia Uni- 
versity, New York, N. Y. * Philosophy. Fateh- 
garh, India, Aug. 18, 59. A.B, Pennsvlvania, 
79, A.M, 82; B.D, Yale, 83. Instr/ philos, 
Pennsylvania, 83-S5, adj. prof, 85-S7, prof, 87- 

03; Columbia, 03- Dean, Grad. Sch, Pennsyl- 
vania, 89-90, Col, 94-96, v. provost, 94-98. 
Hon. Ph.D, Muhlenberg, 92, LL.D, 00. Psychol. 
Ass. (pres, 95); Philos. Ass. Metaphysics. 
Fullmer, Prof. E(dward) L(awrence), Berea, O. 
Biology. Defiance, O, July 30, 70. B.S, Ohio 
State, 97, M.S, 98, fellow, 98-99. Lab. asst, 
Ohio State, 98-99; prof. nat. science, South 
Dakota, 99-03; Baldwin, 03- M.A.A; Ohio 
Acad. Cell division in pine seedlings; develop- 
ment of the microsporangia and microspores of 
Hemerocalis fulva. 

Fulmer, Prof. Elton, Pullman, Wash. Chemistry. 
Onondaga Hill, N. Y, Feb. 6, 64. B.S, Nebraska, 
87, A.M, 89. Instr. chem, Nebraska, 88-93; 
prof, Wash. Agr. Col, 93-; state chemist, Wash, 
99- Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust. Sugar- 
beets ; soils ; lard from cottonseed-meal fed hogs. 
Lard from cottonseed-meal fed hogs; effect 
of heat on cottonseed oil; the ripening of olive 
oil ; iodin in fats and oils. 

Fulton, Dr. Frank T(aylor), 169 Angell St, Provi- 
dence, R. I. Pathology, Medicine. Westmore- 
land Co, Pa, April 28, 67. B.S, Knox, 94; A.B, 
Hopkins, 95, M.D, 99. Path, interne, Boston 
City Hosp, 99-00; instr. path, and nor. histol, 
Brown, 00-; pathologist, R. I. Hosp, 00- Ass. 
Path, and Bact; fel. R. I. Med. Soc; Boston 
Soc. Med. Sci. Infections with the bacillus 
aerogenes capsulatus. Typhoid and related 
bacilli; bacillus of diphtheria and related ba- 

Fulton, Chancellor Robert B(urwell), University, 
Miss. Physics, Astronomy. Sumter Co, Ala, 
April 8, 49. A.B, Mississippi, 69, A.M, 74. 
Instr. physics, Mississippi, 71-73, adj. prof. 
physics and astron, 73-75, prof, 75-, chancel- 
lor, 92- LL.D, Nashville, 94; South Carolina, 
05. F.A.A; Acad. Polit. and Social Sci; Nat. 
Educ. Ass. (pres, Dept. Higher Educ, 98); S. 
Educ. Ass. (pres. 00, Dept. Higher Educ, 04, 
05) ; Nat. Ass. State Universities (pres, 96- 
02) ; London Soc. Arts. Foucault's pendulum; 
prehistoric remains in Mississippi; under- 
ground water in Mississippi. 

Fulton, Weston M(iller), 1202 W. Clinch St, 
Knoxville, Tenn. Meteorology. Hale Co, Ala, 
Aug. 3, 72. A.B, Mississippi, 92; M.S, Tennes- 
see, 01. Observer, U. S. Weather Bur, 93-; 
instr. meteorol, Tennessee, 98- M.A.A; Nat. 
Geog. Soc. Meteorological instruments and 
methods. Dielectric cohesion of vapors and 

Furness, Dr. C(aroline) E(llen), Vassar College, 
Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Astronomy. Cleveland, 
O, June 24, 69. A.B, Vassar, 91; Ph.D, Colum- 
bia, 00. Instr, High Sch, West Winsted, Conn, 
91-92; Columbus, O, 92-94; asst, Observatory, 
Vassar, 94-98, 99- F.A.A; Astron. and Astro- 
phys. Soc. Reduction of astronomical photo- 
graphs; telescopic observations of asteroids. 
Reduction of photographs near North Pole. 

Furness, Dr. W(illiam) H(enry), 3d, 1906 San- 
som St, Philadelphia, Pa. Ethnology. Wal- 
lingford, Pa, Aug. 18, 66. A.B, Harvard, 88; 



M.D, Pennsylvania, 91. Sec'y and curator, 
Free Mus. of Science and Arts, Pennsylvania, 
Olf- Anthrop. Ass; Folk-lore Soc; Philos. Soc; 
Oriental Soc; Royal Geog. Soc; Anthrop. Inst, 
of Gt. Britain and Ireland. Ethnology; geog- 
raphy; home life of Borneo head-hunters; folk- 
lore of Borneo; life in the Luchu Islands; the 
Veddahs of Ceylon. Manners and customs of 
the inhabitants of the Carolina Islands. 

Fussell, Dr. M(ilton) Howard, 189 Green Lane, 
Manayunk, Philadelphia, Pa. Medicine. Ches- 
ter Co, Pa, Nov. 24, 55. M.D, Pennsylvania, 84. 
Instr. clin. med, Pennsylvania, 96-02, lecturer, 
98, asst. prof, med, 02- Am. Physicians; Am. 
Med. Ass; Phila. Path. Soc; Phila. Col. Physi- 
cians. Tubercle bacilli in sputum; spontane- 
ous pneumothorax; acute leukemia. 


Gable, Prof. George D(aniel), 205 E. Burlington 
St, Fairfield, la. Mathematics. Cherryville, 
Pa, June 10, 63. A.B, Lafayette, 86, A.M, 89, 
Ph.D, 91. Instr. math, Lafayette, 87-95; prof, 
math, and sec'y of Faculty, Parsons, 95- On 
ed. corps, Dept. Etymol, ' Standard Diet,' 90-94. 
M.A.A; Math. Soc. 

Gaehr, Paul F(rederick), Ithaca, N. Y. Experi- 
mental physics. Thun, Switzerland, May 15, 
80. A.B, Cornell, 02, A.M, 05. Asst. physics, 
.Cornell, 01-03, instr, 03- Physical Soc. Pho- 
tometry, with principal reference to study of 
instruments and standards. 

Gage, Prof. S(imon) H(enry), 4 South Ave, 
Ithaca, N. Y. *Histology, Embryology. Mary- 
land, N. Y, May 20, 51. B.S, Cornell, 77. Asst. 
instr. vert, zool, Cornell, 78-81, asst. prof, 
81-89, assoc. prof, 89-96, prof, histol. and 
embryol, 96- Co-editor, ' Am. Jour, of Anat.' 
Int. Cong. Arts and Science, St. Louis, 04 
(chairman, Sect. Embryol.). F.A.A. (v. pres, 
85, 92, 99); Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool; Ass. Anat; 
Micros. Soc; assoc. Am. Med. Ass; Wash. Acad. 
Life histories of animals; histology; embryol- 
ogy. Comparative histology and embryology, 
especially of domestic animals and of some 
characteristic American forms. 

Gage, Mrs. S. H. (Susanna Phelps), 4 South Ave, 
Ithaca, N. Y. Embryology. Morrisville, N. Y, 
Dec. 26, 57. Ph.B, Cornell, 80. F.A.A; Ass. 
Anat; Soc. Zool; Micros. Soc. Structure of 
muscle; comparative morphology of the brain; 
development of the human brain. Comparative 
anatomy of the nervous system. 

Gage, Stephen DeM(eritte), Experiment Station, 
Lawrence, Mass. Bacteriology, Sanitary chem- 
istry. Durham, N. H, Jan. 4, 74. B.S, Mass. 
Inst. Tech, 96. Asst. bacteriologist, Laicrence 
Exp. Sta, 96-97, in charge, Biol. Lab, 97- Soc. 
Bact; Chem. Soc; Pub. Health Ass; New Eng. 
Water Works Ass; Mass. Ass. Boards Health; 
Boston Soc. Bact; Boston Soc. Civil Eng; Bos- 
ton Soc. Arts. Water purification and sewage 
disposal; chemistry and bacteriology of water 
and sewage. 

Gager, Prof. C(harles) Stuart, State Normal Col- 
lege, Albany, N. Y. Biology. Norwich, N. Y, 
Dec. 23, 72. A.B, Syracuse, 95; Pd.M, N. Y. 
State Nor. Col, 97; Ph.D, Cornell, 02. Lab. 
asst, Syracuse, 94-95; v. principal, Ives Sem, 
95-96; prof. biol. sciences and physiog, N. Y. 
State Nor. Col, 97- Asst. bot, Summer Sch, 
Cornell, 01-02, instr, 05; collaborator, 'Jour. 
Applied Micros,' 01-02; lab. asst, N. Y. Bot. 
Garden, 04-05; acting prof, bot, Rutgers, 05; 
assoc. ed, 'Plant World,' 05. M.A.A; fel. Am. 
Geog. Soc; N. Y. State Sci. Teachers Ass. (mem. 
Committee on Physiog.) ; Albany Entom. Soc. 
(v. pres, 98-99). Development of pollen and 
spermatogenesis in Asclepiadaceae. Oogenesis 
and fertilization in Asclepiadaceae; sporogenesi3 
and fertilization in hybrids. 

Gale, Dr. Arthur Sullivan, 281 Willow St, New 
Haven, Conn. Mathematics. Appleton, Wis, 
June 26, 77. A.B, Yale, 99, Ph.D, 01. Instr. 
math, Yale, 02- Math. Soc; Math. Verein. 

Gale, H(arlow), Psychological Laboratory, 810 
Sykes Block, Minneapolis, Minn. Psychology. 
Minneapolis, June 29, 62. A.B, Yale, 85; 
Minnesota, 85-87; Yale, 87-89; Cambridge, 
89-90; Leipzig and Berlin, 90-94. Instr. 
psychol, Minnesota, 94-03. Development of the 
nervous system; mental development of chil- 
dren. Mental development of children, espe- 
cially in regard to reasoning, ethics and 

Gale, Dr. Henry G(ordon), 5344 Greenwood Ave, 
Chicago, Ills. Physics. Aurora, Ills, Sept. 12, 
74. A.B, Chicago, 96, fellow, 97-99, Ph.D, 99. 
Asst. physics, Chicago, 99-00, assoc, 00-02, in- 
str, 02- Physical Soc. Applications of the 
interferometer. Optical investigations. 

Gale, Horace B(igelow), Natick, Mass. Engineer- 
ing. Natick, Dec. 27, 61. B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 
83. Prof. mech. and elec. eng, Washington 
(St. Louis), 86-91; Stanford, 91-92; consulting 
engineer for various firms, 92-02; consulting 
engineer, Submarine Signal Co, Boston, 03- 
Mech. Eng; Elec. Eng; etc. Thermodynamics; 
electric heating; transmission of power; con- 
crete steel construction. Submarine signalling. 

Gallaudet, Dr. Bern B(udd), 84 Irving Place, New 
York, N. Y. Anatomy, Surgery. New York, 
Feb. 11, 60. A.B, Trinity (Conn.), 80, A.M. 83; 
M.D, Columbia, 84; Vienna, 86-87. Asst. dem- 
onstrator anat, Columbia, 87-91, demonstrator, 
91-05, adj. prof, 05-, clin. lecturer surg, 91-97, 
instr, 97- Interne, N. Y. Hosp, 84-86; sur- 
geon, Vanderbilt Clinic, 87-89; Bellevue Hosp, 
89- Ass. Anat; N. Y. Surg. Soc. Surgery; 

Gallivan, Dr. Frank B(ernard), 113 W. Third St, 
S. Boston, Mass. Chemistry. Boston, Jan. 
1, 72. A.B, Harvard, 93, A.M, 94, Ph.D, 
97. Asst. chem, Harvard, 93-95, 96-97; asst. 
prof. anal, chem, Brooklyn Polytech, 97-00; 
chemist, Frazer and Co, N. Y, 00-04; Dept. of 
Milk Investigation, Boston, OJf- Chem. Soc; 
Soc. Chem. Indust. Halogen derivatives of 



benzol. Various synthetic products with a 
view to their use in medicine. 

Galloway, Dr. B(everly) T(homas), Takoma Park, 
D. C. *Botany. Millersburg, Mo, Oct. 16, 63. 
B.S, Missouri, 84. Asst. hort, Missouri, 84-87; 
asst. pathologist, V. S. Dept. Agr, 87-88, path- 
ologist and chief, Div. Veg. Path, and Physiol, 
88-01, chief, Bur. Plant Indust, 01- LL.D, 
Missouri, 02. F.A.A. (sec'y, G, 93, 95) ; Bot. 
Soc; Soc. Plant Morph. and Physiol. Botany, 
plant physiology and pathology. 

Galloway, Prof. T(homas) W(alton), Decatur, 
Ills. Zoology. Columbia, Tenn, Nov. 2, 66. 
A.B, Cumberland, 87, A.M, 89; A.M, Harvard, 
90; Ph.D, Cumberland, 92; Harvard, 97-98. 
Prof. nat. sciences, Baird Col. for Women, 87- 
89; asst, Bot. Lab, Harvard, 89-91; prof, biol, 
Missouri Valley, 91-02, dean, 98-02; prof, biol, 
James Millikin, 02- F.A.A; Micros. Soc; Bos- 
ton Soc. Nat. Hist. Strobilation ; metamerism; 
regeneration. Id; hybridization; genus Dero. 

Gamble, Prof. E(leanor) A(cheson) McC(ulloch), 
Wellesley, Mass. Psychology. Cincinnati, 0, 
March 2, 68. A.B, Wellesley, 89; Ph.D, Cor- 
nell, 98. Teacher Greek and psychol, Western 
Female Col, 89-90; Greek and Latin, Pitts- 
burgh Nor. Sch, 91-95; instr. psychol, Welles- 
ley, 98-03, assoc. prof, 03- Psychol. Ass. 
Smell intensities. Exhaustion experiments in 
smell; the organic accompaniments of atten- 
tion; the reproductive memory. 

Gane, Dr. Henry S(tewart), Santa Barbara, Cal. 
Paleontology. West Newton, Mass-, May 30, 
69. A.B, Amherst, 91; fellow, Hopkins, 94-95, 
Ph.D, 95. Geologist, N. J. Geol. Surv, 92-93; 
asst. geologist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 95-97. Geol. 
Soc. Tertiary corals of North America. Bird 
migration in Florida and California. 

Gannett, Dr. Henry, 1829 Phelps Place, N. W, 
Washington, D. C. *Geography, Statistics. 
Bath, Me, Aug. 24, 46. B.S, Harvard, 69; 
B.A.Met, Hooper Mining Sch, 70. Asst, Har- 
vard Col. Observatory, 70-72; topographer, 
Hayden Surv, 72-79; geographer, U. 8. Geol. 
Surv, 82- Geographer, Tenth, Eleventh and 
Twelfth Censuses; chairman, U. S. Board on 
Geog. Names. LL.D, Bowdoin, 99. Eighth Int. 
Geog. Cong, (sec'y). Geog. Ass; Geol. Soc; 
Nat. Geog. Soc; Am. Geog. Soc; Royal Scottish 
Geog. Soc. Geography; statistics; topography. 

Ganong, Prof. W(illiam) F(rancis), 11 Massasoit St, 
Northampton, Mass. *Botany. St. John, N.B, 
Feb. 19, 64. A.B, New Brunswick, 84, A.M, 86; 
A.B, Harvard, 87 ; Ph.D, Munich, 94. Asst. bot, 
Harvard, 87-89, instr, 89-93; prof, and director, 
Bot. Garden, Smith, 9^- Hon. Ph.D, New 
Brunswick, 98. F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. Plant 
Morph. and Physiol, (sec'y, 97-) ; cor. mem. 
Can. Royal Soc. Plant morphology and ecology ; 
natural history of New Brunswick. Physiolog- 
ical phases of plant ecology. 

Garber, Prof. J(ohn) F(rederick), Yeatman High 
School, St. Louis, Mo. Bota/ny. Winfield, O, 
Sept. 30, 68. A.B, Westfield, 93; A.B, Illinois, 
97; Ph.D, Chicago, 03. Principal, Edwards 

Acad, 90-91; instr. biol, High Sch, Houston, 
Tex, 97-00; prof. biol. and physiol, State Nor. 
Sch, River Falls, Wis, 03-05; teacher bot, Yeat- 
man High Sch, St. Louis, 05- Life history of 
Ricciocarpus natans; dimorphism in Blissus 

Garcia (y Barza), Regino, 161 Victoria St, Walled 
City, Manila, P. I. Botany, Drawing. Manila, 
Sept. 7, 40. Manila, 50-56; Escuela de Dibujo 
y Pintura, 57-62. Chief horticulturist, Manila 
Bot. Garden, 66-77; asst. forester, Forestry 
Service, and asst. chief, Bot. Garden, 77-98; 
botanist, Bur. Forestry, Manila, 00- Director, 
City Gardens, Manila, and prof, Univ. of Manila, 
90-98; teacher bot, Nor. Pub. Sch, 02. Comen- 
dador de Isabel la Catolica; Caballero de Carlos 
III; Jardinero Mayor de los Real Catrimonio. 
Socio Soc. Espaiiola Hist. Nat; Barcelona Acad. 
Trees and plants of the Philippine Islands. 
Rice in the Philippines. 

Gardiner, Dr. Edw(ard) G(ardiner), 131 Mt. 

Vernon St, Boston, Mass. * Biology. New 
York, N. Y, July 24, 54. B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 
82; Ph.D, Leipzig, 84. Asst. and instr. biol, 
Mass. Inst. Tech, 85-92. M.A.A; Soc. Nat; 
Soc. Zool; Am. Acad. Turbellaria. 

Gardiner, Rev. F(rederic), Yeates School, Lan- 
caster, Pa. Biology, Embryology. Gardiner, 
Me, April 5, 58. A.B, Harvard, 80, A.M, 83. 
Prof, biol, Trinity (Conn.), 89-92; master, 
Pomfret Sch, 92-99; head master, Yeates Sch, 
99- M.A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool; Am. Hist. 
Ass; Head Masters' Ass. Embryology of 

Gardiner, Prof. H(arry) Norman, 23 Crafts Ave, 
Northampton, Mass. *Philosophy. Norwich, 
England, Nov. 6, 55. A.B, Amherst, 78; Union 
Theol. Sem, 79-82, fellow, 82-84 (Gottingen, 82; 
Leipzig, 83-84; Heidelberg, 84) ; A.M, Amherst, 
85. Instr. languages, physics and chem, Glens 
Falls Acad, 78-79; philos, Smith, 84-90, prof, 
90- Instr. psychol, Amherst, 91-92. Philos. 
Ass. (sec'y, 02-04) ; Psychol. Ass; Soc. Psychi- 
cal Research. Greek philosophy; philosophy of 
religion; psychology of the emotions. Aris- 
totle's ' Parva Naturalia.' 

Garman, Prof. Harrison, 638 S. Limestone St, 
Lexington, Ky. Biology. Stephenson Co, Ills, 
Dec. 27, 58. Hopkins. First asst, State Lab. 
Nat. Hist, Illinois, 83-89, asst. prof, zool, Illinois, 
85-89 ; entomologist and botanist, Agr. Exp. 
Sta, Ky. State, 89-; state entomologist, Ky, 97- 
Asst. state entomologist, Ills, 83-85; prof. zool. 
and entom, Ky. State, 92-96 ; assoc. ed, ' Agr. 
Science.' Soc. Nat; Ass. Econ. Entom. (sec'y, 
pres. ) ; Soc. Prom. Agr. Sci ; Ass. Agr. Col. 
( chairman, Entom. Sect. ) . Economic entomol- 
ogy and botany ; cave life. Id; the genus Corisa. 

Garner, Dr. W(ightman) W(ells), U. S. Depart- 
ment of Agriculture, Washington, D. C. Chem- 
istry. Timmonsville, S. C, July 15, 75. A.B, 
South Carolina, 96; Ph.D, Hopkins, 00. Instr. 
chem, Tufts, 00-03; asst. chemist, Bur. Chem, 
U. S. Dept. Agr, 08- Chem. Soc. Action of 
urea on aromatic sulphon chlorids; substitution 



processes in the fatty series; the stereoisomeric 
cinnamic acids. Volumetric methods for deter- 
mining water and fat in butters. 
Garrey, Prof. W (alter) E(ugene), Cooper Medical 
College, San Francisco, Cal. Physiology. 
Wis, April 7, 73. B.S, Lawrence, 94; Ber- 
lin, 98 ; Ph.D, Chicago, 00. Instr. sciences, High 
Sch, West Aurora, Ills, 96-98; prof, physiol, 
Cooper Med. Col, 00- Instr. physiol, Woods 
Hole, 99-01. Comparative physiology; the 
tropisms; artificial parthenogenesis. Effects of 
various saline solutions upon protoplasm. 

Garriott, Prof. E(dward) B(ennett), Weather Bu- 
reau, Washington, D. C. Meteorology. Lock- 
land, O, March 17, 53. Washington ( St. Louis) , 
67-70. Asst. observer, U. 8. Weather Bur, 74- 
75, observer, 76-87, meteorol. clerk, 88-91, chief, 
Div. Meteorol, 92-93, forecast official, 93-94, 
prof, meteorol, 95- M.A.A; Nat. Geog. Soc; 
Wash. Acad. Meteorology, especially weather 
and storm forecasting; West Indian hurricanes; 
frost and fog. Storms of the Great Lakes illus- 
trated and classified; atmospheric moisture and 
its relation to rainfall; local weather signs in 
United States; cold waves and frost; long range 
weather forecasting. 

Garvin, John B(rewer), 4531 Grove St, Denver, 
Colo. Chemistry. Morristown, N. 'Y, Aug. 3, 
61. St. Lawrence, 82-84; B.S, Illinois, 86; 
Colo. State Sch. of Mines, 89-90. Instr. chem, 
East Side High Sch, Denver, 92- Librarian 
and registrar, Colo. State Sch. of Mines, 90-92. 

Gates, Prof. Fanny C(ook), Woman's College, 
Baltimore, Md. Physics, Mathematics. Water- 
loo, la, April 26, 72. A.B, Northwestern, 94, 
fellow, 94-95, A.M, 95; fellow, Bryn Mawr, 
95-97; European fellow of Ass. Col. Alumnae 
(Gottingen and Zurich Polytech.), 97-98; Chi- 
cago, summer, 99; McGill, 02-03; research stu- 
dent, Cavendish Lab, Cambridge, 05. Head, 
Dept. Physics, Woman's Col. of Baltimore, 98- 
M.A.A; Physical Soc; Math. Soc. Radio-active 
bodies. Effect of heat upon excited radio-ac- 
tivity; radio-active properties of certain chem- 
ical compounds; the conductivity of air due to 
sulphate of quinin. 

Gatschet, Dr. A(lbert) S(amuel), 2020 15th St, 
Washington, D. C. * Anthropology, Ethnology. 
St. Beatenberg, Switzerland, Oct. 3, 32. Bern 
and Berlin, 52-58. Ethnologist, U. S. Geol. 
Surv, 77-79; linguist, Bur. Am. Ethnol, 79- 
Hon. Ph.D, Bern, 92. Folk-lore Soc; Nat. Geog. 
Soc; Philos. Soc; Wash. Anthrop. Soc. Ethno- 
logical and linguistic investigations among the 

Gaylord, Prof. Harvey R(ussell), 113 High St, 
Buffalo, N. Y. Pathology. Saginaw, Mich, 
Oct. 4, 72. M.D, Pennsylvania, 93. Volunteer 
asst. path, Path. Inst, Gottingen, 95-98; direc- 
tor, State Cancer Lab, Buffalo, 98-, prof. surg. 
path, 99- Pathologist, German Hosp, 99-; 
surgeon, Erie Co. Hosp, 00-; asst. surgeon, 
Buffalo Gen. Hosp; orthopedist, Children's 
Hosp. Ass. Path, and Bact; fel. Path. Gesell; 

Berlin Kom. fur Krebsforschung. Fibrinoid 
degeneration; etiology of cancer and allied proc- 
. esses. Cancer immunity. 

Geer, Dr. William C(hauncey), 122 Hazen St, 
Ithaca, N. Y. Chemistry. Ogdensburg, N. Y, 
June 17, 76. A.B, Cornell, 02, fellow, 03-04, 
Ph.D, 05. Instr. science, High Sch, Nyack, 
N. Y, 98-99; asst. chem, Cornell, 02-03, instr, 
0J f - Chem. Soc. (sec'y, Cornell Sect, 02-04). 
Mercury arc ; thermoregulators ; indium ; theory 
of crystallization in three component systems. 
The atomic weight of indium. 

Gehrmann, Dr. Adolph, 3816 Ellis Ave, Chicago, 
Ills. Bacteriology, Hygiene. Decatur, Ills, July 
19, 68. M.D, Northwestern, 90. Interne, Cook 
Co. Hosp, 90-92; prof, bacter, Chicago Post- 
Grad. Med. Sch, 92-94 ; bacteriologist and direc- 
tor, Lab, Chicago Dept. of Health, 94-03; prof, 
bacter. and hygiene, Col. Physicians and Surg, 
Illinois; Dearborn Med. Col; pres. and bacteri- 
ologist, Columbus Med. Laboratories. Bacteri- 
ologist streams exam, Chicago Sanitary Dist, 
99-00. Pub. Health Ass; Am. Med. Ass; Ills. 
Med. Soc; Chicago Path, and Med. Societies; 
Chicago Academies Med. and Sci. Methods of 
sanitation, hygiene and medical instruction. 

Geisler, Joseph F(rank), N. Y. Mercantile Ex- 
change, Cor. Hudson and Harrison Sts, New 
York, N. Y. Chemistry. East Saginaw, Mich, 
March 20, 60. Ph.C, Michigan, 80, grad. stu- 
dent, 80-83. Asst. pharmacy and qual. chem. 
and to Prof. A. B. Prescott, Michigan, 80-83; 

. chemist, Thurber, Whyland Co, 83-87 ; official 
chemist, N. Y. Mercantile Exchange, 85- 
Chemist, N. Y. State Dept. Agr. and N. Y. State 
Dairy Commissioner, 85- Ebert prize, Am. 
Pharmaceut. Ass, 89. M.A.A; Chem. Soc; Soc. 
Chem. Indust; Pharmaceut. Ass; London Chem. 
Soc. Analytical methods; chemistry of foods. 
Chemistry of foods. 

Gelston, Dr. L(ouis) M(erwin), 411 E. Washing- 
ton St, Ann Arbor, Mich. Bacteriology, Hy- 
giene. Northville, Mich, Oct. 9, 79. Stetson, 
92-94; A.B, Michigan, 01, Ph.D, 03, M.D, 05. 
Asst. hygiene, Michigan, 01-04. Mich. Acad. 
Intracellular toxins of colon, typhoid and diph- 
theria bacilli. Intracellular toxin of B. 

Genth, F(rederick) A(ugustus), Jr, Lansdowne, Pa. 
Chemistry. Philadelphia, Pa, Feb. 12, 55. B.S, 
Pennsylvania, 76, M.S, 78. Asst. chem, Penn- 
sylvania, 81-83, asst. prof, 83-88; chemist, 
Dairy and Food Commission, Dept. Agr, Pa, 
97-03. F.A.A; Chem. Soc; Philos. Soc; Chem. 
Gesell ; Soc. chim. de Paris. 

Genthe, Prof. Karl Wilhelm, Trinity College, Hart- 
ford, Conn. Zoology. Leipzig, Germany, June 
5, 71. Maturitas, Thomas Gymnasium, 91 ; 
Ph.D. Leipzig, 97. Instr. zool, Michigan, 99- 
01; nat. hist, Trinity (Conn.), 01-03, asst. prof, 
03- F.A.A; Soc. Zool; Hartford Sci. Soc. 
Mouth parts of Microlepidoptera; Alcippe. 
Copepods; embryology of Ranatra. 

George, Prof. R(ussell) D, University of Colo- 
rado, Boulder, Colo. Geology, Petrology. 



Claremont, Ont, May 5, 66. Woodstock (Can.), 
84-85; A.B, McMaster, 97, A.M, 98; fellow, 
Chicago, 98-00. Master, Woodstock (Can.), 91- 
95, science master, 95-96; instr. geol, Iowa, 
00-01, asst. prof, 01-02, prof, petrol, and econ. 
geol, 02-03; geol, Colorado, OS- Asst, Ont. 
Bur. Mines, 98; U. S. Geol. Surv, 99; asst. 
geol, Chicago, summers, 00-02. M.A.A; Min. 
Eng; Nat. Geog. Soc; Colo. Sci. Soc. 

Georgeson, Prof. C(harles) C(hristian), Sitka, 
Alaska. Agriculture. Denmark, June 26, 51. 
B.S, Mich. Agr. Col, 78, M.S, 82. Prof. agr. 
and hort, Tex. Agr. and Mech. Col, 80-83; 
agr, Col. of Agr, Imp. Univ, Tokyo, 86-89 ; Kas. 
State Agr. Col, 90-97; special agent in charge 
Alaska investigations, U. S. Dept. Agr, 98- 
Assoc, ed, ' Rural New Yorker,' 78-80 ; special 
agent dairy industry of Denmark, U. S. Dept. 
Agr, 93. Soc. Prom. Agr. Sci; Ass. Agr. Col; 
Royal Danish Agr. Soc. Agricultural crops; 
stock breeding; stock feeding. Agricultural 
capabilities of Alaska. 

Gerhard, W(illia)m Paul, 39 Strong Place, Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. Civil and sanitary engineering. 
Hamburg, Germany, July 30, 54. Italian Col, 
Alexandria, Egypt, 64; Tech. Univ, Karlsruhe, 
71-75. Asst. engineer to pres, Board of Pub- 
lic Works, St. Louis, 77-79; with Capt. Jas. B. 
Eads, 79-80; Col. Geo. E. Waring, Jr, R. I, 
81-83; chief engineer, Durham House Drainage 
Co, N. Y, 83-85; consulting engineer, 85- Asst. 
engineer on railroad work, Hamburg, 77 ; ed, 
' Building,' 85-86 ; sanitary engineer on staff 
of N. Y. state architect, Albany, 92-99. Pub. 
Health Ass; hon. cor. mem. Am. Inst. Archit; 
Nat. Geog. Soc; Am. Geog. Soc; Forestry Ass; 
New Eng. Water Works Ass; Brooklyn Inst, 
(chairman, Committee on Sanitation, Dept. 
Archit.) ; Brooklyn Eng. Club; N. Y. German 
Tech. Soc. Sewerage and sewage disposal; 
house drainage; gas lighting and gas fitting; 
fire protection, especially of theatres and in- 

Germann, Dr. George B(althasar), 90 Norman 
Ave, Brooklyn, N. Y. Psychology, Education. 
Brooklyn, Feb. 27, 72. N. Y. Univ, 92-94; 
A.B, Columbia, 95, fellow, 98-99, Ph.D, 99. 
Teacher, pub. sch, Brooklyn, 89-91; asst. math, 
Columbia, 95-98, philos. and educ, 99-00, 
lecturer educ, 99-02, registrar, 00-02 ; princi- 
pal, Pub. Sch. No. ISO, Brooklyn, 02- F.A.A; 
Psychol. Ass; Math. Soc; Nat. Educ. Ass. 
Education; fatigue in the school room; growth 
and control of motor habits. 

Gerould, Dr. John H(iram), Hanover, N. H. 
* Zoology. Stoddard, N. H, Oct. 2, 68. Litt.B, 
Dartmouth, 90; A.B, Harvard, 92, A.M, 93, 
Ph.D, 95. Instr. zool, Dartmouth, 95- Soc. 
Nat; Soc. Zool. Invertebrate morphology and 
embryology, especially of echinoderms and 
sipunculids. Comparative embryology of the 
sipunculids, especially the development of 

Gerrish, Dr. Frederic Henry, 675 Congress St, 
Portland, Me. *Anatomy. Portland, March 

21, 45. A.B, Bowdoin, 66, A.M, M.D, 69. Prof. 
mat. med. and therapeut, Bowdoin, 73-82, anat, 
82-05, surg, 05- Prof, physiol, Michigan, 74- 
75. LL.D, Michigan, 04; Bowdoin. Soc. Nat; 
Ass. Anat; Am. Acad. Med. (pres, 87-88); 
Surg. Ass; Pub. Health Ass; Me. Med. Ass. 
(pres, 91-92) ; Soc. Int. de Chirurg. Anatomy; 
surgery; prescription writing. 

Getman, Dr. F(rederick) H(utton), 811 Atlantic 
St, Stamford, Conn. Physical chemistry. Os- 
wego, N. Y, Feb. 9, 77. Rensselaer, 93-96; 
Virginia, 96-97; fellow, Hopkins, 02-03, Ph.D, 
03, fellow by courtesy, 03-04. Instr. chem, High 
Sch, Stamford, Conn, 97-01; lecturer physical 
chem, Col. City of N. Y. Carnegie research 
asst. M.A.A; Chem. Soc; fel. Soc. Chem. 
Indust; fel. London Chem. Soc. Freezing-point3 
of solutions; depression of the freezing-points 
of solutions of electrolytes. Viscosity of solu- 

Gibbs, George, University Club, New York, N. Y. 
Mechanical engineering. Chicago, Ills, April 
19, 61. M.E, Stevens, 82. Mech. engineer, 
Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul R. R, 84-97; 
consulting engineer, The Baldwin Locomotive 
Works and Westinghouse Elec. and Mfg. Co, 
97-02; Rapid Transit Subway Construction Co, 
N. Y, 01- Mem. Pa. R. R. Board of Engineers, 
N. Y. Tunnel Lines and Terminal; N. Y. Cen- 
tral R. R. Commission; elec. engineer, Long 
Island R. R; consulting engineer, Interborough 
Rapid Transit Co; first v. pres, Westinghouse, 
Church, Kerr and Co; mem. Advisory Com- 
mittee on Eng, Carnegie Inst; Jury of Awards, 
Transportation Dept, Columbian Expos, 93, 
Civil Eng; Mech. Eng; Master Car Builders 
and Master Mechanics Ass; British Inst. Civil 

Gibbs, Dr. (Oliver) Wolcott, 138 Gibbs Ave, New- 
port, R. I. *Chemistry. New York, N. Y, 
Feb. 21, 22. A.M, Columbia, 41; M.D, Col. 
Physicians and Surg, N. Y, 45; Berlin, 45; 
Giessen, 46; Paris, 47. Prof. chem. and 
physics, Free Acad, of N. Y, 48-63; Rumford 
prof, and lecturer applied science, Harvard, 
63-87, emer. prof, 87- Reviewer foreign arti- 
cles, 'Am. Jour, of Science.' LL.D, Columbia, 
73; Harvard, 88; Columbian, 95; Toronto, 97; 
Pennsylvania, 02. Nat. Acad, (past pres.); 
F.A.A. (gen. sec'y, 55, v. pres, 67, pres, 97); 
hon. mem. Chem. Soc; hon. mem. Philos. Soc; 
assoc. fel. Am. Acad; hon. mem. London Chem. 
Soc; hon. mem. Chem. Gesell; hon. mem. Konigl. 
Akad. der Wissensch. Ammonia-cobalt com- 
pounds : metals of platinum group ; new methods 
of analysis; complex inorganic acids. 

Giddings, Prof. Franklin H(enry), 150 W. 79th 
St, New York, N. Y. Sociology. Sherman, 
Conn, March 23, 55. A.B, Union, 77, A.M, 89. 
Lecturer polit. science, Bryn Mawr, 88-89, 
assoc, 89-91, assoc. prof, 91-92, prof, 92-94; 
lecturer sociol, Columbia, 91-94, prof, 94- Ed. 
writer, ' Springfield Republican,' 78 ; ' Spring- 
field Union,' 84-88 ; mem. Ed. Board, ' Polit. 
Sci. Quarterly,' 94-; mem. Central Council, 
Charity Organ. Soc, 94; trustee, Union, 02- 



Hon. Ph.D, Union, 97; LL.D, Oberlin, 00. 
Acad. Polit. and Social Sci. (v. pres, 90-, ed, 
'Annals,' 90-94); Econ. Ass. (ed, 'Pub,' 91- 
93, first v. pres, 96-97); fel. Ethnol. Soc; 
Phila. Acad; Inst. Int. de Sociol. de Paris (v. 
pres, 01). Profit sharing; theory of interest; 
classification of social facts. Statistical and 
historical studies of social causation, and the 
related concepts of evolution. 

Gies, Prof. William J(ohn), 437 W. 59th St, 
New York, N. Y. *Biological chemistry. 
Reisterstown, Md, Feb. 21, 72. B.S, Gettys- 
burg, 93, M.S, 96; Ph.B, Yale, 94, Ph.D, 97; 
Bern, 99; Woods Hole, 01, 02. Lab. asst. zool, 
Yale, 95, physiol. chem, 94-96, asst. physiol. 
chem. and tutor physiol, 96-98; instr. physiol. 
chem, Columbia, 98-02, adj. prof, 02-05, prof, 
05-, gen. chem, Col. Physicians and Surg, 04- 
Trustee, Irving, 00-; consulting chemist, N. 
Y. Bot. Garden, 02; sec'y, Faculty, Col. Phy- 
sicians and Surg, Columbia, 05- F.A.A; (sec'y, 
K, 05-) ; Soc. Nat; Chem. Soc; Physiol. Soc; 
Soc. Chem. Indust ; Soc. Phvsiol. Chem ; Soc. 
Exp. Biol, and Med. (sec'y/ 03-) ; fel. N. Y. 
Acad; Int. Ass. Bot; Chem. Gesell. Influences 
of various substances on metabolism and 
lymph formation; plant products; animal tis- 
sues studied quantitatively; Spermatozoa; ac- 
tions of ions on ova and seedlings; peptic prote- 
olysis; urinary constituents and methods of 
urinary analysis; antitoxic action of ions; food 
for metabolism experiments; mucoids; prota- 
gon ; anemia of the brain ; f at-proteid and mucoid- 
proteid compounds; American desert sands. 
Toxicology of rare elements; mucoids; proteid 
reactions; ions on enzymes; metabolism meth- 
ods; effects of hemorrhage on metabolism, blood 
and lymph; protagon; urinary constituents. 

Gifford, Dr. John (Clayton), Princeton, N. J. 
Forestry. May's Landing, N. J, Feb. 8, 70. 
B.S, Swarthmore, 90; CEc.D, Munich, 99. 
Instr. econ. bot, Swarthmore, 90-94; forester, 
N. J. Geol. Surv, 95-96; asst. prof, forestry, 
Cornell, 00-03 ; consulting forester. Special 
agent, Bur. Forestry, 04. F.A.A; Forestry 
Ass. (v. pres, N. J. Sect.) ; Soc. Foresters; 
Can. Forestry Ass; Swiss Forestry Ass. Trop- 
ical forestry. 

Gilbert, Dr. C(harles) H(enry), Stanford Univer- 
sity, Cal. Zoology. Rockford, Ills, Dec. 5, 59. 
B.S, Butler, 79; M.S, Indiana, 82, Ph.D, 83. 
Asst. nat. sciences and modern languages, In- 
diana, 80-84; prof. nat. hist, Cincinnati, 84-88; 
zool, Indiana, 88-91; Stanford, 91- Naturalist 
in charge investigations, ' Albatross,' 89, 90, 
02, 04 ; at frequent intervals asst. in charge field 
work, U. S. Fish Commission. Wash. Acad. 
Systematic ichthyology. Bathybial fishes of 
Hawaiian Islands. 

Gilbert, G(rove) K(arl), U. S. Geological Sur- 
vey, Washington, D. C. *Geology, Physical 
geography. Rochester, N. Y, May 6, 43. A.B, 
Rochester, 62, A.M, 67. Teacher, 62-63; asst, 
Ward's Nat. Hist. Mus, Rochester, 63-69 ; asst, 
Ohio Geol. Surv, 69-71; geologist, Wheeler 

Surv, 71-74; Powell Surv, 74-79; U. S. Geol. 
Surv, 79- Lecturer, Hopkins, 94-95; assoc. ed, 
' Johnson's Encyclopedia.' Wollaston medal, 
London Geol. Soc, 99 ; LL.D, Rochester, 98 ; 
Wisconsin, 04. Nat. Acad; F.A.A. (sec'y, E, 
85, v. pres, 87, pres, 00) ; Soc. Nat. (pres, 85- 
86); Geol. Soc. (pres, 92); Geog. Ass; Philos. 
Soc; Am. Acad; Wash. Geol. Soc. (pres, 95) ; 
Wash. Philos. Soc. (pres, 92) ; etc. Special 
studies in dynamic geology, Pleistocene geology, 
physical geography and lunar physiography; 
glacial studies in Alaska. Mountain structure 
in the Great Basin; hydraulics of the California 
debris question. 

Gilbert, Dr. J(oshua) Allen, 448 Sixth St, Port- 
land, Ore. Medicine. Dayton, O, April 5, 67. 
A.B, Otterbein, 89; Union Biblical Sem, 91; 
fellow, Ph.D, Yale, 94; Leipzig, 97-98; M.D, 
Med. Col. of Ohio, 01. Asst, Psychol. Lab, 
Yale, 94-95; asst. prof, psychol, Iowa, 95-97; 
demonstrator anat, N. Pacific Dental Col, 02- 
03 ; lecturer dermat, Med. Col, Oregon, OJf- 
Am. Med. Ass; Portland Med. Soc. Psychiatry. 

Gilbert, Prof. Norman E(verett), Dartmouth Col- 
lege, Hanover, N. H. *Physics. Middletown, 
Conn, Dec. 15, 74. A.B, Wesleyan, 95, A.M, 
96; Ph.D, Hopkins, 01. Instr. science, Cayuga 
Lake Mil. Acad, Aurora, N. Y, 96-97; math, 
Genesee Wesleyan Sem, Lima, N. Y, 97-9S; 
prof, physics, Hobart, 01-03; asst. prof, Dart- 
mouth, 03- Mem. U. S. Naval Observatory 
Eclipse Exped. to N. C, 00; Sumatra, 01; 
Algeria, 05; temporary asst, Astrophys. Obser- 
vatory, Smithsonian Inst, 02. M.A.A; Physical 
Soc. Relations between ether, matter and elec- 
tricity; magnetic effect of electrical convection. 

Gill, Prof. A(dam) Capen, Cornell Heights, 
Ithaca, N. Y. Mineralogy, Petrography. 
Chesterville, Me, Aug. 22, 63. A.B, Amherst, 
84; Hopkins, 86-89; Ph.D, Munich, 93. Prof, 
math, Park, 84-86; asst. prof, miner, and 
petrog, Cornell, 94- F.A.A; Geol. Soc; Geol. 
Gesell. Crystallography; petrography. Pet- 
rography; Sierra Tlayacac in Mexico. 

Gill, Prof. Augustus H(erman), Canton Corner, 
Mass. *Chemistry. Canton, Mass, Aug. 1, 64. 
B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 84; Ph.D, Leipzig, 90. 
Asst. chem, Mass. Inst. Tech, 84-87, instr, 90- 
94, asst. prof, 94- Water analyst, Mass. State 
Board of Health, 87-88. FA.A; Chem. Soc. 
(reviewer, 'Jour.'); Soc. Chem. Indust; Chem. 
Gesell. Fuel, gas and oil analysis; determina- 
tion of nitrates in water and of methane and 
hydrogen by explosion; cholesterol in olive oil. 
Nitrates in water; spontaneous combustion 
test of oils; analysis of varnishes. 

Gill, Dr. Theo(dore) (Nicholas), Cosmos Club, 
Washington, D. C. *Zoology, Comparative 
anatomy. New York, N. Y, March 21, 37. 
A.M, Columbian, 65, M.D, 66. Librarian, 
Smithsonian Inst, 66-67 ; asst. librarian, Li- 
brary of Congress, 67-75 ; prof, zool, George 
Washington, 84 Hon. Ph.D, Columbian, 70, 
LL.D, 95. Nat. Acad; FA.A. (pres, 96) ; Soc. 
Nat; Soc. Zool; fel. Ornith. Union; Philo3. 



Soc; Wash. Acad; Wash. Entom. and Biol. 
Societies; etc. Ichthyology ; conchology; mam- 
malogy; ornithology. Natural history and 
habits of fishes. 
Gillespie, Dr. William, Princeton University, 
Princeton, N. J. Mathematics. Hamilton, Can, 
Nov. 3, 70. A.B, Toronto, 93; fellow, Chicago, 
93-97, Ph.D, 00. Instr. math, Princeton, 97-05, 
preceptor, 05- Math. Soc. 

Gillett, Prof. A(rthur) L(incoln), 1 Wethersfield 
Ave, Hartford, Conn. Theology. Westfield, 
Mass, Jan. 5, 59. A.B, Amherst, 80, A.M, 84. 
Instr. apologetics, Hartford Theol. Sem, 88-91, 
assoc. prof, 92-94, prof, 94- D.D, Amherst, 01. 
M.A.A; Philos. Ass; Oriental Soc. Apolo- 

Gillette, Prof. C(larence) P, 418 W. Myrtle St, 
Fort Collins, Colo. Entomology, Zoology. 
Lyons, Mich, April 7, 59. B.S, Mich. Agr. Col, 
84; Illinois, 85; M.S, Mich. Agr. Col, 87. Asst. 
entom. and physiol, Mich. Agr. Col, 86-87; en- 
tomologist, State Exp. Sta, Ames, la, 88-90; 
head, Dept. Zool, Entom. and Physiol, Colo. 
Agr. Col, 91-05; expert entomologist, La. Pur- 
chase Expos, 0/f- F.A.A; Ass. Econ. Entom; 
Soc. Prom. Agr. Sci. Cynipidae; Typhlocy- 
binae; economic entomology. Orthoptera of 
Colorado ; long-tongued bees. 

Gillette, Prof. J(ohn) M(orris), State Normal 
School, Valley City, N. Dak. Sociology, Philos- 
ophy. Quitman, Mo, Aug. 9, 66. A.B, Park, 
92; B.D, A.M, Princeton, 95; Ph.D, Chicago 
Theol. Sem, 98; Ph.D, Chicago, 01. Pastor, 
Presbyterian Church, Dodge City, Kas, 95-96; 
principal, Chadron Acad, Nebr, 98-00; pres, 
Female Acad, Jacksonville, 01-03; prof. hist, 
and social sciences, State Nor. Sch, Valley City, 
N. Dak, 03- Hon. A.M, Park, 95. After- 
images; culture conditions of a manufacturing 
group; relation of emotion to mathematical be- 
liefs; methods of charity in Ireland and Den- 
mark. Causes of differences in educational at- 
tainments of the blind and the deaf; social 
foundations of education. 

Gilman, Benjamin I(ves), Museum of Fine Arts, 
Boston, Mass. Psyclwlogy. New York, N. Y, 
Feb. 19, 52. A.B, Williams, 72; fellow, Hop- 
kins, 81-82; Berlin, 82-83; Harvard, 83-85; 
Paris and Italy, 85-88. Instr. psychol, Clark, 
92-93; sec'y, Mus. of Fine Arts, Boston, 94- 
Lecturer, Princeton, Columbia and Harvard, 
90-91. Hon. A.M, Hopkins, 02. Psychol. Ass. 
The psychology of feeling and of art, especially 
music and the theory of dimensional manifolds ; 
museology. The bearing of Pueblo Indian mel- 
odies upon the origin of the musical scale; the 
nature of dimension. 

Gilman, Dr. Daniel C(oit), 614 Park Ave, Balti- 
more, Md. Education, History. Norwich, 
Conn, July 6, 31. A.B, Yale, 52; Berlin, 
54-55; A.M, Yale, 55. Librarian, Yale, 56-65, 
prof, physical and polit. geog, 63-72; pres, Cali- 
fornia, 72-75; Hopkins, 75-01, pres. emer, 01-; 
pres, Carnegie Inst, 02-04. Sec'y, Sheffield Sci. 
Sch, Yale; mem. U. S. Commission on Boundary 

Line between Venezuela and British Guiana, 96- 
97; pres, John F. Slater Educ. Fund; v. pres, 
Peabody Educ. Fund; pres, Nat. Civil Service 
Reform League; etc. LL.D, Harvard, 76; St. 
John's (Md.) 76; Columbia, 87; Yale, 89; 
North Carolina, 89; Princeton, 96; Toronto, 03; 
Wisconsin, 04; William and Mary, 05; Clark, 
05; Officier de 1'Instruction Pub. F.A.A; Orien- 
tal Soc. ( pres. ) ; Inst. Archeol. ( v. pres. ) ; 
Philos. Soc; Am. Acad; Conn. Acad; cor. mem. 
Mass. Hist. Soc; cor. mem. British Ass; Am. 
Acad, in Rome. History and methods of edu- 
cation; American biography. 

Gilman, George Houghton, 179 W. 76th St, New 
York, N. Y. Mathematics, Electricity. New 
York, Aug. 8, 67. A.B, Columbia, 87, A.M, 88 ; 
fellow, Hopkins, 88-90; LL.B, N. Y. Law Sch, 
92. Asst. physics, Columbia, 87-88; practising 
attorney. Math. Soc; N. Y. Math. Soc. 

Gilmore, Charles W(hitney), U. S. National Mu- 
seum, Washington, D. C. Paleontology. Pa- 
vilion, N. Y, March 11, 74. B.S, Wyoming, 01. 
Collector, Dept. Vert. Paleont, Carnegie Mus, 
01-04; preparator, Dept. Vert. Paleont, U. S. 
Nat. Mus, 0k- Paleont. Soc; Wash. Geol. Soc. 
Natural science; Reptilia; Elosaurus parvus; 
a new genus and species of the Sauropoda; 
presence of teeth in the American Ichthyosau- 
rus ; discovery of teeth in the type of Baptano- 
don natans; osteology of Baptanodon; Tricera- 
tops prorsus. Baptanodon. 

Gilpin, Dr. J(oseph) Elliott, 139 W. Lanvale St, 
Baltimore, Md. Chemistry. Baltimore, Nov. 
21, 66. A.B, Hopkins, 89, Ph.D, 92. Instr. 
chem, Hopkins, 92-95, assoc, 95- Chem. Soc; 
Chem. Gesell. Action of chlorid of phosphorus 
on amids. 

Girty, Dr. George H(erbert), 2462 Ontario Ave, 
N. W, Washington, D. C. Paleontology. 
Cleveland, O, Dec. 30, 69. A.B, Yale, 92, Ph.D, 
94. Paleontologist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 95- Hon. 
custodian Carboniferous fossils, U. S. Nat. Mus. 
F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Wash. Acad; Wash. Geol. 
Soc; Wash. Biol. Soc. Carboniferous inverte- 
brate paleontology of United States. 

Glashan, Dr. J(ohn Stuart) C(adenhead), 444 
Maclaren St, Ottawa, Can. Mathematics. 
Ellon, Scotland, Jan. 23, 44. Private study. 
First asst, Provincial Model Sch, Toronto, 64- 
67; inspector, pub. schools, Middlesex, Can, 71- 
76; Ottawa, 76- Mem. Central Committee of 
Examiners for Ont, 76-86; Head Quarters 
Board of Examiners, Royal Mil. Col, Can, 90- 
95; Board of Civil Service Examiners, Dominion 
of Can, 93- LL.D, Toronto. Math. Soe; Am. 
Hist. Ass; fel. Can. Royal Soc. The theorems 
of Taylor, Lagrange and Cayley; quintic and 
cyclotomic equations. Septic equations; matri- 
cular analysis of the concomitants of quantics. 

Glasoe, Prof. P(aul) M(aurice), Northfield, Minn. 
Chemistry. Spring Grove, Minn, Aug, 24, 73. 
A.B, Minnesota, 97, fellow, M.S, 98, Ph.D, 02. 
Asst. chem, Minnesota, 95-97, instr, 98-01 ; 
chem. and physics, St. Olaf, 01-02, prof, 03- 



Chem. Soc. Derivatives of camphor oxim. 
Brown cheese. 

Gleason, H(enry) A(llan), 511 Johns St, Cham- 
paign, Ills. Botany. Dalton City, Ills, Jan. 
2, 82. B.S, Illinois, 01, A.M, 04; fellow, 
Ohio State, 04-05. Curator, Herbarium, 
Illinois, 00-04, asst. hot, 01-03, instr, 03-04. 
Field collector, Dept. Hort, Illinois, 00-01. 
M.A.A. Phytogeography ; taxonomy of sperma- 
phytes. Phytogeography of Illinois. 

Glenn, Dr. L(eonidas) C(halmers), Vanderbilt 
University, Nashville, Tenn. Geology. Crow- 
ders Creek, N. C, Sept. 9, 71. A.B, South Caro- 
lina, 91 ; Ph.D, Hopkins, 99. Adj. prof. geol. 
and biol, South Carolina, 99-00; geol, Van- 
derbilt, 00-; asst. geologist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 
00- Special work, Md. and N. C. Geol. Sur- 
veys. F.A.A; Geol. Soc; Min. Eng; Nat. Geog. 
Soc; Eng. Ass. of the South; Wash. Acad; 
Wash. Geol. Soc; S. C. Hist. Soc. Physio- 
graphic geology; Miocene paleontology. De- 
vonian and Carboniferous stratigraphy; occur- 
rence of oil and gas in western New York; 
initial stream development; bibliography of 
North and South Carolina geology; cartography 
of North and South Carolina; Appalachian coal 
field geology. 

Glenn, William, 1348 Block St, Baltimore, Md. 
Chemistry, Mining engineering. Norfolk, Va, 
April 6, 40. Va. Col. Inst, 55. Asst. engi- 
neer, B. and O. R. R, 56-61; lieut. engineers, 
C. S. A, 61-65; mining engineer, Tyson Mining 
Co, 66-84; manager, Baltimore Chrome Works, 
84- F.A.A; Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; 
Min. Eng. Geologic history of asphalt, copper 
ores and chromite; metallurgy of copper; chemi- 
cal technology of alkali dichromates; dust ex- 
plosions. Stability of chromic acid and of 
alkali dichromates. 

Glover, Dr. James W(aterman), Ann Arbor, Mich. 
Mathematics, Mechanics, Statistics. Clio, Mich, 
July 24, 68. B.L, Michigan, 92 ; A.B, Harvard, 
93, Morgan fellow, 92-94, A.M, 94, Ph.D, 95. 
Junior instr. math, Michigan, 95-99, senior 
instr, 99-03, asst. prof. math, and lecturer in- 
surance, 03- Math. Soc; Verein Versicherungs- 
wissensch. Theory of groups; partial differ- 
ential equations; asymptotes; graduation of 
mortality tables. Graduation of mortality 
tables and reduction of vital statistics. 

Goddard, Dr. P(liny) E(arle), 2523 Hilgard Ave, 
Berkeley, Cal. Ethnology. Lewiston, Me, Aug. 
24, 69. A.B, Earlham, 92, A.M, 96; Ph.D, 
California, 04. Asst. anthrop, California, 01- 
02, instr, 02- Anthrop. Ass ; Philol. Ass ; Folk- 
lore Soc. Phonetics and mechanical records of 
language. Phon logy of the Hupa language. 

Goessmann, Prof. Charles A(nthony), Amherst, 
Mass. *Chemistry. Naumburg, Germany, June 
13, 27. Ph.D, Gottingen, 52. Asst, Royal 
Chem. Lab, Gottingen, 51-57, lecturer chem. and 
pharmacy, 54-57; chemist and manager, sugar 
refinery, Phila, 57-60; chemist, Salt Co. of 
Onondaga, N. Y, 60-69; prof, physics and chem, 
Rensselaer, 60-63; chem, Mass. Agr. Col, 69-; 

chemist, Mass. State Board of Agr. and state 
inspector of commercial fertilizers, 73-; ana- 
lyst, State Board of Health, 87- Director and 
chemist, Mass. Agr. Exp. Sta, Amherst, 82-95; 
for. mem. Committee on Plant Food, Vienna 
Exhib, 90; hon. director, Hatch Exp. Sta, Mass. 
Agr. Col, 95-; hon. representative of U. S. 
Dept. Agr. to Germany, 99. Diploma from Con- 
gress, 93; LL.D, Amherst, 89. F.A.A; Chem. 
Soc. (pres, 87) ; Ass. Off. Agr. Chemists (chair- 
man, 81-82) ; Soc. Prom. Agr. Sci; Forestry 
Ass; Statist. Ass; Nat. Geog. Soc; Mass. Hort. 
Soc; hon. mem. N. Y. State Agr. Soc; Buffalo 
Nat. Hist. Soc; Erlangen Physik. und Med. 
Gesell. Sugar plants and manufacture of 
sugar; saline deposits and brines; stock feed- 
ing; growth and composition of plants; general 
agriculture. Chemistry of soils and plant foods 
as relating to the growth and composition of 

Gold, Theodore S(edgwick), West Cornwall, Conn. 
Agriculture. Madison, N. Y, March 2, 18. A.B, 
Yale, 38, A.M, 41. Connected with Cream Hill 
Agr. Sch, 45-69 ; sec'y, Conn. Board of Agr, 66- 
00; mem. Board of Control, Conn. Agr. Exp. 
Sta, 76-; trustee, Conn. Agr. Col. and Storrs 
Exp. Sta, 81-00. F.A.A; Forestry Ass; fel. 
Conn. Hist. Soc. (v. pres.). Agriculture. 

Golden, Miss K(atherine) E(liza), Purdue Univer- 
sity, Lafayette, Ind. Botany. Stratford, 
Can, April 29, 69. B.S, Purdue, 90, M.S, 92. 
Asst. botanist, Ind. Exp. Sta, 90-93; instr. 
biol, Purdue, 93-01, asst. prof, 01- Special 
lecturer, Training Sch. for Nurses, St. Eliza- 
beth Hosp, Lafayette, Ind. F.A.A; Forestry 
Ass; fel. Nat. Sci. Club; fel. Ind. Acad. Fer- 
mentation; structure of wood. Enzymes in 
cereals; structure of wood. 

Goldsborough, Prof. W(inder) E(lwell), 919 State 
St, Lafayette, Ind. Electrical engineering. 
Baltimore, Md, Oct. 10, 71. M.E, Cornell, 92. 
Adj. prof. elec. eng, Arkansas, 93; prof, Pur- 
due, 94- Chief, Dept. Elec, La. Purchase Ex- 
pos, 02; with J. G. White and Co, N. Y, 05. 
Knight of the Crown of Italy. Int. Elec. Cong, 
St. Louis, 04 (v. pres.). Elec. Eng. (v. pres.) ; 
Eng. Educ; Electrochem. Soc; British Inst. 
Elec. Eng. Electromagnetic phenomena. 

Goldschmidt, Dr. S(amuel) A(nthony), 43 Sedg- 
wick St, Brooklyn, N. Y. Chemistry. New 
York, N. Y, Sept. 17, 48. A.B, Col. City of 
N. Y, 68; E.M, Columbia, 71; Ph.D, Emory, 
75; A.M, Col. City of N. Y, 79. Pres, Colum- 
bia Chem. Works," 80- F.A.A; fel. Chem. Soc; 
fel. London Chem. Soc. 

Gomberg, Prof. Moses, S41 E. University Ave, Ann 
Arbor, Mich. *Chemistry. Elizabetgrad, Rus- 
sia, Feb. 8, 66. B.S, Michigan, 90, M.S, 92, 
Sc.D, 94; Munich, 96-97; Heidelberg, 97. In- 
str. chem, Michigan, 93-96, 97-99, asst. prof. 
org. chem, 99-02, junior prof, 02-04, prof, 04- 
F.A.A; Chem. Soc; Wash. Acad; Chem. Gesell. 
Tetraphenylmethane ; trivalent carbon. Triva- 
lent carbon; tetravalent oxygen. 



Gooch, Prof. F(rank) A(ustin), 291 Edwards St, 
New Haven, Conn. * Chemistry. Watertown, 
Mass, May 2, 52. A.B, Harvard, 72; Vienna, 
75-76 j A.M, Ph.D, Harvard, 77. Expert spe- 
cial agent of U. S. Geol. Surv, Tenth Census, 
79-81; chemist, Northern Transcont. Surv, 81- 
84; U. S. Geol. Surv, 84-86; prof, chem, Yale, 
85- Hon. A.M, Yale, 87. Nat. Acad; F.A.A; 
Chem. Soc; Am. Acad; Conn. Acad; N. Y. 
Acad; Wash. Philos. Soc; Chem. Gesell; etc. 
Inorganic and analytical chemistry. Analyti- 
cal methods. 

Goodale, Prof. George Lincoln, Cambridge, Mass. 
*Botany. Saco, Me, Aug. 3, 39. A.B, Am- 
herst, 60; M.D, Harvard, 63. Prof. mat. med. 
and nat. science, Bowdoin, 69-72; instr. hot, 
Harvard, 72-73, asst. prof, 73-78, prof, 78- 
Assoc. ed, ' Am. Jour, of Science,' 88- LL.D, 
Amherst, Bowdoin and Princeton. Nat. Acad; 
F.A.A. (v. pres, 89, pres, 90) ; Soc. Nat; Ass. 
Anat; Physiol. Soc; Am. Acad; Philos. Soc; 
hon. fel. N. Y. Acad; etc. Economic botany; 
improvement of useful plants and their prod- 
ucts; improvement in quality and increase in 
yield of products of industrial plants, especially 
at the Harvard Experiment Station in Cuba. 

Goodale, Dr. J(oseph) L(incoln), 397 Beacon St, 
Boston, Mass. Laryngology. Saco, Me, Jan. 
22, 68. A.B, Harvard, 89, A.M, M.D, 93. 
Asst. physician diseases of the throat, Mass. 
Gen. Hosp, 94; Boston Children's Hosp, 95. 
F.A.A; Ass. Path, and Bact; Laryngol. Ass; 
Am. Med. Ass; Mass. Med. Soc; Boston Soc. 
Med. Sci. Diseases of nose and throat. 
Pathology of the lymphoid tissue of the throat. 

Goode, Dr. J(ohn) Paul, University of Chicago, 
Chicago, Ills. Geography. Stewartville, Minn, 
Nov. 21, 62. B.S, Minnesota, 89; fellow, Chi- 
cago, 96-97; Ph.D, Pennsylvania, 01. Prof, 
nat. science, State Nor. Sch, Moorhead, Minn, 
89-98; physical science and geog, Eastern Ills. 
State Nor. Sch, 99-01; instr. geog, Pennsyl- 
vania, 01-03; asst. prof, Chicago, 03- Instr. 
physiog. and meteorol, Chicago, summers, 97- 
00, 02; co-editor, 'Jour, of Geog,' 01-04. 
F.A.A; Geog. Ass; Nat. Geog. Soc ; Minn. Acad; 
Phila. Geog. Soc; Chicago Geog. Soc. (pres, 
04). Geography; physiography; economic 
geography. Economic geography of America. 

Goode, Richard U(rquhart), U. S. Geological Sur- 
vey, Washington, D. C. Surveying, Geography. 
Bedford, Va, Dec. 8, 58. Virginia. Asst. 
engineer, Army Eng. Corps, 77-78; topog- 
rapher and geographer, U. S. Geol. Surv, 79- 
82; engineer and topographer, Northern Trans- 
cont. Surv, 82-84; topographer and geographer, 
U. S. Geol. Surv, S4- Engineer and astrono- 
mer, Panama Canal Co, 88. Nat. Geog. Soc. 
(chairman, Committee Tech. Meetings) ; Wash. 
Acad. Geography; topographic methods. 

Goodell, Geo(rge) A(rthur), 43 Curve St, Welles- 
ley, Mass. Chemistry. Westminster, Vt, 
Sept. 16, 71. A.B, Amherst, 94; A.M, Colum- 
bia, 98. Principal, Deerfield Acad, Mass, 95- 
97 ; asst. chem, Barnard, Columbia, 98-00, tutor, 

Col. Physicians and Surg, 00-04; instr, Welles- 
ley, Oh- Chem. Soc. Volumetric determination 
of lead. 

Goodenough, Prof. G(eorge) A(lfred), 607 W. 
Elm St, Urbana, Ills. Mechanical engineer- 
ing. Davison, Mich, May 3, 68. B.S, Mich. 
Agr. Col, 91; M.E, Illinois, 00. Instr. mech, 
Mich. Agr. Col, 91-93; mech. eng, Illinois, 95- 
97, asst. prof, 99- Math. Soc; Eng. Educ. 

Goodspeed, Dr. Arthur W(illis), 4325 Sansom St, 
Philadelphia, Pa. (Sept. to June) ; Hopkin- 
ton, N. H. ( June to Sept. ) . *Physics. Hop- 
kinton, Aug. 8, 60. A.B, Harvard, 84; Ph.D, 
Pennsylvania, 89. Asst. physics, Pennsylvania, 
84-85, instr, 85-89, asst. prof, 89-04, prof, 04- 
Mem. Jury of Awards, Nat. Export Expos, 99. 
F.A.A; Physical Soc; Philos. Soc. (sec'y, 00-); 
Am. Rontgen Ray Soc. (v. pres, 01-02, pres, 
02-03) ; N. H. Antiq. Soc. (v. pres, 96-) ; Lon- 
don Soc. Arts. Rontgen rays and their appli- 
cations. Constants of the induction coil; radio- 

Goodwin, Prof. H(arry) M(anley), 232 Townsend 
St, Boston, Mass. *Physics, Electrochemistry. 
Boston, April 18, 70. B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 
90; Ph.D, Leipzig, 94. Asst. physics, Mass. 
Inst. Tech, 90-92, instr, 92-97, asst. prof, 97- 
03, assoc. prof, 03- F.A.A; Physical Soc; 
Astron. and Astrophys. Soc; Electrochem. Soc; 
Am. Acad. Physical and electrochemical studies 
on the voltaic cell ; viscosity of mercury vapor ; 
vapor pressure determinations of certain ether 
solutions; electric conductivity of dilute acid 
solutions; dielectric constant of liquid am- 
monia; Billinger's method of absolute poten- 
tial measurements. Electrical conductivity of 
fused salts. 

Goodyear, W(illia)m H(enry), Museum, Eastern 
Parkway, Brooklyn, N. Y. History of art. 
New Haven, Conn, April 21, 46. A.B, Yale, 
67; Heidelberg, 68; Berlin, 68-69; Syria and 
Greece, 69; Italy, 70; Egypt and Greece, 91; 
Italy, 95, 01. Teacher hist, N. Y. private 
schools, 71-74; lecturer art hist, various insti- 
tutions, 74-; curator, Metropolitan Mus. of Art, 
81-88; curator fine arts, Mus. of Brooklyn Inst, 
99- Hon. A.M, Yale, 04. Hon. mem. Sect. 
Egyptol, Ninth Oriental Cong. F.A.A; fel. 
Ethnol. Soc; Archeol. Inst; cor. mem. Phila. 
Numis. and Antiq. Soc; Brooklyn Inst, (pres, 
Dept. Fine Arts, 04). Ancient, oriental, classic, 
medieval and renaissance periods for architec- 
ture, sculpture, painting and ornament. Id; 
medieval architectural refinements. 

Gordinier, Dr. H(ermon) C(amp), 89 Fourth St, 
Troy, N. Y. Medicine. Troy, May 21. 64. 
M.D, Albany Med. Col, 86; Prague, 89-90. 
Instr. physical diagnosis, Albany Med. Col, 
89-95, prof. anat. of the nervous system and 
physiol, 95- Physician, Samaritan Hosp. and 
Protestant Orphan Asylum, Troy. Hon. A.M, 
Williams. Am. Physicians; Neur. Ass; Am. 
Med. Ass; N. Y. State Med. Ass; N. Y. State 
Med. Soc. Neurology; neuropathology. 



Gordon, Prof. C(harles) H(enry), 5516 N. 14th 
Ave, Seattle, Wash. Geology, Petrography, 
Geography. Caledonia, N. Y, May 10, 57. B.S, 
Albion, 86, M.S, 90; Ph.D, Chicago, 95; Heidel- 
berg, 97-98. Teacher, pub. schools, Keokuk, la, 
87-90; instr. nat. hist, Acad, Northwestern, 
90-93; supt. schools, Beloit, Wis, 95-97; Lin- 
coln, Nebr, 99-03; lecturer sch. management, 
Nebraska, 00-03, geol. and petrog, 01-03; act- 
ing prof, geol, Washington (Seattle), 03-04; 
prof. geol. and miner, N. Mex. Sch. Mines, 04- 
05; asst. geologist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 05- Asst, 
Mo. Geol. Surv, 90-92; Iowa Geol. Surv, 93- 
95 ; Mich. Geol. Surv, 98-99. F.A.A ; Geol. Soc. 
Structure and classification of gneisses. Geo- 
logic formations and orogenesis in New Mexico; 
petrography of igneous rocks of New Mexico. 

Gordon, Prof. Clarence McC(heyne), Danville, Ky. 
Physical chemistry. Fannettsburg, Pa, April 
14, 70. A.B, Princeton, 91, fellow, 91-92, A.M, 
93; Ph.D, Gottingen, 97. Asst. physics, Wil- 
liams, 93-94, instr. physics and math, 94-95; 
asst. physical chem, Harvard, 97-98; prof, 
physics, Central Univ. of Ky, 98- M.A.A; 
Physical Soc; Electrochem. Soc. Polarization 
capacity; electromotive forces of fused salt 
cells. Polarization of aluminum electrodes. 

Gordon, Dr. Kate, Mt. Holyoke College, South 
Hadley, Mass. Psychology. Oshkosh, Wis, 
Feb. 18, 78. Ph.B, Chicago, 00, Ph.D, 03; Ass. 
Col. Alumnae fellow, 03-04. Instr. philos, Mt. 
Holyoke, 04-05, assoc. prof, psychol, 05- Mem- 
ory and attention; affective memory. Color 
vision of the peripheral retina. 

Gordy, Prof. J. P, New York University, Wash- 
ington Square, New York, N. Y. History, 
Education. Salisbury, Md, 52. Ph.D, Leip- 
zig, 84. Prof, pedag, Ohio (Athens), 85- 
95; educ, Ohio State, 95-00; hist, of educ, N. 
Y. Univ, 01- Ed, 'Jour, of Pedag,' 85-88. 
LL.D, Western Univ. of Pa. American history; 
philosophy; history of education. The place 
and function of imitation in human develop- 

Gore, Prof. James H(oward), 2210 R St, Wash- 
ington, D. C. Mathematics, Geodesy. Gore, 
Va, Sept. 18, 56. Richmond, 74-77; B.S. Co- 
lumbian, 77, Ph.D, 88 ; Leyden, Berlin and Brus- 
sels, 94, 98. Tutor math, George Washington, 
77-80, asst. prof, 80-82, prof, 82-02, head prof, 
02- Astronomer, U. S. Geol. Surv; civilian 
expert, U. S. Coast and Geod. Surv; pres, Jury, 
Columbian Expos, 93; Paris Expos, 00; com- 
missioner gen, expositions of Antwerp, Amster- 
dam and Brussels. G. Officier, Order of Leo- 
pold; Officier, Order of Wasa, White Elephant, 
Legion d'honneur and M6rite civile. Metrol. 
Soc. (sec'y) ; Wash. Acad. (v. pres.) ; Wash. 
Philos. Soc. (pres.) ; Dutch Acad; Imp. Russian 
Geog. Soc. Geodesy. Compilation of mathe- 
matical factors and formulas. 

Gore, John K(insey), 157 Cleveland St, Orange, 
N. J. Mathematics, Actuarial science. New- 
ark, N. J, Feb. 3, 64. A.B, Columbia, 83, A.M, 
86. Instr. math, and physics, Woodbridge Sch, 

N. Y, 84-91; mathematician, Prudential Ins. 
Co, 94, as3t. actuary, 95-97, actuary, 97- 
Math. Soc; Actuarial Soc. 
Gorham, Prof. F(rederic) P(oole), 151 Meeting St, 
Providence, R. I. Biology. Providence, April 
29, 71. A.B, Brown, 93, A.M, 94. Instr. biol, 
Brown, 93-00, asst. prof, 00-01, assoc. prof, 
01- Instr. econ. geol, Brown; geol. ed, 'Ob- 
server.' Soc. Nat; Soc. Bact. (sec'y and treas, 
04) ; Ass. Path, and Bact; Pub. Health Ass; 
Boston Soc. Med. Sci. Crustacean embryology; 
diphtheria bacillus; phosphorescent bacteria. 
Phosphorescent bacteria; diphtheria bacillus. 

Goss, Prof. W(illiam) F(reeman) M(yrick), 811 
Columbia St, Lafayette, Ind. Steam engineer- 
ing. Barnstable, Mass, Oct. 7, 59. Certificate, 
Mass. Inst. Tech, 79, 88-89. Instr. mech. arts, 
Purdue, 79-83, prof, practical mech, 83-90, exp. 
eng, 90-, dean, Sch. of Eng, 00- Assoc, ed, 
' Railroad. Gazette ' ; mem. Jury of Awards, 
Columbian Expos, 93. Hon. M.S, Wabash, 92; 
Eng. D, Illinois, 04. F.A.A; Mech. Eng. (mem. 
Council); Eng. Educ; Western Railway Club; 
Ind. Eng. Soc; Ind. Acad; Master Car Builders 
and Master Mechanics Ass. (mem. various com- 
mittees) ; Int. Ass. Testing Materials. Testing 
locomotives; car axles; friction brakes; freight 
cars; front-end arrangement of locomotives; 
economic value of higher steam pressures; etc. 

Gotthelf, Dr. August H(enry), Hastings -on-Hud- 
son, N. Y. Chemistry. New York, N. Y, Sept. 
7, 76. B.S, Columbia, 97, A.M, 98, Ph.D, 00. 
Chemist, U. S. Pharmacopoeia Revision Com- 
mittee on Inorganics, 02- Chem. Soc; Soc. 
Chem. Indust; Chem. Gesell. Action of nitrils 
on organic acids. 

Gottschalk, Prof. V(ictor) Hugo, Rolla, Mo. 
Chemistry. St. Louis, Mo, May 19, 78. B.S, 
Missouri, 98, M.S, 00; Harvard, summer, 00; 
Chicago, summer, 01; Cornell, 01-02. Asst, U. 
S. Assay Office, Kansas City, Mo, 98; Chem. 
Dept, Marion Sims Med. Col, 99; asst. chem, 
Missouri, 99-00, instr, 00-01, prof, and head of 
Dept, 01- Chem. Soc; St. Louis Chem ; Soc. 
New method for determination of aluminum; 
oxids of aluminum; vapor composition; action 
of Mg. and Ca salts on soap solution. Vapor 
composition; mathematical chemistry; velocity 
of reaction in the system ( CH 3 CO ) 2 + H,0 = 
2CH 3 COOH. 

Gould, Prof. Cha(rle)s N(ewton), Norman, Okla. 
Geology, Hydrology. Lower Salem, O, July 
22, 68. B.S, Southwest Kansas, 99; A.M, 
Nebraska, 00. Instr. geol, Oklahoma, 00-02, 
prof, 02-03, geol. and miner, 03-; res. hydrog- 
rapher, U. S. Geol. Surv, 02- M.A.A; Geol. 
Soc; Min. Eng; Kas. Acad. Geology and water 
resources of the southern part of the Great 
Plains. Water resources of the Panhandle of 
Texas; the gypsum deposits of Oklahoma and 
Texas; clays and building stones of Oklahoma 
and Indian Territory. 

Gould, Dr. Geo(rge) M(ilbry), 1722 Walnut St, 
Philadelphia, Pa. Biology, Ophthalmology. 
Auburn, Me, Nov. 8, 48. A.B, A.M, Ohio 



Wesleyan, 73; M.D, Jefferson Med. Col, 88. 
Practising ophthalmologist, 88- Ed, 'Am. Med,' 
' Biographic Clinics,' medical dictionaries, year 
books, text-books, etc. F.A.A; Ophthal. Soc; 
Am. Med. Ass; Phila. Col. Physicians. Medical 
ophthalmology, philology and biology; psy- 

Grabau, Dr. A(madeus) W(illiam), Columbia Uni- 
versity, New York, N. Y. * Paleontology, Stratig- 
raphy. Cedarburgh, Wis, Jan. 9. 70. B.S, 
Mass. Inst. Tech, 96; M.S, Harvard, 98, fellow, 
98-99, Sc.D, 00. Student asst. paleont, Mass. 
Inst. Tech, 92-96, instr. paleont. and asst. geol, 
96-97; instr. geol, Rensselaer, 99-00, prof, 00- 
01 ; lecturer paleont, Columbia, 01-02, adj. prof, 
02- Pub. guide and lecturer, Mus. of Boston 
Soc. Nat. Hist, 92-00; lecturer paleont, Tufts, 
00-01. F.A.A; Geol. Soc; fel. N. Y. Acad; 
Boston Soc. Nat. Hist. Succession of faunas in 
middle Devonic of United States; phylogeny of 
invertebrates, chiefly Gastropoda. Phylogeny 
of Gastropoda; Hamilton faunas of Michigan. 

Graber, Prof. M(yron) E(arl), Tiffin, O. Mathe- 
matics, Physics. Mt. Eaton, O, July 25, 80. 
A.B, Heidelberg (Ohio), 01, A.M, 04. Instr. 
math, Heidelberg (Ohio), 03-05, prof, physics, 
05- Math. Soc; Ohio Ass. Teachers Math, and 
Sci. Mathematical theory of projectiles; 
cyclidal surfaces. Non-analytical functions in 
mathematics and physics. 

Graham, James C (handler), Andover, Mass. 
Geology, Chemistry. Brooklyn, N. Y, June 14, 
68. B.S, Wesleyan, 90, grad. student, 90-93. 
Instr. chem, Phillips Acad, 93- Asst, U. S. 
Geol. Surv, 90-91. MA. A. Sand transporta- 
tion; artificial geysers. 

Graham, Prof. John Y(oung), University, Ala. 
Biology. Montgomery, N. Y, Dec. 31, 69. B.S, 
Princeton, 92, M.S, 94; Ph.D, Munich, 97. 
Prof, biol, Alabama, 97- Boston Soc. Nat. 
Hist. Trichina spiralis. Trematodes parasitic 
in the oyster. 

Graham, Dr. R(obert) O(rlando), 1108 N. East St, 
Bloomington, Ills. Chemistry. Petersburg, Pa, 
Jan. 10, 53. A.B, Amherst, 77, A.M, 81 ; Ph.D, 
Hopkins, 88. Prof, chem, Westminster (Pa.), 
78-87 ; Ills. Wesleyan, 88- Chemist, Funk Corn 
and Seed Co; chairman, City Water Board and 
Council Light Committee. Chem. Soc. Diazo 
compounds. Experiments to increase protein 
and fats in corn. 

Graham, Dr. W(illiam) P(ratt), 504 University 
Place, Syracuse, N. Y. Physics, Electrical en- 
gineering. Oswego, N. Y, Nov. 24, 71. B.S, 
Syracuse, 93 ; Ph.D, Berlin, 97 ; Darmstadt 
Polytech, 97-98. Assoc, prof. elec. eng, Syra- 
cuse, 98-01, prof, 01- Assoc. Elec. Eng; Math. 
Gesell. Distribution of potential in vacuum 
tubes. Nature of the electric spark. 

Grant, Prof. U(lysses) S(herman), Evanston, Ills. 
*Geology. Moline. Ills, Feb. 14, 67. B.S, 
Minnesota, 88; Ph.D, Hopkins, 93. Asst. state 
geologist, Minn, 93-99; instr. geol, Minnesota, 
97-98 ; prof. geol. and curator, Mus, Northicest- 
ern, 99- Assoc, ed, 'Am. Geologist,' 97-; geol- 

ogist, Wis. Geol. and Nat. Hist. Surv, 99-; U. 
S. Geol. Surv, 04- F.A.A; Geol. Soc; Min. 
Eng. General petrographic and economic geol- 
ogy especially of the iron and copper districts 
of the Lake Superior region; geology and ore 
deposits of the lead and zinc district of south- 
west Wisconsin. Copper deposits of Prince 
William Sound, Alaska. 

Granville, Dr. W(illiam) A(nthony), 118 Howe St, 
New Haven, Conn. Mathematics. White Rock, 
Minn, Dec. 16, 63. Ph.B, Yale, 93, Ph.D, 97. 
Instr. math, Sheffield Sci. Sch, Yale, 93- 
M.A.A; Math. Soc. Group theory; designed 
polar coordinate plotting paper; differential 
and integral calculus. 

Gratacap, L(ouis) P(ope), West New Brighton, 
Staten Island, N. Y. Conchology, Mineralogy. 
Brooklyn, N. Y, Nov. 1, 51. A.B, A.M, Col. 
City of N. Y, 69; Ph.B, Columbia, 76. Chem- 
ist, Metropolitan Gas Co, N. Y, 78-81; asst. 
curator, Am. Mus. Nat. Hist, 81-00, curator, 
00- F.A.A; Soc. Nat; N. Y. Miner. Club; 
Staten Isl. Nat. Sci. Ass. General mineralogy 
and conchology; museum data. Mineral dis- 
tribution; limits of endurance of life in saline 

Grave, Dr. Caswell, Woman's College, Baltimore, 
Md. *Zoology. Monrovia, Ind, Jan. 24, 70. 
B.S, Earlham, 95; Ph.D, Hopkins, 99, A. T. 
Bruce fellow, 99-01. Temporary asst, U. S. 
Fish Commission, 99-00; asst. zool, Hopkins, 
01-02, assoc, 02-06; director, Beaufort Lab, 
Bur. of Fisheries, 02-; prof, biol, Woman's Col. 
of Baltimore, 06- Instr. invert, zool, Woods 
Hole, 01. Soc. Zool; Fisheries Soc. Embry- 
ology of echinoderms; experimental oyster cul- 
ture. Metamorphosis and organogeny of Mel- 
lita pentapora; Ophiura brevispina; taxonomy 
of Beaufort echinoderms. 

Graves, Prof. Henry S(olon), 68 Trumbull St, 
New Haven, Conn. Forestry. Marietta, O, 
May 3, 71. A.B, Yale, 92; Harvard, 94-95; 
Munich, 95-96. Asst. chief, Div. Forestry, U. 
S. Dept. Agr, 98-00; prof, forestry and direc- 
tor, Yale Forest Sch, 00- Hon. A.M, Yale, 01. 
Soc. Foresters ; Conn. Acad ; Wash. Acad. White 

Gray, Prof. Thomas, 802 Chestnut St, Terre 
Haute, Ind. Physics, Dynamics. Lochgelly, 
Scotland, Feb. 4, 50. B.S, Glasgow, 78. Instr. 
exp. physics and elec. eng, Eng. Col, Tokyo, 
Japan, 78-81; asst. to Lord Kelvin, 81-88; prof, 
dynamic eng, Rose, 88-96, v. pres. and director, 
Dept. of Mech. and Elec. Eng, 96- F.A.A. 
(sec'y, D, 90, v. pres, 91); Physical Soc; 
various state and eng. societies; Wash. Acad; 
British Ass; fel. Edinburgh Royal Soc. Mag- 
netic properties of iron and steel; electric re- 
sistance and capacity of dielectrics; effect of 
strain on electrical resistance of metals; dielec- 
tric strengths; electrochemical equivalents of 
copper and silver; electric units; earthquakes; 
elasticity of metals; engineering. Poisson's 
ratio; capacity of dielectrics; friction of sliding 
and rolling; viscosity of lubricants. 



Greata, Louis A(ugustin), Los Angeles, Cal. Bot- 
any. London, England, March 13, 57. Pri- 
vate schools. Flora of Los Angeles and vicin- 
ity. Tribal character in the style-branches of 
the Compositae; flora of Colorado Desert. 

Greely, Gen. A(dolphus) W(ashington), U. S. A, 
1914 G St, Washington, D. C. Meteorology, 
Electricity. Newburyport, Mass, March 27, 44. 
Pub. high schools. All grades, Signal Corps of 
the Army, U. S. Weather Service, 70-91; brig, 
gen. and chief signal officer, U. S. A, 87- Polar 
exploration. Gold medals, Eoyal Geog. Soc. 
and French Geog. Soc. Philos. Soc; mem. Inst. 
Colonial Int. American weather; meteorology 
and electricity as applied to war. 

Green, Prof. Arthur L(awrence), Lafayette, Ind. 
Chemistry. Newark, 0, Sept. 18, 57. Ph.C, 
Michigan, 82; Ph.D, Franklin; M.D, Ind. Med. 
Col. Asst. chem, Michigan, 82-86; prof. chem. 
and dean, Sch. Pharmacy, Purdue, 88- F.A.A; 
Ind. Pharmaceut. Ass. (pres, 87). 

Green, Bernard R(ichardson), 1738 N St, Wash- 
ington, D. C. Mechanics, Engineering. Mai- 
den, Mass, Dec. 28, 43. B.S, Harvard, 63. Asst. 
engineer, sea coast fortifications and other 
works, 63-76; in charge construction of many 
govt, buildings, 77-; supt, Gong. Library Build- 
ing and Grounds. F.A.A; Civil Eng. (director, 
94-F6); Wash. Acad; Wash. Philos. Soc. Ap- 
plied mechanics. 

Green, Dr. Charles M(ontraville), 78 Marlborough 
St, Boston, Mass. Obstetrics, Gynecology. 
Medford, Mass, Dec. 18, 50. A.B, Harvard, 74, 
M.D, 77 ; Vienna, 79. Asst. obstet, Harvard 
Med. Sch, 83-86, instr, 86-94, asst. prof, 94- 
04, assoc. prof, obstet. and clin. gynec, 0%- 
Sec'y, Faculty of Med, Harvard, 97-; visiting 
physician diseases of women, Boston City 
Hosp; asst. visiting physician, Boston Lying- 
in Hosp. Fel. Gynec. Soc; Mass. Med. Soc. 
(v. pres, 99) ; Boston Obstet. Soc. (pres, 93- 
95) ; Boston Soc. Med. Improv. (pres, 04, 05). 
Obstetrics ; gynecology. 

Green, Prof. J(erome) J(oseph), Notre Dame, Ind. 
Physics, Electrical engineering. Somerset, O, 
Dec. 26, 66. M.E, Ohio State, 93. Expert test- 
ing electrical apparatus, Bureau of Awards, 
Chicago Expos, 93; chief instr, Nat. Sch. Elec, 
Chicago, 95; prof, physics and elec. eng, Notre 
Dame, 95- Int. Elec. Cong, St. Louis, 04. 
M.A.A; Nat. Elec. Light Ass; Central Ass. Sci. 
and Math. Teachers. Wireless telegraphy; the 
alternating arc. 

Green, Prof. R(ufus) L(ot), Stanford University, 
Cal. Mathematics. Rush Co, Ind, March 3, 
62. Indiana, 79-81; Cornell, 81-83; B.S, In- 
diana, 85; Hopkins, 87-88; AM, Indiana, 89. 
Instr. math, Indiana, 85-86, assoc. prof, 86-88, 
prof, pure math, 88-93 ; assoc. prof, math, Stan- 
ford, 93-94, prof, 9> t - Math. Soc. 

Green, Prof. Samuel B(owdlear), 2095 Common- 
wealth Ave, St. Paul, Minn. Horticulture, 
Forestry. Chelsea, Mass, Sept. 15, 59. B.S, 
Mass. Agr. Col, 79; Germany, 00. Prof, hort, 

Minnesota, 88-9S, hort. and forestry, 98- 
Assoc. ed, ' Farm and Fireside,' 88- Soc. 
Hort. Sci; Minn. Hort. Soc. (sec'y, 90-). Hor- 
ticulture; vegetable gardening; forestry in Min- 

Greene, Prof. Arthur M(aurice), Jr, University of 
Missouri, Columbia, Mo. Mechanical engineer- 
ing. Philadelphia, Pa, Feb. 4, 72. B.S, Penn- 
sylvania, 93, M.E, 94. Instr, Drexel Inst, 94- 
95; mech. eng, Pennsylvania, 95-02; prof, Mis- 
souri, 02- Asst. engineer, Phila. Traction Co, 
93, 97, 98, 04; mech. engineer and chairman of 
Group Jury, Nat. Export Expos, 99. F.A.A; 
Mech. Eng; Eng. Educ; Franklin Inst. 

Greene, Dr. Cha(rle)s Lyman, 150 Lowry Arcade, 
St. Paul, Minn. Medicine. Gray, Me, Sept. 
21, 62. M.D, Minnesota, 90; externe, Great 
Ormond St. Hosp. for Children, London, 90-91; 
Hopkins, 93; Harvard, 94, 95, 97; London, 02. 
House physician, City and County Hosp, St. 
Paul, 89-90; instr. applied anat, Minnesota, 
91-93, physical diagnosis and clin. med, 93-97, 
clin. prof. med. and physical diagnosis, 97-03, 
prof, theory and practise of med, 03- Med. 
director, Minn. Mutual Life Ins. Co, 82-04; 
Minn. State Board of Health; attending physi- 
cian, St. Luke's Hosp, City Hosp. and St. Paul's 
Free Dispensary; trustee, St. Luke's Hosp. 
M.A.A; Am. Physicians; Nat. Ass. for Study 
and Prevention of Tuberculosis; Minn. Acad. 
Med. New method for controlling persistent 
vomiting; the Widal reaction; the diazo reac- 
tion; new fluoroscopic and percussion signs in 
unilateral pleuritic effusion; hydrotherapy in 
the treatment of heart disease; aneurism of the 
aortic arch in its earlier stages. 

Greene, Prof. Charles W(ilson), State University, 
Columbia, Mo. *Physiology. Crawford Co, 
Ind, Aug. 12, 66. A.B, Stanford, 92, A.M. 93; 
Ph.D, Hopkins, 98. Instr. physiol, Stanford, 93- 
98, asst. prof, 98-00; prof, physiol. and Phar- 
macol, Missouri, 00- Instr. zool, Woods Hole, 
96-97, physiol, 00; special investigation physiol. 
of salmon, U. S. Fish Commission, 01, 02, 04. 
F.A.A; Physiol. Soc. Structure and functions 
of phosphorescent organs in fishes; influence of 
inorganic salts on cardiac tissues; the circula- 
tory system of hag-fishes. Physiological 
changes in breeding salmon; limits of change in 
osmotic pressure of blood and other animal 

Greene, Dr. Edw(ard) L(ee), National Museum, 
Washington, D. C. *Botany. Hopkinton, R. 
I, Aug. 20, 43. Ph.B, Albion, 66. Instr. bot. 
and German, Albion Acad, Wis, 68; bot, Jarvis 
Hall, Golden City, Colo, 71-72; lecturer, Cali- 
fornia, 82-83, instr, 85-87, asst. prof, 87-88, 
assoc. prof, 88-90, prof, 90-95; Catholic, 95-04; 
assoc. bot, U. S. Nat. Mus, 0k~ LL.D, Notre 
Dame, 95. Bot. Soc; Nat. Geog. Soc; Pacific 
Geog. Soc; Cal. Acad; Torrey Bot. Club; Wash. 
Acad; Wash. Biol. Soc; Phila. Acad; Brooklyn 
Inst. North American plant geography; sys- 
tematic botany; history of North American 



Greenman, Dr. Jesse More, Field Columbian Mu- 
seum, Chicago, Ills. *Botany. North East, Pa, 
Dec. 27, 67. B.S, Pennsylvania, 93; M.S, Har- 
vard, 99, John Thornton Kirkland fellow, 99- 
01; Ph.D, Berlin, 01. Asst. bot, Pennsylvania, 
90-93; asst, Gray Herbarium, Harvard, 94-98, 
instr. bot. and asst, Gray Herbarium, 02-05; 
asst. curator, Dept. Bot, Field Columbian Mus, 
05- F.A.A; Soc. Plant Morph. and Physiol; 
New Eng. Bot. Club; Boston Soc. Nat. Hist. The 
flora of Mexico and western United States. 
North American species of the genus Senecio; 
flora of Mexico. 

Greenman, Dr. M(ilton) J (ay), 3618 Woodland 
Ave, Philadelphia, Pa. Anatomy. North East, 
Pa, June 14, 66. Ph.B, Pennsylvania, 89, M.D, 
92. With Dept. Scientific Inquiry, TJ. S. Fish 
Commission, 88-; instr. biol, Pennsylvania, 89- 
91; asst. director, Wistar Inst, 92-05, director, 
05- Ass. Anat; Philos. Soc; Phila. Acad. Pla- 
centation of mammals; museum administration 
and technique. New methods of exhibiting 
anatomical specimens. 

Greenwood, Prof. G(eorge) W(illiam), Lebanon, 
Ills. Mathematics. Pittsburg, Pa, March 10, 
75. A.B, Oxford, 00, A.M, 04. Prof. math, 
and astron, McKendree, 00- M.A.A; Math. 
Soc; Oxford Math. Soc; Central Ass. Science 
and Math. Teachers. 

Gregg, Dr. W(illia)m H(enry), Port Chester, 
N. Y. Zoology. Elmira, N. Y, Aug. 3, 30. 
M.D, Col. Physicians and Surg, N. Y, 55. Ex- 
aminer of drugs and chemicals, Port of N. Y, 
83, asst. appraiser, 84. M.A.A. Zoology of 
central New York. Chemistry of coal-tar and 
its derivatives. 

Gregory, Dr. Emily Ray, Wells College, Aurora, 
N. Y. Zoology. Philadelphia, Pa, Nov. 1, 
63. A.B, Wellesley, 85; fellow, Pennsyl- 
vania, 92-93; Woods Hole, 93-95; A.M, Penn- 
sylvania, 96; Chicago, 95-97, fellow, 97-99, 
Ph.D, 99; scholar, Am. Woman's Table, Naples 
Zool. Sta, 99-00. Teacher, Mrs. Mitchell's Sch. 
for Girls, Phila, 85-86; private teacher, 86-87; 
teacher, Misses Case and Hallowell's Sch, 87- 
88; proof-reader, Am. Acad. Polit. and Social 
Sci, 90-91; teacher, Home Sch. for Girls, Balti- 
more, 93-94; Milwaukee Col, 94-95; asst. zool, 
Chicago, 97-99; prof, biol, Wells, 01- F.A.A; 
Wash. Biol. Soc. Origin of the pronephrie duct 
in selachians; development of the excretory sys- 
tem in turtles. Echinarachnius parma. 

Gregory, Prof. Herbert E(rnest), Yale University, 
New Haven, Conn. Physiography. Middle- 
ville, Mich, Oct. 15, 69. A.B, Yale, 96, Ph.D, 
99. Instr. physical geog, Tale, 99-01, asst. 
prof, physiog, 01-04, Silliman prof, geol, 04- 
Asst. geologist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 00-; assoc. ed, 
'Am. Jour. Sci.' F.A.A; Geol. Soc; Geog. Ass; 
Nat. Geog. Soc. Glacial geology. Geology of 

Griffin, Prof. Edward H(errick), 1027 N. Calvert 
St, Baltimore, Md. Philosophy. Williams- 
town, Mass, Nov. 18, 43. A.B, Williams, 62; 
Princeton and Union Theol. Seminaries, 63-67. 

Prof. Latin, Williams, 72-81, rhetoric, 81-86, 
philos, 86-89; hist, of philos. and dean of 
Col. Faculty, Hopkins, 89- D.D, Amherst, 80; 
LL.D, Princeton, 88; Williams, 05. Philos. 
Ass; Psychol. Ass. 

Griffin, Prof. Jno. (John) J(oseph), Catholic Uni- 
versity of America, Washington, D. C. Chemistry. 
Corning, N. Y, June 24, 59. A.B, Ottawa, 81, 
A.M, 83; Ph.D, Hopkins, 95. Instr. physics, 
Ottawa, 83-86; chem, St. Thomas Aquinas Col, 
Cambridgeport, Mass, 86-87; prof, Ottawa, 87- 
90; Catholic, 95-, dean, Faculty of Philos, 
OS- Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; Chem. 
Gesell; Electrochem. Gesell. Decomposition 
of diazo compounds; metatoluene sulphonie 
acid. Synthesis of organic compounds, starting 
with acetylene. 

Griffin, Prof. Lawrence E(dmonds), 220 E. Vest 
St, Marshall, Mo. Zoology. Dalton, N. Y, 
Sept. 10, 74. A.B, Ph.B, Hamline, 95; Minne- 
sota, 95-98; Ph.D, Hopkins, 00. Instr. biol, 
Col. for Women, Western Reserve, 00-02; prof, 
Missouri Valley, 02- Research asst, Carnegie 
Inst, 04-05. Soc. Zool. Anatomy of Nautilus 
pompilius. Histology of Nautilus pompilius. 

Griffin, Martin L(uther), Mechanicsville, N. Y. 
Chemistry. Northampton, Mass, May 21, 59. 
A.B, Amherst, 83, A.M, 86. Professional chem- 
ist, Holyoke, Mass, 83-92 ; chem. expert, W. Va. 
Pulp and Paper Co, 92- Chem. Soc; Electro- 
chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; Min. Eng; 
Franklin Inst. Production of pulp and paper; 
water and sewage treatment. Trades waste; 

Griffith, Prof. H(erbert) E(ugene), Galesburg, 
Ills. Chemistry. Titusville, Pa, Jan. 1, 66. 
Ills. Wesleyan, 83-84; B.S, Northwestern, 92; 
Hopkins, 96-97. Instr. physics and chem, 
High Sch, Moline, Ills, 92-94; Oak Park, Ills, 
94-96; prof, chem, Knox, 97- M.A.A; Chem. 

Griffiths, Dr. David, Takoma Park, D. C. *Botany. 
Abaristwyth, Wales, Aug. 16, 67. B.S, S. Dak. 
Agr. Col, 92, M.S, 93; Ph.D, Columbia, 00. 
Teacher sciences, High Sch, Aberdeen, S. Dak, 
93-98; prof, bot, Arizona, and botanist, Ariz. 
Exp. Sta, 00-01; asst, Div. Agrost, TJ. 8. Dept. 
Agr, 01- F.A.A; assoc. Bot. Soc; Mycol. Soc; 
Nat. Geog. Soc; Wash. Bot. Soc; Wash. Acad; 
Torrey Bot. Club. North American Lordaria- 
ceae. Certain groups of grasses; forage plants. 

Grimsley, Prof. G(eorge) P(erry), Morgantown, 
W. Va. Geology, Mineralogy. Granville, O, 
Feb. 21, 68. A.B, Ohio State, 90, A.M, 91; 
Ph.D, Hopkins, 94; Stanford, 01. Asst. geol, 
Ohio State, 90-91; asst. geologist, Ohio Geol. 
Surv, 90-93; Kas. Geol. Surv, 95-03; prof. geol. 
and nat. hist, Washburn, 95-04; asst. state 
geologist, W. Va. Geol. Surv, 04- Geologist, 
Kas. State Board of Agr, 96-; chief, Miner. 
Div, Kas. Mid-Winter Expos, 02; Kas. Mineral 
Exhibit, La. Purchase Expos, 04. F.A.A; Geol. 
Soc; Nat. Geog. Soc; Kas. Acad; Wash. Geol. 
Soc. Gypsum; cements; clays; gas and oil; 
rocks. Gypsum deposits of Michigan; clay in- 



dustry of Kansas; clay industry of West 

Grindley, Dr. H(arry) S(ands), 918 W. Green St, 
Urbana, Ills. Chemistry. Champaign, Ills, 
April 13, 64. B.S, Illinois, 88; Morgan fellow, 
Harvard, 93-94, Sc.D, 94. Instr. chem, Illinois, 
88-92; asst, Harvard, 92-93; asst. prof, Illinois, 
94-99, assoc. prof, 99-04, prof, and director, 
Chem. Lab, 04- F.A.A; Chem. Soc. Chem- 
istry and nutritive value of meats; action of 
alcoholates and mercaptids upon quinones. 
Chemistry and nutritive value of meats and 
meat products; action of mercaptids upon 
quinones; the proteids, phosphorus compounds 
and mineral constituents of flesh. 

Grinnell, Dr. Geo(rge) Bird, 346 Broadway, New 
York, N. Y. Ethnology. Brooklyn, N. Y, Sept. 
20, 49. A.B, Yale, 70, Ph.D, 80. Asst. osteol, 
Peabody Mus, New Haven, Conn, 74-80; pres. 
and director of various business corporations, 
80- Co-editor, 'Forest and Stream,' 80- 
F.A.A; fel. Ethnol. Soc; Folk-lore Soc; Wash. 
Anthrop. and Biol. Societies; N. Y. Acad. His- 
tory and habits of the plains Indians. Chey- 
enne Indians. 

Grinnell, Prof. Joseph, 572 N. Marengo Ave, Pasa- 
dena, Cal. Ornithology, Biology. Okla, Feb. 
27, 77. A.B, Throop, 97; A.M, Stanford, 
01. Instr. ornith, Hopkins Lab, Stanford, 
01-02; biol, High Sch, Palo Alto, 01-03; prof, 
Throop, 05- Ed, ' The Condor.' Fel. Ornith. 
Union; Cal. Acad; Cooper Ornith. Club (pres, 
00-01). Distribution of birds; variation in 
birds. Distribution of birds in California. 

Griswold, W(illiam) T(udor), U. S. Geological Sur- 
vey, Washington, D. C. Engineering. Brook- 
lyn, N. Y, Oct. 15, 59. M.E, Columbia, 81. 
Senola and Durango R. R, Mex, 81-83; unth 
U. S. Geol. Surv, 83- Min. Eng. Topography ; 
geology of petroleum. 

Groat, Prof. B(enjamin) F(eland), University of 
Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. Mathematics, 
Physics. Hannibal, Mo, Oct. 18, 67. B.S. in 
eng, Minnesota, 01. Instr. physics, Minnesota, 
94-95, math, and mech, Sch. of Mines, 98-01, 
asst. prof, in charge of Dept, 01-05, prof. mech. 
and math, 05- F.A.A; Math. Soc; Eng. Educ. 
Mathematics; mechanics; hydraulics; engineer- 

Grosvenor, Gilbert H(ovey), 1328 18th St, Wash- 
ington, D. C. Geography. Constantinople, 
Turkey, Oct. 28, 75. A.B, Amherst, 97, A.M, 
01. Instr. math, and modern languages, Engle- 
wood Acad, N. J, 97-99; asst. ed, ''Nat. Geog. 
Magazine,' 99-00, managing and assoc. ed, 00- 
03, ed, 03- M.A.A; Nat. Geog. Soc; Forestry 
Ass; Social Sci. Ass; Am. Hist. Ass. Com- 
mercial, political, physical and historical geog- 

Grout, Dr. A(bel) J(oel), 360 Lenox Road, Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. Botany. Newfane, Vt, March 24, 
67. Ph.B, Vermont, 90; Ph.D, Columbia, 97. 
Instr. science, State Nor. Sch, Johnson, Vt, 93- 
95; Plymouth, N. H, 97-99; Boys' High Sch, 

Brooklyn, N. Y, 99- Curator, Bot. Dept, Mus. 
of Brooklyn Inst, 99-03 ; ed, ' Bryologist.' 
F.A.A. Taxonomy of mosses; moss peristomes; 
adaptations of moss peristomes for spore dis- 

Grover, Prof. F(rederick) O(rville), 240 Elm St, 
Oberlin, O. Botany. Bangor, Me, July 31, 68. 
A.B, Dartmouth, 90, A.M, 93; A.B, Harvard, 
95, Morgan fellow, 95-96, A.M, 96. Instr. 
math, St. James Mil. Acad, Macon, Mo, 90-92; 
Greek and math, Western Mil. Acad, Upper 
Alton, Ills, 92-94; asst. bot, Harvard, 95-96, 
Radcliffe, 95-97; assoc. prof, Oberlin, 98-00, 
prof, 00- M.A.A; Soc. Nat; New Eng. Bot. 
Club; Ohio Acad. 

Gruener, Prof. Hippolyte, 43 Knox St, Cleveland, 
O. Chemistry. New Haven, Conn, Feb. 23, 69. 
A.B, Yale, 91, Ph.D, 93; Munich, 94-95. In- 
str. science, Hill Sch, Pottstown, Pa, 93-94; 
instr. chem, Adelbert Col, Western Reserve, 
95-03, assoc. prof, Col. for Women, 98-, asst. 
prof, Adelbert Col, 03- F.A.A; Chem. Soc; 
Cleveland Chem. Soc; Chem. Gesell. Analytical 
methods, especially iodometric. 

Grunsky, C(arl) E(wald), San Francisco, Cal. 
Civil engineering. San Joaquin Co, Cal, April 
4, 55. Polytech, Stuttgart, 77. Asst. state en- 
gineer, Cal, 78-87 ; mem. Exam. Commission 
Rivers and Harbors, 89-90; Sewerage Board, 
San Francisco, 92-93; consulting engineer to 
commissioner of public works, Cal, 94; city en- 
gineer, San Francisco, 00-04; Isthmian Canal 
Commission, 04-05 ; consulting engineer, U. S. 
Reclamation Service, 05- Civil Eng; Pacific 
Coast Tech. Soc. (pres, 94-95) ; Cal. Acad. 
(Board of Trustees) ; San Francisco Mech. 
Inst. Irrigation; drainage; sewerage; water 
supply and power. Municipal water supply for 
San Francisco. 

Gudeman, Dr. Edward, 4856 Forestville Ave, Chi- 
cago, Ills. Chemistry. New York, N. Y, Jan. 
25, 65. Ph.B, Columbia, 87; Berlin, 87-88; 
Gottingen, 88-89; fellow, Columbia, 89-90, 
Ph.D, 90. In charge, Dept. Chem. and Dyeing, 
Pa. Mus. and Sch. of Indust. Art, 90-91; pro- 
fessional chemist, 91-00; consulting chemist 
and chemical engineer, 00- Chem. Soc; Soc. 
Chem. Indust. Chemical technology; food 
products. Coloring and action of preservatives 
in food products ; composition and analyses of 
vinegars, sugars, starch and alcoholic beverages. 

Guiteras, Dr. Juan, Hospital Las Animas, Havana, 
Cuba. Tropical diseases. Matanzas, Cuba, 
Jan. 4, 52. A.B, Matanzas Col, La Empresa, 
67; M.D, Ph.D, Pennsylvania, 73. Prof. gen. 
path, and tropical med, Havana, 00-, dean, Med. 
Faculty, 05-; director, Las Animas Hosp, 03- 
Pres, Board for Infectious Diseases, 02-; mem. 
Nat. Board of Health, Cuba, 03-; pres, Second 
Med. Cong, of Cuba, 05; v. pres, Conf. of N. A. 
Boards of Health; mem. Exec. Committee, 
Sanit. Cong, of Am. Republics, 02. Am. Phy- 
sicians; Pub. Health Ass. (v. pres.) ; Phila. Col. 
Physicians; Havana Acad, de Cienc. Med. Fis. y 
Nat; Havana Soc. de Estudios Clinicos. Yel- 



low fever; filaria; uncinariasis. Yellow fever; 
secondary infection by Shiga's bacillus in yel- 
low fever; duration of life of the stegomyia 
fasciata; frequency of neuritis in the tropics. 

Gulick, Rev. John T (nomas), 904 Filbert St, Oak- 
land, Cal. Biology. Waimea, Kanai, H. I, 
March 13, 32. A.B, Williams, 59; Union Theol. 
Sem, 59-61. Missionary of Am. Board, in 
North China, 64-75 ; in Kobe and Osaka, Japan, 
75-99. Hon. A.M, Williams; Ph.D, Adelbert, 
89; Sc.D, Oberlin, 05. Soc. Zool; Econ. Ass. 
Achatinella; variation of species as related to 
geographical distribution; divergent evolution 
through cumulative segregation and through in- 
tensive segregation; cross-infertility; utility of 
specific characters; evolution, racial and habitu- 
dinal. Social problems. 

Gulliver, Dr. F(rederic) P(utnam), Norwich, Conn. 
(June to Oct.) ; Southboro, Mass. (Oct. to 
June). Geology. Norwich, Aug. 30, 65. 
Mass. Inst. Tech, 83-86; A.B, Harvard, 93, 
A.M, 94, Ph.D, 96; Berlin, 96; Vienna, 97. 
Asst. topographer and later topographer, U. S. 
Geol. Surv, 86-91, asst. geologist, 94; science 
master, St. Mark's Sch, 97- Assoc, ed, Geol. 
Dept, ' Centralblatt,' 00- F.A.A. (sec'y, E, 02) ; 
Geol. Soc; Geog. Ass; Nat. Geog. Soc; Berlin 
Gesell. fiir Erdkunde. Development of shore- 
lines ; glacial forms ; tidal scour and deposits ; 
tepee buttes. Recent changes in shore-lines; 
glacial deposits; laboratory exercises in physi- 

Gulliver, Pres. Julia H(enrietta), Rockford Col- 
lege, Rockford, Ills. Philosophy. Norwich, 
Conn, July 30, 56. A.B, Smith, 79, Ph.D, 88; 
Leipzig, 92-93. Head, Dept. Philos. and Bib- 
lical Lit, Rockford, 90-. pres, 02- Philos. Ass; 
Religious Educ. Ass; Psychol. Ass. (N. Central 
Sect. ) . Psychology of dreams ; the subconscious 
self ; pedagogy. 

pummere, Prof. Henry V(olkmar), 229 S. 44th St, 
Philadelphia, Pa. Mathematics. Philadelphia, 
March 20, 70. B.S, Haverford, 88, A.M, 89; 
A.M, Harvard, 90, grad. student, 90-91, 92-93, 
98-99. Instr. math, Swarthmore, 93-98; prof. 
math, and physics, Ursinus, 99-04; math, 
Drexel Inst, 0k~ M.A.A; Math. Soc. 

Gundersen, Dr. C(arl), Agricultural College, Mich. 
Mathematics. Krageroe, Norway, Jan. 10, 64. 
A.B, Stanford, 97; A.M, Columbia, 99, fellow, 
99-00, hon. fellow, 00-01, Ph.D, 02. Instr. 
math, Rugley Mil. Acad, N. Y, 02; prof, La 
Grange, 02-04; instr, Mich. Agr. Col, 0^- 
Math. Soc. The content or measure of as- 
semblages of points. 

Gurley, W(illia)m F(rank) E(ugene) (Reed), 6151 
Lexington Ave, Chicago, Ills. Paleontology. 
Oswego, N. Y, June 5, 54. Cornell, 73-75. 
State geologist, Ills, 93-97; curator paleont, 
Chicago, 00- Geol. Soc; cor. mem. Imp. 
Austrian Royal Geol. Soc. Paleozoic paleontol- 

Guthe, Prof. K(arl) E(ugen), University of Iowa, 
Iowa City, la. *Physics. Hanover, Germany, 

March 5, 66. Marburg, 87-89; Strasburg, 89- 
91; Ph.D, Marburg, 92; Berlin, 00-01. Science 
teacher, Strasburg, 89-91; instr. physics, Michi- 
gan, 93-00, asst. prof, 00-03; asst. physicist, 
Bur. Standards, 03-04, assoc. physicist, 04-05; 
prof, physics and head, Dept. Physics, Iowa, 05- 
F. A. A ; Physical Soc ; Wash. Philos. Soc ; Physik. 
Gesell. Polarization of cells; redetermination 
of electrical units; coherer; theory of the alu- 
minium rectifier; silver voltameter. 

Guyer, Prof. Michael F(rederic), University of 
Cincinnati, Cincinnati, O. Zoology. Platts- 
burg, Mo, Nov. 17, 74. Missouri, 90-92; B.S, 
Chicago, 94; A.M, Nebraska, 96; fellow, Chi- 
cago, 97-00, Ph.D, 00. Asst. zool, Nebraska, 
95-96; teacher biol, High Sch, Lincoln, Nebr, 
96-97; head, Dept. Biol, Cincinnati, 00- 
F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Ass. Anat; Soc. Zool; Ohio 
Acad; Cincinnati Soc. Nat. Hist. Cytology; 
helminthology. Hybridization. 


Haanel, Dr. Eugene (Emil Felix Richard), 250 
Waverly St, Ottawa, Can. Physics, Mineral- 
ogy. Breslau, Germany, May 24,, 41. Gym- 
nasium, Breslau, 58; A.M, Ohio (Athens), 72; 
Ph.D, Breslau, 73. Prof, science, Adrian, 66; 
nat. science, Albion, 68-72; physics and miner, 
director of Faraday Hall, and dean, Dept. Sci- 
ence, Victoria (Can.), 72-89; prof, physics, 
Syracuse, 89-01; supt. of mines, Dom. of Can, 
01- Chairman, Commission to investigate elec- 
trothermic processes for the smelting of iron 
ores and the making of steel in operation in 
Europe. Physical Soc; Can. Min. Inst; Can. 
Royal Soc; Faraday Soc; N. of England Inst. 
Min. Eng. Hydriodic acid as a blow-pipe re- 
agent; gypsum tablets in blow-pipe analysis; 
hydrobromic acid and tetrachlorid of tin as 
blow-pipe reagents; location and examination 
of magnetic ore deposits by magnetometric 
measurements. The smelting of iron ores by 
the electrothermic processes. 

Hadley, Pres. Arthur Twining, Yale University, 
New Haven, Conn. Economics. New Haven, 
April 23, 56. A.B, Yale, 76, A.M, 86. Tutor, 
Yale, 79-83, lecturer, 83-86; commissioner of 
labor statistics, Conn, 85-87; prof, polit. sci- 
ence, Yale, 86-99, pres, 99- Ed, ' Railroad Ga- 
zette,' 87-91. LL.D, Yale, Harvard and Wes- 
leyan, 99; Columbia and Western Reserve, 00; 
Hopkins, 02. Econ. Ass ; Philos. Soc ; Am. Hist. 
Ass; Int. Inst. Statist. Effect of large invest- 
ments of capital, especially railroads, on price 
determinations; limitations upon the effective 
activity of governmental bodies. Relations 
between economic conditions and ethical stan- 

Hagar, Stansbury, 48 Wall St, New York, N. Y. 
. Anthropology. San Francisco, Cal, Dec. 9, 69. 
A.B, Yale, 92; LL.B, N. Y. Law Sch, 97. 
Sec'y, Dept. Archeol, Brooklyn Inst, 9^- Mem. 
Exec. Committee, Dept. Astron, Brooklyn Inst. 
Int. Cong. Americanists, 02. F.A.A. (mem. 



Council, 00); Anthrop. Ass; fel. Ethnol. Soc; 
Folk-lore Soc. (councilor and v. pres, 00). 
Astronomical symbolism of ancient Peru; my- 
thology and ritual of American Indians. As- 
tronomical symbolism of ancient Peru. 

Hagen, Rev. John G(eorge), S. J, Georgetown Uni- 
versity, Washington, D. C. * Mathematics, 
Astronomy. Bregenz, Austria, March 6, 47. 
Minister, 70-71; Bonn, 71-72; Ditton Hall, 
England, 75-80. Prof, math, Georgetown, 
80-88, director, Observatory, 88- Math. 
Soc; Astron. and Astrophys. Soc; Astron. 
Gesell; Math. Verein; Soc. Sci. de Bruxelles. 
History and bibliography of mathematics; vari- 
able stars. Leonardi Euleri opera collecta. 

Hague, Dr. Arnold, 1724 I St, Washington, D. C. 
*Geology. Boston, Mass, Dec. 3, 40. Ph.B, Yale, 
63; Gottingen, 63-64; Heidelberg, 64-65; Min- 
ing Acad, Freiberg, 65-66. Geologist, U. S. Geol. 
Exploration 40th Parallel, 67-77; U. 8. Geol. 
Surv, 80- Hon. Sc.D, Columbia, 01. Nat. 
Acad. (mem. Forestry Commission, 96, home 
sec'y, 01-) ; F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Geol. Soc; Philos. 
Soc; Min. Eng; Wash. Acad; London Geol. Soc. 
Geological structure of the Rocky Mountains; 
geological structure of the Great Basin. Geol- 
ogy of Yellowstone National Park. 

Hague, James D(uncan), 18 Wall St, New 
York, N. Y. Geology, Mining. Boston, Mass, 
Feb. 24, 36. Lawrence Sci. Sch, Harvard, 54; 
Georgia-Augusta, Gottingen, 55; Royal Sch. 
Mines, Freiberg, 56-58. Chemist, South Sea 
Exploring Cruise, 59-61 ; mine manager, Lake 
Superior copper region, 63-66 ; first asst. geol- 
ogist, U. S. Geol. Exploration 40th Parallel, 
67-70; consulting mining engineer, Cal, 71-78; 
consulting engineer and mine expert, ~N. Y. City, 
79- U. S. commissioner and mem. Jury of 
Awards, Paris Expos, 78. Bronze medal, 
French Govt, 78; gift of bronze, Japanese Govt. 
F.A.A; Min. Eng; Am. Geog. Soc; Numis. and 
Archeol. Soc; Am. Acad. Geology; mining. 

Haight, Stephen S(amuel), 6 Buchanan Place, 
University Heights, New York, N. Y. Survey- 
ing, Civil engineering. New York, March 6, 
36. Pub. and private schools. Student and 
asst. of Thomas C. Cornell, Yonkers, 67-71 ; ' 
asst. engineer, Dept. Public Parks, N. Y. City, 
71-91; practising civil engineer and city sur- 
veyor, 91- MA. A; Civil Eng; Franklin Inst; 
Acad. Polit. and Social Sci. Exactness of 

Haines, Prof. Thomas H(arvey), Ohio State Uni- 
versity, Columbus, O. Psychology. Moores- 
town, N. J, Nov. 4, -71. A.B, Haverford, 96, 
A.M, 97; A.M, Harvard, 98, Ph.D, 01. Asst. 
philos, Harvard, 99-00; asst. prof, and director, 
Psychol. Lab, Ohio State, 01- F.A.A; Psychol. 
Ass. Simultaneity of mental processes; psy- 
chology of the esthetic reaction; relation of 
perceptive and revived mental material; the 
synthetic factor in tactual space-perception. 

Haines, Prof. Walter S(tanley), Rush Medical Col- 
lege, Chicago, Ills. Toxicology, Chemistry. 

Chicago, Sept. 27, 50. Mass. Inst. Tech, 69-71; 
M.D, Northwestern, 73; Sorbonne and Ecole de 
Md, Paris, 75-76. Prof, chem, Northwestern, 
73-76; chem. and toxicol, Rush Med. Col, 76- 
85, chem, pharmacy and toxicol, 85-05, chem, 
mat. medica and toxicol, 05-, professorial 
lecturer toxicol, Chicago, 01- Toxicologist, 
Presbyterian Hosp, Chicago; mem. Commit- 
tee of Revision, U. S. Pharmacopoeia, 00. 
Hon. A.M, Monmouth, 81. Chem. Soc; Am. 
Med. Ass; Chicago Med. Soc; London Chem. 
Soc. Toxicology and the urine. Presence of 
casts in normal urine; carbolic acid poisoning. 

Hale, Dr. Albert C(able), 352 A Hancock St, 

Brooklyn, N. Y. Chemistry, Physics. Adams, 
N. Y, Sept. 2, 45. A.B, Rochester, 69, A.M, 72 ; 
Ph.D, Heidelberg, 80; E.M, Rochester, 81. V. 
principal and teacher science, High Sch, Jer- 
sey City, 73-77; pres, Colo. State Sch. of 
Mines, 80-83; head teacher physical science, 
Boys' High Sch, Brooklyn, 83- Col. entrance 
examiner in chem, 02- F.A.A. (mem. Council, 
01-02) ; Chem. Soc. (director, 87-02, councilor, 
93-02, v. pres, 89, sec'y, 89-02); Min. Eng; 
Colo. Sci. Soc; Brooklyn Inst, (pres, Dept. 
Chem, 86) ; New Eng. Ass. Chem. Teachers (v. 
pres, 01-02) ; N. Y. Chem. Teachers Club (pres, 
02) ; N. Y. Physics Club (v. pres, 89-90, pres, 
90-91); Chem. Gesell. 

Hale, Dr. Frank E(ugene), 522 Flatbush Ave, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. Chemistry. Brooklyn, Oct. 
19, 75. A.B, Yale, 00, Silliman fellow, 00-02, 
Ph.D, 02. Asst. chem, Yale, 00-02 ; anal, chem, 
Columbia, 02-03 ; chemist, Dept. Water, Gas 
and Elec, N. Y. City, 03- Soc. Chem. Indust; 
N. Y. Chemists Club. Use of tartar emetic as 
a standard; starch as an indicator in iodometric 
analysis; hydrolysis of starch; structure of the 
starch molecule and of the starch iodids. 
Methods of water analysis. 

Hale, Dr. George E(llery), Solar Observatory 
Office, Pasadena, Cal. * Astrophysics. Chicago, 
Ills, June 29, 68. B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 90; 
Berlin, 93-94. Director, Kenwood Observatory, 
90-96; assoc. prof, astrophysics, Chicago, 92-97, 
prof, 97-05, director, Yerkes Observatory, 95- 
05 ; Solar Observatory of the Carnegie hist, 0-b- 
Co-editor, 'Astron. and Astrophys,' 92-95; ed, 
'Astrophys. Jour,' 95- Janssen medal, Paris 
Acad, 94; Rumford medal, Am. Acad, 02; 
Draper medal, Nat. Acad, 03 ; gold medal, Royal 
Astron. Soc, 04; hon. Sc.D, Western Univ. of 
Pa, 97; LL.D, Beloit, 04; Sc.D, Yale, 05. Nat. 
Acad; F.A.A; Astron. and Astrophys. Soc. (v. 
pres, 99-) ; Physical Soc; assoc. fel. Am. Acad; 
Philos. Soc; cor. mem. N. Y. Acad; fel. and for. 
assoc. Royal Astron. Soc; Astron. Gesell; Soc. 
de Physique; for. mem. Soc. Ital. di Spettroscop; 
Int. Union for Cooperation in Solar Research ; 
Solar and Radiation Commissions of Int. Meteor. 
Committee. Spectroscopy; solar and stellar 

Hale, Dr. W(illia)m H(enry), 40 First Place, 
Brooklyn, N.Y. Economics. Albany, N. Y, 
Aug. 20, 40. A.B, Yale, 60; LL.B, Albany Law 



Sch, 61; A.M, Ph.D, Yale, 63. Attorney- and 
counselor-at-laio, 61- Formerly Am. correspon- 
dent, ' Nature.' F.A.A. Adaptation of proceed- 
ings of scientific societies to popular comprehen- 
sion and appreciation; economics. 

Hale, Dr. William J (ay), Chemical Laboratory, 
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. 
Chemistry. Ada, 0, Jan. 5, 76. A.B, A.M, 
Miami, 97; A.B, Harvard, 98, A.M, 99, Ph.D, 
02, fellow (Berlin and Gottingen), 02-03. 
Instr. chem, Michigan, 03- M.A.A; Chem. Soc; 
Chem. Gesell. Organic chemistry; furfurol 
and similar compounds. Condensations among 
aldehydes and ketones. 

Hall, Dr. Arthur G(raham), Miami University, 
Oxford, O. Mathematics. Memphis, Mich, 
Dec. 9, 65. B.S, Michigan, 87; Ph.D, Leipzig, 
02. Teacher physics and chem, later teacher 
math, and principal, High Sch, LaPorte, Ind, 
87-91; instr. math, Michigan, 91-93; head 
teacher physics, High Sch, Grand Rapids, Mich, 
93-94; instr. math, Michigan, 9403; asst. prof, 
Illinois, 03-05; prof, Miami, 05- Math. Soc. 
Theory of transformation groups. 

Hall, Prof. Asaph, Norfolk, Conn. * Astronomy. 
Goshen, Conn, Oct. 15, 29. McGrawville, 54; 
Michigan, 56. Schoolmaster, Shalerville, O, 
56-57 ; student and asst, Harvard Col. Observa- 
tory, 57-62; aide, Naval Observatory, 62-63, 
prof, U. S. N, 63-; astron, Harvard, 95-01. 
Hon. Ph.D, Hamilton, 78; LL.D, Yale, 79; Har- 
vard, 86; Chevalier Legion d'honneur. Nat. 
Acad; F.A.A. (v. pres, 80, pres, 02) ; assoc. fel. 
Am. Acad; Philos. Soc; hon. mem. N. Y. Acad; 
for. assoc. Royal Astron. Soc; cor. mem. Inst. 
de France; St. Petersburg Imp. Acad. Astron- 
omy. Satellites. 

Hall, Dr. A(saph), Jr, Naval Observatory, Wash- 
ington, D. C. Astronomy. Cambridge, Mass, 
Oct. 6, 59. Columbian, 76-78 ; A.B, Harvard, 82 ; 
Ph.D, Yale, 89. Asst, Naval Observatory, 82- 
85 ; Yale Observatory, 85-89 ; asst. astronomer, 
Naval Observatory, 82-92; prof, astron, Michi- 
gan, 92-05. F.A.A. ( sec'y, A, 95, sec'y of Council, 
96, gen. sec'y, 97, v. pres, 00) ; Astron. and 
Astrophys. Soc; Math. Soc; Wash. Acad; 
Astron. Gesell. Mass of Saturn; orbit of Nep- 
tune's satellite; orbits of comets; determina- 
tion of star places with meridian circle. De- 
termination of star places with meridian circle. 

Hall, Charles M(artin), 136 Buffalo Ave, Niagara 
Falls, N. Y. Electrochemistry, Chemistry. 
Metallurgy. Thompson, O, Dec. 6, 63. A.B, 
Oberlin, 85, A.M, 93. Manuf. aluminum, Pitts- 
burg Reduction Co, 88-, v. pres, 90- F.A.A; 
Electrochem. Soc. (v. pres.) ; Min. Eng; Philos. 
Soc; British Inst. Elec. Eng. Invented electro- 
lytic process for manufacture of aluminum. 

Hall, Prof. C (hristopher) W(ebber), 803 Univer- 
sity Ave, S. E, Minneapolis, Minn. *Geology, 
Mineralogy. Wardsboro, Vt, Feb. 28, 45. A.B, 
Middlebury, 71, A.M, 73 ; Leipzig, 75-78. Princi- 
pal, Glen Falls Acad, N. Y, 71-72; High Sch, 
Mankato, Minn, 72-73; supt. city schools, Owa- 
tonna, Minn, 73-75; instr. geol, Minnesota, 78- 

79, asst. prof, 79-80, prof, geol, miner." and biol, 
80-90, geol. and miner, 90-, dean, Col. Eng, 
Metal, and Mech. Arts, 92-97. Asst. geologist, 
Minn. Geol. Surv, 78-80; U. S. Geol. Surv, 84- 
F.A.A; Geol. Soc; Geog. Ass; Eng. Educ; Minn. 
Acad, (ed, 'Trans,' 85-, pres, 00). Geology and 
mineralogy. Geology of Minnesota; water re- 
sources ; mineralogy ; petrography. 

Hall, Prof. Edwin H(erbert), 30 Langdon St, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. *Physics. Gorham, Me, Nov. 7, 
55. A.B, Bowdoin, 75; Ph.D, Hopkins, 80. 
Asst. physics, Hopkins, 80-81; instr, Harvard, 
81-88, asst. prof, 88-95, prof, 95- LL.D, Bow- 
doin, 05. F.A.A. (v. pres, 04) ; Physical Soc; 
Am. Acad; cor. mem. British Ass. Hall effect 
in various metals; changes of temperature in 
walls of steam-engine cylinder; thermal con- 
ductivity of nickel and iron; deflection of fall- 
ing bodies. The van der Waal's a in alcohol 
and ether; Thomson effect in soft iron; theory 
of thermoelectric action. 

Hall, Dr. Elmer E(dgar), 1825 Arch St, Berkeley, 
Cal. Physics. McGregor, la, Aug. 21, 70. 
B.S, S. California, 93; M.S, California, 96, 
Whiting fellow, 01-02; Ph.D, Cornell, 02. V. 
principal and head, Science Dept, High Sch, 
Long Beach, 96-99 ; asst. physics, California, 
99-01, instr, 02- Physical Soc. Penetration in 
total reflection. 

Hall, Pres. G(ranville) Stanley, 94 Woodland St, 
Worcester, Mass. *Psychology. Ashfield, Mass, 
Feb. 1. 46. A.B, Williams, 67, A.M, 70; Union 
Theol. Sem, 67-68; Berlin and Bonn, 69-70; 
Union Theol. Sem, 70-71; Berlin and Heidel- 
berg, 71-72; Ph.D, Harvard, 78; Berlin and 
Leipzig, 78-80. Prof, philos, Antioch, 72-76; 
instr. Harvard, 76-78; lecturer, Harvard and 
Williams, 80-81 ; prof, psychol, Hopkins, 81- 
88; pres. and prof, psychol, Clark, 88- Ed, 
'Am. Jour, of Psychol,' 87-; ' Pedagog. Sem,' 
91-; 'Am. Jour, of Religious Psychol,' 04- 
LL.D, Michigan, 88; Williams, 89; Hopkins, 
02. Psychol. Ass; Philos. Ass; fel. Am. Acad; 
Antiq. Soc; Mass. Hist. Soc. Experimental psy- 
chology; child-study; education; philosophy; 
ethics. Psychology ; adolescence. 

Hall, H(arvey) M(onroe), University of Cali- 
fornia, Berkeley, Cal. Botany. Lee Co, Ills, 
March 29, 74. B.S, California, 01, M.S, 02. 
Herbarium asst, California, 01-02, asst. bot. 
and asst. botanist, Agr. Exp. Sta, 02-03, instr. 
bot. and asst. botanist, 03- California plants, 
especially Compositae; phytogeography. Com- 
positae of southern California; plant distribu- 
tion in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. 

Hall, James P(ierre), 6 Poplar St, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Astronomy, Meteorology. Auburn, N. Y, Sept. 
2, 49. Hisih Sch. Newspaper work, various 
papers, 70-83; ' N. Y. Tribune,' 83- M.A.A; 
Astron. and Astrophys. Soc; British Ass; Brit- 
ish Astron. Ass. 

Hall, Prof. Lyman B(eecher), Haverford College, 
Haverford, Pa. *Chemistry. New Bedford, 
Mass, Jan. 16, 52. A.B, Amherst, 73; Ph.D, 
Gottingen, 75; fellow, Hopkins, 76-79. Asst. 



chem, Hopkins, 79-80; prof, Haverford, 80- 
Special agent, Tenth Census, 80. F.A.A; Chem. 
Soc; Philos. Soc; Chem. Gesell. Orthonitro- 
salycilic acid; oxidation of sulphamids. Lit- 

, Hall, Dr. Robert W(illiam), Lehigh University, 
South Bethlehem, Pa. Zoology. Cincinnati, 

0, Aug. 17, 72. Ph.B, Yale, 95; A.B, Harvard, 
97, A.M, 98, Ph.D, 01. Asst. zool, Harvard, 
96-99; Yale, 99-01, instr, 01-02; biol, Lehigh, 
02-04, asst. prof, o\- Instr. zool, Woods Hole, 
99- F.A.A; Soc. Zool; Conn. Acad; Boston 
Soc. Nat. Hist. Vertebrate embryology. 

Hall, Prof. Tho(ma)s C(uming), 113 W. 88th St, 
New York, N. Y. Ethics. Armagh, Ireland, 
Sept. 25, 58. A.B, Princeton, 79; B.D, Union 
Theol. Sem, 82; Berlin and Gottingen, 83. 
Pastor, 83-98; prof, theol, Union Theol. Sem, 
99- Philos. Ass. English religious movements ; 
the Synoptic Gospels. 

Hall, William T(homas), Massachusetts Institute 
of Technology, Boston, Mass. Chemistry. 
New Bedford, Mass, Aug. 4, 74. B.S, Mass. 
Inst. Tech, 95. Asst. anal, chem, Mass. Inst. 
Tech, 98-00, instr, 00- Chem. Soc. Rate of 
hydrolysis of salicin with acids. 

Hall, Prof. Winfield S(cott), 3136 Ivison Ave, 
Berwyn, Ills. ^Physiology. Batavia, Ills, Jan. 
5, 61. B.S, Northwestern, 87, M.D, 88, M.S, 
89; M.D, Leipzig, 94, Ph.D, 95. Instr. biol. 
and head of dept, Haverford, 89-93; prof, phys- 
iol, Med. Sch, Northwestern, 95- Lecturer 
physiol, Mercy Hosp. Sch. for Nurses; Wesley 
Hosp. Sch. for Nurses ; physiol. of exercise, 
Inst, and Training Sch, Y'. M. C. A, Chi- 
cago. Physiol. Soc; Am. Med. Ass. (chairman, 
Sect. Path, and Physiol, 04-05) ; fel. Am. Acad. 
Med. (pres, 04-05) ; Am. Med. Soc. for Study 
of Alcohol and other Narcotics*- (pres, 02-05) ; 
fel. Chicago Acad. Physiology; changes in the 
proportions of the human body; die Resorption 
des Carniferrins ; Verhalten des Eisens im 
thierischen Organismus; regeneration of the 
blood; the evaluation of anthropometric data; 
the chest pantograph ; mathematical relations 
of certain chest measurements. Metabolism; 
nutrition; dietetics. 

Halleck, Prof. Reuben Post, 1240 Third Ave, 
Louisville, Ky. Psychology. Rocky Point, L. 

1, Feb. 8, 59. A.B, Yale, 81, A.M, 96. Instr. 
psychol. and English, Male High Sch, Louis- 
ville, 83-96, principal and instr. psychol, 96- 
Examiner, Louisville Nor. Sch, 84-95. Soc. 
Sci. Educ; Nat. Educ. Ass. (pres, Dept. Sec- 
ondary Educ, 04) ; S. Soc. Philos. and Psychol. 
Pedagogical applications of physiological psy- 
chology; neural bases of ethics. 

Hallett, Dr. George H(ervey), 101 E. Nyack Ave, 
Lansdowne, Pa. Mathematics. Manchester, 
Me, Dec. 30, 70. A.B, Pennsylvania, 93, Hec- 
tor Tyndale fellow, 93-94, A.M, 94, Ph.D, 96. 
Instr. math, Pennsylvania, 94-04, lecturer, 
Dept. Philos, 97-04, asst. prof, 01}- Math. Soc; 
London Math. Soc. Theory of abstract groups. 

Hallock, Dr. A(lbert) P, 440 First Ave, New 
York, N. Y. Chemistry. Peekskill, N. Y, May 
16, 55. Ph.B, Columbia, 80, Ph.D, 83. Chem- 
ist, Consolidated Gas Co, 80-87 ; with Carl H. 
Schultz Mineral Water Establishment, N. T, 
87- F.A.A; Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; 
N. Y. Chemists Club; Chem. Verein. 

Hallock, Prof. William, 3609 Broadway, New 
York, N. Y. * Experimental physics. Milton, 
N. Y, Aug. 14, 57. A.B, Columbia, 79, fellow, 
79-82; Ph.D, Wiirzburg, 81. Asst, Physics 
Lab, Wiirzburg, 80-82; physicist, U. S. Geol. 
Surv, 82-91; prof, physics, Corcoran Sci. Sch, 
Columbian, 84-86 ; chem. and toxicol, Nat. 
Col. Pharmacy, 89-92; asst. in charge, As- 
trophys. Observatory, Smithsonian Inst, 91- 
92; adj. prof, physics, Columbia, 92-02, prof, 
02- Hon. Phar.D, Nat. Col. Pharmacy, 92. 
F.A.A. (sec'y, B, 99, sec'y of Council, 00, 
gen. sec'y, 01) ; Physical Soc. (treas.) ; fel. N. 
Y. Acad; N. Y. State Sci. Teachers Ass. (pres, 
02) ; Wash. Philos. Soc. Geysers of Yellow- 
stone National Park; expansion of rocks; 
chemical action between solids ; tone quality 
and voice production; underground tempera- 
tures. Tone quality in articulate speech. 

Hallowell, Prof. Susan M(aria), Wellesley College, 
Wellesley, Mass. Botany. Bangor, Me, Aug. 
25, 35. A.M, Colby, 75; Summer Sch, Har- 
vard, 75-85; bot. laboratories and museums, 
Europe, 87-88, 94-95. Asst, High Sch, Port- 
land, Me, 53-54; Bangor, 54-75; prof. nat. 
hist, Wellesley, 75-78, bot, 78-02, emer. prof, 
02- F.A.A; Boston Soc. Nat. Hist. Histolog- 
ical and physiological botany. 

Halsey, Dr. J(ohn) T(aylor), 1508 Constantinople 
St, New Orleans, La. Pharmacology, Physiol- 
ogy. Elizabeth, N. J, Nov. 8, 70. Princeton, 87- 
88; M.D, Columbia, 93; St. Luke's Hosp, 93-95; 
Freiburg, 95-96; Strasburg, 96-98; Marburg, 
98-00. Asst, Pharmacol. Lab, Marburg, 98- 
99; demonstrator pharmacol, Med. Faculty, 
McGill, 00-01, lecturer, 01-03, asst. prof, phar- 
macol. and therapeut, 03 ; prof. mat. med, thera- 
peut. and clin. med, Med. Dept, Tulane, 03- 
Physiol. Soc. Metabolism; renal physiology. 
Chemistry of toxins, agglutinins and similar 

Halsted, Prof. Byron D(avid), 121 Livingston 
Ave, New Brunswick, N. J. *Botany. Venice, 
N. Y, June 7, 52. B.S, Michigan, 71, M.S, 74; 
Sc.D, Harvard, 78. Ed, 'Am. Agriculturist,' 
79-85; prof, bot, Iowa State, 85-89; Rutgers, 
89- Assoc, ed, ' Torrey Bui.' Silver medal, 
Mass. Hort. Soc. F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Bot. Soc. 
(pres, 01); Soc. Plant Morph. and Physiol; 
Soc. Prom. Agr. Sci. (pres, 99-00) ; Soc. Hort. 
Sci. The diseases of plants; weeds; plant 
breeding. Diseases of plants; breeding of crop 

Halsted, Dr. George Bruce, Kenyon College, 
Gambier, O. * Mathematics, Logic. Newark, 
N. J, Nov. 25, 53. A.B, Princeton, 75, fellow, 
75-76; Columbia, 76; fellow, Hopkins, 76-78; 
A.M, Princeton, 78; Ph.D, Hopkins, 79. Instr. 



postgrad, math, Princeton, 78-81; prof, math, 
Texas, 82-03; St. John's (Md.), 03; Kenyon, 
03- Mem. d'honneur du Comite" Lobat- 
chefsky. F.A.A. (v. pres, 03) ; Math. Soc; 
London Math. Soc; fel. Royal Astron. Soc; 
Soc. math, de France; Circolo Mat. di Palermo; 
and other Am. and foreign math, societies. 
Non-Euclidean geometry; the foundations of 
geometry; algorithmic logic; history of geom- 
etry; new treatment of geometry without mo- 
tion, ratio or any infinite process, without lim- 
its or any continuity assumption. Non-Euclid- 
ean spherics. 

Halsted, Prof. William S(tewart), 1201 Eutaw 
Place, Baltimore, Md. Medicine. New York, 
N. Y, Sept. 23, 52. A.B, Yale, 74; M.D, Co- 
lumbia, 77. Demonstrator anat, Columbia, 81- 
85; attending surgeon, Bellevue, Presbyterian, 
Roosevelt, Charity and Emigrant Hospitals, N. 
Y, 82-86; surgeon-in-chief, Hopkins Hosp, and 
prof, surq, Hopkins, 89- Hon. Sc.D, Columbia, 
04; LL.D, Yale, 04; Edinburgh, 05. F.A.A; 
fel. Surg. Ass; Ass. Path, and Bact; assoc. fel. 
Am. Acad; hon. fel. Royal Col. Surg; hon. fel. 
Edinburgh Royal Col. Surg; Gesell. fiir Chirur- 
gie. The moist blood clot in surgery; cancer 
of the breast; intestinal sutures; inguinal her- 
nia; hypertrophy of the thyroid gland; acute 
hemorrhagic pancreatitis; surgery* of the bile 
passages ; peritonitis ; hand disinfection ; co- 
caine in siirgery; abduction and adduction in 
fractures of the neck of the femur; refusion in 
carbonic oxid poisoning; silver in surgery; 
occlusion, partial and complete, of arteries with 
metal bands; etc. 

Hamaker, Prof. J(ohn) I(rvin), College Park, Md. 
Zoology. Elizabethtown, Pa, Nov. 29, 69. A.B, 
Kansas, 93; A.B, Harvard, 94, A.M, 95, Ph.D, 
97. Asst. zool, Radcliffe, Harvard, 94-95, 
Harvard, 95-97; prof, biol, Trinity (N. C), 
97-04; Randolph- Macon, Oly- Curator, Mus. 
Nat. Hist, Trinity. F.A.A; Soc. Zool. The 
nervous system. Actinians of Beaufort, North 

Hamann, Dr. C(arl) A(ugust), 2726 Prospect 
Ave, Cleveland, O. Anatomy. Davenport, la, 
Jan. 26, 68. M.D, Pennsylvania, 90. Asst. 
demonstrator anat, Pennsylvania, 91-93; prof, 
Med. Col, Western Reserve, 93- Ass. Anat; 
Am. Med. Ass; Cleveland Acad. Med. Human 

Hamill, Dr. Samuel McC(lintock), 1822 Spruce St, 
Philadelphia, Pa. Medicine. Oak Hall, Pa, Nov. 
3, 64. A.B, Princeton, 86; M.D, Pennsylvania, 
88. Demonstrator physical diagnosis and instr. 
clin. med, Pennsylvania, 92-01 ; prof, diseases 
of children, Phila. Polyclinic, 01- Ass. Path, 
and Bact; Pediat. Soc; Phila. Pediat. Soc; 
Phila. Col. Physicians; Phila. Path. Soc; Phila. 
Neur. Soc. Tuberculosis of the kidneys in in- 
fants; salivary conditions in anemia; glandular 
fever; hemorrhage into the suprarenal capsules. 

Hamilton, Dr. Alice, Hull House, Chicago. Ills. 
Bacteriology, Pathology. New York, N. Y, 
Feb. 27, 69. M.D, Michigan, 93; Leipzig, 95; 
Munich and Frankfort, 96; Hopkins, 97; Chi- 

cago, 99-01. Prof, path, Woman's Med. Col, 
Chicago, 98-; asst. pathologist, Mem. Inst, for 
Infectious Diseases, 02- Ass. Path, and Bact; 
Chicago Path. Soc. Pathology and embryology 
of the nervous system ; development of elastic 
tissue; tumors; tuberculous ulcers of stomach; 
relation of flies to the dissemination of ty- 
phoid bacilli; the toxicity of the blood in scar- 
let fever; surgical scarlatina. Virulent pseudo- 
diptheria bacilli. 
Hammer, William J(oseph), 26 Cortlandt St, New 
York, N. Y. Physics, Electrical engineeering. 
C'ressona, Pa. High Sch. Lab. asst. to Edward 
Weston, 78-80; to Thomas A. Edison, 80- 
81; engineer, English Edison Co, 81-82; chief 
engineer, German Edison Co, 82-84 ; chief in- 
spector, Edison Co, 84-86; manager, Boston 
Edison Co, 86-88 ; consulting engineer, Cincin- 
nati Centennial Expos, 88; representative of 
Thos. A. Edison, Paris Expos, 89 ; consulting elec. 
engineer and expert, N. Y. City, 90- Lecturer, 
various institutions and societies. John Scott 
medal, Franklin Inst; grand prize, La. Pur- 
chase Expos, 04. Delegate, Int. Elec. Cong, 
Paris, 00; mem. Committee on Organization, St. 
Louis, 04. M.A.A; Physical Soc; Elec. Eng. 
(v. pres.) ; Electrochem. Soc; Nat. Conf. Stand- 
ard Elec. Rules; N. Y. Elec. Soc; Franklin Inst. 
Radium; radiant phenomena; phosphorescence 
and fluorescence; X-rays; cathode rays; sele- 
nium and its properties. 

Hammerslough, Miss Carrie, 1215 Madison Ave, 
New York, N. Y. Mathematics. Baltimore, 
Md, Dec. 18, 75. A.B, Columbia, 96, Cur- 
tis scholar, 97, A.M, 97. Private tutor math, 
96- Math. Soc. 

Hammond, John Hays, 71 Broadway, New York, 
N. Y. Mining engineering. San Francisco, 
Cal, March 31, 55. Ph.B, Yale, 76; Royal Sch. 
of Mines, Freiberg. Special expert, U. S. 
Geol. Surv, 80; mining engineer. Hon. A.M, 
Yale. F.A.A. Mining. 

Hammond, Prof. "William A(lexander), 29 East 
Ave, Ithaca, N. Y. Philosophy. New Athens, 
O, May 20, 61. A.B, Harvard, 85; Ph.D, Leip- 
zig, 91. Lecturer classical lit, King's Col, 
Windsor, N. S, 85-88; instr. Greek philos, Cor- 
nell, 91-92, asst. prof, ancient and medieval 
philos, 92- Philos. Ass; Psychol. Ass; Philol. 
Ass. Hylozoism; Platonism; Aristotelianism; 
Greek philosophy. Greek psychology and es- 

Hanawalt, Prof. Francis W(ayland), Cor. Perry 
and Ingham Sts, Albion, Mich. Mathematics, 
Astronomy. Monticello, Ind, Feb. 22, 59. A.B, 
De Pauw, 84, A.M, 87 ; Chicago, 97, 99 ; Cornell, 
01; Chamberlin Observatory, 03. Prof. math, 
and astron, Mt. Morris, 84-93; instr. math, 
De Pauw, 93-98; prof. math, and astron, Iowa 
Wesleyan, 98-03; Albion, OS- Hon. A'M, De 
Pauw, 02. Math. Soc. 

Hancock, E(dward) L(ee), 927 Highland Ave, La 
Fayette, Ind. Mechanics. Shullsburg, Wis, 
June 28, 73. B.S, Wisconsin, 98, M.S, 01; 
Chicago. Supt. schools, Shullsburg, Wis, 98- 



00; asst. math, Wisconsin, 00-02; instr, Pur- 
due, 02-03, applied mech, 03- Math. Soe; Soc. 
Testing Materials. Behavior of ductile mate- 
rials under combined stresses. Effect of com- 
bined stresses on the elastic properties of 
materials; effect of reversed torsion on the 
strength of iron and steel. 
Hancock, Prof. Harris, Auburn Hotel, Cincinnati, 
O. * Mathematics. Ellerslie, Va, May 14, 67. 
Virginia, 86; A.B, Hopkins, 88; Ph.D, Berlin, 
94; Sc.D, Paris, 01. Asst. math, Chicago, 92- 
93, 94-95, assoc, 95-97, instr, 97-00; prof, 
Cincinnati, 00- M.A.A; Math. Soc; London 
Math. Soc; Math. Verein; Soc. math, de France. 
Modular systems; extended realms of ration- 
ality; maxima and minima in several vari- 
ables; calculus of variations; minimal sur- 
faces; Abelian functions. Extended realms of 
rationality; elliptic functions. 

Hancock, Dr. Joseph L(ane), 3757 Indiana Ave, 
Chicago, Ills. Ornithology, Entomology. Chi- 
cago, April 12, 64. M.D, Northwestern, 88. 
Curator, Ornith. Exped. to Corpus Christi, Tex, 
84; practising physician, 88- Am. Med. Ass; 
Nat. Geog. Soc; Ills. Med. Soc; Chicago Acad; 
Chicago Med. Soc; Chicago Entom. Soc. (past 
curator and ed, 'Memoirs'); life fel. London 
Entom. Soc. Tettigida? of North America; the 
striped meadow cricket; ornithophilous pol- 
lination; the castle-building spider; brain 
weight of birds; Tettigidse of Ceylon. Orthop- 
tera of the Chicago area. 

Handy, James Otis, 109 Graham St, Pittsburg, 
Pa. Chemistry, Metallurgy. Barnstable, 
Mass, Jan. 2, 69. Mass. Inst. Tech, 84-86. 
Asst. chemist, Union Pacific R. R, 86-87; Balti- 
more and Ohio R. R, 88; chief chemist, Pitts- 
burg Testing Lab, 89- Mem. Commission on 
Filtration of Water Supplies of Pittsburg and 
Allegheny, 95. Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; 
West. Pa. Eng. Soc. Methods of chemical anal- 
ysis; rapid method for phosphorus in steel; 
magnesia in compounds. Water softening. 

Hanford, Dr. G(eorge) A(rthur), P. O. Box 55, 

Syracuse, N. Y. Physiological chemistry. 
Syracuse, Oct. 14, 75. A.B, Yale, 98, Ph.D, 02. 
Asst. physiol. chem, Yale, 99-02; lecturer, Syra- 
cuse Med. Col, 02-03, director, Dept. Chem, 
03- Physiological rSle and toxicology of 
caesium compounds. 

Hanna, Prof. Ulysses S(herman), 828 Atwater 
Ave, Bloomington, Ind. Mathematics. Selma, 
Ind, Jan. 16, 65. A.B, Indiana, 95, A.M, 98; 
Harrison fellow, Pennsylvania, 99-01, Ph.D, 05. 
Instr. math, High Sch, New Castle, Ind, 90-94; 
Indiana, 95-99, asst. prof, 99- Math. Soc; Ind. 
Acad. The bitangenitals of the quintic and 
sextic; simple groups with orders between 2000 
and 40S0. 

Hanus, Prof. Paul Henry, 15 Phillips Place, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. Education. Hermsdorf unter 
dem Kynast, Prussia, March 14, 55. State Nor. 
Sch, Platteville, Wis, 72-74; B.S, Michigan, 78. 
Teacher science and math, High Sch, Dist. No. 
1, Denver, 78-79; instr. and later prof, math, 

Colorado, 79-86; principal, High Sch, Dist. No. 
2, Denver, 86-90; prof, pedag, Colo. State Nor. 
Sch, 90-91; asst. prof, educ, Harvard, 91-01, 
prof, 01- Education. Electives in secondary 
and higher education; contemporary school 

Hardesty, Prof. Irving, 711 Taylor St, San Fran- 
cisco, Cal. *Neitrology. Beaufort, N. C, Oct. 
18, 66. A.B, Wake Forest, 92; Ph.D, Chicago, 
99. Principal, Wakefield Acad, N. C, 92-93; 
asst. biol, Missouri, 95-96; neur, Chicago, 98- 
00; instr. an-at, California, 00-03, asst. prof, 03- 
Ass. Anat. Development and architecture of 
the nervous system, human and comparative. 
Origin and development of the nodes of Ranvier. 

Hardin, Prof. M(ark) B(ernard), Clemson College, 
S. C. Chemistry. Alexandria, Va, Aug. 14, 38. 
Grad, Va. Mil. Inst, 58. Asst. prof, chem, Va. 
Mil. Inst, 58-60, adj. prof, 60-61; military 
service, 61-65; anal, chemist, N. Y. City, 65- 
67; prof, chem, Va. Mil Inst, 67-90;" prof, 
chem, Clemson, and chief chemist, Agr. Exp. 
Sta, 90- Chem. Soc; Ass. Off. Agr. Chem- 
ists; cor. mem. N. Y. Acad. Mineral waters; 
cottonseed meal; flame reaction of silver. 
Action of lime on nitrogenous organic matters. 

Hardin, Dr. Willett L(epley), 814 Monadnock 
Building, Chicago, Ills. *Chemistry, Min- 
eralogy. Lima, O, Dec. 8, 68. B.S, Buchtel, 
93; Ph.D, Pennsylvania, 96. fellow, 96-99. 
Instr. chem. and physics, Buchtel, 93-94; lec- 
turer physical chem, Pennsylvania, 96-00, instr. 
physical and tech. chem, 99-00; gen. manager, 
Symmes Valley Coal Co. Chairman, Jury of 
Awards, Sect. Chem. Apparatus, Nat. Export 
Expos, 99. Chem. Soc; Min. Eng. The lique- 
faction of gases; atomic masses of silver, mer- 
cury, cadmium, tungsten and palladium; de- 
rivatives of palladium with organic bases; 
tungsten derivatives. 

Harding, Dr. Everhart Percy, 1316 Seventh St, 
S.E, Minneapolis, Minn. Chemistry. Waseca, 
Minn, Aug. 15, 70. A.B, Minnesota, 94, M.S, 
95; Ph.D, Heidelberg, 00. Asst. chem, Minne- 
sota, 94-96, instr, 96-99, lecturer, 01-05, asst. 
prof, 05- F.A.A; Chem. Soc. Chemistry of 
wheat; synthesis and reduction of aldazins; 
derivatives of reduction products ; synthesis and 
derivatives of hydrazones; synthesis of 2.5 
dimethylbenzaldehyde, the establishment of its 
constitution and the preparation of derivatives. 
Synthesis of 2.5 dimethylbenzaldehyde and 
salt's of derivatives of 2.5 dimethylbenzaldazin. 

Harding, H(arry) A(lexis), Agricultural Experi- 
ment Station, Geneva, N. Y. Bacteriology. 
Oconomowoc, Wis, Nov. 28, 71. B.S, Wisconsin, 
96, fellow, 97-98, M.S, 98; Germany, 98. Bac- 
teriologist, N. Y. Agr. Exp. Sta, 99- M.A.A; 
Soc. Bact. Dairy bacteriology; bacterial plant- 
diseases. Causes of cheese ripening; soft rot in 
plants; fixation of nitrogen. 

Hardy, Dr. Arthur Sherburne, Legation of the 
United States, Madrid, Spain. Mathematics. 
Andover, Mass, August 13, 47. Grad, U. S. 
Mil. Acad, 69; Ecole des Ponts et Chauss6es, 



73-74. Prof, civil eng, Iowa (Grinnell) , 71-73; 
Dartmouth, 74-78, math, 78-93; ed, 'Cosmo- 
politan,' 93-95; U. S. minister resident and 
consul gen, Teheran, Persia, 97-99; envoy ex- 
traordinary and minister plenipotentiary of the 
V. 8, Greece, Roumania and Servia, 99-01; 
Switzerland, 01-03; Spain, 03- Hon. A.M, 
Iowa; Ph.D, Dartmouth. Quarternions; cal- 
culus; topographical surveying; imaginary 

Hardy, Dr. James G(raham), Williamstown, Mass. 
Mathematics. Easton, Pa, March 13, 74. A.B, 
Lafayette, 94, A.M, 97; fellow, Hopkins, 97-98, 
Ph.D, 98. Instr. and later asst. prof, math, 
Williams, 98- Math. Soc. Darboux lines on 
surfaces; curves of triple curvature. Curves 
in a space of n-dimensions. 

Hardy, Prof. J(oseph) J(ohnston), Easton, Pa. 
Mathematics. New Castle, England, Oct. 4, 44. 
A.B, Lafayette, 70, A.M, 73. Prof. math, and 
astron, Lafayette, 91- Hon. Ph.D, Hamilton. 
Analytic geometry; infinitesimals and limits. 

Hare, Dr. H(obart) A(mory), 1S01 Spruce St, 
Philadelphia, Pa. * Therapeutics. Philadelphia, 
Sept. 20, 62. M.D, Pennsylvania, 84, B.S, 85. 
Clin. prof, diseases of children, Pennsylvania, 
90-91; prof, therapeut, Jefferson Med. Col, 91- 
Fiske Fund, R. I. Med. Soc, 85, 86; Fothergillian 
medal, London Med. Soc, 88 ; prize, Acad. Royale 
de M#d. de Belgique, 89; Boylston prize, 91; 
M.D, Jefferson Med. Col, 93. Soc. Nat; Am. 
Physicians; Physiol. Soc; fel. Phila. Col. Physi- 
cians. Experimental therapeutics ; clinical med- 
icine. The effect of certain drugs on bacterio- 

Harger, Prof. S(imon) J(acob) J(ohn), 2108 Lo- 
cust St, Philadelphia, Pa. Veterinary science. 
Hecktown, Pa, June 18, 65. Keystone State 
Nor. Sch, 84; V.M.D, Pennsylvania, 87. Demon- 
strator vet. anat, Pennsylvania, 8791, prof. vet. 
anat. and zooiechnics, 91- Mem. State Board 
Vet. Med. Examiners, Pa, 95-99. Vet. Med. 
Ass; Keystone Vet. Med. Ass. Exterior of 
the horse. 

Hargitt, Prof. Cha(rle)s W(esley), 909 Walnut 
Ave, Syracuse, N. Y. *Zoology. Near Law- 
renceburg, Ind, March 28, 52. B.S, Moores 
Hill, 77; Mass. Inst. Tech, 84-85; Ph.D, Ohio 
(Athens), 90; Naples Zool. Sta, 94, 03. Prof. 
nat. sciences, Moores Hill, 85-88 ; biol, Miami, 
88-91 ; Syracuse, 91- Asst. director, Cold 
Spring Harbor, 91-93; trustee. Woods Hole. 
F.A.A. (sec'y, F, 95, v. pres, 03) ; Soc. Nat; 
Soc. Zool; Wash. Biol. Soc; N. Y. State Sci. 
Teachers Ass. (pres, 99) ; Syracuse Acad, 
(pres, 97-99). Morphology, development, re- 
generation and variation among coelenterates ; 
the Alcyonaria of Puerto Rico; development of 
Scyphomedusae ; Medusae of Woods Hole, Mas- 
sachusetts; Hydromedusae of the Bay of 

Hargitt, George T(homas), 909 Walnut Ave, 
Syracuse, N. Y. Zoology. Fairfield, Ind, Feb. 
13, 81. Woods Hole, 01; Ph.B, Syracuse, 02; 
fellow, Nebraska, 02-03, A.M, 03; Woods Hole, 

05. Asst. zool, Syracuse, 03 ; teacher biol, 
High Sch, Poughkeepsie, N. Y, 04-05; Syra- 
cuse, N. Y, 05- N. Y. State Sci. Teachers Ass; 
Onondaga Acad. Regeneration in Gonionema; 
regeneration in Hydromedusae; budding ten- 
tacles of Gonionema. Effect of salt solutions 
and other artificial media on regeneration in 
Hydromedusae; histology of regenerated struc- 

Harkins, Prof. W(illiam) D(raper), 521 E. Pine 
St, Missoula, Mont. Chemistry. Titusville, Pa, 
Dec. 28, 73. A.B, Stanford, 00; Chicago, 00, 
03. Asst. chem, Stanford, 98-00, instr, 00; 
prof, Montana, 00- Chem. Soc; Mont. Acad, 
(sec'y). Molecular rearrangement; chronic 
poisoning of herbivorous animals by arsenic. 

Harkness, Prof. James, McGill University, Mont- 
real, Can. Mathematics. Derby, England, 
64. A.B, Cambridge, 85, A.M, 88; A.M, Lon- 
don, 89. Assoc, math, Bryn Mawr, 88-93, 
assoc. prof, 93-96, prof, 96-03 ; Redpath prof, 
McGill, 03- Math. Soc. (mem. Council; assoc. 
ed, 'Trans.'). Theory of functions. Elliptic 

Harper, Dr. Cha(rle)s A(sbury), 2139 Gilbert Ave, 
Cincinnati, O. Chemistry. Cincinnati, April 
28, 48. Cincinnati, 84-86; Ph.D, Berlin, 96. 
Asst, Chem. Dept, Cincinnati, 88-92, asst. prof, 
chem, Pharmaceut. Dept, 89-90 ; lecturer, Mt. 
Auburn Inst, 89-92 ; asst, Dept. Org. Chem, 
Columbia, 97-99. Einige Derivate des Isocu- 
marins, Isochinolins und Isocarbostyrils. 

Harper, Dr. Henry Winston, 2208 San Antonio St, 
Austin, Tex. *Chemistry. Boonville, Mo, 
Sept. 20, 59. Mound City Col, Boonville, 72- 
74; Ph.G, Phila. Col. Pharmacy, 81; M.D, 
Virginia, 92, grad. student, 94 ; Europe, 
97. Mfg. chemist and perfumer. Ft. Worth, 
Tex, 81-84; chemist and metallurgist, Colo, and 
Refugio Mining and Smelting Co, Ceralvo, 
Nuevo Leon, Mex, 84-S5 ; Compaua La Imo- 
gena, San Jose, Tamaulipas, Mex, 86; chemist 
and pathologist to Drs. Beall and Adams, Ft. 
Worth, Tex, 87-90; adj. prof, chem, Texas, 94- 
97, assoc. prof, in charge, Sch. of Chem, and 
director, Chem. Lab, 97-03, chemist. Mining 
Surv, 01, prof, chem, 03- Fifth Int. Cong. 
Applied Chem. F.A.A; Chem. Soc; Electro- 
chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; Am. Med. Ass; 
fel. Tex. Acad, (pres, 00-01, v. pres, 01-02); 
fel. London Chem. Soc; Chem. Gesell. Phar- 
macology; geology; chemistry; pathology. 
Chemistry of fatigue ; chemistry of asphalt. 

Harper, Prof. R(obert) A(lmer), 324 N. Carroll 
St, Madison, Wis. *Botany. Leclaire, la, Jan. 
21, 62. A.B, Oberlin, 86; Hopkins, 88-89; 
A.M, Oberlin, 91; Ph.D, Bonn, 96. Prof. 
Greek and Latin, Gates, 86-88; instr. science, 
Lake Forest Acad, 89-91; prof. bot. and geol, 
Lake Forest, 91-98; tot, Wisconsin, 98- Soc. 
Nat; Bot. Soc; Soc. Plant Morph. and Physiol; 
Bot. Cent. States; Bot. Gesell. Physiology of 
lower plants; cytology of the fungi. Fertiliza- 
tion in mildews ; cell and nuclear division in 
slime molds; structure of blue-green alga cells. 



Harrington, Dr. B(ernard) J(ames), 295 Uni- 
versity St, Montreal, Can. Chemistry, Miner- 
alogy. St. Andrews, Que. A.B, McGill, 69; 
Ph.D, Yale, 71. Chemist and mineralogist, Can. 
Geol. Surv, 72-79; lecturer chem. and mining, 
McGill, 71-83, prof. chem. and miner, 83- LL.D, 
McGill, 99. Chem. Soc; Min. Eng; Soc. Chem. 
Indust; fel. Can. Royal Soc; fel. London Chem. 
Soc; fel. London Geol. Soc. Mineralogical 
chemistry. The composition of certain Canad- 
ian minerals. 

Harrington, Prof. Charles, 57 Orchard St, Jamaica 
Plain, Mass. Hygiene. Salem, Mass, July 29, 
56. A.B, Harvard, 78, M.D, 81; Leipzig, Stras- 
burg and Munich, 81-83. Asst. chem, Harvard 
Med. Sch, 83-84, instr. hygiene, 84-88, mat. 
med. and hygiene, 88-99, asst. prof, hygiene, 
99- Chemist, Mass. State Board of Health, 
83-91; inspector of milk, Boston, 89-05; sec'y, 
Mass. State Board of Health, 04- Ass. Path, 
and Bact; Pub. Health Ass; Chem. Soc; Mass. 
Med, Medico-Legal and Med. Benev. Societies; 
Boston Soc. Med. Sci. Hygiene; foods; disin- 
fection; asepsis; water; air. Toxic properties 
of respired air. 

Harrington, Prof. H(enry) H(ill), College Station, 
Tex. Chemistry. Buena Vista, Miss, Dec. 14, 
59. Mich. Agr. Col, 82; B.S, Miss. Agr. and 
Mech. Col, 83, M.S, 85. Asst. prof. chem. and 
physics, Miss. Agr. and Mech. Col, 82-88; prof, 
chem, Tex. Agr. and Mech. Col, 88-05, pres, 05-; 
state chemist and chemist, U. S. Exp. Sta, 88- 
05. Fel. Tex. Acad. Effect of food on the na- 
ture of butter fat; digestibility of feed stuffs; 
composition of certain plants. Chemical char- 
acteristics of the rice plant. 

Harris, Pres. A(bram) W(inegardner), Northwest- 
ern University, Evanston, Ills. Education, Math- 
ematics, Agriculture. Philadelphia, Pa, Nov. 7, 
58. A.B, Wesleyan, 80, A.M, 83; Berlin, 84; 
Munich, 85. Teacher math, Dickinson Sem, 
Williamsport, Pa, 80-81 ; tutor, Wesleyan, 81- 
84, instr. hist, 85-88; asst. director, Office Exp. 
Stations, U. S. Dept. Agr, 88-91, director, 91- 
93; pres, Maine, 93-01; director, Jacob Tome 
Inst, 01-05 ; pres, Northwestern, 05- Hon. Sc.D, 
Bowdoin, 94; LL.D, New Brunswick, 00; Maine, 
02; Wesleyan, 04. F.A.A; Nat. Educ. Ass; 
Eng. Educ. Agriculture. 

Harris, Prof. Elijah P(addock), 21 Woodside Ave, 
Amherst, Mass. Chemistry. Leroy, N. Y, 
April 3, 32. A.B, Amherst, 55; Ph.D, Gottin- 
gen, 59. Principal, High Sch, Sodus, N. Y, 55- 
56; Warsaw, N. Y, 56-57; prof, chem, Victoria 
(Can.), 59-65; Beloit, 66-68; Amherst, 68- 
LL.D, Victoria (Can.), 84. F.A.A. Chemistry. 

Harris, Prof. G(ilbert) D(ennison), 307 Stewart 
Ave, Ithaca, N. Y. *Paleontolony, Stratigra- 
phy. Ellicott, N. Y, Oct. 2, 64. Ph.B, Cornell, 
86, grad. student, 86-87. Asst, Ark. Geol. Surv, 
87-88; U. S. Geol. Surv, 88-92; Tex. Geol. 
Surv, 92-93; asst. prof, paleont. and stratig, 
Cornell, 94~ State geologist, La, 98-; ed. and 
publisher, 'Bulletins Am. Paleont.' Geol. Soc; 
Soc. g6ol. de France. Stratigraphy. Paleontol- 
ogy and stratigraphy of the Gulf Tertiaries. 

Harris, Dr. J(ames) Arthur, 4169 A Shenandoah 
Ave, St. Louis, Mo. Botany, Zoology. Plants- 
ville, O, Sept. 29, 80. A.B, Kansas, 01, A.M, 
02; Ph.D, Washington (St. Louis), 03. Asst. 
hot, Mo. Bot. Garden, 01-03 ; instr, Washington 
(St. Louis) OS-; librarian, Mo. Bot. Garden, 0/f- 
Instr. bot, Summer Sch, Kansas, 00, 01. M.A.A; 
St. Louis Acad; St. Louis Biol. Soc. (sec'y, 
04). Plant and animal ecology and geograph- 
ical distribution. Geographical distribution of 
pollination adaptations; ecology of hydro- 

Harris, Dr. Norman Mac L(eod), University of 
Chicago, Chicago, Ills. Bacteriology. Mon- 
treal, Can, Feb. 3, 70. M.B, Toronto, 94. Dem- 
onstrator bacter, Toronto, 96-97 ; asst. path, 
Hopkins, 97-98, bacter, 98-99, instr, 99-00, 
assoc, 00-03 ; instr, Bacter. Lab, Chicago, 03- 
M.A.A; Ass. Path, and Bact; Soc. Bact; Pub. 
Health Ass. 

Harris, Dr. R(ollin) A(rthur), 49th and Albany 
Sts, Washington, D. C. Mathematics, Physics. 
Randolph, N. Y, April 18, 63. Ph.B, Cornell, 
85, Ph.D, 88; Clark, 89-90. Mathematician, 
U. S. Coast and Geod. Surv, 90- F.A.A; 
Geog. Ass; Wash. Acad; Wash. Philos. Soc. 
Theory of functions with applications to physics, 
geodesy and cartography; the tides; the flow of 
water; cotidal maps. 

Harris, Prof. W (alter) B(utler), 280 Nassau St, 
Princeton, N. J. Civil engineering. Prince- 
ton, July 13, 65. C.E, Col. of New Jersey, 86. 
Asst. engineer, Central R. R. of N. J, 89; instr. 
civil eng, Princeton, prof, geod, 98- Township 
engineer; pres, Board of Health; borough engi- 
neer. Protection of New Jersey shore. 

Harris, Dr. W(illiam) T(orrey), 1360 Yale St, N. 
W, Washington, D. C. *Philosophy. North 
Killingly, Conn, Sept. 10, 35. A.M, Yale, 69. 
Teacher, principal and asst. supt. pub. schools, 
57-67; supt, St. Louis, 67-80; U. S. Commis- 
sioner of Educ, 89- Lecturer, Sch. of Philos, 
Concord; ed, 'Jour, of Spec. Philos,' 67- 
Officier de PAcademie, 78; Officier de l'lnstruc- 
tion Pub, 89 ; LL.D, Missouri, 70 ; Ph.D. Brown, 
93; LL.D, Pennsylvania, 94; Yale, 95; Prince- 
ton, 96; Ph.D, Jena, 99. Representative, U. S. 
Bur. Educ, Int. Cong, of Educators, Brussels, 
80; Paris, 89. Philos. Ass; Nat. Educ. Ass; 
Social Sci. Ass; Nat. Geog. Soc; Wash. Acad; 
Wash. Anthrop. Soc. Philosophy; psychology; 
logic; education. 

Harrison, Prof. J(ohn) B(urchmore), Georgetown, 
Demerara, British Guiana. Chemistry, Geol- 
ogy, Agriculture. Birmingham, England, May 
29, 56. A.B, Christ's College, Cambridge, Eng- 
land, 77, A.M, 87. Island prof. chem. and agr. 
science, Barbados, B.W.I, 79-89; govt, analyst 
and geologist and prof, chem, British Guiana, 
89-, director science and agr, 05 Wollaston 
award, London Geol. Soc, 89; Companion of St. 
Michael and St. George, 91. Geol. Soc; Chem. 
Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; fel. London Chem. Soc; 
London Geol. Soc; Inst. Chem. of Gt. Britain 
and Ireland; British Soc. Pub. Analysts. Trop- 



ical agricultural Chemistry; the oceanic depos- 
its and coral rocks of the West Indies ; the geol- 
ogy of the Guianas. Agricultural studies with 
tropical products; the structure and petrog- 
raphy of the Guianas. 
Harrison, Dr. R(oss) G(ranville), Charles St, 
Baltimore, Md. * Anatomy. Germantown, 
Pa, Jan. 13, 70. A.B, Hopkins, 89; Ph.D, 
94; M.D, Bonn, 99. Lecturer morph, 
Bryn Mawr, 94-95; instr. anat, Hopkins, 96- 
97, assoc, 97-99, assoc. prof, 99- Managing 
ed, 'Jour. Exp. Zool.' Soc. Nat. (sec'y, 
01-03) ; Ass. Anat; Soc. Zool. (mem. Exec 
Committee, 02) ; Soc. Exp. Biol, and Med; Anat. 
Gesell. Development of fins of fishes; the histo- 
genesis of the peripheral nervous system; am- 
phibian larvae; development of the lateral line 
in Amphibia; relation of the nervous system to 
muscle differentiation in the embryo. Develop- 
ment and regeneration of peripheral nerves. 
Harshberger, Dr. John W(illiam), 737 Corinthian 
Ave, Philadelphia, Pa. * Botany. Philadel- 
phia, Jan. 1, 69. B.S, Pennsylvania, 92, Ph.D, 
93. Instr. lot. and zool, Pennsylvania, 92- 
Teacher, Rittenhouse Acad, 92-95; ed. bot. 
words, ' Lippincott's New English Diet,' 95-; 
lecturer, Am. Soc. of Univ. Extension, 96. 
M.A.A; Soc. Plant Morph. and Physiol; Nat. 
Geog. Soc; Pa. Bot. Soc; Pa. Forestry Ass; 
Phila. Acad. ( recorder, Bot. Sect. ) ; Phila. Geog. 
Soc; Phila. Bot. Club. Maize; ethnobotany; 
ecology of New Jersey strand flora, Valley of 
Mexico, southeastern Pennsylvania, Mt. Katah- 
din (Me.) and the mountains of North Caro- 
lina. Ecological survey of Crum Creek Valley; 
phytogeography of North America. 
Hart, Charles A(rthur), 923 W. Green St, Urbana, 
Ills. Entomology. Quiucy, Ills, Oct. 12, 59. 
Ills. State Nor. Univ, 81-82. Asst, State Lab. 
Nat. Hist, Illinois, S4-89, entomologist, 89-; 
asst. to state entomologist, 89-; entomologist, 
Ills. Biol. Sta, 94- M.A.A; Soc. Nat; Ass. Econ. 
Entom; Soc. Zool; Wash. Entom. Soc. Aquatic 
insects; immature stages of insects. Epheme- 
ridae of Illinois; dragon-fly nymphs; larvae of 
Hart, Prof. Edward, Easton, Pa. *Chemistry. 
Doylestown, Pa, Sept. 18, 54. B.S, Lafayette, 
73; fellow, Hopkins, 76-77, Ph.D, 73. Asst. 
chem, Lafayette, 74-75, tutor, 75-76, adj. prof, 
77-82, prof, 82- Ed, 'Jour. Anal. Chem,' 87- 
93; consulting chemist. John Scott medal and 
premium. F.A.A. (sec'y, C, 89, v. pres, 93) ; 
Chem. Soc. (ed, 'Jour,' 92-01); Electrochem. 
Soc; Min. Eng; Franklin Inst; Ceramic Soc; 
Chem. Gesell. Volumetric analysis; new proc- 
esses for the manufacture of nitric and hydro- 
chloric acids; the nitrosulphobenzoic acids. 
Alloys of glucinium; electric combustion; man- 
ufacturing chemistry. 
Hart, Prof. J(ames) N(orris), Orono, Me. 
Mathematics, Astronomy. Willimantic, Me, 
May 22, 61. B.C.E, Maine, 85, C.E, 90; MS, 
Chicago, 97. Instr. math, and drawing, Maine, 
87-90, prof. math, and astron, 91-, dean, 03- 
M.A.A; Math. Soc; Astron. and Astrophys. Soc. 

Hartman, Dr. L(eon) W(ilson), 205 Huestis St, 
Ithaca, N. Y. Physics. Downsville, N. Y, 
June 18, 76. B.S, Cornell, 98, A.M, 99; Frazer 
fellow, Pennsylvania, 02-03, Ph.D, 03, Tyndale 
fellow (Gottingen), 03-04. Asst. physics, Cor- 
nell, 00-01; prof, Kas. State Agr. Col, 01-02; 
instr, Cornell, OJy- Spectrophotometry studies 
on Nernst lamp glowers and on mixtures of 
acetylene and hydrogen; acetylene; the radia- 
tion from black bodies in air; conduction and 
convection losses of black filaments in air. 
Temperature and energy measurements on 
Nernst lamp glowers; radiation. 

Hartwell, Dr. Burt L(aws), Kingston, R. I. 
Chemistry, Plant physiology. Littleton, Mass, 
Dec. 18, 65. B.S, Boston, 89; M.S, Mass. Agr. 
Col, 00; Ph.D, Pennsylvania, 03. Asst. chem- 
ist, Mass. Agr. Exp. Sta, 89-91; first asst. 
chemist, R. I. Agr. Exp. Sta, 91-03, assoc. 
chemist, 03- Chem. Soc. Composition of ashes 
of plants; plant fertilization; separation of 
rare elements by organic bases. Assimilation 
of phosphorus by plants; substitution of so- 
dium for potassium in plant nutrition. 

Hartwell, Dr. John A(ugustus), 50 E. 53d St, New 
York, N. Y. Medicine. Sussex, N. J, Sept. 
27, 69. Ph.B, Yale, 89, M.D, 92; Columbia, 
92-93. Asst. prof, physiol. and demonstrator 
anat, Med. Col, Cornell, 98- Surgeon, Lincoln 
Hosp, N. Y. City, 97-; adj. asst. surgeon, Bel- 
levue Hosp. Fel. N. Y. Co. Med. Soc; fel. 
N. Y. Acad. Med; N. Y. Surg. Soc. 
Hartzell, Prof. J(oseph) Culver, The Alameda, Ave. 
1755, San Jose, Cal. Geoloqy. New Orleans, 
La, Sept. 10, 70. B.S, U. S. Grant Univ, 92, 
M.S, 95; Harvard, summer, 96; Hopkins, 96-98; 
Yale, 98-99, M.S, 99; Munich, summer, 03; 
Pisa, 03-04; Ph.D, Munich, 04. Prof. biol. and 
geol, Ills. Wesleyan, 99-04; geol, Pacific, 0J t - 
M.A.A; Nat. Geog. Soc; Am. Geog. Soc; Ohio 
Acad; Wash. Geol. Soc; Wash. Biol. Soc. Con- 
ditions of fossilization. The mineral composi- 
tion of fossil invertebrates, the conditions in 
which they occur, the mineral composition of 
their living representatives and the lithographic 
composition of the formations and the laws gov- 
erning the fossilization; das Oberdevon, Eu- 
ropas und Nordamerikas. 
Harvey, Dr. Basil C(oleman) H(yatt), University 
of Chicago, Chicago, Ills. Anatomy. Watford, 
Ont, Jan. 16, 75. A.B, Toronto, 94; licentiate, 
N. S. Nor. Col, 95; M.B, Toronto, 9S. Asst. 
anat, Toronto, 95-97; Chicago, 01-02, assoc, 
02-04, imtr, 0k~ Ass. Anat; Ont. Col. Physi- 
cians and Surg. Gastric mucosa. 
Haskell, E(ugene) E(lwin), 61 Euclid Ave, De- 
troit, Mich. Civil engineering. Holland, N. Y, 
May 10, 55. B.C.E, Cornell, 79, C.E, 90. 
With Mississippi River Surv, 80-85; U. S. Coast 
and Geod. Surv, 85-93; principal asst. engineer, 
U. S. Lake Surv, 93- F.A.A; Civil Eng; Nat, 
Geog. Soc; Detroit Eng. Soc. Measurement of 
the flow of water in open channels. 
Haskell, Prof. M(ellen) W(oodman), P. 0. Box 3, 
Berkeley, Cal. *Mathematics. Salem, Mass, 



March 17, 63. A.B, Harvard, 83, A.M, 85; 
Ph.D, Gottingen, 89. Instr. math, Michigan, 
89-90; asst. prof, California, 90-94, assoc. prof, 
9J f - M.A.A; Math. Soc; Cal. Acad; Math. 
Verein ; Circolo Mat. di Palermo. Modern ana- 
lytic geometry. Singularities of plane curves; 
groups of collineations. 

Haskins, Caryl D(avis), 246 Union St, Schenec- 
tady, N. Y. Electrical and military engineer- 
ing. Waltham, Mass, May 22, 67. London 
Univ. Engineer, Haskins, Davis and Co, Lon- 
don, 87-88; Ferrante and Co, London, 88-89; 
Gen. Elec. Co, 90- Submarine defenses of Bos- 
ton, Spanish- Am. War. Elec. Eng; Naval Inst. 
Electrical measuring devices; submarine mines 
and torpedoes. 

Haskins, Dr. Charles Nelson, 120 Oak Ave, Ithaca, 
N. Y. Mathematics. New Bedford, May 7, 74. 
B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 97; M.S, Harvard, 99, 
A.M, 00, Ph.D, 01; Gottingen, 01-02. Asst. 
physics, Mass. Inst. Tech, 97-98, instr. math, 
02-03 ; Cornell, 04- Math. Soc ; New Eng. Ass. 
Math. Teachers. Theory of differential forms. 
Invariant theory of differential forms. 

Hasselbring, Dr. Heinrich, University of Chicago, 
Chicago, Ills. Botany. Flint, Mich, Jan. 12, 75. 
B.S, Cornell. 99; Ph.D, Chicago, 05. Asst. bot, 
Cornell, 99-01 ; first asst. hort, N. Y. Agr. Exp. 
Sta, 01-02; plant pathologist, Illinois, 02-03; 
asst. bot, Chicago, 03- Plant pathology and 

Hastings, Prof. C(harles) S(heldon), 248 Bradley 
St, New Haven, Conn. *Physics. Prof, phys- 
ics, Sheffield Sci. Sch, Yale. Nat. Acad; 
F.A.A; Physical Soc. General physics; light. 

Hatai, Dr. Shinkishi, University of Chicago, Chi- 
cago, Ills. Neurology. Kominato, Japan, March 
3, 77. Grad, Tohokugakuin, Sendai, Japan; 
Ph.D, Chicago, 02. Asst. biol, First High 
Sch, Tokyo, Japan, 98-99 ; instr, Cincinnati, 
00-01; asst. neur, Chicago, 02- Minute struc- 
ture of neurone; growth changes of central 
nervous system; comparative histology; effects 
of various food stuffs on the nervous system. 
Influence of lecithin on the growth of central 
nervous system; histogenesis of interscapular 
gland in human foetus; growth changes of 
spinal nerves ; finer structure of neurones ; effect 
of partial starvation on the brain. 

Hatcher, Dr. Rob(er)t A(nthony), 414 E. 26th St, 
New York, N. Y. Pharmacology. New 
Madrid, Mo, Feb. 6, 68. Ph.G, Phila. Col. of 
Pharmacy, 89; M.D, Tulane, 98. Prof. mat. 
med, Cleveland Sch. of Pharmacy, 00-04; instr. 
Pharmacol, Med. Col, Cornell, 04- Physiol. 
Soc; Am. Med. Ass; Pharmaceut. Ass. Phar- 
macology. Action of strychnin. 

Hathaway, Prof. Arthur S(tafford), 2206 N. 
Tenth St, Terre Haute, Ind. *Mathematics, 
Physics. Keeler, Mich, Sept. 15, 55. B.S, 
Cornell, 79; Hopkins, 80-84, fellow, 82-84. 
Instr. math, Friends High Sch, Baltimore, 79- 
80; Cornell, 85-89, asst. prof, 89-91; prof, 
Rose, 91- Reporter and ed, ' Lord Kelvin's 

Baltimore Lectures,' and Nat. Conf. of Elec- 
tricians, 84; prof, math, Summer Sch, Chicago, 
99. M.A.A; Math. Soc; fel. Ind. Acad. Theory 
of numbers ; quaternions ; mathematical physics. 
Motion of three bodies; continuous transfor- 
mations in quaternions. 

Haupt, Prof. Lewis M(uhlenberg), 107 N. 35th St, 
Philadelphia, Pa. Civil engineering, Physical 
geography. Gettysburg, Pa, March 21, 44. 
Harvard, 63; grad, U. S. Mil. Acad, 67. U. 
S. engineer, Lake Surv, 67 ; in charge, Fifth 
Mil. District, Tex, 69; asst. engineer, Fair- 
mount Park, Phila, 69 ; first asst. examiner, U. 
S. Patent Office, 72; instr. math, and civil eng, 
Pennsylvania, 72-75, prof, civil eng, 75-92; 
asst, U. S. Lighthouse Service, 74; U. S. Coast 
and Geod. Surv, Pa, 75-80; consulting engi- 
neer, 92-05; pres, Reaction Jetty Co, 02- 
Sec'y, Bur. of Awards, Centennial Expos, 76; 
asst. judge, Dept. Transport, Paris Expos, 89 ; 
delegate and commissioner from Pa. to Nica- 
ragua Canal Convention, New Orleans, 92; 
mem. Nicaragua Canal Commission, 97 ; Isth- 
mian Canal Commission, 99-02. Magellanic 
premium, 87 ; medal and diploma, Nat. Export 
Expos, 99 ; Elliott Cresson medal and diploma, 
Franklin Inst, 01; hon. M.S, Pennsvlvania, 83; 
Sc.D, Muhlenberg, 05. F.A.A; Civil Eng; Min. 
Eng; Philos. Soc; Civil Service Ass; Franklin 
Inst; Phila. Geog. Soc ; Phila. Eng. Club (pres.). 
Physical laws of bar formation and current and 
wave action ; designs for automatic bar removal ; 

Haviland, Prof. Edwin, Jr, 722 Madison St, 
Seattle, Wash. Civil engineering, Mathematics. 
Brooklyn, N. Y, Oct. 9, 63. B.S, Swarthmore, 
85; A.M, Cornell, 99. Civil and mining engi- 
neer, 85-98; instr. math, and civil eng, Swarth- 
more, 99-00; math, Cutler Sch, 00-01; prof, 
math, and civil eng, Thomas S. Clarkson Mem. 
Sch. Tech, 01-04; practising civil engineer, 04- 
Math. Soc; Eng. Educ. 

Hawkes, Dr. H(erbert) E(dwin), 20 Carmel St, 
New Haven, Conn. ^Mathematics. Templeton, 
Mass, Dec. 6, 72. A.B, Yale, 96, Ph.D, 00; 
Gottingen, 01-02. Asst. prof, math, Yale, 
98- Math. Soc; Math. Verein. Hypercomplex 

Haworth, Prof. E(rasmus), 1503 Massachusetts 
St, Lawrence, Kas. *Geology, Mineralogy. 
Warren Co, la, April 17, 55. B.S, Kansas, 81, 
M.S, 84; A.M, Ph.D, Hopkins, 88. Prof. nat. 
science, Penn, 83-92; geol. and miner, Kansas, 
92-; state geoloqist, Kas. Geol. Surv, 95- 
With U. S. Geol. Surv, 88, 96, 03, 04; Mo. Geol. 
Surv, 89-92; mem. Kas. State Irrig. Board, 95- 
96. Geol. Soc; Nat. Geog. Soc; Kas. Acad. 
Irrigation and water supplies; Kansas geology. 
Kansas geology and mineralogy. 

Hay, Dr. G(eorge) U(pham), St. John, N. B, Can. 
Botany. Norton, N. B, June 18, 43. Cornell, 
70; Summer Sch, Harvard, 83; Ph.B, Ills. Nor, 
Univ, 86. Principal, Girls' High Sch, St. John, 
87-97. Ed, 'N. B. Jour, of Educ,' 86-87; 
'Educ. Rev,' St. John, 87- Hon. A.M, Sc.D, 



Acadia. Cor. mem. New Eng. Bot. Club; cor. 
mem. Minn. Hist. Soc; fel. Can. Royal Soc. 
(pres, Sect. IV, 04) ; Can. Bot. Club (pres, 04-) ; 
N. B. Nat. Hist. Soc. (pres, 97-01). Plant 
ecology; occurrence of the larger fungi in New 

Hay, Dr. (liver) P(erry), American Museum of 
Natural History, New York, N. Y. *Paleon- 
tology. Jefferson Co, Ind, May 22, 46. A.B, 
Eureka, 70, A.M, 73; Sheffield Sci. Sch, Yale, 
76; Ph.D, Indiana, 84. Prof. nat. science, Eu- 
reka, 70-73; zool. and geol, Butler, 83-92; asst, 
Field Columbian Mus, Chicago, 95-97; Dept. 
Vert. Paleont, Am. Mus. Nat. Hist, 00- F.A.A; 
Paleont. Soc. (sec'y, 04) ; fel. N. Y. Acad; Ind. 
Acad, (pres, 91). Living and fossil fishes and 
reptiles. Fossil turtles of North America. 

Hay, Prof. W(illiam) P(erry), 2465 Sixth St, 
N. W, Washington, D. C. Zoology. Eureka, 
Ills, Dec. 8, 72. B.S, Butler, 91, M.S, 92. 
Instr. zool, Central High Sch, Washington, D. 
C, 92-98; head, Dept. Biol, Washington high 
schools, 98-00; prof nat. hist, Hoicard, 00- 
Asst. zool, Columbian; lecturer, Georgetown. 
M.A.A; Fisheries Soc; Nat. Geog. Soc; Wash. 
Acad; Wash. Biol. Soc; Wash. Entom. Soc. 
Life histories and relations of North American 
Crustacea. Astacidae of North America. 

Hayes, Rev. Charles H (arris), General Theological 
Seminary, Chelsea Square, New York, N. Y. 
Apologetics. Newark, N. J, Sept. 1, 68. A.B, 
Columbia, 90, fellow, 90-92, A.M, 91 ; B.D, Gen. 
Theol. Sem, 94; fellow philos, Church Univ. 
Board Regents (Berlin, Halle and Oxford), 94- 
96. Asst, St. Mark's Church, Washington, D. 
C, 96-00 ; examining chaplain, Diocese of Wash- 
ington, 97-00; chaplain to Bishop of Maine, 
00-01; assoc. prof, philos, Trinity (Conn.), 01- 
02; prof. Christian apologetics, Gen. Theol. Sem, 
02- Philos. Ass. The psychology of religious 

Hayes, Dr. C(harles) Willard, 1514 Howard Ave, 
Washington, D. C. *Geology. Granville, O, 
Oct. 8, 59. A.B, Oberlin, 83; Hopkins, 84-86, 
fellow, 86-87, Ph.D, 87. Principal, High Sch, 
Brecksville, O, 83-84; asst. geologist, V. S. 
Geol. Surv, 87-95, geologist, 95-02, in charge 
geol, 02- Geologist, Nicaragua Canal Commis- 
sion, 97-98. F.A.A; Geol. Soc; Min. Eng; 
Wash. Acad. Areal, structural and economic 
geology and physiography. Geology of the 
southern Appalachians. 

Hayes, Prof. E(llen), Wellesley, Mass. Astron- 
omy. Granville, O, Sept. 23, 51. A.B, Oberlin, 
78. Teacher math, Wellesley, 79-83, assoc. 
prof, 83-S8, prof, 88-97, applied math, 97-04, 
astron, OJf- F.A.A. Definitive orbit of minor 
planet, No. 267; calculus with applications. 
Latitude of the Whitin Observatory; an ele- 
mentary practical astronomy. 

Hayford, John F(illmore), 231 Second St, S. E, 
Washington, D. C. Geodesy. Rouses Point, 
N. Y, May 19, 68. C.E, Cornell, 89. Computer, 
U. S. Coast and Geod. Surv, 89-91; asst. astron- 
omer, Mex. Boundary Surv, 92-93 ; aid and asst, 

U. S. Coast and Geod. Surv, 94-95; instr. civil 
eng, Cornell, 95-98 ; computer and asst, U. 8. 
Coast and Geod. Surv, 98-99, inspector geod. 
work and chief of Computing Div, 00- F.A.A. 
(sec'y, A, 99) ; Astron. and Astrophys. Soc; 
Civil Eng; Wash. Philos. Soc. (sec'y, 01-04T- 
Geodetic astronomy. American geodesy. 

Hayne, Prof. A(rthur) P(eronneau), Lanao Dis- 
trict, Moro Province, Mindanao, P. I. Zymol- 
ogy, Horticulture. Charleston, S. C, Feb. 18, 67. 
Ph.B, California, 89; Montpellier; Bordeaux; 
Geisenheim-am-Rhein. Asst. prof, viticulture 
and olive culture, California, 93-00; director, 
Col. Agr, La Carlota, Negros, P. I, 03-04; 
sec'y, Lanao Dist, Moro Province, Mindanao, P. 
I, 04- First lieut. artil. detailed to report on 
the resources of the Philippine Islands, 98-99; 
exploring Visayan and Moro Islands, 99-03. 
Fermentation and vegetable pathology; horti- 
culture ; viticulture ; Moro customs and laws ; 
tropical agriculture. Moro customs; tropical 

Haynes, Prof. Arthur Edwin, 703 River Parkway, 
S.E, Minneapolis, Minn. Mathematics. Van 
Buren, N. Y, May 23, 49. B.S, Hillsdale, 75, 
Michigan, summers, 77, 78; M.Ph, Hillsdale, 
79; Harvard, summer, 90; Cornell, summer, 
92. Instr. math, and physics, Hillsdale, 
75, acting prof, 76, prof, 76-90; Mich. Col. 
Mines, 90-93; math, Col. Eng, Minnesota, 96-01, 
eng. math, 01- Hon. Sc.D, Hillsdale, 96. 
M.A.A; Eng. Educ. Engineering mathematics. 

Haynes, Prof. Henry W(illiamson), 239 Beacon 
St, Boston, Mass. Archeology. Bangor, Me, 
Sept. 20, 31. A.M, Harvard, 51. Prof. Greek 
and Latin, Vermont, 67-72; archeol. explorer, 
72- Medal and diploma, Paris Expos, 77. 
F.A.A; Antiq. Soc; Am. Acad; Mass. Hist. Soc. 
(cor. sec'y); Boston Soc. Nat. Hist (v. pres.). 
Prehistoric archeology of Egypt, Europe and 
North America; early Spanish explorations in 
North America. 

Haynes, Dr. Irving S(amuel), 1125 Madison Ave, 
New York, N. Y. Medicine, Surgery. Sara- 
nac, N. Y, Aug. 29, 61. Ph.B, Wesleyan, 85; 
M.D, N.Y. Univ, 87. Interne, Bellevue Hosp, 
87-88; demonstrator anat, N. Y. Univ, 89-94, 
adj. prof, 94-98; visiting surgeon, Harlem 
Hosp, 95-; prof, practical anat, Med. Col, Cor- 
nell, 98- Asst. attending surgeon, Chambers 
St. Hosp, 88-90; asst. attending surgeon, N. Y. 
Orthop. Hosp, 91-99. Asst. Anat; Am. Med. 
Ass; N. Y. State and Co. Med. Associations; 
N. Y. Surg. Soc; N. Y. Acad. Med. Anatomy; 

Hays, Dr. I. Minis, 266 S. 21st St, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. Medicine. Philadelphia, July 26, 47. 
A.B, Pennsvlvania, 66, M.D, 68, A.M, 69. Ed, 
'Am. Jour/ Med. Sciences,' 69-90; 'Med. News.' 
Int. Med. Cong, Phila, 76 (gen. sec'y). Hon. 
mem. Am. Physicians; Philos. Soc. (sec'y) ; Pa. 
Hist. Soc; Phila. Col. Physicians. 

Hays, Prof. W(illet) M(artin), U. S. Department 
of Agriculture, Washington, D. C. Agriculture. 
Eldora, la, Oct. 18, 59. B.Agr, Iowa State, 



85, M.Agr, 97. Asst. agr, Iowa State, 86; 
assoc. ed, ' Prairie Farmer,' 87 ; asst. agr, Min- 
nesota, 88-89, prof, 90-91; N. Dak. Agr. Col, 
92-93; prof. agr. and v. director, Exp. Sta, Min- 
nesota, 94-04; Asst. Sec'y of Agr, 05- F.A.A; 
Soc. Prom. Agr. Sci; Soc. Hort. Sci. Plant 
and animal breeding; farm economics; farm 
management ; agricultural education. 

Hazen, Allen, St. Paul Building, New York, N. Y. 
Water supply. Hartford, Vt, Aug. 28, 69. 
M.H, C.A, M.A, Mass. Inst. Tech. In charge, 
Exp. Sta, State Board of Health, Mass, 
8S-93 ; practising civil engineer, Boston, 
94-97 ; N. Y. City, 97- In charge sewerage dis- 
posal, Columbian Expos, 93 ; chief engineer, 
Albany Water Filtration Plant, 98-99. Row- 
land prize, Civil Eng, 00. Am. Water Works 
Ass; Civil Eng; Chem. Soc; Public Health Ass; 
New Eng. Water Works Ass; New Eng. Soc. 
Eng; Appalachian Mt. Club; Boston Soc. Civil 
Eng. Filtration of public water supplies. 

Hazen, Miss Annah Putnam, Wilder, Vt. Zoology. 
Wilder, Sept. 22, 72. B.L, Smith, 95; M.S, 
Dartmouth, 97; Bryn Mawr, 97-99, fellow, 98- 
99. Teacher biol, N. H. Nor. Sch, 99-00; asst. 
zool, Smith, 00-03; teacher biol, High Sch, N. 
Y. City, 03- Development of the coxal gland 
in Limulus; gastrulation in Amphioxus; regen- 
eration of sea-anemones. Regeneration of sea- 

Hazen, Prof. John V(ose), 33 N. Main St, Han- 
over, N. H. Engineering, Graphics. Royalston, 
Mass, Nov. 22, 50. B.S, Dartmouth, 75, C.E, 
76. Principal, Atkinson Acad, 77-78; tutor, 
Dartmouth, 78-79, instr. civil eng, 79-80, prof. 
civil eng. and mech, 80-93, civil eng. and 
graphics, 93- Civil Eng; Eng. Educ. Engi- 
neering. Improvement of country roads. 

Hazen, Dr. Tracy E(lliot), Barnard College, Co- 
lumbia University, New York, N. Y. Botany. 
Jericho Center, Vt, July 4, 74. A.B, Vermont, 
97; A.M, Columbia, 99, Ph.D, 00. Director, 
Fairbanks Mus. Nat. Science, St. Johnsbury, Vt, 
01-02; asst. hot, Columbia, 02-03, tutor, 03- 
F.A.A; Soc. Plant Morph. and Physiol; Torrey 
Bot. Club; New Eng. Bot. Club; Vt. Bot. Club. 
Algae, chiefly Chlorophyceae. 

Headden, Prof. W(illia)m P(arker), 322 E. Oak 

St, Fort Collins, Colo. Chemistry. Red Bank, 
N. J, Sept. 21, 50. A.B, Dickinson, 72; Ph.D, 
Giessen, 74; A.M, Dickinson, 75. Asst, Chem. 
Lab, Pennsylvania, 74-76; prof, chem, Md. Agr. 
Col, 80-84; Denver, 84-89; S. Dak. Sch. of 
Mines, 89-91, dean, 92-93; prof, chem, Colo. 
Agr. Col, 93- Colo. Sci. Soc. Mineralogy; 
analytical and agricultural chemistry. Radia- 
tion; mineral waters; digestion. 

Heald, Dr. F(rederick) D(eForest), University of 
Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebr. Botany. Midland 
City, Mich, July 23, 72. B.S, Wisconsin, 94, 
fellow, 94-96, M.S, 96; Ph.D, Leipzig, 97. Prof, 
biol, Parsons, 97-03; adj. prof, plant physiol, 
Nebraska, 03-05, assoc. prof, bot, Sch. of Agr, 
and botanist, Exp. Sta, 05- Instr. bot. and 
zool, Summer Sch, Wisconsin, 94. F.A.A; Soc. 

Nat; Nebr. Acad, (sec'y) ; Int. Ass. Bot. Pul- 
vini and photeolic movements; toxic action of 
acids and salts on plants; conditions for germi- 
nation of cryptogamic spores; regeneration of 
moss gametophyte; electric conductivity of 
plant juices. Crown gall of raspberry; a black 
rot of apple; bacterial diseases of plants; etc. 
Heany, J(ohn) Allen, York, Pa. Physics. 
Philadelphia, Pa, March 15, 76. A.B, Central 
High Sch, Phila, 95; special courses in chem. 
and bacter. Instr. physics and mech, Cen- 
tral High Sch, Phila, 95-98; research work, 
98- Elec. Eng; Franklin Inst. Electric arc 
lighting; fire-proof insulation for electric con- 
ductors; chemistry of the rarer metals and the 
incandescence of the same produced electrically. 
Production of special compounds by electro- 
chemical processes; electrical determination of 
the spectrum. 

Heath, Prof. Harold, Palo Alto, Cal. "Zoology. 
Vevay, Ind, June 5, 68. A.B, Ohio Wesleyan, 
93; Harrison fellow, Pennsylvania, 96-98, A.M, 
Ph.D, 98. Instr, Ohio Wesleyan, 90-93; prof, 
biol, Pacific, 93-94; instr. invert, zool, Stanford, 
94-96, asst. prof, 98-01, assoc. prof, 01- 
Teacher invert zool, Hopkins Seaside Lab, 95- 
00; hon. curator invertebrates, Acad. Nat. Sci, 
San Francisco, Cal. Soc. Zool; Cal. Acad; 
Wash. Acad; Pacific Coast Biol. Ass. Anatomy 
and embryology of mollusks; anatomy and em- 
bryology of the chitons of the west coast of 
North America; anatomy of some Pacific ptero- 
pods; Solenogastres. The later development of 
chitons; cephalopods of Hawaii, Alaska and the 
California coast; the Amphineura of Alaska 
and the California coast. 

Hedgcock, Geo(rge) G(rant), Missouri Botanical 
Garden, St. Louis, Mo. Phytopathology. 
Augusta, Ills, Oct. 5, 63. B.S, Nebraska, 99, 
fellow, A.M, 01. Principal pub. schools, Rus- 
kin, Nebr, 90-92; Oak, Nebr, 92-94; asst. bot, 
Nebraska, 99 ; scientific aid, 77. S. Dept. Agr, 
01, asst. path, 02- F.A.A; Mycol. Soc; Nebr. 
Acad; Int. Ass. Bot. The relation of the phys- 
iological water in the soil to that in plants; 
Thorea; new apparatus for phytopathological 
work; proof of the identity of Phoma and Phyl- 
losticta on the sugar beet. Crown gall diseases 
of trees, etc; wood-blackening fungi; Botrytis 
and Sclerotinia. 

Hedrick, Dr. E(arle) R(aymond), University of 
Missouri, Columbia, Mo. * Mathematics. Union 
City, Ind, Sept. 27, 76. A.B, Michigan, 96; 
Shattuck scholar, Harvard, 97-98, A.M, 98, 
Morgan fellow, 98-99, Parker fellow, 99-01; 
Ph.D, Gottingen, 01; Paris, 01. Instr. math, 
High Sch, Sheboygan, Wis, 96-97; Sheffield Sci. 
Sch, Yale, 01-03; prof, Missouri, 03- Math. 
Soc; Math. Verein; Soc. math, de France; 
Circolo Mat. di Palermo. Differential equa- 
tions; calculus of variations; characteristics 
of differential equations. Foundations of me- 
chanics; pseudocontact transformations; non- 
analytic functions of a complex variable. 



Hedrick, Henry B(enjamin), 3240 S St, N. W, 
Washington, D. C. Mathematical astronomy. 
Georgetown, D. C, July 22, 65. A.B, Colum- 
bian, 86. Asst, ' Nautical Almanac,' 86-00, 
senior asst, 00- F.A.A; Nat. Geog. Soc. Po- 
sitions and proper motions of the stars; a 
fundamental catalogue of 1607 zodiacal stars. 
Theory and tables of nutation based on the 
constants of the Paris Conference of 1896. 

Hefferan, Dr. Mary, University of Chicago, Chi- 
cago, Ills. Bacteriology. Eastmanville, Mich, 
June 24, 73. A.B, Wellesley, 96, A.M, 98; fel- 
low, Chicago, 99-02, Ph.D, 03. Curator, 
Bacter. Mus, Chicago, 03-04, asst. and curator, 
OJf- M.A.A. Variation; grafting (zoology); 
red chromogenic organisms. Agglutinative re- 
lations in a group of non-pathogenic organisms; 
proteolytic enzymes in the prodigiosus group; 
anopheles in Michigan. 

Heilprin, Prof. Angelo, Academy of Natural Sci- 
ences, Philadelphia, Pa. *Geology, Geography. 
Satoralja-Ujhely, Hungary, March 31, 53. Lon- 
don, 76-77; Geneva, 77-78. Prof, paleont, 
later geol, Acad. Nat. Sciences, Phila, 81-, 
curator, 83-92. Prof, geol, Wagner Free Inst. 
of Science, Phila, 85-90; lecturer physical geog, 
Sheffield Sci. Sch, Yale, 04-05. Longstreth 
medal, Franklin Inst, 96; Elisha Kent Kane 
medal, Phila. Geog. Soc, 03 ; Officier de l'Acad, 
05. F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Geol. Soc; Geog. Ass; 
Philos. Soc; Am. Alpine Club (v. pres, 03) ; 
Phila. Geog. Soc. (pres, 92-96, 02-04). Geol- 
ogy; geography. 

Heisler, Dr. John Clement, 3829 W T alnut St, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. Anatomy, Embryology. Jersey 
Shore, Pa, Feb. 27, 62. Ph.G, Phila. Col. Phar- 
macy, 83 ; M.D, Pennsylvania, 87. Prosector 
anat, Pennsylvania, 89-97; prof, Phila. Medico- 
Chirurg. Col, 97- Instr. diseases of chest, 
Phila. Polyclinic; asst. demonstrator anat. and 
curator, Wistar and Horner Mus, Pennsylvania, 
different periods, 89-97. Ass. Anat ; Am. Med. 
Ass; Pa. Med. Soc; fel. Phila. Col. Physicians; 
Phila. Co. Med. Soc. Anatomy; embryology. 

Hektoen, Dr. L(udvig), 5803 Washington Ave, 
Chicago, Ills. *Pathology. Westby, Wis, Julv 
2, 63. A.B, Luther, 83; M.D, Col. Physicians 
and Surg, Chicago, 87; Berlin, Prague and 
Upsala, 94-96. Prof, path, Rush Med. Col, 95-, 
Chicago, 00-; director, Mem. Inst, for Infectious 
Diseases, 01- Pathologist, Cook Co. Hosp, 89- 
03; coroner's physician, Cook Co, Ills, 90-94; 
lecturer path, Rush Med. Col, 90-92; prof, path, 
Col. Physicians and Surg, Chicago, 92-94; ed, 
' Jour, of Infectious Diseases,' 04- Hon. A.M, 
Luther, 02. Soc. Nat; Ass. Path, and Bact. 
( pres, 02-03 ) ; Am. Physicians ; Soc. Bact ; 
Soc. Exp. Biol, and Med; Am. Med. Ass; Chi- 
cago Path. Soc. (pres, 89, 00-02). Pathological 
anatomy and bacteriology. Scarlet fever. 

Heller, A(mos) A(rthur), Los Gatos, Gal. Botany. 
Danville, Pa, March 21, 67. A.B, Franklin and 
Marshall, 92, A.M, 97. Field agent, U. S. Dept. 
Agr, 92 ; instr. bot, Minnesota, 96-98 ; in charge, 
Vanderbilt Exped. of N. Y. Bot. Garden, Puerto 

Rico, 98-99; asst, Dept. Bot, Cal. Acad. Sci- 
ences, 05- Torrey Bot. Club; Lancaster (Pa.). 
Linnean Soc. Systematic botany. California 
flora, especially the genus Lupinus. 

Hemmeter, Prof. John C(olm), 1734 Linden Ave, 
Baltimore, Md. Medicine. Baltimore, April 
25, 64. Gymnasium, Wiesbaden, 74-79; Balti- 
more City Col, 82; M.D, Maryland, 84; Ph.D, 
Hopkins, 90. Physician in charge, Bay View 
Asylum, Baltimore, 86-88; prof, physiol, clin. 
prof. med. and director, Clin. Lab, Med. Dept, 
Maryland, 03- Assoc, ed, ' Archiv fur Ver- 
dauungs Krankheiten.' LL.D, St. John's 
(Md.), 05. Gastro-Enterol. Ass. (pres.); hon. 
mem. Tri-State Med. Soc; all medical societies 
of Baltimore and Maryland. Physiology and 
pathology of the digestive organs. Malignant 
tumors of the digestive tract; tuberculosis of 
the human intestine; significance of ionic 
hypothesis for intestinal absorption. 

Henchman, Miss Annie P(arker), 8 Frisbie Place, 
Cambridge, Mass. Zoology, Embryology, His- 
tology. Jamaica Plain, March 22, 52. Rad- 
cliffe, 84-90. Teacher; substitute asst. in Dr. 
Mark's Lab. Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool. Nervous 
system of Limax maximus. 

Henderson, Prof. Archibald, Box 93, Chapel Hill, 
N. C. Mathematics. Salisbury, N. C, June 17, 
77. A.B, North Carolina, 98, A.M, 99, Ph.D, 
01; Summer Sch, Chicago, 01, fellow, 02-03. 
Instr. math, North Carolina, 98-02, assoc. prof, 
02- Twenty-seven lines upon a cubic surface. 
Solid analytic geometry. 

Henderson, Dr. C(harles) Hanford, Chesham, N. H. 
Geology, Education. Philadelphia, Pa, Dec. 
30, 61. B.S, Pennsylvania, 82; Ph.D, Ziirich, 
92; Harvard, 97-98. Science teacher, Manual 
Training High Sch, Phila, 86-91; head master, 
N.E. Manual Training High Sch, Phila, 92-96; 
Chestnut Hill Acad, 96-97; lecturer, Harvard, 
97-98; director, High Sch, Pratt Inst, 98-00. 
University extension lecturer; lecturer, Frank- 
lin Inst; dept. ed, 'Scientific Am,' 95-96; head 
master, Marienfeld. Summer Camp, 96-02. Edu- 
cation; practical geology. 

Henderson, Prof. E(rnest) N(orton), 391 Lafayette 
Ave, Brooklyn, N. Y. Psychology. La Salle 
Co, Ills, Dec. 17, 69. Ph.B, California, 90, A.B, 
93, A.M, 94; Ph.D, Columbia, 03. Teaching 
fellow in philos, California, 92-95; principal, 
High Sch, Woodland, Cal, 95-97; instr. psychol, 
State Nor. Sch, Chico, Cal, 97-01 ; assoc. prof, 
pedag, Adelphi, 02-03, prof. educ. and psychol, 
OS- Memory for connected trains of thought. 

Henderson, Prof. W(illiam) E(dwards), 182 W. 
Tenth Ave, Columbus, O. Chemistry. Wilkins- 
burgh, Pa, Jan. 29, 70. A.B, Wooster, 91, A.M, 
94; fellow, Hopkins, 96-97, Ph.D, 97. Prof. 
chem, Ohio (Athens), 97-99; asst. prof, Ohio 
State, 99-01, assoc. prof, 01- F.A.A; Chem. 
Soc; Chem. Gesell. Chlorids of p-nitroortho- 
sulphobenzoic acid; decomposition of diazo- 
compounds with sulphur dioxid. 

Henderson, Dr. Yandell, Yale Medical School, New 
Haven, Conn. Physiology. Louisville, Ky, 



April 23, 73. A.B, Yale, 95, Ph.D, 98; Mar- 
burg and Munich, 99-00. Asst. physiol. chem, 
Yale, 98-99, instr. physiol, Med. Sch, 00-02, 
asst. prof, 02- Soc. Nat; Physiol. Soc; Soc. 
Exp. Biol, and Med. Nutrition; physiological 
chemistry. Physiological action of proteid de- 
rivatives; metabolism in lymphatic leukaemia 
and in submaxillary gland; the proteid mini- 
mum ; plethysmography investigations. 

Hendrickson, Prof. W(illiam) W(oodbury), 10 

Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md. Mathematics. 
Mt. Joy, Pa, June 21, 44. Grad, U. S. Naval 
Acad, 63. Ensign, U. S. N, 63-65, master, 65- 
66, lieut, 66-68, lieut. commander, 68-73 (served 
in Lancaster, Portsmouth and Plymouth) ; prof, 
math, and head, Dept. Math, U. S. Naval Acad, 
73-90; in 'Nautical Almanac' Office, 90-97; 
prof. math, and head, Dept. Math, U. 8. Naval 
Acad, 97- 
Hendrixson, Prof. W (alter) S(cott), Grinnell, la. 
Chemistry. Felicity, O, Jan. 11, 59. B.S, 
Union Christian Col, 82; A.M, Harvard, 89, 
Ph.D, 93; Berlin and Gottingen, 94-95. Instr, 
chem. and physics, Antioch, 83-88; asst, Har- 
vard, 90; prof, chem, Iowa (Grinnett), 90- 
Assoc. prof, chem, Iowa, summer, 02. Chem. 
Soc; Chem. Gesell; Soc. chem. de Paris. De- 
rivatives of pyromucic acid; electrolytic disso- 
ciation; oxygen acids of the halides. Bromic 

Henmon, Dr. Vivian A(llen) C(harles), Columbia 
University, New York, N. Y. Psychology. 
Centralia, Wis, Nov. 27, 77. A.B, Bethany 
(Kas.), 95, A.M, 99; fellow, Columbia, 04-05, 
Ph.D, 05. Principal schools, Lincoln, Mo, 95- 
97; asst, Bethany (Kas.), 98, instr. pedag, 
98-00, prof, pedag. and psychol, 00-05; lecturer 
psychol, Columbia, 05- Instr. psychol. and 
pedag, Teachers' Institutes, Kas, summers, 02- 
04. M.A.A; Psychol. Ass. The time of percep- 
tion as a measure of differences in sensations. 

Henry, Prof. A (If red) J(udson), 1322 Columbia 
Road, Washington, D. C. Meteorology. New 
Bethlehem, Pa, Sept. 1, 58. Columbian, 85- 
86, 97-98. With Signal Corps, U. S. A, 78- 
91 ; chief, Div. Meteorol. Records, U. 8. Weather 
Bur, 96-00, prof, meteorol, 00- F.A.A; Nat. 
Geog. Soc. Meteorological phenomena. Weather 
forecasting from synoptic charts; climatology 
of the United States. 

Henry, Prof. F(rederick) P(orteous), 1635 Locust 
St, Philadelphia, Pa. Medicine. Middlesex Co, 
N. J, July 21, 44. Princeton; Tours and Dres- 
den; M.D, Columbia, 6S. Physician, Hosp. 
of P. E. Church, Phila, 74-88; Jefferson Med. 
Col. Hosp, 88-92; Phila. Hosp, 88-; consulting 
physician, Woman's Hosp, Phila, 91-; prof, 
principles and practise of med, Woman's Med. 
Col. of Pa. Hon. A.M, Princeton, 91. Am. 
Physicians; Am. Med. Ass; Phila. Path. Soc. 
(pres, 87-89) ; Phila. Col. Physicians (hon. 
librarian, 90-) ; cor. mem. Rome Reale Accad. 
Med. Pathology, gross and microscopic; hema- 
tology; clinical medicine. 

Henry, Prof. W(illiam) A(rnon), Agricultural Ex- 
periment Station, Madison, Wis. Agriculture. 
Norwalk, O, June 16, 50. Ohio Wesleyan, 68- 
69; BAgr, Cornell, 80. Prof. bot. and agr, 
Wisconsin, 80-82, agr, 83-, director, Agr. Exp. 
Sta, 87-, dean, Col. Agr, 92- Assoc, ed, 
' Hoard's Dairyman ' ; staff correspondent, 
' Breeders' Gazette ' ; lecturer animal nutrition, 
California, 02. Hon. D.Agr, Illinois, 04; Sc.D, 
Vermont, 04. Animal nutrition and the ra- 
tional feeding of live stock. 

Henshaw, Henry W(etherbee), The Portner, Wash- 
ington, D. C. Biology. Cambridge, Mass, 
March 4, 50. Cambridge pub. schools. With 
Wheeler Govt. Surv, 72-80; Bur. Am. Ethnol, 
Smithsonian Inst, 80-93; ed, 'Am. Anthropolo- 
gist,' 89-93 ; with Biol. Surv, U. 8. Dept. Agr, 
95- Fel. Ornith. Union; Wash. Biol. Soc; 
Wash. Anthrop. Soc. Biology; ornithology; 

Henshaw, Samuel, 8 Fayerweather St, Cambridge, 
Mass. *Zoology. Asst. entom. and librarian, 
Mus. Comp. Zool, Harvard, curator, OJf- Soc. 
Nat; Soc. Zool; Entom. Soc; fel. Am. Acad. 

Herdman, Dr. W(illia)m J(ames), Hening Block, 
Ann Arbor, Mich. Diseases of the nervous sys- 
tem, Electrotherapeutics. Concord, O, Sept. 7, 
48. Ph.B, Michigan, 72, M.D, 75. Prof, dis- 
eases of the mind and nervous system, Michi- 
gan, 75- Lecturer med. juris, Law Dept, Michi- 
gan. LL.D, Nashville. Am. Med. Ass. (past 
chairman, Sect. Neur. and Med. Juris.) ; Am. 
Med. Soc. (past chairman, Exec. Committee) ; 
Am. Acad. Med. (mem. Council) ; Electrothera- 
peut. Ass. (past pres.). Relation of electricity 
to physiological action; relation of nutritional 
disturbance to disease of the nervous system. 
Radiant energy; nutritional disturbances of the 
nervous system. 

Hering, Carl, 929 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, Pa. 
* Electrical engineering. Philadelphia, March 
29, 60. B.S, Pennsylvania, 80; Darmstadt, 83- 
84; M.E, Pennsylvania, 87. Instr. math, 
physics, eng. and elec, Pennsylvania, 81, 83; 
Polytech, Darmstadt, 84; Pennsylvania, 87; 
consulting elec. engineer, 87- Official delegate 
to international congresses; mem. Jury of 
Awards at nine expositions. Officier de lTn- 
struction Pub, 89; Chevalier Legion d'honneur, 
01. Elec. Eng. (past pres.) ; Electrochem. 
Soc; Franklin Inst; Phila. Eng. Club (past 
pres.) ; hon. mem. N Y. Elec. Soc; British 
Inst. Elec. Eng; Soc. Int. des Elec. Electrical 
engineering ; electrochemistry. 

Hering, Prof. D(aniel) W(ebster), New York Uni- 
versity, New York, N. Y. * Physics, Mechanics. 
Smithburg, Md, March 23, 50. Ph.B, Yale, 72; 
fellow, Hopkins, 76-78; C.E, Yale, 78. Asst. 
engineer, Reading and Lehigh R. R, 73-74; 
Baltimore and Cumberland Valley R. R, 78-80; 
prof, math, Western Marvland, 80-84; physics, 
Western Univ. of Pa, 84-85; N. Y. Vniv, 85- 
Hon. Ph.D, Western Maryland, 95. M.A.A; 
Physical Soc; Social Sci. Ass; fel. N. Y. Acad; 



Brooklyn Inst, (pres, Dept. Physics). Church 
acoustics; X-rays; compressed air. 

Hering, Rudolph, 170 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 
Hydraulic and sanitary engineering. Phila- 
delphia, Pa, Feb. 26, 47. Royal Polytech, 
Dresden, 67. Asst. engineer, Prospect Park, 
Brooklyn; Fairmount Park, Phila, 69-71; U. S. 
Geol. Surv, Yellowstone Park, 72; Dept. Pub. 
Works, Phila, 73-86; chief engineer, Drainage 
and Water Supply Commission, Chicago, 86-88; 
consulting and constructing engineer for water 
supply and sewerage works, 88- F.A.A; Civil 
Eng. (v. pres.); Pub. Health Ass. (v. pres.); 
Forestry Ass ; Am. Water Works Ass ; Franklin 
Inst; Phila. Eng. Club (pres.) ; Can. Soc. Civil 
Eng; British Inst. Civil Eng; Verein Ing. 
Water supply and purification; sewerage and 
Bewage disposal; refuse disposal. 

Hero, Prof. Ann, Tulane University, New Orleans, 
La. Chemistry. New Orleans, April 21, 75. 
AJ5, Vassar, 96, A.M, 97. Instr. chem, Pratt 
Inst, 98-03; acting prof, Tulane, 04-05, prof, 
05- Chem. Soc. 

Herrick, Prof. C(harles) Judson, Denison Uni- 
versity, Granville, O. *Comparative neurology. 
Minneapolis, Minn, Oct. 6, 68. Denison, 86-89; 
B.S, Cincinnati, 91; M.S, Denison, 95; Ph.D, 
Columbia, 00. Instr. nat. science, Granville 
Acad, 91-92; prof, Ottawa (Kas.), 92-93; 
zool, Denison, 98- Managing ed, ' Jour. Comp. 
Neur,' 94-; assoc. comp. neur, Path. Inst, N. 
Y. State Lunacy Commission, 97-01. F.A.A*. 
(sec'y, F, 03, 04); Soc. Nat; Ass. Anat; Soc. 
Zool. Comparative neurology, especially cranial 
nerves; the organs and sense of taste in fishes. 
Comparative histology of the medulla ob- 


Herrick, Prof. Francis H(obart), Adelbert College, 
Cleveland, O. *Zoology. Woodstock, Vt, Nov. 
19, 58. A.B, Dartmouth, 81; Ph.D, Hopkins, 
88. Instr. biol, Western Reserve, 88-91, prof, 
91- Hon. Sc.D, Western Univ. of Pa, 96. 
F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool; Boston Soc. Nat. 
Hist. Development and morphology of Crus- 
tacea; habits and instincts of birds. Habits 
and instincts of wild birds; origin and develop- 
ment of instincts. 

Herrick, Prof. Glenn W(ashington), Agricultural 
College, Miss. Biology, Entomology. Otto, N. Y, 
Jan. 5, 70. B.S.A, Cornell, 96; Harvard, 97. 
Teacher, pub. schools, 88-90; instr, Nat. Science 
Camp, Canandaigua, N. Y, 95-96; prof, biol, 
Miss. Agr. Col, 97- M.A.A; Nat. Geog. Soc; 
La. Nat. Hist. Soc; Wash. Biol. Soc. Life his- 
tories of mosquitoes of Mississippi; life his- 
tories of various insects. 

Herrick, Dr. James B(ryan), 200 Ashland Boule- 
vard, Chicago, Ills. Medicine. Oak Park, Ills, 
Aug. 11, 61. A.B, Michigan, 82; M.D, Rush 
Med. Col, 88. Interne, Cook Co. Hosp, 88-89; 
instr. med, Rush Med. Col, 90-94, adj. prof, 94- 
00, prof, 00- Attending physician, Cook Co. 
and Presbyterian Hospitals, Chicago. Am. 
Physicians; Ass. Path, and Bact; Am. Med. 
Ass; Ills. Med. Soc; Chicago Med. Soc. Med- 

ical diagnosis; clinical medicine. Cytodiagno- 
sis; diseases of the kidneys. 

Herrick, Dr. Joseph C(awdell), St. Joseph's 
Seminary, Yonkers, N. Y. Physiology. Shel- 
byville, Ills, May 6, 74. A.B, Virginia, 96; 
fellow, Hopkins, 99-00, Ph.D, 00. Asst. biol, 
Virginia, 96-97 ; instr. science, St. Joseph's Sem, 
00- Nervous conductivity. Automatic action. 

Herrmann, Richard, 1000 Main St, Dubuque, la. 
Geology, Paleontology, Archeology, Ethnology. 
Chemnitz, Germany, March 10, 49. Pub. 
schools and private study. Civil engineer, Ills. 
Central R. R. Co. F.A.A; Anthrop. Ass; Iowa 
Inst. Sci. and Art (sec'y, Geol. Sect.) ; Herr- 
mann Mus. Nat. Hist. ( founder ) . Geology of 
Iowa; mound-builders of the Mississippi Valley; 
North American Indians. 

Hersam, Prof. E(rnest) A(lbion), Berkeley, Cal. 
Chemistry, Metallurgy. Stoneham, Mass, March 
9, 68. B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 91. Asst. chem, 
Mass. Inst. Tech, 91-92; metal, California, 92- 
94, instr, 94-96, asst. prof, 96-02, assoc. prof, 
02- Min. Eng; Soc. Chem. Indust. Metal- 
lurgy. Metallurgy; geology. 

Hershey, O(scar) H, Berkeley, Cal. Geology. 
Blue Rock, Pa, March 27, 74. High Sch. Field 
asst, U. S. Geol. Surv, 04; examining mines, 
Nevada, OJf- Glacial geology of northwest Illi- 
nois and of the Klamath region of California; 
stratigraphic geology of northwest California. 
The Quaternary and general stratigraphic 
geology of the Klamath region in California, 
particularly evidences of several glacial stages. 

Herter, Dr. C Christian) A(rchibald), 819 Madison 
Ave, New York, N. Y. *Pathology, Medicine. 
Glenville, Conn, Sept. 3, 65. M.D, Columbia, 
86. Visiting physician, N. Y. City Hosp, 94- 
04; prof. path, chem, Univ. and Bellevue Hosp. 
Med. Col, 97; Pharmacol, and therapeut, Colum- 
bia, 03- F.A.A; Am. Physicians; Physiol. Soc; 
Soc. Exp. Biol, and Med; Neur. Soc; N. Y. 
Path. Soc; fel. N. Y. Acad; etc. Diagnosis of 
nervous diseases; chemical pathology; pathol- 
ogy of nutrition. 

Herty, Dr. Cha(rle)s H(olmes), University of 
North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N. C. *Chemistry, 
Forestry. Milledgeville, Ga, Dec. 4, 67. Ga. 
Mil. and Agr. Col, 80-84; Ph.B, Georgia, 86; 
Ph.D, Hopkins, 90; Berlin, 99; Zurich, 00. 
Asst. chemist, Ga. State Exp. Sta, 90-91; instr. 
chem, Georgia, 91-94, adj. prof, 94-02; collabo- 
rator, Bur. Forestry, U. S. Dept. Agr, 01-02, 
expert, 02-04; with Chattanooga Pottery Co, 
04-05; prof, chem, North Carolina,, 05- Phys- 
ical director, Georgia, 93-99. F.A.A; Chem. 
Soc; Forestry Ass. (v. pres. for Fla. ) ; Soc. 
Foresters; Cliem. Gesell. Double halides ; mixed 
double halides; constitution of inorganic com- 
pounds by physico-chemical methods. A new 
method of turpentine orcharding. 

Hertzler, Dr. Arthur E(manuel), 508 Altman 
Building, Kansas City, Mo. Pathology. West 
Point, la, July 26, 70. B.S, Southwest Kansas, 
90; M.D, Northwestern, 94; Berlin, 99-02; 
Ph.D, Iowa Wesleyan, 02. Prof. gen. and surg. 



path, Univ. Med. Col, 02- Ass. Anat; Micros. 
Soc; Am. Med. Ass; Am. Acad. Med; West. 
Surg. Ass. Anatomy and pathology of the peri- 
toneum. Peritoneal exudations in inflamma- 
tion; pathology of ovaritis. 

Herzog, Dr. Maximilian (Joseph), Government 
Laboratories, Manila, P. I. Pathology, Bacteri- 
ology. Frankfort-on-Main, Germany, Sept. 17, 
58. Giessen, Strasburg and Marburg, 79-81 ; 
M.D, Med. Col. of Ohio, 90; Munich, Wiirz- 
burg and Vienna, 91-92. Laryngologist and 
otologist, German Hosp, Cincinnati, 92-94; 
prof. path, and bacter, Chicago Polyclinic 
and Hosp, 96-04; pathologist, Bur. Govt. Lab- 
oratories, Manila, P. I, 0\- Pathologist, Ger- 
man and Maurice Porter Hospitals; asst. prof, 
path, Rush Med. Col, winter, 01-02. Ass. 
Path, and Bact; Soc. Bact; Micros. Soc; Am. 
Med. Ass; Ills. Med. Soc; Chicago Med. Soc; 
Chicago Path. Soc. (pres, 02-03). Human 
placentation ; ectopic gestation; etiology of 
tumors; enzymes; pancreas. Bacteriology, 
pathology and etiology of bubonic plague; lep- 
rosy; beri-beri. 

Hess, Frank L, U. S. Geological Survey, Washing- 
ton, D. C. Geology, Mining. Streator, Ills, 
Sept. 4, 71. A.B, Stanford, 03. Asst. assay- 
ing, Stanford, 01-03; field asst, U. S. Geol. Surv, 
01-03, geol. aid, 04- Nat. Geog. Soc; Wash. 
Geol. Soc; Geol. Soc. Am. Univ. 

Hesse, Conrad E, 710 A St, S. E, Washington, 
D. C. Meteorology. Washington, Dec. 2, 66. 
B.S, Lehigh, 89. " Mining engineer, 90-93 ; 
clerk, 77. S. Weather Bur, 96- M.A.A; Min. 

Hessler, Dr. John C(harles), 5756 Madison Ave, 
Chicago, Ills. Chemistry. Syracuse, N. Y, 
Nov. 27, 69. A.B, Chicago, 96,*Ph.D, 99. In- 
str. science, Lake High Sch, Chicago, 90-92; 
chem, Hyde Park High Sch, Chicago, 92-99; 
Chicago, 99- Chem. Soc. Alkyl malonic nitriles 
and their derivatives; phenylmalonic nitrile. 

Hewes, Prof. L(awrence) I(lsley), Kingston, R. I. 
Mathematics, Civil engineering. Dover, N. H, 
Sept. 28, 76. B.S, Dartmouth, 98; Ph.D, Yale, 
01. With Eng. Dept, Mass. Highway Commis- 
sion, 97-99 ; asst. engineer, G. R. & I. St. R. R, 
Essex Co, Mass, 99 ; inspector macadam road 
construction, Brookline, Mass, 00; prof, math, 
R. I. Col. Agr, 01- Math. Soc. Macadam 
roads. Path curves of continuous groups 
(Lie) ; number theory. 

Hewitt, J(ohn) N(apoleon) B(rinton), 1333 F St, 
N. W, Washington, D. C. Anthropology. 
Lewiston, N. Y, Dec. 16, 59. Pub. schools. 
Amanuensis to Mrs. E. A. Smith, ethnologist, 
Jersey City, 79-85; with Adams Express Co, 
85-86; ethnologist, Bur. Am. Ethnol, 86- 
Anthrop. Ass; Wash. Anthrop. Soc. Myth- 
ology, philology, sociology and sophiology of 
American Indians; anthropology. Texts with 
interlinear translations on the above mentioned 
subjects in the Iroquoian dialects. 
Hewitt, Dr. Peter Cooper, 11 Lexington Ave, New 
York, N. Y. * Electrical engineering. New 

York, March 5, 61. Stevens; Columbia. Mem. 
firm, Cooper, Hewitt and Co. Engaged in ex- 
perimental work. Hon. Sc.D, Columbia, 03. 
Physical Soc; Elec. Eng; N. Y. Elec. Soc; N. 
Y. Gen. Soc. Mech. and Tradesmen. Mechanics; 
physics; electricity. 

Hewson, Dr. Addinell, 2120 Spruce St, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. Anatomy, Surgery. Philadelphia, 
Sept. 2, 55. A.B, Pennsylvania, 76, A.M, 79; 
M.D, Jefferson Med. Col, 79. Junior asst. 
surg. clinic, Jefferson Med. Col, 79-85, asst. 
demonstrator anat, 79-86, prosector, 86-89, 
chief asst. surg. clinic, 89-95, demonstrator 
anat, 89-02; prof, Phila. Polyclinic, 97-; asst. 
prof, Jefferson Med. Col, 02- Dispensary sur- 
geon, St. Mary's Hosp, 79-88 ; Episcopal Hosp, 
88-05; surgeon, St. Timothy's Hosp, 95. Ass. 
Anat; Am. Med. Ass; Am. Acad. Surg; Path, 
and Obstet. Societies; Pa. State and Co. Med. 
Societies; fel. Phila. Col. Physicians. 

Heyl, Dr. Paul R(enno), 408 Preston St, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. Physics. Philadelphia, June 30, 72. 
B.S, Pennsvlvania, 94, Tyndale fellow, 94-96, 
Harrison fellow, 97-98. Ph.D, 99. Instr. math, 
Clinton Liberal Inst, Fort Plain, N. Y, 96-97; 
physics and math, Boys' High Sch, Reading, Pa, 
98-02; physics, Central High Sch, Phila, 02- 
Crystallization, under electrostatic stress, from 
a current-bearing electrolyte. Heat capacity 
of a current-bearing conductor. 

Hibben, Prof. John Grier, Princeton, N. J. 
Philosophy. Peoria, Ills, April 19, 61. A.B, 
Princeton, 82, A.M, 85, Theol. Sem, 86; Ber- 
lin, 82; Ph.D, Princeton, 93; Strasburg, 00. 
Minister, Presbyterian Church, Chambersburg, 
Pa, 87-91 ; instr. logic and psychol, Princeton, 
91-93, asst. prof, logic, 93-97, Stuart prof, 97- 
Philos. Ass; Psychol. Ass. 

Hice, Richard R(oberts), Beaver, Pa. Geology. 
Beaver, Aug. 19, 65. B.S, Geneva (Pa.), 
86. M.A.A; Geol. Soc; Ceramic Soc. Pre- 
glacial drainage systems; glacial geology. 
Preglacial drainage of western Pennsylvania. 

Hidden, W(illia)m E(arl), 25 Orleans St, Newark, 
N. J. Mineralogy. Providence, R. I, Feb. 16, 
53. Pub. schools. Mineral expert for T. A. 
Edison, 79 : manager, various gem mines in N. 
C. and N. Mex, 80-82. N. Y. Acad; fel. London 
Geol. Soc. Discoveries of new minerals, min- 
eral localities and of new or rare crystal 
planes. The tracing of alluvial gem minerals 
to their origin and their probable environment 
at the time of crystallization, particularly of 
the ruby and rhodolite in North Carolina. 

Higgins, J(ames) Edgar, Box 677, Honolulu, H. T. 
Horticulture. Wolfville, N. S, June 14, 73. 
A.B, Acadia, 95; diploma, N. S. Sch. of Hort, 
95; M.S.A, Cornell, 98. In charge, Dept. Agr. 
and Nature-study, Honolulu Nor. Sch, 98-00; 
supervisor agr, pub. schools, Honolulu, 00-03; 
horticulturist, Hawaii Exp. Sta, 03- In charge, 
Hawaii Agr. Exhibit, La. Purchase Expos, 04. 
Soc. Hort. Sci; Pomol. Soc; Breeders' Ass. 
Tropical horticulture. The mango. 



Higginson, Dr. Thomas Wentworth, 20 Bucking- 
ham St, Cambridge, Mass. Natural science, 
Literature. Cambridge, Dec. 22, 23. A.B, Har- 
vard, 41, A.M, 69. Col, First S. C. Vols, 62-64; 
mem. Mass. House of Representatives, 80-81; 
Mass. Board of Educ, 80-84. Cor. sec'y and 
curator entom, Harvard Nat. Hist. Soc, 40-41; 
mem. Exam. Committee in Math, Harvard, 41- 
42; chief of staff to Gov. Long; etc. LL.D, 
Harvard and Western Reserve. Fel. Am. 
Acad; New Eng. Hist. Geneal. Soc; Mass. Hist. 
Soc; Boston Soc. Nat. Hist; Cambridge (Mass.) 
Entom. Club. Flora of Boston and vicinity; 
memoir of Dr. Thaddeus William Harris. 

Higley, Dr. George O(swin), 140 W. Lincoln Ave, 
Deleware, O. Chemistry. Near Columbus, O, 
Aug. 19, 58. B.S, Michigan, 91, M.S, 93, Ph.D, 
05. Instr. gen. chem, Michigan, 91-05; prof, 
chem, Ohio Wesleyan, 05- Chem. Soc. The 
action of metals on nitric acid; the halides of 
chromium; a new chemograph and some of its 
applications. The excretion of carbon dioxid 
resulting from bicycling. 

Hilgard, Prof. E(ugene) W(oldemar), 2728 Ban- 
croft Way, Berkeley, Cal. * Geology, Agricul- 
tural chemistry and physics. Zweibriicken, Ba- 
varia, Jan. 5, 33. Zurich, 49-51; Freiberg, 51- 
52; Ph.D, Heidelberg, 53. Chemist, Smithson- 
ian Inst, 55-56 ; asst. state geologist, Miss, 56- 
57 ; lecturer chem, Nat. Med. Col, 57-58 ; state 
geologist, Miss, 58-72; prof, chem, Mississippi, 
66-73; geol. and nat. hist, Michigan, 73-75; 
agr, California, 75-; director, Agr. Exp. Sta, 
88- Special agent in charge reports on cotton 
production, Tenth Census, 79-83; asst. in 
charge, Agr. Div, Northern Transcont. Surv, 
81-83; chairman, Committee on Agr. in Arid 
Region, 85. Liebig medal, Munich Acad, 94; 
diploma and gold medal, Paris Expos, 00; 
LL.D, Mississippi, 78; Michigan and Colum- 
bia, 87. Nat. Acad; F.A.A; Geol. Soc; Soc. 
Prom. Agr. Sci; Forestry Ass; Am. Acad; Am. 
Geog. Soc; Wash. Acad; Cal. Acad; cor. mem. 
St. Louis and New Orleans Academies. Gen- 
eral, Cretaceous and Post-Cretaceous geology; 
physics and chemistry of soils; correlation of 
soils with native vegetation ; estimation of soil 
values and adaptations. Alkali soils; tolerance 
of alkali salts by plants ; minimum of plant 
food in soils compatible with production; nitri- 
fication of unhumified vegetable matter. 

Hill, Prof. Arthur E(dward), 66 Clinton Place, 
University Heights, New York, N. Y. Chem- 
istry. Newark, N. J, March 20, 80. B.S, N. Y. 
Univ, 01, M.S, 03; Ph.D, Freiburg, 03. Instr, 
High Sch, Newark, N. J, 03-04; chem, N. Y. 
Univ, 04-05, asst. prof, 05- Chem. Soc. Aro- 
matic aldehydes; sulphinic acids. Influence of 
isomeric groups on the optical rotation of the 
asymmetric carbon atom. 

Hill, Benj(amin) F(elix), 2106 Pearl St, Austin, 
Tex. Geology, Petrography. La Grange, Tex, 
Sept. 15, 75. B.S, Texas, 96, fellow, M.S, 97; 
A.M, Columbia, 98, fellow, 99-00. Asst, U. S. 
Geol. Surv, 98-99; New York State Mus, 99-00; 

asst. geologist, Univ. of Tex. Miner. Surv, 01- 

03, instr. petrog. and miner, Texas, 03- Tex. 
Acad. Economic geology and petrography. 

Hill, Dr. Charles, Northwestern University Medi- 
cal School, Chicago, Ills. Histology, Embry- 
ology. Leland, Ills, June 27, 62. Grad, Mt. 
Morris, 84; B.S, Michigan, 91, M.S, 92; Ph.D, 
Northwestern, 98, M.D, 02. Prof, zool, Wash- 
ington (Seattle), 92-98; asst. prof, histol. and 
embryol, Northwestern, 98- Acting prof, zool, 
Northwestern, 02-03. Soc. Nat; Am. Med. Ass; 
1113. Med. Soc ; Chicago Med. Soc. Embryology ; 
epiphyses; development of vertebrate head. 

Hill, Eben C(harles), 2120 N. Charles St, Balti- 
more, Md. Medicine. Baltimore, Oct. 9, 80. 
A.B, Hopkins, 03, Med. Dept, 03-05; Freiburg, 

04. F.A.A; Ass. Anat. Embryological develop- 
ment of the kidney and testis. Descent of the 

Hill, Prof. Edwin A(llston), 1221 K St, N. W, 
Washington, D. C. Chemistry, Civil engineering. 
New York, N. Y, Jan. 18, 50. A.B, Yale, 75; 
Law Sch, Columbia, 76; M.S, Columbian, 01; 
A.M, Yale, 02; Ph.D, Columbian, 03. Lawyer, 
railway manager and civil engineer, 17 years; 
asst. examiner, U. S. Patent Office, 00; instr. 
chem, George Washington, 01-05, asst. prof, 05- 
Private sec'y to three Commissioners of Patents; 
asst. receiver, asst. attorney, asst. supt, etc, in 
railway service. M.A.A; Chem. Soc; assoc. 
mem. Civil Eng; Nat. Geog. Soc; West. Soc. 
Civil Eng; Ills, and Conn. Engineers Societies; 
Wash. Micros. Soc; Postal Micros. Club. En- 
gineering; chemistry; stereochemistry. Physi- 
cal chemistry. 

Hill, Kev. E(llsworth) J(erome), 7100 Eggleston 
Ave, Chicago, Ills. Botany. Leroy, N. Y, Dec. 
1, 33. Academies, 50-53; Union Theol. Sem, 
60-63. Teacher, Miss, 55-58; pastor, Ills, 63- 
68; teacher, High Sch, Kankakee, Ills, 70-74; 
Englewood, Ills, 74-88. Soc. Nat; Torrey Bot. 
Club; Chicago Acad; Sullivant Moss Chapter; 
Davenport Acad. Ecological botany; Bryo- 
phyta; Pteridophyta. Pteridophyta and Bryo- 
phyta of Chicago area. 

Hill, Dr. G(eorge) W(illiam), West Nyack, N. Y. 
* Mathematical astronomy. New York, N. Y, 
March 3, 38. A.B, Rutgers, 59. Damoiseau 
prize, Paris Acad; medal, Royal Astron. Soc; 
LL.D, Columbia and Princeton; hon. Sc.D, 
Cambridge; Ph.D, Rutgers. Nat. Acad; 
Astron. and Astrophys. Soc; Math. Soc. (past 
pres.) ; Philos. Soc; assoc. fel. Am. Acad; N. 
Y. Acad; for. assoc. Royal Astron. Soc; for. 
mem. Royal Soc; Cambridge (England) Philos. 
Soc; Manchester (England) Lit. and Philos. 
Soc; cor. mem. Paris Acad. Celestial me- 

Hill, Dr. Henry D(ickinson), New York Telephone 
Co, 15 Dey St, New York, N. Y. Mathematical 
physics, Applied electricity. Baltimore, Md, 
Sept. 9, 79. A.B, Hopkins, 00, Ph.D, 04. 
With Eng. Dept, N. T. Telephone Co, 04- Phys- 
ical Soc. Measurement of inductance capacity. 

Hill, Prof. Herbert M(alcolm), 99 14th St, Buffalo, 



N. Y. Chemistry, Toxicology. Burrs Mills, 
N. Y, May 19, 56. A.B, Hamilton, 79, A.M, 
83. Ph.D, 90. Prof, science and math, High 
Sch, Watertown, N. Y, 80-89; chem, toxicol. 
and physics, Med. Dept, Buffalo, 89-90, Dept. 
Pharmacy, 90- Chemist, N. Y. State Dept. 
Agr, 83-89; Dept. Health, Buffalo, 92- Chem. 
Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; Micros. Soc; West. 
N. Y. Chem. Soc. Analytical chemistry; ac- 
tion of poisons. 

Hill, Dr. Hibbert Winslow, 820 Ninth Ave, S. E, 
Minneapolis, Minn. Bacteriology, Hygiene. St. 
John, N. B, Sept. 16, 71. M.B, Toronto, 93, 
George Brown scholar, 93-94; Hopkins, 95; 
M.D, Toronto, 99. Demonstrator bacter. and 
path, Toronto, 95 ; biologist and director, Brook- 
lyn Water Lab, 96-98; director, Bacter. Lab, 
Boston Board of Health, 98-05; instr. bacter, 
Harvard, 03-05; asst. prof, Minnesota, and asst. 
director, Minn. State Board of Health Lab, 
05- First, asst. bacteriologist, Louisville filtra- 
tion experiments, and first asst, Phila. Board 
of Health Lab, 96; inspector, State Board of 
Health, N. Y, 96-98; managing ed, 'Am. Jour. 
Pub. Hygiene,' 04- Soc. Nat; Ass. Path, and 
Bact; Soc. Bact; Pub. Health Ass; fel. Mass. 
Med. Soc; Mass. Ass. Boards of Health; Toronto 
Path. Soc. (sec'y, 93-94); Boston Soc. Med. 
Sci. Bacteriology (water, diagnosis, methods, 
morphology) .Morphology of bacteria, espe- 
cially of B. diphtheriae; value of disinfection 
and methods for same; milk. 

Hill, Prof. John E(dward), Providence, E. I. 
Civil engineering. New York, N. Y, Nov. 9, 64. 
B.S, Rutgers, 84, M.S, 87, C.E, 92; M.C.E, Cor- 
nell, 95. Instr. civil eng, Cornell, 90-94; instr, 
later assoc. prof, and prof, Brown, 9$- F.A.A; 
assoc. Civil Eng. Shades, shadows and per- 
spective ; sanitation. Sanitation. 

Hill, Prof. John E(than), Morgantown, W. Va. 
Mathematics. Mystic, Conn, Oct. 15, 64. Ph.B, 
Yale, 85; Ph.D, Clark, 95. Civil engineer, 85- 
90; prof, math, Highland Park, 90-92; Co- 
lumbia, 95-98; West Virginia, 98- Asst. en- 
gineer, Bur. Pub. Works, N. Y. City. Math. 
Soc; Civil Eng. Surfaces of higher degrees; 
twisted curves. Sextic surfaces; expansion of 

Hill, John W(illmuth), Cincinnati, Ohio, and Phila- 
delphia, Pa. Civil and sanitary engineering. 
Covington, Ky, Oct. 10, 48. Cincinnati pub. 
schools. Planned and constructed in whole or 
in part nearly sixty systems of public water 
supply in the United States; chief engineer, 
Bur. Filtration, Dept. Pub. Works, Phila, 81-05. 
Gold medal, Cincinnati Indust. Expos, 74. 
Civil Eng; Pub. Health Ass; Am. Water Works 
Ass; New Eng. Water Works Ass; Franklin 
Inst. Construction of works of public water 
supply; economy steam engines, boilers and 
feeds; value of water works properties and 
the recognition of dysentery; typhoid and aHied 
public utilities; filtration of public water sup- 
plies; interpretation of analytical data pertain- 
ing to domestic water supplies. 

Hill, Robert Thomas, Trinity Building, New York 
N. Y. * Geology, Geography, Sociology. Nash 
ville, Tenn, Aug. 11, 58. B.S, Cornell, 86 
Asst. paleontologist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 86-88 
asst. geologist, 88-89; geologist, Ark. Geol 
Surv, 89; prof, geol, Texas, 89-91; geologist 
U. S. Geol. Surv, 89-04; cooperating with Prof 
A. Agassiz in West Indian Exploration, 95 
U. S. investigations of underground waters, 92; 
assoc. ed, 'American Geologist, 90-; lecturer 
Michigan, 02. F.A.A; Geol. Soc; Geog. Ass: 
Min. Eng; Wash. Biol, Geol. and Philos. Socie 
ties; Texas Acad; Texas Hist. Soc; Southern 
Hist. Soc. The basic geology, paleontology, 
physiography, commercial and social geography 
of Spanish America, with reference to conti- 
nental evolution. Geology of the Mexican 
Plateau, including southwestern United States; 
geology of the Windward Islands. 

Hillebrand, Prof. W(illiam) F(rancis), 506 T St, 
N. W, Washington, D. C. ^Chemistry. Hono- 
lulu, H. I, Dec. 12, 53. Cornell, 70-72; Heidel- 
berg, 72-76, Ph.D, 75; Strasburg, 76-77; Frei- 
berg, 77-78. Chemist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 80-; 
prof. chem. and physics, Nat. Col. Pharmacy, 
93- Hon. Phar. D, Nat. Col. Pharmacy. 
F.A.A; Chem. Soc. (mem. Committee Papers 
and Pub, reviewer, 'Jour.'); hon. mem. Colo. 
Sci. Soc. Minerals, rocks and methods of 

Hillig, Rev. Fred(erick) J(ohn), S.J, St. John's 
College, Toledo, O. Physics, Physical chem- 
istry. Rengsdorf, Germany, May 30, 66. Royal 
Gymnasium, Coblenz, 76-83; Exaeten, Holland, 
87-90; Harvard, 91; Ditton Hall, England, 94- 
95; Valkenberg, Holland, 95-99, Ph.D. Prof. 
science and higher math, Canisius Col, Buffalo, 
N. Y, 99-02; physics and math, St. Joint's 
{Ohio), 02- Asst. physics, Exaeten, Holland, 
88-89. M.A.A; Ohio Acad; Buffalo Nat. Field 
Club. Wave theory; designed two instruments, 
one for measuring simple harmonic motion and 
one for demonstrating laws of undulation; 
apparatus for measuring density; electrical 
device for reading Fortin's barometer. Elec- 
trolysis ; amalgams ; surface tension. 

Hills, Director J(oseph) L(awrence), 59 N. Pros- 
pect St, Burlington, Vt. Agricultural chem- 
istry. Boston, Mass, March 2, 61. B.S, Mass. 
Agr. Col. and Boston, 81. Asst. chem, Mass. 
Exp. Sta, 81-84; N. J. Exp. Sta, 84-85; chemist, 
Vt. Exp. Sta, 88-98, director, 93-; prof. agr. 
chem, Vermont, 93-, dean, Dept. Agr, 98- 
Chemist, New Eng. Internal Revenue Lab. for 
Sugar Bounty work, 92; mem. Vt. State Board 
Agr. and Cattle Commission, 92-00. Hon. 
Sc.D, Rutgers, 03. Soc. Prom. Agr. Sci; Ass. 
Agr. Col. ( sec'y-treas. ) . Agricultural chemis- 
try, particularly along dairying lines. 

Hills, R(ichard) C(harles), Victor Fuel Co, Den- 
ver, Colo. Geology, Natural science. Ewhurst, 
Surrey, England, Feb. 5, 48. Private study. 
Geologist, Colo. Fuel and Iron Co, 84-04. Geol- 
ogist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 94-98. Geol. Soc; 
Colo. Sci. Soc. (pres, 88, 90) ; fel. London Geol. 



Soc. Geology; mineralogy; chemistry; oro- 
graphic and structural features of Rocky 
Mountain geology; coal fields of the south cen- 
tral Rocky Mountains; Eocene of the Huerfano 
Basin, Colo. 

Hillyer, Prof. H(omer) W(inthrop), 1811 Adams 
Ave, Madison, Wis. * Chemistry. Waupun, 
Wis, Jan. 26, 59. Ripon, 78-79; B.S, Wiscon- 
sin, 82; Ph.D, Hopkins, 85. Asst. and instr. 
chem, later asst. prof. org. chem, Wisconsin. 
F.A.A; Chem. Soc. Derivatives of phenyl 
ether; phenox ozone compounds; aluminum 
alcoholates. Derivatives of phenyl ether. 

Hiltner, R(obert) S(ilver), 1488 Chapin St, Wash- 
ington, D. C. Chemistry. Lincoln, Nebr, June 
12, 73. B.S, Nebraska, 94, fellow, 94-96, A.M, 96. 
Asst. chemist, Nebr. Exp. Sta, 96-98; instr. 
chem, Nebraska, 98-03 ; chemist, Office Super- 
vising Architect, Treasury Dept, 03- Chemist, 
Am. Beet Sugar Co, Chino, Cal, summer, 02. 
Chem. Soc. (sec'y and treas, Nebr. Sect, 00-) ; 
Ass. Off. Agr. Chemists; Soc. Testing Materials. 
Sugar analysis; mineral chemistry; technical 

Himes, Prof. Charles F(rancis), Carlisle, Pa. 
Physics. Lancaster Co, Pa, June 2, 38. A.B, 
Dickinson, 55, A.M, 58; Giessen, 64-65. Teacher 
in several seminaries; prof, math, Troy Univ, 
60-63; chem. and physics, Dickinson, 65-84, 
physics, 84-96. Assoc, ed, ' Photog. Archiv,' 
64-70; scientific publications of Harper Bros, 
72-79. Hon. Ph.D, De Pauw; LL.D, Dickinson. 
F.A.A; Philos. Soc; hon. mem. Franklin Inst; 
N. Y. Acad; Md. Acad; Pa. Hist. Soc; Phila. 
Photog. Soc. Chemistry and physics of photog- 
raphy; binocular vision; total solar eclipses; 
educational appliances; historical investigations. 

Hinds, Prof. J(ohn) I(redelle) D(illard), Univer- 
sity of Nashville, Nashville, Tenn. Chemistry. 
Guilford Co, N. C, Dec. 13, 47. A.B, A.M, 
C.E, Cumberland, 73; Berlin, 80; Harvard, 82. 
Prof, physical science, Cumberland, 73-00 ; 
chem, Nashville, 00- Teacher, summer schools 
and supt. of platform, Monteagle Assembly, 91- 
96. Hon. Ph.D, Lincoln; LL.D, Cumberland. 
Chem. Soc; Chem. Gesell. Inorganic chem- 
istry; chemistry by observation, experiment 
and induction; photometric analysis. 

Hinds, Dr. W(arren) E(lmer), U. S. Department of 
Agriculture, Washington, D. C. Entomology. 
Townsend, Mass, Sept. 20, 76. B.S, Boston, 99; 
Ph.D, Mass. Agr. Col, 02. Asst, Bur. Entom, 
U. S. Dept. Agr, 02-, special field agent, 02- 
Lecturer entom, Summer Sch, Md. Agr. Col, 02. 
M.A.A; Ass. Econ. Entom; Wash. Entom. Soc. 
The Thysanoptera of North America. The Mex- 
ican cotton boll-weevil in Texas. 

Hine, Prof. Ja(me)s S(tewart), 1340 Hunter St, 
Columbus, O. Zoology. Wauseon, O, June 13, 
66. B.S, Ohio State, 93. Instr. entom, Ohio 
State, 94-96, asst. prof, 96-02, assoc. prof. zool. 
and entom, 02- Ed, 'Ohio Naturalist.' F.A.A; 
assoc. Ornith. Union; Ass. Econ. Entom. Pan- 
orpidae of North America; Diptera. North 
American Tabanidae. 

Hinman, Dr. Alice H(amlin), 2510 T St, Lincoln, 

Nebr. Psychology. Constantinople, Turkey, 
Dec. 20, 69. A.B, Wellesley, 93; Ph.D, Cornell, 
97. Teacher, Abbot Acad, Andover, Mass, 90- 
92; prof, psychol, Mt. Holyoke, 97; instr, 
Nebraska, 98-99, lecturer, 02- Lecturer, Teach- 
ers Institutes, Nebr. and S. Dak. West. Philos. 
Ass. Attention; rhythm; hypnotism; memory 
span in infancy. Memory span in infancy and 
early childhood; development of voluntary at- 
tention in the years from one to five. 

Hinman, Prof. Edgar L(enderson), 2510 T St, 
Lincoln, Nebr. Philosophy. Afton, N. Y, 
Sept. 5, 72. A.B, Cornell, 92, Ph.D, 95. Fel- 
low and asst, California, 95-96; instr. philos, 
Nebraska, 96-97, adj. prof, 97-02, asst. prof, 
02-04, assoc. prof, 0\- M.A.A; West. Philos. 
Ass. Metaphysics; logic. 

Hinrichs, Dr. Gustavus (Detlef), 4106 Shenandoah 
Ave, St. Louis, Mo. *Chemistry. Lunden, Ger- 
many, Dec. 2, 36. Copenhagen, 53-61. Prof. 
physical science, Iowa, 62-86; chem, Col. Phar- 
macy, St. Louis, 89-03; Med. Dept, St. Louis, 
03- F.A.A. Molecular mechanics with cos- 
mical and other applications. 

Hiss, Dr. P(hilip) Hanson, Jr, 437 W. 59th 
St, New York, N. Y. Bacteriology, Path- 
ology. Baltimore, Md, Sept. 17, 68. A.B, 
Hopkins, 91; M.D, Columbia, 95, Alumni Ass. 
fellow, 95-96, Clark scholar, 99-00. Asst. 
bacter, Columbia, 95-99, instr. hygiene and 
bacter, 99-03, adj. prof, bacter, 03- Asst. 
bacteriologist, Dept. Health, N. Y. 96-99 ; prof, 
hygiene, Woman's Med. Col, N. Y, 98-99. 
F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Ass. Path, and Bact; Soc. 
Bact ; Soc. Exp. Biol, and Med ; Pub. Health Ass ; 
N. Y. Path. Soc ; Harvey Soc. Differentiation of 
typhoid and colon bacilli; method of isolation 
of typhoid bacilli; bacteriology of typhoid 
fever; relation of serum-globulin and diphther- 
itic antitoxin; pneumococcus and streptococcus 
differentiation and capsule staining methods; 
bacilli; etc. Micrococcus intracellularis men- 
ingitidis; differentiation of streptococci; ty- 
phoid toxins. 

Hitchcock, Prof. A(lbert) S(pear), 3363 16th St, 
N. W, Washington, D. C. * Botany, Agrostology. 
Owosso, Mich, Sept. 4, 65. B.S. A, Iowa State, 
84, M.S, 86. Asst. chem, Iowa State, 85; 
instr, Iowa, 86-89; bot. asst, Mo. Bot. Garden, 
89-91; prof, bot, Kas. State Agr. Col, 92-01; 
asst. agrostologist, U. S. Dept. Agr, 01-05, sys- 
tematic agrostologist, 05- F.A.A. (sec'y, G, 
01) ; Bot. Soc; Soc. Prom. Agr. Sci; Nat. Geog. 
Soc; Wash. Bot. Soc; Wash. Biol. Soc; Kas. 
Acad; St. Louis Acad; Acad. Int. Geog. Bot. 
Taxonomy of grasses. 

Hitchcock, Prof. C(harles) H(enry), Hanover, 
N. H. *Geology. Amherst, Mass, Aug. 23, 
36. A.B, Amherst, 56, A.M, 59 ; Andover Theol. 
Sem, 60-61; Royal Sch. of Mines, London, 
66. Asst. state geologist, Vt, 57-61; state 
geologist, Me, 61-62; N. H, 68-78; prof, geol, 
Dartmouth, 68- Instr. zool, Amherst, 58-63; 
geol, Lafayette, 67-70; Mt. Holyoke, 70-01; 



Williams, 81; Va. Agr. and Mech. Col, 82. 
Hon. Ph.D, Lafayette, 70; LL.D, Amherst, 96. 
Mem. Int. Cong. Geol, 77- F.A.A. (v. pres, 
83); Geol. Soc. (v. pres, 96); Philos. Soc; 
Appalachian Mt. Club; Sci. Societies of Port- 
land (Me.), Boston, N. Y. City, Phila, Wash, 
St. Louis and Vienna. Ichnology; geology of 
northern New England; geological maps of 
United States; surface geology; geology of the 
Hawaiian Islands. Ichnology; geology and sur- 
face geology of northern New England; Ha- 
waiian geology. 

Hitchcock, Prof. Edward, Amherst College, Mass. 
Physical education, Anthropometry. Amherst, 
May 23, 28. A.B, A.M, Amherst, 49; M.D, 
Harvard, 53. Prof, physical educ. and hygiene, 
Amherst, 61-, dean, Col. Faculty, 99- Mem. 
State Board of Health, Lunacy and Charity, 
Mass, 79- LL.D, Amherst, 99. Geology; 
anatomy and physical measurements of the 
human body; North American Indians; arche- 

Hitchcock, Prof. E(dward), Jr, Moore's Brook, 
Charlottesville, Va. Hygiene, Physical culture. 
Stratford, Conn, Sept. 1, 54. A.B, Amherst, 
78, A.M, 81; M.D, Dartmouth. 81; Bellevue 
Med. Col. Instr. physical culture and elocu- 
tion, Amherst, 81-84; prof, hygiene and phys- 
ical culture, Cornell, 84-03. Instr. elocution, 
Mass. Agr. Col, 82-83. Ass. Adv. Physical 
Educ. (v. pres.) ; Physical Educ. Soc. (v. 
pres.) ; Am. Acad. Med. (v. pres.) ; Mass. Med. 
Soc; Tompkins Co. (N. Y.) Med. Soc. Phys- 
ical measurements. Vital statistics. 

Hitchcock, Dr. Fanny R(ysam) M(ulford), 4038 
Walnut St, Philadelphia, Pa. Biology, Chem- 
istry. Brooklyn, N. Y, Feb. 7, 51. Ph.D, 
Pennsylvania, 94. M.A.A; Chem. Soc; Math. 
Soc; Torrey Bot. Club; fel. N. Y. Acad. Effect 
of high temperature on minerals. Chemistry 
of iron ores; origin of disease in the pineapple 

Hitchcock, Frank H (arris), Cosmos Club, Wash- 
ington, D. C. Economics. Amherst, 0, Oct. 5, 
67. A.B, Harvard, 91; LL.B, Columbian, 94, 
LL.M, 95. Asst. biologist, U. S. Dept. Agr, 
92-93, librarian, Div. Statistics, 93-94, asst. 
chief, Div. Foreign Markets, 95-96, chief, 97- 
02 ; chief clerk, Dept. Commerce and Labor, 
02-04; asst. sec'y, Republican Nat. Committee, 
04 ; sec'y, Inaugural Committee, 05 ; first asst. 
postmaster general, 05 Mem. Govt. Board, 
Lewis and Clark Expos, 04-05. F.A.A. (sec'y, 
I, 03) ; Statist. Ass; Econ. Ass; Wash. Econ. 
Ass. Agricultural import and export trade of 
the United States; customs tariffs of all coun- 

Hitchcock, Prof. Geo(rge) G(ale), Claremont, Cal. 
Physics, Physical chemistry. Galesburg, Ills, 
April 24, 61. A.B, Nebraska, 83; Hopkins, 84- 
85. Prof. nat. science, Pierre, 85-92 ; chem, 
Wash. Agr. Col, 91-93; physics and chem, 
Pomona, 93- Physical Soc; Electrochem. Soc; 
Eng. and Archit. Ass. of S. Cal. 

Hitchcock, Prof. Romyn, 20 Broad St, New York, 
N. Y. Chemistry. St. Louis, Mo, Dec. 1, 51. 
Cornell, 68-71; Sch. of Mines, Columbia, 72. 
Asst. chem, Lehigh, 74-76; prof, Chicago, 77- 
78; curator, U. S. Nat. Mus, 83-89; prof, chem, 
Osaka, Japan, 86-89; consulting chemist, 89- 
Abstracter for 'Am. Chemist,' 72-76; ed, 
'Am. Micros. Jour,' 78-97; judge of awards, 
London Fisheries Exhib; Columbian Expos, 93; 
U. S. Commissioner to China and expert on 
Pa. Commission for State Mining Exhibit, Co- 
lumbian Expos, 93; in charge photography, U. 
S. Eclipse Exped, Japan. F.A.A. (sec'y, F, 
84) ; Chem. Soc. N. Y. Acad; hon. mem. N. 
Y. Micros. Soc. Chemical technology; utiliza- 
tion of fuel; photographic chemistry; action of 
light on silver haloids; ethnology and explora- 
tion in Japan and China. 

Hitchens, Dr. Arthur P(arker), Glenolden, Pa. 
Bacteriology. Delmar, Del, Sept. 14, 77. Temple 
Col; M.D, Medico-Chirurg. Col, Phila, 98. 
Instr. path, and bacter, Medico-Chirurg. Col, 
Phila, 00-01 ; bacteriologist, Antitoxin Lab, 
Glenolden, 01- Soc. Bact; Am. Med. Ass; 
Phila. Path. Soc; Northwest Med. Soc. of Phila. 
(pres, 05). Bacterial toxins and antisera. 

Hitz, John, 1601 35th St, N. W, Washington, D. C. 
Philosophy, Civics, Pedagogics. Davos, Swit- 
zerland, Sept. 14, 28. Private schools. Con- 
sul gen. of Switzerland at Washington, D. C, 
64-82; supt, Volta Bur, Washington, D. C, 90- 
Pres, philanthropic societies, banks and insur- 
ance companies, 53-82; Swiss commissioner, 
Centennial Expos, 76; trustee, pub. schools, 64- 
65. Empress Augusta medal, 84. M.A.A; Nat. 
Educ. Ass; Soc. Foresters; Nat. Geog. Soc; 
Am. Ass. to Promote Teaching Speech to Deaf; 
Wash. Soc. Philos. Inquiry; Wash. Anthrop. 
Soc; Schweiz. Forstverein; Graubiinden Na- 
turforsch. Gesell. Cosmology; ethics; peda- 
gogy; international statistics of the deaf. Ped- 
agogy as applied to defectives. 

Hoadley, Prof. Geo(rge) A(rthur), Walnut Lane, 
Swarthmore, Pa. Physics. Sheffield, Mass, 
Dec. 2, 48. A.B, C.E, Union, 74, A.M, 77. 
Principal, Acad, Argyle, N. Y, 74-79; union 
sch, Fort Edward, N. Y, 79-83; pub. schools, 
Florence, Mass, 83-S6; Northampton, 86-88; 
prof, physics, Swarthmore, 88- Mem. Jury of 
Awards, Elec. Sect, Phila. Export Expos, 00. 
F.A.A; Physical Soc; Elec. Eng; Franklin Inst. 
Physics; practical measurements in magnetism 
and electricity. 

Hoag, Prof. W(illia)m R(icketson), 1516 Seventh 
St, S. E, Minneapolis, Minn. Civil engineering. 
Sumner, Fillmore Co, Minn, Feb. 27, 59. C.E, 
Minnesota, 83; Cornell, 87. Instr. civil eng, 
Minnesota, 84-86, asst. prof, and later prof, 
86- Res. engineer, North. Pacific R. R, 80-84; 
acting asst, U. S. Geol. Surv, 88-95 ; topographer, 
Minn. Geol. and Nat. Hist. Surv. Minn. Surv. 
and Eng; Minneapolis Eng. Club (pres, 04). 
Geodesy; topography; good roads. 

Hobbs, Dr. G(lenn) M(oody), University of Chi- 
cago, Chicago, Ills. Physics. Yorkville, Ills, 



Aug. 17, 70. B.L, Illinois, 92; Ph.D, Chicago, 
05. Asst, Lab, Illinois, 92; Chicago, 92-94, 
tutor physics, 94-96, asst, 97-98, assoc, 98-01, 
instr, 01- Spark potential and mean free path ; 
repetition of experiment on Newton's law of 
gravitation by method of interference measure- 

Hobbs, Prof. W(illia)m H(erbert), Madison, Wis. 

* Geology, Mineralogy, Petrology. Worcester, 
Mass, July 2, 64. B.S, Worcester, 83; fellow, 
Hopkins, 87-88, A.M, Ph.D, 88; Heidelberg, 89. 
Instr. miner, and metal, Wisconsin, 89-91, asst. 
prof, miner, and petrog, 91-00, prof, miner, and 
petrol, 00- Ed, Dept. Miner, ' Am. Naturalist,' 
94-95; asst. geologist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 96- 
F.A.A. (sec'y, E, 93); Geol. Soc; Wis. Acad, 
(sec'y, 92-94). Structural geology; mineral- 
ogy; petrology. Geology of southwest Massa- 
chusetts and Connecticut. 

Hodenpyl, Dr. Eugene, 16 W. 52d St, New York, 
N. Y. Pathology. Plainfield, N. J, Dec. 10, 63. 
M.D, Columbia, 85. House physician, St. Fran- 
cis Hosp, N. Y; adj. prof. path, anat, Columbia, 
and pathologist, Roosevelt and St. Francis Hos- 
pitals, N. Y, 89-03. Pathologist, Methodist 
Hosp, Brooklyn, 87-90. Alumni prize, Col. 
Physicians and Surg, Columbia, and Joseph 
Mather prize, 90. Ass. Path, and Bact; N. Y. 
Acad. Med; N. Y. Path. Soc. Tuberculosis of 
the pleura; typhoid fever; absence of the 
spleen ; anatomy and physiology of the tonsils ; 
actinomycosis of the lungs; action of dead 
tubercle bacilli. Diseases of the stomach. 

Hodge, Prof. C(lifton) F(remont), 3 Charlotte St, 
Worcester, Mass. *Biology, Neurology. Janes- 
ville, Wis, Oct. 16, 59. A.B, Ripon, 82; fellow, 
Hopkins, 88-89, Ph.D, 89; fellow, Clark, 89- 
91. Asst. neur, Clark, 89-91; instr. biol, Wis- 
consin, 91-92; asst. prof, physiol. and neur, 
Clark, 92-, prof, biol, Col. Dept, 02- Soc. 
Nat; Physiol. Soc; assoc. Ornith. Union; For- 
estry Ass; Mass. Forestry Ass; Mass. Audu- 
bon Soc. (mem. Board Directors). Nature 
study and life ; physiology of nerve cells ; fa- 
tigue; rest; changes due to old age; physiolog- 
ical action of alcohol. Physiology of living 
nerve cells, daily life and rhythms of rest and 
activity in animals; dynamics of a series of 
animal species. 

Hodge, Prof. Frederick H(umbert), 919 Main St, 
Worcester, Mass. Mathematics. Ofallon, Ills, 
Dec. 10, 70. A.B, Boston, 94; Chicago, 96-97; 
Clark, 97-99, fellow, 98-99; A.M, Boston, 99; 
fellow, Clark, 01-03, hon. fellow, 03-04. Prof. 
math, J. B. Stetson, 95-96; Bethel, 99-01; 
instr, Col. Dept, Clark, 02-05, asst. prof, 05- 
M.A.A; Math. Soc. 

Hodge, Frederick W(ebb), Garrett Park, Md. 

* Anthropology. Plymouth, England, Oct. 28, 
64. Columbian, 85-86. Law and publishing 
office, 79-84; stenographer, U. S. Geol. Surv, 
84-86; sec'y, Hemenway Archeol. Exped, 86-89; 
ethnologist, ed. and librarian, Bur. Am. Ethnol, 
89-01; asst. in charge of office and acting 
curator, Int. Exchanges, Smithsonian Inst, 01- 

05; ethnologist, Bur. Am. Ethnol, 05- Editor- 
in-chief, 'Am. Anthropologist.' F.A.A; Anthrop. 
Ass. (councilor, ed.); Folk-lore Soc; Am. Hist. 
Ass; Explorers' Club; Landmarks Club; Sequoya 
League; Wash. Acad; Wash. Anthrop. Soc. 
(curator, mem. Board of Managers and of Ed. 
Board) ; Tex. Hist. Ass; hon. mem. Quivira 
Hist. Soc; Columbia Hist. Soc. Ethnology of 
the Pueblo tribes of New Mexico; ethnological 
and historical annotation of early Spanish ac- 
counts of southwestern tribes; bibliography of 
the Pueblo Indians. 

Hodgkins, Prof. H(oward) L(incoln), 1830 T St, 
Washington, D. C. Physics. Elgin, Ills, Jan. 
23, 62. A.M, Columbian, 83, Ph.D, 92. Tutor 
math, George Washington, 83, adj. prof, 84-87, 
prof, 87-03, dean, Scientific Sch, 97-03, head 
prof, physics, 03- Special computer, ' Nautical 
Almanac ' Office, 82-92 ; dean, Columbian, 00- 
02. F.A.A; Math. Soc; Physical Soc; Wash. 
Philos. Soc. Optics. 

Hoffman, Prof. Frank Sargent, 2 College Grounds, 
Schenectady, N. Y. Psychology, Logic, Phi- 
losophy. Sheboygan Falls, Wis, Feb. 9, 52. 
Knox, 70-72; A.B, Amherst, 76; B.D, Yale, 80, 
Hooker fellow, 80; Berlin and Heidelberg, 82- 
83; A.M, Amherst, 84, Ph.D, 96. Principal, 
Grammar Sch, Galesburg, Ills, 72-73, asst. 
principal, High Sch, 73-74; instr. Greek and 
Latin, High Sch, Princeton, Ills, 76-77; philos, 
Wesleyan, 83-85; prof, Union, 85- M.A.A; 
Soc. Nat; Philos. Ass; Psychol. Ass; Acad. 
Polit. and Social Sci; Soc. Psychical Research. 
Psychology; logic; the secondary self. Hallu- 
cinations ; telepathy. 

Hoffman, Samuel V(erplanck), Morristown, N. J. 
Astrophysics. Brooklyn, N. Y, May 12, 66. 
M.E, Stevens, 88 ; fellow, Hopkins, 93. M.A.A_; 
Astron. and Astrophys. Soc; Physical Soc; N. 
Y. Hist. Soc. (pres.) ; fel. Royal Astron. Soc. 
Spectra of the stars; curves of electromotive 
force in alternating dynamo. 

Hoffmann, Dr. G(eorge) Christian, Geological Sur- 
vey of Canada. Ottawa, Can. Chemistry, Min- 
eralogy. London, England, June 7, 37. Royal 
Sch. of Mines, London; Royal Col. Chem, Lon- 
don. Junior asst, Royal Col. Chem; asst, 
research lab. of Prof. A. W. von Hofmann; 
scientific asst. to supt. gen. of educ, Natal, S. 
Africa, 61-64; in charge, Phyto-chem. Lab, Mel- 
bourne Bot. Garden, Australia, 65-71; asst. 
chemist and mineralogist, Can. Geol. Surv, 72- 
79, acting chemist and mineralogist, 79-80, 
chemist and mineralogist, 80, asst. director, 
83- Curator, Miner, and Lithol. Sect, Mus, 
Can. Geol. Surv. LL.D, Queen's (Can.), 95. 
Fel. Can. Royal Soc; hon. mem. Quebec Phar- 
maceut. Ass; fel. Inst. Chem. of Gt. Britain and 
Ireland; Miner. Soc. of Gt. Britain and Ireland. 
Chemistry; mineralogy. 

Hoffmann, Ralph, Belmont, Mass. Ornithology, 
Botany. Stockbridge, Mass, Nov. 30, 70. A.B, 
Harvard, 94. Teacher, Browne and Nichols 
Sch, Cambridge, Mass, 91- Teacher, Alstead 
Summer Sch. of Nat. Hist, 99-04. Mem. 



Ornith. Union; New Eng. Bot. Club. Distribu- 
tion and habits of New England birds. Flora 
of Berkshire County, Mass. 

Hofman, Dr. H(einrich) O(scar), 88 Robinwood 
Ave, Jamaica Plain, Mass. Metallurgy. 
Heidelberg, Germany, Aug. 13, 52. Heidelberg, 
71-73; E.M, Met. E, Pvoyal Sch. of Mines, 
Clausthal, 77; Ph.D, Ohio (Athens), 89. 
Practising metallurgist, 77-87; lecturer, Mass. 
Inst. Tech, 87-88; prof, metal and assaying, 
Dak. Sch. of Mines, 87-89; asst. prof, mining 
and metal, Mass. Inst. Tech, 89-91, assoc. prof, 
91-98, prof, metal, 98- Min. Eng. (manager, 95- 
97) ; Eng. Educ; fel. Am. Acad. Metallurgical 
chemistry. Eutectics in ferrocalcic silicates. 

Holden, Dr. Edward S(ingleton), U. S. Military 
Academy, West Point, N. Y. * Astronomy. 
St. Louis, Mo, Nov. 5, 46. B.S, Washington 
(St. Louis), 66; grad, U. S. Mil. Acad, 70; 
A.M, Washington (St. Louis), 70. Lieut, of 
arty, U. S. A, 70-71, lieut. of engineers, 71-73; 
prof, math, U. S. N, 73-82; director, Wash- 
burn Observatory, 81-85; pres, California, 85- 
88; director, Lick Observatory, 88-98; librar- 
ian, U. S. Mil. Acad, 01- Mem. Board of Visi- 
tors, U. S. Mil. Acad, 85; U. S. Naval Acad, 96. 
Knight-commander Ernestine Order, Saxony, 
94; Order of Bolivar, 96; Knight Royal Order 
of Danebrog, Denmark, 95; LL.D, Wisconsin, 
87; Columbia, 88; lion. Sc.D, Pacific, 96. Nat. 
Acad; Philos. Soc; Am. Acad; assoc. Royal 
Astron. Soc; Soc. astron. de France; Soc. Ital. 
di Spettroscop. Positions of standard stars ; 
brightness and figures of nebulae; lunar pho- 
tography; astronomical and other bibliography. 

Holder, Cha(rle)s F(rederick), 475 Belief ontaine 
Drive, Pasadena, Cal. Zoology, Archeology. 
Lynn, Mass, Aug. 5, 51. U. S. Naval Acad, 
69-71. Asst. curator, Am. Mus. Nat. Hist, 71- 
75; prof, zool, Throop, 88. Cor. mem. N. Y. 
Linnean Soc; fel. N. Y. Acad; Pasadena Acad, 
(pres.). General zoology; archeology of the 
Pacific Coast islands; animal phosphorescence. 
Archeology of the Pacific Coast islands. 

Holferty, Dr. G(eorge) M(ellinger), Central High 
School, St. Louis, Mo. Botany, Geology. Caze- 
novia, Ills, Nov. 17, 59. B.S, Wisconsin, 93; 
Leipzig, 94-95; M.S, Cincinnati, 97; Ph.D, Chi- 
cago, 03. Principal, High Sch, Oconto, Wis, 
87-90; asst, Biol. Lab, Wisconsin, 93-94 ;instr. 
biol, Cincinnati, 95-99; bot, Illinois, 00-01; 
Chicago, 01-03; Central High Sch, St. Louis, 
OS- F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Bot. Cent. States. 
Botany; root pressure and its transformation 
into work effects; ovule and embryo of Potamo- 
geton natans. Archegonium of the Bryophyta. 

Holgate, Prof. Thomas F(ranklin), 617 Library 
St, Evanston, Ills. * Mathematics. Hastings 
Co, Ont, April 8, 59. A.B, Victoria, 84, A.M, 
89; fellow, Clark, 90-93, Ph.D, 93. Master 
math, Albert, 84-90; instr, Northwestern, 93- 
94, prof, applied math, 94-05, math, 05-, dean 
of Col, 02-, acting pres, 04- LL.D, Illinois, 05. 
Math. Soc. (sec'y, Chicago Sect, 97-). Ruled 
surfaces of the fourth order. 

Holland, Dr. W(illiam) J(acob), Fifth and Belle- 
field Avenues, Pittsburg, Pa. *Zoology, Mu- 
seum administration. Bethany, Jamaica, W. I, 
Aug. 16, 48. Grad, Moravian Col. and Theol. 
Sem, Bethlehem, Pa, 67; A.B, Amherst, 69; 
med. student under preceptor, 69-71; Princeton 
Theol. Sem, 74. Principal, High Sch, Amherst, 
Mass, 64-70; Westborough, Mass, 70-71; pas- 
tor, 74-91; prof. Latin, Pa. Col. for Women, 
77-79; chancellor, Western Univ. of Pa, 
91-01, prof, polit. econ. and ini. law, 92-97, 
lecturer zool, 95-99; director, Carnegie M"us, 
Pittsburg, 98- Naturalist, U. S. Eclipse Exped. 
to Japan, 87, to Africa, 89; director, Sch. of 
Design for Women, Pittsburg, 83-; trus- 
tee, Pa. Col. for Women, 74-; Western Theol. 
Sem. (v. pres, 80-) ; Western Univ. of Pa, 88-; 
Washington and Jefferson, 89-91; Carnegie 
Library, Pittsburg, 89-90; Carnegie Inst, 96- 
01; mem. Pa. Col. and Univ. Council, 95-01. 
Hon. Ph.D, Washington and Jefferson, 86; D.D, 
Amherst, 88; LL.D, Dickinson, 96; N. V. Univ, 
97; Sc.D, Washington and Jefferson, 02; LL.D, 
St. Andrew's, 05. F.A.A; Phila. Acad; Wash. 
Entom. Soc; cor. mem. N. Y. Entom. Soc; W. 
Pa. Entom. Soc. (pres.); Cambridge Entom. 
Club (pres, 89) ; Col. Ass. Middle States and 
Md. (pres, 96) ; Pa. Hist. Soc; Moravian Hist. 
Soc; London Zool. Soc; fel. London Entom. 
Soc; Soc. entom. de France; Entom. Gesell. 
Iris; lion. mem. Swedish Soc. Anthrop. and 
Geog. Entomology; paleontology; ornithology; 
history; archeology; museum administration. 
Avi-fauna of East Africa; Lepidoptera of Co- 
lombia, South America, of North America, trop- 
ical West Africa and Malaysia; museum admin- 

Hollick, Dr. (Charles) Arthur, N. Y. Botanical 
Garden, Bronx Park, New York, N. Y. *Geology, 
Paleobotany. New Brighton, N. Y, Feb. 6, 57. 
Ph.B, Columbia, 79; Ph.D, Columbian, 97. Pri- 
vate asst. to Prof. J. S. Newberry, Dept. Geol, 
Columbia, 81-91, asst. geol, Columbia, 91-92, 
tutor, 93-00; asst. curator, Dept. Fossil Bot, N. 
Y. Bot. Garden, 01- With U. S. Geol. Surv. 
and N. Y, N. J, Md. and La. State Geol. Sur- 
veys, 8 1- ; mem. Board of Health, New Brighton, 
86-92; mem. and pres, Boulevard Commission, 
Port Richmond, N. Y, 96; mem. and v. pres, 
Park Commission, Richmond Co, N. Y, 97-00, 
pres, 01-04. F.A.A. (sec'y, E, 99, mem. Council, 
01); Geol. Soc; Bot. Soc. (treas, 96-); fel. N. 
Y. Acad; Torrey Bot. Club (sec'y, 83-88); 
Staten Isl. Nat. Sci. Ass. (sec'y, 81-). Ecology; 
paleobotany; Miocene and Pleistocene floras of 
Maryland. Miocene flora of New Jersey; Creta- 
ceous flora of New Jersey, Staten Island, Long 
Island, Block Island and Marthas Vineyard. 

Hollis, Dr. Frederick S (teams), 29 Norton St, 
New Haven, Conn. Chemistry, Bacteriology, 
Microscopy. Dedhani, Mass, Aug. 26, 67. B.S, 
Mass. Inst. Tech, 90; Ph.D, Hopkins, 96. Asst. 
chemist, Boston Water Board, 90-93, chemist 
and biologist in charge of Lab, 96-98 ; Mass. 
Metrop. Water Board, 98-00; instr. chem, Med. 
Sch, Yale, and asst. chemist and biologist, State 



Board of Health, Conn, 00- Examiner of water 
supply of Reading, Pa; of Loraine, Ohio, for 
Ohio State Board of Health. Chem. Soc; 
Micros. Soc ; Pub. Health Ass ; New Eng. Water 
Works Ass; Chem. Gesell. Methods of sanitary, 
chemical and biological examination of water; 
microscopic organisms and their influence on 
the character of water. Neutral red test for 
bacillus coli; gas ratio for bacillus coli under 
varying conditions ; application of copper sul- 
phate method for removal of microorganisms 
from water supplies. 

Hollis, Prof. Ira N(elson), Cambridge, Mass. 
Marine engineering. Mooresville, Ind, March 
7, 56. Grad, U. S. Naval Acad, 78. Asst. en- 
gineer, U. S. N, 80-89, past asst. engineer, 89- 
93; prof, eng, Harvard, 93- Hon. A.M, Har- 
vard; L.H.D, Union, 99. Naval Eng; Naval 
Arch it. and Marine Eng; Mech. Eng; Eng. 
Educ; Am. Acad; Boston Soc. Civil Eng. 
Naval history; marine engineering. 

Holm, Dr. (Herman) Theo(dor), 1432 Providence 
St, Brookland, D. C. *Botany. Copenhagen, 
Denmark, Feb. 3, 54. Grad, Copenhagen, 80; 
Ph.D, Catholic, 02. Naturalist, Danish North 
Pole Exped, 81-82; Danish Exped. to Green- 
land, 84-86; asst. botanist, U. S. Nat. Mus, 88- 
93; U. S. Dept. Agr, 93-96. Danish, Swedish, 
French, German and Canadian scientific socie- 
ties. Anatomy and morphology of phanero- 

Holmes, Prof. Joseph A(ustin), U. S. Geological 
Survey, Washington, D. C. *Geology. Lau- 
rens, S, C, Nov. 23, 59, B.S, Cornell, 81. Prof. 
geol. and nat. hist, North Carolina, 81-91, lec- 
turer, 91-; state geologist, N. C, 91-; fuel 
testing expert, U. S. Geol. Surv, 05- Chief, 
Dept. Mines and Metal, La. Purchase Expos, 
04; special asst, U. S. Geol. Surv; special 
agent, U. S. Dept. Agr. F.A.A. (v. pres. 
02) ; Geol. Soc; Min. Eng; N. C. Acad; Wash. 
Acad; St. Louis Acad. Coastal plain geology 
in the Carolinas; geological occurrence and 
electric properties of mica; chemical and phys- 
ical properties of coal; the testing of structural 

Holmes, Dr. Mary E(milee), 201 S. First St, 
Rockford, Ills. Paleontology, Zoology. Ches- 
ter, O, April 10, 49. A.B, Rockford, 68; A.M, 
Michigan, 87, Ph.D, 88. Instr. nat. sciences, 
Manitowoc, Wis, 69-70; prof, Rockford, 71-82; 
pres, Presb. Home Mission Soc, Freeport Pres- 
bytery, Ills, and sec'y, Synodical Home Mission 
Soc, 83- Ed. and propr, ' Freedmen's Bui,' 
85- Geol. Soc. Brachiopoda. Botany; na- 
ture study. 

Holmes, Dr. S(amuel) J(ackson), Ann Arbor, 
Mich. * Zoology. Henry, Ills, March 7, 68. B.S, 
California, 93, M.S, 94; Ph.D, Chicago, 97. 
Teacher, High Sch, San Diego, Cal, 98-99; 
instr. zool, Michigan, 99- Instr. embryol, 
Woods Hole. F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Cal. Acad. 
Crustacea; embryology of the Mollusca; animal 
behavior. The reaction of animals to light. 

Holmes, Prof. W(illiam) H(enry), 1444 Belmont 
St, Washington, D. C. * Anthropology . Har- 
rison Co, O, Dec. 1, 46. B.S, McNeely Nor. 
Col, Ohio, 70. Instr. physical geog. and nat. 
hist, McNeely Nor. Col, 71; asst, U. S. Geol. 
Surv. of Territories, 72, asst. geologist, 75-79; 
U. S. Geol. Surv, 80-88; archeologist, Bur. Am. 
Ethnol, 88-94; curator, Dept. Anthrop, Field 
Columbian Mus, 94-97; prof, anthropic geol, 
Chicago, 94-97; head curator, Dept. Anthrop, 
TJ. S. Nat. Mus, 97-02; chief, Bur. Am. Ethnol, 
02-; hon. curator, Div. Prehist. Archeol, U. S. 
Nat. Mus, 03- In charge, govt, exhibits, Cen- 
tennial Expos, 76; Columbian, 93; Omaha, 98; 
Pan-Am, 00; Charleston, 01; La. Purchase, 04. 
Loubat prize, 98. Int. Cong. Americanists (v. 
pres, 04-). Nat. Acad; F.A.A. (sec'y, H, 91, v. 
pres, 92) ; Anthrop. Ass. (v. pres, 02-) ; Nat. 
Geog. Soc; Philos. Soc; Wash. Acad. (v. pres, 
00-02); Wash. Anthrop. Soc. (pres, 00-02). 
Geology; archeology; ethnology; esthetics. 

Holmes, Dr. Willis B(oit), University of Chicago, 
Chicago, Ills. Chemistry. Cambridge, Mass, 
Sept. 27, 73. A.B, Harvard, 96, A.M, 97; Ph.D, 
Hopkins, 99. Asst. chem, Harvard, 96-97; 
instr. chem, Mass. Inst. Tech, 00; asst. instr, 
Chicago, 00-03, assoc. instr, 03- Isomeric 
chlorids of orthosulphobenzoic acid. Sulphur 
and calomel. 

Holt, Prof. Edwin B(issell), Harvard Psycholog- 
ical Laboratory, Cambridge, Mass. Psychology. 
Winchester, Mass, Aug. 21, 73. A.B, Harvard, 
96; A.M, Columbia, 00; Ph.D, Harvard, 01. 
Instr. psychol, Harvard, 01-05, asst. prof, 05- 
Psychol. Ass. Phototactic response; visual an- 
esthesia. Recurrent vision. 

Holt, Dr. L(uther) Emmett, 14 W. 55th St, New 
York, N. Y. *Diseases of children. Webster, 
N. Y, March 4, 55. A.B, Rochester, 75, A.M, 
78; M.D, Columbia, 80. Prof, diseases of 
children, N. Y. Polyclinic, 93-00; Columbia, 
02- Director and sec'y, Rockefeller Inst, for 
Med. Research, 01; attending physician, Babies' 
Hosp. and N. Y. Foundling Hosp. LL.D, 
Rochester, 02; hon. Sc.D, Columbia. 04. Am. 
Physicians; Ass. Path, and Bact; Pediat. Soc. 
(pres, 98) ; N. Y. Acad. Med. Diseases of 

Holway, Prof. E(dward) W(illet) D(orlard), Uni- 
versity of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. Bot- 
any. Adrian, Mich, Feb. 13, 53. Asst. prof, 
bot, Minnesota, OJf- Mycol. Soc. Uredineae. 

Hood, Prof. O(zni) P(orter), Hubbel Ave, Hough- 
ton, Mich. Mechanical engineering. Lowell, 
Mass, June 14, 65. Worcester, 82-83; B.S, 
Rose, 85, M.S, 95, M.E, 98. Prof. mech. eng, 
Kas. State Agr. Col, 86-98; mech. and elec. 
eng, Mich. Col. Mines, 98- Consulting engi- 
neer. M.A.A; Mech. Eng; Min. Eng; Eng. 
Educ; Lake Superior Min. Inst. Pumping 
machinery; windmills; steam boilers. An un- 
usual type of steam boiler. 

Hook, Edw(ard) A (If red), Columbia University, 
New York, N. Y. Mathematics. Oak Creek, 
Wis, Jan. 18, 78. B.S, Wisconsin, 00, M.S, 01; 



Harvard, 01-03, A.M, 02. Tutor math, Colum- 
bia, 03- Math. Soc; Wis. Acad. Partial dif- 
ferential equations; theory of numbers. 
Green's functions for certain partial differen- 
tial equations. 

Hooker, Prof. H(enrietta) E(dgecomb), South 
Hadley, Mass. Botany. Gardiner, Me, Dec. 12, 
51. Mt. Holyoke; Syracuse; Woods Hole; 
Mass. Inst. Tech; Berlin; Ph.D, Syracuse, 89. 
Teacher, pub. schools, 69-70; Acad, W. Charles- 
ton, Vt, 70-71; prof, hot, Mt. Holyoke, 13- 
M.A.A; Torrey Bot. Club; Int. Ass. Bot. Bot- 
any; historical sketches of Mt. Holyoke Col- 
lege; morphology of Cuscuta. Embryology of 

Hooker, Dr. Samuel C(ox), 4422 Chestnut St, 
Philadelphia, Pa. Chemistry. Brenchley, Eng- 
land, April, 64. Nor. Sch. of Science and Royal 
Sch. of Mines, London, 81-84; Ph.D, Munich, 
85. Chemist and tech. expert, Franklin Sug. 
Ref, Phila, 85-92; Am. Sug. Bef. Co, N. J, 
92- Chemist, Platinotype Co, London, 83. 
Chem. Soc; Franklin Inst; London Chem. Soc; 
Chem. Gesell. Organic chemistry. Technical 

Hooper, Dr. Everett (Dennison), Warren Cham- 
bers, Boston, Mass. Chemistry. Riverdale, 
Mass, Sept. 16, 68. A.M, Tufts, 88; M.D, Col. 
Physicians and Surg, Boston, 91; Ph.D, Har- 
vard, 05. Prof, chem, Col. Physicians and Surg, 
Boston, 93- Instr. chem, Tech. Dept, Tufts, 
97; asst. surgeon, U. S. A, 98; mem. Mass. 
Board of Health. Chem. Soc. Clinical tech- 
nique; albumen compounds. Albumen com- 

Hooper, Prof. Franklin W(illiam), 71 St. James 
Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. Zoology, Geology. 
Walpole, N. H, Feb. 11, 51. A.B, Harvard, 75, 
A.M, 98. Principal, High Sch, Keene, N. H, 
77-80; prof. geol. and zool, Adelphi, 80-89; 
director, Brooklyn Inst, 89- Mem. Board of 
Educ, Brooklyn, 91-98; treas, New Eng. Soc. 
of Brooklyn, 92-; director, Brooklyn Art. Ass, 
93-; mem. Board of Directors, Brooklyn Pub. 
Library, 96-04; pres, Board of Trustees, 
Antioch. M.A.A; N. Y. Acad. Algae; glacial 

Hooper, Prof. W(illia)m L(eslie), Tufts College, 
Mass. Electrical engineering. Halifax, N. S, 
Aug. 2, 55. A.B, Tufts, 77, A.M, 78. Instr 
Bromfield Acad, 78-80, principal, 80-82; asst. 
prof, physics, Tufts, 83-89, prof. elec. eng, 89- 
Hon. Ph.D, Tufts, 98. Fel. Am. Acad. Elec- 
tricity. Insulation at high (10,000 to 50,000) 

Hoopes, Josiah, West Chester, Pa. Botany, 
Ornithology. West Chester, Nov. 9, 32. Friends 
Central High Sch, Phila. Founder and senior 
mem, Maple Ave. Nurseries, West Chester, 53- 
Trustee, West Chester Nor. Sch; mem. Jury of 
Awards, Centennial Expos, 76. Assoc. Ornith. 
Union; Phila. Acad; Pa. Hort. Ass. (pres, 69- 
79) ; various horticultural societies; Rio de 
Janeiro Asoc. Auxil. da Indust. Nacional. 

Coniferae; sexes in plants; land birds of North 
America. Hybridization in garden flora. 

Hopkins, Dr. A(ndrew) D(elmar), Bureau of 
Entomology, U. S. Department of Agriculture, 
Washington, D. C. Entomology. Jackson Co, 
W. Va, Aug. 20, 57. Ph.D, West Virginia, 93. 
Special agent entom, W. Va. Agr. Exp. Sta, 
90-91, entomologist, 91-02; prof. econ. entom, 
West Virginia, 96-02 ; v. director, W. Va. Agr. 
Exp. Sta, 97-02 ; special agent in charge of 
forest insect investigations, Bur. Entom, U. S. 
Dept. Agr, 02- F.A.A; Ass. Econ. Entom. (v. 
pres, 01, pres, 02) ; Soc. Prom. Agr. Sci; For- 
estry Ass; Ohio Acad; Wash. Entom. Soc. (v. 
pres, 05) ; Wash. Biol. Soc; Wash. Acad. For- 
est insects ; Scolytidae of the world. 

Hopkins, Prof. Arthur John, Amherst, Mass. 
Chemistry. Bridgewater, Mass, Sept. 20, 64. 
A.B, Amherst, 85; fellow, Hopkins, 92, Ph.D, 
93. Teacher, Mass. pub. schools, 85-88; sci- 
ence, Peekskill Mil. Acad, N. Y, 88-90; prof. 
chem, Westminster ( Pa. ) , 93-94 ; asst. prof, 
Amherst, 94-95, assoc. prof, 95- F.A.A; Chem. 
Soc; Johns Hopkins Chem. Soc. (first pres.). 
Bronzing methods in alchemistic Leyden pa- 
pyri; a dissolver; control of size of crystals; 
action of manganese dioxid on potassium per- 
manganate. History of alchemy; preparation 
of standard solutions by direct dilution; ther- 
mostat for a laboratory; instrument for cali- 
bration; purification of mercury; amorphous 
arsenic; ammonia in water analysis; non-exist- 
ence of copper hydroxid; action of zinc on 
copper sulphate. 

Hopkins, Dr. Cyril G(eorge), 1001 S. Wright St, 
Champaign, Ills. Agronomy, Chemistry. Near 
Chatfield, Minn, July 22, 66. B.S, S. Dak. Agr. 
Col, 90; M.S, Cornell, 94, Ph.D, 98; Gottingen, 
99-00. Asst. chem, S. Dak. Agr. Col. and Exp. 
Sta, 90-92; Cornell, 92-93; acting prof, phar- 
macy, S. Dak. Agr. Col, 93-94; chemist, Ills. 
Exp. Sta, 9/f-; prof, agron, Illinois, 00- Chem. 
Soc; Ass. Off. Agr. Chemists. Chemistry of 
corn; corn breeding for improvement in com- 
position. Corn breeding; soils. 

Hopkins, Dr. G(rant) S(herman), Ithaca, N. Y. 
Anatomy. Westfield, N. Y, Sept. 23, 65. B.S, 
Cornell, 89, Sc.D, 93; D.V.M, N. Y. State Vet. 
Col, 00. Instr. histol. and embryol, Cornell, 
89-96, asst. prof, anatomical methods and comp. 
vet. anat, 96-03, prof. vet. anat, 03- F.A.A; 
Ass. Anat; N. Y. State Vet. Med. Soc. Com- 
parative and veterinary anatomy. 

Hopkins, Dr. Nevil Monroe, Metropolitan Club, 
Washington, D. C. Chemistry, Physics. Port- 
land, Me, Sept. 15, 73. Harvard, 97; B.S, 
Columbian, 99, M.S, 00, Ph.D, 02. Asst. 
chem, George Washington, 99-00, instr. and 
later asst. prof, 00- Electrician, Gen. Elec. 
Co, Schenectady, N. Y; electrician and physi- 
cist, Smithsonian Inst. John Scott medal, 
Franklin Inst, 00. F.A.A; Chem. Soc; Elec. 
Eng; Electrochem. Soc. Electrochemistry; 
thermochemistry; chemical physics. Proper- 
ties and deportment of ions; electrolytic con- 



duction; physical and chemical study of elec- 
trolytes and non-electrolytes; alternating elec- 
tric currents with change in frequency applied 
to electrolytes; induction and magnetic phe- 

Hopkins,- Prof. Sam(ue)l A(ugustus), 235 Marl- 
boro St, Boston, Mass. Bacteriology. Jersey 
City, N. J, Sept. 12, 58. Iowa (Grinnell) ; 
M.D, Columbia, 80 ; D.D.S, N. Y. Col. Dentistry, 
82. Prof, theory and practise of dentistry, 
Tufts, 02- Ass. Path, and Bact; Boston Soc. 
Med. Sci; N. Y. Inst, of Stomat. Bacteriology 
of the mouth; saliva changes. Variations of 
virulence of pathogenic mouth bacteria under 
different conditions in the human mouth. 

Hopkins, Prof. T(homas) C(ramer), Syracuse 
University, Syracuse, N. Y. Geology. Center 
Co, Pa, May 4, 61. B.S, De Pauw, 87; A.M, 
Stanford, 92; Ph.D, Chicago, 00. Asst. prof. 
geol, Pa. State, 96-99; prof, Syracuse, 00- 
Asst. geologist, Ark. Geol. Surv, 89-92; Ind. 
Geol. Surv, 95, 96, 01 ; field geologist for vari- 
ous corporations. F.A.A; Geol. Soc; Min. Eng; 
Nat. Geog. Soc. Building stones, clays, and 
iron ores. Areal geology of Syracuse and 

Hormell, Prof. Will(iam) G(arfield), 268 N. San- 
dusky St, Delaware, O. Physics. Oakland, 0, 
July 19, 61. B.S, Ohio Nor. Sch, 80; A.B, Ohio 
Wesleyan, 89, B.S, 90; A.M, Harvard, 92, grad. 
student, 92-93; Ph.D, Ohio Wesleyan, 94; Har- 
vard, 00-01. Teacher, pub. sch, 80-83; instr. 
math, and physics, Ohio Wesleyan, 89-91; asst. 
physics, Harvard, 92-93; prof, Ohio Wesleyan, 
94- M.AA. Dielectric constant of paraffins 
for short electric waves. 

Horn, Dr. David Wilbur, Carlisle, Pa. Chem- ' 
istry. Carlisle, May 7, 77. A.B, Dickinson, 
97, A.M, 98; Ph.D, Hopkins, 00. Asst. quant, 
anal, Hopkins, 00-01 ; assoc. chem, Bryn Mawr, 
01- Chem. Soc; Chem. Gesell. Action of car- 
bon dioxid on borates of barium; preparation 
of osmotic pressure membranes by electrolysis. 
Ammonia compounds of copper sulphate; prop- 
erties of precipitated barium sulphate. 

Hornaday, Director William T(emple), 2969 
Decatur Ave, Bedford Park, N. Y. Zoology, 
Zoological park administration. Plainfield, Ind, 
Dec. 1, 54. Iowa State, 74. Collecting nat- 
uralist, Ward's Nat. Sci. Establishment, 75- 
79; chief taxidermist, U. S. Nat. Mus, 82- 
90; supt, Nat. Zool. Park, 89-90; director, N. 
Y. Zool. Park, 96- Three medals, Soc. Am. 
Taxidermists. N. Y. Zool. Soc; N. Y. Acad; 
hon. mem. Phila. Zool. Soc; cor. mem. London 
Zool. Soc. Scientific taxidermy; the American 
bison; quadrupeds of North America; mountain 
sheep of North America; destruction of bird 
life; acclimatization of mammals in North 
America. Methods for introduction of natural 
history studies into grammar, high and normal 

Home, Prof. H(erman) H(arrell), Hanover, N. H. 
Philosophy, Psychology, Pedagogy. Clayton, 
N. C, Nov. 22, 74. A.B, A.M, North Carolina, 

95; A.M, Harvard, 97, Ph.D, 99. Instr. mod. 
languages, North Carolina, 94-96; philos, Dart- 
mouth, 99-00, asst. prof, philos. and pedag, 00- 
05, prof, philos, 05- Lecturer, Summer Sch, 
Dartmouth, 01-03; North Carolina, 03; Sum- 
mer Sch. of Theol, Harvard, 03; Summer Inst, 
Marthas Vineyard, 02-04. Philos. Ass. The 
philosophy of education; the problem of sin. 
Application of psychology to education. 

Home, Dr. W(illiam) D(odge), 175 Park Ave, 
Yonkers, N. Y. Chemistry. Williamsburg, 
N. Y, Jan. 25, 65. Ph.B, Columbia, 86, Ph.D, 
94. Chemist, various sugar refining companies, 
86- Instr. chem, Columbia, 87; Rutgers, 89; 
consulting chemist and bacteriologist to various 
companies and boards. Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. 
Indust; Ass. Chim. de Sue. et de Dist. de France. 
Sugar manufacturing and refining. 

Home, W(illia)m T(itus), Estacion Central Agro- 
n6mica, Santiago de las Vegas, Cuba. Vege- 
table pathology. Kankakee, Ills, Nov. 8, 76. 
B.S, Nebraska, 98; fellow, Columbia, 03-04. 
Instr. bot, Nebr. Wesleyan, 98-00; Sch. Agr, 
Nebraska, 99-00; ayudante patologista, Esta- 
cion Central Agronomica, OJ^ Univ. of Nebr. 
Bot. Seminar. Diseases of tropical plants. 

Horsford, Miss Cornelia (Conway Felton), 27 Crai- 
gie St, Cambridge, Mass. Archeology. Cam- 
bridge, Sept. 25, 61. Private schools. Pres, 
Shelter Isl. Pub. Library. F.A.A; Folk-lore 
Soc; Nat. Geog. Soc; Irish Texts Soc; Icelandic 
Antiq. Soc; Prince Hist. Soc; London Viking 
Club (hon. v. pres.). Norse archeology. 

Hortvet, Julius, 313 16th Ave, S. E, Minneapolis, 
Minn. Chemistry. Baraboo, Wis, April 24, 63. 
B.S, Wisconsin, 86; Minnesota, 92. City supt. 
schools, Red Lake Falls, Minn, 89-91; teacher 
physics and chem, E. High Sch, Minneapolis, 
92-00; state chemist, Dairy and Food Dept, 
Minn, 00- M.A.A; Chem. Soc; Ass. Off. Agr. 
Chemists. Physics; chemical composition of 
maple syrup and sugar. Sorghum syrups and 
sorghum mixtures; linseed oil and its adulter- 

Hoskins, William, 49 Sixth Ave, La Grange, Ills. 
Chemistry. Covington, Ky, 63. Chicago High 
Sch; private instruction. Mem. firm of Mari- 
ner and Hoskins, Chicago, 80- F.A.A; Chem. 
Soc. (past v. pres, past chairman, Chicago 
Sect.) ; Soc. Chem. Indust; Electrochem. Soc; 
Min. Eng; Micros. Soc; West. Soc. Eng; Frank- 
lin Inst; Chicago Acad. Utilization of gasoline 
for heating purposes; wood pulp. 

Hoskins, Dr. W(illiam) Horace, 3314 Powelton 
Ave, West Philadelphia, Pa. Veterinary juris- 
prudence. Rockdale, Pa, July 23, 60. D.V.S, 
Am. Vet. Col. of N. Y, 81. Lecturer juris, 
ethics and business methods, Vet. Dept, Penn- 
sylvania, 91- Ed, ' Jour. Comp. Med. and Vet. 
Archives,' 94- Vet. Med. Ass; Pub. Health 
Ass; Pa. Vet. Med. Ass; Keystone Med. Ass; 
hon. mem. N. J. Vet. Med. Ass; N. Y. Co. 
Vet. Med. Ass. Veterinary jurispiudence of 
foreign countries. 



Hosmer, Sidney, 74 Bay State Road, Boston, 
Mass. Electrical engineering. London, Eng- 
land, July 13, 71. A.B, Yale, 92. Elec. engi- 
neer, Boston Elec. Limited Co, 94-01 ; supt. 
installation, Edison Elec. Illuminating Co, Bos- 
ton, 01- Connected with power plant, Colum- 
bian Expos, Chicago, 93. M.A.A. Elec. Eng; 
Mech. Eng; Boston Soc. Civil Eng. 

Hotchkiss, H(omer) J(ames), Drexel Institute, 
32d and Chestnut Sts. Philadelphia, Pa. Phys- 
ics. Mosiertown, Pa, March 1, 60. B.S, 
Northern Ind. Nor. Sch, 84; C.E, Allegheny, 
88, A.B, 89, A.M, 92; M.M.E, Cornell, 96. 
Instr. math, Madisonville Nor, Ky, 86; Harper 
Nor, Kas, 87; math, and chem, Westminster 
(Pa.), 89; asst. instr. physics, Cornell, 90-93, 
instr, 93-03; prof, Drexel Inst, 03- M.A.A; 
Physical Soc; Nat. Geog. Soc. Curve tracing 
galvanometers. Counter electromotive force of 
are; carbon-aluminum cells. 

Hottes, Prof. Cha(rle)s F(rederick), 915 W. 
California Ave, Urbana, Ills. Botany. Mas- 
coutah, Ills, July 8, 70. B.S, Illinois, 94, fel- 
low, 94-95, M.S, 95; Ph.D, Bonn, 01. Asst. 
hot, Illinois, 95-98, instr, 01-02, asst. prof, 02- 
M.A.A; Soc. Nat; Breeders' Ass. Physiology 
of the vegetable cell. Cytology of Mimosa. 

Hough, Prof. G(eorge) W(ashington), Evanston, 
Ills. *Astronomy. Tribes Hill, N. Y, Oct. 24, 
36. A.M, Union, 56. Astronomer, Cincinnati 
Observatory, 59-60; Dudley Observatory, 60- 
63, director, 63-74; Dearborn Observatory, 79-; 
prof, astron, Chicago, 79-87 ; Northwestern, 
87- Medals for instruments of precision; 
LL.D, Union. F.A.A. (v. pres, 02) ; Astron. 
and Astrophys. Soc; cor. mem. Philos. Soc; 
Tex. Acad; Chicago Acad; Buffalo Hist. Soc; 
British Astron. Ass; assoc. mem. Royal Astron. 
Soc. Discovery and measurement of double 
stars; observations on Jupiter; astronomical, 
meteorological and physical instruments. 
Double stars; Jupiter; occultations. 

Hough, Dr. Theodore, Simmons College, Boston, 
Mass. * Biology. Front Royal, Va, 65. A.B, 
Hopkins, 86, Ph.D, 93. Instr, McDonogh Sch, 
Md, 86-89; biol, Mass. Inst. Tech, 93-95, asst. 
prof, 96-03; assoc. prof, Simmons, 03- Instr. 
physiol. and personal hygiene, Boston Nor. Sch. 
of Gymnastics. F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Physiol. Soc; 
Am. Acad; Boston Soc. Nat. Hist; Boston Soc. 
Med. Sci. Vagus inhibition of the heart; ergo- 
graphic studies in fatigue and soreness; effect 
of temperature changes upon cutaneous capil- 
lary pressure. Comparison of results obtained 
with the weight and with the spring in ergo- 
graphic work. 

Hough, Dr. Walter, 3308 14th St, N. W, Wash- 
ington, D. C. Anthropology. Morgantown, W. 
Va, April 23, 59. W. Va. Agr. Col, 73; 
A.B, West Virginia, 83, A.M, 84, Ph.D, 94. 
Aid, Dept. Ethnol, U. 8. Nat. Mus, 86-94, asst. 
curator, 94- Mem. commission to Hist. Expos, 
Madrid, 92-93. Knight of Isabella, Spain, 93. 
F.A.A; Folk-lore Soc; Wash. Anthrop. Soc. 
(sec'y) ; cor. mem. Soc. d' Anthrop. de Paris; 

Swedish Soc. Anthrop. and Geog. Aboriginal 
fire-making; Eskimo lamps; history of illumi- 
nation; primitive aboriginal armor; Hopi eth- 
nobotany and pigments; Korean ethnography. 
Primitive heating and illumination; Pueblo 
region of Arizona; Hopi foodstuffs. 

Houghton, Dr. E(lijah) M(ark), 130 Longfellow 
Ave, Detroit, Mich. Pharmacology, Bacteriol- 
ogy. Antwerp, N. Y, April 29, 67. Ph.C, 
Michigan, 93, M.D, 94. Asst. pharmacol, Mich- 
igan, 94-95; director, Biol. Dept, Parke Davis 
and Co, Detroit, 95-; special lecturer, Dept. 
Med, Michigan, 02- Lecturer exp. pharmacol, 
Detroit Col. Med, 96-01. M.A.A; Soc. Bact; 
Physiol. Soc; Am. Physicians; Am. Med. Ass; 
Pharmaceut. Ass; Miss. Valley Med. Ass; Mich. 
Med. Ass; Wayne Co. Med. Soc. Localization 
of strychnin tetanus; ergot aseptic; pharma- 
cologic assay of the heart tonics; pharmacology 
and pharmacologic assay of active principles of 
suprarenal glands; pharmacology and thera- 
peutics of chloretone and brometone; prepara- 
tion of the antitoxins; aseptic preparations of 
digitalis, ergot, veratrum viridi. Antidysen- 
teric serum; rabies; purgatives; hypnotics. 

Houser, Prof. Gilbert L(ogan), 430 Iowa Ave, 
Iowa City, la. * Biology. Lee Co, la, July 
9, 66. B.S, Iowa, 91, M.S, 92; Ph.D, Hopkins, 
01. Instr. biol, Iowa, 92-95, asst. prof, 95-97, 
prof, animal morph. and physiol, 97-05, animal 
biol, 05- Mem. Iowa Geol. Surv; col- 
laborator, ' Am. Jour. Anat.' and ' Jour. Ap- 
plied Micros.' M.A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool; 
Iowa Acad. Neurones of selachian brain; in- 
tracellular canaliculi of the liver; methods for 
the microscopical study of the nervous system; 
the animal cell. Architecture of the nervous 
system of lower vertebrates; experimental 
biology; cellular biology. 

Houston, Prof. Edwin J(ames), 1S09 Spring Gar- 
den St, Philadelphia, Pa. Physics, Electrical 
engineering. Alexandria, Va, July 9, 44. A.B, 
A.M, Central High Sch, Phila, 64. Enter, 
prof. nat. philos. and physical geog, Cen- 
tral High Sch, Phila; prof, physics, Frank- 
lin Inst; Medico-Chirurg. Col, Phila, 01-; elec. 
expert and consulting elec. engineer. Mem. 
U. S. Elec. Commission and chief electrician, 
Int. Elec. Exhib, Phila, 84; pres, Sect. C, Elec. 
Cong, Chicago, 93. Hon. Ph.D, Princeton. 
Elec. Eng. (past pres.) ; Min. Eng; Electro- 
therap. Soc; Philos. Soc; Am. Hist. Ass; N. 
Y. Elec. Soc; Franklin Inst, (first pres, Elec. 
Sect.) ; Phila. Acad. Electricity and magnet- 
ism ; geographical physics ; lexicography ; one 
of the inventors of the Thomson-Houston sys- 
tem of electric lighting. 

Hovey, Dr. E(dmund) O(tis), American Museum 
of Natural History, New York, N. Y. Geology. 
New Haven, Conn, Sept. 15, 62. A.B, Yale, 84, 
Ph.D, 89; Heidelberg, 90-91. Principal schools, 
Janesville, Minn, 84-85; Elk River, Minn, 85- 
86; asst, Miner. Lab, Sheffield Sci. Sch, Yale, 
86-87; asst. principal, High Sch, Waterbury, 
Conn, 88-91, principal, 91-92; supt, Mo. Miner. 



Exhib, Columbian Expos, 92-93; asst. curator, 
Geol. Dept, Am. Mus. Nat. Hist, 94-00, assoc. 
curator, 01- Asst, U. S. Geol. Surv, 90. 
F.A.A. (sec'y, E, 03, 04-); Geol. Soc; Geog. 
Ass; Min. Eng; fel. N. Y. Acad. (v. pres, 05). 
The volcanoes of the Lesser Antilles; eruptions 
of Mt. Pel6, Martinique, and the Soufriere, St. 
Vincent; general geology. 
Hovey, Rev. Horace C(arter), 60 High St, New- 
buryport, Mass. Geology, Anthropology. Rob- 
roy, Ind, Jan. 28, 33. A.B, Wabash, 53; A.M, 
56. Tutor, Wabash, 55-56; pastor, Presbyte- 
rian and Congregational churches, 56-05; Pres- 
byterian Church, Newburyport, Mass, 05- D.D, 
83. F.A.A; Geol. Soc; Nat. Geog. Soc; Soc. 
de Sp6leologie. Caverns and their contents; 
archeology; natural history. Caverns and 
their contents. 

Howard, Dr. F(rederic) H(ollis), Williamstown, 
Mass. Physiology. Newburyport, Mass, Sept. 
3, 76. Cornell, 93-94; M.D, Pennsylvania, 98. 
Res. physician, Mercy Hosp, Pittsburg, 98-99 ; 
asst. demonstrator path, Pennsylvania, 99-00 ; 
instr. anat. and physiol, Williams, 00-04, asst. 
prof, OJf- Am. Med. Ass; Mass. Med. Soc; 
Phila. Path. Soc. 

Howard, Dr. L (eland) O(ssian), U. S. Department 
of Agriculture, Washington, D. C. *Ento- 
mology. Rockford, Ills, June 11, 57. B.S, 
Cornell, 77, M.S, 83. Asst. entomologist, V. S. 
Dept. Agr, 78-94, chief entomologist, 9J}-; hon. 
curator, V. 8. Nat. Mus, 95- Lecturer entom, 
Swarthmore ; ed, ' Insect Life ' ; contributor 
definitions in entom, ' Century and Standard 
Dictionaries.' Hon. Ph.D, Georgetown, 96. 
F.A.A. (v. pres, 95, 97, perm, sec'y, 98-) ; Soc. 
Nat; Ass. Econ. Entom. (pres, 94) ; Soc. Prom. 
Agr. Sci; Wash. Acad; Wash. Biol. Soc. (pres, 
97-98). Economic entomology; relations of 
insects to disease; parasitic Hymenoptera. 

Howard, Dr. Orson, 1105 First St, Salt Lake City, 
Utah. Natural science. Salt Lake City, Nov. 
6, 53. Utah, 75-80; B.S, Iowa (Grinnell), 83, 
A.M, 86; M.D, Bellevue Med. Col, 92. Prof, 
nat. science, Utah, 84-90, 98-04, curator, Mus, 
04- M.A.A. Spiders of Utah. 

Howard, Prof. S(amuel) Francis, 19 Phillips St, 
Amherst, Mass. Chemistry. Wilbraham, Mass, 
June 14, 72. B.S, Mass. Agr. Col, 94; Hop- 
kins, 96-98; M.S, Mass. Agr. Col, 01. Prin- 
cipal, High Sch, Eliot, Me, 95; asst. prof, chem, 
Mass. Agr. Col, 99- F.A.A; Chem. Soc; Elec- 
trochem. Soc. Inorganic and physical chemis- 
try. A method for determination of the molec- 
ular weights of electrolytes. 

Howard, Dr. William Travis, Jr, 88 Dorchester 
Ave, Cleveland, O. *Pathology, Bacteriology. 
Statesburg, S. C, March 13, 67. Virginia, 85- 
87; M.D, Maryland, 89; Hopkins, 89-94. 
Prof. path, and bacter, Western Reserve, 9Jf- 
Pathologist, Lakeside and City Hosp; city bac- 
teriologist, Cleveland. Ass. Path, and Bact. 
(pres, 02) ; Am. Physicians. Heart hyper- 
trophy; origin and occurrence of cells with 
eosinophil granulations; ulcerative endocardi- 

tis; B. aerogenes capsulatus; origin of gas 
and gas cysts of the central nervous system; 
streptococcus mucosus; general gaseous em- 
physema ; the pathology of labial, nasal and 
corporeal herpes occurring in acute croupous 
pneumonia, and their relation to herpes zoster; 
actinomycosis; tumors; etiology of smallpox; 

Howe, Pres. Charles S(umner), Case School of 
Applied Science, Cleveland, O. Astronomy. 
Nashua, N. H, Sept. 29, 58. B.S, Mass. Agr. 
Col. and Boston, 78; Ph.D, Wooster, 87. Prof, 
math, and astron, Buchtel, 83-89 ; Case, 89-, 
pres, 03- Hon. Sc.D, Armour Inst, 05. F.A.A. 
(sec'y, A, 03, gen. sec'y, 04) ; Astron. and 
Astrophys. Soc; Math. Soc; fel. Royal Astron. 
Soc. The almucantar as an instrument for 
determination of star places; constant tempera- 
ture rooms for clocks; printing chronographs. 
Effect of temperature on the Case almucan- 
tar; catalogue of stars determined with the 

Howe, Dr. Ernest, 1724 I St, N. W, Washington, 
D. C. Petrology. New York, N. Y, Sept. 28, 
75. A.B, Yale, 98; A.M, Harvard, 99, Ph.D, 01. 
Asst. geologist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 00- M.A.A; 
Geol. Soc; Wash. Geol. Soc; Torrey Bot. Club. 
Experimental geology; physics of igneous in- 
trusions; pre-Cambrian intrusive rocks; Ter- 
tiary and later volcanic rocks. The eruptive 
rocks of the Lesser Antilles; terrace phenom- 
ena of the Rocky Mountain region. 

Howe, Freeland, Jr, Norway, Me, and 2124 Farm- 
ers Bank Building, Pittsburg, Pa. Biology. 
Norway, May 30, 70. A.B, Colby, 94; Hop- 
kins, 97-98; Harvard, 98-00; Woods Hole, 99- 
00; A.M, Harvard, 00. Asst. bacteriologist, 
Testing Sta, Spring Garden Water Works, 
Phila, 00-02; chemist and bacteriologist, Har- 
risburg, Pa, 02-03; Norway, Me, 08-; Pitts- 
burg, 05- Instr. zool, Summer Sch, Bayville, 
Me, 00- M.A.A. A new method for determin- 
ing the color of the turbidity of water; auto- 
matic thermo-regulator for 20 C. incubators; 
mechanical filtration. Water purification. 

Howe, Geo(rge), 1627 Josephine St, New Orleans, 
La. Physics, Electrical engineering. New Or- 
leans, Sept. 22, 81. B.E, Tulane, 01. Instr. 
physics, Tulane, 01- Engineer, Fairbanks Co; 
U. S. Eng. Corps. Mathematics; physics; 
thermodynamics ; electrical engineering. The 
gas-engine; electrical power transmission. 

Howe, Prof. H(enry) M(arion), 27 W. 73d St, 
New York, N. Y. Metallurgy. Boston, Mass, 
March 2, 48. B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 71; A.M, 
Harvard, 72. Lecturer, Mass. Inst. Tech, 85- 
97; prof, metal, Columbia, 91- Pres, Jury of 
Awards, Columbian Expos, 93; juror, Paris 
Expos, 89, 90. Elliot-Cresson gold medal, Frank- 
lin Inst, 95; Bessemer gold medal, Gt. Britain 
Iron and Steel Inst, 95; gold medal, Verein 
Beforderung des Gewerbfleisses, 95; award, 
Soc. d'Encouragement pour l'lndustry Na- 
tionale, 95; Chevalier Legion d'honneur, 01; 
LL.D, Harvard and Lafayette, 05. F.A.A; 



Min. Eng. (pres, 93); Mech. Eng; fel. N. Y. 
Acad; Philos. Soc; hon. mem. Dallas Hist. Soc 
lion. mem. Gt. Britain Iron and Steel Inst 
hon. mem. Gt. Britain Inst. Min. and Metal 
cor. mem. Soc. d'Encourag. pour l'Indust. Nat 
hon. mem. Russian Imperial Tech. Soc. Metal- 
lurgy; iron, steel and other alloys; metallurgy 
of steel ; copper smelting. 

Howe, Prof. Herbert A(lonzo), University Park, 
Denver, Colo. *Astronomy. Brockport, N. Y, 
Nov. 22, 58. A.B, Chicago, 75; A.M, Cincin- 
nati, 77; Sc.D, Boston, 84. Student and asst, 
Observatory, Cincinnati, 75-80; prof. math, and 
astron, Denver, 81-, dean, Col. Liberal Arts, and 
director, Chamberlin Observatory, 92- F.A.A; 
Astron. and Astrophys. Soc; Math. Soc; Colo. 
Acad; Astron. Gesell. Double stars; nebulae; 
orbits of comets and asteroids; Kepler's prob- 
lem. Determination of positions of 2,000 ne- 
glected nebulae discovered in America; obser- 
vations of comets and asteroids; new methods 
of solving Kepler's problem. 

Howe, Dr. Ja(me)s Lewis, Washington and Lee 
University, Lexington, Va. * Chemistry. New- 
buryport, Mass, Aug. 4, 59. A.B, Amherst, 80; 
Ph.D, Gottingen, 82; Berlin, 82; Mass. Inst. 
Tech, 94. Instr. chem, Brooks Mil. Acad, Cleve- 
land, 82-83 ; prof. chem. and geol, Central Univ. 
of Ky, 83-87 ; scientist and lecturer, Polytech. 
Soc. of Ky, 86-94; prof. chem. and dean, Hosp. 
Col. of Med. and Col. of Dentistry, Louisville, 
87-94; prof, chem, Washington and Lee, 9^- 
Hon. M.D, Hosp. Col. of Med, Louisville, 86. 
F.A.A. (sec'y, C, 92, of Council, 94, gen. sec'y, 
95, v. pres, 00) ; Chem. Soc; Wash. Acad; 
London Chem. Soc; Chem. Gesell. Ruthenium; 
double and complex salts with organic acids; 
other platinum metals. Chlorids, etc, of ruthe- 
nium; chromium and cobalt malonates, succi- 
nates and tartrates (double and complex) ; 

Howe, Prof. Malverd A(bijah), 2108 N. Tenth St, 
Terre Haute, Ind. Civil engineering. North- 
field, Vt, Dec. 9, 63. B.S, Norwich, 82; C.E, 
Dartmouth, 86. Instr. civil eng, Lawrence Sci. 
Sch, Harvard, 86-87; prof, Rose, 87- Practis- 
ing engineer, 82- Civil Eng; Eng. Educ; St. 
Louis Eng. Club. Strength of vitrified sewer 
pipe; effect of different beds upon strength of 
stone ; drawbridge reactions ; deflection of 
bridges under various loads and speeds; rein- 
forced concrete beams ; arches. 

Howe, Dr. Marshall A (very), New York Botan- 
ical Garden, Bronx Park, New York, N. Y. 
* Botany. Newfane, Vt, June 6, 67. Ph.B, Ver- 
mont, 90; fellow, Columbia, 97-98, Ph.D, 98. 
Instr. crypt, bot, California, 91-96; curator, 
Herbarium, Columbia, 99-01; asst. curator, N. 
Y. Bot. Garden, 01- Assoc, ed, ' Bui. Torrey 
Bot. Club,' 98-; ed, ' Torreya,' 01- F.A.A; 
Bot. Soc; Soc. Plant Morph. and Physiol; fel. 
N. Y. Acad. Taxonomy of Hepaticae and ma- 
rine Algae 'of North America. Taxonomy of 
marine Algae of the Atlantic coast of North 

Howe, Reginald Heber, Jr, Concord, Mass. Or- 
nithology. Quincy, Mass, April 10, 75. Nobles 
Sch, Boston, 88-95; Lawrence Sci. Sch, Har- 
vard, 01. Lecturer ornith, various New Eng- 
land schools, 99-02 ; instr. nat. science, Mid- 
dlesex Sch, Concord, Mass, 01-05. M.A.A; 
assoc. Ornith. Union; Nat. Geog. Soc; Nuttall 
Ornith. Club; Boston Soc. Nat. Hist; Wash. 
Biol. Soc. Birds of Rhode Island, Massachu- 
setts and Vermont. 

Howell, Edwin E(ugene), 612 17th St, N. W, 
Washington, D. C. Geology. Genesee Co, N. Y, 
March 12, 45. A.M, Rochester, 80. Geologist, 
U. S. Geog. Surv. West of 100th Meridian, 72- 
73; U. S. Surv. of Rocky Mt. region (Powell), 
74. F.A.A; Geol. Soc; Nat. Geog. Soc. Geo- 
logical survey work; relief maps and models; 

Howell, Thomas, Creighton, Ore. Botany. Near 
Pisgah, Mo, Oct. 9, 42. Botany of northwestern 

Howell, Dr. W(illiam) H(enry), 232 W. Lanvale 
St, Baltimore, Md. *Physiology. Baltimore, 
Feb. 20, 60. A.B, Hopkins, 81, Ph.D, 84. 
Asst. and assoc. biol, Hopkins, 84-88, assoc. 
prof, physiol, 88-89; prof, physiol. and histol, 
Michigan, 89-92; assoc. prof, physiol, Har- 
vard, 92-93; prof, Hopkins, 93- Assoc, ed, 
' Jour. Exp. Med,' and ' Am. Jour. Physiol.' 
Prize, Am. Physiol. Soc; hon. M.D, Michigan, 
90; LL.D, Trinity (Conn.), 01. Nat. Acad; 
F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Physiol. Soc; Soc. Exp. 
Biol, and Med; Philos". Soc; Md. Med. and 
Chirurg. Faculty; Mass. Med. Soc. Origin of 
the red corpuscles of the blood; degeneration 
and regeneration of nerve fibres ; causation of 
the rhythmic beat of the heart; mechanism of 
sleep; internal secretion of hypophysis cerebri; 
isolated mammalian heart. Relation of the in- 
organic salts of the blood to the heat of the 
heart ; proteids of blood serum. 

Hower, Harry S(loan), 174 Bell Ave, Cleveland, O. 
Physics. Parker, Pa, July 24, 77. B.S, Case, 
99; Berlin, 03-05. Instr. science, High Sch, 
Conneant, O, 99-00; physics, Case, 00- M.A.A; 
Physical Soc. Coefficient of expansion of 
metals by interferometer methods ; the effect 
of radium rays upon oxygen; the detection of 
minute quantities of ozone; the formation of 
ozone by the photoelectric discharge in oxygen. 

Howerth, Prof. Ira W(oods), Valparaiso, Ind. 
Sociology. Mt. Liberty, Ind, June 18, 60. 
A.B, Northern Ind. Nor. Sch, 85; A.B, Har- 
vard, 93; A.M, Chicago, 94, Ph.D, 98. Asst. 
sociol, Chicago, 95-96, instr, 96-02, asst. prof, 
02- Sec'y, Class Study Dept, Univ. Exten. Div, 
Chicago, 94-98; registrar, Col. for Teachers, 
Chicago, 98-99, dean, 99-00. F.A.A. Educa- 
tion and evolution. The social question; social 

Howison, Prof. G(eorge) H(olmes), 2731 Bancroft 
Way, Berkeley, Cal. Philosophy. Montgomery 
Co, Md, Nov. 29, 34. A.B, Marietta, 52; Lane 
Theol. Sem, 52-55; A.M, Marietta, 55; Berlin, 
81-82. Asst. prof, math, Washington (St. 

. . ( 1 1 13 

l r>s 


Louis), 64-66, Tileston prof, polit. econ, 66-69; 
prof, logic and philos. of science, Mass. Inst. 
Tech, 71-79; lecturer ethics, Harvard, 79-80; 
philos, Michigan, 83-84; Mills prof, California, 
84~ Principal, Acad, Marietta Col; High Seh, 
Portsmouth, O; supt. pub. schools and princi- 
pal, High Sch, Harmar, O; master, High Sch, 
Salem, Mass; English High Sch, Boston; ed, 
' Pub. of Univ. of Cal. in Philos ' ; ' Pub,' Philos. 
Union; co-editor, 'Psychol. Rev'; ' Hibbert 
Jour.' LL.D, Marietta, 83. M.A.A; Am. 
Hist. Ass; Nat. Geog. Soc; St. Louis Philos. 
Soc. (v. pres, 86-89) ; Cal. Hist. Soc. Meta- 
physics; logic; ethics. A system of metaphys- 
ics ('personal idealism'); the bases of real 
logic; the basis of ethics. 

Hoxie, Dr. Geo(rge) L, 45 Broadway, New 
York, N. Y. Physics, Electrical engineering. 
Leonardsville, N. Y, May 14, 72. M.E, Cornell, 
92, M.M.E, 97, Ph.D, 02. Instr. physics, Ari- 
zona, 92-93, prof, 93-96; instr, Cornell, 98-99, 
elec. eng, 09-02; engineer and contractor. Mech. 
Eng; Elec. Eng. Electrical machinery. 

Hrdlicka, Dr. A(les), U. S. National Museum, 
Washington, D. C. * Anthropology, Osteology, 
Brain study. Humpolec, Bohemia, March 30, 
69. M.D, N. Y. Homeop. Med. Col, 92. In- 
terne and anthropologist, State Service for the 
Insane, 94-98; in charge physical anthrop, 
Hyde Exped. for Am. Mus. Nat. Hist, 99-03; 
asst. curator in charge, Div. Physical Anthrop, 
U. 8. Nat. Mus, 03- Assoc, ed, 'Am. Natur- 
alist,' 01- F.A.A; Ass. Anat; Anthrop. Ass; 
Wash. Anthrop. Soc; Wash. Biol. Soc; cor. mem. 
Soc. d'Anthrop. de Paris; Bohemian Ethnol. 
Soc; cor. mem. Royal Bohemian Soc. Sci. Ra- 
cial and individual variation; physical and 
physiological anthropology of the Indians of 
southwestern United States and northern Mex- 
ico; racial osteology; general anthropology. 

Hubbard, Prof. Geo(rge) D(avid), 1235 Harrison 
Ave, Columbus, O. Geology, Geography. To- 
lono, Ills, May 12, 71. B.S, Illinois, 96, fellow, 
96-97, M.S, 98; A.M, Harvard, 01; Ph.D, Cor- 
nell, 05. Asst. geol, Illinois, 97-00; Dept. Geog, 
East. Ills. State Nor. Sch, 01-03; physical geog, 
Cornell, 03-04, instr, 04-05; asst. prof, geol, 
Ohio State, 05- Temporary field asst. glacial 
geol, U. S. Geol. Surv, 04-05. Nat. Geog. Soc. 
Geographic influence of gold and silver in the 
development of the United States. Physiog- 
raphy of the lands; influence of physiography 
and geography on industrial development; 
physiography of Ohio. 

Hubbard, Dr. Lucius L(ee), Houghton, Mich. 
Geology, Mining. Cincinnati, O, Aug. 7, 49. 
A.B, Harvard, 72; LL.B, Boston, 75; Ph.D, 
Bonn, 87. Asst, Mich. Geol. Surv, 91-93; asst. 
instr. miner, Mich. Col. Mines, 91-93; state 
geologist, Mich, 93-99; gen. manager, King 
Philip Copper Co. and Challenge Mine; con- 
sulting geologist, Tamarck-Osceola Mining Co. 
Geol. Soc; Min. Eng; Lake Superior Min. Inst. 
Geology. Correlation of Keweenawan beds. 

Hubbard, Prof. Marion E(lizabeth), Wellesley Col- 
lege, Wellesley, Mass. Zoology. McGregor, la, 
Aug. 31, 68. Mt. Holyoke, 86-89; B.S, Chicago, 
94. Asst. science and language, High Sch, Eau 
Claire, Wis, 89-93; instr. zool, Wellesley, 94- 
01, assoc. prof, 02- Skin glands of some Cali- 
fornia salamanders. Mesoblastic somitis of 

Huber, Prof. G(otthelf) Carl, 1330 Hill St, Ann 
Arbor, Mich. * Anatomy, Histology, Embryol- 
ogy. Hoobly, India, Aug. 30, 65. M.D, Michi- 
gan, 87; Berlin, 90-91; Prague, 95. Asst. 
demonstrator anat, Michigan, 87-89, instr. 
histol, 89-91, asst. prof, histol. and embryol, 
91-98, junior prof. anat. and director, Histol. 
Lab, 98-03, prof, histol. and embryol. and direc- 
tor, Histol. Lab, 03- Assoc, ed, ' Am. Jour. 
Anat.' Prize, Am. Physiol. Soc, 01. F.A.A; 
Soc. Nat; Ass. Anat. (sec'y and treas, 04-05) ; 
Physiol. Soc; Ass. Path, and Bact; Soc. Exp. 
Biol, and Med; Am. Med. Ass; fel. Royal 
Micros. Soc. Nerve regeneration and degenera- 
tion; microscopic anatomy of sympathetic 
nerves of vertebrates ; sensory nerve endings ; 
neuroglia tissue of vertebrates ; neuroglia during 
degeneration of nerve tissues; degeneration and 
regeneration of motor and sensory nerve end- 
ings. Development and morphology of urinif- 
erous tubules in mammals. 

Hudson, George H(enry), 19 Broad St, Pitts- 
burgh, N. Y. Biology. North Bangor, N. Y, 
Oct. 1, 55. Private instruction. Private 
teacher music, bot, zool, etc, 79-90 ; teacher nat. 
science, State Nor. Sch, Plattsburgh, 90-92, v. 
principal, in charge science, 92 F.A.A; Ass. 
Econ. Entom; Am. Conchol. Soc; New Eng. 
Hist, and Geneal. Soc; various educ. societies. 
Flora, Mollusca and Lepidoptera of Clinton Co, 
N. Y; times of flight and egg-laying of moths. 
Educational methods in light of theory of evo- 
lution; fauna of Chazy epoch. 

Huey, Prof. E(dmund) B(urke), Allegheny, Pa. 
Psychology. Curllsville, Pa, Dec. 1, 70. A.B, 
Lafayette, 95; Ph.D, Clark, 99; Berlin and 
Paris, 01-02. Instr. Latin, Harry Hillman 
Acad, 95-97; prof, psychol, State Nor. Sch, 
Moorhead, Minn, 99-01 ; genet, psychol, Nor. 
Col, Miami, 02-03 ; asst. and hon. fellow in 
psychol, Clark, 03-04: prof, psychol. and educ, 
Western Univ. of Pa, 0I t - West. Philos. Ass. 
Physiology and psychology of reading. The 
psychology and pedagogy of reading. 

Huff, Dr. W(illiam) B(ashford), Bryn Mawr, Pa. 
Physics. Boscobel, Wis, Oct. 12, 66. A.B, 
Wisconsin, 89; A.M, Chicago, 96; Ph.D, Hop- 
kins, 00. Instr. math, High Sch, Milwaukee, 
93-96; student asst. physics, Hopkins, 99-00, 
asst, 00-01, instr, 01-02; assoc, Bryn Mawr, 
02- Physical Soc. Spectroscopy. 

Hulburt, Prof. L(orrain) S(herman), Johns Hop- 
kins University, Baltimore, Md. * Mathematics. 
Albany, Wis, March 8, 58. A.B, Wisconsin, 83, 
A.M, 88; Gottingen, 89-90; fellow, Clark, 91- 
92; Ph.D, Hopkins, 94. Prof. math, and 
astron, South Dakota, 87-91; instr. and assoc. 



math, Hopkins, 92-97, collegiate prof, 97- 
Math. Soe. Plane algebraic curves. 

Hulett, Dr. George A(ugustus), 2 Murray Place, 
Princeton, N. J. * Physical chemistry. Will 
Co, Ills, July 15, 68. A.B, Princeton, 92; 
Ph.D, Leipzig, 98. Asst. chem, Princeton, 92- 
96; instr, Michigan, 99-04, asst. prof, physical 
chem, 04-05; Princeton, 05- Physical Soc; 
Chem. Soc ; Electrochem. Soc. Surface tension 
and solubility; nature of precipitates; standard 
cells. Standard cells; electrochemical equiva- 
lent; isomorphism in precipitates. 

Hull, Prof. G(ordon) F(errie), Hanover, N. H. 
*Physics. Garnet, Ont, Oct. 7, 70. A.B, 
Toronto, 92, fellow, 92-95; fellow, Chicago, 95- 
97, Ph.D, 97; Cambridge, England, and Berlin, 
05-06. Asst. physics, Toronto, 92-95; Chi- 
cago, 95-97; prof, Colby, 98-00; asst. prof, 
Dartmouth, 00-03, Appleton prof, OS- Instr. 
physics, Chicago, 97-98, summers, 98, 99. 
F.A.A; Physical Soc; Astron. and Astrophys. 
Soc. Electrical radiation; experimental deter- 
mination of the pressure of light; the elimina- 
tion of gas action in experiments on light pres- 
sure. The production of motion of an electrified 
body by a changing magnetic field; ether drift. 

Hume, Prof. Alfred, University, Miss. Mathe- 
matics. Beech Grove, Tenn, Dec. 1, 66. B.E, 
Vanderbilt, 87, C.E, 88, Sc.D, 90. Fellow and 
instr. civil eng, Vanderbilt, 87-90; prof, math, 
Mississippi, 90-, v. chancellor and dean, Acad. 
Dept, 05- Acting prof, civil eng, Mississippi, 00- 
02. M.A.A; Eng. Educ; Eng. Ass. of the South. 

Hume, Prof. James Gibson, 5S Spadina Road, 
Toronto, Can. Philosophy, Ethics. Near To- 
ronto, Sept. 12, 60. A.B, Toronto, 87; fellow- 
elect, Hopkins, 88; A.M, Harvard, 89, Thayer 
fellow, 89, Rogers fellow, 90; Ph.D, Freiburg, 
91. Prof, elect, Toronto, 89, ethics and hist, 
philos, 91- Psychol. Ass; British Ass. Appli- 
cation of philosophy to social and ethical prob- 
lems. The reaction against individualism; a 
history of ethics; the place of Christianity in 
the history of philosophy from the standpoint 
of development; relation of psychology and 
metaphysics to ethics; the educational signifi- 
cance of interest. 

Humphrey, Richard L(ewis), 1001 Harrison Build- 
ing, Philadelphia, Pa. Civil engineering, Chem- 
istry. Marblehead, Mass, Oct. 19, 69. C.E, 
Pennsylvania, 91, A.M, 93. R. R. draftsman 
and topographer, 90-91 ; city draftsman and 
engineer, Phila, 91-92; founder and engineer in 
charge, City Testing Lab, Phila, 92-99; de- 
signer, engineer and gen. manager, Buckhorn 
Portland Cement Co, 99- F.A.A; Civil Eng; 
Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; Soc. Testing 
Materials; Franklin Inst; Phila. Eag. Club 
(director, 98-99) ; Int. Ass. Testing Materials 
(sec'y, Am. Sect, 98-00). Manufacture, use 
and tests of cement and concrete; tests of ma- 
terials of construction; theory of concrete con- 
struction. Proper tests for cement; abnormal 
behavior of cements as to time of setting; accel- 
erated tests for cements. 

Water resources of Virginia and West 

Humphreys, Pres. Alex(ander) C(rombie), 160 W. 

59th St, New York, N. Y. Engineering. Edin- 
burgh, Scotland, March 30, 51. M.E, Stevens, 
81. Sec'y and supt, Bayonne and Greenville 
Gas Light Co, 72-81; chief engineer, Pintsch 
Lighting Co, 81-85; gen. supt. and chief engi- 
neer, United Gas Improv, 85-94; senior mem. 
Humphreys and Glasgow; pres, Buffalo Gas Co. 
and Manganese Steel Safe Co ; pres, Stevens, 03- 
Hon. Sc.D, Pennsvlvania, 03; LL.D, Columbia, 
03. M.A.A; Mech. Eng; Min. Eng; Civil Eng; 
Eng. Educ; Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; 
Am. Gas Light Ass. (pres, 99) ; Western Gas 
Ass; New Eng. Ass. Gas Eng; Pacific Coast 
Gas Ass; Ohio Gas Light Ass; British Inst. 
Civil Eng; British Ass. Candle power; illu- 
mination; photometry; water gas. Technical 

Humphreys, Prof. D(avid) C(arlisle), Lexington, 
Va. Civil engineering. Chatham Hill, Va, 
56. C.E, Washington and Lee, 78. Teacher, 
McDonogh Sch, Md, 78-79; U. S. asst. engi- 
neer, Improv. of the Missouri River, 79-85; 
prof, applied math, later civil eng, Washington 
and Lee, 85-, dean, Sch. Eng, 02- Res. 
hydrographer, U. S. Geol. Surv, 95- Civil Eng; 
Eng. Educ; Nat. Geog. Soc; Va. Ass. Eng. (past 
pres. ) . 

Humphreys, Dr. W(illiam) J(ackson), U. S. 
Weather Bureau Office, Mount Weather, Va, 
via Bluemont, Va. ^Physics. Gap Mills, W. 
Va, Feb. 2, 62. A.B, Washington and Lee, 86, 
C.E, 88; Virginia, 88-89; fellow, Hopkins, 95- 
96, Ph.D, 97. Prof, physics and math, Miller 
Sch, Va, 89-93 ; physics and chem, Washington 
(Md.), 93-94; instr. physics, Virginia, 97-05; 
prof, meteorol. physics, and supervisi?ig director, 
Mount Weather Observatory, U. S. Weather 
Bur, 05- Mem. Naval Observatory Eclipse 
Exped. to Ga, 00; Sumatra, 01. M.A.A; Phys- 
ical Soc; Astron. and Astrophys. Soc; Nat. 
Geog. Soc; Wash. Philos. Soc. Pressure effect 
on arc spectra ; solution and diffusion of metals 
in mercury; electric discharges; flash spectra; 
etc. Pressure effect on spectra and allied phe- 

Hun, Dr. Henry, 149 Washington Ave, Albany, 
N. Y. * Medicine. Albany, N. Y, March 21, 54. 
Sheffield Sci. Sch, Yale, 74; M.D, Harvard, 79. 
Asst. physics, Sheffield Sci. Sch, Yale, 74-75; 
prof, nervous diseases, Albany Med. Col, S5- 
Am. Physicians ; Neur. Ass ; N. Y. State and 
Co. Med. Societies. Neurology. 

Hunt, Dr. Reid, Hygienic Laboratory, U. S. Public 
Health and Marine Hospital Service, Washing- 
ton, D. C. * Pharmacology , Physiology. Mar- 
tinsville, O, April 20 ? 70. A.B, Hopkins, 91; 
Bonn, 92; fellow, Hopkins, 94-96; Cornell, 95; 
Ph.D, Hopkins, 96; M.D, Col. Physicians and 
Surg, Baltimore, 96; Chicago, 97; Frankfort 
02-04. Asst. physiol, Hopkins, 92-94; tutor 
Columbia, 96-98 ; assoc. and later assoc. prof 
Pharmacol, Hopkins, 98-03; chief, Div. Phar 
macol, U. S. Pub. Health and Mar. Hosp. Ser- 



vice, 0.')- Special expert in pharmacol, U. S. 
Dept. Agr, 01 ; assoc. ed, ' Am. Year-book of 
Med.' Physiol. Soc; Soc. Exp. Biol, and Med; 
Chem. Soc; Md. Med. and Chirurg. Faculty. 
Innervation of the heart and blood-vessels; 
blood pressure lowering bodies of suprarenal 
gland ; toxicity of methyl alcohol ; pharmacology 
of zygadenus venenosus, of nitriles and of qui- 
nine derivatives; chronic alcoholism; physiol- 
ogy of thyroids. 

Hunt, Prof. Thomas F(orsyth), 37 East Ave, 
Ithaca, N. Y. Agriculture. Ridott, Ills, Jan. 
1, 62. B.S, Illinois, 84, M.S, 94. Asst. to Ills, 
state entomologist, 85-86; asst. agr, Illinois, 
86-88; asst. agriculturist, Ills. Exp. Sta, 88-91; 
prof. agr. Pa. State, 91-92; Ohio State, 92-03, 
dean, Col. Agr. and Domestic Sci, 96-03; prof, 
agron, Cornell, and manager, Univ. Farms, 03- 
Hon. D.Agr, Illinois, 02. Soc. Prom. Agr. Sci. 
(sec'y, 99-00). Cultural methods with farm 
crops; feeding experiments with farm animals. 
Improvement of field crops. 

Hunter, A(ndrew) F(rederick), Barrie, Ont, 
Can. Anthropology. Simcoe Co, Ont, Dec. 31, 
63. A.B, Toronto, 89, A.M, 92. Ed. and pub- 
lisher, ' Barrie Examiner,' 89-95. With Can. 
Geol. Surv. F.A.A; Can. Inst; Ont. Hist. Soc. 
(mem. Council, 92-02). Huron archeology; 
surface geology in relation to man. 

Hunter, Prof. G(eorge) W(illiam), Andrews Ave, 
University Heights, New York, N. Y. Zoology. 
Mamaroneck, N. Y, April 7, 73. Col. City 
of N. Y, 91-93; A.B, Williams, 95, A.M, 96; 
fellow, Chicago, 96-97. Teacher, Hyde Park 
High Sch, Chicago, 97-98; instr. biol, DeWitt 
Clinton High Sch, N. Y, 98- Asst, Woods 
Hole, 95-; Williams, 96; lecturer nature-study, 
N. Y. Univ. M.A.A; Nat. Educ. Ass; Nat. 
Geog. Soc; N. Y. Ass. Biol. Teachers. Nervous 
system and nervous mechanism of heart of 
Tunicata. Nervous system of Tunicata; reac- 
tions of Ctenophora. 

Hunter, Prof. J(oseph) Rufus, 403 Lombardy St, 
Richmond, Va. Chemistry. Apex, N. C, June 
6, 65. A.B, Wake Forest, 85, A.M, 89; Ph.D, 
Hopkins, 95. Teacher, private acad, Apex, N. C, 
85; Rutherfordton, N. C, 87; Clayton, N. C, 
88; instr. chem, Wake Forest, 88-89; prof. 
physics and math, State Nor. Sch, Oshkosh, 
Wis, 91-93; chem, Richmond, 95- F.A.A; 
Chem. Soc; Chem. Gesell. Anilids of orthosul- 
phobenzoic acid. 

Hunter, Prof. S(amuel) J(ohn), 1309 Ohio St, 
Lawrence, Kas. Zoology, Entomology. Ban- 
don, Ireland, Nov. 11, 66. Baker, 88; A.B, 
A.M, Kansas, 93 : Cornell, 96 ; Woods Hole, 
01, 02. Principal, High Sch, Columbus, Kas, 
90-91; Atchison Co. High Sch, Kas, 93-96; 
asst. prof, entom, Kansas, 96-99, assoc. prof, 
99-01, comp. zool. and entom, 01- Director, 
state hort. inspection, Kas, 01- F.A.A; E. 
Kas. Teachers' Ass. (pres, 95). Biology and 
taxonomy of Coccidae ; osmosis as a factor in 
artificial parthenogenesis ; morphology of arti- 
ficial parthenogenesis. The cytaster in the un- 

fertilized egg of Arbacia in process of artificial 
development; the role of polar bodies in arti- 
ficial parthenogenesis. 

Hunter, Walter D(avid), U. S. Department of 
Agriculture, Washington, D. C. Entomology. 
Lincoln, Nebr, Dec. 14, 75. A.B, Nebraska, 95, 
A.M, 97. Instr. entom, Nebraska, 96-99; 
asst. entomologist, U. S. Agr. Exp. Sta, Ames, 
la, 00; investigator, Div. Entom, U. S. Dept. 
Agr, 01-, in charge boll-weevil investigations, 
02- F.A.A; assoc. Ornith. Union; Wash. 
Entom. Soc. 

Huntington, Dr. E(dward) V(ermilye), 35 Fairfax 
Hall, Cambridge, Mass. * Mathematics. Clin- 
ton, N. Y, April 26, 74. A.B, Harvard, 95, 
A.M, 97; Ph.D, Strasburg, 01. Instr. math, 
Harvard, 95-97; Williams, 97-99; Harvard, 
01-05, asst. prof, 05- Ed, 'Annals of Math,' 
02- Math. Soc; Math. Verein. Systems of 
postulates forming the bases of elementary 
mathematical theories. 

Huntington, Ellsworth, Milton, Mass. Geography, 
Geology. Galesburg, Ills, Sept. 16, 76. A.B, 
Beloit, 97; A.M, Harvard, 02. Asst. to pres, 
Euphrates Col, Harput, Turkey, 97-01; mem. 
Pumpelly's Carnegie Inst. Exped. to Turkestan, 
03-04; mem. R. L. Barrett's Exped. to Chinese 
Turkestan, Geog. Ass, 05- Gill Memorial 
medal, Royal Geog. Soc. M.A.A; Geog. Ass; 
Wis. Acad. Physiography; geology; arch- 

Huntington, Prof. Geo(rge) S(umner), 437 W. 
59th St, New York, N. Y. * Vertebrate mor- 
phology. Hartford, Conn, March 21, 61. A.B, 
Trinity (Conn.), 81, A.M, 83; M.D, Columbia, 
84. Asst. demonstrator anat, Columbia, 86-88, 
demonstrator, 88-89, lecturer, 89-90, prof, 90- 
Am. ed, ' Jour. Anat. and Physiol,' 98 ; assoc. 
ed, ' Am. Jour. Anat,' 00. Hon. Sc.D, Colum- 
bia, 04. M.A.A; Ass. Anat. (pres, 00-) ; fel. N. 
Y. Acad. Vertebrate myology; visceral anat- 
omy; comparative splanchnology; variation. 
Significance of muscular variation; compara- 
tive myology. 

Huntoon, Prof. L(ouis) D(oremus), Sheffield Sci- 
entific School, New Haven, Conn. Mining engi- 
neering, Metallurgy. Paterson, N. J, Jan. 28, 
69. Ph.G, N. Y. Col. Pharmacy, 90; E.M, 
Columbia, 95. Chemist and assayer, Colo, 95- 
96; N. Y, 96-03; expert mining and metallur- 
gical engineer, 03-05; asst. prof, mining and 
metal, Sheffield Sci. Sch, Tale, 05- Min. Eng; 
Soc. Chem. Indust. Metallurgical processes; 
milling of ores. 

Hurd, Dr. Henry M(ills), Johns Hopkins Hospital, 
Baltimore, Md. * Psychiatry, Hospital organi- 
zation. Union City, Mich, May 3, 43. Knox, 
55-58; A.B, Michigan, 63, M.D, 66. Asst. 
physician, Mich. Asylum for Insane, 70-77, 
asst. supt, 78; supt, Eastern Mich. Asylum, 
Pontiac, 78-89; Hopkins Hosp, and prof, 
psychiat, Hopkins, 89- Ed, 'Bui. Johns Hop- 
kins Hosp,' 90-; 'Am. Jour. Insanity,' 97-; 
' Hopkins Hosp. Reports.' LL.D, Michigan, 95. 
Am. Physicians; Neur. Ass; Medico-Psychol. 



Ass. (secy, 93-97, pres, 99) ; Am. Acad. Med. 
(pres, 96) ; Am. Med. Ass; Anthrop. Ass; 
Folk-lore Soc. Psychiatry; hospitals, dispen- 
saries and nursing. Folk-lore of insanity; folk- 
lore of Maryland. 

Hurd, Prof. William D(aniel), Orono, Me. Agri- 
culture. De Witt, Mich, Dee. 19, 75. B.S, 
Mich. Agr. Col, 99. Instr, High Sch, Lansing, 
99-01; prof, hort, Sch. Pract. Agr. and Hort, 
Briareliff Manor, N. Y, 01-03; agr, Maine, 03- 
Orchard inspector, Illinois, summer, 00; super- 
visor, Extension Work, R. I. Col. Agr, summer, 
03. Agriculture; plant diseases; plant breed- 
ing and improvement. 

Hussey, Prof. W(illiam) J(oseph), Ann Arbor, 
Mich. *Astronomy. Mendon, O, Aug. 10, 62. 
B.S, Michigan, 89. Principal schools, Ohio, 
Ills, 84-87 ; asst, ' Nautical Almanac ' Office, 
89; instr. math, Michigan, 89-91; acting direc- 
tor, Detroit Observatory, 91-92; asst. prof, 
astron, Stanford, 92-93, assoc. prof, 93-94, 
prof, 94-96; astronomer, Lick Observatory, 96- 
05; prof, astron. and director. Observatory, 
Michigan, 05- Expert to Committee on Observ- 
atories, Carnegie Inst, 03; in charge, Lick Ob- 
servatory Eclipse Exped. to Egypt, 05. Astron. 
and Astrophys. Soc; Math. Soc; Pacific Astron. 
Soc; Wash. Acad; hon. mem. Soc. Astron. 
de Mex; for. assoc. Royal Astron. Soc. Motions 
of comets, minor planets, satellites and double 
stars; discovery of 1345 double stars. Investi- 
gation of double stars; observations of the satel- 
lites of Saturn; systematic examination of the 
northern heavens to ascertain the number and 
distribution of the double stars, of the stars to 
the 9.1 magnitude inclusive. 

Huston, Prof. Henry A, Chicago, Ills. Agricul- 
tural chemistry. Damariscotta, Me, April 20, 
58. A.B, Bowdoin, 79, A.M, 82; A.C, Purdue, 
82. Asst. chem. and physics, Bowdoin, 79-80; 
principal and science teacher, High Sch, Lafay- 
ette, Ind, 80-84; prof, physics, Purdue, 84-88, 
agr. chem, Purdue, and state chemist, Ind, 
88-03; director, Ind. Agr. Exp. Sta, 02-03; 
manager, Western Office of Propaganda Dept, 
German Kali Works, St. Louis, 03-05, Chicago, 
05- Asst. state chemist, Ind, 84-86; director, 
Ind. W T eather Service, 84-96. Ass. Off. Agr. 
Chemists (pres, 95, Committee on Food Pre- 
servatives, 95-); Chem. Soc; Ind. Acad; St. 
Louis Acad. Methods of agricultural analysis; 
soil improvement ; swamp lands ; fertilizers ; 
phosphates; the sugar-beet; food preservatives. 
Soil improvement and fertilization; under 

Hutchins, Prof. C(harles) C(lifford), 74 Federal St, 
Brunswick, Me. Physics. Canton, Me, July 
12, 58. A.B, Bowdoin, 83, A.M, 84; Harvard, 
85-86; Leipzig, 99-00. Prof, physics, Bow- 
doin, 88- Physical Soc. Radiation; spectro- 
scopy. Atmospheric radiation; gaseous radia- 

Hutchinson, Dr. Cary T(alcott), 60 Wall St, New 
York, N. Y. *Electrical engineering. St. 
Louis, Mo, March 4, 66. Ph.B, Washington 

(St. Louis), 86; fellow, Hopkins, 88-89, Ph.D, 
89. With Sprague Elec. Railway Co. and 
Gen. Elec. Co, 89-90; consulting engineer, N. 
Y, 90- In charge, Dept. Elec, Hopkins, 99-00. 
Physical Soc; Elec. Eng. (v. pres, 99); Civil 
Eng; Mech. Eng; Franklin Inst. 

Hutchinson, Prof. J(ohn) I(rwin), Cornell Heights, 
Ithaca, N. Y. * Mathematics. Bangor, Me, 
April 12, 67. A.B, Bates, 89; Clark, 90-92; 
Ph.D, Chicago, 96. Instr. math, Cornell, 94- 
03, asst. prof, 03- Math. Soc. (assoc. ed, 
'Trans.'). Hyperelliptic functions; theta 
functions; automorphic functions; surfaces. 
Automorphic functions. 

Hutchinson, Dr. Woods, 310 The Marquam, Port- 
land, Ore. Pathology, Anatomy, Anthropology. 
Selby, England, Jan. 3, 62. A.B, Penn, 
80, A.M, 83; M.D, Michigan, 84. Prof, anat, 
Iowa, 91-96; comp. path, and embryol, Buf- 
falo, 96-00; sec'y, Ore. State Board of Health. 
Prof, methods of science teaching, Dept. Pedag, 
Buffalo, 96-98 ; lecturer diseases of animals, 
Med. Grad. Col, London, 99-00; lecturer biol, 
Extension Dept, London, 99-00. Soc. Nat; 
Am. Acad. Med. Tuberculosis in man and ani- 
mals; cancer in mammals and birds; the pitui- 
tary body in Acromegaly, giantism and dwarf- 
ism. Real shape of the tuberculosis chest; 
pathology of uric acid in mammals and birds; 
gout; appendicitis; racial pathology, especially 
in Indians, Japanese and Chinese. 

Hyde, Edw(ard) P(echin), Bureau of Standards, 
Washington, D. C. Physics. Baltimore Co, 
Md, Jan. 3, 79. A.B, Hopkins, 00, fellow, 
01-02, fellow by courtesy, 02- Lab. asst, Bur. 
Standards, 02-05, asst. physicist, 05- Physical 
Soc. Theory of Matthews and Russell; Leon- 
ard photometers. Investigation of Talbot's law 
for sectored disks. 

Hyde, Prof. E(dward) W(yllys), 814 Lincoln Ave, 
Cincinnati, 0. * Mathematics. Saginaw, Mich, 
Oct. 17, 43. B.C.E, Cornell, 72, C.E, 74. Instr. 
eng, Cornell, 71-73; prof, math, Pa. Mil. Acad, 
73-74; asst. prof, Cincinnati, 75-78, prof, 78- 
Assoc. ed, ' Annals of Math ' ; treas. and actuary, 
Columbia Life Ins. Co, Cincinnati. F.A.A. 
(sec'y, A, 85, v. pres, 91); Math. Soc. (mem. 
Council). Vector and point analysis with their 
applications. Surfaces represented by equa- 
tions whose coefficients are homogeneous func- 
tions of the roots of a given algebraic equation. 

Plyde, Dr. Ida H(enrietta), University of Kansas, 
Lawrence, Kas. Physiology. Davenport, la, 
Sept. 8, 63. Illinois, 81; A.B, Cornell, 91; 
fellow, Bryn Mawr, 91, grad. student, 91-93; 
Strasburg, 93 ; Col. Alumnae European fellow, 
94-95; Hearst research fellow, 95-96; Ph.D, 
Heidelberg, 96; Naples Zool. Sta, 96; Bern, 96; 
Radcliffe, 97 ; Harvard Med. Sch, 97 ; Liverpool, 
04. Teacher, pub. schools, Chicago, 81-88; 
asst. biol, Bryn Mawr, 91 ; prof, histol. and 
anat, Ingalls and Dr. Sargent's Prep. Sch, Cam- 
bridge, Mass, 97-00; assoc. prof, physiol, Kan- 
sas, 99-05, prof, 05- Prof, biol, Hyannis Nor. 
Sch, summers, 99-01; asst. physiol, Woods Hole, 



2-03. Hon. life mem. Am. Women's Table, 
Naples (sec'y, 97-00). Physiol. Soc. Mechan- 
ical respiratory movements in Limnlus; nervous 
system in Gonionema; influence of pressure on 
the blood flow through coronary vessels; Ent- 
wicklung der Scyphomedusen ; Physiologie des 
Ohr Labyrinth; zur Secretion des Speicheldriise 
in Octopus; collateral circulation; comparison 
of the azygous system in the cat and other ani- 
mals; influence of solutions on the central 
nervous system. 

Hyde, Dr. James Nevins, 100 State St, Chicago, 
Ills. Dermatology. Norwich, Conn, June 21, 
40. A.B, Yale, 61, A.M, 65; M.D, Pennsylvania, 
69. Asst. surgeon, U. S. N, 63-67, past asst. 
surgeon, 67-69; lecturer, Rush Med. Col, 73- 
76; prof, dermat, Northwestern, 76-78; Rush 
Med. Col, 79-, professorial lecturer, Chicago, 
01- Sixth Int. Dermat. Cong. ( sec'y for Am. ) . 
Dermat. Ass. (pres, 81, 96); Am. Med. Ass; 
Ills. Med. Soc; Chicago Med. Soc; hon. mem. 
N. Y. State Med. Soc; Berlin Dermat. Gesell; 
Vienna Dermat. Gesell; Ass. frangaise de 
Dermat; Int. Cong. Dermat. Radio- and 
photo-therapy in malignant cutaneous lesions; 
blastomycosis of the skin; etc. 

Hyde, Pres. William DeWitt, Brunswick, Me. 
Philosophy, Ethics, Education. Winchendon, 
Mass, Sept. 23, 58. A.B, Harvard, 79; Andover 
Theol. Sem, 82. Pastor, Congregational church, 
Paterson, N. J, 84-86 ; pres, Bowdoin, 86- D.D, 
Harvard; LL.D, Syracuse. Philos. Ass. 

Hyer, Dr. R(obert) S(tewart), Georgetown, Tex. 
Physics. Oxford, Ga, Oct. 18, 60. A.B, Emory, 
81, A.M, 84. Prof, physics, Southwestern, 82- 
LL.D, Central, 00. Fel. Tex. Acad. Electric 
waves; thermal coefficient in conductivity. 
Lowering of freezing-points by solutions. 

Hylan, Dr. John P(erham), 97 William St, Stone- 
ham, Mass. Psychology. Fremont, N. H, Aug. 
27, 70. Harvard, 91-95; Leipzig and Heidel- 
berg, 99-00; Ph.D, Clark, 01. Instr. psychol, 
Illinois, 97-98, asst. prof, 98-99; asst. philos, 
Harvard, 00-05. Prof, psychol, Sloyd Training 
Sch, Boston, Mass. Psychol. Ass. Psychology 
of attention; psychology of religion. Inhibitory 
effect of efferent upon afferent processes. 

Hyslop, Prof. James H(ervey), 519 W. 149th St, 
New York, N. Y. *Philosophy. Xenia, 0, Aug. 
18, 54. A.B, Wooster, 77; Leipzig, 82-84; 
Ph.D, Hopkins, 88. Instr. philos, Lake Forest, 
80-82, 84-85; Smith, 85-86; Bucknell, 88-89; 
instr. and prof, Columbia, 89-02. LL.D, Woos- 
ter, 02. Philos. Ass; Soc. Psychical Research 
(v. pres, 00-). Logic; ethics; psychology; de- 
mocracy; epistemology ; metaphysics. 

Iddings, Prof. Joseph P(axson), 5730 Woodlawn 
Ave, Chicago, Ills. *Petrology. Baltimore, Md, 
Jan. 21, 57. Ph.B, Yale, 77, grad. student, 77- 
78; Sch. of Mines, Columbia, 78-79; Heidel- 
berg, 79-80. Asst. geologist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 
80-88, geologist, 88-92; assoc. prof, petrol, 

Chicago, 92-95, prof, 95-; geologist, U. S. Geol. 
Surv, 95- Asst. mech. drawing and surveying, 
Sheffield Sci. Sch, Yale, 77-78; ed, 'Jour. Geol.' 
F.A.A; Geol. Soc; Nat. Geog. Soc; Wash. Acad; 
Wash. Geol. Soc; Wash. Philos. Soc; hon. mem. 
N. Y. Acad; for. mem. London Geol. Soc; for. 
mem. Christiania Sci. Soc. Igneous rocks. 
Chemical, mineral and geological relationships 
of igneous rocks. 

Ingals, Dr. E(phraim) Fletcher, 34 Washington St, 
Chicago, Ills. Medicine. Lee Center, Ills, 
Sept. 29, 48. M.D, Rush Med. Col, 71; A.M, 
Chicago, 79. Asst. prof, materia medica, Rush 
Med. Col, 71-73, lecturer diseases of the chest 
and physical diagnosis, Spring Course, 74-83, 
prof, laryngol, 83-90, laryngol. and practise of 
med, 90-93, laryngol. and diseases of the chest, 
93-98, diseases of the chest, throat and nose, 
98-; diseases of the throat and chest, North- 
western Woman's Med. Sch, 79-98; laryngol. 
and rhinol, Chicago Polyclinic, 90-; professor- 
ial lecturer med, Chicago, 01- Registrar, Rush 
Med. Col, 91-98, comptroller, 98-; attending 
physician, Cook Co. Hosp; laryngologist, St. 
, Joseph's and Presbyterian Hospitals; consulting 
physician diseases of chest, throat and nose, St. 
Anthony's Hosp. Laryngol. Ass. (past pres.) ; 
Am. Med. Ass; Climat. Ass. (past pres.) ; Ills. 
Med. Soc. (past pres.) ; Chicago Laryngol. and 
Climat. Soc. (past pres.) ; Chicago Med. Soc; 
Chicago Path. Soc; Chicago Internal Med. Soc; 
Chicago Medico-Legal Soc. Diseases of the 
chest, throat and nose. 

Ingbert, Dr. Charles E(merson), Independence 
State Hospital, Independence, la. Neurology. 
Fillmore Co, Minn, July 7, 68. A.B, North 
Dakota, 95, A.M, 02; fellow, Chicago, 00-03, 
Ph.D, 03; M.D, Rush Med. Col, 04. Principal 
schools, Arvilla, N. Dak, 95-96; supt. schools, 
Tower City, N. Dak, 96-00; research asst. neur, 
Chicago, 03-04; asst. physician, State Insane 
Hosp, la, OJf- Medullated nerve fibers in the 
ventral and dorsal roots of the spinal nerves of 
man. Pseudohypertrophic muscular atrophy. 

Ingersoll, Ernest, Author's Club, New York, N. Y. 
Zoology. Monroe, Mich, March 13, 52. Ober- 
lin, 67-71; Mus. Comp. Zool, Harvard, 72-73. 
Ed. asst. zool, ' Standard Diet,' 92-95 ; lecturer 
zool, Chicago, 01 ; ed. zool, ' New Int. Encyclo- 
pedia,' 02-03 ; collaborator, Smithsonian Inst. 
Boston Soc. Nat. Hist; Davenport Acad; Nut- 
tall Ornith. Club; N. Y. Linnean Soc. Nests and 
eggs of American birds; oyster industries of 
United States; book of the ocean; Nature's 
calendar; wild life of orchard and field. Boy's 
natural history. 

Ingham, Prof. L(eslie) H(oward), Gambier, O. 
Chemistry. Cleveland, O, June 7, 67. A.B, 
Dartmouth, 89, A.M, 92; Ph.D, Pennsylvania, 
94. Electrician, Brush Elec. Co, Cleveland, O, 
89-91; asst. chem, Kenyon, 91-93, Bolder 
prof, physics and chem, 91f- Prof, physics, 
Chautauqua, 92-95; first asst. chemist, Mining 
Bldg, Columbian Expos, 93; chemist and as- 
sayer, Cuyahoga Gold. Mining and Milling Co. 



Chem. Soc. Constitution of certain native sul- 
phids of the tetrahedrite family; electrolytic 
estimation of nitric acid. Electrolytic estima- 
tion of nitrates; modification of cyanid process. 

Ingram, Edward L(overing), 11 Willoughby Ave, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. Engineering, Electricity. 
Philadelphia, Pa, Sept. 9, 62. C.E, Columbia, 
85. Inspector, draftsman, asst. engineer, U. S. 
Govt, 85-91; asst. engineer, Int. Boundary 
Surv, U. S. and Mex, 91-95; practising civil 
engineer, 95-00; with Eng. Dept, N. Y. C. and 
H. R. R. R, 00-01; expert aid (civil engineer), 
Navy Yard, N. Y, 01- M.A.A; assoc. mem. 
Civil Eng. 

d'Invilliers, E(dward) V(incent), 50G Walnut St, 
Philadelphia, Pa. Geology, Mining. Philadel- 
phia, Aug. 2, 57. B.S, Pennsylvania, 78. Asst. 
geologist, Second Pa. Geol. Surv, 78-90; con- 
sulting geologist and mining engineer, 8Jf- 
Geol. Soc; Min. Eng; Philos. Soc; Nat. Geog. 
Soc; Franklin Inst. Geology and practise of 
bituminous coal mining. 

Ireland, Oscar B(rown), 413 Main St, Springfield, 
Mass. Actuarial mathematics. New York, 
N. Y, Oct. 28, 40. A.B, Col. City of N. Y, 59. 
Actuary, Mass. Mutual Life Ins. Co, 12- Mem. 
Sch. Committee, Springfield, 98-03. Hon. A.M, 
Col. City of N. Y. Math. Soc; Actuarial Soc. 
(pres, 01-03). 

Irish, H(enry) C(lay), Missouri Botanical Garden, 
St. Louis, Mo. Horticulture. Emerald Grove, 
Wis, April 22, 68. B.S, S. Dak. Agr. Col, 91; 
M.S, Iowa State, 97. Hort. asst, Mo. Bot. 
Garden, 94-02, supt, 03- Soc. Hort. Sci; Soc. 
Prom. Agr. Sci; Pomol. Soc; Nat. Geog. Soc; 
Engelmann Bot. Club (sec'y, 01-02). Garden 
peppers; garden beans. American peaches. 

Irons, Prof. David, Bryn Mawr College, Bryn 
Mawr, Pa. Philosophy. Dundee, Scotland, 
Aug. 7, 70. A.M, St. Andrew's Univ, 91; 
Ferguson Inter-univ. scholarship, Scotland, 92- 
94; Ph.D, Cornell, 94. Asst. philos, Cornell, 
95-97; prof, pro tern, Vermont, 97-98; instr, 
Cornell, 98-00; prof, Bryn Mawr, 00- Philos. 
Ass; Psychol. Ass; Anthrop. Ass. Theory of 
emotion. Psychology of ethics. 

Irons, Dr. E(rnest) E(dward), Presbyterian Hos- 
pital, Chicago, Ills. Pathology, Bacteriology. 
Council Bluffs, la, Feb. 17, 77. B.S, Chicago, 
00, fellow, 00-01, M.D, Rush Med. Col, 03. 
Asst, Dept. Path, and Bacter, Chicago, 02- 
Soc. Bact; Pub. Health Ass. Methods in water 

Irving, Prof. J(ohn) D(uer), Lehigh University, 
South Bethlehem, Pa. Mining, Geology. 
Madison, Wis, Aug. 18, 74. A.B, Columbia, 96, 
A.M, 98, Ph.D, 99. Geol. aid, V. S. Geol. Surv, 
99-00, asst. geologist, 00-; acting prof, geol, 
Wyoming, 03 ; asst. prof, Lehigh, 03- Ed, 
'Econ. Geology.' F.A.A; Min. Eng; Wash. 
Geol. Soc; fel. N. Y. Acad. The geology, oc- 
currence and origin of ore deposits. 

Isham, Dr. George S(now), 488 N. State St, Chi- 
cago, Ills. Astrophysics. Chicago, Oct. 8, 59. 

A.B, Yale, 81; M.D, Northwestern, 84, A.M, 
86. Astron. and Astrophys. Soc. Spark and 
arc spectra. Effect on spark spectrum of gases 
under high pressure. 

Ives, F(rederic) E(ugene), Woodcliffe-on-Hudson, 
Weehawken, N. J. *Photography. Litchfield, 
Conn, Feb. 17, 56. Pub. schools. In charge, 
Photog. Lab, Cornell, 74-78; commercial enter- 
prises, 18- Fifteen medals and prizes for in- 
ventions and discoveries from Am. and foreign 
societies. F.A.A; Micros. Soc; hon. mem. 
Phila. Photog. Soc; Franklin Inst; fel. Royal 
Photog. Soc; fel. Royal Micros. Soc. Special 
photographic processes and applications, with 
special reference to orthochromatic photography, 
trichromatic photography and photoengraving; 
inventor of parallax stereogram; glass sealed 
copies Rowland diffraction gratings; etc. 

Ives, Prof. Howard C(hapin), 3643 Locust St, 
Philadelphia, Pa. Civil engineering. Cheshire, 
Conn, March 20, 78. Ph.B, Yale, 98, C.E, 00. 
Civil engineer, 99-00; instr. civil eng, Worces- 
ter, 00-03; asst. prof, Pennsylvania, 03- Civil 
Eng; Eng. Educ. Stereotomy. Railroad en- 

Ives, Dr. J(ames) E(dmund), University of Cin- 
cinnati, Cincinnati, O. Physics. . London, 
England, Sept. 19, 65. Ph.D, Clark, 01. Asst. 
curator, Acad. Nat. Sci, Phila, 87-93; instr. 
physics, Drexel Inst, Phila, 93-97; Cincinnati, 
01-03; scientific expert, DeForest Wireless Tel. 
Co, N. Y, 03-05; asst. prof, physics, Cincinnati, 
05- Physical Soc; Elec. Eng; Phila. Acad. 
Marine invertebrates; theory of the induction 
coil. Induction coil; electrical oscillations. 

Ivey, Dr. J(oseph) N(ettles), 1410 St. Andrew St, 
New Orleans, La. Mathematics. Pineville, 
Ala, June 29, 76. A.B, Alabama, 95; Ph.D, 
Berlin, 01. Instr. math, Tulane, 01-03, asst. 
prof, 03- Math. Soc. (pres, 02). The moduli 
of periodicity of the Abelian integrals. The 
moduli of periodicity of the Abelian integrals 
and the differential equations which they satisfy. 

Jack, John G(eorge), 117 Forest Hill St, Jamaica 
Plain, Mass. Dendrology, Arboriculture, Hor- 
ticulture. Chateaugay, Que, April 15, 61. 
Asst, Arnold Arboretum, 86-, lecturer, 91-; 
lecturer landscape hort, Mass. Inst. Tech, 99-; 
instr. forestry, Harvard, 03- With U. S. Geol. 
Surv; U. S. Bur. Forestry. F.A.A; Forestry 
Ass; fel. Am. Acad; Mass. Hort. Soc; Boston 
Soc. Nat. Hist. Dendrology; arboriculture; 
horticulture; economic entomology. 

Jackman, Prof. Wilbur S(amuel), University of 
Chicago, Chicago, Ills. Natural science. Me- 
chanicstown, O, Jan. 12, 55. Allegheny, 
80-82; A.B, Harvard, 84. Teacher hist, and 
geog, State Nor. Sch, California, Pa, 77-81 ; 
biol, High Sch, Pittsburg, 84-89; Cook Co. Nor. 
Sch, 89^99; Chicago Inst, 00-01; prof, teaching 
nat. science, Sch. of Educ, Chicago, 01-, dean, 



01-04, principal, Univ. Elementary Sch, 04- 
Ed, 'Elementary Sch. Teacher.' Elementary 

Jackson, A(braham) Wendell, 432 St. Nicholas 
Ave, New York, N. Y. Mineralogy, Geology. 
Chelsea, Mass, Feb. 13, 55. Ph.B, California, 
74; Leipzig, 75; Freiberg, 76. Instr. chem, 
California, 74, miner, 77, prof, miner, petrog. 
and econ. geol, 86-90; consulting engineer, New 
York and Boston, 91-96; pres. and gen. man- 
ager, Central Elec. Construction Co, and Atlan- 
tic Eng. Co, N. Y, 96- M.A.A; Geol. Soc; 
Am. Geog. Soc; Cal. Acad; N. Y. R. R. Club; 
hon. mem. San Francisco Mechanics Ass; Geol. 
Gesell. Minerals and rocks of California. 

Jackson, Prof. Charles Loring, Cambridge, Mass. 
* Chemistry. Boston, Mass, April 4, 47. A.B, 
Harvard, 67, A.M, 70; Heidelberg and Berlin, 
73-75. Asst. chem, Harvard, 68-71, asst. 
prof, 71-81, prof, 81-99, Erving prof, 99- Nat. 
Acad; F.A.A; Chem. Soc; Am. Acad. (cor. 
sec'y) ; British Ass; Chem. Gesell. Organic 
selenium compounds; substituted benzyl com- 
pounds ; curcumin ; turmerol ; preparation of 
borneol; diiluorbenzoic acid; benzoltrisulphonic 
acid; trichlortrinitrobenzol ; behavior of nitro- 
benzols containing halogens; etc. Orthoqui- 
nones ; diimin ; quinone addition to dimethyl- 
anilin; bromin addition to dimethylanilin. 

Jackson, Prof. C(larence) M(artin), 1201 Paquin 
St, Columbia, Mo. *Anatomy. What Cheer, 
la, April 12, 75. Fellow, Missouri, 97-99, B.S, 
98, M.S, 99, M.D, 00; Leipzig, 03-04; Berlin, 04. 
Instr. anat, Missouri, 99-00, asst. prof, in charge 
anat. and histol, 00-02, prof, 02- Ass. Anat; 
Am. Med. Ass. Comparative anatomy and his- 
tology of vertebrates. Human topographic 

Jackson, Daniel D(ana), 941 President St, Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. Chemistry, Microscopy, Bacteriol- 

ogy. Gloucester, Mass, Aug. 1, 70. B.S, Mass. 
Inst. Tech, 93; Harvard Med. Sch, 96-97; 
cand. for Sc.D, N. Y. Univ, 04-06. Analyst, 
Boston Water Works, 93-95; bacteriologist, 
Worcester, Mass, 95; biologist, Mass. State 
Board of Health, and lecturer, Mass. Inst. Tech, 
95-97; chief chemist, Mt. Prospect Lab, Brook- 
lyn, Dept. Water Supply, N. Y. City, 97-04; 
director, Laboratories, Dept. Water Supply, Gas 
and Elec, N. Y. City, Olf- Chem. Soc; Soc. 
Chem. Indust; Micros. Soc; Pub. Health Ass; 
N. Y. Chemists Club (sec'y) ; Brooklyn Eng. 
Club; Brooklyn Inst. Chemistry and biology 
of water supply; boiler treatment; coal; oil; 
asphalt and cement. Turbidimetry; water sup- 
ply and sewage ; analysis of lubricating oils. 

Jackson, Prof. Dugald C(aleb), Madison, Wis. 
*Electrical engineering. Kennett Square, Pa. 
Feb. 13, 65. B.S, Pa. State, 85; Cornell, 85- 
87; C.E, Pa. State, 88. Instr. physics, Cornell, 
86-87 ; v. pres. and engineer, Western Eng. Co, 
Lincoln, Nebr, 87-89 ; asst. chief engineer, 
Sprague Elec. Railway and Motor Co, N. Y, 89- 
90; chief engineer, Central District, Edison 
Gen. Elec. Co, 90-91; prof. elec. eng, Wisco?isin, 

91- Consulting engineer and expert for vari- 
ous corporations; mem. Jury of Awards, Colum- 
bian Expos, 93; Pan- Am. Expos, 01. Elec. 
Eng; Mech. Eng; Civil Eng; Soc. Int. des Elec. 
Applied electricity. 

Jackson, Miss Florence, Wellesley College, Welles- 
ley, Mass. Chemistry. Eccles, England, Aug. 
3, 72. B.S, Smith, 93; Barnard, Columbia, 
97-99; A.M, Smith, 02. Asst. chem, Smith, 
94-97; teacher, High Sch, Newark, N. J, 97- 
99 ; instr. chem, Wellesley, 99- Chem. Soc. 
Comparison of delicacy of tests used for the 
detection of metals in qualitative analysis. 

Jackson, Dr. Henry, 309 Marlborough St, Boston, 
Mass. Medicine. Boston, Oct. 25, 58. A.B, 
Harvard, 80, M.D, 84. Visiting physician, Bos- 
ton City Hosp ; instr. clin. med, Harvard Med. 
Sch. Am. Physicians. Medicine. 

Jackson, H(enry) A(skew), Columbia University, 
New York, N. Y. Physical chemistry. Wil- 
mington, Del, July 21, 77. B.S, Princeton, 99; 
Leipzig, 99-01; A.M, Columbia, 03. Asst. 
physical chem, Columbia, 02- Physical Soc; 
Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; Soc. Electro- 
chem. Indust; Chem. Gesell. Law of mass 

Jackson, Dr. Holmes C(ondict), 997 Madison Ave, 
Albany, N. Y. Physiological chemistry. New 
York, N. Y, Feb. 18, 75. Ph.B, Yale, 96, Ph.D, 
99; Strasburg and Bern, 00-01. Asst. physiol. 
chem, Yale, 96-00; instr, Univ. and Bellevue 
Hosp. Med. Col, 01-03, asst. prof, 03-05; adj. 
prof, and director, Laboratories Physiol. Chem. 
and Exp. Physiol, Albany Med. Col, 05- Am. 
cor, ' Maly's Jahresbericht fiir Thierchemie.' 
Soc. Nat; Physiol. Soc; Soc. Exp. Biol, and 
Med; N. Y. Soc. Physiol. Chemists. Action of 
alcohol on secretion and digestion; origin of 
kynurenic acid; paranuclein from casein; origin 
of lactic acid with new method for studying 
intermediary metabolism. Origin of glycuronic 
acid; gastric secretion by reflex; action of 
alcohol; chromic acid diabetes. 

Jackson, Dr. J(ohn) H(enry), 155 Franklin St, 
Fall River, Mass. Medicine. Lee, Me, March 
26, 38. A.B, Colby, 60, A.M, 63; M.D, Bow- 
doin, 68. Teacher, high schools, 60-63; prin- 
cipal, High Sch, Grand Rapids, Wis, 63-65; 
practising physician, Vassalboro, Me, 68-73 ; 
Fall River, Mass, 73-; prof, practise of med, 
Col. Physicians and Surg, Boston, 9Jf-, path, 
03- Prof, nervous diseases and registrar, Col. 
Physicians and Surg, Boston. M.A.A; Am. 
Acad. Med; Am. Med. Ass; Mass. Med. Soc; 
Fall River (Mass.) Med. Soc. Medicine; thera- 
peutics; neurology. 

Jackson, Prof. John Price, State College, Pa. 
Electrical engineering. Kennett Square, Pa, 
Sept. 27, 68. Certificate in mech. arts, Pa. 
State, 87, B.S, 89, M.E, 92, E.E, 01. Fore- 
man, Edison Elec. Illuminating Co, Phila, 89; 
director, Indust. Dept, Fisk, 89-90; construct- 
ing engineer, Sprague and Edison Elec. Com- 
panies, 90-92; instr. in charge, Dept. of Draft- 
ing and Shop Work, Pa. State, 93, asst. prof. 



elec. eng, 94, prof, 94-05, prof, and elec. director, 
05- Consulting engineer; expert and officer in 
various industrial companies. Elec. Eng; Mech. 
Eng ; Eng. Educ. ( v. pres. ) ; Electrochem. Soc ; 
Harrisburg Eng. Club (director). Alternating 
currents and alternating current machinery. 

Jackson, Prof. L(ambert) L(incoln), State Normal 
School, Brockport, N. Y. Mathematics. Bing- 
hamton, N. Y, April 14, 70. A.B, Michigan, 
97, A.M, 99; B.Pd, Mich. Nor. Col, 00. Instr. 
math, Mich. Nor. Col, 91-00; prof, State Nor. 
Sch, Brockport, N. Y, 00- Math. Soc. The 
teaching of mathematics in the sixteenth cen- 

Jackson, Dr. Robert T(racy), 9 Fayerweather 
St, Cambridge, Mass. * Paleontology. Dor- 
chester, Mass, July 13, 61. B.S, Harvard, 84, 
Sc.D, 89. Instr. paleont, Harvard, 92-99, asst. 
prof, 99- F.A.A. (sec'y, F, 98) ; Soc. Nat; Geol. 
Soc; fel. Am. Acad. Anatomy, structure and 
phylogeny of Pelecypoda and Paleozoic Echini ; 
localized stages in development of plants and 
animals. Developmental stages in colonial 

Jacobi, Dr. A(braham), 19 E. 47th St, New York, 
N. Y. *Medicine. Hartum, Germany, May 
6, 30. Greifswald, 47; Gottingen, 48; M.D, 
Bonn, 51. Prof, diseases of children, N. Y. 
Med. Col, 60-65; Univ. Med. Col, 65-70; clin. 
prof, Columbia, 70-00, prof, 00-02, emer. prof, 
02- LL.D, Michigan, 98; Columbia, 00; Yale, 
05. Am. Physicians (pres, 96) ; Pediat. Soc. 
( pres, 89, 05 ) ; Climat. Ass. ( pres, 98 ) ; Med. 
Librarians (pres, 05) ; Laryngol. Soc; Am. 
Acad; Wash. Acad; N. Y. State Med. Soc. 
(pres, 82) ; N. Y. Co. Med. Soc. (pres, 71-72) ; 
N. Y. Acad. Med. (pres, 85-89); N. Y. Path. 
Soc. (pres, 64) ; N. Y. Obstet. Soc. (pres, 66) ; 
fel. N. Y. Acad ; Phila. Col. Physicians ; Boston, 
Buffalo and Louisville Obstet. Societies; Brook- 
lyn Med. Soc; Paris and Berlin Obstet. Socie- 
ties ; Wiirzburg Physikalisch. Med. Gesell ; Paris, 
St. Petersburg and Kiev Pediat. Societies ; Buda- 
pest Royal Med. Soc; Rome Royal Med. Soc. 
The diseases of women and children ; dentition 
and its derangement ; diphtheria ; infant hy- 
giene; intestinal diseases; therapeutics of in- 
fancy and childhood. 

Jacobs, Prof. Elbridge C(hurchill), University of 
Vermont, Burlington, Vt. Chemistry, Metal- 
lurgy, Mineralogy. Ogunquit, Me, Feb. 15, 73. 
B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 97. Asst. mining and 
metal, Mass. Inst. Tech, 97-99; instr. chem. and 
miner, Vermont, 99-01, asst. prof, 01-04, prof, 
Olf- Chem. Soc. Analytical chemistry. 

Jacobus, Prof. D(avid) S(chenck), 88 Summit Ave, 
Jersey City, N. J. Mechanical engineering, 
Physics. Ridgefield, N. J, Jan. 20, 62. M.E, 
Stevens, 84. Instr. and asst. prof. exp. mech, 
Stevens, 84-98, prof. exp. mech. and eng. phys- 
ics, 98-03, in charge of Carnegie Lab. of Eng, 
00-, prof. exp. eng, OS- F.A.A. (sec'y, D, 93, 
v. pres, 04) ; Math. Soc; Mech. Eng. (manager, 
00, v. pres, 03) ; Min. Eng; Eng. Educ; Naval 
Archit. and Marine Eng; Soc. Refrig. Eng. 

(director, 04); Franklin Inst; N. Y. Railroad 
Club. Steam engineering. 

Jacoby, Prof. Harold, 333 W. 76th St, New York, 
N. Y. *Astronomy. New York, March 4, 65. 
A.B, Columbia, 85, Ph.D, 96. Asst. astronomer, 
U. S. Eclipse Exped. to W. Africa, 89-90; vol. 
asst, Cape of Good Hope Observatory, 90; adj. 
prof, astron, Columbia, 94-04, acting head, 
Dept. Astron, 03-, prof, Olf- F.A.A; Astron. 
and Astrophys. Soc; Math. Soc. (treas. and ed, 
'Bui.') ; fel. N. Y. Acad, (councilor and sec'y) ; 
fel. Royal. Astron. Soc; Astron. Gesell. Appli- 
cation of photography to astronomical measure- 
ments of precision; stellar parallax. Star 
clusters; variation of latitude; aberration of 
light; polar photography. 

Jacoby, Prof. Henry S(ylvester), 7 Reservoir Ave, 
Ithaca, N. Y. Bridge engineering. Spring- 
town, Pa, April 8, 57. C.E, Lehigh, 77. Mem. 
topog. corps, Second Pa. Geol. Surv, 78; transit- 
man, gaging Red River and Atchafalaya River, 
79; chief draftsman, U. S. Engineer's Office, 
Memphis, Tenn, 79-85; instr. civil eng, Lehigh, 
86-90 ; asst. prof, bridge eng. and graphics. Cor- 
nell, 90-94, assoc. prof, 94-97, prof, 97- F.A.A. 
(sec'y, D, 95, v. pres, 01); Civil Eng; Eng. 
Educ. (sec'y, 00-02, ed, ' Proc,' 00, 01). Bridge 
stresses and design; graphic statics. Stresses 
in metallic arches and in reinforced concrete 

Jacques, Dr. William White, 469 Beacon St, Bos- 
ton, Mass. Physics. Haverhill, Mass, Aug. 
10, 55. B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 76; A.M. Ph.D, 
Hopkins, 80. Expert, Am. Bell Telephone Co, 
80-97. Lecturer elec. eng, Mass. Inst. Tech, 
87-90. Fel. Am. Acad. Physics and chemis- 
try, s 

Jaggar, Dr. T(homas) A(ugustus), Geological Mu- 
seum, Cambridge, Mass. Geology. Philadel- 
phia, Pa, Jan. 24, 71. A.B, A.M, Harvard, 94; 
Heidelberg and Munich, 94-95; Ph.D, Harvard, 
97. Instr. geol, Harvard, 95-03, asst. prof, 03-; 
prof, and head, Dept. Geol, Mass. Inst. Tech, 
03-; asst. geologist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 98- Instr, 
Wellesley, 02. Fel. Am. Acad. Experimental 
geology; vulcanology; physical mineralogy. 
The Carribbean eruptions of 1902. 

James, George Wharton, 1098 N. Raymond Ave, 
Pasadena, Cal, and Syracuse, N. Y. Ethnology, 
Archeology. Gainsborough, England, Sept. 27, 
58. Co-editor, 'The Craftsman,' 04-05. Popu- 
lar lecturer, Stanford, Cal. Acad, Princeton, 
Columbia, Drexel Inst, Franklin Inst, New York 
Board of Educ, Brooklyn Inst, Teachers Col, 
etc. Geol. Soc; Pacific Astron. Soc; S. Cal. 
Acad; Royal Astron. Soc; Royal Micros. Soc; 
Victoria Inst. Symbolism of Indian basketry 
designs ; folk-lore ; present social conditions of 
the Indians of California and the Amerinds of 
the southwest; the old Franciscan missions in 
California and the southwest; the Colorado 

James, Dr. J(oseph) H(idy), Carnegie Technical 
Schools, Pittsburg. Pa. Chemistry. Jefferson- 
ville, O, Nov. 3, 68. B.S, Buchtel, 94; Colum- 



bia, 97-98 ; Ph.D, Pennsylvania, 99. Asst. instr. 
chem, Buchtel, 94-97 ; chief chemist, Lake Su- 
perior Power Co, 99-02 ; asst. prof, textile chem. 
and dyeing, Clemson, 02-05; tech. chem, Car- 
negie Tech. Schools, 05- Acting prof. chem. 
and physics, Buchtel, 99. Chem. Soc; Electro- 
chem. Soc. Organic synthesis by electrolysis; 
technical methods of analysis; mercerization. 
Influence of impurities in mercerizing liquors; 
new mercerizing processes; vegetable textile 
fibers; coloring matter of raw cotton; etc. 

James, Prof. Walter B, 17 W. 54th St, New 
York, N. Y. Medicine. Baltimore, Md, May 
11, 58. A.B, Yale, 79; M.D, Columbia, 83. 
Asst. pathologist, N. Y. Hosp, 88-90 ; visiting 
and consulting physician, Bellevue, Presbyterian 
and Roosevelt Hospitals, and Hosp. for Rup- 
tured and Crippled, 90-02; lecturer med, Co- 
lumbia, 01-02, prof, practise of med, 02- LL.D, 
Columbia, 04. Am. Physicians. 

James, Prof. William, 95 Irving St, Cambridge, 
Mass. *Psychology, Philosophy. New York, 
N. Y, Jan. 11, 42. Lawrence Sci. Sch, Har- 
vard, 61-63, M.D, 70. Instr. and later asst. 
prof. comp. anat. and physiol, Harvard, 72-80, 
asst. prof, philos, 80-85, prof, 85-89, psychol, 
89-97, philos, 97- Gifford lecturer, Edinburgh, 
00-02. Hon. Ph.D. and Litt.D, Padua, 93; 
LL.D, Princeton, 96 ; Edinburgh, 02 ; Harvard, 
05. Nat. Acad; F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Psychol. 
Ass; Philos. Ass; cor. mem. Inst, de France; 
cor. mem. Royal Prussian Acad ; Denmark 
Acad; Accad. dei Lincei. Psychology; philos- 

Janeway, Dr. E(dward) G(amaliel), 36 W. 40th 
St, New York, N. Y. ^Medicine, Pathology. 
New Jersey, Aug. 31, 41. A.B, Rutgers, 60; 
M.D, Columbia, 64. Curator, Univ. and Bel- 
levue Hosp. Med. Col, 68-73, prof. path, anat, 
later prof. med. and dean, 73- Health com- 
missioner, N. Y, 75-82; various hosp. appoint- 
ments. LL.D, Columbia, 04. Am. Physicians; 
Am. Med. Ass; Wash. Acad; etc. 

Jaques, Capt. William H(enry), Little Boar's 
Head, N. H. Engineering. Philadelphia, Pa, 
Dec. 24, 48. Grad, U. S. Naval Acad, 67. En- 
sign, U. S. N, 68-70, master, 70-71, lieut, 71- 
87 ; ordnance engineer, Bethlehem Iron Co, 87- 
94; capt, N. J. Naval Reserve, 95-98. Asst, 
U. S. Coast Surv, 70-74; with N. Y. Board of 
Educ, 74-78; asst. inspector of ordnance, 81- 
82; mem. and sec'y, U. S. Gun Foundry Board, 
83-85 ; sec'y, Senate Commission on Ordnance 
and Warships, 86-87. Japanese Order of Ris- 
ing Sun. F.A.A. (sec'y, D, 01); Geol. Soc; 
Naval Archit. and Marine Eng; Civil Eng; 
Min. Eng; Mech. Eng; U. S. Naval Inst; U. 
S. Naval Order; assoc. U. S. Mil. Inst; Boston 
Soc. Civil Eng; fel. British Imp. Inst; British 
Inst. Civil Eng; British Inst. Mech. Eng; 
Gt. Britain Iron and Steel Inst; assoc. British 
Inst, Naval Archit; Ass. Tech. maritime de 
France; Russian Geog. Soc. Manufacture of 
heavy ordnance, armor, torpedoes, solar evap- 
orators, etc; solar physics; invented double- 

forging process of armor and other improve- 
ments in its manufacture. 

Jastrow, Prof. Joseph, 247 Langdon St, Madison 
Wis. *Psychology. Warsaw, Poland, Jan. 30 
63. A.B, Pennsylvania, 82, A.M, 85; fellow 
Hopkins, 85-86, Ph.D, 86. Prof, psychol, Wis 
consin, 88- In charge, Sect. Psychol, Colum 
Man Expos, 93. F.A.A. (sec'y, H, 90, v. pres 
91); Soc. Nat; Psychol. Ass. (pres, 00). 
Psychology; efficiency tests; development, an- 
alysis and correlation of mental processes; ab- 
normal psychology. The subconscious; the 
psychology of the stereoscope; visual interpreta- 

Jayne, Dr. Horace, 31 S S. 19th St, Philadelphia, 
Pa. *Zoology, Anatomy. Philadelphia, March 
17, 59. A.B, Pennsylvania, 79, M.D, 82; Leip- 
zig and Jena, 82-83; Hopkins, 83-84. Asst. 
instr. biol, Pennsylvania, 83-84, prof. vert, 
morph, 84-94, zool. and director, Wistar Inst, 
94-05. Sec'y, Faculty of Biol, Pennsylvania, 
84-89, dean, Col. Faculty, 89-94, Philos, 92-94. 
Hon. Ph.D, Franklin and Marshall, 93. F.A.A; 
Soc. Nat; Ass, Anat; Philos. Soc; Phila. Acad; 
Phila. Col. Physicians. Human and mammal- 
ian anatomy. Museum methods and demon- 

Jefferson, Prof. Mark S(ylvester) W(illiam), 14 
Normal St, Ypsilanti, Mich. Geography. Mel- 
rose, Mass, March 1, 63. A.B, Boston, 89; A.B, 
Harvard, 97, A.M, 98. Asst. astronomer, Ar- 
gentine Nat. Observatory, Cordoba, 83-86; 
teacher and supt. schools, 89-96, 98-01; prof, 
geog, State Nor. Col, Ypsilanti, Mich, 01- 
Instr. geog, Summer Sch, Harvard, 98, 00; 
assoc. ed, 'Jour. Sch. Geog,' 01-; 'Jour, of 
Geog,' 02. Geol. Soc; Geog. Ass; Nat. Geog. 
Soc; Inst. Geog. Argentino. Geography of 
tides; river meanders; beach cusps. Beach 

Jeffrey, Prof. E(dward) C(harles), Botanical Mu- 
seum, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass. 
*Botany. St. Catherines, Ont, May 21, 66. 
A.B, Toronto, 88; Ph.D, Harvard, 98. Lecturer 
biol, Toronto, 92-02; asst. prof. veg. histol. and 
gen. morph, Harvard, 02- F.A.A; Soc. Nat; 
assoc. Bot. Soc ; Soc. Plant Morph. and Physiol ; 
Bot. Cent. States, Gametophyte of Botrychium 
virginianum; structure, development and affini- 
ties of the genus Equisetum ; morphology of the 
central cylinder in the angiosperms; structure 
and development of the stem in the Pterido- 
phyta and gymnosperms. Anatomical and de- 
velopmental taxonomy of the monocotyledons; 
taxonomy of living and fossil Coniferae. 

Jeffries, Dr. B(enjamin) Joy, 15 Chestnut St, 
Boston, Mass. Medicine, Ophthalmology. Bos- 
ton, March 26, 33. A.B, Harvard, 54, A.M, 
M.D, 57; Vienna, 58-59. Ophthal. surgeon, 
Mass. Charity Eye and Ear Infirmary, 66-02. 
Consulting surgeon, State Hosp, Tewksbury; 
consulting ophthal. surgeon, New Eng. Hosp. 
for Women ; ophthal. surgeon, Carney Hosp ; 
lecturer, Harvard, 69-71. Mem. Int. Periodic 
Cong. Ophthal. F.A.A; Ophthal. Soc; New 



Eng. Ophthal. Soc; fel. Mass. Med. Soc; Bos- 
ton Soc. Nat. Hist; Boston Soc. Med. Sci; 
Boston Soc. Med. Improv. Anatomy and phys- 
iology of the eye; the color sense and color- 
blindness; education of the normal color sense; 
the ratio of defective congenital chromatic 
sense. Color sense and its defects and elim- 
ination of its dangers by government and inter- 
national agreements and treaties. 

Jelliffe, Dr. Smith Ely, 64 W. 56th St, New York, 
N. Y. Heurology, Psychiatry, Therapeutics. 
New York, Oct. 27, 66. A.B, Brooklyn Poly- 
tech, 86; M.D, Columbia, 89, A.M, Ph.D, 00. 
Prof, pharmacog, N. Y. Col. Pharmacy, 95-; 
elm. asst, Dept. Neur, Columbia, 99-, instr. 
Pharmacol, and therapeut. Ed, ' Med. News,' 
00- ; managing ed, ' Jour. Nervous and Mental / 
Diseases,' 01- Neur. Ass; Am. Med. Ass; 
Pharmaceut. Ass. Neurology; psychiatry. 
Clinical investigations; multiple sclerosis; 
convulsive disorders; dementia precox; general 

Jenkins, Dr. E(dward) H(opkins), Drawer 1, New 
Haven, Conn. * Agricultural chemistry. Fal- 
mouth, Mass, May 31, 50. A.B, Yale, 72; Leip- 
zig, 75-76; Ph.D, Yale, 79. Chemist, Conn. 
Agr. Exp. Sta, 77-00, v. director, 84-00, direc- 
tor, 00-, treas, 01- Chairman, Conn. Sewerage 
Commission, 97-03. F.A.A; Soc. PrGm. Agr. 
Sci. Agricultural chemistry. 

Jenkins, Prof. Oliver P(eebles), Stanford Univer- 
sity, Cal. Physiology, Ichthyology. Bantam, 
O, Nov. 3, 50. A.B, Moores Hill, 69, A.M, 71; 
M.S, Indiana, 86, Ph.D, 80. Prof. nat. sciences, 
Moores Hill, 76-82; Ind. State Nor. Sch, 83- 
86; biol, De Pauw, 86-91; physiol, Stanford, 
91- F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Physiol. Soc; Cal. 
Acad; Ind. Acad; Cooper Ornith. Club; Wash. 
Acad; Wash. Biol. Soc. Nervous system of in- 
vertebrates; Hawaiian, American and Mexican 

Jenks, Dr. Albert Ernest, Ethnological Survey, 
Manila, P. I. Ethnology. Ionia, Mich, Nov. 
28, 69. B.S, Kalamazoo, 96; B.S. Chicago, 97; 
hon. fellow, Wisconsin, 98-99, Ph.D, 99. Econ. 
ed, ' Am. Thresherman/ 00-01 ; asst. ethnologist, 
Bur. Am. Ethnol, 01, ethnologist, 02; asst. 
chief, Bur. Non-Christian Tribes, Manila, P. I. 
02; chief, Ethnol. Surv. for the Philippine 
Islands, 03- Chief, Ethnol. Dept, Philippine 
Expos, La. Purchase Expos, 04; special lecturer 
Philippine ethnol, Wisconsin, 05. F.A.A; An- 
throp. Ass; Nat. Geog. Soc. The economic life 
of primitive peoples. The wild rice gatherers 
of the upper lakes ; the childhood of Ji-shib, the 
Ojibwa; the Bontoc Igorot in Luzon, P. I. 

Jenks, Elisha T(ucker), 28 N. Main St, Middle- 
borough, . Mass. Machinery. Middleborough, 
Aug. 28, 45. Pierce Acad, Middleborough. 
F.A.A. Hardware for museum cases; ma- 
chinery for cutting rock sections, etc. 

Jenney, Dr. W (alter) P(roctor), Hotel Knutsford, 
Salt Lake City, Utah. Geology. Fairhaven, 
Mass, Jan. 11, 49. E.M, Columbia, 66. Mining 
engineer, Dorn Gold Mining Co, S. C, 71; geolo- 

gist, Tex. Pacific R. R. Surv, 72; E. Ky. R. R, 
73-74; in charge, U. S. Surv. Black Hills, 75- 
77; manager, Parker Mining Co, Wood River, 
Idaho, 84-87 ; mining engineer, Union Pacific 
R. R, 88; geologist in charge, Div. of Zinc, 
U. S. Geol. Surv, 89-92; special geol. investi- 
gations, Fremont and Elkhorn R. R. and Black 
Hills and F. and P. R. R, 94; Burlington R. 
R, 96; consulting geologist, 96- Hon. Ph.D, 
Columbia, 76. F.A.A; Min. Eng; Nat. Geog. 
Soc. Chemistry of the hydrocarbon oils; 
genesis and formation of ore deposits; devel- 
opers for photographic negatives; vein phe- 
nomena; chemistry of ore deposition. Laws of 
ore deposition. 

Jennings, Prof. H(erbert) S(pencer), University 
of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. *Zoology, 
Physiology, Psychology. Tonica, Ills, April 8, 
68. B.S, Michigan, 93 ; Morgan and Parker fel- 
lowships, Harvard, 95-97, A.M, 95, Ph.D, 96; 
Jena, 96-97. Asst. zool, Michigan and Harvard, 
92-95; prof, bot, Mont. State Agr. Col, 97-98; 
instr. zool, Dartmouth, 98-99; Michigan, 99-01, 
asst. prof, 01-03 ; Pennsylvania, 03- Di- 
rector, Biol. Surv. of Great Lakes, U. S. Fish 
Commission, 01 ; research asst, Carnegie Inst, 
03-04; assoc. ed, 'Jour. Comp. Neur. and 
Psychol ' ; mem. Board of Editors, ' Jour. Exp. 
Zool.' Walker prize, Boston Soc. Nat. Hist. 
M.A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool; Physiol. Soc; Soc. 
Exp. Biol, and Med; Boston Soc. Nat. Hist; 
hon. fel. Royal Micros. Soc. Reactions and 
behavior of lower organisms; the Rotatoria. 
Behavior of lower organisms. 

Jennings, Otto E(mery), Carnegie Museum, Pitts- 
burg, Pa. Botany. Olena, O, Oct. 3, 77. B.S, 
Ohio State, 03. Florist, Ohio State, 01-02, 
asst, Bot. Dept, 02-04; custodian, Bot. Collec- 
tion, Carnegie Mus, 0k~ Assoc, ed, ' Ohio Nat- 
uralist,' 03-04. M.A.A; Ohio Acad; West. Pa. 
Bot. Soc; Pittsburg Acad; Sullivant Moss 
Chapter. Systematic botany and ecology; 
smuts (Ustilagineae) ; mosses. Mosses. 

Jennings, Prof. Walter L(ouis), 18 Boynton St, 
Worcester, Mass. Chemistry. Bangor, Me, 
Nov. 15, 66. A.B, Harvard, 89, A.M, 90, Ph.D, 
92. Asst. prof, chem, Worcester, 94-01, prof, 
01- F.A.A; Chem. Soc; fel. Am. Acad; Chem. 
Gesell. Products of the dry distillation of 
wood; constitution of rosanilin and para- 
rosanilin; condensation of phenols with sugars. 
Synthetic glucosids; nitration of benzoin. 

Jepson, Prof. Willis L(inn), P. O. Box 103, 
Berkeley, Cal. *Botany. Vacaville, Cal, Aug. 
19, 67. Ph.B, California, 89; Cornell, 95; 
Harvard, 96; Ph.D, California, 99. Asst. 
bot, California, 91-94, instr, 95-98, asst. prof, 
99- Ed, ' Erythea,' 93-00. Forestry Ass ; Cal. 
Acad; Cal. Water and Forest Ass; Sierra Club. 
Morphology and taxonomy of the seed plants 
of California; geographical distribution of 
west American plants. Geographical distribu- 
tion, reproduction and growth of the tan oak; 
flora of southern California. 



Jewett, Dr. Frank B(aldwin), Technology Club, 
Boston, Mass. Physics, Electrical engineering. 
Pasadena, Cal, Sept. 5, 79. A.B, Throop, 98; 
Ph.D, Chicago, 02. Research asst, Chicago, 00- 
02; instr. physics, Mass. Inst. Tech, 02-04; 
with Am. Telephone and Telegraph Co, Olf- 
Elec. Eng; Physical Soc. Vapor density of so- 
dium vapor; magnetic change of resistance in 
bismuth. Effect of pressure on insulation re- 

Jewett, Prof. F(rank) F(anning), 73 S. Professor 
St, Oberlin, O. Chemistry, Mineralogy. New- 
ton Corner, Mass, Jan. 8, 44. A.B, Yale, 70, 
A.M, 73; Gottingen, 74-75; Berlin, 95-96. 
Teacher science, Norwich Free Acad, 70-72, 
73-74; prof, chem, Univ. of Japan, 77-80; 
chem. and miner, Oberlin, SO- F.A.A; Chem. 
Soc; Chem. Gesell. Qualitative analysis; inor- 
ganic chemistry; sulphids of manganese, zinc, 
nickel and cobalt. 

Johannsen, Dr. Albert, U. S. Geological Survey, 
Washington, D. C. Geology. Belle Plaine, la, 
Dec. 3, 74. B.S, Illinois, 94; B.S, Utah, 98; 
fellow, Hopkins, 02-03, Ph.D, 03. Geol. asst, 
Md. Geol. Surv, 01-03; U. S. Geol. Surv, 03- 
M.A.A; Wash. Geol. Soc. 

Johannsen, Prof. Oskar A(ugustus), 919 E. State 
St, Ithaca, N. Y. Civil engineering, Bacter- 
iology. Davenport, la, May 14, 70. B.S, Illi- 
nois, 94; A.M, Cornell, 02, Ph.D, 04. Asst. 
prof, civil eng, Cornell, 0^- M.A.A. Biology 
of water supply. 

Johnson, Dr. Cha(rle)s W(illis), 5031 15th Ave, 
N. E, Seattle, Wash. Chemistry. Concord, 
Ind, Sept. 23, 73. Ph.C, Michigan, 96, B.S, 00, 
Ph.D, 03. Asst. instr. chem, Michigan, 98-01; 
instr, Iowa, 01-02; asst. prof, Washington 
(Seattle), 03-04, prof, pharmacy and physiol. 
chem, 04- Chem. Soc; Pharmaceut. Ass; Wash. 
State Pharmaceut. Ass; Chem. Gesell. Oxida- 
tion products of morphin. 

Johnson, C(harles) W(illison), 26 Elm St. Brook- 
line, Mass. Natural history. Morris Plains, N. 
J, Oct. 26,63. Pub. and private schools. Cura- 
tor, Mus, Wagner Free Inst, Phila, 88-03 ; Bos- 
ton Soc. Nat. Hist, 03- Assoc, ed, ' Nautilus,' 
90- M.A.A; Soc. Zool; Entom. Soc; Boston 
Soc. Nat. Hist; Phila. Acad; Wash. Entom. 
Soc; London Malacol. Soc. Diptera; recent and 
fossil Mollusca. Diptera of New England. 

Johnson, Prof. Douglas Wilson, Massachusetts 
Institute of Technology, Boston, Mass. Geology. 
Parkersburg, W. Va, Nov. 30, 78. Denison, 
96-98; B.S, New Mexico, 01; fellow, Columbia, 
02-03, Ph.D, 03 ; Harvard, 03-04. Teacher, pub. 
schools, 97-98; field asst, Univ. Geol. Surv, N. 
Mex, 99-01 ; instr. geol, Mass. Inst. Tech, 03-05, 
asst. prof, 05- Asst. principal, High Sch, 
Albuquerque, 00-01; asst, U. S. Geol. Surv, 01, 
03, 04-05. M.A.A; Nat. Geog. Soc; Boston Soc. 
Nat. Hist ; N. Y. Miner. Club. Geology of New 
Mexico; drainage modifications in the southern 
Appalachians. Drainage modifications in north- 
eastern Georgia; topography of United States. 

Johnson, Prof. Duncan S(tarr), Johns Hopkins 
University, Baltimore, Md. *Botany. CronY- 
well, Conn, July 21, 67. B.S, Wesleyan, 92; 
Ph.D, Hopkins, 97. Assoc, hot, Hopkins, 98- 
01, assoc. prof, 01- In charge crypt, bot, Biol. 
Lab, Brooklyn Inst. Bot. Soc; Soc. Plant 
Morph. and Physiol. Development of sporo- 
phyte of Marsiliaceae; embryology of dicoty- 
ledons. Development of the Piperaceae, Chlo- 
ranthaceae and Hepaticae. 

Johnson, Dr. Emory R(ichard), 516 S. 44th St, 
Philadelphia, Pa. Transportation, Commerce. 
Waupun, Wis, March 22, 64. B.L, Wisconsin, 
88, M.L, 91; Munich, 91-92; Berlin, 92; Ph.D, 
Pennsylvania, 93. Instr. econ, Haverford, 93- 
96; lecturer transportation and commerce, 
Pennsylvania, 93-94, instr, 94-96, asst. prof, 
and later prof, 96- Expert agent on transpor- 
tation, U. S. Indust. Commission, 99; mem. 
Isthmian Canal Commission, 99-04. Acad. 
Polit. and Social Sci. (assoc. ed, 'Annals,' 96- 
01, ed, 01-); Econ. Ass; Geog. Ass; Wash. 
Acad. Railroad transportation; the Isthmian 
Canal ; commerce. 

Johnson, Dr. Herbert P(arlin), St. Louis Uni- 
versity, St. Louis, Mo. ^'Parasitology. Nahant, 
Mass, Sept. 23, 64. A.B, Harvard, 89, A.M, 
90; Clark, 91-92; Ph.D, Chicago, 94; Austin 
fellow, Harvard, 00-01. Asst. prof, zool, Cali- 
fornia, 94-00; assoc. prof, bacter, Med. Dept, 
St. Louis, 03- Asst. biol, Williams, 90-91; 
instr, Des Moines, 94; zool, Chautauqua, 94. 
Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool; Cal. Acad. Infusoria; 
Sporozoa ; faunistic and systematic study of 
Polycheta; etiology of malarial diseases; mos- 
quitoes and malaria; icterohematuria of sheep. 

Johnson, Dr. John W(esley), University, Miss. 
Physics. Pontotoc, Miss, April 5, 52. A.B, 
Mississippi, 76, A.M, 79; Ph.D, Leipzig, 92. 
Asst. prof. Latin and math, Mississippi, 76- 
81; principal, Johnson Inst, Booneville, Miss, 
81-86; Prep. Dept, 3Iississippi, 86-90, assoc. 
prof, physics, 92-99, prof, 99- Supt. educ, 
Prentiss Co, Miss, 85. Heat of obscure rays; 
osmosis in vegetable membranes. Effect of an 
electric current on the direction of the spiral 
winding of morning-glory vines. 

Johnson, Lawrence C(lement), Pachuta, Clarke 
Co, Miss. Law, Biology, Geology. Chester 
Dist, S. C, Aug, 18, 22. A.B, Episcopal Sem, 
N. Y, 43. Justice, Special Court of Miss, 66; 
attorney and counselor-at-law. Asst. geologist, 
U. S. Geol. Surv, 82-89, asst. hydrog. and 
hydrol, 01- Wash. Entom. Soc. Evolution of 
species ; the Cretaceous, Tertiary and recent, of 
the Gulf states. Hydrology; sources of spring 
and well water in Mississippi. 

Johnson, Prof. L(ewis) J(erome), 90 Raymond 
St, Cambridge, Mass. Civil engineering. Mil- 
ford, Mass, Sept. 24, 67. A.B, Harvard, 87, 
C.E, 88; Polytech, Zurich, 88-89; Ecole des 
Ponts et Chaussees, Paris, 89-90. Instr. civil 
eng, Harvard, 90-92; practising engineer, Chi- 
cago, 92-94; instr. civil eng, Harvard, 94-96, 
asst. prof, 96- Civil Eng; Eng. Educ. (mem. 



Council, 02-) ; Soc. Testing Materials; fel. Am. 
Acad; Boston Soc. Civil Eng. Reinforced con- 
crete; applied mechanics; distribution of stress 
in the general case of flexure. Floor loads due 
to crowds of people. 

Johnson, Prof. Otis C(oe), 730 Thayer St, Ann 
Arbor, Mich. *Chemislry. Kishwaukee, Ills, 
Sept. 11, 39. A.B, Oberlin, 68; Ph.C, Mich- 
igan, 71; A.M, Oberlin, 77. Instr. chem, 
Michigan, 71-80, asst. prof, applied chem, 80- 
89, prof, 89- F.A.A; Chem. Soc; Mich. Phar- 
maceut. Ass; London Chem. Soc; Chem. Gesell. 
Originated the complete system of negative 
valence. A scheme for qualitative analysis by 

Johnson, Roswell H(ill), Cheney, Wash. Zoology. 
Buffalo, N. Y, Oct. 9, 77. Brown, 95-96; Har- 
vard, 96-99; B.S, Chicago, 00; M.S, Wisconsin, 
03. Instr. zool, High Sch, Sioux Falls, 00-01 ; 
asst. vert, anat, Wisconsin, 01-03; instr. biol. 
and agr, State Nor. Sch, Cheney, Wash, 03-05; 
research asst, Sta. for Exp. Evolution, Cold 
Spring Harbor, 05- Asst. zool, Harvard and 
Chicago. Soc. Nat; Breeders' Ass. Pods on the 
palm and sole of the human foetus; axial bifur- 
cation in snakes; variation and individuality of 
the pyloric caeca. Evolutionary study of coc- 
cinellid beetles. 

Johnson, Prof. Samuel W(illiam), 54 Trumbull 
St, New Haven, Conn. *Chemistry. Kings- 
boro, N. Y, July 3, 30. Sheffield Sci. Sch, Yale, 
50-51; Leipzig, 53-54; Munich, 54-55. Instr. 
chem, physics and human physiol, State Nor. 
Sch, Albany, N. Y, 51-52; first asst. chem, 
Sheffield Sci. Sch, Yale, 55-56, prof. anal, chem, 
56-57, anal, and agr. chem, 57-74, theoret. and 
agr. chem, 74-96, emer. prof. agr. chem, 96- 
Assoc. ed, ' Am. Jour. Science,' 69-80 ; direc- 
tor, Conn. Agr. Exp. Sta, 77-99. Nat. Acad; 
Chem. Soc. (pres, 78) ; Soc. Prom. Agr. Sci; 
Am. Acad. Agricultural chemistry. 

Johnson, Thomas H, 619 S. Negley Ave, Pitts- 
burg, Pa. Engineering. Coshocton, O, Jan. 12, 
41. A.B, Jefferson, 61; A.M, Washington and 
Jefferson, 66. Principal asst. engineer, P. C. C. 
and St. Louis Ry, 83-96, chief engineer, 96-01 ; 
consulting engineer, Pa. Lines West, 01- Civil 
Eng ; West. Pa. Eng. Soc ; Pittsburg Technischer 
Verein. Transverse strength and elasticity 
of building stones; strength of columns. 

Johnson, Dr. Treat Baldwin, Yale University, New 
Haven, Conn. Chemistry. Bethanv, Conn, 
March 29, 75. Ph.B, Yale, 98, Ph.D, OL Instr. 
chem, Sheffield Sci. Sch, Yale, 01- Chem. Soc; 
Chem. Gesell. Organic chemistry. Pyrimidin 
derivatives; pseudo-ureas; molecular rearrange- 

Johnson, Prof. W(illia)m Hallock, Lincoln Uni- 
versity, Pa. Philosophy, Greek. New York, 
N. Y, Dec. 3, 65. A.B, Princeton, 88, A.M, 
B.D, 97; Ph.D, Columbia, 02. Prof, logic, etc, 
Centre, and instr. New Testament lit, Danville 
Theol. Sem, Ky, 97-01; prof, classical and New 
Testament Greek, Lincoln, 03- Philosophy; 
New Testament criticism. 

Johnson, Prof. W(illiam) Woolsey, U. S. Naval 
Academy, Annapolis, Md, and 32 E. Preston 
St, Baltimore, Md. * Mathematics. Owego, N. 
Y, June 23, 41. A.B, Yale, 62, A.M, 64. On 
'Nautical Almanac' Corps, 62-64; asst. prof. 
math, U. S. Naval Acad, 64-70; prof, Kenyon, 
70-72; St. John's (Md.), 72-81; U. S. Naval 
Acad, 81- Math. Soc; cor. mem. British Ass; 
London Math. Soc. Differential calculus; inte- 
gral calculus; curve tracing; differential equa- 
tions; least squares; mechanics. 

Johnson, Prof. W(illis) G(rant), 52 Lafayette 
Place, New York, N. Y. Biology, Horticulture, 
Agriculture. New Albany, O, July 4, 66. Ohio 
State, 84-86; Cornell, 88-91; A.B, Stanford, 92, 
A.M, 94. Asst. entomologist, Stanford, 91-92, 
asst. registrar, 92-94; instr. entom, Illinois, 
and asst. state entomologist, Ills, 94-96 ; prof, 
entom. and invert, zool, Md. Agr. Col, and state 
entomologist, Md, 96-01 ; ed, 'Am. Agricultur- 
ist,' 01- Diploma and gold medal, Paris 
Expos, 00. F.A.A; Ass. Econ. Entom; Pomol. 
Soc; Soc. Prom. Agr. Sci; N. Y. Entom. Soc; 
Wash. Biol. Soc. General ecological problems 
as related to horticulture and agriculture. 

Johnston, Clarence T, 202 E. 23d St, Cheyenne, 
Wyo. Irrigation engineering. Near Denver, 
Colo, Oct. 23, 72. B.S, Michigan, 95, C.E, 99. 
Asst, state engineer's office, Wyo, 88-91, sum- 
mers, 91-95; gaging streams, Wyo, for U. S. 
Geol. Surv, 95-97; asst. state engineer, Wyo, 
96-98; asst. chief of irrig. investigations, U. S. 
Dept. Agr, 98-03; state engineer, Wyo, 03- 
Consulting irrig. engineer, 97-99. Civil Eng; 
Ass. State Engineers; Wyo. Soc. Eng. and Surv. 
Irrigation law and engineering; flow of water 
in canals and ditches ; design of irrigation struc- 
tures. Coefficient of friction and value of coeffi- 
cient of roughness ( Kutter's formula ) . 

Johnston, Prof. J(ohn) B(lack), Morgantown, W. 
Va. * Zoology, Comparative neurology. Belle 
Center, O, Oct. 3, 68. Ph.B, Michigan, 93, 
Ph.D, 99; Smithsonian Table, Naples Zool. Sta, 
04-05. Asst. and instr. zool, Michigan, 93- 
99; asst. prof, West Virginia, 99-00, prof, 00- 
F.A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool; Mich. Acad. Ner- 
vous system of lower vertebrates; development 
of heart and blood-vessels in Amphibia; circu- 
lation in earthworms. Nervous system of Am- 
phioxus, Selachians and Amphibia. 

Johnston, Prof. William A(tkinson), Massachu- 
setts Institute of Technology, Boston, Mass. 
Mechanical engineering. Boston, Aug. 31, 68. 
B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 92. Asst. mech. eng, 
Mass. Inst. Tech, 92-94, instr, 94-00, asst. prof, 
00- Mech. Eng; Boston Soc. Arts. Applied 
mechanics; steam engineering; strength of 

Johonnott, Prof. Edwin S(heldon), 2115 N. Ninth 
St, Terre Haute, Ind. Physics. Richmond, Ills, 
Nov. 9, 68. B.S, Rose, 93, M.S, 97; Hopkins, 
95-96; fellow, Chicago, 97-98, Ph.D, 98. Ex- 
aminer, U. S. Patent Office, 94; prof, physics 
and math, Drury, 94-95; asst, Chicago, 98-99; 
assoc. prof, physics, Rose, 99- F.A.A; Physical 



Soc. Thickness of thin liquid films; Rayleigh's 
alternate current phasemeter; loss of energy 
by hysteresis in iron; frequency of alternating 
currents; laboratory exercises in harmonic mo- 
tion. Effect of pressure change on black liquid 

Jones, Dr. Adam Leroy, Princeton University, 
Princeton, N. J. Philosophy, Psychology. Dun- 
lap, Ills, July 2, 73. A.B, Williams, 95; Ph.D, 
Columbia, 98. Asst. philos, Columbia, 98-01, 
lecturer, 01-02, tutor, 02-05; preceptor, Prince- 
ton, 05- Instr, Summer Sch, Columbia, 01- 
F.A.A; Philos. Ass; Psychol. Ass; Nat. Educ. 
Ass. Early American philosophers. Psychol- 
ogy of esthetics; sociological esthetics; experi- 
mental esthetics; scientific method. 

Jones, Prof. C(lement) R(oss), Morgantown, W. 
Va. Mechanical engineering. Knottsville, W. 
Va. April 19, 71. B.S, C.E, West Virginia, 94, 
M.E, 97; M.M.E, Cornell. 00. Assoc, principal, 
West Virginia Col, 94-95 ; asst. mech. eng, West 
Virginia, 95-97, instr, 97-99, asst. prof, 99-01, 
prof, 01- M.A.A; Mech. Eng; Eng. Educ; 
Soc. Testing Materials, Specific heat of super- 
heated steam; analysis of flue gases; losses in 
transmission of power by belting ; fuel value of 
natural gas; effect of condensance on operation 
of indicator motors. 

Jones, Prof. Forrest R(obert), 131 Blair St, Ithaca, 
N. Y. Mechanical engineering. Cincinnati, O, 
Dec. 12, 61. M.E, Cornell, 88. In charge con- 
struction of elec. lighting plants and elec. rail- 
ways, 88-90; supt, Mech. Arts Dept, Tennessee, 
90-91, prof. mech. arts, 91-92; machine design, 
Wisconsin, 92-99; drawing and machine design, 
Worcester, 99-03; machine design, Cornell, 03- 
Consulting engineer, N. Y. City. Mech. Eng; 
Elec. Eng; Eng. Educ. Power required for 
driving manufactories and shops; methods of 
power transmission; measurement of alternat- 
ing current; efficiency of electric generators. 

Jones, Prof. Fred(eric)k S(cheetz), 712 Tenth 
Ave, S.E, Minneapolis, Minn. *Physics. Pal- 
myra, Mo, April 7, 62. A.B, Yale, 84; Berlin, 
87-88; Zurich, 88-89; A.M, Yale, 90. Instr. 
physics, Shattuck Sch, 84-85; Minnesota, 85- 
87, dean, 90-, dean, Col. of Enq. and Mech. Arts, 
02- F.A.A; Physical Soc; Eng. Educ. 

Jones, Prof. Geo(rge) W(illiam), Ithaca, N. Y. 
Mathematics. East Corinth, Me, Oct. 14, 37. 
A.B, Yale, 59, A.M, 62. Teacher math, Gen. 
Russell's School, New Haven, 59-62; Del. Lit. 
Inst, Franklin, N. Y, 62-68; prof, Iowa State, 
68-74; asst. prof, later assoc. prof, and prof, 
math, Cornell, 77- Mathematics. Higher al- 
gebra ; trigonometry ; tables. 

Jones, Prof. Harry C(lary), Johns Hopkins Uni- 
versity, Baltimore, Md. *Physical chemistry. 
New London, Md, Nov. 11, 65. A.B, Hopkins, 
89, fellow, 91-92, Ph.D, 92; Leipzig, Stockholm 
and Amsterdam, 92-94. Instr, later assoc. and 
assoc. prof, physical chem, Hopkins, 9504, prof, 
04- Assoc, ed, ' Jour, de Chim. Phys ' ; ' Phys.- 
Chem. Centralblatt.' Physical Soc; Chem. 
Soc. Physical chemistry; atomic weights; 

lowering freezing-point; rise of boiling-point; 
conductivity; migration velocity; etc. Atomic 
weights; the conductivity of solutions of elec- 
trolytes in mixed solvents; their dissociation 
in hydrogen dioxid; the abnormal lowering of 
the freezing-point of water produced by electro- 
lytes ; the relation between lowering of freezing- 
point and osmotic pressure of electrolytes; the 
temperature coefficient of dissociation of elec- 
trolytes; the condition of double salts and other 
complex compounds in solution. 

Jones, Prof. Joseph W(illiam) L(ester), Heidel- 
berg University, Tiffin, O. Ethics. East Orange, 
N. J, July 4, 73. A.B, Princeton, 94, A.M, 95, 
Ph.D, 01. Prof, psychol, logic, metaphysics and 
philos. of educ, Heidelberg {Ohio), 02- The 
ethics of sympathy. 

Jones, Prof. L(ewis) R(alph), University of Ver- 
mont. Burlington, Vt. *Botany. Brandon, 
Wis, Dec. 5, 64. Ripon, 82-86; Ph.B, Michi- 
gan, 89, Ph.D. 04. Instr. nat. science, Mt. Morris 
Acad, Ills, 87-88; nat. hist, Vermont, 89-90, asst. 
prof, 91-92, assoc. prof, 92-93, prof, hot, 93-; 
botanist, Vt. Exp. Sta, 90- Special agent, Bur. 
Plant Indust, U. S. Dept. Agr, 04. F.A.A; 
Bot. Soc; Soc. Plant Morph. and Physiol; Soc. 
Prom. Agr. Sci; New Eng. Bot. Club; Vt. Bot. 
Club (sec'y, 95-) . Plant pathology. Bacterial 
diseases of plants. 

Jones, Dr. Louis Cleveland, The Solvay Process 
Co, Syracuse, N. Y. Chemistry. Oak Hill, N. 
Y, Dec. 25, 71. A.B, Yale, 96, Ph.D, 99. Asst. 
to Prof. Gooch, Yale, 96-99 ; chemist, Solvay 
Process Co, 00- Delegate of Solvay Process Co. 
to Fifth Int. Cong. Applied Chem, Berlin. 
Chem. Gesell. Estimation of boric acid. Hy- 
drofluoric acid action on boric acid. 

Jones, Prof. Lynds, 160 N. Professor St, Oberlin, O. 
Zoology, Ornithology. Jefferson, O, Jan. 5, 65. 
Iowa (Grinnell), 8S-90; A.B, Oberlin, 92, M.S, 
95; fellow, Chicago, 04-05, Ph.D, 05. Asst. 
zool. and geol, Oberlin, 92-99, instr, 99-00, 
acting prof, 00-01, instr. zool, 01-05, assoc. 
prof, 05- Teacher ornith, Oberlin, 95-98. 
F.A.A; fel. Ornith. Union. Bird migration; 
molting of birds. Pterylosis and molting of 
passerine birds ; skeleton of Asterias ; bird pop- 
ulation of Lorain County, Ohio; development of 
first down and its relation to the definitive 

Jones, Prof. Marcus E(ugene), Salt Lake City, 
Utah. Botany, Geology. Jefferson, O, April 
25, 52. A.B, Iowa (Grinnell), 75, A.M, 78. 
Tutor Latin, Iowa ( Grinnell ) , 75-76 ; prof. nat. 
science, Colo. Col, 79 ; Salt Lake Acad, 80 ; prin- 
cipal, High Sch, Salt Lake City, 81-86; special 
expert, U. S. Treas. Dept. 89-90; geologist, 
R. G. W. R. R, 90-93 ; special field agent, U. S. 
Dept. Agr, 94-95; geologist, P. and I. N. R. R, 
98-99. F.A.A; Utah Nat. Hist. Soc. (pres, 
99-) Botany and geology of the Great Plateau. 
Climatic distribution; plant adaptation; ore 

Jones, Prof. R(ichard) W(atson), University, 
Miss. Chemistry. Greensville Co, Va, May 



16, 37. A.B, Randolph-Macon; A.M, Virginia, 
61. Prof, math, Randolph-Macon, 66-68; pres, 
Female Col, Petersburg, Va, 68-71; Martha 
Washington, 71-76; prof, chem, Mississippi, and 
pres, Miss. Indust. Inst, and Col, 76-88; prof, 
chem, Mississippi, 89- LL.D, Mississippi, 81. 
Chem. Soc; Nat. Geog. Soc; Miss. Hist. Soc. 
(mem. Board of Directors). Cotton army- 
worm; cotton boll-worm; chemistry; education. 

Jones, Prof. Rufus M(atthew), Haverford, Pa. 
Philosophy. South China, Me, Jan. 25, 63. A.B, 
Haverford, 85, A.M, 86; Heidelberg, 87; A.M, 
Harvard, 01. Principal, Oak Grove Sem, Vas- 
salboro, Me, 89-93; prof, philos. and interpreta- 
tion of Christianity, Haverford, 93- Ed, 'Am. 
Friend,' Pbila, 93- Litt. D, Penn. Philos. 
Ass. New Testament mysticism; the religious 
position of George Fox. History of mysticism. 

Jones, Dr. Walter, 40 E. 25th St, Baltimore, Md. 
* Physiological chemistry. Baltimore, April 28, 
65. A.B, Hopkins, 88,Ph.D, 91; Marburg, 99. 
Prof. nat. science, Wittenberg, 91-92; anal, 
chem, Purdue, 92-95; asst. physiol. chem, Hop- 
kins, 95-99, assoc, 99-01, assoc. prof, 01- 
Assoc. ed, 'Am. Year-book of Med. and Surg.' 
Physiol. Soc. Sulphonphthaleins derived from 
orthosulphoparatoluic acid; a reduction product 
of orthosulphobenzoic ehlorid; methylquinolin, 
a constituent of the secretion of the anal glands 
of mephitis mephitica; the chemistry of the 
melanins ; thymin ; the oxidation of native pig- 
ments; nucleoproteid of the suprarenal gland; 
the ferment of the thymus ; autodigestion of 
nucleoproteids ; guanase; adenase. 

Jones, Dr. William, American Museum of Natural 
History, New York, N. Y. Anthropology. 
Near Sauk and Fox Agency, Ind. T, March 28, 
74. A.B, Harvard, 00; A.M, Columbia, 01, 
Ph.D, 04. Research asst, Carnegie Inst, OJf- 
On expeditions for Am. Mus. Nat. Hist, sum- 
mers, 02, 03, 04. Fel. Ethnol. Soc. Religion 
of the central Algonkin Indians ; Algonkin lan- 
guages. Religion of the Ojibwas and of the 
Sauks and Foxes. 

Jones, Dr. W(illiam) A(pp), Ludlow St, Stam- 
ford, Conn. Chemistry. Hillsboro, N. C, Nov. 
24, 73. A.B, Wake Forest, 93, A.M, 97 ; fellow, 
Hopkins, 97-98, Ph.D, 98. Representative of 
pres. of Boston Artificial Leather Co, and Cel- 
luloid Zapon Co, 99- Chem. Soc. Carbonyl 
cuprous ehlorid; action of ozone, etc, on carbon 

Jones, W(illiam) J(ames), Jr, 10 Main St, West 
Lafayette, Ind. Chemistry. Watseka, Ills, Dec. 
9, 70. B.S, Purdue, 91, M.S, 92, A.C, 99. Asst. 
chem, Purdue, 91-92; asst. state chemist, Ind, 
92-01, chief deputy state chemist, 01-; asst. 
chemist, Purdue Agr. Exp. Sta, 02- Chem. 
Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; Ind. Acad. The effect 
of time, temperature and concentration upon 
the solubility of phosphates in ammonium 
citrate, citric acid and ammonia. 

Jordan, Dr. David S(tarr), Stanford University, 
Cal. *Ichthyoloqy. Gainesville, N. Y, Jan. 19, 
51. M.S, Cornell, 72; M.D, Ind. Med. Col, 75; 

Ph.D, Butler, 78. Instr. bot, Cornell, 71-72; 
prof. nat. hist, Lombard, 72-73; principal, Col. 
Inst, Appleton, Wis, 73-74; lecturer marine 
bot, Anderson Sch, Penikese, 74; teacher nat. 
hist, High Sch, Indianapolis, 74-75; prof, biol, 
Butler, 75-79; zool, Indiana, 79-85, pres, 85- 
91; Stanford, 91- Asst, U. S. Fish Commis- 
sion, 77-91; U. S. commissioner in charge fur 
seal investigations, 96-98; investigations of 
waters of Alaska, Hawaii and the South Sea 
Islands, 01- LL.D, Cornell, 86; Hopkins, 
01. F.A.A. (v. pres, 01) ; mem. Ornith. Union; 
Philos. Soc; Wash. Acad; Cal. Acad, (pres, 96- 
98, 01-). Fishes. Fishes of Alaska, West 
Indies, Hawaii, Japan, the Philippines and 

Jordan, Prof. Edwin O(akes), 5720 Woodlawn 
Ave, Chicago, Ills. * Bacteriology. Thomas- 
ton, Me, July 28, 66. B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 
88; fellow, Clark, 90-92, Ph.D, 92; Pasteur 
Inst, Paris, 96. Chief asst. biologist, Mass. 
State Board of Health, 88-90; assoc. anat, Chi- 
cago, 92-93, instr, 93-95, asst. prof, bacter, 95- 
00, assoc. prof, 00- Joint ed, ' Jour, of In- 
fectious Diseases ' ; chief, Serum Div, Mem. 
Inst, for Infectious Diseases. F.A.A; Soc. Nat; 
Soc. Bact. (pres, 05) ; Ass. Path, and Bact; 
Physiol. Soc; Soc. Exp. Biol, and Med; Pub. 
Health Ass. Bacterial products; biology of 
water bacteria; self-purification of streams; 
nitrification. Hemolysis; dentrification ; biol- 
ogy of water bacteria. 

Jordan, Dr. W(hitman) H(oward), Geneva, N. Y. 
Animal nutrition. Raymond, Me, Oct. 27, 51. 
B.S, Maine, 75; Cornell, 77-78; M.S, Maine, 
78. Asst, Chem. Lab, Conn. Agr. Exp. Sta, 78- 
79; instr. agr. and agr. chem, Maine, 79-80; 
prof. agr. chem, Pa. State, 81-85; director, Me. 
Agr. Exp. Sta, 85-96; N. Y. Agr. Exp. Sta, 96- 
Hon. Sc.D, Maine, 96. F.A.A; Soc. Prom. Agr. 
Sci. Loss of proteids in silo fermentation; 
digestibility of various feeding stuffs ; metabolic 
nitrogen in feces; the economy of a free use of 
milk in the human dietary; influence of the 
food upon the composition of the animal body; 
the food sources of milk fat. The metabolism 
and function of the organic phosphorous com- 
pounds in animal foods. 

Joslin, Dr. Elliott P(roctor), 81 Bay State Road, 
Boston, Mass. Medicine, Physiological chemistry. 
Oxford, Mass, June 6, 69. A.B, Yale, 90, Ph.B, 
91 ; M.D, Harvard, 95. Asst. physiol. chem, 
Harvard Med. Sch, 98-00, theory and practise 
of med, 00-05, instr, 05- Physician to out- 
patients, Boston City Hosp; visiting physician, 
House of the Good Samaritan, Boston. Am. 
Physicians; Mass. Med. Soc. Influence of bile 
on metabolism; diabetes mellitus. Acid intox- 
ication in diabetes mellitus. 

Joiiet, Dr. Cavalier H(argrave), Roselle, N. J. 
Chemistry. Melford Station, Elizabeth, N. J, 
Nov. 7, 60. Ph.B, Columbia, 82, Ph.D, 95. 
Chemist, various companies, 82-97; instr. 
chem, Newark Tech. Sch, 97-99; asst. anal, 
chem, Columbia, 97-00, lecturer, 00-01, tutor, 



01- Chem. Soc; Min. Eng; Soe. Chem. Indust. 
Bibliography of thorium; the cretaceous clays 
of Long Island; thorium and rare earths. 

Judd, Prof. Charles H(ubbard), Yale Station, 
New Haven, Conn. ^Psychology. Bareilly, 
British India, Feb. 20, 73. A.B, Wesleyan, 94; 
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